Netanyahu, Facing Tough Israel Election, Pledges to Annex a Third of West Bank

The move by Israel’s prime minister, who faces an election in a week, would reduce any future Palestinian state to an enclave encircled by Israel.

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  1. Given the maneuvering of of other players, primarily Avigdoir Liberman, the likely result of this election will be a center-right government, not the sharp right one Mr Netanyahu prefers. If that's the case, even if Netanyahu emerges as the prime minister leading that government, it's unlikely that he'll be able to fulfill this promise, which is basically a desparate campaign pitch.

  2. @David S What is happening is the long held Israeli plan to grab all of Palistine and make sure the Palistinians will remain Israels captives forever. Is this Zionism was really all about. Lastly, how can democratic governments support right-wing governments like Israel and not say that it is just a real politic way of governing. I dare say that the Palistinians are the Jews of the Middle East today and the Jews of Israel are the the tyrants.

  3. Is the United States prepared to repudiate the world consensus and international legal order that arose from the ashes of WW II in opposition to colonialism and territorial aggression so that its client in the middle east, with a regional nuclear monopoly and unstinting economic, military and diplomatic support from the world's sole superpower, can further its domination of a people who are, by any measure, among the most wretched and powerless on the planet? God help us.

  4. Of course he promises this. Nothing new here; it has always been in his plans. The remaining issue, though, is if the U.S. will fight yet another war him.....

  5. Call it annexation, occupation, or Israel, control over the Jordan valley is necessary for Israel’s security. Without that control, it would be akin to having Gaza bordering West Jerusalem, wherein missiles launched into Jerusalem would cause much more death and destruction.

  6. @Steven Roth So essentially Israeli security means there can be no Palestinian state. Time for equal rights for all. The horror!

  7. @Steven Roth: Yeah, I suppose Bibi should just go ahead and wipe out the entire population of Gaza just to ensure that that doesn't happen...

  8. Finally, a plan that coincides with reality—political, morally and biblically. We have wasted a lot of time. 70 years is long enough to have established a peace.

  9. @Steamboat Willie, that coincides with reality? Seriously? Whose reality? Certainly not the Palestinians and, without them, you will have no peace.

  10. Morally, huh? I'll give you biblically, but biblical and moral rarely are the same.

  11. The reality that the Palestinians will never accept Israel. Israel wants peace and frankly deserves peace. Of course the history is complicated but this isn’t the first time in history that maps have had to be redrawn or created.

  12. As a Jew I have wanted desperately to believe in the morality of Israel. The history is complicated. I know now that the genesis of Israel and events such as the 1967 war were far less benign than I was taught, but still it’s a complicated history. The legacy of Netanyahu is not complicated. Israel has surrendered any illusion of having the moral high ground. They have persisted illegally under international law and their true intentions have been laid bare: to annex the West Bank, leaving Palestinians permanently stateless refugees in their own home.

  13. I agree with you. What about the Palestinian people???? Why should Natanyahu be permitted by the world to continue oppression of these people in their own land? It disgusts me that to date a Palestinian nation has not bebn created.

  14. @Bob . Yasir Arafat turned down the best offer (by Ehud Barak) that was fair and respectful to the Palestinians and left Israel with borders that were close to indefensible. It was clear at the time that the Palestinians want all of Israel. That doesn't give Netanyahu the right to barter away a reasonable opportunity for a state because of an election and an American president who doesn't know a thing about the Middle East and the chaos that might follow such an action.

  15. @Expected Value As a Jewish boy growing up in the 1970s, I too was taught a too-benign "history" of the formation of Israel. Your thoughts reflect mine very well.

  16. A prescription for more war. And an end to any pretense for mutual respect and self-determination.

  17. Is there a reason why the article punts on whether this would be in violation of international law? It sure seems like violation of international law and knowing that for a fact is important.

  18. @Bob: Remember when the U.S. and many (many!) other nations declared war on Saddam Hussein following his annexation of Kuwait? Shouldn't all of us respond in the same way when Israel violates international law?

  19. @Bob International law forbids the annexation or incorporation of conquered territory. The Jordan Valley was conquered by Israel as a consequence of the 1967 Six Day war between Israel and its Arab neighbors. So, you're right: it is a violation of international law, just as the annexation of the Golan Heights earlier this summer was likely a violation of international law.

  20. @Bob Because the New York Times is only willing to go so far to question a US client state. So much of the controlling power interests in the US are served well by having a strong ally in Israel, and if media outlets like the NYT were to constantly scrutinize the alliance of our two countries, and judge Israel by the same standards that are used to judge an enemy like Russia or Iran, public opinion would move far and away against any such alliance, thereby jeopardizing those interests. Read the book Manufacturing Consent by Herman and Chomsky, and you'll see just how often the Times "punts" when it comes to the facts.

  21. Why are we still providing $4 billion dollars a year in aid to this government? For a government that claims they’re the only democracy in the Middle East they’re not acting like one.

  22. @Scott "Why are we still providing $4 billion dollars a year in aid to this government? " 1. It goes mostly back to the US as it has to be spent with US military contractors 2. Israel provides valuable intel to the USA in a very volatile region 3. Israeli tech gets used in US defense tech (see: Iron Dome) to protect Americans 4. Israel, Egypt, and Jordan all receive foreign aid packages are part of the peace treaties signed between these states. Would you rather give excuses to have those treaties torn up and go back to war?

  23. @DT nice, the israeli haters always leave that part out.

  24. @Scott This is a very valid question, why do we still support Israel financially. They seem to do very well without the US sending them $4 billion dollars, for what?

  25. Netanyahu and Trump will now actively compete with each other to convince their base as to who is the more horrible human being. If Netanyahu isn’t shown the door in the upcoming election, Israel is going to lose me, and many more like me, to the ‘far left’. You can’t keep going radically to the right and expect to call me a radical leftie when I haven’t (yet) moved from my spot: both Israel and Palestine deserve the right to exist. Peacefully for their citizens.

  26. @Patrician "You can’t keep going radically to the right and expect to call me a radical leftie when I haven’t (yet) moved from my spot". This is spot-on the best line in the comment section. And, it's the best response to constant accusations the right makes when justifying their own draconian policies.

  27. @rxft Thank you! Yes, I've thought about what the right has been doing and have been trying to come up with a way of communicating how absurd their demands to justify their draconian positions are...

