It’s a New Morning for Jennifer Aniston

Fifteen years after “Friends,” she is returning to TV in Apple’s “The Morning Show” as a news anchor dealing with ageism, sexism and her co-host’s misconduct.

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  1. She’s fighting 24 hours a day to stay looking as young as possible. I’m exhausted just looking at her. That’s a lot of work and a fortune to pull off. But the story is, she’s feeling confident? Confidence is letting yourself age.

  2. @Lilly. Please don’t hold her against her her staying as young as she can. She needs to do so to work. She doesn’t look unnatural or weird. She isn’t lying about her age (as far as I know). I wish her the best of luck.

  3. @Lilly, unless your profession requires that you do not.

  4. @Lilly Wow, so much for #metoo. All of these jealous, petty, nasty comments from other women. I'm 50 also, never had kids, got married at 42. Everyone thinks I work out all the time and have look "young for 50." Some people just have good genes and the ability to take care of themselves. Think about it: Would you make the same comments about a male actor? Stop judging other women just because they aren't like you.

  5. WHY does every woman in the movies and on TV have to be a mother?? I'm so sick of seeing people I like shoved into these roles. Aniston has never had a kid, I've never had a kid...there are lots of women who live totally full lives who choose not to bear children. Can we ever have a strong woman who is strong on her own, without a husband, ex-husband, kids, etc.? It is actually possible and happening right now, everywhere.

  6. @atb, why do so many male characters have to be dads? Many women and men have children in their lives. Television and film reflect life.

  7. @Passion for Peaches It's really overkill. Especially when you account for the ages they continue to make women into mothers. They'll pair a 25-year-old woman with a 40-year-old man. Most movies do not depict 25-year-old men as having children. Also, people who are childfree deserve representation. We exist and TV and film should reflect our lives, too.

  8. @atb, I have no kids, and I don’t relate to the Mom roles. But both women and men do juggle parenthood and jobs, divorce, ageism at work, mid-life crises. Some of these therms are universal.

  9. I'm fairly surprised by the level of judgment in the first couple of comments here. She seems like a hard worker, a loyal friend, and most importantly, is someone I will probably never know and won't make unflattering assumptions about. I really appreciated the thought that work/experience rather than age itself is what creates confidence. I'm years younger than the women profiled here, but my sense of self has definitely strengthened as I have gained more and more experience and expertise in my field. Knowing how to do something, and doing it, even (especially) when you have self doubts, is very powerful in a culture that seems to thrive on judgment, comparison, and surface.

  10. I predict these projects won’t be successful. She’s not nuanced enough in her acting. She’ll always be just a character on “Friends,” no matter how many projects she takes on.

  11. @Rust Belt City, one thing I think “The Morning Show” May have gotten wrong is the age difference between Anniston and Witherspoon. It’s just seven years. It seems the plot is set up around an older (past her prime) “morning host” versus a younger reporter who wants her job, I think that in real life that younger reporter would be in her early thirties, at most. The networks don’t replace old with old, unless it’s a man.

  12. @Rust Belt City Why do you say that? Did you ever see any of her movies? She's herself. How many actors are Meryl Streep or Jeremy Irons? Did Katherine Hepburn have nuance? Bette Davis? I cannot believe how petty and jealous and nasty these comments are! I wish I had Aniston's "lack of success."

  13. @Rust Belt City I thought she was hilarious in Horrible Bosses

  14. I give Aniston credit for stepping into the spotlight at all, given how hostile the public is toward her (as in these comments) and the monthly tabloid nonsense about her personal life. But I still won't sign up for Apple's streaming service.

  15. @Randy Now now, she as all entertainers actually dearly love hate and controversy, it's such good eyeballs and ratings. They are taught and learn that from the beginning. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

  16. @marek pyka yeah but when other celebrities make the tabloids it’s not because they aren’t married or never had a kid

  17. I think she’ll be great in this, seems like a good fit for her. It sounds like it has a good cast, production and writing behind it. I’ve always been a fan of hers. Some of us are rooting for you Jen (lot of negativity in these comments) and are glad to see you in a new show!!

  18. Jennifer Aniston is always appealing, and one of those stars whose performances reveal deeper currents without even trying. I love her, and it’s exciting to have her back where she belongs. I hope the project is as good as she is.

  19. The tv show sounds boring already.

  20. As cute and likable as Jennifer is, this is a worn-out theme for her new show. "Ageism, sexism and mis-behavior" by a male co-host. Right, that's original. Negative, gloom, doom, more negative, whine, complain and "life is SO unfair!" Come on producers you can do better. Candice Bergen tried to come back as Murphy Brown and it flopped. TV viewers are tired of the far left agenda and all the negativity that goes with it. Jennifer has the personality to bring us up for a change. Use it.

  21. I think many women- and men- will relate to the show and maybe think a bit more about what they face. No surprise this is a man’s comment. Sorry guys, we need our stories told, honestly.

  22. @J Wolfe I respectfully disagree. I hope she shines in this role and think the theme is very timely.

  23. @J Wolfe, basing a story on real-world headlines is part of a “far left agenda”? In what universe?

  24. This comment is solely about Sandy Kim’s photos of Anniston. They look “corrected” to me, particularly the one at the top of the article. It used to be that any altered photo running in a newspaper, at least when taken by a staff photographer, had to run with a note identifying it as altered. That included correcting esthetic exposure errors (burning in overexposed clouds, for instance). Has that rule disappeared? Or do entertainment profiles like this one get a pass on that?

  25. @Passion for Peaches I noticed the same thing. And, confidential to Jennifer: Next time you pose for a NYT photo, get all of the price tag off the soles of your brand-new suede boots. The sticker residue is, well, tacky. That shoulda been the first thing airbrushed.

  26. @August West Retouched or not, I'm not a fan of the photos - I find the lighting too jarring and her poses awkward. As for the tacky spot on the boots... that can only mean one thing: that Jennifer Anniston shops at Marshalls or Ross or Nordstrom Rack! (or her stylist did.) Makes me like her even more.

