Imran Khan: The World Can’t Ignore Kashmir. We Are All in Danger.

If the world does nothing to stop the Indian assault on Kashmir and its people, two nuclear-armed states will get ever closer to a direct military confrontation.

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  1. Kashmir wants international attention, Otherwise this would create a chain reaction and would result in a catastrophe.

  2. Beautifully describe the core of the issue by the Imran Khan. The way he narrated the issue the way best possible accurate and true .

  3. Well written. The world should see this as a warning, a nuclear war is imminent.

  4. @Zubair And the international community is responsible for the war?

  5. I see Prime Minister of Pakistan trying his best to draw world's attention to a human crisis that has a full potential of turning into an apocalypse. The world must step in - before the time runs out- to mediate and solve the issue of Kashmir between India and Pakistan without favoring any of the two.

  6. @Usman according to 1971 Shimla Agreement signed by leaders of both country, Kashmir has to be solved bilaterally without involving any 3rd party.

  7. @Usman fully agreed with your comment as a Pakistani. We aren't greedy for an inch of Kashmir's land. All we want is an end to decades of oppression they've been suffering under indian occupation. We'll welcome them wholeheartedly if they want to be a part of Pakistan but if they want to be an independent state we have no reservations on it at all. Resolving IOK criris ain't a favour on Pakistan. It's a favour for 7 million indigenous Kashmiri people who are against india's illegal occupation of their lands.

  8. @Usman will Pakistan take 250 million Muslims from India, who were supposed to go to Pakistan during 197 partition?

  9. Our prime minister has always shown maturity & have extended the offers of peace to the hostile neighbor India but response from India has always been devoid of diplomatic norms . His resolve to promote peace is endorsed by his gestures of opening Kurtarpur border for Sikh community , returning the captured pilot of India without any preconditions , offering US to help them safely leave from Afghanistan .The world leaders should show responsibility & make India realise that to live in this world you have to let other live . Kashmiris should be given the right to choose their fate .

  10. Unfortunately, current U.S. administration is unlikely to show leadership. I do hope the UN can do the job of peaceful mediating.

  11. Imran Khan is man of peace and I appreciate his efforts for peaceful resolution of Kashmir. Its world's responsibility to bring india to table. If these crisis lingers on and Kashmiri people carry on suffering then world should also read between line what Imran Khan is saying, I will say directly it's a nuclear war head on. Who will win no one knows but world will suffer. Time is now to act and end the Kashmir suffering by a brutal regime otherwise We all have to pay a price whether we like it or not.

  12. IMRAN KHAN'S CLAIMS AND PLEAS Seem worthy of support. Indeed, if his goal is to defuse the dangerous situation between two nations that possess nuclear weapons, then world leaders would do well to focus adequate attention and resources to support the resolution of the conflict. The leadership in the US is incapable of rational intervention. So I hope that other leaders will intervene so that India and Pakistan can walk back from the brink of disaster.

  13. The Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan in his letter very clearly gave a red signal to the leaders of the world that if they don't wake up, if they don't take a bold initiative, a nuclear war between India and Pakistan is inevitable, and eventually it will perish 250 million people of the Indian-subcontinent. Unfortunately, there is no any second option, other than to sit down and talk, and resolve the dispute of Kashmir once for all.

  14. @Haider Ali, What are the "leaders" supposed to do. This is an Indian-Pakistani problem. They had better start solving it.

  15. Wonder-boy Jared Kushner should be able to resolve this issue with the same deftness and skill he used to resolve the Mid-East logjam. Maybe what Kashmir really needs is a Trump Resort.

  16. @Rethinking I don't think the rest of the world is waiting with bated breath for the United States to come marching in and solve all their problems.

  17. Considering Trump can’t find India on a map and for him, Kashmir is just a name on Melanie’s sweaters, good luck getting Steve Miller to give a hoot about this issue until the first nuke is launched. Other adults will have to prevail. The US is out to lunch on any high level negotiations until 2020.

  18. @Clay The Western world is not welcome here. Trump is doing the right thing, we do not welcome their interference!

  19. It's the high time for the world to act sanely and focus on this global threat. Kashmir is under brutal lockdown for about a month now, surrounded by the armed forces. If the situation escalates, and leads to direct confrontation of two nuclear-armed nation, it would mean the extinction of the human civilization. Act now or never.

  20. Mr Khan should go back and refresh his memory about the Simla Agreement. That was the only time when Pakistan saw the light and realized that only peaceful solution for Kashmir is for it to divide up Kashmir along the Line of Control, have some easy movement of people between the two sides, and move on. Unfortunately, Pakistani army that in reality controls Pakistani politics, has no desire to give up on Kashmir since it has been its "golden goose" for decades. Only then will a Pakistani PM be a free agent to make the necessary decisions.

  21. @IS The Simla agreement starts off by linking the releationship between the two countries with the Principles and Purposes of the Charter of the United Nations which itself enshrines the principle of self determination! "That the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations shall govern the relations between the two countries; " Everything else follows from there. How can India run away from it?

  22. @IS The Simla agreement starts off by linking the releationship between the two countries with the Principles and Purposes of the Charter of the United Nations which itself enshrines the principle of self determination! "That the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations shall govern the relations between the two countries; " Everything else follows from there. How can India run away from it?

  23. @IS Deflection is not the solution

  24. The whole point of third world countries acquiring nuclear weapons is that it allows them to ignore pressure from the outside.

  25. @disappointed liberal I'm not 100% convinced that it's any different with world powers...

  26. @disappointed liberal If only the US could have continued cherry-picking and bullying the good old 3rd world countries with its nuclear arsenal. Oh wait, it still does that

  27. I remember Mr. Khan when he played cricket for Pakistan - one of the most handsome accomplished cricketer ever. His rise in politics in Pakistan without any other dynastic considerations is a testament to his popularity and ambition. The problem, he has is the baggage his country carries from the past including this century - and the most defining terrorist attack 9/11. Pakistan sheltered many of the alleged 9/11 conspirators and eventually, we killed Osama on Pakistan soil - a few yards away from military headquarters. So, Pakistan has a lot to come over before it is believed that it has peaceful intentions - just with India. And someone should remind him that his constant reference to nuclear tipped, nuclear neighborhood etc - does not scare anybody any longer. If anything, we have learned from North Korea is using these horrible weapons is a lot harder than talking of using them. What I would prefer Pakistan to do is remove this Kashmir issue once and for all - by agreeing to a division just like India and Pakistan. For too long, Kashmir has been used as a weapon itself to stymie efforts of all Kashmiris to move past its creation. Just as Koreas have accepted division and at least South Korea has gone on to prosper - Pakistan may want to leap over this Kashmir hurdle once and for all. And pakistan then devotes its energy to it's own development.

  28. @Neil wouldn’t it be more appropriate that the Kashmiris choose their future themselves by a referendum?

  29. @Neil Pakistan and US were part of the alliance under Charlie Wilson’s war on communism. The world stage witnessed an eleven year war from 1979 to 1990 in rugged Afghanistan, and when the play was over, like spoiled kids we left the playground in a mess. The same actors we supported (aka Taliban) evolved into monsters, programmed to wreak havoc across the globe. Pakistan acquired 4 million Afghan refugees not knowing what to do with them. Should we have had a better plan to rebuild Afghanistan? Divide and rule which we learnt from the Brits still is a standard practice for many governments. Brits proudly proclaimed that the sun never set on their empire. Fast forward to 2019 and we are living witnesses of an empire shrunk on the pile of a coal mountain in what was known as United Kingdom.

  30. @Neil, And Pakistan is willing to set this issue aside post 2002. President Musharraf and PM Vajpai were about to sign agreement to resolve it which would potentially have resulted freezing the status quo and open people movement across two kashmirs. Until someone from Indian security stopped their PM from signing. So the tale said from commentators in both India and Pakistan

  31. The world must listen to Imran Khan words. Imran Khan is an Oxford graduate and he wants the region to develop it as Europe or West but on the other side of the border, an illiterate person who was a tea seller and later on was the member of Hindutva extremists organisation RSS is a prime minister that is not only a threat to Pakistan, but to India and the whole region as well. It's time for the UN whether they will help oppressed Kashmiris this time or will stand by the powerful as in the past. But this time, it will lead to a Nuclear war between the two countries which will not only harm these two countries but would also affect the entire world to a great extent.

  32. @Tayyab Khan Marwat India and Pakistan are neighbors. Atomic bombs create radioactive waste, which will poison both countries. Not a solution!

