Dan Bishop, North Carolina Republican, Wins Special Election

Mr. Bishop’s narrow victory over Dan McCready in a conservative district demonstrated warning signs for President Trump in 2020.

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  1. As is always true in these battles of Dan against Dan, only the most Dan of them can win. I'm hoping that Dan McCready prevails, in order to create doubt about Trump's influence and ability to win, and hopefully to cause more Republican retirements. But if Dan Bishop wins instead, I don't think it'll have much of an impact on the 2020 races, that would be a win for the status quo, demonstrating nothing much.

  2. @Dan Stackhouse A McCready win would be just Dandy!

  3. @Dan Stackhouse Why do Democrats hate Democracy?

  4. Here’s to hoping this will ignite another wave of GOP retirements.

  5. The 9th is one of the North Carolina congressional districts gerrymandered to "guarantee" a Republican victory. It was a "bridge too far" for the Dems despite a favorable Democratic wave in 2018. With low voter turnout and Trump and Pence making last minute appearances, it will be amazing if Mr. McCready can pull it out.

  6. Hope springs Eternal

  7. @Old blue If Dems spent so much and they still don't vote. Then they don't deserve to win,

  8. @Bananahead You do grasp the concept of "gerrymandering/"

  9. This election should be a barometer of whether some shaky Republican candidates want the Trump/Pence team campaigning for them. Exciting election to watch. I read that even a close win will be unsettling to the GOP.

  10. @American2019o No. A close win for the R is not good for the D. Only the loser says the winner is "unsettled" by winning.

  11. I live in this district and McCready has at least trying harder than he did the first go around. I have been on the receiving end of daily phone calls and texts from the campaign and all manner of entities supporting him. I receive 1-2 flyers in the mailbox every day. Nothing the first go around. The Board of Elections in my county (which is much more red than blue) show that there have been many more Democratic early voters than Republican early voters this election. So we shall see. It's only for a year though as they still have to run in 2020.

  12. @Stephen I live in an adjacent district in NC and have been supporting McCready. I haven't been deluged, but have received a number of texts and flyers in the mail. It would do our spirits good to see Dan McCready win.

  13. I am sure that you realize how the whole country/ nay, the world is watching this race as a barometer to the future. You practiced your Constitutional right and thank you for sharing your observations. Good luck to your state!

  14. @Stephen I live about a mile outside of the 9th district and wish I could have voted for McCready today. I heard him speak at an event before the first election and donated money to his campaign. Today I contented myself with voting against the Charlotte city council members who voted 'yes' for us to host the RNC next year.

  15. If McCready loses, it will almost certainly be due to gerrymandering and a warning to both Democrats and Republicans who realize the threat posed by Trump and his party in 2020.

  16. I hope Democrats turn out in great numbers for this special election. The country needs their support.

  17. I am confident the Democrat will win here in North Carolina. He is sensible and moderate. Something the Democrats should look for during the Presidential primary.

  18. @Limegreenjeans agreed!!!

  19. Why read so much into one congressional district in North Carolina? It says very little, actually, about the rest of the country, which has districts as varied as it does people.

  20. @Mark This district runs from the city of Charlotte, through its southern suburbs, and then off into rural NC as far east as Fayetteville. It's a microcosm, in one district, of what might happen on a broader scale in 2020. It's going to be read as a bellwether, just as the (regularly scheduled) elections in Virginia will be this November. (There's another election going on in NC today, but there's no suspense over who will win it, so it's not getting much coverage.)

  21. It’s a stretch to attribute the outcome of this election to Trump, good or bad. For one, NC is heavily gerrymandered and this district was designed for a Republican. Second, look at the turn-out numbers after the election. Special elections and run-offs often have single-digit turn-out in NC. This one has so much publicity it might get double-digit turn-out but it will be low. This will be more about who bothers to show up than a mandate on anything or anybody. Sad to say, but true.

  22. Simple question: Why wasn't Dan McCready declared the winner after Mark Harris committed election fraud sufficient to void his apparent win? Actually, two questions: And why was the Republican Party given a do-over after failing to commit successful election fraud the first time?

  23. @Michael Tyndall I've been wondering the same thing. Surely the rule should be "you sabotage the election, you lose the election." Trump is always screaming about "do-overs;" why is one being allowed here? And good grief, just think about the cost.

  24. @Michael Tyndall ... because Republicans control the election. In other countries, elections are run by non-partisan agencies; that includes drawing boundaries

  25. Agree on this. It is fair question. I can’t believe they were given a shot of running again.

  26. Can anyone name a Republican who has Trump's support and who recently campaigned on their record and ideas without resorting to smear attacks and lies about their opponent?

  27. @ChrisH Apparently not. 35 'Recommends'-worth of time has passed ... and nothing but crickets in terms of an attempt to answer your very fair question!

  28. @ChrisH Of course not--no such republican exists anywhere in this country.

  29. No. In this contest, there was not one Bishop ad about Bishop. He was on the attack from the git-go and never let up. McCready’s ads were plain vanilla boring.

  30. I live beside 9th district. McCready worked so hard and earns people heart as well. I hope he can defeat this republican as well as the odds of gerrymandering in this district.

  31. @Progressive. There’s always next year......

  32. How is this a test? Gerrymandered district. "Republican or Die" state motto. Only in the case of a Dem win would it have any meaning. A Repub win is simply a shallow victory. But such a win won't stop Trump and FIXED News from claiming 2020 victory.

  33. @Marie It not being a slam dunk for Bishop is a statement in and of itself. The last time this area voted in a Democrat to represent them in the House was in the early 60s. Trump won it in '16 by 12%. (This is a moderate area in comparison to my neck of the woods, which is R+24 land.)

  34. Only twice (2008, Obama; 2000 Kay Hagan v. Elizabeth Dole) during the 45 years I lived in North Carolina did I observe a positive political outcome. Don't count of North Carolina !

  35. @M Caplow Well, we did have Jim Hunt.

  36. @M Caplow NC resident here... we are a failed democracy down here.

  37. A McCready win would certainly raise my spirits.

  38. Republican Dan Bishop is following the Trump playbook to the letter: lie about your Democratic opponent by saying he or she supports open borders and wants to take away your guns and private health insurance, then bring in Trump and his surrogates to inflame the base. Lying is a terrible long-term strategy, and it will fail by degrees until it fails entirely.

  39. Exactly. His ads are so negative about McCready as the same goes for Mitch Moscow. Republican Party is becoming definitely low class party and against the principles of fair elections. They are becoming more detached to the Constitution.

  40. @MaraMDolan That's what Sanders and Warren want.

  41. How can anybody vote for a republican at this point; especially one that trump is campaigning for in the state. It should be the kiss of death for a candidate.