  27. @jcz The Olivia Newton-John denim look went out decades ago.

  28. Can we ever forgive Jennifer Aniston for prompting a generation of women to iron their hair?

  29. @Tldr She wasn't the first. If you haven't seen it, watch "The Way We Were".

  30. @Tldr Having grown up in the 60s, I can attest that many girls were ironing their hair long before Jennifer Aniston.

  31. @Tldr Ironing your hair was the era of the Beach boys. Way before Jennifer Aniston In the mid-1960s.

  32. Jennifer Aniston will always be known for 2 things: 1. Rachel Green 2. Brad Pitt's first ex-wife.

  33. @Ella That's your opinion. I've never watched Friends but loved Aniston in Along Came Polly, Cake and many other roles...Brad P. is a lousy footnote and nothing I associate much with her.

  34. God I hope she's just getting started. Rock on girl!

  35. @Lilly, I'd say confidence is doing whatever you want, without worrying about getting such judgmental (envious?) comments.

  36. Hey Sandy Kim - great photos. Hope someday to see another book from you. Love your work!

  37. These photos of her are refreshing. I love the relaxed, 70's vibe. I hope this means that the next trend in fashion will be more relaxed than the current Real Housewives/Kardashian trend of extremely styled hair, heavy makeup, and Barbie doll clothing. She always seems down to earth; I hope these photos capture what she is like in person. Great job!

  38. @Mary Agreed! If you were to see one of the Kartrashians standing in line at Starbucks, sans entourage, the reaction would be somewhere along the lines of "What IS that?!"

  39. @Mary Yep, very relaxed. Especially the boots

  40. Will be interesting and very telling to see how the glowing, fawning, almost universally positive comments about Brad Pitt (in the recent Times profile of him) will compare to those for Jennifer Aniston, someone who is also - just like Brad - more of a persona to us than a person, someone we don't really know IRL. I'd wager that there's a lot more shade in the comments compared to those for Brad, where people kept talking about how he's "such a nice man." It reflects the degree of trust and support we naturally give to men, especially older men, whereas we start from an oppositional point with women.

  41. @FC what a great point! I read the Pitt interview and you are correct about the overwhelming positive comments compared to those here. Many from women yet. We haven’t come a long way, have we?

  42. @FC To be fair, Pitt has spent at least some of his fame on doing charitable work and promoting New Orleans. Aniston has done nothing much with her career (critically acclaimed or otherwise). Besides her marriages and her excellent body, is know for her sad relationship with her mother and flogging bottled water.

  43. @Meryl g Looking at the Comments here so far, I would say they're overwhelmingly positive about Aniston. No need to anticipate bad news where it isn't to be found.

  44. Wow the comments are harsh. I'll be honest - I have never seen Jennifer Aniston in a "serious" role. Actually the only rolls I can think of that I've seen her in, other than Friends, is in Office Space and Along Came Polly. That said, it seems like she's had great success as a producer. Good for her for finding an exciting new project.

  45. I like this. A Mary Richards for the 21st Century. Good luck with this show.

  46. I like Anniston and wish her well in this new project. And since climate change is the major issue facing the planet, I hope her show will devote a great deal of coverage to the topic. Perhaps Jen could leave the anchor desk and cover fires, floods, mudslides, droughts, water shortages, heat spells, monster storms. This is not fear-mongering. All of these things are about to become very personal. Some thoughtful, wise modeling by a beloved personality would be much appreciated.

  47. @EB This article about Jennifer Aniston makes you think about climate change? No, it IS fear mongering.

  48. My favorite movie of hers is "The Good Girl". It captured aspects of working class life at the lower end of salary and status availability.

  49. I'm going to watch this show, as a direct result of this interview. These women are using whatever capital and talent they have to make a show that matters to them. They seem exactly like the women they started out in the business as, but now people in charge - with budgets - take them seriously. I like that. I don't care if they succeed or not. I'm just glad they are doing something that they are passionate about. That sounds like authenticity to me. That's what turning 50 is all about. I've paid my dues to get here; this is what I want to do now. Good for them. Can't wait to see what they do, with this project and whatever comes next. Godspeed.

  50. For whatever reason, perhaps because shadowed by "Rachel," Aniston never really played to her gifts beyond the romcom, except twice: FIrst in "The Good Girl" and then in "Cake." If you want to see what she can actually do in a serious role, with no make-up, I recommend both of these (relatively unheralded, naturally) films. Hoping this new role won't conform to the gendered expectations she's been saddled with forever and be more like the characters she played in those two films. It's the least she can do for herself as a feminist and a producer rather than "America's sweetheart."

  51. I love Jennifer Aniston as an actress. I love to hear she is taking charge and becoming a full-fledged business owner/guru in the cut-throat environment that is the entertainment industry. I support women who do that in any industry and kudos to her new projects. thanks for a good read, made for a nice break at work. Wishing you much success Jennifer, rock on girl!

  52. I will watch anything she is in and have watched everything she is in that I know about. Add this to the list.

  53. I love Jennifer Anniston and was a fan from the beginning. As a fan you watch stars battle storms just like the rest of us do. I always thought she was graceful and classy in any situation. Plus she is s fellow dog lover! I’m about her age and love to see actresses in roles where women can problem solve and take action in Sticky or challenging situations.

  54. Congratulations to Jennifer for surviving and thriving. Have always loved her and wished her success and happiness. Difficult to believe that Jennifer is now 50 -- and I'm 70.

  55. A person as Pietro Allar referred to Aniston as a "STAR". Really? I mean is that where we are per movies/TV? Like her or not. Guess she is OK, but STAR? Why should anyone care?

  56. For nuance, everyone should see her in "The Good Girl." And for people snarking about her, the character of Rachel made a lot of people laugh. She's good at comedy. Better than anyone who feels the need to put her down, I'm sure. Why do people need to be so mean? What did Jennifer Aniston ever do to you?