  33. @Tayyab Khan Marwat Mr. Khan may be a oxford graduate but that does not qualify him to be intellectually fit to take on the world problems. If Modi was a tea seller, Khan was a cricket player. Mr. Khan has married three times and now lives with a ultra religious woman who gives him "spiritual" guidance under the pretext of a hijab .. hmm. Kashmir always belonged to India. PoK exists due to the spineless behaviour of Nehru. I find it assuming that Pakistanis bring up the issue of nuclear powers. Having nuclear bombs (given by China to pakistan BTW) does not qualify a nation as strong. pakistan needs to first uplift its uneducated masses, bad economy, religious fundamentalism before even coming close to India

  34. An apt, calculated, and to the point view given by Prime Minister Imran Khan. He is desperately trying his best to diffuse the alarming situation but the leaders of the world are not even ready to listen because they are appeasing India to secure their economic interests. What to do with these economies when all of the world is under catastrophic threat!

  35. @Ahmad Desperately trying to diffuse the situation? that's the most funny statement I came across today. Everyone knows what he is desperate for :D

  36. @Ahmad All about money.

  37. I can't care about everything going wrong in the world. I live with mental illness, and the constant barrage of disasters, wars, corruption, and tragedy harm my mind deeply. We are all told to "pay attention," but can we really do that? Some of us, literally to preserve our sanity, cannot. I care, but I don't care.

  38. Hi. As a Kashmiri if my opinion is to be sought which seems to be highly unlikely given that we were ripped off our constitutional rights( not to speak of human rights), I would like most of kashmiris say give us a right to decide about ourselves. In a modern world where referendum is planned and executed in a quick span of time why should I have to wait for mine for 72 years. Does might mean everything? If so then I agree with Mr Khan when he says world is appeasing India like Munich. Hope people have the spine to question the power!

  39. Mr Khan says ‘I wanted to normalize relations with India through trade and by settling the Kashmir dispute, the foremost impediment to the normalization of relations between us.’ The current administration in India has taken a step to open Kashmir up to trade and business like the rest of India - which it could not do earlier. Both public and private investments are planning projects which will benefit economic growth for Kashmiris as it has for the rest of India. The average Kashmiri will finally see sustained economic prosperity for generations to come. How can Mr Khan propose anything remotely close in offer when his nation has significant debt. Is this op ed a call for investors to Kashmir? Doesn’t seem like it. Of course the solution is not easy but we should give Indian economic investment in Kashmir a solid chance.

  40. @Muro Ghonto Why not give them the right for referendum as indian national father Nehru agreed upon. As UN resolution says. If people there are really happy with indian government they will vote for it surely. and why there is curfew for 20 days. Let the people there celebrate the wonderful step indian government has taken for them. Let them come out from their homes to streets to celebrate.

  41. @Nasrullah Nawaz: Mr.Nawz and others who keep harping on 'Plebiscite': Before holding a Plebiscite, the requirements as defined by UN have to be met.1) Pakistan should vacate POK.2). The population should be restored to 1948 levels ie: all the Hindus who were expelled from Kashmir should be resettled and 3) India should withdraw keeping a force necessary to preserve peace. When these UN charter conditions are met, then a plebiscite can be held

  42. @Muro Ghonto Money will not solve the issues of Kashmiris, it’s the ultimate right of self determination for Kashmiris which is at the root of the problem. Your oversimplified version how India should look like is embarrassing. It’s not the plot of a Bollywood movie, with a happy ending.

  43. Mr. Khan, first of all, welcome to the pages of an influential western paper. We all want to end violence, and achieve peace and demilitarization, and not only in Kashmir, but in Palestine, Syria, and all corners of the globe. However, the similarities our interests and motives may perhaps end there. Some quick history is in order. For it was indeed 1. the forceful voice of Jinnah and the Muslim League, against the voice of Gandhi, for separation that caused the perilous Partition, in 1947. 2. It was Pakistani military intransigence at the time of Partition that led the Maharaja of Kashmir to accede to India, in 1947. 3. And it was again Pakistani military intransigence in 1999 in the Kargil War, that caused India to further fortify the Line of Control, and create deep distrust with Pakistan. 4. Indian-controlled Kashmir has been a part of India since 1947. How it is administered is an internal matter to India. But in reviewing past history, we are still at a crossroads. For history does not teach us how to create trust and peace, and how to actually work together to solve problems (such as climate change, resource scarcity, population pressures, and conflicts). I agree we have to work together. But trust must be built up slowly, and credibly. That applies to all countries in the world, not least the US.

  44. @PT Well just to clear some facts, the points you have mentioned are the indian version of the story. I can only agree with point no 3. 1.) Jinnah was active in Congress more the a decade before Mr Gandhi or any of the indian politicians at the time of partition joined politics. His early political mentors were Mr. Dadabhai Naoroji and G. K. Gokahle both senior members of Congress. If you just read his writings from his time in Congress you would find that he strongly advocated for Hindus and Muslims to unite under a single nationalist Indian freedom movement (including his fierce criticism of muslim league). It was 1920 onwards, he became increasingly convinced with the idea of uncertain future for the muslims of subcontinent in the united India due to the attitude of some members of congress. He had agreed to Cripps mission or even as late as 1946 was open to the Idea of united India given that strong provincial autonomy was guaranteed. Unfortunatey it was easier for INC to agree to the division then to adress his concerns. 2.) 1947 invasion of Kashmir by Pashtun Tribals was in response to the Jammu Massacres (please check the dates of events). 4.) Kashmir is not the internal matter of either India or Pakistan but its the decision of the people of Kashmir. For both countries its more like a matter of competing egos than anything else.

  45. @PT Please be part of a solution not the problem! There are principles which civilized nations follow. Unfortunately, the world is witnessing a bull putting 1.3 billion of his countrymen at risk of total annihilation. There are atleast 20 separatist movements within India which will put India on the course of ultimate disaster. While we may send a rocket to the moon, if we haven’t addressed the miseries of teeming millions on “ Maha Bharatiya” all else will be irrelevant.

  46. @PT, About your point 2; In 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh ruler of Sovereign state of Kashmir offered 'stand still' agreement which Pakistan accepted but unfortunately India refused. It can be argued that this was the seed of mistrust. _Sincerely.

  47. We have long needed a strong and effective UN, unimpaired by the Security Council veto. Ad hoc appeals to the "international community" (an oxymoron) are seldom effective.

  48. India has controlled Kashmir de facto since 1948. Now it is merely doing so de jure as well. Pakistan cannot continue to act as if Kashmir is going to be part of Pakistan in the future and to put itself on a war footing to defend land that it will never control. It needs to move on and govern itself effectively. There is no benefit whatsoever to keeping up the facade that this is somehow disputed territory. If I were Mr. Khan, I would give up on Kashmir lock stock and barrel in exchange for large economic concessions.

  49. @David Sher, Agree with the gist of your analysis, but a small correction re: "India has controlled Kashmir de facto since 1948". What India has controlled since '48 is a part of the total disputed territory. There are, broadly speaking, 4 "pieces" of disputed territory in the region: (1) Jammu, and the part of Kashmir under Indian control; (2) to the north and west of that, the part of Kashmir under Pakistani control; (3) a parcel of territory from (2) ceded to the Chinese in 1963; (4) the Aksai Chin area, to the east of Indian-controlled territory, claimed by India and under Chinese control.

  50. This is a fairly one sided opinion piece. Pakistan has taken over parts of Kashmir and conditions there are similar to what they were on the Indian side before curfew hit. The curfew is causing a bunch of inconvenience but they’re doing it temporarily till risk of violence goes down.

  51. @D. Khan No I'm afraid you can't be more wrong. The situation in Pakistan's controlled Kashmir is completely at peace. There is no army presence there nor the people living there ever feel that they are not part of Pakistan. My family is from Kashmir and I just visited my relatives last month. They along with other Kashmiri citizens are on roads taking out rallies in support for their relatives in Indian Kashmir. I know its my word against yours, but really, you can't find a single protest ever in Pakistan's Kashmir against Pakistan government or military in past many decades, whereas the same happen in Indian side of Kashmir almost on daily basis. Everyone is happy in our side and they in fact have more rights than others as they enjoy the Azad Kashmir quota, which ensures that they get selected in Government jobs and education institutions based on the chunky quota they get as opposed to those in Sindh or Balochistan for example.