  42. @AACNY The only "new friends" I want are ones without hearts black with blinding, soul-suffocating hate, the ones with the common sense to recognize a lying conman when they hear one, and the will to educate themselves on both sides of a political issue so they'll be able to distinguish the good guy/gal from the one with the nasty ulterior motive. Life's too short to waste time trying to be "friends" with people who can't or won't use their brains.

  43. Most likely because of elitist attitudes and comments. Everyone loves to be told that they're stupid and wrong by their 'betters'. Seriously - this is precisely why Trump wins.

  44. If Bishop loses, Trump will blame him for not being supportive of all of Trumps actions.

  45. I’m betting that Dan will win!

  46. @Steven Yup. Easy to pick that. Odds must have been less than 1:1, if you were a smart bookie. Otherwise you were guaranteed to lose lots of money.

  47. It kills me that the “marketing professional” at the end of the story was swayed by negative campaign commercials, saying even her kids called the opposition “McGreedy”. As a VP of Marketing myself, let me suggest that she should have dug a wee but deeper than the commercials.

  48. @Bill Seng Blows my mind that anyone who dares to call themself a patriot would call a former Marine platoon commander "greedy" or cast their vote for the team that committed fraud the last time. No offence, but I'm a communications professional and I've found there are a lot of marketers out there who don't think strategically, don't understand the big picture; it's why we see one tone-deaf campaign after another (that the communications side of the house invariably has to clean up).

  49. so Dan will win at end of day no matter who you vote for.

  50. I was just about to write that comment! 😂

  51. David Sedaris told me he moved his residence from New York to North Carolina, just so that he could vote there to counter the rabidly deep conservatism prevalent in NC.

  52. @Prof Dr Ramesh Kumar Biswas Well, he and his sister (Amy) were raised in N.C., so he was moving "back." I applaud him for doing so, though, as I left N.C. 23 years ago (after Helms defeated Gantt, again) with no plans to go back.

  53. These contest are viewed by many of us as IQ test. Guess who the brighter voters will support? All kidding aside, what's it going to take for sane Republicans to snap out of the mind meld that has overtaken so many? I mean Jumpin' Jehosaphat, recent Republican politics across the board should be enough to wake up even Republicans. Besides being an IQ test our elections have become mental health assessments of particular groups.

  54. The red hat people are a cult. The more outrageously dysfunctional their orange mascot is, the deeper they dig in and the more they like it. Therefore, how a tRump surrogate fares in an overwhelmingly republic district only tells us anything if he loses. That would be an indication that the cool-aid might be wearing off. But I’m not holding my breath.

  55. @ Ben K- Yeah- none of us can hold our breath, cuz if we did, we’d all drop and Trump would own this country. Keep breathing, everyone...

  56. So the Republican, Harris, cheats (there’s some real news for you) and republicans are given a second chance? Sounds fair, eh? Now the runner up, a democrat, has to run against another republican. If he loses, how about 2 out if 3...makes as much sense as anything else.

  57. I can only hope McCready wins. Republicans cheated in the last election. McCready did not. Republicans ads, which I can see on TV here, are misleading and nasty. McCready's are not. That should mean something.

  58. @Barbara Normally, white, male, Marine works, but if Red, Red, Red is all that matters, then I'm sure many will again give up their absentee ballot to vote for an absentee Congressperson.

  59. @Daniel Sadly Republican Dan Bishop won by a small margin, but only after bringing in big guns like Trump and Pence. However, he has to run again almost immediately. In the suburbs, McCready was far ahead; rural areas went red. Given that Trump won this district by 12 points, that's a big difference.

  60. All else aside, how can citizens there possibly vote for the Republican candidate after what happened? The party tried to cheat last time, for goodness' sake. If it isn't punished, what's to keep the cheating from recurring?

  61. @M. Nothing. That is the point, and why Republicans will vote Republicans. It is not about one person one vote, it is about retaining power by any means necessary.

  62. @M. To them, cheating is only unfair if Democrats are doing it.

  63. I am a part time resident in North Carolina, and spend my winters in south Florida. It has never been more clear to me, that our country is at a crossroads. Our democracy is at steak, and to think otherwise is naive. We are bombarded daily, no HOURLY with the nonsense that emanates from the White House. It is the duty of all Americans to exercise their power, their vote, to restore our country to a place of dignity, and a beacon of hope, as it once was.As Martin Luther King stated, “Our lives begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter.” Fingers crossed that begins tonight.

  64. A 'redo' on the election is very nice, very fair, very forgiving to the cheating candidate, their party, and their campaign. A way to decide this, more in service of 'justice'; and at the same time encourage compliance with honest elections activity and the law would be: when a candidate and/or his campaign are found to have engaged in election fraud, and violated the election fairness laws, call it "cheating", if convicted, that candidate is deemed to have forfeited the election. Legal penalties are still due on the candidate and the campaign if convicted, but the election in question is awarded to the cheater's opponent, or, when there is more than one opponent, to the next highest vote receiver. This would incentive against the kinds of deceitful "election and voter fraud" that Republicans have been concerned about all over the country... and in this case, Mr. McCready would already be in Congress. Who knew when "election voter fraud" was actually discovered, it would be the Republican candidate and his campaign behind it. Imagine that!

  65. @Jim Brokaw You do have to win an election. I know democrats don't want to face the people.

  66. @Beetle Sounds like you approve of voter fraud. As, apparently, do many North Carolinians.

  67. We need to "motivate" the citizenry" to vote. Australia passed a law and, I believe, gives a small ax break for everyone who votes. We should find something to get the vote out, voluntarily. I think everyone who doesn't vote in the 2020 Federal elections should be barred from voting in the next federal election, or some such punishment. Or if they do vote give them a $20 tax break. Some stick or carrot.

  68. @Roger Duronio Since 1924 it has been compulsory to vote, we get fined $20 for not voting unless we have a genuine reason that the Electoral Commission believes warrants us not voting. The AEC tends to be pretty lenient if you're travelling through say Asia or South America, but if you're vacationing near an Australian Consulate or Embassy you're expected to vote there. We're motivated to vote because if we don't we cop a fine, also because its made incredibly convenient, rock up at a polling place, tell the volunteers your name and address, and fill out your ballot, all on a Saturday!

  69. @Roger Duronioj. I think there is a 50 dollar penalty for not voting in Australia.

  70. @Roger Duronio Your “carrot” makes sense. Your “stick” doesn’t. You know that old saw, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar?” If someone told me it was mandatory that I vote in 2020, in order to be able to vote in 2024, my response would be quite negative and not achieve the desired outcome. Better to find a candidate that can inspire — that’s the way to get voters to vote.

  71. Waiting for results hoping to be pleasantly surprised by Republicans regaining their sense of balance, dignity and citizenship in this nation.

  72. @Zalman Sandon. I’d not hold my breath... .

