G.M. Walkout Begins to Pinch Suppliers and Canada Plants

The strike by the United Auto Workers, in its fifth day, is causing layoffs in related operations but has not yet resulted in shortages at dealers.

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  1. 77 days at current sales rates... but the last 30-40 of those days you'd better be happy with the dregs that no one wants or they would not still be on the lot, or alternatively list+ prices for anything popular. The article hinted that repair parts supply is affected, this would be interesting to know. Especially, how long before critical parts start to become galactically unavailable, causing customer problems-- inability of dealers to repair vehicles. Sorry, your work truck will be repaired 10-20 days after the strike ends, the factories restart, the supply channels are filled, and we get delivery of the part that is needed.

  2. Welcome to Trumponomics 101. Idiocy has a price.

  3. @Christy The usual TDS I see. This has nothing to do with Trump.

  4. UAW members, stay strong and united, and you will win. I am a proud (24 yr) union member who has endured a few strikes at Verizon. They like GM make BILLIONS in profits, pay little or no taxes, and think their employees can be replaced by anyone off the street. VZ tried every dirty trick in the book during the last one which lasted 7 weeks. They took away health benefits, sent members instructions on how to scab, hired replacement workers, took out full page ads in major publications saying how we were basically overpaid, lazy, etc. All we wanted was to keep what we had, plus a small wage increase, and they put us on the street for 7 weeks. We stayed strong, only had one or two cross the line, and we won. You can too. All of organized labor was watching us, and we knew we had an obligation to fight like hell, because if we lost we felt like all of us would lose. Now we are watching, and standing in solidarity with you, because we are all in this fight together. Union Strong!!

  5. And all the while Camry’s and VW’s and Volvo’s pour out of their US factories and customers find that their Chevy isn’t quite as good and sales are lost forever. There hasn’t been a decent GM car since Earl and Sloan retired. Whoever heard of a Corvette with an engine in the middle, they tried that already with a Fiero.