  52. This is an unwarranted polemic against Narendra Modi, The BJP, The RSS, and India, penned by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. India has nothing to gain by persecuting Kashmiris, or launching a nuclear war. All efforts by the Indian Government today in Kashmir, and beyond, are directed toward ending decades long alienation of Kashmiris, and bringing them into the Indian mainstream. There is no room for nuclear war, or even a conventional war, in the Indian scheme of things, as both would derail economic & social empowerment of Indian masses the current Indian Government has committed itself to.

  53. @Sujeev How is this integrating, unilateral withdrawal of constitutional and human rights? Is it integration with the choice of people?Many learned people would call the integration of people without their wishes colonisation and annexation of a territory which is unheard of in 21st century. Do you even have an idea what a certain decision of hot headedness does to families? Do you know how India has pushed Kashmiris 3000 miles away?

  54. @Sujeev Wonderful thoughts..... let the whole world come to Kashmir and see it for themselves the economic & social development, which is taking place under military curfew for the last one month......

  55. Why has India imposed curfew and prevented any media coverage in Kashmir. What does it wants to hide? Why so fearful of kashmiri people? Does it only care about the territory of Kashmir and not the Kashmiris? The criminal silence of the world will lead to many tragedies in Kashmir. Humanity needs to rise up to save 8 million people from genocide.

  56. I can't fathom India governable as a single state. There are too many disparate parts for it to function as a democracy with a single national identity. The Muslim-Hindu divide has already fractured from India the Muslim nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh and Modi, a dangerous amalgam of George Wallace and Trump, fans the flames of religious zealotry and fratricidal national chauvinism to divert Indians from their arrested and uneven development. India and Pakistan are juxtaposed pools of high octane petrol with Modi flicking lit matches at Pakistan. No one should mistake PM Khan as a belligerent but don't discount Pakistani generals who keep their own agenda and in the past have imposed military rule. Generals aren't usually enthusiasts of diplomacy and won't hesitate to push the button if they think Modi is about to first. This is no clash of civilizations. This is several magnitudes worse. Religious fervor and higher purpose expressed with nuclear weapons. If Trump hadn't so thoroughly trashed America's moral authority and poisoned global amity, the community of nations could credibly intervene as it has in the past with Kashmir. But like the massive conflagrations burning around the world, Trump's bull in a china shop chaos has ignited and left unattended political wildfires that now threaten nuclear Armageddon. It's 3am and the phone in the White House rings. God help us.

  57. @Yuri Asian No negotiations with terrorists and their supporters. Nuclear blackmail doesn't work. Pakistani generals desperately need a new strategy.

  58. This article should be taken as the “canary in the coal mine” illustrating all too real threat to humanity. It’s not all about money and appeasement to get that money, certain things should rise above. I hope and pray they do and sanity prevails.

  59. Clearly, the same mindset that has gripped our country has gripped India. We are concentrated on White Nationalism and India is stuck in Hindisupremacy. They are not going to be interested in changing their tone any more than we appear to be. Those of us here, who are left of center have "objected," but we haven't taken our government serious and as for India, our government is more likely to just pile on at the horror of NATO. I totally agree with Kahn, but I don't know who he can count on for help. The U.S. would certainly block any UN move to help him. A nuclear war would end any chance of combatting Climate Change unless one considers a "Nuclear Winter" a solution.

  60. A really well articulated article stating the factual position in Kashmir. In Pakistan, under Imran Khan's leadership, the political government, army, and intelligence agencies are all on same page for the first time with a resolve that the previous aggressive policies won't be pursued and all will work with only focus towards economic development, social uplift of the poor and peace with neighbors. However the hawkish Indian government backed by their jingoistic media still could not identify nor wants to acknowledge this radical change in Pakistan and just wants to capitalize on the economic hardship faced by Pakistan due to heavy debt servicing burden. Due to their better economic profile now, they want to go into a war with Pakistan which the latter cannot afford to sustain for long, while the super powers like US, Russia and Israel are happy to sell their weapons and arms to both the countries. This is a dangerous game being played by India and the results may be disastrous for the common people in both countries and Kashmir. For India and the world, Imran Khan is the best hope for an everlasting peace in South Asia as for the first time in many decades, Pakistan has got a politician who is not just completely clean and against any form of corruption, but who is genuinely willing to go an extra step to ensure peace and brotherly relationship with India. It will be a wasted opportunity really if Indian Government continues to show hostility in one form or another.

  61. No one can deny the importance of Imran Khan's achievements. He is a man of broad vision and a great leader in fact. Two nuclear states will leave huge impact on upcoming generations if it all nuclear war takes place between Pakistan and india. Mr. Modi should show flexibility in order to maintain peace in society.

  62. This is open offer for peace and stability. Asia is the pivot of economic race. If this will take as usual a daily papper letter. There will a chance for all plans of world powers for Asia will go to garbage basket.

  63. Kudos to PM Khan for not backing down in the face of Indian state brutality. We’re now in the 3rd week of Kashmiri citizens including women and children going without necessary access to communication, life saving medicines and even basic food. The modi government must be held accountable and I urge all Americans to not let this issue be swept under the rug. This is a nuclear flash point and India will try to be the aggressor to ensure its doctrine of might is right is carried thru in Kashmir

  64. Who is this "world" the Khan puts his hopes in? As a safe harbour for terrorists since 1947, his own country lacks credibility but the "world" can't help him there. As such, he should perhaps be more careful who he threatens.

  65. @dW Don't take our wish for peace as our weakness. We are not afraid of death. We are trying to save the world from 3rd world war. You with the whole world are blind that Pakistan has suffered the maximum loss because of terrorism supported by India and Israel.

  66. I really believe that the international world should listen to him. From Day 1 of his premiership even before, he has been trying his best to normalize relationship with India. He has been talking and taking every single step for peace. From invitation of talks to return of indian pilots under extremely hot environment, he has been talking for peace only. Unfortunately india under modi has been developed as extremist india. They are doing the same mistake pakistan did in 80s. Kashmir fortune should be decided by kashmiris only. Let a referendum be done on both Pakistan and Indian kashmir. Let the people decide what they want.

  67. Nothing can be more straightforward and diplomatic as the words of Mr. Khan depicting the severity of the issue. The world authorities share equal responsibility of setting aside their innate monetary benefits and look at the atrocities of Modi and of Indian army. In which world India is living nowadays by supporting it's stance of annexation through curfew and banning the world's media to capture the sentiments of Kashmiris? It's not a threat, it's not a warning but a series of alerts and requests that world should intervene. Please help kasmiri people.

  68. The world must focus on the Kashmir that could cause a nuclear conflict and in the end all of us would be at the loss.

  69. Indeed sad situation in Kashmir. Trump has already hinted at mediation. Should walk his talk.

  70. @UZ. Trump has no intention of upsetting his "good friend" Modi and while he maybe hints at doing something we know that it is just more hot air coming out of this president. Trump has never once walked his talk except aobut his beloved Wall. And, btw, do not let my current address make you think I have no right to speak such about this president.... I am a tax paying American citizen

  71. We as a Pakistani Nation want to make this clear that innocent people of kashmir are not alone. I would request the united nations to implement that UN security counsel resolution that they have passed for kashimir. The right of self determination and independence. This is their democratic right. If the world is not going to play any role for justice for kashmiri people then, they they must ready to face the consequence of nuclear war, as we are ready to go to any extent for our people. I think entire planet and world is going to suffer soon.

  72. I am not a Trump supporter in the least, but I wonder why it is our job to step in to every crisis around the globe. Ever since I’ve been alive, I’ve been lectured by foreign nationals about how the US seeks to dictate how the world is run, and I’ve generally agreed. Well, here’s your opportunity to solve a problem without us foreign devils intervening. Good luck, from the other side of the world.

  73. @Progressive in Ohio I suppose it is because a world without leadership has been tried and found wanting. Is the U.S. perfect, no, but the other alternative, wolves run the show and we sit back and watch makes no sense and does not work.

  74. @Progressive in Ohio He is talking to all nations. This article will not only appear in the US. IT will appear all over the world. Mr Khan is asking for an international coalition.

  75. @Progressive in Ohio He is talking to all nations. This article will not only appear in the US. IT will appear all over the world. Mr Khan is asking for an international coalition. Also, this calls for a leader WITH NUKES. A lot of other countries have foregone having nukes because of a misguided assumption that the US would have sound leadership. Today, Australia, Japan and Germany are considering getting nukes.