  28. This move, if it happens, will spark a major conflict drawing in the entire world. Netanyahu wants to erase Palestinians; plain and simple. The US will stop sanctions against Israel, in the UN, but it does not mean Israel won't get condemned. The idea that the idea the Trump Administration supports this move, comes at no surprise. The best thing that can happen is some sens ecomes to the Israeli people and send Netanyahu packing. Then, sentence him to prison where all corrupt politicians should go.

  29. @Nick Metrowsky There is already a major conflict. Israel should have had the guts to do this years ago. The next step is to seize the Temple Mount, get rid of the Jordanian waqf who is a terrorist, and make sure there are no illusions about Jerusalem being a Jewish city and capitol of the Jewish state. One step at a time.

  30. @Nick Metrowsky "This move, if it happens, will spark a major conflict drawing in the entire world." Like the US embassy move to Jerusalem was supposed to do? Like Israeli annexation of the Golan was supposed to do?

  31. @Nick Metrowsky "The best thing that can happen is some sense comes to the Israeli people and send Netanyahu packing." Recent polls in Israel show that a majority of the Jewish citizens favor the elimination of all Palestinians from the land west of the Jordan. eg Nearly half of Jewish Israelis agree that Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, and a solid majority (79%) maintain that Jews in Israel should be given preferential treatment, according to a Pew Research Center in Israel survey published this yr. Ironically even Jewish historians & now DNA studies conclude that European Jews are NOT Semites but descendants of Europeans who adopted Judaism in the Roman Empire era + The Khazars who converted c750 AD & evolved to become the Yiddish of Eastern Europe. Palestine belongs to its indigenous people NOT the mid 20th centurt colonists/land stealers.

  32. As the Trump slowly begins to lose his grip on power in the face of the 2020 election and his own dim prospects, I expect world leaders to take risks now and deal with the fallout after the 2020 elections.

  33. who's going to stop him if he gets re-[s]elected?

  34. Another last minute effort by a desperate man to cling on to power by engaging rightist voters...

  35. @Nils Groenewold, sounds familiar.

  36. All at the cost of peace options and sponsored by Trump’s willingness to let Bibi come up with stuff that is seemingly covered by a phantom “deal of the century”.

  37. @Nils Groeneveld Yawn. Israel is a tarmac conveniently located to the oil fields. Does anybody really want to live in Tel Aviv when peak oil runs out? And then there are the pilgrimages, bringing additional hard currency to the region. Of which I am one pilgrim. Peace. Quoth Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along?"

  38. @Nils Groenewold-Meanwhile, Bibi meets with white American male Christian evangelists. Gotta get those photo ops and tourism dollars however he can. Sigh.

  39. Short term political gain for long term moral and security pain. There will never be peace in the land of Abrahamic religions.

  40. Expulsion and annexation has always been the goal; piece by piece, little by little. It's been the goal since 1917. It's what most Israelis want. No one should be surprised. Perhaps it's time for the Palestinians in the occupied territories to demand citenzinship and equal rights in a single state.

  41. @PNBlanco agreed. Palestinians now should get Israeli citizenship and rights.

  42. Land grab, pure and simple. When the “pro-Israel” crowd now claims that Israel was always the party seeking peace and the Palestinians the ones rejecting it, let’s remember this moment to see how misleading that claim is.

  43. Disturbing that he cites US support for such an illegal and provocative move, sadly, not surprising. So much for Trumps Nobel peace prize

  44. Apparently the possibility of peaceful coexistence isn't as important as reelection.

  45. @Andy As with Tweety Bird Trump, nothing takes priority over reelection for the Net, nothing. Both would sacrifice their countries' long-term future and integrity if push came to shove. On the protracted scale from opportunistic politician to statesman, both rank at the bottom as OPs desperate to cling to power regardless.

  46. @Andy Re-election and protection from prosecution.

  47. @Andy Rare indeed-in any country obviously

  48. Will he annex areas in which Palestinians now live? If so, will those Palestinians now living in Israel become Israeli citizens? If they do, Israel moves a step closer to being a majority Muslim nation. If they don't, the Palestinian struggle becomes a civil rights movement.

  49. When that happens the state of Israel will no longer be able to claim the moral high ground.

  50. @Jim -- It can't now. That is just a blind spot among its American supporters.

  51. @Jim insinuating they can credibly do so now.

  52. An unilateral, illegal action, that should result in broad international sanctions for Israel if actually carried out.

  53. This will never ever happen.

  54. @Y who will stop him since at moment international law has no enforcement just ask Russia ; how much they are suffering because of bite the they took out of Ukraine.

  55. So far it's just a repeat of stuff he's been saying for years and hasn't actually done. At this point, it's just electioneering. However, it may be more than just sloganeering if Trump backs him up. And it's doubtful this declaration came about without US knowledge and backing. Now Bibi just has to get re-elected...

  56. Netanyahu, aided by Trump, poses the greatest existential threat to the State of Israel and to its founding values.

  57. One step closer to the complete annihilation of a people. It is unfolding slowly but make no mistake there will one day be a Greater Israel absent its native people. As Trump might say, “Congratulations to all.”

  58. @Figgsie -- The people ultimately at risk from such reckless behavior are as much the Jews of Israel as the Palestinians on the land they take now. When you throw around bombs, you can't be very sure who will get blown up. This one looks more like a nuclear hand grenade.

  59. @Austin Liberal Someone misread their bible. There were people there before the Jews arrived from Egypt.

  60. This is a shocking development.

  61. But not unexpected!

  62. Why not start with Austria and move on to Poland and the Czech Republic. Following that he can invade the European Baltic states and then move on to Norway!

  63. @j24 Cute, comparing Israel to the Nazis. While I totally disagree with this move, Israel never "invaded" the West Bank in the first place. Instead, Israel was invaded by the Palestinians and their allies, with cries to "drive the Jews into the sea." Instead of being destroyed, Israel pushed back and took over the land they seized--like every other nation does in war. The Palestinians could have had their own state countless times. Clinton's peace initiative would have given them virtually everything they demanded. Instead, they reneged at the last minute and started an intifada. The Palestinians have never suggested a single peace treaty, send suicide bombers into Israel repeatedly and violated the Gaza "land for peace" farce after Israel unilaterally left by attacking Israel a day later__and Netanyahu is a direct result. I believe Netanyahu is wrong (and hope he loses the election). But comparing the Jewish state to the 'tomorrow the world", Jew-murdering Nazis is vile.