  57. @Boggle I don't think it's "mean" if people express why they don't like her. No, she doesn't have to do charity work or promote ethical products. She doesn't have to have a public life outside of films/tv. The consequence of that is people are going to criticize her films/tv and her uni-dimensional public persona. When most of what you present to the public is a pretty face, people are going to latch onto that.

  58. @Viv Nope. She is much more than a pretty face. In fact there are loads of much prettier faces not having her career. Does she owe the public entry into her personal life, a presentation of a "multi-dimensional public persona? NO! Good grief, live and let live…

  59. This article seemed fair and well balanced. Thank you for covering her in a broad and non-sexually-biased way! (I wish the Madonna article could have a rewrite.)

  60. Jennifer Anniston really is a good actress - Management and The Breakup were two good movies because of her

  61. Feminine, Smart, Gorgeous, super sexy, and Rich. Nah, I can't find anything good to say about her.

  62. I love Jennifer Aniston.

  63. Years ago I was on a plane (back in the old days when there weren't individual screens on seatbacks, just ones that dropped down so everyone had to watch the same movie). A Jennifer Aniston movie was being shown, in which I had no interest, so I didn't plug in my headphones. Occasionally I'd look up, though, and was highly amused to see her acting "technique": every five seconds or so she jerked her head ever-so-slightly so that she flicked her hair. It looked as if she had some kind of tic. It was so ridiculous that I could barely believe what I was seeing, and so I mentioned this to a friend, who had noticed the same thing. Neither of us could figure out what the big deal was about Ms. Aniston - and I still cannot. She seems to reap an extraordinary amount of publicity, though - she must have a very clever agent. I'll give her that.

  64. What a great way to judge an actor, with the sound off and just glancing at them every so often. It must give you great insight.

  65. @Kate Brickey: Actually, it’s a great way. Watching an actor without the distraction of dialogue enables you to focus very precisely on what is going on in a scene. For instance, two of the most engrossing performances of “Hamlet” I have seen were in Swedish and in Czech, without supertitles. It was fascinating to experience the movement, gestures and expressions of the actors without following the back-and-forth of verbal interaction. Try it sometime; turn off the sound of something you’re watching. You can learn so much.

  66. @Olenska and yet you must have read the article... right? So I guess she’s got something that you “get” as well.

  67. She was great in Friends With Money. Loved the scene when she requests cosmetic samples at the department store.

  68. Yes - the cosmetic scene— ! Been there... Jenn did it better.

  69. Everyone who has the slightest bit of doubt about "double standards" should read these comments, side by side, with the comments about Brad Pitt. And the really scary part is the disparity between women's comments on the two. And we wonder how is it possible that Trump won the majority of white women's vote ? And we wonder why there is such doubt about Elizabeth Warren's electability ?

  70. @andy enlisting women to canvas for the 2020,I've had to tell them what trump and the GOP has taken away from us.They simply didn't know as they are expected to make their husband comfy and their children good citizens.Once I drop it on them that the violence vs women act still sits on some dusty shelf, unsigned they're off and running.Luckily for human kind, I decided any spore of mine wouldn't have a chance at being a good citizen and begged off the mother route and got a rewarding career.

  71. Jennifer Aniston such a wonderful person a beautiful actor whos been down many roads she a smart and enjoyable person who enjoys her personal time as well being an actor is a passion she has the gift for. Thank you for giving yourself on screen

  72. There has always been something very likable about Jennifer Aniston. The fact that she made it looks so easy worked against her at times. She's never taken herself so seriously. Check out her performance in "Friends With Money", one of the indie films where she shined. I'm wish her success; I'll be watching.

  73. @maya, that is the only thing I have seen her in where I thought she did a great job. The movie worked because of the balance among the main actors, and of course the writing was excellent. But yes, Anniston was very good it the film, and she played a sympathetic, flawed but likable character. She held the whole film together, really. I did think she was not the most believable house cleaner, though. I Los Angeles? No.

  74. Some are so fortunate to live extremely charmed lives...and mostly by the luck of the draw.

  75. @caljn Really? Luck of the draw? Luck that ran for 10 seasons? That's not luck, it's brilliance.

  76. @Blueaholic Did you think she was that much more talented than her costars?

  77. @Beth, did Blueholic say she was much more talented? They cast as a whole was marvelous, all around. They worked together brilliantly. It was easy to believe they were truly friends.

  78. For some reason, I get the vibe from her style and demeanor she would make for a great updated and reimagined Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Salt the series liberally with some Deadwood-level grittiness and context, and I think it's a winner she could pull off. Maybe the pilot could involve a cameo by Brad Dourif's sublime Doc Cochran, to set the pace.

  79. Really glad to learn this. She will be excellent in part, because she and her friends/colleagues have lived much of the experiences her character will be. And she is a very good actor. Smart move by Apple. Please plan more shows with women as the main narrative, especially women 50 and over. (We are a huge audience. And we buy a lot of products/services). Looking forward to watching!

  80. I have never watched an episode of “Friends”—really. I thought it was so over-acted and overly-cute...even for a comedy. But I did like “The BreakUp”, one of the best analysis of how relationships come apart, and “Cake”, a painful movie to watch. She can be a good actress—that is basically all I care about as long as she isn’t abusing other people...

  81. @Texas Native. If you never watched it then how would you know it was over acted and overly cute? People love to say they never watched something, like it makes them superior. Friends was a lot of fun.

  82. @Sharon Friends is a perood piece. Its re runs are annoying because we've grown up and gotten smarter. It was good in college days. That's it.

