Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser

President Trump had complained privately in recent months that Mr. Bolton was too hawkish, a tension made worse in recent weeks over Iran and North Korea.

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  1. Not sorry to see Bolton out, but the lack of stability in this administration - particularly in matters of national security - is deeply troubling.

  2. @jg May this deeply troubling lack of stability lead to the total collapse of this house of cards. The healing can only begin when all cancer cells are removed.

  3. @jg It would seem to me, even though I would completely disagree with Bolton regarding almost everything, that Bolton would at least provoke debates within the Administration that would otherwise be sorely lacking. It is very frightening to hear Trump say that he "consulted with himself" concerning the recent Afghanistan debacle. To his credit, Bolton opposed Trump's plan to hold a meeting at Camp David as well as the timing of that secret meeting. What would have happened if Bolton had not put up such fierce resistance to Trump's plan. I suspect that is why Trump fired him.

  4. @jg I agree But Trump remaining in office is also deeply troubling..

  5. Great news! Glad Trump realized we have had enough of the warmongerers. Love or hate him, President Trump has consistently maintained a focus on dialing down confrontations and reaching out to enemies. Very happy.

  6. @T then why did he hire him in the first place?

  7. Good move, whatever the reasons. Credit where it's due: Trump is right to can this warmonger.

  8. @Doug Tarnopol but he also hired him ("only the best people")

  9. @Doug Tarnopol AND.. was wrong to appoint him in the first place. Let's not forget this.

  10. @Doug Tarnopol, crediting tRump for this is like crediting one serial killer for offing another one. result might be good but look who did it.

  11. Great move by the Donald! Bolton should never be allowed in government again. The fact that Bush named him ambassador to the UN was shameful. Trump is certainly not a good president in many ways but we should all be thankful that he seems very reluctant to use military force. This is one positive aspect of his Presidency that separates him from all previous presidents since Kennedy.

  12. @Shawn That is a very interesting comment you have made. However, use of force is by far the most consequential decision a President can make. Kennedy's most consequential decision was to get involved in Vietnam. George W. Bush's was to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. All horrible decisions, and those decisions made them in my opinion horrible Presidents. In contrast, discretion is the better part of valor. Refraining from use of force may characterize a great Presidency, despite Trump's many faults regarding immigration, climate, race, and other policies.

  13. @Shawn - Trump hired him in the first place. I'm not sure how you missed this.

  14. @Shawn The other candidate for president in 2016, also loves war and regime change of government she doesn't like. She unabashedly loves Goldwater, Kissinger, Brzinski(sic), any warmonger like herself. I think, though, the reason Trump fired Bolton, is that he made him look ignorant which he is.

  15. Must have been a tough decision, with Trump's creepy love for authoritarians on one side and his inability to recruit any but the most discredited political hacks on the other. Looks like the authoritarians won out this time.

  16. Three NSAs down, up to number 4. The chaos continues apace

  17. Can we say that Trump did not play into Bolton's "bomb first, ask questions later" foreign policy? That can't be a bad thing.

  18. Reminds me of the old saying - even a busted watch is right twice a day.

  19. @Tom Yes, but in this analogy, Trump is also the one who broke the watch by hiring Bolton in the first place.

  20. @Tom _Nice_ ambiguity. But we still need a working watch to know when to consult the busted one.

  21. @Tom - You beat me to it. There's also a saying about blind pigs and truffles that comes to mind.

  22. Mr Bolton is the greatest menace to American democracy I have seen in my lifetime and I say good riddance. Didn’t he say something like, and I paraphrase here, that he would be dancing in the streets of Tehran when the regime was overthrown? And he wanted to bomb Iran? Really? That would lead to world war three. I never thought I would agree with trump on anything but I do in this instance.

  23. @Jordan Davies Your right about the dancing comment. And so Bolton was partially right. Today, many Americans are dancing in the streets throughout America. Sorry Mr Adelson. Perhaps not in Las Vegas.

  24. @Jordan Davies William Barr, Dick Cheney, John Bolton... how can you pick just one?

  25. This is great news for the nation and for the world, both now and into the future.

  26. This is oddly reassuring. It could have so easily gone the other way.

  27. Jared will make a fine replacement. Dynasty!

  28. @HME I propose Barron, he would be the grown-up in the room.

  29. Perish the thought .

  30. Today I breathe a sigh of relief. If there is one redeeming quality of President Trump, it's that he does not like to nation build or become too entangled in foreign conflicts. Thank you Mr. Trump for removing this hawk from his post!

  31. @Daniel Yes, but it begs the question, why did Trump choose him in the first place??

  32. @Daniel I wouldn't be so relieved. Trump is not a pacifist; he's just a bully who prefers to pick on weaker opponents, preferably those closer to home. And his policies are having a very damaging effect abroad even without US intervention.

  33. Not sure if that Trump’s distaste for nation building and wars prompted this move. More likely, he was unable to bring Bolton to heel like the other lap dogs in the administration.

  34. As much as I disapprove of most of the things Donald Trump says and does, I'm very happy that he chose to release Bolton, who seemed to be a frighteningly hawkish adviser. Indeed, Trump's greatest virtue as president may be his lack of stomach for war, and if we get through his term without entering into a major conflict, I will be the first to acknowledge he at least did something right.