  73. McCready represents the kind of pragmatic, moderate Democrat that is needed for us to retain the House and possibly increase their majority. If he wins, I hope it will send a clear signal to farther-left candidates who are way out ahead of where the electorate is on issues such as universal health care and free college tuition.

  74. @GBM Thirty-five years ago I got very cheap college tuition courtesy of the G.I. Bill and the taxpayers of California. My earnings went up so much I paid back their investment in me 10 times over through my payroll taxes. Educating our children is an investment that pays big dividends, not a cost. The alternative is to invite other nations' children to take our high-tech jobs and earn big bucks while American kids flip hamburgers. Is that what you want?

  75. He didn't , so I guess Dems should try far left, at least the general public will see the difference between Reps and Dems.

  76. @yulia People who can't see the difference between Republicans and Democrats have no business getting anywhere near a voting booth. One major difference is that there is still such a thing as a "moderate" Democrat.

  77. I live in this district. If my neighbors vote for Bishop I may have to move to California. Or get my friends from California to move to Charlotte.

  78. @Rob no, don't move here, much as we'd love to have you. We're so blue your vote would be wasted. But retired blue staters SHOULD consider renting out their places and moving east for a year before the election. We could counteract the vote stealing by registering voters and getting them to the polls on election day. How long would we have to be citizens of your great state in order to legally vote there ourselves?

  79. @Rob The latter would be more helpful.

  80. @Rob, Not going to happen captain. Unless you're packing.

  81. If Dan McCready wins, you will not see Trump and the Republican-Right-Wing-Network accepting it as a defeat or a repudiation. Trump will just lie again, and say the election was "rigged", and all the Republican sycophants will echo the same talking point.

  82. In his rally, Donald said that Democrats are not very religious, but here I am praying for a McCready victory.

  83. @Barnaby Wild I remember when George H. Bush died and all of the living Presidents and First Ladies attended the funeral (they are all different denominations). All of them were reciting the Lord's Prayer (aka Our Father) in unison; except for Trump and his wife, who didn't know the words, and were staring into space.

  84. Never vote Republican again if the best they can give us is a Trump.

  85. When republicans cheat, they win. We need to stop allowing them to cheat.

  86. @BBW They own the Supreme Court which ruled that cheating is ok.

  87. And despite the GOP's incessant bugling about illegal immigrant votes, the guy who committed actual voter fraud, Mark Harris, is still not in prison.

  88. @Nick And a black mother in Texas who voted not knowing she was ineligible to vote is serving a five year sentence, longer prison time than many violent offenders for an honest mistake. The GOP DA who prosecuted her himself committed election offenses with no penalty.

  89. Can we at least mention the 3rd district election? Please? I know we are dark red and probably won’t turn blue...but Thomas is moderate and special elections are weird. I mean...at least 1 sentence would be nice.

  90. @Greg K Go to CNN. They have called the race already .

  91. @Greg K. Definitely. The 9th looks like it might be a solid blue win. If that same swing from the partisan index were to happen in the 3d it’ll be close

  92. @Greg K "In a separate special election on Tuesday in North Carolina’s Third Congressional District, the Republican candidate, Greg Murphy, cruised to an easy victory as expected. " I quote from the article.

  93. All fingers and toes crossed for McCready.

  94. Even if Republican Bishop squeaks through and wins, it's a huge loss for Trump and the GOP, because the 9th District is one of the most conservative and most red districts in the country, and McCready has made it a real horse race. He deserves to win and should, but if he doesn't he still has a lot to be proud of.

  95. @Lan Sluder I too am optimistic that your state, as gerrymander as it may be, can elect a Democrat in the Senate in 2020 and flip some congressional seats.

  96. @Lan Sluder factually incorrect. Check the results of the 3rd NC district.

  97. Except Trump needs Russian aid to win the close ones.

  98. McCready already won, even if he loses. The Republicans pulled out their biggest “guns” to ensure Bishop goes to Washington. If they need to do that in a gerrymandered district favoring their candidate, then they are on really shaky ground...ring that bellwether!

  99. I was thinking the same thing. The fact that it is so close should worry Republicans. Remember that the current president won this district by 12 points. This is a good omen for Democrats either way.

  100. The only reason North Carolina is even in play is due to Yankee Democrats fleeing their the cities and states they've ruined and moving to the home state of Jesse Helms.

  101. It’s amazing to hear these snapshots of typical republican voters. In a “country over party” race, some of these previous GOP voters are finally deciding that something is more important than their perennial myths and fables.

  102. "Leslie McCrae Dowless, an independent contractor for Red Dome Group, allegedly hired people to illegally collect absentee ballots, according to The Charlotte Observer. Mark Harris, the Republican candidate who beat Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes, paid Red Dome Group $428,911 for campaign consulting and services, the second-most he spent on an individual consultant, through Sept. 30.. Red Dome Group is a GOP consulting firm that was contracted by two other candidates this (2018) cycle for consulting and get-out-the-vote efforts. Rep. Mark Meadows from North Carolina’s 11th District paid $36,115 and Melanie Leneghan (Rep. Jim Jordan's protégé) from Ohio’s 12th District — who lost the primary — paid $51,750." https://www.opensecrets.org/news/2018/12/north-carolina-voter-fraud-428k-to-consulting-firm/ The President and Founder of the Freedom Caucus helped a number of their favorites in 2018 primary bids. That's legal. Besides Mark Harris who benefitted from Dowless' absentee ballot scam, Mark Meadows (directly) and Jim Jordan's proxy candidate were the only other 2018 campaigns to pay for Red Dome's consulting services. That's ignored and treated as mere unfortunate coincidence. Even with no proof otherwise, it has a fishy smell.

  103. My next career may well be as an election consultant. It's clearly a growing business. Thanks Citizens United!

  104. So how do you feel about the ballot harvesting in California - which is legal. A few Republicans lost there seats in the House there after hundreds of ballots were turned in after the polls closed - no way to verify authenticity.

  105. America needs to honor the men and women of the Armed Services, and particularly the United States Marine Corps. Their service to our nation came at a staggering price. Our nation will be safer and stronger with Congressmen like Dan McCready, rather than white supremacist bathroom monitors.

  106. Interesting. If socialism and ultra Liberals loose big time, will you call that a referendum on the left?

  107. @AutumnLeaf If it happened in a secure democratic district, yes.

  108. Yeah! Nobody wants free health care! We love paying high monthly premiums, high copays, high deductibles. Nobody minds paying four times what our neighbors in Canada pay for drugs. Nobody wants free college education! We want our children to graduate college with onerous high interest debt. Nobody wants $15 minimum wage or the right to unionize. Workers should take what they get and be happy.

  109. @Zejee In economics, It's called move to where opportunity exists; the law of Supply. You want it to be what you want, then go where it is. Canada has it, you want it ? Shift the supply curve.