  76. World must wake up

  77. Pakistan has always been invited India to come on the table for peace process of the long lasting conflict, but unfortunately, India didn't responded. Pakistan even now wants peace and stabality in the region and globe but conversly Indian current regime is destructing the hope of peaceful environment in the region, and violating the laws of not only UN Security council but also of their owns country. If the world remain silent merely due to their trade and other advantages with India, and overlook the continous atrocities, inhuman act of violence and ill-mannered behavior with innocient Kashmiries, I am afraid that consequences will be too worse. Hope, sense should prevail and world should take concrete measure to resolve this issue, putting their personal advantages aside.

  78. @Muhammad Zahid Sharif A country which is on the verge of getting blacklisted by FATF for funding terrorism is not somebody who should be relied upon for "peace talks". Pakistan is a repeat offender. From 9/11 attacks to Mumbai attacks, almost all major terrorist attacks around the world has links with Pakistan. I think Pakistan should 1st focus on bringing peace within Pakistan than trying it for Kashmiris.

  79. Well said, Mr. Khan. He is a truely peace-maker. The international community must intervene in the current situation of Indian Occupied Kashmir and normalize the relations between two nuclear-armed countries.

  80. Based on the acidity among the commenters and the constant restatement of grievances, it is clear that this will end badly for all involved. This time, though, there will be consequences for the whole world. I can only hope that the US, China, and Russia resolve not to over-react and launch accidental counter-strikes once India and Pakistan start tossing atomics back and forth across their borders.

  81. @JCTeller The problem is that the constant restatement of grievances are not really acknowledged by the Pakistan population at large. While you will find opinions in India that don't agree with the Modi government policies, or the way in which they are implemented - indeed, India is a very vocal and boisterous democracy - I have yet to see a Pakistani opinion acknowledging their government's belligerent role over the decades, starting with aggression in 1947, through several hostilities, including continuous sponsoring of cross-border terrorism, which is the main requirement India has stated for there to be resumption of dialog. With this backdrop, Mr. Khan's appeal to peace rings hollow. I don't know what it will take to solve this problem, but common ground cannot be found without people on both sides acknowledging historical facts.

  82. @MR - You don't get it, do you? India and Pakistan are like the mythical two families arguing for a century over which one owned a river. When two young people from both families fell in love and decided to marry, objections were raised and the feud reached fever pitch. At that point, the two young lovers went down to the river to kill themselves ... which they couldn't, because the river had dried up decades ago.

  83. Bravo Mr. Khan, thank you for showing level headedness and raising awareness on this most imperative issue. Human rights abuses and a claim of self autonomy on disputed land must be respected. The world should pay heed to this dire situation.

  84. I'm no fan of Modi. I'm no fan of the BJP. I'm certainly not in favor of what's going on in Kashmir right now. That being said, Mr. Khan needs to pay attention to his own backyard, specifically reining in his military--whose main mission in life appears to be antagonizing India--and advocating for the Pakistani people, who deserve a better life than what they have now.

  85. @L surely, but that doesnt mean to close your eyes from your borders and let your brothers slaughter

  86. The history is twisted by both sides on the expense of Kashmiri people. Its not that complicated. It was a Muslim majority state that was ruled by a Hindu maharajah. Popular opinion at the time among the masses was that they wanted to go with Pakistan but fearing an attack from Pakistan and losing his power the maharajah joined India. This was his mess up. Pakistan sent fighters to take control of Kashmir. This was their mistake. India never gave the right to choose when it took control of the larger portion of Kashmir. This is a useless debate unless we look forward and just give the Kashmiri people a vote, the right to choose, and I hope they do not join either side because both have failed them one time or the other.

  87. @Freedumb, exactly. Let them decide about their fate.

  88. Pakistan is continue to harbour terrorists and continue to spread venom against India amongst it's populace. If they are sincere for dialogue with India, first close all terrorist camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. As far as UN resolution is concerned, Pakistan has changed the demography of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, ceded an area to China and unilaterally changed the status of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir itself. Hence the UN resolution is defunct. As far as Kashmir is concerned thousands of Kashmiri pandits have been uprooted from their homes by Pakistani sponsored violence and genocide. It's time they return to their home. Abrogation of Article 370 is a purely internal matter of India, as many progressive laws were not applied there and there were hindrance to effective governance. The current security clampdown is purely temporary and are gradually being lifted.

  89. @B Das India is sending terrorist in Balochistan and we have the evidence in shape of Kalboshan Yadive.Indian army is killing innocent kashmiri are not allowing international Media to cover Kashmir because you are hidding truth.

  90. Pakistan prime minister has put his thought forward in the most responsible way to all of us around the world by writing it here, if there is any substance in his claims the world must take note of it and take it's position. Kashmir is a heavenly place and Kashmiris are beautiful people but got the bad name due to the politics around them, India and Pakistan should stay away from anything that leads to war again.

  91. If we truly want peace, Kashmir should be allowed to hold a referendum where they the KASHMIRIS and the people of Kashmir can choose whether they want to side with, including the option of being independent from both nations which is most likely going to be the outcome. Kashmir deserves peace.

  92. @Haiqa @Jernau Gurgeh actual problem started with Pakistan changing demography of area, at present most of POK area people are actually punjabis and they even gave part of their kasmir's side area to China as "gift" So if we wanted referendum as their so called leader Imran keeps shouting, Does Imran has guts to say to China to vacate area they gave to them as he wants a referendum and same time also tell all people who came from other states to sell away property and leave that area same time for that plebiscite, same time even identify who's actually Kashmiri? If not he must shout keep mouth shut and stay silent. present situation voting wont be possible just because they changed area by everything..

  93. Kashimir and kashmiri are part of India. Times, please publish opposing views too, if you are unbiased media.

  94. @Purvang Kashmir was an independent state during the partition of Hindustan. Kashmir never belonged to India, Pakistan, or China in the first place.

  95. @Purvang its kashmiris who have to decide they are part are not a part of india. Let them have right to vote for.

  96. @Purvang I am a Kashmiri living in USA separated from my folks who are in indian occupied Kashmir. I am not allowed to go back and see my family for more than 70 years. Kashmir is not a real estate for anyone to claim. It's people have the legitimate right recognized by UNO and even by India and Pakistan to decide their future. If India is so confident about Kashmiris dieing to join it then let us a fair plebiscite to which both India and pakistan agreed in 1948. There will be no conflict , no war threat and no one to complain.

  97. This would be more convincing if Mr. Khan told us what he actually proposed to India, instead of just saying he had made proposals. For all we can tell from this piece he may have made offers so completely unpalatable to India that they weren't really offers at all. His reluctance to say anything at all about them hints that that was probably the case.

  98. If India intends to do so, they would have from the start; respond to the letter, do the dialogue or rearrange the cancelled meeting to achieve an agreement. From the reading however, they seem to prefer using the hard way.

  99. @Wani - Does Pakistan Prime Minister has any power or control over their armed forces? With whom India has to engage really? When Prime minister Vajpayee was signing a peace treaty in Lahore with Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff, Pakistan army was sending its troups and terrorists in Kargil which lead to a war in 1999. Days after Modi concluded peace talks with Shariff, Pakistani trained terrorists attacked Indian army base at Pathankot and killed the soldiers. So who exactly India should deal with? Pakistan PM? its ISI? or its Army? or the terrorist organisations they keep propping up in one name or other? Pakistan's two faced handling of the situation will no longer help. They have expended all their cards with such duplicity. World stopped believing in Pakistan the day its most dreaded terrorist was hiding few yards from your army HQ.

  100. @Green Tea This is his op-ed, not a policy paper. Things like these are always confidential.

  101. Kashmiris have long desired a referendum. Mr. Khan mentions it in the op-ed. The first UN resolution on Kashmir (no. 47) dates from 1947 when Pakistan first attempted to conquer Kashmir, and was about a third of the way through when it was stopped and pushed back by Indian forces defending the remainder of Kashmir, which by then had been legally acceded to India by the then ruler of Kashmir. The UN resolution describes the manner in which this referendum is to be organised. The first step, clearly stated, is that Pakistan must demilitarize and withdraw from the parts of Kashmir it occupies. I look forward to Mr. Khan honoring the UN resolution he refers to, and announcing that he will take the first step by committing to withdraw all Pakistani forces and agencies from Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

  102. @Jernau Gurgeh, Let india openly say this in UN them to mediate. Pakistan will happily remove iall its forces as these forces are deployed against india only. Then lets have a referendum in both kashmirs in front of the whole world and see and accept what the kashmiris decide.