  35. @CK re "Trump's greatest virtue as president may be his lack of stomach for war, " Virtue? A deliberative war coward, he evaded sacrifice through blatant graft not once but five separate times in the Vietnam war ... a draft dodger par excellence. 58,220 americans sacrificed their lives as he carried on his self-serving hedonistic life style with absolutely no regrets or second thoughts. Virtue? A deliberative war coward, he evaded sacrifice through blatant graft not once but five separate times in the Vietnam war ... a draft dodger par excellence. 58,220 americans sacrificed their lives as he carried on his self-serving hedonistic life style with absolutely no regrets or second thoughts.

  36. Disagreeing with Bolton’s approach? That was entirely predictable. Bolton has been known for years as a hawkish ideologue. No deep vetting required. Perhaps the supposed businessman president didn’t do even the most basic research?

  37. @NM Perhaps he did not do his basic research. Perhaps he screws up like the rest of us. But unlike many of our previous "legitimate" presidents, he is willing to fix his mistakes.

  38. @david gallardo: Like Alabama... Which is, of course, the place where the greatest hurricane damage actually happened...

  39. @NM Bolton was on the republcian run Fox TV and that is all trump needs to verify. Nothing but corruption and incompetence from trump.

  40. Trump is able to function only with a team of "yes" men/women. He cannot tolerate anyone who offers contrary views or questions decisions. Set aside that great political leaders despise such operations; great business people do, too. CEOs of successful businesses want a range of opinions and thoughtful analyses. But the current president never satisfied that criterion (other than as a marketing genius).

  41. @James If that means he only wants someone to agree with him that bombing is not necessarily the answer to a problem, that's fine!

  42. This does not bode well for the US and its allies. North Korea is a perpetual threat to the alliance, and it has no intention to uphold any agreement with the US; they are only after the material assistance and support the US would promise.

  43. For once, I agree with Trump's decision. To Bolton, the only solution to every problem is military force.

  44. Trump picked Bolton for this role knowing full well his philosophy.

  45. @Michael Lusk Don't worry, he's likely got someone even worse than Bolton lined up. That seems to be the pattern.

  46. @Michael Lusk Yeah, but everyone kinda already knew that when he was appointed...

  47. Is it possible trump may have made a reasonable decision? The scary thing will be who is next!

  48. @JR I give him zero credit. He was warned about these issues before he brought Bolton on board. He should have listened then.

  49. @JR Lets hope in the next 14 months or so the American people fire trump. I'd like it to happen sooner but for the spineless senate republicans.

  50. @JR Even a broken clock is right twice a day. trump has now sacked his second closest sycophant, (he can't fire Pence), and I suspect it is the result of one of his arguments with the tiny voices rather than a considered act. We are looking at scary in the rear view mirror.

  51. Thank God. I am a frequent critic of Mr Trump but in fairness, I must praise him when he occasionally does something good. John Bolton is directly or indirectly responsible for destabilizing the middle east and the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis with his war-hawk polices. This President needs all the competent advice he can get and John Bolton certainly was not an ideal source.

  52. @Hashim Oh please. Trump didn't inherit Bolton, he hand picked him. Now we'll get someone equally as odious, like Tom Cotton.

  53. @Hashim You're missing the fact that Bolton has been a known quantity for 2 decades and trump hired him anyway. trump fired him not for the reasons you cite, but because Bolton publicly disagreed with him on several occasions.

  54. He really didn't do anything 'good ' here. He simply corrected a mistake that he, himself, made in the first place. Do we really want the give the man credit for that? It's a pretty low bar.

  55. It would be interesting to hear Peter Baker's take on whether Trump uses force more or less than his predecessors. I almost get the feeling that Trump is a dove and more concerned about the U.S. economy than anything else, but it would be interesting to hear Mr. Baker's take.

  56. my first thought: "WOW! one sane decision at l[e]ast!" my second thought: "will bolton's successor be worse?"

  57. I’m more concerned that Donald Trump is still the president.

  58. Probably the first sane thing Miller, excuse me, Trump has done. But I can't disagree with Bolton about N. Korea. Again, this is still very troubling. Our allies, that is if we have any anymore, must be scratching their collective heads.

  59. A good start. Now if he would simply fire himself.

  60. @Bill O'Donnell That's our job.

  61. I think we are all tired of this. Can we fire the one supposed to be in charge

  62. First thought: Good. Second thought: Oh no. Who's left who wouldn't be worse?

  63. @Smokey And who would be willing to serve in this disaster of an administration?

  64. Trump should come clean and just announce that the man in the mirror has been and always will be his only National Security Adviser.

  65. I would praise him for actually doing something right but Americans have been paying for Trump's education for too long and at great cost. Lets fire Trump next.

  66. Sleezy come, easy go. We all knew this match couldn't last.

  67. Wow. Probably the best thing (and maybe only good thing) Trump has done so far.

  68. Make no mistake about it. Trump will be naming a new ACTING National Advisor next week.

  69. Great news as we certainly don’t need to be dragged into another war. Hope that his replacement is less hawkish.

  70. Well, at least he didn’t insult or badmouth the outgoing official (yet).

  71. @Alexander Witte Don't worry - Bolton contradicted Trump's version of the timeline of his resignation. The insults will begin in 5, 4, 3, ...