  110. Geez. If you happen to live in this district, please VOTE!

  111. @Will. Polls usually close around 7:00pm. Timing is everything.

  112. If the Republican wins it would be the fault of "the squad" and open borders.

  113. @Bananahead. Oh, I thought “ socialism” was the bogeyman du jour.

  114. Fine speculation at the end of the article. What would a Bishop victory signify?

  115. That gerrymandering still works.

  116. @Bob Jones It would signify that the state sponsor of an infamous law prohibiting transsexuals from using public toilets labeled for their identity- is in a greater position of power.

  117. @Bob Jones A Bishop victory signals that the rural tail continues to wag the urban dog: expect more agricultural programs that benefit rural voters, and fewer welfare programs to support urban dwellers.

  118. In a fair and just world, the Republican Party would have been disqualified from participating in North Carolina politics for a period of 10 years due their contempt and rejection democracy and the will of the people. Unfortunately in America's broken world, Republicans get a criminal do-over. With 13% of the vote in, there is hope: Dan McCready leads Bishop 53.6% to 45.9% D to go forward; R for reverse.

  119. If the Republican wins in a Republican-heavy district, it means nothing. If not, then that might be something.

  120. @Sailor Sam - How about a Republican almost losing, after Trump showed up in person, in a district that voted for Trump by 12 points? In 2016, the Republican won this district by 10 points and over 50,000 votes. Today he won by 2 points and less than 4,000 votes. That's called a downward trend, and that's news.

  121. Reading elsewhere in the news about Trump’s recent ‘rally’ in North Carolina — more like a lynch mob or a gathering of the faithful at the height of the Third Reich — my belief in American democracy and decency is sorely tested. If 90% of Republican voters remain acolytes of this horrible man because ‘he thinks like me and talks like me,’ we are in desperate trouble. This vote shouldn’t even be close. But it will be. And that should send a chill up and down your spine. Can it be that millions of American adults hold this vile, vulgar, amoral, lying, cowardly braggart up as a role model for their children? How is that possible? Any child who acted like Trump would either be expelled from school or placed in intensive psychotherapy, diagnosed as a nascent sociopath. President of the United States? These people have got to be kidding -- but alas, they are deadly serious.

  122. @chambolle All they care about is what their preacher is against, and how he tells them to vote.

  123. @chambolle "Can it be that millions of American adults hold this vile, vulgar, amoral, lying, cowardly braggart up as a role model for their children?" The answer is decidedly yes and clearly demonstrated by the quote in your second paragraph "he thinks like me and talks like me." Trump blatant amorality and immorality and vvery corrupt soul is clearly a reflection of the values of millions of Americans and so very sadly so.

  124. @chambolle “Can it be .... How is that possible? ... These people have got to be kidding -- but alas, they are deadly serious.“ “We would rather be ruined than changed We would rather die in our dread Than climb the cross of the moment And let our illusions die.” (WH Auden)

  125. Here’s to the Dem.

  126. The Republicans should have never gotten a do-over. You cheat you lose.

  127. @E Bennet That is how it usualy works but as we know these rule do not apply to Trump, his ilk or the GOP.

  128. @E Bennet Actually, to me that sounds like "The Republican party cheats, the voters lose" - as much as I would rather a Democrat had won.

  129. @TMJ Yes, the voters lose pretty much every time they vote for a Republican.

  130. "North Carolina’s Special Election to Provide Test of Trump’s Clout" More a test of North Carolinian's abdication to American democratic principles and its acceptance of a President's corruption of the Constitution, I believe.

  131. Stop with the media melodrama. This is the heart of Trump country, been GOP for decades. To test Trump's clout we need a real purple district. This is a highly gerrymandered district.

  132. @rwRebublican since before Sue Myrick won. After Lyndon Johnson chased away yellow dog Democrats into becoming Republicans. You want to lay blame? Look at Democrats party in the mirror for answers.

  133. There’s no real contest here. The Republicans in power will do absolutely ANYTHING to ensure that they win this election. And they’ll continue to do it in all of the races throughout the country right through the 2020 election. It’s no surprise that everyone feel so discouraged and disenfranchised. What is surprising, at least to me, is that the sense of disenfranchisement comes from the very people that are supporting Trump.

  134. @lola yep Mark Harris the preacher man cheated to try and win. N. Carolina is heavily gerrymandered. Mint Hill closed their doors for a reported gas leak but then added 25 minutes to their polling time. Shenanigans were at it again. Suppression most likely occurred.

  135. Not a fair contest. One is supported by President and his vice, in person, and the other is leaning to GOD for his success. Though, it is surprisingly a tight call.

  136. @Spinoza19 How ironic that the "champion of the Evangelicals" calls himself "the Chosen One." That's sacrilegious and evidences lack of respect for God and religion.

  137. @Spinoza19. The other was supported by Joe Biden, even if the press don't like to report it.

  138. Do the voters understand that when Trump talks about "radical socialism" he is talking about Social Security and Medicare? And that when he proposes a payroll tax cut, he is actually talking about folks paying less into their own Social Security and Medicare, making those programs fail sooner? And that he already cut taxes for rich individuals, making the federal deficit so huge that Medicare will have no choice but to cut back a lot? A vote for Trump is a vote against Social Security and Medicare. No matter how Trump spins it, the math does not lie.

  139. @Will Hogan Unfortunately, democrats don't know how to communicate that message. They should declare every day: democrats brought you social security and medicare, republicans have always wanted to take them away.

  140. @Will Hogan Hardly! He is painting a much more disturbing picture of the radical left...limiting of free speech, open boarders, much higher taxes, the branding of everyone who disagrees as racist, and confiscation guns. It really helps that Democrats are proposing some form of it all...

  141. @Will Hogan Part of the problem is that the Democratic candidates can't even take the two minute to explain these fallacies, given the Twitterized debate format. The only thing the media allows them to do is raise their hands lamely to carefully crafted "gotcha" questions. This is no basis for a democracy and it is shameful.

  142. Fingers crossed that my old hometown district chooses correctly and shakes off the GOP. They've done nothing for it but make living conditions worse, cut programs that it relies on, and deepen the rural/suburban and white/nonwhite divides there.

  143. Congratulations to the winners!

  144. Fear of socialism is a huge factor in the suburbs that hurts even moderate Dems like McCready. With Bishop now pulling ahead decisively, this is a canary in the coalmine for Dems as they face off against Trump. Even if Biden get nomination, the dire shadow of socialism will be cast upon him through association with fellow Dems like Sanders and Warren and a huge chunk of his party.

  145. @Dan. So, I would assume that those opposed to “ the dire shadow of socialism” will forego social security? And, if they are farmers, give back their many, many subsidies? After all, we’re American, every man for himself, right??

  146. This is no canary in coal mine for Democrats. The 9th is a gerrymandered super red district that Trump won by 12 points. The Dems just picked up 10 of those. Republicans should be concerned about the canary.