  64. This is so wrong. Please, do not re-elect this man.

  65. @Deb If you are an Israeli voter then don't vote for him. In the meantime, have fun in the Blue Ridge Mtns. Should you ever visit Israel it would be best to check with our embassy in your country to avoid being denied entry as a security risk. This is war. Not a popularity contest.

  66. Netanyahu’s back is against the wall - his options are down to remaining in the prime minister’s residence or relocating to prison. This annexation stunt is nothing other than a Hail Mary pass to outcrazy the crazies on the right wing in a desperate attempt to garner the settlers’ votes.

  67. @DL A "Hail Mary" pass? I know what the term means, but Netanyahu was definitely not "saying" a Hail Mary when he tossed this ball.

  68. Given the prime minister's proposed future map of Israel, vis a vis any future Palestinian state, it is appropriate to compare the map and history of South Africa, vis a vis Lesotho.

  69. Clearly a viable Palestinian state is off the table. Expanding settlements, talking peace and then blaming the Palestinians is both Israels and the USA method of choice. Actually seeing how we treated our native People's and how Israel treats the native Palestinians makes it clear that this game plan is tried and true. Screaming Anti-Semitism at anyone who tries to hold Israel, the occupying power accountable through a non-violent campaign of Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions is new though. As the protector of Israel at the United Nations, and it's chief financial sponsor (Israel is Number 1 in aid), we as Americans show that our settler Colonialist mentality hasn't left us and that simply taking and annexing things that rightfully belong to brown skinned people is seen as perhaps distasteful but in the end perfectly acceptable.

  70. @C Barghout Thank you for making the parallel between the Palestinians and the indigenous Americans. Please check out the poem "Chief Nanay Appears In The Holy Land"* ("*Nanay was a Chiricahua Apache wounded fourteen times defending his land." It's fairly oblique; virtually only the title hints at the comparison. As well as this stanza: "they bombarded his house/with the heavy machine-/gun fire from U.S./supplied Apache helicopters" (Curbstone Press, 2004)

  71. @C Barghout Agreed, but, as you know, both Arab people and Jewish people are Semites (unless a non-Semitic person has converted to Judaism.)

  72. This will guarantee generations of conflict

  73. Who is the puppet, who is pulling the strings?

  74. It's an illegal land grab. The US should condemn this unilateral action. It will not bring peace and security only more war. If the Israelis elect this Republican it shows they do not share the values of most Americans.

  75. @Tibby Elgato Do you feel the same about the French taking Alsace after WW II? If not, why?

  76. @Tibby Elgato With Trump in the White House, do not hold your breath.

  77. @michaelscody The French did not sieze all of Germany after WWII, they only took back a province that has bounced back and forth for years.

  78. this should be a crime! Like our president, Netanyahu is desperate to keep his base and will do anything legal or illegal to keep it. What happened to character and morality?

  79. @Ellen, he has never shown either.

  80. This is what happens when you have a tiny nation (about the size of New Jersey).

  81. I’m shocked, absolutely shocked that Bibi would try to pull such a stunt. He’s only been talking about it like forever.

  82. A week before his election, Trump's pal Bibi is promising to do more damage to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu is putting all his re-election eggs in one basket, proudly promising his Israeli base that he will take the "unique opportunity afforded him by the Trump Administration" of annexing a part of the West Bank (the Jordan Valley) to Israel. What next? The Golan? Gaza? The Sinai?

  83. @Nan Socolow If the Israeli majority is evil enough to vote for this, let’s hope more than ever that the American people will elect a righteous Jew, the antithesis of the corrupt swine Bibi, Bernie Sanders to do all he can to save Israel from itself.

  84. You should mention the parts of the West Bank he’s talking about are the main settlements that have always been included in any peace deal and are on the Israeli side of the separation barrier.

  85. @Mat A "peace deal" implies agreement. Who agreed?

  86. @Mat This is a ridiculous justification. It is not their land. If you and I were neighbors negotiating where our properties connected, and you said even though we didn't have a deal, you were fencing in the part you though was yours and taking it, it would be illegal. You might have reasons for supporting Israel, but this is poor one, I have to say.

  87. @Mat: The illegal barrier.

  88. I don't pretend to understand the complexities of the Middle East, but do I believe there is a truism that applies even there: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Netanyahu has simply been in power too long, and his desperation and self-interest show. I hope the Israelis vote wisely.

  89. @Greenfish I get your point, but remember, Lord Acton’s quote is “Power *tends* to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” There are some good-natured people who stay levelheaded with limited power, but every type of personality becomes corrupted by absolute power.

  90. Finally, something that makes sense is being done. Israel captured this land from Jordan and the have the right to make it their country. Jordan seems to not resist.

  91. @Rob Wood what do you propose they do about the 2.5 million Palestinians who live in the West Bank?

  92. @Rob Wood: Really? Might makes right? Isn't that what we fought two World Wars against?

  93. @Rob Wood so should we have annexed Iraq after 2003? Germany in 1945? And what Russia did in Crimea is ok? Just asking...

  94. "The only democracy in the middle east"

  95. @Sam "FORMER" democracy

  96. This is a disgraceful, cynical bit of political theater abetted by a disgraceful, cynical American president. Shame on them both.

  97. @David R. Ginsburg neither of these bullies cannot grasp the concept of shame

  98. Israel, America is behind you! Our one real ally in the region.

  99. @Tom Yates Not true, Tom !

  100. @Tom Yates: The American people are NOT behind naked aggression and unlawful annexation. Sadly our timid and compromised leaders looked the other way in Crimea and doubtless will do so here.

  101. @Tom Yates Allies don’t pick unnecessary destructive fights that we are going to have to deal with.

  102. How Israel has gone from a haven for the Jewish people to an aggressor state. There are things I thought I would never see. This is one of them.

  103. @Samuel Whaley This has been in the works for a while, and has always been the logical endgame of permitting/encouraging the illegal settlements in the west bank.

  104. @Samuel Whaley: Hate to break this you but it's been an aggressor state for a very long time.

