WeWork C.E.O. Adam Neumann Steps Down Under Pressure

The shake-up is the most significant step that the start-up, valued at nearly $50 billion at one point, has taken to win over Wall Street after a botched I.P.O.

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  1. It's not tech ... it's simply real estate. It's also simply hinky.

  2. "He once unilaterally declared that WeWork would ban meat from the company, which forced executives to quickly come up with a rationale for why." It is not hard to come up with a rationale for banning meat. It should be harder to come up with a rationale to NOT ban something steeped in so much cruelty to animals, people, the earth, and our health.

  3. @Joel I can understand being against meat. One granddaughter of mine was a vegetarian for a while. However the extreme part to me would be baning it from the entire company. Although his jacket probably is just imitation leather it still gives the message that leather is ok. I don't see a big difference between meat and leather.

  4. @Joel Banning meat may be a good move for a religious cult, but probably not a wise business practice.

  5. @Joel I feel like you're missing the forest for the trees here.

  6. "Each of his shares will now have three votes, down from 20 votes earlier this year" If only we could do the same for the U.S. Senate, where each resident of the 10 least populous states has 15 votes to my one.

  7. I think the original big deal with WeWork's game plan was the free beer on the job. Alcohol, of course, is a drug, a hard one. I think they had some horror shows from drunks(no surprise), and have toned it down, but it was a big part of the marketing - FREE DRUGS. Just a coincidence -Neumann, I guess like shots of Tequila. People are jailed now for using safer drugs, but this guy builds an empire giving away the legal one, while losing tons of money. Strange world.