  103. @Jernau Gurgeh, there's no such thing as 'Pakistan occupied Kashmir' Kashmiris fought for their own liberation from India, and Pakistan administered Kashmir enjoys its autonomy unlike indian occupied part of Kashmir that has been stripped off its autonomy with the abrogation of article 370. With Pakistan army only on borders of Azad Kashmir unlike 7 million indian army officers disrupting the daily lives & suffocating 7 million Kashmiris in IOK (making it the most militarized area of the world) & India's constant violation of LOC rules, its hypocrital to demand Pakistan to leave Azad Kashmir vulnerable to indian attacks There's only one aggressor in this whole situation.

  104. @Jernau Gurgeh That interpretation of UNSCR 47 is incorrect. UNSCR 47, in part 1, calls for Pakistan to make its 'best endeavors' to withdraw all tribesmen & Pakistani nationals. Next, it states that once 'the tribesmen ARE BEING withdrawn', India shall put in place a demilitarization plan agreed upon with the UN. The tribesmen were withdrawn a long time ago, but India never put in place her own demilitarization plan. Secondly, to clarify the vague language of UNSCR 47, the UNCIP issued various reports and the UNSC passed UNSCR 80, which call for a demilitarization plan for BOTH India & Pakistan, negotiated between India, Pakistan & the UN. India rejected almost all proposals that this mechanism came up with. So the onus is on India to restart the negotiations with Pakistan & the UN on demilitarization, by BOTH sides simultaneously, as called for under the UNSC Resolutions.

  105. if Mr.Khan is serious about engaging in constructive dialogue with India, he should immediately stop dross border terror training camps which led to the Indian parliament attack, the terror attack in Mumbai and many other such despicable acts on Indian soil. Pakistan has been a fertile ground for nurturing terrorist ideologies, which not only wreak havoc in India but also in neighbouring Afghanistan. As long as the Pakistani establishment including its military aids and abets terrorism, India will not come to the negotiating table.

  106. @AP He is not even asking for dialogues now. That time has passed.

  107. @AP: Stop wtching Indian movies and news channels they only misleads by creating anti-Pakistan sentiments. Understand and listen what Khan is saying. There is a difference between an Oxford graduate and a chaiwala mentality.

  108. @AP Spies of india are being caught in Pakistan. Your PM openly accepts for terrorist activities in Pakistan. All kashmiri leadership is detained by Indian government. curfew in IOK. Still blame Pakistan. Every one in the world knows about modi and what brutality is being done IOK. only its the big population and trade market because of this population that is putting blanket on the sins of india and its fascist government.

  109. There is no mention of active terrorist training camps operating in Pakistan such as the one struck by Indian fighter planes at Balakot. Until such camps are closed, India has said talks with Pakistan are not possible. There is no mention of millions of minority Hindu Pandits that were driven out of Kashmir valley by supporters of Pakistan. There is no mention that OBL was found hiding in Pakistan. Pakistan is not cooperating fully with the USA regarding Taliban. Pakistan is not a secular state while India is. The list goes on. Pakistan is a failed state that will not honor any agreements reached with US or India. Now, Pakistan is threatening with "we are all in danger". UNSC must immediately impose total sanctions on Pakistan in all matters.

  110. @mds There isn't any terrorists camps in Pakistan Right now, When Terrorists attacks on our army school. We killed all of them. We start a Mission"zarb e azb" And we clear our country. INDIAN army is like about 1.4m And Our is just 0.7m Why we want a war with india? As Imran Khan Say we want peace.

  111. @mds Sir - twisting the facts. Let’s approach the ones relevant to this issue. 1) the Balakot attack was a sadly construed story with Indian government officials unable to provide the relevant evidence nor a agreed body count; this has been widely debunked. This narrative India is building around terror is their way of resisting talks on the matter of Kashmir. Any referendum will lead to an obvious cry for freedom. 2) Millions of Hindu pundits? really? According to the Indian government they numbered in the 10s of thousands. 3) OBL - not relevant, but correct. But you do have a Hindu Nationalist of the RSS leading the show in India today (relevant). 4) the rest of your statements I will not entertain as they are irrelevant and not accurately presented. Please help the world understand what the RSS is, why they support and idolize certain infamous historical figures and why Prime Minister Modi is a part of them. Whilst you are at it, some useful reading references would be: UN Report on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir; UN Resolutions on Kashmir; Geneva Convention.

  112. I don’t think Prime Minister of Pakistan is a believable peace envoy to solve Kashmir issue considering how it has been used by Pakistan to foment communal clashes, unrest and attacks on the Indian military. This is not just been happening in last year or two years back, goes back to late 1980’s. If you notice all the comments about Kashmir, nobody mentions the the newly created union territory of Ladakh which is prominently Buddhist. What do they want? Join the Pakistani Occupied Kashmir as Pakistan claims, be a part of Independent Kashmir only to be swallowed by China like Tibet or economic development under India? I would safely bet everyone’s sane choice would be the third one. This proves Kashmir has been always been tool for tormenting religious violence and unrest for political gains by Pakistan, China and Kashmiri militants over the decades. Now when India has taken action to integrate Kashmir within India, PM of Pakistan has an issue with it. Enough.

  113. @V Sri Dear Sri, pls read the relevant UN Resolutions, and the Geneva Convention. Please explain how the actions of the the RSS aligned Prime Minister Modi’s government are to be construed? Kashmir is a disputed territory, not internal to India. Give them their right to self-determination and allow them to choose. Oh - the recent UN report on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir is also a relevant read.

  114. @V Sri You can't just go ahead and unilaterally decide to integrate a population into India that wants to remain Kashmiri. Granted that the Hindu extremists have a majority in the Indian parliament, but it does not mean they have the right to change the identity of Kashmiri Muslims. What they did on August 5 is known as tyranny of the majority. To think that the Kashmiris need not be asked about their opinion in this matter is a clear example of Hindu neo-fascism.

  115. @V Sri Dear Friend, Speak your heart please What is the purpose of this move?

  116. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is desperate now to internationalize the issue of Kashmir. Even, the members of UNSC ignored his plea. All the major powers of the world are convinced that Kashmir is the integral part of India. India is a sovereign country to amend the laws of the land. And that is exactly what happened to Kashmir. Indian Parliament abrogated one temporary Act of Indian Constitution, which prevented the growth and development of the state. Why Pakistan is so bothered about Kashmir. Mr Imran Khan should look after the economy of the country, which is deteriorating fast. Even Pakistan is unable to pay the electricity dues of the PMO and electricity may be be disconnected soon. This is an indication of Pakistan economy. India baiting won't help Mr Imran Khan any more. No body is really listening.

  117. @Abhay Dwivedi The reason why nobody has bothered, at least until now, is because of the trade they get from India. The world needs to see beyond trade agreements and understand that there is actual nuclear threat looming over the subcontinent. This is exactly what Mr. Khan is trying to say in this piece. And it is not India's internal problem - it is an international conflict. India's claim on Kashmir is only as valid as Pakistan's position to bring a just decision to the Kashmiri people.

  118. @Abhay Dwivedi Kashmir is not an internal issue of India. You should first read UN resolutions and Geneva convention.No one has the right to pose unilateral decision without even taking nation(Kashmiri) into confidence.This shows India is eager in peace of land not the prosperity of Kashmiri citizens.

  119. @Abhay Dwivedi -- "All the major powers of the world are convinced that Kashmir is the integral part of India." There is not even one major power that takes that position. India is entirely alone in this act.

  120. Mr Khan, asking for peace with threat of nuclear war is not likely to result in peace. Looking at the history of this conflict, there will never be peace in Kashmir and that is unfortunate. India is paying huge cost in maintaining Kashmir a part of India. I wish Kashmir valley can be separated and given independence as its people would desire or become part of Pakistan. I don’t think geopolitically it is wise for India to keep Kashmir a part of india, as this conflict will never end- Pakistan will never let that happen. But it is more about pride for both india and Pakistan than rational thinking, and that is dangerous.

