6 Takeaways From the September Democratic Debate

Joe Biden hugged Barack Obama tightly as the former vice president came under attack from Bernie Sanders and Julián Castro. Elizabeth Warren went unscathed, while Kamala Harris stuck to a script.

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  1. the corporate democrats must give way to the social democrats. the millennials will decide this election and they won't go for boring joe. we need substance. we also need candidates who will fight against election theft. we can't have another concession of an obviously stolen election, like the one we just had in NC. and SOMEBODY has to take on the issue of empire.

  2. @harvey wasserman Excuse me, you don’t get to tell who needs to make way for someone else. The primary voters will decide.

  3. @harvey wasserman Millennial here, I actually like Biden. And Klobuchar. Heck, basically any of them, although I don’t think Bernie would be much of a president.

  4. @SYJ I resonated with @harveywasserman's particular comments--and clicked recommend right away! And gee, it seems like you have taken issue in rather an abrupt way. Is it possible @harveywasserman's "must" is an expression of conviction and urgency, and not a proposal to formally exclude or rule out an opposing idea? The primary voters will indeed decide, and so far it looks like they reflect a measureable (add up reputable poll numbers of Warren and Sanders, if you want one quick read) dynamism toward social democracy--in core values and in a range of specific policies--that is refreshing, and long overdue.

  5. Tonight --Who Connects Most. Who Seems Like a President--Gotta Say-Biden.

  6. More like bye-bye Biden.

  7. Giving Nod to Univision with Jorge Ramos Present--Bravo

  8. Bernie is Hoarse and Crumpled(though my favorite). Warren Looks Folksy. Biden Looks President Material.

  9. Stop with the praising Obama, please.

  10. Bernie is doing great tonight, wants us to realize the real fight is establish a path forward for America.

  11. Are we watching the same debate? Sanders brings his same old arguments and tired tone. Your plan to defeat trump is another angry old white man?

  12. To win in 2020 and escape this nightmare, young people must be engaged and turn out in huge numbers like 2008. Young people need a candidate that is relatable. They don't care about the poll numbers.

  13. @Florence Obama did inspire more younger voters but the numbers even then were far from huge relative to other demographics. Chasing or counting on the youth vote is a fool's errand.

  14. I predict Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete are about to team up. They were on the plane together and watch them agree on everything. I'm already for Klobuchar but Klobuchar /Buttiegieg would make the perfect team.

  15. @Missy Klobuchar/Booker

  16. @Reddway Amy president, Pete VP, Warren secretary of state, Harris attorney general

  17. @Missy I’d like to agree, but “Klobuchar/Buttigieg “ or vice versa would never fly vs. “Trump/Pence” on yard signs or billboards. We’re talking about the attention span of the average American here. Too many syllables. ‘Nuff said.

  18. Medicare For All--HealthCare Safety Net in Place--Shoulda Been Done Long Ago

  19. Saying "we have systemic racism in this country" is not going to be a winning ticket for the Democrats.

  20. You probably need to rethink that comment. People of color are the fastest growing demographic in this country. But we shouldn’t speak up against racism because it is politically convenient but rather because it is wrong.

  21. @Jack Simple, unavoidable, blatantly obvious, self-evident truth is not a winning ticket? Maybe.

  22. @Jack Don't forget that the US will be minority White by 2024. Thats right. Less than 50% non-hispanic white.

  23. The question to the candidates from the black moderator about why each is the best candidate to address racism is a ridiculous question. The question falsely presumes that the candidate who can best address racism is the best overall candidate. That may be the primary issue for some voters but candidates need to handle all kinds of issues.

  24. @Jay Orchard right Jay. I feel that way about the best for older people. And younger. And veterans. No questions Please for those groups either.

  25. @Bill I mean, we have such systemic and broad problems as a nation that's actually probably a good idea. We are to the point that where we go one, we go all.

  26. @Jay Orchard there is another problem with that question that we see again and again: racism the word has come to mean just black grievances. That is not what the word means but again and again we see that the concerns of blacks are the focus on any discussion involving racism. The concerns of Hispanics and Muslims come after that. Anti-Semitism and anti-asian racism which are rampant in the black and Hispanic community and who's violence is treated flippantly is ignored. Petty slights towards blacks or Hispanics gets far more fretting and hand-wringing then far more disturbing violence committed on a frequent basis towards Jews and Asians.

  27. Julian Castro, 34% of our nation's citizens are over 50. A Pew Research study found "Nearly Half of Democrats Say the Best Age for a President Is In Their 50s". Your personal attack on Vice President Biden–a cheap shot at his 'memory' competely changed my feeling about you. Older Americans are simply tired of the callous comments about the elderly. In a society that has embraced movements that call for rights for gays, women, etc. where is the movement for respect for the elderly? And how does someone running for the highest office in this country think this was okay behavior? Your behavior is no better than President Trump's–it was a bully move. I am not a Biden supporter (I am undecided), but I have profound respect him and for his character (and your attack actually just pushed my support towards him). When will Dem candidates like you realize the reason so many people support him is because of the character he possesses? Cheap shots and stage tricks are not becoming to a candidate–for voters, it reads as if you are desperate to be noticed.

  28. @Jennifer Maybe he forgot that older voters outnumber young voters.

  29. @Jennifer He should be voted off the island.

  30. @Jennifer My thoughts exactly. I admired him, but his words tonight showed desperation. If he can't get traction, he should withdraw with his dignity intact. I didn't even hear Biden say what Castro claimed he said. Guess Castro would call me old and deaf...

  31. By definition, debating means attacking your opponent’s position. So those candidates who are serious about the need for Democrats to stick together and concentrate on defeating Trump should put their money where their mouths are and politely leave the debate. They would earn my respect and are more likely to get my vote.

  32. Attack your opponents position, not your opponent.

  33. Wow, I thought you couldn’t do worse than CNN or NBC, but ABC has set a new low.

  34. @Brad How?? How can this be worse than anything Donald Trump does daily over and over?