  147. It is an irrational fear of socialism. The GOP characterizes anything short of robber baron capitalism as socialism. I do not think of Warren as a socialist. The ills she describes are really the abuse of capitalism. And the remedies address distortions of top down Wall Street control.

  148. McCready was totally acceptable to moderates across the board. He denounced the Democrats and even returned Omar’s money to her. The Squad is poison and now we know!

  149. No we don’t. If he returned her money it was because he thought it was the politically correct thing to do in his district. There is no explicit information backing your claim that the squad is poison. This sounds like a right wing talking point.

  150. A qualified win, nonetheless. So the Dems picked up 10 points in a conservative district. Multiply this across the state, where Trump won by less than 4%, and the state minimally turns purple with a good shot of blue in 2020 (particularly if Dems can drive turnout to counteract Republican voter suppression).

  151. @Garbanzo. Sounds very similar to predictions of Hillary winning with a landslide.

  152. @Garbanzo correct

  153. @Garbanzo Yes it is all about turnout. Providing to actually did things if you get 60 votes in the Senate drives turnout. Let Republicans tell voters, "there is no money." This is not a center election. This is a base election. Don't scold your own base. Fight with them against fascism and for your Constitution.

  154. How depressing that we must continue to hope that a state in the Old Confederacy somehow does the right thing and rejects bigotry and outright racism...in other words rejects Trump. It has only been 160 years since the Civil War and we are still hoping. I so wish we could just simply let the south go its not so merry way. It is nothing more than a drag on the good, progressive things that must be done to confront the challenges of the 21st century.

  155. @History Guy Well, doesn't President Tyler have two living grandsons? It is arcane and odd, but partially explains why it isn't THAT long ago--especially when the wounds were never dressed or addressed. We are an experiment, so let's see what the social scientists come up with this year? ;)

  156. @History Guy Yes, the same opinion is felt in the Sunbelt, in the reverse direction. (And no, I am not originally from Texas.) The southern region of our nation is experiencing dynamic growth. Meanwhile, in northern sectors there is economic malaise, shuttered factories and downsizing. The New England superiority mystique has long ended. Acknowledge the obvious, dispel bias and move forward.

  157. @History Guy It sounds as though you haven't bought into the Democratic Party's marketing pitch on diversity. I don't think the party will soon soar to its former heights without without more members embracing that concept.

  158. So far Union County (very red) is 65% reporting, and Mecklenburg (fairly blue) is 2% reporting, and McCready is ahead! A bit confusing since bishop is winning Union county by 20 points last I looked which is way ahead of his mark, but perhaps turnout in union County is low.

  159. Democrat McCready's loss is more serious for the Democrats than recognized. He had been campaigning for the Congressional seat in question for 27 months through two elections. His Republican opponent had been campaigning for a much shorter period of time but won despite McCready's greater name recognition and long-term effort to appear "moderate". This was a big advantage for McCready but he still lost.

  160. @Alex I would say that the bigger advantage is the built in gerrymandering, and the intransigent conservative lean. even so, the GOP won by less than 2 point, in a district they should be carrying by 15. these results are consistent with the 2018 returns. all of which suggest big trouble for the GOP in 2020.

  161. @Alex Not really. This district is R 12, meaning it is about 12 points more Republican than the nation. A result like this statewide will probably signal a narrow to moderate Democratic victory statewide.

  162. @Alex Oh please. Derp derp derp, goes the entire Gop. Just saw that only 33% of the GRAND ol' party value higher education. Causation v. Correlation?

  163. Please explain why Bishop has not been charged with a crime. He is clearly guilty of trying to rig an election. Then please explain to me how the people who vote for Bishop have the courage to walk into a church. From Trump on down to this state the "swamp" has become a sewer.

  164. @Bob Bruce Anderson Different person that ran in the actual midterm. Mark Harris was the candidate who hired the consultant known for shady vote harvesting. Bishop was their "relief" candidate. One who is especially odious on his own. Anyway, I don't understand why the Republican party was allowed to field another candidate at all. Seems like it would have been appropriate to simply disqualify Harris and use the other existing tally... then I remember... we have one party rule in this state (sadly the Governor's Office has been stripped of a great deal of power) and they don't see the issue with getting another shot at the district they committed actual voter fraud to keep red.

  165. @Bob Bruce Anderson. Here is an informed democrat. Bishop was not in picture in 2018 election. And no, even Mark Harris was not guilty of election fraud. He may be guilty of hiring someone who committed the fraud. BTW this person had worked for democrat in the past and also ran as a democrat in a different election in the past. So this was a case of democrat working for a republican and committing election fraud. You won't read this in a NYT story.

  166. @Josh Thank you. I stand corrected. I misunderstood the history of this election.

  167. All I can say is that I thank heaven I live in New York City. Manhattan, to be precise.

  168. Except that many of New York’s representatives have landed in prison for corruption.

  169. The results are depressing, yet informative. Trump and his minions can be defeated in 2020 if there is an effort to bring out voters. Will the voters realize the importance of environment, health care and education to the future? And can Democrats promote a progressive agenda? If they can reach those voters, bring them to the polls and defeat gerrymandering then the White House and the Senate can be taken.

  170. In 2018, the Republican got 49.3% and McCready got 48.9% of the vote. Today, the Republican got 50.8% and McCready got 48.6% of the vote. And somehow, even will all the foibles of Donald Trump, this article portrays the result as a victory for the Democrats, and a dire warning for the Republicans. Talk about wishful thinking.

  171. @Erik Not really. This district is R 12, meaning it is about 12 points more Republican than the nation. A result like this statewide will probably signal a narrow to moderate Democratic victory statewide.

  172. @Erik District has been GOP since 1963. Trump won in 16 by 12%. Today; 2% with Trump / Pence campaigning and spending 6.4 Million dollars. Be afraid; be very afraid

  173. @Erik - Um, it's not really a tough calculus. A two-point win... even after Trump personally went in there to rally... in a supposedly deep-red district that went for Trump by 12 points in 2016 and hasn't elected a Dem since 1960... doesn't bode well for Trump when it comes to a statewide election. Put it this way: In 2016, the Republican in this district won by over 50,000 votes. This time around, the Republican won by about 4,000 votes — or 46,000 fewer Republican votes. Donald Trump won the entire state by only about 200,000 votes TOTAL in 2016. The math is pretty simple: in 2020, if what happened in this district happens in just three other NC districts, Trump's in trouble.