  72. Is this the first thing that I ever almost liked that he’s done? Perhaps. Let’s see what terrible replacement he comes up with first...

  73. Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Bolton is a terrible person with an insatiable desire to get the United States involved in wars that he, personally, would not have to fight. Trump is wholly ignorant of foreign affairs, his sole interest in being seen as doing something that might win a prize. His policy towards Iran has been incoherent—jettisoning a good but flawed deal in favor of bellicose rhetoric untethered to reality (and now, apparently, offering come-ons that the Iranian leadership is right to view with suspicion). Similarly, his policy towards North Korea—while preferable to nuclear war on the Korean peninsula—is similarly unmoored in any knowledge of history, politics or culture. The American public is well rid of Bolton so close to the nuclear button. But that is no reason to have any enhanced confidence in Trump's foreign policy stewardship.

  74. Hurrah! The world is already guaranteed to more peaceful.

  75. I bet we heard about this through twitter before Bolton even knew. Bolton is awful, but he is correct to not trust N. Korea or Iran - sadly Trump really believes he knows best.

  76. This was is an unsurprising announcement. Although Bolton is a dangerous hawk, what ultimately did him in was that he publicly disagreed with Trump and spoke the truth about North Korea. Trump will now find someone who, like the rest of his staff, will agree and support even his most dangerous and outlandish falsehoods. What will it take for Trump to admit that Kim Jong Un is still building and testing misses - an attack on the U.S.?

  77. @LHW A very sensible observation. To take it a bit further, it is realistic to consider that Putin might also have had some stake in this decision, given Mr. Bolton's worldview.

  78. Good riddance. We don't need a war hawk encouraging an already volatile Trump into dragging us into another pointless, costly war. I remember a few months ago, I was virtually convinced that the US would go to war with Iran, in great part because Bolton was whispering belligerent lies into Trump's ear. Tonight I, and hopefully many Americans, can rest a little easier knowing this Machiavellian figure is out of the administration.

  79. Bolton should never have been hired in the first place. Regardless, trump isn't doing anyone any favors since it's readily apparent that he doesn't know what he's doing. He's flailing. Shouting "you're fired" is not a governing strategy.

  80. Bolton refused to go to Vietnam while others were serving. He said he did not want to die in a rice paddy, from what I have read. Al Gore and John Kerry served as did thousands of other Citizens. Bolton and Trump refused to serve their country long ago; neither of them have ever served the best interest of this Country. Good riddance to both of them.

  81. Whatever his political motivation was to drop a bomb on Bolton, it was the right move. The question now, of course, is who will replace the neocon warmonger and instigator of global chaos.

  82. @Rick Spanier What family member doesn't yet have a job? Maybe, Eric?

  83. Remember trump only hires the best, over and over and over. The trump rule of economics hire and then fire. God help us!

  84. Bolton’s hawkish positions were WELL KNOWN to the Wash DC National Security establishment. Fact is... it is nearly impossible to find a qualified National Security Advisor who would want to work for Crazy Trump & his dysfunctional team. Smart people are waiting on the bench for a change in leadership.

  85. Jon Bolton was also the person responsible for issuing the arrest warrant for Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei founder without consulting Trump and other key members of the administration. As I recall, she was arrested just as Xi and Trump sat across each other in a meeting.

  86. Although the hawkish Bolton will surely not be missed, the revolving door of cabinet members is disturbing as they fall one by one, their firings announced on Twitter, each one made to appear by Trump to be incompetent, disloyal, or both. An unfortunate byproduct of Trump's portrayal of his discarded staffers is that it keeps Senate Republicans complicit; they're terrified of being the next Twitter victim. Let's hope Bolton's successor is clear-minded and experienced, but that might be too much to ask with Trump doing the vetting. What country are we living in? I no longer know.

  87. Has any presidency ever undergone more turnover in such a short time span? Not surprising, considering the clear instability and plain ineptitude of the one at top. The student government in our middle school is run more efficiently and more capably than this joke of an administration.

  88. Trump needs to go next... America: Step up to the plate...We need to gather our courage to save our country and the time is now!

  89. Don't we still have a vacancy at the DNI since Dan Coats left. We were promised a replacement within 2-3 weeks. Nothing but silence. No fan of John Bolton at all and am now glad to see him go. So our President is going to assume all these positions. I'm sorry but Donald J Trump needs go now as well. Our nation as had enough turmoil for a lifetime under Mr Trump.

  90. @Larry M Your state helped put Mr Trump in office and given Republican Senators there's no way to have him "go now as well." Don't waste time being sorry, please get working to elect a Democrat next year, it's the only way to get rid of the utter incompetence.

  91. @Cameron No need to denigrate the state of North Carolina. I'll refuse to label the state of California for giving us Ronald Reagan that started all the "small government" push.