  83. @Sharon MAKE MY DAY!! (As a classical musician, we get the same thing: "don't like classical music" — "Ever heard any live?" "…um, no…"

  84. Self-serious people are always under-valuing comedic talent and mistaking dramatic acting as the more difficult craft. Which is entirely backwards. Literally every comedic actor can easily play it straight and pull off dramatic roles (see: Robin Williams, Jim Carey, Jennifer Aniston, heck, even Adam Sandler). Suffering, sad, mad, and morose are really not that hard to convey. It's not that hard to pretend to be angry. But the reverse doesn't work. Most dramatic actors can't pull off comedy. It's a MUCH rarer and more difficult talent to be truly funny, to have that sense of timing and ability to make a huge audience full of unhappy people laugh. Another way of putting it is that it's a heck of a lot easier to be hated or pitied, than to invoke people's love and make them smile. Jennifer has that rare talent. Her comedic talent was well showcased on Friends, and she was hilarious in Horrible Bosses. But she's disrespected by people who assume comedy is easy. Even though she's proven her dramatic acting chops lots of times, mostly in small independent films like Friends With Money. I give WAY more weight to comedic actors than dramatic actors. 9 out of 10 people can play a dramatic role. Honestly it's not that hard to play upset, righteous, or offended...people do it for free all the time! But hardly anyone can pull off true comedy. And that's especially true of women. Aniston also suffers from massive amounts of envy by other women. And why not?

  85. @kryptogal Great points! Mastery of comedy & drama is Fred Astaire difficult, but being a woman under judgement is Ginger Rogers dancing backward in heels.

  86. @kryptogal I think her comedic acting is superb...Her physical comedy in Friends was far above what anyone else could have pulled off...The time on Ross's back to stop him from hearing her message, the time she hung up the phone when he couldn't say goodbye to Emily...and so much more. I'm sad Hollywood couldn't honor her skills...we lost.

  87. @H. G. Ginger Rogers dancing backwards in heels while looking fabulous AND having Lucille Ball's sense of physical comedy and timing! The only problem is that she makes it look so easy that people don't sufficiently respect the skill required.

  88. She is fantastic. Wish her the best. She carries a lot of weight on that nimble frame, and balances it superbly.

  89. Oh I so hope the show is fabulous and Jen and her team win ten awards.

  90. Kind of hard to imagine Ms. Aniston, who looks considerably younger than 50, playing someone dealing with ageism, isn't it?

  91. Watch "The Good Girl" and then tell us if you still think Aniston's range is limited.

  92. What a superficial existence. Was the weather especially hot the day of that interview? Why is her shirt unbuttoned.

  93. Why are you staring?

  94. @Zillah Bahar So that’s why.

  95. Never watched friends but she did some funny movies. She also doesn't look like her face has been puffed out and pulled so much it's hard to recognize the actors today.

  96. Good story, beautiful actor, terrible photography.

  97. To be honest, "friends" wasn't a very good show.

  98. A million of us beg to differ.

  99. @William Thomas Loved it, and I'm a snob.

  100. @William Thomas ??????????? "Friends" is still a very good show and endures like "Golden Girls."

  101. Adorable and likable as ever, Jennifer highlights what's great about being a woman 50+. Girls, you have a lot to look forward to. Don't believe the ageist hype!

  102. I always enjoy watching Jennifer Aniston act; she's funny and real, unpretentious, and doesn't take herself too seriously despite all the years of relentless media coverage. If a movie has her in it, I will watch it. Go Jenn, you've got this!

  103. I like Jennifer Aniston but this article should be taught in journalism schools as a perfect model of a puff piece.

  104. @Norman Katz AGREED!

  105. @Norman Katz You got it!

  106. Jennifer who?. I'm so out of the loop As Dana Garvey asked on SNL, and "You are who?'

  107. Is this People Magazine ?

  108. @Steven Pettinga It's a piece about a television show. In the Television section. You know, where people click on stories about... television.

  109. She was brilliant as Liz Lemon'smore-or-less sex-crazed old college roommate on 30 Rock. The look on Alec Baldwin;s face as Liz explained that Aniston's character's nickname was not "...Crazy Putty..." was priceless. And when she took the mike and sang "...Happy Birthday..." to him-of course it was not his birthday- at a public event she was both terrifying and hilarious.

  110. Not only was The Good Girl a solid movie, but check her out in "Cake." These may not be blockbusters but she does have acting chops. (And Dumplin, mentioned in the article, is really cute...not too formulaic).

  111. Got to give her points for realizing and being horrified at the thought of the term “goddess circle” appearing in a story about her. “Should we just call it a ‘circle’?”

  112. Is this Journalism or Marketing for a new show? Jennifer Aniston maybe a good actress and I liked her on "Friends" but she sadly didn't translate to the big screen well and I hope for the best this new show on Apple TV will be a hit for her.

  113. @bjones It's the New York Times, Ms/r Frisco. (Thought that'd get your goat!) Having lived in The City, I know how hard it is to remember that others, elsewhere, need to make a living. Which would appear to be with the good folks on the Other Coast are trying to do. It's in the Arts section. For a reason. Because it deals with an arts topic. Which is a journalism topic. Because (news flash) it's NEWS that a new show's about to premier. Frisco deserves better than this.

  114. @DameAlys Sounds like a first world problem to me btw - the cities in the Midwest have far more going in the arts - music, theater, museums ect... not to mention very progressive on almost every issued - many midwest States had "same sex marriage before the coastal cities - just so you know. I would not categorize a TV show with Jennifer Aniston last ART!!!

  115. Anniston and Apple. They’ll be equally impressed and impressive.

  116. One would think by age fifty she’d have learned to button her own buttons by now, either that or stop wearing work shirts with so many of them.

  117. @John Doe So. When you grow up, would you rather be a Puritan? Or a stylist?

  118. Just go with it. Hilarious, unpretentious movie.

  119. I suggest you all have a look at film titled "Derailed" (2005) Jennifer Aniston plays against Clive Owen and proves that - in the hands of a good director and with other good actors - she is a fine dramatic actor -- I can clearly remember watching her die at the end of the film and thinking to myself -- "Gee, she really can act!" -- Unfortunately - I've been waiting since then for her to step up to the plate again - but sadly, she has chosen a long line of second-rate plather - bad scripts - vapid characters - and goofy co-stars Frankly - I'd love to see Jennifer Aniston play the villain sometime - because I bet she'd be good at it -- A wonderful acting talent which has been misused and miscast - so far, anyway...