  174. Some numbers first. In the 2018 race, McCready got 138, 341 votes. In this race he had a ton of resources but got 90, 824 votes while his opponent received 94, 984. This resembles the outcome in a Georgia district north of Atlanta in a special election to replace a now disappeared HHS head, one of the many caught in the act of corrupting their office. In that election the candidate Ossoff got less votes than a mystery candidate in 2016, who barely showed up to campaign, despite having all the campaign resources one could hope for. The two together tell me that this was a giant failure of the democrats to convince/inspire/organize people to show up and vote, as well as a profound individual failure of the missing 47,517 voters who just couldn't be bothered to vote. Were they paying the slightest attention at all? If not, WHY NOT?? You can spin it as in this article by focusing upon worried trumpican operatives or officials. But that completely avoids the real issue of why 47, 517 voters decided not to vote for the very same person after the 2018 election was considered too corrupted to be legitimate. If you don't see deeply troubling signs of a democracy in peril with such an outcome, I really don't think you're looking hard enough. If democrats think that repeating the same campaign strategies and messaging tactics adopted by McCready should be followed more widely in possible swing exurban zones, that's a delusion that better change soon.

  175. @bl but it doesn't make good sense to compare the absolute number of votes in 2018 to this election. 2018 was a regularly scheduled midterm vote. whereas this is an oddball election. it's just difficult to mobilize voters under such circumstances, in an out of synch special election.

  176. @bl For those who only see gerrymandering at work here, please explain the missing 47,517 votes.

  177. @Orwellsdisciple If you can't bother to show up to vote, you don't deserve democracy. The people of Hong Kong are willing to die to it, and you make excuses for folks who cannot take the time to cast a ballot?

  178. The NC 9th Congressional district extends from Charlotte to ElizabethTown. All who might vote Democratic are washed away by such state wide district gerrymandering engineered by elected Republicans. Clearly the Republican party election fraudsters now understood that their blatant gerrymandering, though protected by the Supreme Court, is insufficient to guarantee a permanent Republican majority.Only by further rigging elections can they secure their majority status. Representative democratic government may soon be destroyed by those in charge of the Republican party and the Supremes who protects them. Ultimately election fraud seeks a one party state. Or perhaps, Republican voters and those Republican politicians who resist the corruption if the T-party will finally wake up. Some Republican politicians will resign. Some may disavow the tactics created by Nixon, Reagan, Gingrich, Cheney, Bush, and Trump. Some may like Senator Specter switch parties and join the Democrats. Many might fight the corruption from within. The last, best hope to save the Party and preserve our democratic republic may be those Republicans who put welfare of the nation above Party, and “take their Party back”. The Herald of that potential courageous change may come in the results if today’s 9th District election. That might trigger John Roberts to refuse to sacrifice the honor of The Court to protect those Republican oligarchs and demagogues who seek one party government.

  179. @ThomasBased on your plaintive Republicans win forever unless they let Democrats win, just to be good sports!

  180. My favorite detail of this whole affair is all the Republican attack ads lambasting Mr. McCready for prospering at "taxpayers' expense" by taking advantage of tax incentives for solar power and renewable energy businesses. Yes, you read that right folks. Republicans. Criticizing a private businessman. For enriching himself. Because of corporate tax breaks. Slowly but steadily, I'm beginning to understand the phrase "I can't even."

  181. A fair and square win by the better candidate. Bodes well for President Trump in 2020.

  182. Not really. This district is R 12, meaning it is about 12 points more Republican than the nation. A result like this statewide will probably signal a narrow to moderate Democratic victory statewide.

  183. @Donald Trump should be afraid. This district has been solid Republican for 63 years. GOP spent 6.4 Million $$$.. Trump and Pence were there Monday. Trump won there by 12%. 2% win is a loss on these circumstances.

  184. By the way, that’s not to say that this wasn’t a disappointing loss. And a more liberal democratic candidate for president may do worse. But to say that is augurs well for the president is stretching the truth. There are relatively few paths to victory for the incumbent without capturing NC.

  185. This is no surprise. These people actually believe Trump is doing a good job. Dems must focus on winning independents, beating Trump - and that means winning the electoral college - and keeping the more moderate Dems in Congress That is the only way for America to dig out of the abyss called Trump. We need a more moderate Dem presidential candidate who can convince votesr in the middle that the Dems are not the party of the the Squad and others on the extreme Left, but simply the party fighting for health care, jobs, and a livable environment.

  186. @BMD -- "but simply the party fighting for health care, jobs, and a livable environment." You describe the progressives. The centrists never did that when they had power, and they won't do it this time either. Voters know that. We've all been lied to before, constantly.

  187. I honestly find these results to be semi-meaningless.... gerrymandering means none of these elections represent the actual will of the people in the district. I bet democrats would be winning a lot more if districts were made fairly.

  188. BUT @L Brown, you LOVED gerrymandering when the Democrats controlled so many state legislatures and create ten-mile deep districts that ran over a hundred miles.

  189. @L osservatore Gerrymandering is wrong. When democrats do it and when republicans do it. You seem to be rationalizing gerrymandering now because democrats did it in the past. By this logic, when democrats take the senate they should never allow a republican court nominee by the president (if a republican president) to get a vote, as the sociopath McConnell did. The question is: Is gerrymandering right or is it wrong? The follow up is: do you believe in doing the right thing or not?

  190. @L Brown Or the Republican margins could just bigger....who will ever know ?

  191. What am I missing here? Mecklenburg County has about a million people. Why are there only around 65,000 votes in? As I write this, Union County, the second largest in this district, with a population of 235,000, cast 60,000 votes overall. I understand that the NYT is saying 99% of the precincts have reported, but by my ignorant calculations, we're missing around 180,000 votes from Mecklenbrug County. Perhaps people in Mecklenburg simply don't vote? It is inconceivable to me that the same amount of ballots, total, were cast in these two counties.

  192. @JTF Only a small sliver of the southern side of Mecklenburg County was eligible to vote....gerrymandering at its finest. If the entirety of Charlotte was actually in the 9th Congressional district, the result would have been quite different.

  193. @JCC Thank you very much. I should have suspected....!

  194. This coming election is about immigration. The media can push the economy theme, but Americans, African Americans specifically, dislike illegal immigration. This special election showed two things: white female Christians will vote for the white patriarch, and the media was wrong again. Three things Trump must do to win again in 2020. Focus on immigration, abortion, and defending gun rights. No one on the democratic side can win. Elizabeth Warren is a woman and Americans will not elect a woman as president, Bernie Sanders seems like a mad man, Joe Biden lacks acuity and intelligence. Everyone else on the democratic side seems to be lobbying for a book deal.

  195. @Eyes Wide Open As I wrote before the 2020 election is about illegal immigration. President Trump wins a second term if he focuses on this issue. Citizens are wondering, why am I paying taxes, for social services, used by non-citizens? Citizens are wondering, why are my wages stagnant? Citizens are wondering, how can we socialize people to follow the law when the US government does not enforce immigration law?