  92. Even a cursory analysis of the direction of Donald's National Security Advisers shows an ominous trend line. Each is more like Attila the Hun than the last, but Bolton was too hawkish? Who didn't know that? Donald nominates people not for advice, but for effect.

  93. There's an empty deck chair free on the Trump Titanic for a national security adviser. No experience or ethics needed; blind loyalty and obsequiousness mandatory. Please send all applications to the Presidential Apprentice in care of Trump Productions. Sad.

  94. Next stop...pardon Flynn and the put him in as NSA?

  95. @Socrates Goof Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not doing anything currently.

  96. @Socrates - The last part of your comment is the scariest part. The fact that a lunatic is no longer heading the NSA does not mean a certifiably crazier lunatic isn't waiting in the wings, preparing to be interviewed by Trump Central Casting.

  97. Bolton should have been fired. He was an outspoken hawk when we need diplomacy. I am perplexed b how difficult it is for the president to fill the position of National Security Advisor with someone who is aligned with his goals for international relations. Molton, McMaster, and Flynn were all bad choices.

  98. @Mike Goman It shouldn't be difficult to understand why trump would fire Bolton. And, it had nothing to do with diplomacy. Bolton upstaged him.

  99. President Trump "long complained privately that Mr. Bolton was too willing to get the United States into another war." Gee, and when Mr. Trump appointed John Bolton to the position, Mr. Bolton's actions and statements for the last thirty years suggested otherwise. I'm surprised Mr. Trump tweeted that he'll name a replacement for the National Security Adviser. He doesn't want advisers; he wants sycophants and toadies. Beside, Mr. Trump knows more about military strategy than all the generals, more about diplomacy than the State Department, more about economics than the Fed and all the economists. and evidently more about weather forecasting than NOAA. So much chaos from such a stable genius.

  100. @jrinsc Well said.

  101. Back to DuPont Circle, John. You should have known better.

  102. They say that a broken clock is right at least twice a day. Firing Bolton is actually a service to the American people and world peace. Bolton has yet to meet a government that he does not believe should be overthrown. His unapologetic stance in refusing to admit he was wrong about Iraq and his urgency in trying to force regime change in Iran and North Korea would have had a more war-like President sending the cruise missiles flying. Fortunately for America, as awful and clueless about international relations as Trump is at least he got this one right before we sent more of our finest treasure, the men and women of our armed forces, into battles many would not be returning home from. I hope that somehow this sends a message to Netanyahu of Israel who is chomping at the bit to send his warplanes over Tehran to hold back and not precipitate a major conflagration that would engulf many countries in the Middle East resulting in tens of thousands of dead and wounded. North Korea imprisons and tortures its citizens. It is a barbaric country. Iran finances terror across the world. They are not democracies. However, these countries can be contained thru diplomacy, sanctions, and nations working together rather than regime change and massive bombing. Mr. Bolton, if it wasn't for you and those like you more than 200,000 Iraqi's would not have died, and 5,000 of our men and women in uniform would still be alive, and 45,000 would not have been severely wounded. Good riddance.

  103. @Mark Jeffery Koch I would like to add that ISIS is the direct consequence of driving out Iraq's trained Baathist military; they are now a trained enemy.

  104. Champing. Champing at the bit

  105. @Linda Miilu I wish there were a way to give your comment more prominence. I'll add that thinking about it gives me a pang of uncertainty about Trump being the worst president in _every_ regard. He hasn't blown $6 trillion dollars in a war that created a new, persistent, unutterably evil enemy. Yet.

  106. As Trump has always said. I always hire the best people. Sigh. Who is going to reign this president in? An advisor or the people at the 2020 election?

  107. If Trump vetted his appointees more widely and openly, consulting with people (regardless of their party affiliation) who have worked with candidates and gotten to witness their tendencies in thought and action, he would not be surprised by Bolton's values. This is who he is and has been for a long time. But who really has Trump's ear? He trusts nobody and goes with his gut. As his pattern of hiring and firing demonstrates, his gut isn't that reliable. Has America ever had more of a merry-go-round administration than this one? And I suspect Trump never gives a thought to how this appears to our citizens and allies. Many probably view Trump and his administration the same way mature stock investors view a business where leadership is so quickly, abruptly, here today and gone tomorrow. If they own it, they are selling while they can.

  108. A careening car of foreign policy has struck another lamp post. What will happen next with Trump’s so-called foreign policy? Who knows? One thing is certain, it will be at least somewhat jaw dropping and probably destabilizing to peace and progress.

  109. @Don Francis Bolton has been a war hawk for a long time; his departure at least makes an opening for an appointment not adverse to diplomacy. Tne 10 yr. Agreement Obama managed to achieve with Iran is worth keeping with U.N. Inspectors on site. So far, the Inspectors state Iran has not produced weapons grade plutonium. We had U.N. Inspectors in Iraq; they were clear that Saddam did not have chemical WMD; we bombed Iraq, destroyed infrastructure, schools et al. There were no WMD found; intellectuals and teachers fled; homes were destroyed; Rumsfeld allowed looting of museums and artifacts. Iran is an ancient civilization; we drove out an elected leader, Mossadegh, and installed a corrupt CIA puppet. Perhaps we can get back to actual diplomacy with professionals acting on our behalf. Trump may be erratic; however, he has not shown any inclination to throw us into a ME quagmire. The Israelis and Saudis must be wondering how to attack Iran without using thr U.S. as a proxy.