  121. @Anonymous At the time of independence, India parted 1/4 th of its land to create a separate country for muslims who are 1/7th of its total population. Pakistan was given fair deal with big cities like Lahore and fertile lands of Punjab with 80% share in water. And during independence the right to choose between India, Pakistan or remain independent is left with individual princely states. King of Kashmir wants to remain independent. But its Pakistan which violated the agreement and sent its army to occupy Kashmir. Its then the King accede Kashmir to India. "The right to self determination" is a false bogie to carry on islamic agenda. Half a million kashmiri Hindus were driven out of valley by islamist forces, and these are living in refugee camps in India. India cannot afford another partition of its land on the basis of religion. If we allow this "right to self determination" ploy, then it can be a precedence to replicate in part of the world. In any part of the world where muslims can become a sizeable majority. If Pakistan values self determination so much, it should 1st offer to people in Baluchistan, a country which is never part of Pakistan historically.

  122. @Anonymous you think it is wiser for India to have yet another radical Islamic state at its doorsteps?

  123. So that would mean an economic blockade and all the problems related to that or the direct involvement of the US military, which we've seen the results of before. No thanks.

  124. @Peter S. I think more along the lines of pushing India to act better, without boots on the ground or military action per se, which under any other president, we'd easily be able to do.

  125. @Peter S., Blockade and sanctions are not the only options and not desirable. India is so called "strategic partner". Couldn't USA use its close relations to persuade India to restore freedom to Kashmiris. I always thought Americans care about freedom.

  126. @Peter S. No one is asking for your Military now is time for America that he can solve issues peacefully

  127. What is happening in Kashmir is dangerous not just for India, Pakistan and its neighboring countries but the entire world. The last thing we want is an escalating dispute and war between two nuclear powered countries.

  128. @Guz So a country attacks the other country with Nuclear Bombs for something done internally? This is Pakistan for the world to see.... Rather than getting befooled by such narratives, the world leaders must immediately ask Pakistan that how dare it could speak about use of NUCLEAR BOMBS? The same country also was harbouring Osama Bin Laden with full military protection given to him for years and on the other hand sending War Bills to USA.... Time for the world to wake up and strip Pakistan of Nuclear Weapons

  129. @Vipin Bagga, your analysis is quiet bias for anyone to see. If you want the world to strip Pakistan of nuclear powers, what is the basis then for letting India keep its nuclear capabilities? The size of the country or the population or the best human rights practices?

  130. @Guz Staring a new "Dark Age" in the face. A Canticle For Leibowitz (Walter Miller)? Strange times.

  131. The "world" is starting to lose patience with the request to act as the adult in the room with these two third-world nuclear powers. Pakistan has to curb its desire to sponsor and host terrorism. India - the marginally 'better actor' of the two need to seriously look at its aspirations for first world status and it abysmal record of behavior towards its peoples of different faiths and different castes. Maybe before sponsoring a space program, they could look to start educating and feeding all of their people.

  132. @SteveRR Good points, I’d like to further the list by asking what happens of the Kashmiris? Their right to self-determination granted under the UN Resolution? The atrocities being carried out on them by PM Modi who just happens to be part of the RSS?

  133. You make a couple of good points and then ruin it all by needlessly bringing India’s space program into your argument. The Indian space program costs a fraction of what the developed world spends on its space programs, the Indian spirit of innovation when armed with scarce resources / funding should be lauded instead of wagging a finger and telling them to remember their place. Ridiculous comment that smacks of condescension.

  134. @SteveRR Maybe before pointing fingers, the whites can start with looking at their abysmal treatment of blacks, the Christians can correct the sins of crusades? If not, keeping shut makes sense.

  135. Imran Khan seems like a well-meaning and sincere person. It is easy to imagine how being thwarted thrice will make him give up on reaching out to India. However, I can also understand the Indian point of view---every time India and Pakistan start peace talks, resume trade, cross-border buses, trains, and bilateral cricket matches, a terrorist attack is bound to follow, and relations turn sour again. It all seems pointless. If India's priorities are to prevent terrorism, talking to Pakistan has not led to any long-lasting progress in the past. Maybe things are different now, and maybe prime minister Khan is a more powerful leader that those in the past, but surely that will take some convincing.

  136. @VJ I accept your point, however, torturing Kashmiris doesn't jive with this logic-Kashmiris are not Pakistani. They are, however, Muslims.

  137. What is happening in Kashmir is a prelude to what could happen between the United States and Russia. Everyone admits that it would be insane for either side to launch their nuclear arsenals against the other. Few, however, see the insanity in placing ourselves in a position where MAD is not only possible, but inevitable. If we are to pull away from the ridiculous posture we've now assumed, there will need to be a paradigm shift in human thought around the world, and particularly in the United States and Russia. If not, we are doomed. In the near future, we will program the human mind in the computer based on a linguistic "survival" algorithm, which will provide irrefutable proof as to how we trick the mind with our ridiculous beliefs about what is supposed to survive - producing minds programmed de facto for destruction. These minds see the survival of a particular belief as more important than the survival of all. When we understand this, we will begin the long trek back to reason and sanity. See

  138. @RLB It's More Dangerous Situation here than Russia And USA

  139. I think Mr. Khan is really trying to bring peace to the disputed region but unfortunately we have Hindu nationalist on the other side.

  140. @Ugly Yeah You Are Right

  141. This kind of rhetoric ensures that there won't be any peaceful resolution. There also won't be nuclear war; neither India nor Pakistan could tolerate the consequences. In other words, the same hostility will continue for another 50 years or more as it has since the partition of India more than half a century ago.

  142. @Richard Unfortunately you are right. If this issue was resolved both countries will have no need for large expenditures and the associated corruption involved in arms purchases.

  143. @Richard if it is ?? it is painful

  144. IK requests have been well meaning and he wanted to promote regional trade even Pakistan was finally looking to allow goods to flow from India to Afghanistan but India has changed the whole scenario unilaterally and held the people in this area hostage to their political needs of looking strong on their pakistan policy

  145. The Genocide taking place in Kashmir is an abomination against humanity in plain view, in an era where there is no excuse or explanation for such atrocity. Thanking Mr. Iman Khan respectfully, and The New York Times, for bringing this to the attention of its readership and Americans. Word is spreading across the Globe, and this is the latest from The World Bulletin: "ISLAMABAD, Aug 30 (Reuters) - Cities around Pakistan came to a standstill on Friday as tens of thousands of people poured onto the streets in a government-led demonstration of solidarity with the disputed region of Kashmir, after India revoked its autonomy this month". India's Independence from British imperialism took place in August 1947. America has a large and industrious community from Pakistan and India. A young friend of eleven was here earlier, an American-Pakistani, helping to restore the foundation of this small barn before going back to school, but whether his adoptive father knows what is happening, whether many Americans care, please believe that the Humanitarian Community across the borders of civilized nations is working around the clock to ease tension and bring solace to those incarcerated. This cautionary letter brings back tones of nuclear warfare that were heard here last in 2006. There is no jewel in the crown in this attempt to place an end to the suffering of the Kashmir people, but we can try and not cry. We are not all lost in Uttar Pradesh, but awake to a growing threat.

  146. @Miss Ley Using words like "genocide" discredits everything else you write. Unlike the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which enshrines subjugation of other religions in its constitution, is a Potemkin democracy, and has steadily used islamic terrorism as state policy in Afghanistan and Kashmir for decades, India is a secular country with more muslims in it than Pakistan and is a robust democracy to boot. The history of Kashmir is complicated and 1.2B Indians, who are worn down by decades of a bloody jihadist insurgency in Kashmir are ready to move on. At least India is not sending its soldiers half way across the world to bomb and destroy other countries. It is simply trying to bring peace to its own borders.

  147. There is no genocide in Kashmir. Absurd to throw that word around just to whip people into a frenzy. There is violence but much of that has been driven by Pakistan’s Mikitary, which backs Imran Khan.

  148. @Miss Ley The key words here: “government-led demonstration...”

  149. Modi's actions with respect to Kashmir differ in some respects from Russia's actions in Crimea, but nonetheless deserve serious consideration of international sanctions for illegal subjugation of a region and its people.

  150. Imran Khan may be well meaning... and maybe those of us growing up seeing him as an all time great cricket are sympathetic toward him. However, Kashmir is an issue that unites the rest of India like few other issues do and it is largely because India has the moral high ground there. For decades, Kashimri resentment has been fueled by Islamist and Jihadi support from Pakistan at an enormous cost to the rest of the country in terms of lives lost - on both sides. Giving Kashmiris special rights above and beyond regular Indians was never sustainable in the long run and given that all it delivered was unending militancy, terrorism and separatism for fifty years... it was time to try something new. Can India consider cutting Kashmir loose? It would be disastrous for a still young democracy, and even worse for Kashmir, which would have to be carved out of Jammu and Ladakh and would be immediately run over by Pakistan. The only other durable solution is to integrate Kashmir as a full and co-equal state. The police crackdown and civil rights suspension is regrettable and hopefully temporary, but the status quo is unsustainable and the alternative is far worse.