  196. Republicans better not look back - something's gaining on them (deference to Satchel Paige)

  197. What will it take? A direct hit by a Category Five hurricane? Probably not even that even if a volcanic eruption and devastating earthquake were thrown in? My compatriots are no better. Apparently people are prepared to wait for the mushroom cloud as proof the climate is beyond saving. Why do we keep on voting for climate change deniers?

  198. Because the original results of this Congressional race were thrown out because of voter fraud, it's assumed there is none now. Why is that? Do Democrats believe that the morally challenged zealots in charge of state Republican races will not realize their opponents soulful hoping for the best in mankind and just dribble past that and do illegal things again? The polls, the votes, everything should be suspect this year and next. There is no excuse for Democrats not to know by now who they're dealing with.

  199. @msnow. Fraud was committed by a zealot working for a republican. Incidentally, this zealot was a democrat who previously fought an election as a democrat and worked for a democrat in another election.

  200. Approximately 280,000 total votes cast in 2018 Approximately 180,000 total votes cast this time around We should be ashamed by our apathy

  201. And how many more "death of the GOP" opinion pieces do I need to read? I don't need to hear any more progressive fantasies. The Republican Party is not going anywhere, and every election will have to be fought for and won tooth and nail.

  202. This is how the 2020 race is going to be. Each district will be very close. If the economy holds and the dems nominate Biden...Trump wins.

  203. The silver lining here is the reminder to Democrats that any complacency over the next year will be politically fatal. We will have to fight for every inch we can get, no matter what the pollsters say.

  204. Let this be a wake up to anyone who opposes this presidency and has the fantasy that Trump will easily be defeated in Red states such as Texas or that Republicans will stay home on Election Day.

  205. I'd like to see the 'turn-out' numbers. If this scenario did not motivate democrats, I wonder what on earth would .

  206. Good grief. NC 'comes through' again. I hope this result gets some scrutiny also, being as close as it was and given all the historical election issues there. That said, this is terrifying for those of us who don't want DJT to prevail in 2020. If he can pull off a 4 percentage point swing days before an election when, by now, we all KNOW who this guy is and he's awful ... well, apparently more people want him -- and his ilk -- than I would have thought possible by this point. His cult of personality, and his reality show style / charade of playing a President (vs. being one in real terms) while simultaneous playing the voters is apparently just fine with a great number of the electorate. Heaven help us.

  207. This should be a wake up call for every person in the USA who can vote in the 2020 presidential election to be sure to cast their ballots. Trump is a minority president. Presidential elections are not subject to gerrymandering the way that congressional seats are - it's majority take all in virtually every state. If Trump is not your man then you need to just hold your nose and vote for whoever the Democrats put up. This is particularly true for minority voters of every kind in the rust belt states. You have the most to lose, but you have to turn out for the democrat nominee just as you did for Obama.

  208. You simply cannot have democracy unless you a) VOTE, b) Stay informed and keep your elected officials accountable. Yes, it takes time that you could otherwise use to binge watch Netflix, but if you are not willing to do that, you don't deserve democracy, and it will soon be totally lost.

  209. Democrats YOU NEED TO VOTE. Do not think your vote doesn't count. The other guys are better at getting out the vote than we are. There are more of us than we think.

  210. Republican win. Deal with it. The Democrat could not flip that seat. The Blue wave is done. Deal with that too. Robert O'Rourke took 70m to loose his race, The republican won with 5m. Twist it all you want, but looks to me the Democrats are day dreaming when they think they have a chance vs Team Trump.

  211. Sounds like someone’s getting excited for the next Unite the Right rally. Got your tiki torch picked out yet?

  212. Turnout. Dems need to embrace voting. There are more of us then them, but they vote. Always.

  213. There has been a flip flop so it will be hard to make sense of all this. Affluent voters in the suburbs are now D's and working class people are now R's.

  214. I would like to know the percentage of evangelical Christians who voted overall, and what percentage of them voted for Bishop. People and the media are completely missing the boat on that factor - it’s not Trump, it’s people voting some distorted version of what they think is “Christian” that Trump et al are exploiting.

  215. Spin it as you wish. This is a loss for Democrats in a suburban district. It was not a rejection of Trump and not a sign of hope for Democrats. Democrats did not pick up Republican voters. A narrow loss is a loss.

  216. The closer a Trump supporter comes to losing in a purportedly "strong" Republican district, the more energized anit-Trump voters should be to go to the polls in 2020. The best counterbalance to gerrymandering, voter registration culling, and other dastardly Republican tricks is to REGISTER and VOTE in overwhelming numbers. Don't rely on social media for information or directions. REGISTER and VOTE regardless of the negative information you might see on social media or TV. Republicans Lie; America Dies. VOTE BLUE in 2020.

  217. If the idea that the Republicans fixed an election couldn’t produce a victory, Democrats are in trouble. I bet a lot of Republicans didn’t show up because of the details that came out in the last election, and the outcome didn’t matter. More Republicans showed up, to support Trump. In an election that matters in 2020, Democrats beware. This election didn’t matter. The next one will. If Democrats couldn’t win this battle, they have no chance in 2020, when every liberal agenda that matters will be on the ballot. Trump’s coat tails will matter when progressive socialism is his opponent, and the countries future is at stake.

  218. Despite the attempt to put a positive spin on this, I don't see any good news for Democrats here. McCready had been campaigning for a solid year and still couldn't get his case made, even after fraud by the GOP in the previous election. What this demonstrates is that tribalism is more important than ethics. Perceived economic benefits out weighs morality. I think the Democrats have an uphill battle in 2020. Trump will likely prevail because his supporters are simply more rabid.

  219. @dairyfarmersdaughter. Minor correction. Fraud by an employee hired by GOP candidate, an employee who in past had worked for a democrat and even ran in an election as a democrat.

  220. Take a close look at the map of this district: it's one of the most bizarre gerrymanders one can imagine, designed primarily to dilute the urban vote in Charlotte by breaking off one small segment and then attaching conservative rural counties and Fayetteville, dominated by military voters who tend to go heavily Republican. A 2% victory here is no victory at all. It should be more like a 5% victory, if Trump has any sway.

  221. These elections highlight the increasing appeal Donald Trump has with the American People. The Democrats really have no one that can really challenge him in 2020 among the nominees now vying for the chance.

  222. Assuming the election was conducted fair and square, it is not surprising that the Republican won. His narrow victory may give 2020 Democrats hope for the presidency and Senate, but I think it is false hope. Narrow losses are still losses.

  223. The Times is putting the wrong spin on this outcome, probably out of spite. They were so eager to proclaim a defeat for Trump, as if the President was the only thing that matters to voters in a Congressional race. If anything, this result is a testament to Trump's strength.

  224. @Purity of Really? Trump won North Carolina's District 9 by 12 points in 2016... and today the Democrat came within 2 points of taking the House seat. See which way the wind is blowing? Like it or not, Americans are feeling a fresh breeze waft across the nation.