  35. @Marie S I'm not talking (or writing) about trump. ABC came right out of the gate and turned this into a circular firing squad with each of the candidates attacking one another and yelling over one another. trump is the enemy and that focus cannot be lost for the sake of tv ratings. It took Klobuchar, Booker and Buttigieg to point that out.

  36. I wish they’d talk ask questions about character or leadership strategy. Governance isn’t just policy.

  37. Why aren’t they asking Elizabeth Warren questions?

  38. I agree, Been watching for several minutes and haven't heard a peep. It seems odd

  39. Did they say the DNC stacked the audience with their soldiers? The anti Sanders DNC? Do they have orders to clap louder for the candidate the DNC has chosen? Fake Debates!

  40. Well here is a thought... Sanders isn’t a Democrat’s so why should the DNC support him? He is democratic when convenient, independents when practical, socialist always.

  41. @Joseph Well here is another thought... If the DNC abandons even the semblance of fairness as it did three years ago it will lose the election just as it did three years ago. You have to ask yourself one question, Mr. Democrat: "Am I feeling lucky?"

  42. @Joseph Sanders’ opportunism shone loud and clear when he reverted to Independent as soon as the 2016 elections were over. Then he switched to Democrat again when he announced his run for 2020. Decide already: are you an Independent or a Democrat? Or could it be he’s an Independent who wants none of the obligations or responsibilities but all of the advantages of pretending to be a Democrat?

  43. Don’t Democrats realize that most voters are not worried about health care, are not worried about racism, and are not being let down by the judicial system? As one of those voters, I find myself thinking that while it is admirable that Democrats are concerned about the less fortunate among us they are not paying enough attention to the majority of the voters.

  44. If you’re not worried about healthcare and you’re not eligible for Medicare then you’re not paying attention. Obamacare premiums and deductibles make healthcare totally unaffordable for those not working for a large and generous employer. It’s also scandalous that we pay twice as much as all other rich nations for what is largely fragmented and second rate healthcare.

  45. @Jay Orchard in what way? As a senior citizen, I am deeply concerned, not just for myself but for my grandchild. They are the subjects about which we should all be concerned.

  46. @Jay Orchard: Black woman right here. We have *always* been concerned about racism. I wish you were, too.

  47. Candidates Put Question to Public--Do you want a President that attacks Vaping as No1 Danger or a President that insists on Gun Control Legislation the day after El Paso? As Citizens of America---What Do You Want??

  48. Respect.

  49. In his first opportunity to speak, Mr. Castro went aggressively after Mr. Biden, because he is losing.

  50. Moderator on gun control does seem not want to let Warren speak

  51. The comparison between drivers’ licenses and gun licenses is false. Drivers’ licenses are necessary to assure that those who operate cars know how to do so safely. Nobody needs to spend a lot of time “learning” how to use a gun. To the contrary, the problem with guns is that they are too easy to use. We don’t screen car drivers to make sure that those who own cars won’t use them as weapons. But we need to screen gun owners and restrict gun ownership, not license them.

  52. You have apparently never taken a firearm safety class… One of the good things that the NRA actually does – or at least used to do, in my childhood. Learning to use a gun safely and properly does take some time. Such training will not reduce murders in mass shootings, true. But it could diminish the tragic number of accidental shootings that occur each year.

  53. @Koyote Funny. I missed all of the stories about the epidemic of accidental shootings. Also funny how the issue of gun licensing only comes up after the latest mass shooting, but not after an accidental shooting.

  54. @Jay Orchard actually knowing how to use a firearm well requires going to a shooting range around once every three months. And states DO screen drivers via drivers tests, and tests every 2-4 years here in California which is both a written test and an eye test. And if arrested for a DUI you will either lose your license or be restricted.

  55. Jorge Ramos--excellent question about major deportations under Obama--Biden should apologize--stain on Obama and rightfully so

  56. They should apologize for nothing. Laws are made to be upheld and that's what the Obama Administration did. Advocating open borders will get Democrats nowhere and will only get Trump re-elected. (I am pro-immigration and pro-immigrants by the way).

  57. unfair question. people who had had their day in court were deported. you can't pick and choose based on the judicial outcome.

  58. “Realist,” not so much. No one is advocating “open borders.” No one.

  59. Something is very wrong in a debate where questions draw more applause than candidates’ replies!

  60. Boy, I use to like Castro but I'm offended by his hostility and arrogance. His attacks at Biden are similar to those Harris made during the first debate. I hope Castro suffers as much as Harris has.

  61. Her strategy tonight seems to be talk as long as possible.

  62. @Dolly Patterson i hope you are right.

  63. @Dolly Patterson Kamela "I'm not calling you a racist but..." Harris Julian "Are you forgetting what you said just two minutes ago?" Castro So underhanded. So Trumpian. Can't they come up with something other than cheap ad-hominem attacks?

  64. I find the amount of debates to be a little tiresome but perhaps simply as everyone has pretty much laid out where they stand so here on out it is going to be the ones on the bottom attacking the ones on top. That is good in terms of seeking clarification on policies but only to some extent. A presidents policies and priorities are not the same as legislation. This will be an interesting horse race however as there will be probably 3 candidates who likely qualify in a lot of states (15% threshold) to get some delegates. Much different than a 2 horse race!

  65. They have no business talking about health insurance for all until they drop their cadillac insurance and sign up for insurance Americans have. They don't have our insurance and shouldn't be talking about something they have never experienced.

  66. @sandy Members of Congress are required to get their health insurance from the ACA exchanges, just like everyone else.

  67. @sandy As a man, I do not have a uterus. However, I'm very strongly pro-choice and believe that women, and their doctors. should be the only people involved in their healthcare decisions. Just because someone doesn't have something doesn't mean that they can't read about it, learn about and have an opinion on it.

  68. The only people who buy into this President's hateful rhetoric about immigrants--are people who don't know any--Buttigieg

  69. Klobuchar never takes a cheap shot at the other candidates, refrains from telling stories that virtue signal, and always seems to reference specific laws/policies to address a problem. This is probably her last debate. I guess that isn't what people want.