  120. @Howard G Derailed was one of only two movies I have ever walked out of because it was unwatchable. The other was Roman Polanski’s The Tenant. I remember the kid taking tickets for the next show saying, “There goes another one.”

  121. @Howard G Derailed was one of her best films, another one The Good Girl is a dandy.

  122. @Howard G Did she not play a villain in the Horrible Bosses franchise?

  123. Lots of commenter complaints about the People-style puff piece, but this is the 3rd most popular article online right now. Not my cup of tea, but it's funny that the same way people hide the cover of People when they read it, readers are clearly hiding that they liked this piece!

  124. @common sense advocate I've never hid the cover of People when I read it. As long as one stays informed and reads "hard" news, too, so what if they enjoy some "fluff" pieces about a celebrity they like here and there?

  125. @Jim: If I could recommend this comment 10,000 times I would. I have no idea how the readers of any major newspaper through most of the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st could have failed to notice that Arts/Style/Entertainment sections exist, and have never been about "hard news." I read plenty of "hard news" but enjoy other things, too, including all kinds of "mindless diversions." Life is about balance.

  126. Perfect ending to this article. Thank you.

  127. Interesting that another Fall Preview article about Joaquin Phoenix is running right now and the comments are fully focused on his acting/work product, meanwhile Jennifer gets criticized and thrown to the wolves. We’ve got a lot of work to do, people.

  128. Maybe just because he is, unlike her, a suberp actor. As she puts it herself, she never got past her role in Friends. The best thing that happened to Aniston is her divorce from Pitt. She would otherwise her careee would have gone the way of her costars's...

  129. @Christine You forgot "You" in front of "people." I'm duly shamed and will spend today, the anniversary of 9-11, in deep reflection to my obviously woeful attitude toward celebrities of every gender, without whom all our lives would be a barren wasteland.

  130. @Colette, many people, and I include myself, consider Anniston to be a "suberp" actor.

  131. I’ve always loved Jennifer Anniston and her work. Was anyone else puzzled by the photos that accompanied the article?

  132. @Melinda Rhineheart ~ Yes and Yes. Provocative photographs for what reason? Her new show deals with a co-host who is guilty of misconduct? Is it sexual misconduct or something else? The photos of Ms. Aniston dressed in denim on some level seem gratuitous, something not quite authentic about them, although she looks very good.

  133. You’re not alone in your puzzlement.

  134. @Melinda Rhineheart Yes, especially the very first where her boots have zero dirt on the bottoms, as if she levitates to get between Points A and B.

  135. I'm guessing she can't win no matter what she does. Seems like a decent human being trying to find her way - just like we all are - whether we are 50 or 25. Life's a journey and we're constantly growing and changing. Maybe this will be a hit, maybe it won't. She's been trying to find good roles, work with what she's got and remain working while having to live every private debacle whether big or small over and over. I'm going to cut her some slack and wish her well.

  136. Here's what's weird about the first photo. The background is separate from the figure. Notice - if you expand the photo - that the heels of the shoes do not touch the ground. The figure is also not fully seated on the rock. in the penultimate picture the figure is presumably sitting on the same rock, since the same L-shaped iron rod is sitting in front of it. But the background, even allowing for the alteration of the angle, looks different. The "sexy cowgirl" theme - not sure what the photographer and designer had in mind there. But the figure looks to me like she's playing along, doing what she's directed to do. Every shot is distinctly posed. Nobody sits or stands that way unless they are playing a role. People don't sit with their arms akimbo in three-quarter profile, as in the penultimate photo. All of that is deliberate. Maybe it's meant to be a contrast between deliberate artificiality (the poses) and pretend casualness (the clothing).

  137. @Manhattan it's bad photography, period...right down to the shiny clean new boot soles.

  138. I always wondered how someone so heavily and relentlessly scrutinized by tabloids could manage to avoid becoming a mental train wreck. This article explains it. Close relationships, strong bonds. Grounding! I was also born on Feb 11 (a b’day we share with Thomas Edison). And I also hate flying! I’m intrigued by the new series previewed here.

  139. The Good Girl. Amazing movie, wonderful acting.

  140. Agree! Excellent film. As was Cake. Anniston can do drama. But the Breakup- plays all the time on TV and it is a hoot.

  141. And ‘Friends with Money.’ Surprisingly deep storyline, great cast.

  142. I am sure this tv show would be awesome. She is a best tv artist ever and is still a role model of many teenagers.

  143. Ms. Aniston has great talent ,she appears to be living and enjoying her life . We all need to be at peace with ourselves and I hope that she is. Good luck with the new show

  144. I’m on the team of people who think the photos were terrible. It seems like someone picked the worst ones, unflattering and awkward.

  145. Jennifer has been my jam since "Office Space." I haven't owned a television since 2011 but I wish her all the very best.

  146. Never seen her in anything and I only know of this woman from seeing her face on magazines and tabloids for donkey's years as I wait in the queue in the supermarket. Sometimes it is reported she is in floods of tears because a man has left her at the alter. Other weeks she is overrun with happiness as she is going to have a baby. Other issues, other weeks. She is living alone and enjoying her new life, different weeks, different tabloids, she is lonely. If I were to hazard a guess, she has now been married about six times with a dozen children. Read the article and she seems like a pleasant person. I hope she is happy.

  147. @MKS, don't know why anyone would take the magazines and tabloids on the grocery checkout lanes seriously. I have watched Friends and it was my mother's favorite show even if she usually didn't get the double entendres. I will now check out her movies. I've always liked her character and down-to-earth persona. She is the proverbial girl next door.

  148. I could never understand why people fawn over Anniston. For an actor with such average talents (and poor attendance rates in her movies) she's had a dream run so far. OK, good luck to her.