  110. @Linda Miilu Good history summary - thank you. Yes, Trump could be worse, i.e a hawk. He has opportunities that he is either oblivious to, doesn't want to option or doesn't care. Hopefully, 2020 will bring competent leadership.

  111. His best decision as president. John Bolton is a dangerous man. It is encouraging that President Trump seems to be choosing peace over war with Iran (which would be disastrous). If significant diplomatic inroads can be made in the US-Iran relationship, that would be a very positive thing for both parties and for the Middle East as a whole. Saudi Arabia would not like it, but too bad... What have they done for us lately?

  112. The Trump White House is nonstop turnover and chaos. If this were a private corporation, it would be out of business.

  113. Don’t be fooled, it is a private corporation , trump enterprises

  114. A little surprising, despite the constant revolving door at the White House. But does this mean Bolton was too extreme for Trump, or not extreme enough? Once again, this instability at the top sends a bad message about our foreign policy intentions to the world as a whole.

  115. I'm laughing my sides off. Apparently everybody *except* Donald Trump knew that this appointment was going to be a disaster. Another chaotic moment in an Administration that can't seem to do anything right. Fifteen months to go, and counting the days.

  116. As predicted, this entire administration is a 4-year long season of The Apprentice.

  117. @CT Armed with nukes.

  118. @CT Exactly! "Can't" wait to learn the hire of the next "best people".

  119. @CT,, how any person, let alone any person of character or integrity, would serve this President is utterly beyond me.

  120. What is it with using Twitter to announce all these dismissals? It would be deeply unprofessional for any business to use that format, let alone our highest office.

  121. @NM The world is changing. When every communication is now real time what used to be unacceptable no longer is. I also do not like it but times are different.

  122. @NM As we have repeatedly seen, Individual-1 uses Twitter because he is a coward. He does not have the guts--or decency--to tell someone to their face that he is firing them, and why he is firing them.

  123. I can't wait for our 45th President to take office and ban White House use of Twitter for any non-critical communications, not least for that marketing site's support of the loser.

  124. No surprise here, but I'm not sure Trump will replace Bolten with anyone's not as if Trump has a good track record on hiring competent staff of integrity.

  125. @Dolly Patterson No doubt Steves Bannon and Miller are putting bugs in Trump's ear as we speak.

  126. I agree with the President that Mr. Bolton has been hawkish. That is his personality. But, not listening to Mr. Bolton was a huge mistake by this President on the situation he relates with Kim, Putin, Iran and the Saudis. Trump is the one who has placed the USA in danger, not Bolton, but the disruption, firings, and the lies just keep on coming on! When we will we ever learn. When will we ever learn!

  127. In my opinion, the most positive decision by an otherwise hopeless president in recent few months.

  128. @Jagdeer Haleed No doubt someone worse than Bolton will be found.

  129. Bolton’s hardline views were transparent for all to see. Why Trump chose him was incomprehensible. For once, I’m glad Trump let Bolton go and hopefully this is the beginning of the end to all the hardline people in Trump’s administration.

  130. @YC Trump selected Bolton because of his Fox News personality.

  131. This is troubling because I’d think it’s positive to have divergent opinions in an administration. Group think is never a good thing. You need voices who disagree! Having said that, I’m glad Trump wants to keep military involvement to a minimum.

  132. @Jean Last week you said Bolton had to go.

  133. @Jean Divergent views are one thing. Bolton wanting to pick fights with everyone where he is not the one putting his own life at risk is unjustified. Bolton has been a disaster in every position he has been put into. I think Trump needs to also get rid of whomever suggested bringing Bolton in. I have a tough time believing he knew enough about Bolton on his own that it was purely his choice.

  134. "Mr. Trump has long complained privately that Mr. Bolton was too willing to get the United States into another war." For once, President Trump may have done a very good thing by his actions. If only I could be convinced that he did it for the good of the country and the world, and not for his own self-serving reasons. If he thinks (at least for now) that a war will tarnish his legacy, then he'll try strenuously to avoid one. Which begs the question, however, of why he hired Bolton in the first place. Did he really not know what he was getting?

  135. @Michael Gilman War any time soon would be bad for November 2020.. But an October military surprise next year, especially if the stock market finally falls, might easily tempt Trump, who has no fixed principles other than self-aggrandisement and self-enrichment.

  136. @Michael Gilman “Which begs the question, however, of why he hired Bolton in the first place. Did he really not know what he was getting?“ He hired Bolton in order to infuriate Democrats and Liberals. It is the primary motive of almost all of Trump’s policies.

  137. @Michael Gilman, Trump only hires based on personal relationships or how good you are on TV.

  138. As this is the best move Trump has done so far maybe it‘s also an opportunity for him to resign at the highest point of his presidency.

  139. @Alex He’ll likely resign if re-elected along with Ivanka as his VP running mate. She’ll take over as president and issue pardons for her father, brothers, etc.