  151. @Ruchir If you look at the history at the time of partition, india has no moral or legal right to hold on to Kashmir. Kashmir was overwhelming Muslim state and should have gone to Pakistan despite the action of its despot King. The mandate at the time of partition was division based religious divide of each state Andy popular wish. The mess was created by the needles haste by British to exit India.

  152. @Ruchir Any moral high ground India held in Kashmir has slowly been deteriorating. The many victim statements and human right abuses committed by the Indian Army have exposed the extent of suffering that exists in the valley, today.

  153. @Ruchir, India has granted special rights to the states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur,Meghalya, Sikkim under article 371 of Indian constitution. If it is necessary to abrogate 370, why not also abrogate 371 also and put all states at the same level. Your argument is fallacious attempting justify the unjustifiable.

  154. This is exactly the type of situation where the power and prestige of the USA would allow it to peacefully intervene and hopefully cool things down. I doubt that the Trump administration is involving itself in any way but also if it is or does it does not have the prestige and trust needed to have any effect.

  155. Imran Khan is very committed to resolve Kashmir issue and bring about peace in South Asia because Peace in South Asia entirely depends on the Resolution of Kashmir dispute. Imran khan has tried more than thrice to engage Modi and Indian authorities for dialogues on Kashmir but gesture wasn't reciprocated positively by India any time. The entire Indian Occupied Kashmir region is under strict military curfew since more than three weeks and people are being denied basic human rights. This disrgard for human rights is appaling by Govt. of India. This issue must be taken seriously before its too late as both countries are Nuclear Armed and Kashmir is no doubt a Nuclear Flashpoint as long as this issue remains unresolved.

  156. I'm an American, yes, I will confess to that.... So, I need to say that I do not know the intricate details on Indian- Pakistani relations beyond what I was taught in school in the 1960s and what I have been able to read through the mostly western slanted press. But, I have been increasingly concerned about Modi's stance on Nationalism and this latest development and crack down in Kashmir is absolutely frightening for not only the subcontinent but the who world. I also understand that it takes Two to Tango and Pakistan historically has not been totally blameless. Mr. Khan is probably one of the more reasonable leaders the country has had recently and I hope that he can use his powers to keep a dialog going not only with India but with his own military. We can not look to America to be of any assistance in this situation....Trump enjoys the admiration of Modi and we all know he values admiration more than he does anything else. Right now his primary concern is whether Mar a Lago will be damaged in the coming hurricane. As far as others in the US government being of any influence... does anyone even know if anyone is "home" anymore after so many resignations and changes ? I wish Kashmir luck in the coming days and weeks and I hope that Mr. Khan can continue to be one of the grownups in the room.

  157. @Nan Appreciate your objectivity & humanity. For non-Indian/Pakistani readers, I would humbly lead that they simply analyze why Pakistan stands for UN & entire World to mediate and let people of Kashmir decide through plebiscite, whatever they wish with their free will while India refuses (since 1947). It’s clear that India opts for occupation. So fair minded people must not accept such Indian designs no matter what different excuses/tactics it uses to fool the World.

  158. I am a Kashmiri. I was born into & grew up through the Indian military violence in Kashmir. That had seriously affected my mental condition and many of my friends. Indian military personnel, manning every corner in Kashmir, would frequently humiliate us, abuse and beat us. Their treatment of Kashmiris has only worsened since I left Kashmir. I always thought that Indians are heartless for why would they let the atrocities being committed on Kashmiris happen in their name in the first place. Over years I realized that the general Indian population is constantly being bombarded by falsified narratives about Kashmir by their government-media nexus. About the Kashmiri Hindu persecution I have always felt bad. The general Muslim narrative about Hindu exodus is that it was carefully facilitated by Indian government to teach the Muslims a lesson. I honestly didn’t believe it to be the whole truth. They must have been intimidated by Muslims. But seeing the recent measures taken by the Indian government to announce, having flyers asking Indian tourists and pilgrims to vacate Kashmir on the false pretext of a ‘terrorist’ attack to be able to scrape the autonomy of Kashmir made my worst fears come true that it could well have been the social engineering by India in ‘90’s that could have resulted in large exodus of Kashmiri Hindus. We still have some Hindus in Kashmir. I always wondered why they never left. Sikhs keep living with us through thick and thin. My plea-let us decide our fate.

  159. Asking for help is certainly a good sign and first step. The US would be wise to avoid any unilateral involvement and instead rely on an international coalition (we still have the UN, yes?) to start discussions. This seems like a pretty clear cut example of India trying to secure water and resources knowing that large parts of India are on the verge of not having any. To think that the US under Trump will be proactive and become embroiled in Pakistan / India disputes in an election year is wishful thinking.

  160. I can see many saltish Indian fans in the comments and it makes me sad. Why can't you guys see this issue with the eyes and perspective of Humanity instead of Nationalism? This issue is beyond any politics - its the matter of humanity. Please see it as one.

  161. After decades of being tormented by terrorists and Jihadis from Pakistan, it is understandable that India has no appetite to talk. I am surprised you have given Mr Khan such a pulpit - to spew his propaganda and that of his military that actually controls everything. History cannot be undone by platitudes - far too many Indians have been the victims of cross border terrorism and India has the right to move more aggressively on internal matters. Nobody complained when the US took out Osama - there are many more of his ilk there. The tragedy is really for the people of both Pakistan and India who have long desired peace but have been played by the military power mongers of (...).

  162. @Ajay Nagarkatte What India done in bengaldesh ? Your prime minister admitted in public meeting your country supported mukti bahni a terror outfit which India created, these are repercussion and do you think we will forgive you ever

  163. @Ajay Nagarkatte Typically Indian lies and propaganda against Pakistan. You have no point in fooling the World when both BJP & Congress parties have raced to own arming the terrorists in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and Balochistan(Pakistani province). The fact remains: 1) it’s India which introduced terrorism as a tool to destabilize & dismember Pakistan. 2) India openly admits to support, finance & arm terror activities in Balochistan. 3) India introduced nuclear arms in the subcontinent, exploded atomic bomb in 1974 and started blackmailing Pakistan with such weapons. 4) India introduced ballistic missiles in the subcontinent and started threatening/blackmailing Pakistan to disintegrate it into pieces. 5) India has now violated bilateral agreements & UN resolutions by forcibly declaring Kashmir as its territory. All these examples prove that India is totally irresponsible, reckless and hegemonic power in the region. Above all with new policy of implementing RSS/Hindutva ethnic cleansing doctrine (inspired from Nazis) through out India, the current ruling party of Narendra Modi is determined to take the region to new lows risking nuclear war. The World must act despite the abuser (India) refuses the involvement of outside World into subcontinent disputes. This itself proves the crook doesn’t want others to see its misdeeds & con practices in the region.

  164. Voice of Kashmiris cannot be suppressed anymore. Despite having stationed over a million Indian military troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Modi govt could not suppress Kashmiris. Freedom for Kashmir is round the corner.

  165. @Arif And what does freedom mean? I have myself suggested to fellow Indians that perhaps Kashmir should be an independent country. But apart from the fierce opposition to such an idea from the Indian public, would an independent Kashmir be stable? All four of India, China, Pakistan and Russia would meddle, with a constant jockeying for power. I know you will not like my idea but the solution is for the Kashmir Muslims to join the 172 million Muslims who live in India and are Indian citizens. Mr. Modi on his part should move away from Hindutva and agree that all Indians, Hindu and Muslim, are brothers and sisters. Shah Rukh Khan, India's most famous actor is Muslim. So is Zakir Hussein, the world's pre-eminent tabla player. Hindus and Muslims in India acting like brothers and sisters, THAT is the way. It is the way of Akbar, Kabir, Gandhi and Tagore. We MUST follow that way. Please stop saying, "I am a Muslim so I cannot be Indian." My answer is yes, you can be. Regardless of what happens in Kashmir, by 2050, India is slated to be the largest Muslim country in the world, it will have more Muslims than Indonesia. Accept reality and accept brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims, please?