  70. @JT Not on the stage...there is a reason she has more staff turnover than anyone else in congress.

  71. @j. g. Respectfully disagree. Long-term staffers have not turned over and they speak highly of her. It is not fair to judge anyone by anonymous sources.

  72. @JT Klobuchar doesn’t stoop to cheap sloppy snide attacks. Real time, real judgments, real analysis of real situations. Applause for a sober functioning mind.

  73. "Mr. Booker: Mentions living in the inner city, as in past debates. " Son of two wealthy BM execs, grew up in a wealthy white suburb with less than 5% minority presence. Not your typical inner city denizen.

  74. @Kai He has voluntarily lived there the majority of his independent, adult life.

  75. He is an imposter in my opinion

  76. @Kai He’s been living in inner city Newark for quite a long time. It’s not at all a wealthy neighborhood by any stretch.

  77. Beto O'Rourke is bringing it tonight.

  78. All ten contenders are merely creating sound bites that will be used - quite effectively - by Trump against which ever of them is the last one standing. It's like that Agatha Christie mystery "And Then There Were None" aka "Ten Little Indians".

  79. I watched perhaps four or five minutes and had the realization that this “debate” is not a debate, but it is a television show. It seems to me that the DNC / Democratic nominee needs (hear me out on this) a Donald Trump. We Democrats do not have a political or media savvy nominee. Trump waited in the hallway until the GOP party boys were done with their grandiose stances on just about every political issue and then jumped in with just let me handle it. All of these “candidates” are smart, visually appealing, and loaded with ideas. What they all lack is what Larry David called “nothing”. Trump has “nothing”- every day is a day at the Improv - a day at the tv studio - he makes it all up as he goes along. He told too many Americans that he was just like them - he had nothing - just like them. And you know what? They bought it.

  80. Whew! So far this debate is the greatest boost imaginable to Trump’s re-election chances.

  81. @Katie Wow. Absolutely disagree. ANY of these people would be a far better leader than Trump.

  82. @Marie S Agreed, but the optics of this debate sure ain’t good.

  83. @Callie Jamison I'm not seeing that. They sound pretty good to me. Except Joe...

  84. Castro comes across as nothing but an arrogant kid

  85. @Jane he has for every debate. Smug and sort of unpleasant. But yeah this slight I guess it's the last straw I disliked him from the get-go

  86. @Jane I didn't like his ageist attack on Biden, either, which was an appalling one he will pay for. But calling Castro an arrogant kid is equally ageist and lowers the dialogue to his level rather than elevating it above it. Some of our greatest thinkers, visionaries, and heroes along with all of the people who defend us in war are young. Ageism of every kind should not be tolerated.

  87. Beto O’ Rourke is the big winner tonight for his passion on gun control and immigration. At the same time done a great job handling the senseless attacks by Julian Castro.

  88. Harris and O'Rourke are back!

  89. When do they ask about Trump?

  90. Castro was basically calling Biden senile because he didn't concede Castro's point. I've done with Castro. I think he'll sink with this.

  91. @Joseph G. Anthony Agreed. I like him less with every debate.

  92. Unfortunately Castro’s attack on Biden is what a lot of people think of older people. The young forget that wisdom comes with age. Older people may be slow to answer, but they think through their answers and don’t shoot from the hip.

  93. @Joseph G. Anthony I suspect Castro brought out the flame thrower because he thought he didn't have anything to lose. I agree with you: He's done.

  94. "“Are you forgetting what you said just two minutes ago?’ said Mr. Castro.." Nasty and childish exploitation of a stereotype. Not presidential material by any stretch of imagination.

  95. @Kai - Biden does seem senile at times. Nothing stereotypical there.

  96. @K. I've noticed your point, too. But Castro's, yes, "[n]asty and childish" as Kai labelled it, response--or reaction--is not a mode we need from the person who must defeat Trump. We get enough of that already.

  97. We can't fix health care by setting up a Medicare option for those without health insurance. Everyone's rates will continue to skyrocket. We need the government's power to put people over profits. Warren and Sanders are being honest. Every other developed nation on earth guarantees health care as a right. It cost half what we spend. How can anyone argue that changing will cost too much?

  98. @M Davis "Warren and Sanders are being honest. " If they were honest they would have dropped their healthcare insurance already. Sanders would have sold his multiple houses and put the proceeds to support the indigent and the homeless. As they present it, this is caviar socialism and feel-good redistributionism, where no one feels any pain except the magical 1%, the taxing of which will solve every single problem: borderless immigration, racism, healthcare, etcetc

  99. Biden is ineffectual. If he is the candidate Trump will eat him alive. With so many fantastic candidates on the stage, I am dumbfounded that Biden is in the lead. The mainstream media is responsible for maintaining the status quo on behalf of their corporate masters. That’s the only way I can understand Biden’s lead in the polls. Biden doesn’t understand the problems facing this country, he only knows what the banking industry wants him to say. Mr. Biden, go enjoy your retirement. We have a country to salvage, one that you were instrumental in dismantling, with your 1994 crime bill, bankruptcy bill, Iraq war vote, etc... Biden was on the front lines of dismantling the middle class. Now he wants to rebuild the middle-class? He’s a disaster.

  100. @Annie Gramson Hill Biden has the Obama presidency propping him up. Had Biden not been VP, he wouldn't even be running. Or, if he were running, odds are he wouldn't even be onstage at this debate. This is his third time running. He flopped the two previous times, most notably in 2008. I expect his numbers to soften up before people actually start voting in the primaries.

  101. The adjacent article is titled, "How Did the Top Four Candidates Perform Last Time?" Unintentionally, that precisely describes these non-debates: performances. These shows are merely the Democrats' version of The Apprentice, with the twitterati, punditocracy, and commentariat getting to feel good saying, "You're fired!" and "You're hired!" I seriously doubt that people with genuinely open minds are even watching, as there is no relationship between how a person comes off on TV to how that person would actually function as President. Look what happened in 2016 when people went for the histrionic TV performer.