  140. As far as we can see this is a promising move. Nobody wants another war and Amercia as a super power doesn´t need a war there are enough other means to move into the right direction. Fighting climate Change and poverty might be worth a plan to consider.

  141. @Daniel Korb Climate Change and Poverty: two things the republicans know nothing about. They also don't believe in science and poverty is a word currently not in their vocabulary.

  142. A shame, really. John always seemed to be such a nice fellow. The president sure knows how to pick 'em.

  143. So Mr. Bolton was the adult in the room? God save us all.

  144. While I'm no fan of Bolton, trump's willingness to schmooze with the world's worst dictators is now even more unchecked.

  145. Why would he have ever considered Bolton, who is a war monger, for any position? We should all feel fortunate that cooler heads prevailed - for once.

  146. He’s running out of non-family options. Are you ready Jared?

  147. His firing was inevitable or war was. Bolton was the biggest promoter of war we have in government. Good riddance.

  148. One has to wonder why Bolton was hired in the first place given his well-known appetite for war which apparently Con Don doesn't share. One has to wonder, does Con Don ever know what he is doing or is he always simply reacting to different pressures?

  149. @EBK The simple answer is yes.

  150. Someone should have warned him! I don't think that Trump likes mustaches!

  151. @Jack Chicago I'm with the Trumpster on this one.

  152. @Jack Chicago well, except tiny chaplin style ones, he likes leaders with those.

  153. No honor among incompetents.

  154. This is not comforting. Which extremist monster will replace the mustachioed extremist?

  155. When John Bolton is a voice of restraint and reason you know you have a problem... keep going Donald you're going to destroy the GOP for a generation at least I'm happy to say.

  156. "To his admirers, Mr. Bolton was supposed to be a check on what they feared would be naïve diplomacy, a cleareyed realist who would keep a president without prior experience in foreign affairs from giving away the store to wily adversaries. But Mr. Trump has long complained privately that Mr. Bolton was too willing to get the United States into another war." I voted for Obama twice -- I have to go with Trump on this, however. Bolton was part of the faked baked intel on invading Iraq. He should really be in jail, not national security adviser. Does Bolton really have admirers? Probably a coven that meets at midnight in an abandoned asylum. Good riddens -- I'll pray for his black soul

  157. I would say "buh-bye", but I'm sure that Mr. Bolton will use his former title to make his opinions widely known on his favored media outlets. I'd love to find a way to ghost him. I'm surprised that this announcement happened on a Monday morning - I would have expected Friday afternoon or Saturday.

  158. Too hawkish. Who’d have thought it?

  159. Good riddance. Trump doesn't need to be surrounded by people who are MORE trigger-happy on foreign policy.

  160. We do not have a President. We have Donald Trump.

  161. Bolton was probably fired because he refused to use a sharpie to outline and depict the issues surrounding Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.

  162. @Marge Keller Bolton was probably fired because he mistook bluster for a real desire to plunge us into a war with Iran. The CIA and Bolton did enough damage to Iran; it is time to return to the U.N. Inspectors and some professional diplomats from State, if Tillerson left any in place.

  163. @Marge Keller, naw, you've yet to see the sharpie, they're still making the map on a poster board prop. Bolton refused to say he would stay out of Birmingham, AL if the President warned Vanuatu of an imminent Taliban attack.

  164. Donald Trump, as is his wont, fired Bolton via Twitter. One wonders if he gave Bolton a head's-up or if he just 'Comey-d' him. Using Twitter to change someone's life is what we call in New York City: 'low rent'. How apropos. NOT my president

  165. They mystery isn't that Bolton was forced to resign. The mystery is why this isolationist, America First president appointed the most hawkish neocon in the first place.

  166. @Michael Lueke Why? Maybe because Trump, in a very profound way, doesn't have a clue.

  167. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  168. Let's hope he won't nominate Jared or Ivanka.

  169. @Sha OMG! What an everlastingly horrible thought. Ivanka simpering even more in contact with our allies and other foreign leaders. Saints preserve us!

  170. @Sha Or Miller.

  171. Firing the super hawk John Bolton is a good thing. Right?? Who knows if it is when considering the malfunctioning, chaotic Trump administration?

  172. Captain Chaos Continues! When will the GOP, there pockets stuffed to the gills with ill-gotten gains, and their voters likewise go home from the casino that is this administration and stand up for what is right? I'm waiting...........

  173. What does it mean for this country's national security now that three NS advisers are hired and fired within three years of Trump's presidency, ending with a firebrand like Bolton? Is it that Bolton was such a war monger or is Trump so unhinged to the point where even the likes of John Bolton couldn't take it?

  174. @A Goldstein BOTH !!!!

  175. @A Goldstein I wonder if General Mattis would be willing to step in?

  176. If your are over the age of 60 you never like to hear someone got fired from their job but sometimes Headlines make you smile.

  177. "But Mr. Trump has long complained privately that Mr. Bolton was too willing to get the United States into another war." Mr. Trump, did you not review his resume first?

  178. @Kerry Of course Mr Trump didn't review his resume, he just saw Mr Bolton onFox "news" praising him.

  179. That would require reading

  180. That's why I'm not too worried about trump continuing to receive classified briefings after, DV, he's defeated. They were too complex and boring for him to read while president, he'll never focus on them post-presidency.