  149. @Realworld Why do people fawn over anyone. Celebrity worship is a sickness, and shows the demented mentality of your average citizen. Coming her to comment even hurts my psyche.

  150. @Realworld Pretty unnecessary on your part. Didn’t add anything to the conversation, is actually not true, and also unkind.

  151. @Lulu Spot-on, Lulu, but sadly, unkindness appears to be the coin of the realm. Deeply buried in the history of the language, to be unkind is, essentially, to be monstrous--"unlike" kin, or type (in this case, human type). So, inhuman, inhumane...monstrous. So, unkind is a powerful, powerful word from an age when words has so much power, people were more careful with them.

  152. you know, i can honestly say that i too, am one of those people persons that just catch / caught glimpses of her in expose articles, and from all the films i've seen, which are only a few. very very, like 2. i'll always remember from friends / and office space. my life? pretty much the same! and that is NOT bad whatsoever!

  153. So Anchorman as a drama. Nice.

  154. I'm sorry-why is there so much doom around 50? She's healthy, lucky for all the opportunities she's gotten--guess grateful is not a "goddess" virtue...........

  155. @TWShe Said Why is there doom around 50? I don't know, maybe because you are facing old age death pretty soon, and there are thousands of different beliefs about what happens to you afterward, and that what takes you may be something extremely painful and may drain every cent you have and you may end up dying in urine-soaked squalor, like my father, or alone on the floor, like my mother? That may be why.

  156. @Zellickson Aniston is probably well invested--pretty sure destitute scenario -0% probability

  157. I'm always rooting for Jenn. Hope her new show is a hit!

  158. I think Ms. Anniston deserves better than the odd and strangely unflattering photos accompanying this piece of mild puffery. She has tons of talent and has handled herself with humor and grace through stuff none of us should even know or care about. I wish her well with her new show.

  159. @sunandrain How would you prefer she look? Weirdly airbrushed? How does anyone look standing in their own back yard? I was lucky enough to wait with her at a crosswalk in Studio City for the light to change. Little or no makeup. She gave me a polite smile and I blubbered something stupid about the weather. Hands down the most beautiful person I have ever met. Good luck to her.

  160. I read this article and wonder whether it is trying too hard to make it look like Jennifer Aniston is a striver who has overcome a bunch of obstacles to her success. She has been pretty darn successful for 30 years. Jennifer Aniston created an iconic character in Rachel Green on a show which, years later, is still wildly popular, and has had a wonderful career since then by any standard. She has the money, contacts and freedom to choose the types of roles she wants and the medium in which she wants to see them. She essentially picks her co-stars, executive produces her projects and has a hand in writing them. On a personal front, she's appears to have a slew of supportive female friends. Sure, the marriage thing hasn't worked out but she has hardly been without male attention if she wanted it. She also still is radiant and lovely at age 50, the result of great genes and the time and resources to take good care of herself. Jennifer Aniston appears to have put together a great life. I just don't get the "Poor Jennifer, Finding Herself at 50" theme. She is fantastic. Period.

  161. She missed out on a lot in life, especially no children. She will feel increasingly lonely and irrelevant as time goes by. We are all mortal creatures. I do not recommend following her model. It is based on self centeredness, and will leave her sad.

  162. @rich williams I do not think that Ms. Anniston sees herself as being a role model. And your judgement about her future is both unfair and does not consider the fact that a woman who has maintained a close relationship to the same women over many years probably will have a happy life in old age in spite of its accompanying problems. Having children is not a positive that one's old age will be a happy one because of it.

  163. This comment, of course, was written by a man. A woman can’t be fulfilled unless she has children? Get your head out of the Fifties!

  164. @rich williams Hahahaha, that's rich, Rich! You wish.

  165. I like Jennifer Aniston and wish her the best. Too bad it is on Apple because I am not paying for one more pay-to-watch subscription. Everyone is getting into the act and it is out of control. Someone needs to consolidate all of them (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple, and all of the ones I am missing.) Does anyone else think this way?

  166. @Nancy Schneider You mean start cable again?

  167. @Nancy Schneider ~ Yes, I think the same about too many subscription TV channels. I would love to watch J A's new show but for many reasons will not subscribe to Apple TV.

  168. Aniston is not only a superb TV comedienne, but is considered a serious actress by those who saw her wonderful performances in films like The Good Girl, The Object of My Affection, and Cake. I imagine that she must hate going to the supermarket where distorted tabloid versions of her life are in constant supply on the magazine racks. Yet despite this downside of fame, she keeps doing the work she loves -- some misses, some hits. I hope her new TV show will be a success.

  169. I loved her in The Object of My Affection. What a gem of a movie!

  170. She is a very talented person. Glad she is getting a meaty role. I always thought she is way more attractive than Jolie, but cannot quite say why.

  171. @kjMore attractive because she's more genuine and more organic.

  172. Could the Times have waited more than five min after the Pitt article to do the Aniston one? Such an US Weekly mentality.

  173. C’mon, NYTimes. First the Brad Pitt puff piece, now the Aniston puff piece. You think they both have movies/ TV projects to promote? I thought that was for Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. There was nothing of value in either article except to draw interest in their latest endeavors.

  174. Gotta comment on the photos here. Of all the photos that could have been taken of Jen, all the amazing photographers that the New York Times has access to- and these are the images chosen ?? I realize that the late Peter Lindbergh has floated off to a place reserved for the godheads of craft... but if you are going to use Sandy Kim.... then let the photos be true to her style. I am not sure if these were edited or Jen was given " photo approval " but in my opinion she would have been better off using a selfie stick and a ring light. Pity.

  175. Nice gossipy commercial for Apple TV. How much did they pay you?

  176. Give me a break...a black, lacy bra? Button your shirt already. Here stylist should be fired. These photos are awful! What’s that piece of rusty iron she’s sitting next to? I know, I’m being sexist, but if Brad Pitt wore an outfit so awful and posed for photos this bad, he’d be criticized, too.