  105. @Samuel Whaley @Samuel Whaley Israel was doomed as a "haven for Jewish people" from day one; the Arab and Muslim populations were never going to sit still for it. Property is theft, as someone once said, and Israel was no different in that regard than, for example, the Americas; it was just a lot easier to get away with in the 15th-16th centuries than it was in the 20th. Israel had two choices: take the moral high ground and treat all residents, Jew and Arab, equally while enduring rockets, suicide bombings, etc. without responding with disproportionate force. That might have kept more of the non-Arab world sympathetic and they probably would have even shed a crocodile tear or two as it collapsed under the dual factors of aggression and demographics. Or they could have done more or less what they have done, making them a pariah state doomed to be ultimately isolated and opposed and defeated by the rest of the world, a la South Africa. It was simply never workable and the fact that they were Jews, of course --historically and currently anathema to enormous numbers of people-- didn't help matters any. Assuming we would have taken them in (a dubious assumption) the early Zionists and the world would have been a lot better off if they had just emigrated to the US. People who think that somehow everything would/will work out swimmingly, with Jews in Israel and Arabs in neighboring Palestine holding hands in harmony if it weren't for Netanyahu are delusional.

  106. Colonialism at it best, in front of the worlds eyes, enabled by the biggest bully on the planet; the USA I can only imagine Palestinians encircled with an Israeli wall. Shameful! Netanyahu dangles this carrot to voters. An unscrupulous an individual as Trump. Get rid of them both as the world can only suffer with them still in office.

  107. @Our Road to Hatred -- This is not stable over the long term. It relies on things like Trump. It ignores the potential of power shifts; power always shifts. It is extreme over reach at a moment of maximum ability to reach. As reality limits the ability to grasp and hold what was reached, it is likely to get ugly.

  108. @Our Road to Hatred I believe the wall is just about complete by now. This move was started years ago under Ariel Sharon and has been growing ever since, with the help of U.S. Christian Evangelicals. Bill Moyers did an expose' several years ago exposing the ultimate outcome of the settlements, the new highway system, and the wall. Now if they could just figure out how to corral those pesky Palestinians - maybe a camp, where they could be 'concentrated'?

  109. @Our Road to Hatred The US is not the biggest bully on the planet, China and Russia cause far more damage. Nevertheless, yes, the US is hardly the case for a better world, particularly with its current leader. And yes, support for Israel must end for good. They are just a shadow of what they once were. 30-40 years ago, they deserved support. Ever since Israel has excused themselves to treat their enemies worse than they have been treated themselves, then they no longer need help. Enabling evil is not without its own sin.

  110. Bibi highlighted his control of Trump and his dictatorial desire to use force to dominate the Palestinians sure to bring lasting violence in order to avoid jail for Bibi much like Trump needs to win to avoid jail.

  111. One would hope that the smarter people voting in Israel will do the right thing: Dump this man from power. We have to live with your mistakes and you have to live with ours. Let’s all out-vote the religious extremists in both of our countries and save them!

  112. @Tedsams FYI: Netanyahu is not religious. Not a good assumption to make.

  113. So many countries have their own terrible version of Trump. A couple years ago I thought we were smarter. And I was wrong. Fascism, racism, and wannabe dictators have to be actively fought. Netanyahu is a disgrace.

  114. @Barb It appears that this is cyclical. Just look back at the start of WWI- the rise of nationalism across Europe. Here we are today, with nationalist far right parties succeeding across the globe.

  115. @Barb Prime Minister Netanyahu was elected democratically by law-abiding Israeli citizens.

  116. @Barb A couple of years ago who did you support for President? Now care to name any two other Countries that elevated a Former First Lady to the Highest Office themselves? I can name two: Pakistan and the Phillipines. So of those two which one should we look like if we are 'smarter' than the rest of the world?

  117. Israel has essentially already annexed the West Bank. The parallels with South African apartheid grow greater: separate roads, separate water supply, separate housing and separate educational system all helped along by US 4 billion per year.

  118. @penney albany Separate but unequal all of that.

  119. @penney albany and shame on us for allowing this to continue to happen. Time for a change in Washington.

  120. @penney Albany There are no parallels with South Africa. Take a trip to Israel and stop repeating the nonsense and the propaganda dished out by Palestinian activists and terrorists .

  121. If you think gerrymandering of U.S. congressional districts is a political mess, then go have a look at maps showing the various borders and puzzle pieces that make up the area around and including the Jordan Valley.

  122. And we were told all along that the Palestinians never wanted peace....

  123. @AGM They didn't, when it was offered. This doesn't change the past.

  124. @ejb -- When bait has a poison pill inserted, it is not wrong for the target to refuse to eat it and die.

  125. @ejb it was always more complex than that and you know it. The Israeli resistance and later government never operated in good faith where Palestinians were concerned any more than the Palestinians willingly accepted a negotiated peace. The leaders on both sides should have been hauled into The Hague decades ago for war crimes.

  126. Is that a Sharpie line I see around the West Bank?

  127. Don’t understand why this astute and pithy comment isn’t a NYT Pick.

  128. @Lewis M Simons Brilliant but tragic

  129. This was inevitable.

  130. How convenient he waited until just before the election to announce the failure of decades of American and Israeli policy.

  131. @Occupy Government -- Netanyahu campaigned for years on his promise to defeat the Peace Process and undo Oslo Accords. Now he has. The wonder is that he got away with the promise for so long.

  132. Trump and Bibi, two self appointed kings.

  133. @db2: Sadly, neither of them was self-appointed; their people handed them the reins of power.

  134. @db2 In both nations, it’s the bloody, stupid voters who are responsible for putting these arrogant, racist fools in power.

  135. Is "Annex" just another way of saying "taking"?

  136. Yessir

  137. @John Doe Yes! But to use the word 'steal' begs a number of uncomfortable questions about the very nature of the Israeli state.

  138. @John Doe Precisely.

  139. Abhorrent! Blatant partners in crimes against humanity- Netanyahu and trump.

  140. Do the people in Israel deserve better? It's up to them.

  141. @Ruth It is up to the Israeli people. A moral U.S. president with interests in lasting peace in the Middle East would have the Israeli ambassador in his office within the hour telling him that if Israel wants U.S. aid, U.S. military cooperation, and access to the U.S. financial system that Netanyahu better disavow those remarks within 24 hours. What to the Israeli people really want? A little land, or U.S. defense guarantees?

  142. @Ruth Do the people of the US deserve better? It's up to us. I guess 2016 showed that we, including you, definitely do not deserve better. How's that work for you?

  143. Some of my favorite people in the modern world were the leaders of Israel: Ben, Golda, Moshe, Rabin et al. Now we have cowards like Bibi who will go down in history as the destroyers of this great Nation.

  144. So Trump is trying to solidify the backing of American Evangelicals & right-wing Jews while Natinyahu is trying to placate his religious right as well.