  181. Firing John R. Bolton as the National Security Adviser is extremely good news for the USA and the world. Bolton is an extremist war hawk, a "Dr. Strangelove" manipulator who "loves the bomb"; he is an extremely dangerous and unstable person who should be committed. So that was the good news. The bad news is that the profoundly ignorant, impulsive Donald Trump is still our US President. So there is still great danger sitting in the White House.

  182. Good riddance. Bolton is a bad dude in so many ways that I can hardly begin to count them. As for Trump, in my estimation, he has done zilch for this country and the world, in fact, quite the contrary. Yet, if he has done anything with a sense of "leadership" - yes, I am using that word quite liberally - it is to send Mr. Bolton packing and out of our national glaring spotlight. However...this notorious hawk did get one thing right; and that was his advice and suspicion of Kim. Trump is naive and misguided to think that this North Korean dictator can ever be trusted. It is hubris, delusional, and profound ignorance to deny that Kim aspires and salivates to be a nuclear power. Next, stop, Mr. Trump. Look into your Cabinet, to wit, Wilbur Ross, a destroyer in his own way.

  183. @Kathy Lollock Still, I can't fault Trump for opening a direct dialogue with Kim. It shoud have been done long ago.

  184. @HKGuy You are drinking Trump's Kool Aid if you believe that he's the first president to have a dialogue with North Korean leaders. Previous presidents communicated through staff who were skilled negotiators. North Korean leaders would sometimes agree to cut down on nuclear weapons, but then break the agreements. They could not be trusted. Bill Richardson, Pres. Clinton's Energy Secretary, was the most recent negotiator; he formed good relationships with North Koreans and understood them intimately. He had some success but agreements later fell apart. He was so respected that George W. Bush asked him to again negotiate with the North Koreans. Richardson was the Democratic Governor for New Mexico by then acting for a Republican Administration. Trump has puffed up Kim Jong Un's importance by meeting personally with him, but has not realistically accomplished anything. He is being played by Kim and doesn't realize it--claims that progress has been made. Meanwhile, Kim continues his nuclear missile program and shoots one off toward Japan now and then.

  185. Who would've ever guessed in million years that Bolton would be extremely hawkish? Wow. What a twist! Yeesh. Is it 2020 yet?

  186. Yes, the world has officially turned completely upside-down when removing John Bolton from a position of influence can actually make me worry about world stability and the state of U.S. foreign policy. And yet, it does. Bolton is a warmonger, but at least he was sane.

  187. Good. Now he can pursue his first career goal on a morning Kiddie show. I miss Captain Kangaroo!

  188. I’ve often said that trump isn’t the worst republican president we’ve had in recent years. For all his lunacy, on foreign policy he is sane where Bush was not.

  189. @Daniel Bush wasn't as much insane as much as he is of limited intelligence. A bumbling fool, a circus clown. Trump, however, is mentally ill with his most prevalent condition being Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The Mayo Clinic has a long list of symptoms of NPD and not all are required to be evident to make the diagnosis. Trump has every one of those on the list. In addition, he exhibits every symptom of Antisocial Personality Disorder on the Mayo Clinic's list. In short, he is a sociopath, thus a very dangerous person to hold such an office as POTUS. There is no doubt has both of these conditions and possibly others too.

  190. @Daniel Explain how Trump's bromance with Kim Jong Un while Kim continues to develop and fire missiles is sane.

  191. I’m no fan of Bolton but the last thing this White House needs is yet another person who thinks just like Trump.

  192. This is Trump's version of "a stopped clock is right twice a day."

  193. Every so often Trump get something right.

  194. @Richard Janssen You forgot, Trump picked Bolton along with dozens of other "incompetents" that have also since been fired or left the WH.

  195. @Richard Janssen Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  196. I hope John Bolton will quickly produce a book titled Inside the Mad House and urge voters to vote democrat. Then, and only then I shall believe in the thing called redemption.

  197. @Nicholas Amen!

  198. Seriously? What is the other hand doing that we are not supposed to see??

  199. Trump is now the greatest threat to America’s security. Brick by brick he is dismantling our standing in the world and putting our country at grave risk.

  200. @Anonymous I am afraid the moment that Trump entered the WH, the "ship of positive standing in the world", started to sail away very quickly.

  201. Fabulous. One less flame-thrower to worry about.

  202. "[Bolton] privately expressed frustration that the president was unwilling to take more meaningful action to transform the Middle East in the service of American interests." You mean like Shock and Awe? You mean like the disasters in the Middle East that neocons like Bolton still refuse to renounce or disavow or apologize for in any fashion? How can someone who got everything wrong about the response to 9/11 ever got as close to power as this arrant war-mongering fool did? Yes, I know the answer to that question ---- but Bolton? A man whose specific sort of idiocy was explicitly called out and denigrated during the 2016 campaign by Trump? That this absurd relationship ever happened in the first place is all the evidence one needs to recognize that there is nothing other than rank, utter chaos that is governing this country today.

  203. @JaniceKM Keep preaching, man!