  102. @Steve Fankuchen Keep in mind that the number of recommends is subject to bots, trolls, and the like from anybody with an agenda. Trump, Russia, wall-building corporations, other candidates, China, Aunt Martha, Uncle Harry, etc. Decide for yourself on substance, not what the herd or the echo chamber says.

  103. @Steve Fankuchen I heartily disagree!

  104. @Steve Fankuchen-Did we watch the same debate? I found the debate enlivening, revealing, and interesting. The moderators' questions were well constructed and thought provoking and the candidates' answers were impassioned, direct, revealing, specific, intelligent, caring, and thoughtful.

  105. The reason Andrew Yang's $1000 a month for everyone won't work is simple. Businesses will raise their prices and eat it up, watch apartment complexes raises their rents, watch grocery prices go up, and on and on...

  106. @Missy Imagine believing that any stimulus is futile because "business will just raise prices." Ridiculous.

  107. @Missy Ah, perhaps because it would cost $3 trillion a year. Democrats think money just magically "comes" out of thin air.

  108. @Missy If no one is working where will the money come from to pay anything. $1000 is a drop in the bucket. Except for a lucky few, most of us will be jockeying for living space on side walks under bridges and subway tunnels.

  109. Castro's attacks on Biden will not help him but potentially can give Trump a boost. Castro should learn from the Harris attempt in the first debate. Yes, people are watching Biden carefully in this debate to see if he stays sharp...debate the issues, not attack the person. If this is what Castro has to resort to, then he is all but done.

  110. Looks like Joe is the one!

  111. Legalize America, Beto says. What the heck does that mean?

  112. A shout-out for Uyghurs! Great!

  113. Nothing helps Rs quite like Beto screaming "youre right we'll take your ak47s and ar 15s!!"

  114. @Scott But he's right!

  115. I hope he does take those murder-NOT-"assault" weapons if he wins—and do other non-milquetoast things for once, because I'd MUCH prefer Beto the campaigning Democrat over Beto the proven Republican. Let the "Rs" roar about it. We're done reaching out to racists—we'll bring Americans out to vote instead.

  116. Stop laying out trump stuff and why you are against trump stuff. Tell me what you are for, what's your plans and why I should vote for you.

  117. I've heard lots of good policies discussed here. But getting Trump out is the # 1 priority

  118. Viva Trump!

  119. Warren says that under Medicare for all there will be no co-pays, no premiums, and no deductibles. Further, you will be able to see any doctor you wish, receive any treatment you wish, and get any drug you wish. Gee..I guess she knows nothing about Medicare. Or, for that matter, national health insurance in any other country. I happen to be *for* national health care, but this is total ignorance or total lying.

  120. @JerseyGirl You might want to read the Medicare for All bill before critiquing her.

  121. I have no doubt the bill says that. The bill can spend the law of gravity but that doesn't make it so.

  122. @JerseyGirl Nah, sounds like the public system here to me, actually. I see my chosen doctor, I pay no gaps or co-pays, I don't have 'deductibles', and have heavily subsidised medication. Yes, it's certainly possible.

  123. Warren has eclipsed Bernie and he seems to realize it. He almost seems desperate tonight.

  124. @Sue Getting beat by another woman... Poetic justice if there ever was such a thing. Wonder how his Bros will handle this...

  125. Warren wants everyone at the table for negotiating trade deals - the only thing that's lacking is a leader. Weak!

  126. Hasn't everybody already made up their mind? Honestly, how many undecideds are out there? It's Biden or Warren vs Trump. The NYT has already picked their candidate and so have 98.9% of their readers. This is looking like a bad reality show. Kamala Harris - let's talk to her father. Bernie - which nursing home is your favorite in Boca? Pete: where are you and your husband going to go to celebrate your 40th birthday? Andrew Yang: what is your next wristwatch going to be? Cory Booker - Would you rather be a lobbyist or a hedge fund manager? Beto O'Rourke: where are you going to take your kids for spring vacation? Julian: When do you think you'll be sitting in the White House 2025 or 2029? Amy: What do you really think of Anger Mgmt. classes?

  127. Keep in mind that the number of recommends is subject to bots, trolls, and the like from anybody with an agenda. Trump, Russia, wall-building corporations, other candidates, China, Aunt Martha, Uncle Harry, etc. Decide for yourself on substance, not what the herd or the echo chamber says.

  128. Not one of them has what it takes to unify the country. Ranting against Donald Trump ad nauseam, cheerleading on behalf of illegal migrants, race hustling, socialist economics...not a winning strategy.

  129. But kids in cages, denying storm ravaged Bahamians travel documents and arguing with weather forecasts is a winning strategy. Good to know.

  130. I am watching it right now and I have to say, the show gets stale. I like Biden but I get tired of hearing “Barack and I”. Can’t stand Warren’s demagoguery. Why doesn’t she just come out and call herself a socialist, because this is what she is? She hasn’t given a single substantive answer except “corporations are bad”. As for Sanders, at least he is honest in sounding like Trotsky’s second coming.

  131. Kamala is spending most of her time attacking Trump. I think she is auditioning for Vice-President.

  132. Hello again President Trump.

  133. Debate? More like sound bites, since media doesn't want serious in-depth reply's, which many of us actual voters desire, but cant have when you have ten people given a minute to reply.

  134. Remember Democrats this is about defeating an appalling President who threatens the security of our families and our basic freedoms with incompetence and narcissistic antics. When some came out of the gates tonight spelling out that message I felt something I did not feel at all in the last debate - actual enthusiasm. I suspect the commentary tomorrow will again ring with boxer like analysis of who pulled cute little asinine attacks against their fellow Democrats. Who laughed condescendingly. Who was low energy. etc. People don't need or want snide or obnoxious little attacks. What Senator Klobochar said is absolutely true - united we stand divided we fall. The party and the nation alike.