  177. Why was ink and time wasted on this?

  178. Wow! An article about Jennifer Aniston but nothing about 9/11 and how it transformed the US and the world. Strange editorial choices.

  179. @Clarice not true. The times has a great article about 9/11 I guess you didn't see it. Its about the trauma the survivors suffered and how they are still suffering today.

  180. She displays all the personality and warmth of a 5# bag of flour.

  181. @Jeffruby You're confused -- you're looking in the mirror, and that would be YOU you're describing, which would explain much.

  182. Last week an NYT article on Brad Pitt "finding himself". This week NYT articles about Jennifer Aniston "finding herself" and Tina Turner "finding herself". Seems like a lot of famous and ridiculously rich entertainment people are finding themselves lately. Why don't I care?

  183. @Redfish Perhaps because you've found yourself?

  184. One of the least interesting actors of her generation, whose first hit TV show was an insipid idiotic bore. Another ”celebrity” whose entire career is a testament to the insatiable American desire for superficiality and juvenilia. An actor whose lack of artistic talent was no bar to immense wealth. Only in America, where inanity and superficiality reign supreme, could a pretender like Aniston ride the wave to riches and fame.

  185. @Space Needle Having watched "Friends" just once, made me stay away from these brainless shows forever. The same happened when I watched The Apprentice once. Now we have an apprentice in the Oval Office, and a mad one at that, while a celebrity gives a puff piece of an interview and the NYT wastes serious black ink on her self congratulations. An actress playing a TV morning show moderator. Wow, that really demands some serious acting, doesn't it?

  186. @Space Needle Have you ever seen any of the Brit comedies? Some are clever but some are downright awful and would never attract very many viewers here except for snobs who go for the accent only. She has had a very good career and good for her. I love, love, love "Friends." I find myself quoting lines from the show. But, seriously, what is with the soles of the shoes in that first picture?

  187. The article profiles Anniston as professional and ambitious-so why are the photos of the actress like a model photo shoot?

  188. @Kayla---my immediate thoughts exactly...the overly staged photos kill any authenticity to this story.

  189. She was amazing in "Cake".

  190. So many haters on this thread, if you only know her from her NBC series then you need to get out more and actually watch some of her movies. I can recommend three that are quite good. The Good Girl Derailed The Breakup

  191. @Margo Channing Her acting is good, but the movies she has been in have been pretty bad. That overshadows the perception of her talent.

  192. @Margo Channing She's a competent actress, but she's not Vivian Leigh, or Bette Davis, come to think of it. And no, I wouldn't want to see her as "Margo Channing," either. Criticizing an actress or not appreciating her paltry body of work is not "hate" or being a "hater." I literally have never seen a more idiotic expression than "hater" in my life.

  193. I can't think of anything I would want to watch less than a show about a morning show. I turned them all off 18 months ago.

  194. lovely article. Gave such a real insight into Jennifer Anniston is. I loved it.

  195. I’d be delighted to see this actress show us her true abilities, which I think are strong. It’s always seemed to me that her work since “Friends” has been encumbered by guardedness. Whatever mechanisms she’s used to put up some barrier against the crushing indignity of stardom have followed her into the movie set. I hope she can really burst forth now. It’s time.

  196. What do these harsh comments say about us? Women are frustrated about the narrow trail society allows us to walk. We can’t be too heavy or too old. We are supposed be sexy and have kids and work like crazy (stay home or in the game) and have a great spouse and magically dodge ageism. It’s really exhausting and I think that is why Aniston or even Hillary can become a piñata.

  197. I clicked on this story thinking I’d read a nice piece about one of America’s favorite actors. She looks amazing and seems more comfortable with herself than ever. Right on, Jennifer. Then I clicked on the comments thinking I’d read some thoughtful, intellectual comments about the themes of Aniston’s new work (ageism, sexism). But instead, the comments are filled with bitter women (or people pretending to be women) who are trolling and, ironically, making personal attacks and ageist, sexist remarks. Stunning. Why? Jealousy or insecurity? I don’t get it. Women don’t seem to have each other’s backs the way men do. Dear women: What’s up with that? Women have amazing potential to be a powerful force in the world (and I might add raise boys to behave better) IF they would stop tearing each other apart and start acting like a community... that’s what men have done for millennia. Don’t you think it’s time to change that?

  198. @Misplaced Modifier having one's back for the sake of having one's back is not a thing.

  199. @Misplaced Modifier It’s called ‘internalized misogyny’ and will curse us until more women learn how it operates.

  200. @Misplaced Modifier Since when did the performing arts get to be a teenage fan forum? For cryin' out loud, she's an ACTOR, not Mother Theresa.

  201. Yeah, some of Aniston's movies are fluff, but so what? I like a bit of fluff now and then. I saw Murder Mystery on Netflix and I rather enjoyed it. I don't have a TV but if I get a chance to stream her new show on my computer I will give it a chance.

  202. I hereby demand that the pundits and editorial board or whichever protocol rates these profoundly shallow, semi loving comments aka sharp incisive critiques aka trivial sitcom laugh track fodder, they still do this, don’t they (artificial laughter)? Anyhow, she looks better than most everybody. If sitcom falters, cosmetic commercials probably pay beautifully.

  203. I've only seen her in Friends. I likely won't see her new show as I've not watched TV in 20+ years. But I've always liked her, and wish her well in everything she does. She seems down-to-earth, and a wonderful girlfriend. I know of no woman who doesn't highly value a good girlfriend. I agree, however, that the photos here are awful. I was distracted at first, thinking how unflattering and strange....then I thought kudos to Jen for allowing them to be used anyway.

  204. @Barbara, I didn't find them awful at all, although perhaps not the most flattering. But I'm neither the subject nor the editor, just the observer who was happy to observe.