  204. That was fun, wasn't it.

  205. That's one war or two averted.

  206. Why on earth would anyone of even mediocre intelligence and qualifications want to work in the trump administration? Each person who's fired or "resigned" is replaced with someone who is even less qualified. It's truly scary.

  207. @Duncan Look at the pattern. Trump hires, fires, and then doesn't replace the position if he doesn't have to. In the end, who's left - him. Dictator Training 101. Someone is coaching Trump. He isn't smart enough to figure this out himself.

  208. @Duncan If you want to feather your nest or torture people and things you don't like, a job with Trump, even short-lived, is gold.

  209. @Duncan "Why on earth would anyone of even mediocre intelligence and qualifications want to work in the trump administration?" I'd say that there aren't many truly "qualified" folks left working for him directly at that level, and few enough that ever did. His current evaluation criteria do not include either intelligence or qualifications beyond that needed for blind loyalty and stroking of his ego. So, a pretty easy bar to clear.

  210. So....Trump didn't know Bolton was a ferocious hawk before he hired him? An advocate of the Iraq War and for regime change in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and N. Korea? Someone whom opposed the Iran nuclear agreement and was pushing for military strikes there? Trump didn't know any of this?

  211. @Steve Tunley He knew. My thought is that Bolton being Bolton & Trump being Trump, Bolton either aid something Donaldo didn't like, or else back-sassed him. Result either way? Boom.

  212. @Steve Tunley - Regime change ? You left California off your list.

  213. Couldn't happen to a nicer warmonger, but I've given up all hope that the next "acting head" (and it will be an acting head) of National Security won't go to Jeanine Piro, Lou Dobbs or Lou Ferigno. Only in Trump's America can the unqualified reach such heady heights. Only now do advisers need to mirror the executive's thinking and only now can you get hired by simply wearing a MAGA cap.

  214. NSA does not need Senate confirmation, so there's no need to use the Acting designation to skirt that process.

  215. @Rick Gage too bad John Wayne is dead, he would be perfect for this White House.

  216. @Rick Gage One never knows, Kidd Rock or Kanye West might be appointed.

  217. Trump didn't know Bolton was a hawk when he hired him? Everyone else on the planet knew this. I could swear I remember Trump hired Bolton because he loved the hard line stances from Bolton on Fox News.

  218. @John Adams You remember correctly. That was after he removed him from consideration for some other post because he did not like his mustache. Lord help us.

  219. @John Adams ...Bingo!

  220. Dangerous times indeed. While good he is gone, some darker forces (Netanyahu, West Bank annexation) will start to move rapidly now as it might be last opportunity for them to act with the blessing from hard-core Bolton. Dangerous times.

  221. John Bolton was a dangerous Hawk. The doomsday clock should be put-back a minute. The question is, 'who would want to serve this president'? I guess we will need to stay close to our Twitter feeds to discover who will replace Bolton.

  222. @Bob Aceti Now that the "cookie jar" from which to pick of advisers that nobody wants is practically empty, he will probably choose either Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson, they have plenty of experience in this area, they are on TV and fully support Trump, isn't that enough?

  223. This should come as no surprise to anyone. Another one bites the dust!

  224. Bolton: voted off the island. We viewers are eager to meet the next contestant. (Nope, just kidding. Waiting to see if the series is cancelled early.)

  225. @Dennis Mancl We should be so lucky.

  226. @Dennis Mancl Our goal should be to ensure it is not renewed.

  227. @Dennis Mancl-Is Bolton really off the island? Bolton's access to highly secret classified U.S. intel scares me. Before Trump, Bolton hired Cambridge Analytica to help rehabilitate his image and empower his PAC with intel to manipulate voters. He also served on the NRA's subcommittee on international affairs and did an NRA video for Russia. Bolton, the Mercers and Russians’ proxy--should never had had access to sensitive national security information. Now that he's out, let's hope the CIA keeps a close watch on him.

  228. Bolton should have been prosecuted, along with many others, for his role in the futile and murderous wars he helped to instigate. Ignominy is a blessed escape for him.

  229. @Marcus Brant Hillary supported every war Bolton did. Should she also be prosecuted?

  230. @Marcus Brant One wonders now, like Bolton, who will Trump pick of what is left out of the "scrapheap" of so-called advisers no one ever wants?

  231. They’re all still around, just under a new moniker: FPI- Foreign Policy Initiative-(previously, PNAC), and they’re still itching for a war on Iran.

  232. The damage is already done, and who knows what will come next. Bolton was a warmonger and he wont be missed, but that does not change much. The mercurial POTUS is even a danger unto himself! As long as this man is at the helm, the massive damage being done to the USA, to Western unity, to alliances will continue unabated. Trump is, simply put totally out of his depth. Running a Mom&Pop shop on the corner is one thing. POTUS something else. What an abolute mess.

  233. He’s only a danger to others. By others I mean all of us. He’s no danger to himself. He’s thriving.

  234. @Don F Most mom & pop operations are managed far better than the Trump administration. As far as I can tell, he thinks he can run the US as if it were just another TV "reality" show.

  235. @Don F Mercurial is right, as in The Mad Hatter suffering from mercury poisoning. Quote the hatter: “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”