  135. @Atticus The final question of every Dem debate should be...If YOU are not the Dem candidate will you pledge now to support and work to get the chosen candidate elected?

  136. @Justin Sayin And that same question should be asked of ALL Democrats And Independents And Republicans who despise Trump!

  137. @Justin Sayin the answer is obvious from things that were said during the debate... yes.

  138. Thus far Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are head and shoulders above the others. They sound like they've talked to real people and genuinely care about their lives. Biden's remarks about health care - ugh. Why do we want to spend another 10 yrs tinkering with the ACA while millions of Americans are still uninsured or underinsured? What about the people who will suffer during this "tinkering"? Private insurance and drug companies are always going to be leeching off of people, looking for profit. Why does anyone want to keep a system where people have to deal with private insurers, which exist solely to make money off suffering.

  139. @fast/furious Sander's and Warren's Medicare for All plan would not kick in until 4-5 years after it is passed by Congress and signed into law -- and that could take years all by itself.

  140. @RRM The ACA took one year, yes? And Medicare for All is actually much simpler and far easier to understand.

  141. @RRM better late than never

  142. It is unfortunate Yang plays to stereotypes of Asians: he said today that he knows a lot of doctors cause he is Asian. In another debate he said he is good at math because he is an Asian. More stereotypes please?

  143. @Scientist Yeah. He should know better.

  144. @Scientist- he was joking btw...

  145. And Beto cluelessly outs the Democrats agenda, confiscation of American’s firearms. This along with open borders, sanctuary cities and free health care for illegal aliens will sink the Democrats in 2020 and beyond.

  146. @JDK At last. A reader sees with the foresight to point out that the emporer has no clothes.

  147. Let’s remember there are 10 candidates up there so this by it’s nature invites a sort of chaos. When there is finally one he or she should be laser focused to bring victory. This is a normal process early on.

  148. I appreciate Senator Harris steering the debate towards attacking Trump,rather than focusing on fighting with her fellow Democrats. Congressman O'Rourke has also done this and it certainly has helped his performance. I am still wondering why Andrew Yang is on the stage, or running for President . He brings nothing to the table, other than his money. There are better and more interesting candidates still in the pack such as Tom Steyer, and Marianne Williamson who have been shut out. It is time in my view for Andrew Yang to drop out, he is not especially articulate , nor Presidential , again why is he there.

  149. @Britl It sounds to me like he's trying to buy the Presidency...

  150. None of the 10 Democrat candidates debating tonight cannot be compared to the bankrupt criminal Trump, sexual predator, tax evasion, white supremacist, narcissist leech. Anyone of the 10 Democratic candidates would be not only light years ahead but really want to see a better America for the lower and middle class. The rich are already filthy rich, they are going to be just fine its everyone else who is the priority of the Democratic party.

  151. Warren says she would bring troops home right now from Afghanistan without Taliban Deal. "We cannot keep asking our Military to keep solving problems that aren't Militarily". In other words Diplomacy--a foreign concept right now.

  152. Bring the Iranians into the talks in Afghanistan, let Iran take over our duties there so we can go home and the Afghans can start rebuilding a decent life. This will be a win win for everyone.

  153. @Missy Why Iran? Iran is Shiite while Afghanistan is Sunni. Those two sects do not get along, at all. Saudi Arabia or Pakistan would better alternatives.

  154. Kamala Harris seems to have changed her tactics on this debate! Instead of attacking Biden, she draws a stark picture of Trump at the opposite side when it comes to answer any question to explain her way related with an issue. It seems a good tactic for her presentation tonight, but she seems still very arrogant and annoying. I like to hear Amy's views and she is really great tonight. Julian Castro is the main looser by attacking Biden's memory!

  155. The party would be completely unrecognizable to JFK. His "ask not what your country can do for you..." speech would be labeled right-wig hate speech by this bunch. Now the philosophy is the exact opposite. They fall over each other promising a trillion here, a trillion there in limitless freebies that they all know are lies. Yang promises everyone $1,00 a month (that's $3 trillion a year) like its nothing. Can democrats voters really be this naive?

  156. I’m on a train having worked late. But the headlines make it seem like it’s all very entertaining. And that’s the point I guess ? I look forward to he or she scored a point.

  157. @AACNY Funny. Wait until trump gets a hold of your money @AACNY, regardless of how much you make! Leaving work in NYC after 9PM? Been there done that for decades with not much to show for it before or after Bush cratered the economy in 2008 - and a stingy greedy wealthy Monaco-living boss. My healthcare and economic optimism will certainly look better with Warren in office and the trump locked up in gtmo.

  158. @AACNY Not everyone works in a 9-5 job. I can only assume you've been to a restaurant or supermarket in the evening at least once or twice in your life. Or seen police officers on the streets after dark. Or walked by a fire station. Or seen all the lights on in a hospital.

  159. Sanders sounds so mad all the time! Even when the others were laughing, he was stoic. What makes him so annoyed all the time?

  160. @Dianne Gardner I'd much rather him show anger than engage in insincere niceties.

  161. Dianne Gardner, Bernie Sanders is a life-long socialist (he is no Democrat even in name) who has long been a scold rather than productive. He would be a terrible president and I don't think has much chance to win the nomination let alone the presidency. That said, Bernie Sanders does have his lighter moments and I think your impression of him as being mad, stoic and annoyed all the time is incorrect. He just seems that way when you only see him on television at events like this.

  162. “What makes him mad all the time”? A: He’s paying attention to how screwed up our country has become and wants to actually fix it.

  163. Klobuchar, Booker, O'Rourke and Yang need to get out of the race.

  164. You forgot Castro.

  165. @Philip W, listen to The Daily from today, with info/interview with Andrew Yang. You might come away with a different opinion. Give it a listen.

  166. @Philip W Biden needs to get out.

  167. If these people have half a brain, then they will remember that the country is not made up of only democrats and republicans. The smart thing to do is try and stay somewhere in the middle of left and right but always against Trump, always.