  145. I'm not well versed on the minutia of the Israeli/Palestinian dynamic aside from generalities but, beyond annexation, this smells of water theft.

  146. @JC JC, I think you are right. Every major conflict in the ME is a fight over water supply, heavily overpopulated as it is.

  147. @JC If you knew anything about water resources in the area, you’d know it has zero to do with water theft.

  148. @JC A key point.

  149. " Two state solution " ... do it.

  150. @BD Tried the Gaza experiment, Didn't work.

  151. So dictator pals team up to expand territory. Will Israel look to history and open two fronts?

  152. There is already a Palestinian State. It’s called Jordan! Israel should annex everything taken in the Six Day War, including the entire West Bank, Golan Heights, and Gaza. Pay the Palestinians restitution in return for their moving to Jordan and renouncing any claim to Israel. I don’t believe Israel is “the promised land” or that Jews have any right to it, except by conquest, but they did conquer it. To the victor goes the spoils.

  153. @Ed -- "To the victor goes the spoils." You can't cry about "legitimacy" when it is just the stronger does as he can, and the weaker suffers what he must. And when that victor finally loses one? That always happens, eventually.

  154. Ed, with the greatest respect, that logic is faulty and extremely dangerous, for if Iran applied it, they would build a bomb, drop it (and others) on Israel and 'enjoy the spoils'. Not exactly a positive policy 'solution'.

  155. @Ed Jordan is not a Palestinian State as you say. Palestine was/is the Palestinian state. In doing this, Netanyahu will assure the Israeli people will be hated and attacked by their neighbors and their brothers for much longer than if they went in the other direction. The land is not security and doesn't afford any form of security. The land is a political stunt that will haunt the people of Israel.

  156. Ultimately it has more to do with the conscience of the Israeli people. It is a people who rose up from the ashes to build up a country that is now an elite among a handful in the world, economically and militarily. National security is a coded buzz phrase that we too regularly quote in the US. The more security one has, the more one wants and less one's moral conscience for fellow humanity. Israeli by now know well what Netanyahu is as their leader. The people in the US by now should know what Trump is as our president but there are still many who refuse to acknowledge his negatives. But they are just two clever individuals who know how to take advantage of us and the weak around the world. The people are the guilty ones who give them their mandate.

  157. @John Lee If it is an elite economically why do we Americans send 4 billion a year about 500 per Israeli. Meanwhile Trumps tariffs cost the average American family over 800-1000 a year.

  158. I wonder what promises Trump will make to his supporters in his attempt to insure re-election. There is no moral high ground to worry about among those who want Trump to remain in office.

  159. @A Goldstein Annexing Greenland?

  160. Of course. It has always been going this way. The huge investment in settlements was a choice that required other things not be done. It was expensive. It was not done by accident. The issue was always, "What to do with the Palestinians when Israel takes this land." Netanyahu's answer right now seems to be, "I don't care." That may serve his needs of the moment, but it isn't going to serve Israel in the longer term. It also does not have a good answer for Israel's long term.

  161. @Mark Thomason Under Netanyahu, Israel has become just one more grasping ME country. It has mostly lost its moral imperative, much like the US.

  162. Israelis: We love you. Please, please elect a better leader. Annexing the West Bank is unjust, and it will only lead to more warfare in the long run. Choose a leader who will strive for peace, not aggressive confrontation with your neighbors. Think about where Israel can be in ten or twenty years if we walk the path of peace and security today, instead of choosing more aggression.

  163. @Marshall "Please, please elect a better leader." The same could be said to Americans.

  164. @Marshall I agree wholeheartedly. Netanyahu has eroded the territory meant to be the Palestinian homeland. This is against the U.N. declaration of 1947. I wish the U.N. would speak up for the Palestinians who do not have the chutzpa and resources Israel's elected leaders have. Bibi is trying to do distract voters from his own legal problems...…..remind you of anyone we know?

  165. @Marshall Surrounding Israel, armed and loaded in 1967 was also unjust.

  166. Looking back to 1920 or so when the entire Middle East was partitioned, the area east of the Jordan river was reserved for Arabs. After the 1948 war Jordan occupied the West Bank. That was the actual occupation. In 1967 Israel recaptured those lands. Israel has ceded land in exchange for peace, but it is always a false promise. What is left in this area, Judea & Samaria to the Israelis, is a border dispute that has now simmered for 70 years. Without a viable or trustworthy negotiating partner, annexation is appropriate in this period before US elections. Land will still be reserved for a Palestinian State, and Israel will have defensible borders. Of course there are risks, but this move also has the potential for resolution.

  167. @Dave S It wont be a Palestinian state. It will be a Bantustan. In essence, it will codify the apartheid that at present is only looming.

  168. @Joe No. The apartheid fallacy is part of the Palestinian myth. Most Palestinians today seek a Judenfrei area from the Jordan River to the sea. An annexation will be met by protests, of course. But after the dust settles there will be a clear path for 2 states and peace - if the Palestinians will let go of their hatred and negotiate the remaining issues.

  169. It's bound to happen. Israel will return to the pre-Jeraboam borders and no man can stop it. I read the book, the good guy wins in the end.

  170. Netanyahu aligns himself with President Trump's massively popular Fear of the Other. Neither of these men could have read much history, or learned from what they did read. Physical constraints, whether they be walls or watch towers or endless lands, will not guarantee security from a dislodged people. During my 15 years in the Middle East, with several journeys to Jerusalem, the most fatal flaw that I witnessed in Israel was arrogance. You can find over-run walls and castles all over Europe and the Middle East. Time will out. Netanyahu's promise ensures decades if not centuries of irredentism by Palestinians. Israelis should not be tricked. Two states is the better way. Israel will never allow one state wherein the growing Palestinian population will, under democracy, become the majority, hence ruling Israel. If Netanyahu wants to avoid that fate, then...two states. With no further land-grabbing. Otherwise, Israelis will face the future with much greater insecurity than they feel in the present.

  171. The parallel is with the European settlement of North America. Slowly the native Americans were pushed back and herded on to reservations.

  172. @Murray Kenney No, the US broke many treaties without cause. Israel has not.

  173. @Saints Fan Israel is violating the Geneva convention. Thats a treaty.

  174. the Palestinians had chance for state with Oslo accords in 1990's ;but they broke the deal lost there chance.

  175. @plainleaf Historical fact. They were not the first to break the deal. Second: to stop it, Netanyahu and the right-wing encouraged/organised the murder of the Israeli Prime Minister that would have carried it through.

