Funny or Die Finds New Life in the Streaming Era

The company, which began as a comedy website, has branched out to podcasts and feature films, including “Between Two Ferns: The Movie,” which debuts on Netflix on Friday.

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  1. "Between 2 Ferns" is THE funniest show. I'd love to see them more frequently.

  2. The shows are GREAT, go watch them now. The movie...not as great. It has its moments, but it doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be...a buddy/road movie/mock-dock or...just a cliche? Great outtakes though, during credits, hang around for those if you stick around for the entire movie. I would love to see more episodes of Between Two Ferns, please!! But it’s probably like Billy on the Street...They’re too busy (or famous?) now, so, not enough time for more shows. Although I think Zach started this show long after he’d made it. More!! We live in the world of “here’s eight episode of something, and, we’re done!” On to the next thing. Disposable entertainment. Oh well.

  3. Decisions to move away from branded content, and make dramatic staff reductions, are really hard. This is impressive, one of the few brands to survive a journey like this.

  4. I stopped at "branded content for Shell Oil"... I am glad to find out after the finale of Gay of Thrones because I am now done with Funny or Die. Leave it in the ground people. Now is the time to divest.