  168. The GOP must be feeling pretty confident right now. The Democrats running for President voted on the very messed up Immigration policies we have right now. How can voters trust them to change their tune now just because Trump is the President. It wasn't that long ago that President Obama said we need to protect American Jobs. How can American's believe any of these Candidates other than Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard who have stated clearly that we need to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan? One of the things that sorely missing from many of these candiadates a what their domestic policies are? My Americans want things to be taken care of at home more than what's going on overseas. Our country is certainly strong enough to 'draw down' momentarily and enable those resources we're wasting to be used at home.

  169. "It’s unclear how Mr. Sanders would do any of those things with 51 votes in a Senate that maintains a 60-vote requirement" Bernie clearly said in the same breath that he would use budget reconciliation or other methods to achieve this. I have no idea why you would write this in an analysis.

  170. I don't think we should spend $700 million dollars on a Military Budget-when we don't even know who our enemy is?-- Bernie Sanders

  171. @TWShe Said $750 BILLION!

  172. @TWShe Said, it is $750 billion. Or did you not know that?

  173. Why. I wonder, do a few of the guys seem to feel a need to turn the debate into more of a rap, dropping the floating cuss word here and there? This should be a serious discussion of the needs of the country and its people in the years ahead, not an exercise in jockeying for a sound bite. Beto, we know you're young and hip or whatever today's word is, but what we need to know is how you will work to restore the world's confidence in and respect for the American world view and how you will take care of the oldest and youngest of us. Stick to the subject and drop the bad boy act.

  174. Summary: Variations on a theme: state socialism, step-change or incrementalism ? And that's all any of them offer. What a clown car.

  175. @Objectivist And the Trump administration is what???

  176. @Objectivist The "independent" "iconoclast" "objectivist" followers of Hayek and Rand are the real clown car.

  177. Trump is going to crush these folks. Not an ounce of charisma amongst them,

  178. Why is charisma important?

  179. The Dems are all in on socialism. They want open borders. I think they want the US to take in all of Venezuela. Their climate regulations will make no difference but will destroy the economy. Realistically, these positions will not beat Trump.

  180. With a few exceptions (Biden & Klobuchar) they seemed fabulous to me, and charismatic. Intelligence and poise are a powerful combination.

  181. The circus continues. The primary rigging - that drove away many from voting democrat in '16 - continues. Why whittle down the candidates? Who decides who stays and who goes? In a true democracy, the people would decide the democratic candidate. Not some elites making up rules as they go, and thrust the anointed one on us again.

  182. @Bhaskar. But wouldn't it have been interesting if the Republicans had a debate right now. I think it would be even more entertaining.

  183. @John Trump has a 95% approval rating within his party. Who would he debate, himself? Not that that would not be entertaining, unlike the democratic yawner.

  184. @Bhaskar Enough with the insipid 'primary rigging' nonsense from 2016. Bernie lost by 4 million votes. His fundraising is lackluster, his poll numbers are flat. As for your question about who decides who stays and who goes, the candidates and the voters. In a true democracy, Hillary would be president.

  185. For god's sake, when will people (including the media) learn that this type of forum does no favors for anyone? Pitting one against the other makes no sense. Can't we have a REAL debate?

  186. Beto--when you are on a national stage and speak to me in a language I dont understand as an American, you're done for me. And I'm a Democrat.

  187. @bored critic He repeated it in English.

  188. @bored critic Agree. Adios, Beto.

  189. @bored critic I agree. It's become schtick. Which is utterly unnecessary.

  190. Embarrassing that a journalist would waste time asking a candidate about his dietary choices.

  191. @Daniel B, no kidding, and they've given so little time to the women on stage. Ridiculous.

  192. @Daniel B let me say it in Spanish, "no". Good on you Cory;) a great response.

  193. @Daniel B Well, the GOP has been floating the nonsense that the Green New Deal will take away people's burgers so asking a vegan about taking away other's meat shouldn't be off the table.

  194. Forget fact checking. How about spell checking for this running commentary?

  195. This is the best debate so far. It has been less about the loudest voices, the arm wavers, the extremists. The moderators have not pushed for extreme or controversial viewpoints, or played to the more radical candidates.

  196. @Robert-The moderators' questions were excellent overall.

  197. @Robert Yes! Kudos to ABC News. Unfortunately too many of their affiliate stations have been taken over by Sinclair and the local news has suffered a bit with conservative talking points starting to dominate - even ABC News programming seems to suffer with mysterious broadcast glitches that coincidentally mar key segments not flattering to conservatives - my impression at least since I live in serious trump country, coastal NC where I am.

  198. Blatantly biased toward the men on stage. The women have hardly had any air time ... better organized, less sensational, but the women have been sidelined. Shame on ABC.

  199. @Mountain Lover Warren has the most speaking time.

  200. Mountain Lover, Elizabeth Warren has talked my ear off. And she's a woman, isn't she?

  201. No mention of issues affecting women like birth control funding, abortion, pay gap and funding child care as well!

  202. Joe Biden should have said to Juliab Castro.." well you just blew any shot of being in my administration."

  203. No need to dignify Trump’s “policies” by explaining why they are bad. Just briefly mention them and dismiss them as being absurd, not thought out, etc. and explain your position.

  204. Klobacher comes across as serious, knowledgeable ,realistic and underneath the natural civility tough. She doesn't pander or take cheap shots. Really sad she isn't getting a more serious look.

  205. @Donny Thank you for stating this. Kloburchar has been my "candidate" from the start. The reason we know little about her, except for the shaming article early on about her staffing issues (Hillary Clinton was also known as tough on staff), she gets virtually no coverage. Yet she's the best. I'm terribly disappointed she never got traction with the media.

  206. @Donny She is the only centrist who isn't uh, extremely old. She could work with Republicans to get something done. She is really the best choice.

  207. @Donny She comes across as a Harry Truman type candidate: unflashy, reliable, smart.