  225. It certainly does. Considering that Mitt took this district by 12 points.

  226. After a Republican candidate gets caught trying to steal the first election with the help of other Republicans, the district still votes reliably Republican. Truly astounding.Why is the Republican party in North Carolina rewarded for attempting to steal an election? At the same time, even though this was a conservative district, why can't Democrats capitalize on these kind of political opportunities?

  227. @Tony C Apparently Republicans don't have a problem with cheating- oh right, that's how they win.

  228. "Close" only counts in horseshoes. Gerrymandering is effective. The system is broken (gerrymandering, electoral college, etc.) and democracy will die unless things are fixed quickly.

  229. Sounds like McCready ran a good race. Glad to see there are some young people coming up in the party.

  230. I guess the GOP has figured out another winning strategy: Cheat and win If caught you get a freebie retry.

  231. Lessons learned: Red districts are still red districts, Trump country is still Trump country and those democratic debates are probably scaring the dickens out of fence sitters.

  232. @rd I'll tell you what voters should be scared about. The huge run up in the debt that will result in Republicans making major cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

  233. @Stephen W As the wealthiest to get wealthier.

  234. @Stephen W Agreed.

  235. 283k voters in the 2018 election. Where are the voters in 2019. This is depressing.... less than 200k

  236. Why does the story state the amount Republicans spent and not tell us how much the Democrats spent? Seems like pretty obvious and useful information.

  237. Just goes to show that Trump does have coattails. I hope he can resist the urge to be distracted by the Left's outrageous, ever desperate pleas to remove him from office... and even from this earth. Here's to the winners!

  238. @JRW I am simply flabbergasted at the complete hypocrisy of a party that used to be conservative. They dont care about morality (porn star coverup) the national debt ( tax giveaway) foreign interference or Constitutional violations (corruption, self-dealing, defying Congressional oversight. ) But the worst thing of all, they are supporting a policy of planetary destruction in the face of overwhelming evidence. It is incomprehensible.

  239. Narrowly? When the Yankees win the World Series, do you qualify their victory? He won! 'nuff said....

  240. Nah. The numbers matter, in politics and baseball. Read Moneyball, if you need evidence.

  241. How confident can we be that there was no Russian interference in this election?

  242. This seat should belong to a Democrat. Why do Republicans get a do over when they cheated?

  243. This is sickening on so many levels: * The fraud that led to this election * Gerrymandering * The newly elected representative was an early supporter of Gab, a white supremacy website * Hie also attacked PayPal for no longer taking contributions to Unite the Right and similar groups * He has acted to curtail LGBT rights * And so on I don't know if the United States can recover from its current state of ignorance and hatred. We can all hope that a blue wave will sweep the country next year, but those who would destroy our democracy have gerrymandering and disenfranchisement on their side. And Putin. We don't just need to vote in 2020. We need to get our friends and family out as well.

  244. So what? The most fixed ejections in the country and the media decides to make this a big deal. Puhleeze.

  245. Given the fact that Mecklenburg County has over 743,000 registered voters out of a population of over 1 million but only 35,666 voted for the Democrat McCready vs 27,663 for Bishop that is a pathetic turnout in an important election. Low voter turnout historically favors Republicans. That may be Trump's path to a win in 2020 -- hope that voter apathy keeps people away from the ballot box.

  246. @Richard Only a small fraction of Mecklenburg County (about 150,000 potential voters) is included in District 9, so the actual turnout was closer to 40% (still pathetic, but less so). This is a heavily gerrymandered 9th district (the largest in the state) that snakes along the border with South Carolina to pick up parts of eight separate counties, ending in Cumberland, which is far enough away (130 miles) that there are commercial flights from there to Charlotte Douglass. The Charlotte observer reported that there were thousands of people from Charlotte's other districts that mistakenly tried to and were turned away from voting today. I'm really sorry that MacReady couldn't get enough in his own district to put him over, but it was always going to be a heavy lift.

  247. @Metrodorus Thanks for putting that in perspective. From what I read District 9 has been in Republican control since 1963.

  248. Moderate could win? They should try progressive.

  249. Looks like a clear example of the extremist winning over the moderate. I wonder what would have happened if the Dems ran a true liberal (vs a blue dog type). Unfortunately the establishment overspent on this race....

  250. NC was founded on racism and slavery, and the citizens of the state appear happy to continue the tradition with their support of Republicans. Avoid the place until the plague has passed. It could take centuries.

  251. as a new yorker living in raleigh i know many very liberal and democratic born and bred north carolinians as well as others who moved to nc with similar political convictions. all of us make sure we get out and vote. fortunately i have a democratic rep so there is hope....

  252. If the margin us under 10,000 votes McCready can ask for a recount and he should. It is not over until its over and news outlets should take note of the recount potential.

  253. Writing a rosy article for the Dems about this mid year election? McCready out raised Bishop, which is a positive note for Dems, but McCready was defeated by a larger margin than in the last election. Given the out right election fraud committed by the previous GOP candidate, this should have been more competitive and a win for McCready, but wasnt. I see it as proof that Trump can still turn out his base, contrary to all the concerns the NYT expresses about his base eroding every day. I am sure the numbers will get sliced and diced, but every election is decided by those willing to show up and vote, not by popularity.

  254. The most under-reported stories of the past 10+ years in the United States are election fraud by Conservatives and (of course) the climate crisis. I find it interesting that right up until at least 9pm this evening, the Democrat was hitting all his marks, indicating a Democratic win was likely, then suddenly we hear that the Republican won. Isn't it funny how every time an election is close, the Republican almost always manages to eke out a win? Elections in many/most Republican-dominated states like N. Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and others, have been been rigged for at least the past decade. Anyone who thinks that Brian Kemp legitimately won the GA Governor race against Stacey Abrams is just not paying attention. The fact we allowed and continue to allow illegitimate politicians to occupy offices that they did not win in free and fair elections (including Kemp, Trump, G.W. Bush, Reagan, and many others) is a sad commentary on how horrifyingly degraded our once-great democracy is.

  255. @Saty13. Agreed. I live in Florida, and I have seen many of these twenty fifth hour, eked out "wins." Some commenters on here are claiming that polling is so inaccurate, it should be discounted; I see the polling as accurate and likely indicative of unfair elections. Let's not forget why this special election was being held in the first place.

  256. @Saty13 YES!! Why are there no articles about this when we keep seeing vote tallies that don’t match the polling, and every one of them has the Republican candidate just barely winning at the end by a surprising 1-2 percent. It’s a fact that our voting systems are compromised and hackable. Why do we even go through the charade? The federal government is doing NOTHING to protect the integrity of our elections because the party in power benefits from the hacked status quo. We have lost the power to ensure accurate elections in this country. If we don’t quickly put in place solutions with paper ballots and hand recounts, stick a fork in us because we are done.