  176. So much for Donald’s promises of a Middle East peace plan. Promises made, promises...?

  177. @DWS Promises? Gavin Newsome promised to build 3.5 million new residences in California, 850,000 per year for 5 years. He also promised to appoint a Homelessness Czar. Did he keep either one?

  178. I'm guessing that Kushner is (again) saying "now is not the right time to reveal our peace plan".

  179. I love Israel and feel this enclave of noisy enclave of democracy in the Middle East has been treated unfairly by the rest of the world. Netanyahu’s promised annexation of the West Bank gives at least the appearance of an imperialist mentality. This will make peace negotiations all but impossible. A sad day for Israel.

  180. Annexing part of the West Bank will be just great for bringing peace into the area, what could possibly go wrong? Netanyahu is desperate.

  181. Between this and Boris Johnson we have seen some really bad moves by hard-line conservatives. This is inviting disaster for Israel. Trump may not be around for long enough to make good on any promises to back Israel up in doing this. What a breathtaking gamble to take on Israel's future security.

  182. Good move that will likely put all the residents of the West Bank on the road to peace and prosperity.

  183. Interesting. He is only codifying the facts on the ground. Palestinians have been living for decades in a land with a de facto colonial power lording over them. He is also pushing Israel to a reckoning with the dilemma of how to deal with the resident Palestinians. At some point, Israel will have to face reality and decide whether to incorporate all of the Palestinians as citizens of a greater Israel or increase the already brutal suppression and apartheid conditions. 3 million Palestinians won’t just disappear, no matter how much the Israeli government wishes it were so. The idea of a two state solution has been a farce for many, many years. Just look at the settlement borders in the West Bank to understand the impossibility of that outcome. The pretense is gone now.

  184. Playing to the fears of Israelis (secure borders at the expense of a 2 state solution; nuclear weapons in Iran) indicates to me that Bibi is running scared. And does he really think that the US Congress will support his territorial acquisition with military or financial support?

  185. "[S]ecure, permanent boarders"? It seems like the border of Israel is constantly expanding outward. Is this a commitment to cease construction of settlements in outlying areas?

  186. Netanyahu and Trump look equally desperate right now. They’re both trying to draw attention away from their low approval ratings and will do anything to get re-elected, including setting the world on fire.

  187. The situation in the west bank is complex saying the least. The facts are that tin large sections of the west bank the Palestinians have municipal autonomy and economically are far better than citizens in neighboring Arab countries. Israel has left the Gaza strip and the extremist Hamas took over, thus, there is one thing Israel can’t give the west bank Palestinians and this is military sovereignty Israel has the right to exist and protect itself. A militarized west bank would jeopardize this.

  188. So in exchange for the highlands and lowlands of Jerusalem and Judaea and Samaria (The West Bank), does Netanyahu propose to give the Palestinians the Negev or the Galilee? I bet not, and surely not Gamla in the Golan. This doesn't bode well for the future or for peace.

  189. I wonder if congress knows they support this, because declaring support for this is beyond the purview of the office of the president.

  190. It's about time the West Bank was annexed. The last time Israel traded land for peace by giving up Gaza proved to be a total disaster. No way is Netanyahu going to repeat the same mistake with The West Judging by the Gaza debacle isn't it obvious by now that the Palestinians don't want an independent state? It's time to bury this two state nonsense once and for all?

  191. @sharon5101 And the orchestra was playing as the water reached the staircase. It is about time to watch "Titanic" again but without the love part.

  192. I am the only one for this? I say let Israel take the entire West-Bank, than the Palestinians living there can demand their rights as citizens in the state of Israel. Wouldn’t this action be the first step towards a one state solution?

  193. Trust me, as a lifelong, staunch supporter of Israel, when I say this: if Israel does this and forfeits any chance of a future broad settlement, support for Israel among Americans will decline sharply over the next decade. Nothing could affect Israel's security more adversely than the loss of consistent US backing. There won't always be a Trump, perhaps as soon as 2021.

  194. Trump seeking to buy Greenland. Bibi expanding illegal settlements to annexation of the West Bank as a last-minute political effort to swing an election. With such shenanigans, what moral right does Trump have to deny China from seizing Hong Kong or Taiwan. In immorality, isn't what's fit for the goose also fit for the gander? Hmmm Might that be why Trump doesn't object to Putin's seizure of the Crimea and portions of the Ukraine? As a former Foreign Service Officer, I remember when international law and territorial integrity were the crux of U. S. policy. Now, Katie bar the door.

  195. Let's hope that this electoral pledge by Prime Minister Netanyahu turns to reality . Annexation of the Jordan Valley would greatly enhance the security of Israel. We all hope that this pledge obtains the endorsement of the American administration.

  196. You know, one of these days someone’s going to discover, invent or develop a legitimate alternative to fossil fuels. And when they do, you’re going to see the entire world lose interest in the Middle East. Maybe then the fighting will finally stop.

  197. @Henry Cannot wait till it happens

  198. @Henry All sorts of alternatives exist which do not encourage war or pollute. Societies need 'vision' to create new industries. New industries need investment - investment requires taxes - The oil industry has been supported for many decades by lobbying, by legislation, and by war. As long as the oil industry owns congress and the idea of 'vision' is ridiculed this will not happen. Not too late to change this.

  199. I don’t care what side of the argument you’re on, ratcheting up tensions in a region where radical and unstable countries have rapidly growing nuclear capabilities is infinitely reckless. Abandoning all paths to negotiation always inevitably leads to war. Unfortunately, the United States is currently led by a person who doesn’t know any history beyond what he ate for breakfast.

  200. “We haven’t had such an opportunity since the Six Day War, and I doubt we’ll have another opportunity in the next 50 years,” --Mr. Netanyahu And why won't "we" have another opportunity to do such a thing "in the next 50 years," Mr. Netanyahu? Because it will be viewed exactly as it is viewed as wrong by the great majority of human beings who live on Earth. This is simply a transparent and desperate political ploy to forestall the inevitable political tide which will sweep this man away once and for all.

  201. I have always said that I cannot understand how a people so oppressed over the centuries can suddenly turn around and become the oppressors.

  202. @LIChef Kind of like some victims of child abuse become child abusers. Some victims of sexual abuse become sexual abusers. As a retired psychotherapist, I long wondered how this could be, despite my professional knowledge. It takes a lot more than many have to overcome the abuse and deprivation of their pasts. Many choose not to do the work.