  208. I've been following the analysis of the NYT reporters. I'm not impressed with their commentary for a few reasons. They are plugging their own articles, they are making assumptions about the American people (we can't be served well by a three-hour debate) and they are not providing a running fact check that would be helpful. Bad enough that ABC and all the other debate hosts are using this as an opportunity to complement themselves. I do feel ABC has done the best job of hosting this debate. Alas, I hope to find professionalism in journalism. Even PBS NewsHour tends to congratulate each other on their reporting.

  209. O, the folly of Warren's tax plans. If you promise to pay the country's most successful and economically productive people $100 million per year forever and be free of all other US taxes permanently on the condition that they leave the country before a certain law is passed, will they: a) stay in the US and pay the taxes? b) leave and spend billions/create jobs in other countries?

  210. Biden is proud of being against healthcare for all. Another reason to not vote for him (along with voting for the Iraq War, Patriot Act, etc.).

  211. Here is who is left after tonight: Biden, Warren, Bernie and Beto.

  212. Roget T, why Beto O'Rourke? He shows no signs of breaking out of the pack to join Biden, Warren and Sanders.

  213. @Roget T Warren, Biden, Booker, Buttigeig, Harris. Yang is great but his 1K$ giveaway is becoming too Oprah'ish. Very American, but it's now a branding sell.

  214. Cory Booker is a strong solid voice of reason and conviction. I have my eye on him. And have for awhile. He's a solid, very solid candidate, and if the majority bow to Biden or Warren (Sanders is clearly wearing down, though I deeply respect him), he'd be a fantastic VP choice.

  215. Elizabeth Warren is still the adult in the room. Booker/Harris theatrics are cute but wears poorly. Biden is done. Pete’s not bad, but 2028.

  216. Warren responds with answers that have depth, she's thought about what she's saying. She's persuasive. Her delivery is impressive. She demonstrates passion. Her intelligence is remarkable. She runs circles around Biden. Yet, what are NYT writers writing about? How Castro attacked Biden. How other candidates attacked one another. The others, to me, sound, with small differences, like ordinary politicians. Gosh, Buttigieg seems so young, more than I've realized. Castro sounds like he got up on the wrong side of the bed. Harris is too flippant, turns me off a second time. Beto O'Rourke has passion about gun issues but hard to imagine him in the WH. Biden has more spunk this time but intellectually, he's weak tea.

  217. @blgreenie Yes. But she has to be tougher on China and Immigration. THAT IS whats stands between her and victory, and truly great leadership for this country. Two very wrong opinions.

  218. @blgreenie Depth and thought? She weaseled on M4A. Again. If she's serious about it she needs to own it. Sanders does and did. Warren couldn't bring herself to admit that middle class taxes will go up. That is a truth. What is also a truth is that they will pay much less over all for HC. Persuasive, impressive, passion...please, she acted like a typical pol. Hedging and dodging. Give me a honest, authentic public servant. One who tells it like it is. Not politically correct and couched in lawyerese. Lay it out warts and all, then tell us why it's better despite the bumps. For once in decades...lets have a true man of the People; who works for We the People. NotMeUs

  219. Yang just made a spot on assessment about the factors influencing education and the limitations. Bravo Mayor Pete just made empty assertions about a Secretary of Education really? who cares?! - and shilled for the teachers' unions. For shame!

  220. More air time for Yang, please.

  221. It's truly exciting to hear 10 brilliant patriotic Americans discussing what is best for ALL AMERICANS, for our planet, for our immigrants, for our safety, for our future. Right now I feel like we are standing in an open field with a gentle breeze blowing, enveloped by the warmth and security that is our democracy. Every word these candidates utter, every sentence, shows us that the layers of lies and hate and racism and corruption that the Trump administration has blanketed us with can and and will be cast off. I thank all of them for their courageous ideas, their vision, their patriotism, their leadership.

  222. Thank you for pointing this out. I appreciate your positivity.

  223. @TR NJ Beautifully stated ad so true!!!!

  224. @TR NJ, surely we can rid ourselves of Trump without electing a neo- Bolshevik.

  225. Biden is still the only one worth watching.

  226. @Molly Cook, with his record player.

  227. @Molly Cook ??? I love Joe but I think he needs to step aside...

  228. @Mountain Lover You gotta catch up...record players and vinyl are big these days.

  229. Truly disgusting to see Castro go after Biden in a petty, stereotypical way that mocked his age. Despicable and Castro will never get my vote. Democrats need to stop turning on each other.

  230. Wonderful to hear the questions and answers about education. Education is so important for the futures of individuals and for the country.

  231. Record player?

  232. @Mark Yep. Very popular these days, along with vinyl records. You gotta keep up, Mark.

  233. @Mark Records are back! Glad I kept my old ones and I also have a Victrola. Great for Perry Como, and bands.

  234. One thing became blatantly clear tonight. Joe Biden is not our next president

  235. Dilemma of each Democratic candidate - do I avoid the debate and ruin my shot at the general election or do I avoid the debate and ruin my shot at the nomination?

  236. Oh oh. Joe just said record player... enough said about his electability

  237. @Daniel B Record players are the new big thing these days, and vinyl records too. Way more expensive than back in the day, but millennials love 'em. Go, Joe!

  238. @Daniel B, Do keep up. "Music industry watchers know that vinyl records have been enjoying a resurgence since their near-death in the mid-2000s, and the market continues to grow. But vinyl sales are actually much larger than what industry figures report, because they don't count used vinyl sales and they under-count new vinyl sales. Now, thanks to some new data, we know that the true size of the vinyl market is more than double those industry figures."https://www.forbes.com/sites/billrosenblatt/2018/09/18/vinyl-is-bigger-than-we-thought-much-bigger/#311f830a1c9c

  239. @Polly Tikal He said record player. He’s not a dude into vinyl

  240. Record player? Geesh Biden.

  241. Got any kids? Vinyl is back. Big time.

  242. @Adam I still use my record player. And it is great

  243. As I thought that Sanders would have won the 2016 election if the Democratic Party would have allowed it, I think now Sanders and, of course Biden, are not candidates for an uncertain future . My candidate would be Elizabeth Warren and Buttigieg as vicepresident. Two intelligent ,young and integral people .

