Taking the Pulse of a Sandstone Tower in Utah

Castleton Tower, near Moab, pulsates at about the rate of a human heartbeat as it taps into the earth’s natural vibrations.

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  1. This is is so interesting! Along with the article about plants talking recently, it is becoming clear that our environment lives and breathes along with us. Or do we breathe with them? Fascinating how the rocks beat similar to our own heartbeat. Another reason to protect the earth, as if there weren’t enough reasons already. Thank you NYT for these articles.

  2. @Jane It's really only our sense of self importance that allows humans to think that we are apart, and not a part of the universe in which we reside.

  3. @Jane Bad news for vegans.

  4. I have climbed Castleton 1.5 times (didn’t summit on the first attempt). Climbers know at a gut level that the rocks on which we play, sweat, struggle and scare ourselves are alive. This article just confirms it. Fascinating. Thank you.

  5. "Everything is vibration" - Einstein

  6. Who will prefer the jingle of jade pendants if he once has heard stone growing in a cliff? ~Lao Tzu

  7. I've always said that rocks speak and stones sing. I know tis so 'cause I've heard them in the wind. Great that they're making a "rock star" (ugh!) of Castleton. Maybe someone will listen and learn?

  8. Tall buildings also have natural vibration frequencies. Earthquakes stimulate vibrations in tall objects, especially if they shake at or near the object's natural vibration frequency.

  9. This is way cool. I'm reminded of the Harmoniums in Kurt Vonnegut's masterpiece, "The Sirens of Titan." In the novel, Harmoniums are the only known lifeforms on the planet Mercury; they live in caves, stretched across the walls where they harvest the planet's natural vibrations, which they use as their only energy source. *Theoretically*, it's possible. Hmmm.....

  10. This brings to mind a phenomenon popularly known as the "Taos Hum" (although similar things have been reported elsewhere). This article would seem to confirm that it (or at least something) is actually there, though not everyone can sense it. Maybe some people (and animals) are sensitive enough in a certain way to pick up these vibrations? (And maybe the same applies to how some animals are said to sense impending earthquakes...)

  11. @Joel If you're in earthquake country and you hear a wave of barking dogs approaching... Get safe. They can feel the vibration. My deaf dog still stops and looks around during thunder.

  12. @Q This phenomenon can also signal a skunk wandering through the neighborhood ... it’s when the barking stops that you really need to watch out (and shut the dog door!).

  13. @Joel A vibration at the heart rate frequency would be difficult to "hear"... 60 bpm, 1 Hz? People who claim to be able to hear the Taos Hum say that it sounds like a low frequency hum, a few hundred Hz.

  14. Fascinating. If the readers here will allow my digression. As the philosophers have long pointed out All is one and One is all. And as it is above so it is below. Everything in the Universe is a physical manifestation of bounded (as well as unbounded) energy. Perhaps this "heart beat" is a resonance that carries on well beyond our planet. A metronome pace being put down by a principle behind it all; a conductor continually guiding the orchestra in a symphonic performance of life and reality. Look around isn't it apparent? We live within an endlessly evolving work of high Art, the beauty of which constantly surprises us in ever unfolding discovery. John~ American Net'Zen

  15. @John "As the philosophers have long pointed out..." Really?! I am pretty sure that relatively few philosophers have made such a claim and I am glad to know at least Nietzsche would gleefully disagree.

  16. @Andrew "When all are one and one is all" is the third to last line in Stairway to Heaven. That makes it true. Or something.

  17. This article mentions some effect from cell phones. Recently a bee keeper let us know that the "vibrations" from cell phone use are signaling "danger" to bees which makes them not stick around. They are needed for pollination. It's scary!

  18. Nice story. But not much in the way of science. And yes, I too can go on and on about how this is because of the cosmic dance of Shiva. But I bet we will see a lot of hippies going there to gather the energy. As long as some fee is collected and the Republicans don't give it all to some mining or drilling company..

  19. @Anon, thanks for the link. Very interest In article.

  20. I have heard that every object, including every building, has its own "natural frequency" if it is struck. The late J. Reilly Lewis said the first time he played the organ at the Washington National Cathedral, he played one of the lowest notes on its pedals, and the whole cathedral resonated with that pitch.

  21. I see no one has mentioned the ultimate in vibration. In the early 1960's, Chevrolet flew, by helicopter one of their newest automobiles to the top of Castle rock for a TV ad. A woman model was also flown to the top of the tower and sat in the auto as the ad was filmed. The model was told NOT to get out of the auto since she could have fallen to her death. The rock/tower is beautiful. It should be left alone and not despoiled by the masses looking for good "vibrations". But observed from a distance for its beauty.

  22. The Japanese Zen master, Dogen, in the 1200's, wrote a fascicle in his magnus opus "Shobogenzo" about "mountains walking". What, in existence, can be said to be static? Exhilarating article! We have ever more grooving buddies than we thought.

  23. I really enjoyed this article, yet it reminds me of how much superstitious nonsense abounds about quartz and its reputed powers to "cleanse negative energy" and how scientists just don't understand this <>. Humans, by themselves, have the power to cleanse a lot of "negative energy" if they put their imagination, rational mind and two hands towards creating better alternatives.

  24. I have experienced incredible energy flow from Red Rocks for decades. How validating is his discovery? Very!