  205. We’re allowed not to like her without being called sexist or “women hating on women”. I’m a woman of the same age as she is and did not care for “Friends” or anything to do with her. There are dozens of other female actors I much prefer, like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who also came to fame in the ‘90s and continues to be extraordinary. Again, please stop politicizing a dislike of a particular woman as something more than simply a dislike. She doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea.

  206. These pictures are actually great. They say something about Californian-ness and innate youthfulness. They remind us of Barbra Streisand's beauty 'What's Up Doc'. They also suggest a possible future project wherein Aniston plays a women looking for her never-aging father, played by Iggy Pop.

  207. @Chris Whoa! Iggy pop has aged, but he isn't getting old.

  208. @Al I agree. Old and Iggy can't exist in the same universe.

  209. Sounds like she's having fun and keeping on keeping on. Good for her. Hard to believe she been around that long. I "discovered" friends long after it had gone off the air and it's a little dated, but still funny. She has real friends and is forging forward and that's all any of us can do. Oh yeah, and she likes dogs. So we know she's ok.

  210. Jennifer Aniston has always been at the absolute top of my celebrity crush list, and this article does nothing but validate that. The only disheartening thing I learned here was that like me, she grew up an Upper West Sider, and now I’m left to bemoan the fact that our paths never crossed when she lived here! With all her success, fame and fortune, it’s just so terrific that she is such a cool, down to earth person. (i submit that a self-proclaimed “dog lady” could be nothing else.) Having been a part of a few network morning programs myself, I would naturally have had The Morning Show on my must-see list, but Aniston’s participation only underscores that commitment.

  211. I saw a five minute trailer of The Morning Show and Jennifer's performance looked excellent. She seems to have reached a good place in her life. Go Girl.

  212. People must read these articles about celebrities and identify with TV personalities. I've seen the named when I stand in line at the grocery store. It strikes me as odd that someone would take time to even consider them. Are followers looking for something extraordinary because they fail to find the ordinary extraordinary? Are there special people out there and what makes them special? It's 520 am here in the West, We are getting ready to move a sick baby up the coast to a tertiary hospital. The cleaner here in the ER raised 6 children as a single mom, comes in and works all night for her kids.... but I'm making a boring story. It sounds like stoner talk but I'll say it anyway. This is all there is! The verticalness of life...this shifting, moving event is much more satisfying than living in a world of description. Jets, sitting in circles, living in big houses, talking about the big ME and ME special feelings...ME special experiences. I just can't get excited for these "special" people and their "special" struggles. It's the whole setup of ME that believes wholeness is in the future and when that is obtained

  213. @Thomas What I don't understand is someone taking the time to write a NYT comment such as yours. Why? We're all aware there are far more serious issues in the world, and some of us even care about those issues. That shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying a TV show, writing an article about Jennifer Aniston, enjoying a sporting event, or reading the NYT.

  214. @Thomas and yet you take time to put the article down. Why? When you are so busy?

  215. @Thomas And yet here you are, writing a long comment!

  216. I will take almost any opportunity to talk about cake -- I mean Cake, the film, which I thought was quite good. I feel the same about dumplings or at least spaetzle. Dumplin' though? Not so much. I hope this new show consults at least a bit with Ashton Applewhite. Lastly, I need the plants in these photos!

  217. It’s funny ( maybe not so much ) how all the haters took time out of their day to hate . You could have passed the article by ?

  218. As a New York woman ten years her senior, I can say that Jennifer Aniston is one of the very few famous actresses I'd want to have a cup of coffee with. She seems so incredibly normal. One last thought: Brad Pitt is out of his mind.

  219. Well the obsession with everything just right could be an annoying deal breaker. Not saying it’s a character flaw or anything but it could be too much.

  220. @Tom Hayes, funny you should say that. I think Brad Pitt traded in Anniston for a woman who not only had an obsession with everything being just right (according to her own opinions) but also wanted to control him completely.

  221. 50's are a wonderful time in a woman's life. You're beyond the need to please others, simply to be accepted or liked. You start to see the world for what it really is and you're perfectly fine with who and what you are. My older body shell is showing the wrath of time and yet, oddly enough, I don't feel defeated but empowered. With age comes wisdom, strength and freedom. Growing older is a blessing not a curse. Embrace your age, be kind to yourself and celebrate your life.

  222. I disagree with Anniston. Aging does give a freedom to just care less. Care less about what other people think and about keeping up with the neighbors. It's an amazing experience!

  223. @Katherine Cagle Katherine, it depends upon who you are. I know more than one or two people past 50 who are very worried and don't feel so free. While they may be very talented, the job market is not particularly friendly to people over 50 and health issues can emerge. Add in the cost of health insurance, the disappearance of pensions, the high cost of living, and suddenly what ought to be the so called "Golden Years" can be a scary nightmare.

  224. I agree. 50, 60, even 70 can be a breeze if you've got millions in the bank and a career and friends. You can even afford plastic surgery! Which most people with careers I need Hollywood do. Not bitter; just realistic.

  225. I hope her new show goes well. I've always enjoyed her work. As for 50, well, I wouldn't mind being 50 again. It is all a matter of perspective, I suppose.

  226. As beautiful as ever and more relaxed. I wouldn’t want to live my life on the cover of tabloids, she has handled it well.

  227. That Jennifer Aniston really is a good kid and a good friend. Not many around, in my experience. Makes me want to use the old line, What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

  228. @Jim Muncy Totally agree. Well said.

  229. How many of you critics have a successful acting career with 30 year old besties? Wow...angry and jealous is the theme.

  230. @Birdman It has nothing to do with "jealousy" and certainly not "anger" -- some people just appeal (as performers) to others and some don't. It's subjective and not everyone is a fawning groupie. She's a very competent actress, but to many people she does not have what was called in the silent era "It."

  231. I would like to let Ms. Aniston know that now that she's 50 it's all uphill from here. Contrary to everything we've ever been told, life is so much better after 50. I look forward to seeing her in "The Morning Show" and anything else she puts her time into.

  232. @Morgan This is true. I feel like I'm just hitting my stride at 65!