  203. @LIChef I couldn't either, especially because one half of my family is Jewish. A psychiatrist, whose parents were Jewish, told me it's called identifying with the aggressor.

  204. @LIChef Protestants who were oppressed in Europe and came to the New World for religious freedom. Then they turned around and slaughtered the Native Americans.

  205. "Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 war. Most of the world considers it occupied territory and Israeli settlements there to be illegal". I find this formulation concerning. It is not that most of the world considers the occupied territory and settlements illegal. The occupied territory and settlements are illegal. PERIOD. They are illegal because they are in clear breach of international laws, including United Nations Security Council resolutions. Saying that most of the world considers the occupied territory and settlements as illegal, in a way gives the impression that there is somehow still a debate, or that it is not clear whether they are illegal or not. There are some people who do not recognize or accept these laws, and the laws are obviously not enforced, but the laws are still there, and valid. These types of formulations will certainly serve people who support the occupation and the settlements, and will not help the Palestinians to have a land for themselfves, as Israel does.

  206. @GD Both you and the NYT are wrong. You know zip about International law. Israel didn't "sieze" the West Bank in 1967 - Israel was attacked all along the armistice line by Jordanian forces and counter-attacked, resulting in the occupation. As a result, in spite of what you claim, the military occupation of the West Bank is 100% legal. This is, in fact, recognized by the applicable UN resolutions with the force of law (not all resolutions have the force of law) that call for a solution to borders and territory to be negotiated, and not for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal. BTW, a UN investigative committee also ruled in 2011 that the blockade of Gaza is legal.

  207. Annexation of the land that would make Israel safe and secure is the beginning of the end of the conflict. Palestinians must realize, internalize and accept that their dreams of an independent state in the West Bank with Jerusalem as their capital is gone. The sooner they accept such defeat the sooner we can find some autonomy or federation with Jordan or some other solution that would make their lives better. For some reason many of the NYT readers continue insisting on a two-state solution that is obsolete. Annexation is the consequence of decades of Palestinian rejectionism.

  208. @Eliel You are proposing to annex the land and not the people. This has never brought and safety or security anywhere (by the what beautiful initials!). Maybe the best exampel of what happens next is SA (South Africa). We (Israelis) sold much weapons to SA at the time of the Bantustans would so we are not new to the system.

  209. I hope I'm wrong, but I suspect this move would lead to trouble.

  210. Really hard to uphold oneself as a beacon in the Middle East, a paragon of democracy in a sea of autocrats right now. Truth is, Israel has never been more secure than right now. No Arab state (or any state, for that matter) truly threatens it, and Iran is many miles away. And the Arab states are so focused on Iran, after raising not a peep on the Golan and the move of the capitol, they'll likely say nothing. Meanwhile, the most stable and reasonable Arab state in the region, Jordan, gets destabilized.

  211. Netanyahu, no longer talks about the Israeli - Palestinian Peace talks. That, already looks dead. The West Bank, being occupied territory, is now to be sealed as a fully owned Israeli land, with the proposed annexation of the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu will do anything to stay in power. The proposal to annex the Jordan Valley, is his latest maneuver, and tactic. His policies and strategies may be short sighted. He just does not care. Netanyahu is not interested in peace.. He has one long outstanding and pending item on his Wish List. An attack on Iran. He will keep pushing and provoking the US, for that to happen. The Israeli people should be more concerned of their country's future. That may be decided in next week's elections.

  212. All enabled by US citizens tax dollars.

  213. Under Israeli governance, the "palestinian" people will prosper. Under "palestinian" governance, they will continue to be oppressed and suffer.

  214. @bob That's up to them to decide, not you.

  215. Great timing on Netanyahu's part. Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks -- al-Qaeda having been motivated in part by the US support of Israel. The meltdown of the Middle East will never end in our lifetime, and the rest of the world pays for it.

  216. Gentrification of the West Bank will continue...check. As if this is really news...

  217. What role did John Bolton have in allowing Netanyahu to claim U.S. support for what will amount to an act of war?

  218. There will only be a bit of surprise when a Trump Tower or resort is erected there and in Jerusalem when it becomes the capital, where Ivanka is angling for a fashion shoe and sneaker store and Jared a funny sort of hedge fund. Next year the Presidents' 14-year-old son will join Melania in running the Trump family, wherein Donny Jr. will be the enforcer and Eric will keep very funny books and become the consigliere. Would you rather have radical socialists who hate America in a Bernie or Elizabeth Dem Party handing out free Medicare for all citizens possessing USA identity cards and very affordable colleges and free community colleges, instead of Wall Stree who we know will look out for the bottom 90 percent's interests as indentured servants with reliable paychecks to use in loads of Dollar This and That Stores and day-old bread stores?

  219. I don't recall what Israel has in mind to do with all the Palestinians. Are they to become Israeli citizens like it or not? Would they get a vote? Would they have to leave the annexed West Bank and go where?

  220. The West Bank annexation promised by Netanyahu, and apparently supported by Trump, would be a violation of the core values of Judaism, doing justice and respecting the humanity of all persons. It would break the heart of so many of us who have tried so hard and for so long to recognize BOTH the essential nature of a Jewish homeland in light of thousands of years of brutal repression and an unspeakable, incomprehensible Holocaust, AND the human rights and political necessity of Palestinians having a homeland of their own with equal status in the world. Whatever ground war such a move might create, it would surely put many Jews at war within ourselves--seemingly required to choose one side of an indivisible set of values and state of being. Once before the US created a similar dilemma--when it sent 120,000 Japanese-Americans to internment camps in 1942-44, in essence telling these of our neighbors that they could either be Japanese or American, but not both. If Trump supports the annexation, and does not actively oppose it, he will go down in history as a traitor to the Jewish people all over the world.

  221. How is it that a hope of winning an election hinges on a pledge to violate international law? Israeli voters need to do some serious soul searching.

  222. Netanyahu must be solidly stopped at the ballot boxes. The safety of my country depends on averting war and terrorist attacks caused by such irresponsible actions against the Palestinian people, their homes, and what is left of their livelihoods. Netanyahu will say or do anything to stay in power for the next five minutes, and this preposterous land-grab is his latest subterfuge. Believe it now or never: there are millions of Israelis who want and vote for peace. I am one of them.