  244. AGC, you think Elizabeth Warren is young?

  245. @AGC, I'm relieved to know that 70 is young!

  246. @Mountain Lover So Am I.

  247. Unlike most debates, the moderators didn’t open with “those of you in the audience, please hold your reactions and applause”. As such, there’s a boisterous crowd of 3,500 that’s loudly reacting to the candidates statements! An interesting new element this go around...

  248. Amy Klobuchar is the best up there... she's just not accorded much time. But when she does get the floor, she talks facts and figures. Such a shame the top dogs have already been anointed.

  249. And who’s going to be stuck with the bill for $billions in student loan forgiveness? Want to see your taxes go through the roof?

  250. Bernie Sanders explained that a tax on Wall Street speculation would pay for student loan forgiveness—which would spur the economy

  251. @Susanna, you think you're not already paying higher taxes because millions of students are so burdened by debt that they can't make it in this economy and therefore contribute according to their abilities to paying taxes? The student loan system is rigged to pay sky-high salaries of college/university administrators, all at the expense of students. Thirty years ago a person could get a beautiful college education in a public institution for less than $15,000 for the entire four years. Now a year at a typical public university costs more than $25,000 a year. Fewer courses are taught by tenured professors now, and more by low-paid, overworked adjuncts, and administrators are making 6-figure salaries (university presidents are making between $500K to $1M a year, with legions of paper-pushing minions drawing salaries nearly that high. It's a racket, and students are paying the price. Their productivity and contributions to society are being eroded by debt servitude. Have a heart, for heaven's sakes.

  252. @Susanna I paid for mu education and my children's while eating crackers and peanut butter and driving 20 year old car. And now the others don't pay?

  253. I think we're looking at the Entire USGOV Administration that will take office in January 2021, or soon thereafter.

  254. They need to give Yang more opportunities to speak; he is the 6th highest polling candidate on the stage. It's ridiculous.

  255. @Mark, he's got some of the best ideas going, too. Really enjoyed The Daily podcast today featuring Yang. Very interesting.

  256. So many things said tonight are dishonest. Warrens plan to tax the ultra rich is NOT going to produce nearly as much revenue as she claims. Her plans are appealing to emotions, not reality.

  257. @Adam She has FAR more ideas than that. Go to her website!

  258. To be fair, it might not if Warren settles for just taking the money they keep here. But blockade the Caymans and Panama and seize the ultrarich's tax-evading bank accounts there, and we'll not only ACTUALLY be the richest country in the world, but we'll afford any (there-is-no-)"far"-left policy we need or can dream of, a thousand times over.

  259. George Stephanopoulos - A+. He is extremely professional, knows politics like no other, and doesn't hype it--let's Candidates be the Center--more like his This Week show than GMA Fluff

  260. Alas, this is what the Democrats have to offer? Sanders goes after Biden, Biden explains, somebody goes after Harris, she doesn't explain, Warren talks the most and the rest bla bla bla bla. This is not politics. It is entertainment, kites and balloons. There are no pragmatic solutions to any problem. There has been no reasonable proposal that would endure to be implemented if the candidate were elected. When will this end and the Democrats get down to business?

  261. Any of these candidates would be 1,000 times better than what we have now. I liked Beto's answers on gun control. He came across as the strongest on the issue and that is what we need. He's a fighter and sincere. I know he is a long shot, but I bet his poll numbers will go up very shortly.

  262. @kay He still hasn't won my primary vote, but it made me cry. We need a buyback program for those weapons. I know gun violence goes beyond semi automatic rifles, but we've allowed our country to become a place where any of us at nearly anytime in public could be mowed down by random violence. It's unconscionable that anyone was ever allowed to access those guns.

  263. @kay Beto needs to shoot (pun intended) for the senate again. If Democrats don’t get a majority in the Senate than it won’t matter who the president is. The gun laws will be voted down by any and all Republican majority. Period. Democrats need a laser focus on the senate and keeping the house.

  264. @kay "Strongest on the issue"...you mean you want an authoritarian government that will make Americans into criminals with the stroke of a pen. What a great idea in a free society.

  265. Any candidate who thinks that a salary of $60,000 a year for a public school teacher is reasonable is an idiot. What's the take-home pay after taxes? Teachers should make at least $100K a year, and our system should be modeled on the school system of Finland. We need to toss out our hodgepodge monstrosity of a public school system out the window, hire a team of advisers from Finland to come here and help us redesign our schools. Finland's schools were failing miserably decades ago and they did a complete redesign, and now they're the best-educated people in the world, and their teachers are revered, fulfilled, and compensated handsomely, as they should be. The suggestion of a $60K salary is an insult to teachers and teaching. If we want smart people, we need a smart educational system. Ours is an unmitigated disaster led by people who have no idea what they're doing. It's a national tragedy of epic proportions. Read about it. https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2011/12/what-americans-keep-ignoring-about-finlands-school-success/250564/ https://www.theguardian.com/education/2016/sep/20/grammar-schools-play-europe-top-education-system-finland-daycare https://blogs.worldbank.org/education/finland-miracle-education

  266. @Mountain Lover I am a college professor with a PhD and my salary in New York City is $60,000. If teachers make $60,000, I believe I should make more than that, but I know that's not going to happen.

  267. @xyz If you were offered a high school teaching job in NYC, at $70,000, would you take it?

  268. The leader in the group is Bernie. The best to follow in his lead are Booker, Yang, Castro, and O’Rourke, and not in that order. And, yes, Elizabeth knows her stuff.

  269. I'd be delighted to vote for any of them, though I have favorites. Can't WAIT to vote!

  270. not watching. I will read the complete transcript tomorrow. I don't need another teevee person for president.

  271. It will be interesting to see if the limousine liberals will back Warren’s wealth tax proposal.