  223. So the second world war started because the Germans/Austrians wanted to take back territory that had been part of Germany, Prussia or Austro-Hungary for hundreds of years prior to WWI and that they viewed as theirs by historic right. However, the UK and France objected because annexing your neighbor's territory was viewed as aggression. Apparently it is now perfectly acceptable to do exactly the same thing if you are Israel. Clear hypocrisy.

  224. Jordan attacked Israel and lost the West Bank. your historic reference is wrong.

  225. @mkm Israel attacked Egypt first.

  226. I don't know how much purchase a random American can have with Israelis. I can only say that Netanyahu is a horrible leader. This would be disastrous for the peace process, whatever remains of it, and is not in any way a creative solution. It will only cause more problems.

  227. "Israel seized the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 war. Most of the world considers it occupied territory and Israeli settlements there to be illegal." Let's be clear. Israel was ATTACKED in '67 by multiple countries, including Jordan. Israel WON that land in battle.

  228. Another desperate last-minute grab for Right Wing and Orthodox votes by Netanyahu. On the other hand, 2/3 of the original Mandatory Palestine that was to be divided into Jewish and Arab territories in the 1940s was prematurely given to the Kingdom of Jordan and is now inhabited primarily by the same clans and tribes of those who call themselves Palestinians. So, since 2/3 of Mandatory Palestine was already given to the Palestinians before the UN could even divide the land, and since this disputed land was won by Israel in a war that these same Arab interests started in order to annihilate Israel, the world should accede to giving this small parcel of land to Israel in the interest of securing peace in the region. But I still maintain that it’s a desperate election ploy. Oh boy! I can’t wait to read the responses and attacks on this comment. (Let’s see, how many references to Czechoslovakia? How many to Ukraine? How many to Tibet? How many to the US’ actions?)

  229. @Inkspot The world should accede to Israeli annexation? Once they give the Palestinians equal rights. Otherwise its just apartheid.

  230. Relax, what could go wrong ? The ultra-competent Prince Jared is on the case.

  231. Whatever moral high-ground that Israel had occupied, is being exchanged for "real-estate". The only real democracy in the region indeed! This will take away Israel's biggest asset - the worlds empathy - for what?

  232. Even you Israel-haters have to admit that if this were merely a dispute over where to draw the border, it would have been solved long ago. There is only one reason this is happening. Which is that the Palestinians do not want a state in the West Bank and Gaza, they want Israel. How do I know this? Because the roadmap for peace was always fairly straightforward, except for one thing - "right of return". The Right of Return is the one thing Palestinians truly want, and the one thing Israel cannot give, because it would mean the end of Israel as a homeland for Jews. And because flooding Israel with hostile Palestinians would obviously be a massive security problem. So, in denying Israel's right to exist, and holding out for the one concession that will never happen, the Palestinians have keep themselves in a state of limbo. Israel is under no obligation to hold the West Bank in safe keeping indefinitely, until some imagined time when the Palestinians will decide negotiate in good faith.

  233. This was totally predictable, and probably green lighted from the White House. Bolton has just been removed for his aggressiveness, but at the same time what stability does the annexation yield in the region? Down the rabbit hole we go.

  234. Leaving aside the ethical issues facing Israel thanks to Netanyahu dangling annexation in front of Israeli voters, let's not be distracted from the thoroughly political opportunism of our own president. The prospect of Israel's annexation of most of the west bank is red meat for the so-called "Christian" evangelicals here at home. It would be a giant step toward the conditions they believe are necessary for the second coming of Christ and the ascendance of Christians into Heaven. By supporting this planned land-grab Trump is trying to assure himself a big evangelical turnout for him in 2020.

  235. Before the condemnation of Netanyahu's of his promise to annex Israel's side of the Jordan Valley becomes intense it should be recalled that prior to the 1948 War Of Israeli Independence, the West Bank (including that portion of the Jordan Valley) was part of the British Protectorate. When the UN voted to establish an Arab and Jewish nation with the expiration of the protectorate, the Jordanian Army led by Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb and other British officers, immediately crossed the Jordan, and soon conquered the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The West Bank and East Jerusalem were later formally annexed by Jordan in 1950. At the time the world was silent on this annexation. During the 1967 war, Israel captured from Jordan the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The UN has since considered continued Israeli presence an occupation. Why Jordan, a nation created by Britain as a consolation for not supporting the Jordanian king's claims to Saudi Arabia, could annex the West Bank by military conquest without violating the world's conscience, while Israel cannot is a question that largely answers itself.

  236. wrong history, the west bank was Jordanian territory when Jordon attacked Israel. Jordon lost. Israel won against Jordanian aggression and occupied the territory. Jordon has made no move to reclaim its territory.

  237. @GerardM Of course. We're all just picking on poor Israel.

  238. @GerardM No, you have this wrong. We Americans are tired of paying the bill for Bibi the war criminal. Again, if you want to use history as your excuse for the displacement and extermination of other people, you go on with your bad self. But we can keep going back in time to justify one side or another. If Israel wants to engage in this behavior because, as you say, history entitles them, then SO BE IT. But not with my money.

  239. The big concern is what will the US do if Israel commits a first strike attack on Iran. Do we get dragged into another war by an ally which is becoming a huge liability under this corrupt prime minister.

  240. @TG 'another war' ... might happen if the timing is right; perhaps in a year, when Trump is desperate for re election to avoid prosecution for accumulated fed, state, local offenses. Don't look for any other rationale in anything Trump does other than what is good for him.

  241. Another sin by the man who wishes to bring Israel down to the level of his worst neighbors. Revenge is a tool of evil and Netanyahu uses the idea of it to lead his people off a cliff, in the name of a false good. Israel is just a shadow of a nation, once a shining example to follow. This was brought upon itself by their own people who elected Netanyahu. Remember, the assassination of Rabin, brought on by his own people. Those who wanted good in Israel have no power, or have left for other countries. Support for Israel must end. They are no better ally than any of the dictator nations that the US supports, any longer. I wish it were, but it is gone. Only Israel can turn back its own path now, and right itself.

  242. it's regrettable to see how far US support, aid and military sales have developed the worst instincts of the israeli government and society. where is the "security" in illegal settlements? and it's a cruel irony to see how far the nation founded by a people with a terrible and long history of suffering prejudice, humiliation and pogrom has become a nation bent on evicting palestinians from their homes and usurping their lands.

  243. The Kushner-Netanyahu produced "Deal of the Century" will propose buying Palestinian legal and human rights. When that gets ridiculed by international consensus, Netanyahu will simply tell his voters, "I tried". Just another deception by Netanyahu to retain power.