  166. @ArifFor any negotiation to succeed both parties need to bring something to table. Unfortunately for Pakistan, it doesn't have anything that it can offer India - every time India engaged with Pakistan in past, it was attacked by terrorists sheltered by Pakistan. It hasn't curtailed any of those players and continuously pushes them in India to cause havoc. World knows where Osama Bin Laden was found, where main players of 9/11 attack were arrested from and Pakistan is an Islamic republic which has systematically eliminated minorities since it's independence. Do we really want another Islamic state full of Mujahideen? Mr. Khan first needs to ensure that its only Nobel peace prize winner Malala can live in Pakistan peacefully then try his overtures with another country which has the second-largest Muslim population in the world.

  167. @Arif Imran Khan is not a real prime minister of Pakistan, he is just a messenger of Pakistan army and was placed by them as Prime minister. He is carrying out at the orders of army. Very survival of the army generals depend on the trouble with the non Muslim/secular states in the neighborhood. You can not negotiate any thing with a military state.

  168. And where is the United States on this? Not a word from Trump. No leadership. No offer to mediate. No asking for cooler heads to prevail. The thinking, I imagine, is it's not our fight. We will stay out of it. And act like these "little disputes" have no impact on the United States. And if lots of innocent people get killed, so what. But if it does get out of hand....we will be right there....selling weapons to one side. That we are very good at.

  169. @Walking Man Expecting the Trump regime to mediate would be like expecting a fish to ride a bicycle. The very thought is laughable. In fact it's likely that anything the Trump State Department would do would only make the situation worse. Best to hold out hope for a new administration.

  170. @Walking Man If Donald Trump even knew that Kashmir is an actual place, he'd probably simply assume that's just where the sweaters are made. Maybe he can use his "Master Negotiator" skills and just buy it.

  171. @Walking Man If anyone's mediation is sought, US would probably be last on the list.

  172. A well explained thoughts by Imran Khan. He desperately tried to restore relations with India but the RSS ideology didn't respond in a worthy manner they think it as Pakistan's weakness and hit back on Kashmir. Kashmir boldly needs world attention, our brothers on the other side of borders are physically tortured and we are also feeling psychological pain. This whole will result into a psychological dilemma that is going to end in the worst disaster. We desperately want international community to act to stop by all this

  173. @Syed Usama Trying to be safe and writing letters are not so worthy while in another hand sending intruders into INDIA to kill security forces. Don't be emotional by this reading this artical.

  174. @Syed Usama Mr. Usama how many of the Kashmir pandits are included in your "our brothers on the other side of borders" Naming one self as "Azad" doe snot make one Azad or free. By Pakistan's government's own number - AZK has more non-kashmiris than Kashmiris. So I say - the portion of Kashmir on this of the border has more purer Kashmiri heritage than AZK.

  175. @Syed Usama Just as you claim an RSS ideology please look inside Pakistan and admit that religious fundamentalism in Pakistan there is real destructive. Supporting terror from Pakistan is not at all to be tolerated .

  176. Conflicts require two parties, there are no innocents.Once again religion is the culprit, and a religious war is the most vicious.If the possibility of a nuclear war does not deter war, then there is no hope for the salvation of mankind.

  177. Kashmir was never a part of India it was always a disputed territory if India has by force governed it for 70 years it doesn't qualify to own it. Invaders remain invaders no matter if it's for a century.

  178. @Ahmed India has an instrument of accession with King of Kashmir. The only disputed part is the land that is occupied by Pakistan. Hope Pakistan follow the UN resolution that it repeatedly highlights and demilitarise the part of Kashmir it occupied, which is the 1st step in resolution.

  179. @Ahmad, Go and read some history. Kashmir became the part of India after the documents of accession was signed between Govt. Of India and Maharaja Hari Singh, the then King Of Kashmir. This was done because Pakistani Army regulars(in the disguise of tribals) invaded Kashmir in 1948 and killed many fellow citizens. It was then when the Indian Army interviened and LOC was formed.. Then came UN into picture.. You people were just brain washed.. Go and read what independent sources say..

  180. Mr. Khan appears to forget the decades of Pakistan arming, training, funding terrorists who have slaughtered tens of thousands in Kashmir and elsewhere in India. The terrorists Pakistan essentially has created, have created bloody carnage that has led to the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Hindus from Kashmir, and India spending enormous amounts on troops, police and civilian funding largesse on Kashmir. And when Mr. Khan recoils at the possibility that India may stop it's "no first use" nuclear policy, he fails to mention that Pakistan has no "no first use" nuclear policy. How neat that he demands India adhere to a standard he refuses Pakistan adhere to. When India does provide undisputable proof of Pakistan's involvement in terrorist attacks in India, as it has done countless time to Pakistan and the world, including several instances where the direct involvement of Pakistan's intelligence services, ISI, has been proven, Pakistan ignores the evidence or takes "action" in name only. So to rail about India's not divulging intelligence sources at yet another attack by a terrorist supported by Pakistan, seems a bit disingenuous. Want improvement in Kashmir Mr. Khan? Here are two steps: 1. stop arming, training and funding terrorists attacking India 2. prove through Pakistani actions that the Kashmiris under its control, as well as Pakistani citizens in Pakistan, can enjoy democratic rights anywhere near those enjoyed by Indians, including those in Kashmir

  181. A very insightful article. It’s only common sense to let the Kashmiris choose their right for self determination. Just like the Scottish, it is their right to have a referendum. Kashmir is an ongoing dispute from the moment of inception. It’s not like a random group of people already part of India decided to separate. There are clear human rights violations. India has to open its doors to let UN inspectors, human rights groups and the media in. If not, they are revealing themselves as in the wrong. Thank goodness Imran Khan is a reasonable person, at least one has to be. Very worrying to hear India has become this extreme and right wing. This kind of fascism never lasts and is self destructing

  182. A well explained thoughts by Imran Khan. He desperately tried to restore relations with India but the RSS ideology didn't respond in a worthy manner they think it as Pakistan's weakness and hit back on Kashmir. Kashmir boldly needs world attention, our brothers on the other side of borders are physically tortured and we are also feeling psychological pain. This whole will result into a psychological dilemma that is going to end in the worst disaster. We desperately want international community to act to stop all this

  183. As the regional power China should step in.

  184. Sort of reminds me of the shenanigans Pakistan has been pulling in neighboring Afghanistan for decades. Karma? What goes around comes around.

  185. Regardless of the politics of partition and whose right and wrong, the world must take notice that a nuclear confrontation would cause the end of our civilization. This is no joke!

  186. @[email protected] So a country attacks the other country with Nuclear Bombs for something done internally? This is Pakistan for the world to see.... Rather than getting befooled by such narratives, the world leaders must immediately ask Pakistan that how dare it could speak about use of NUCLEAR BOMBS? The same country also was harbouring Osama Bin Laden with full military protection given to him for years and on the other hand sending War Bills to USA.... Time for the world to wake up and strip Pakistan of Nuclear Weapons

  187. India, nor any reasonable country, does not negotiate with terrorists. When Mr. Khan and his military and security wing, the ISI stop sending terrorists across the border then India will talk. After they take responsibility for attacks in Mumbai, Pulmwala, etc, then India will talk. The world has a short memory and forgets that Mr Khan's government and military are the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world. Rather than worrying about Kashmir, he should focus on his abysmal economy which requires another IMF bailout.

  188. This is why having Donald Trump lounging in the White House is more than dangerous. His utter incompetence and inability to bring parties together or broker any sort of agreement means that the U.S., which was once a beacon of peace, can no longer be relied upon to mediate such potential disasters. I realize we weren't always right, but we were often the nation of last resort when both sides had their fingers on the trigger and were staring down each other over their borders.

  189. From across the border it seems that PM Modi's transformation from business friendly PM to a security first man "chowkidar" is of interest. Modi the "chowkidar" isn't afraid to escalate matters which means everything is on the table. Sitting 20 Kms away from Indian border this is not a very comforting thought. I hope the World influences Modi to de-escalate.

  190. Kashmir is, BY FAR, the most dangerous spot on the planet.(Israel, Korea & the South China Sea are distant 2nd to 4th). This country (the US) should forcibly take the lead in this matter towards holding the referendum on the fate Kashmir that was promised but never held, whether Pakistan and/or India like it or not. If not, impose crippling sanctions, Iranian style, until they tire of the pain and do it.

  191. That is what the UN is for.

  192. PM Imran Khan has always wanted peace, dialogues and prosperity in the region but Modi government has always shown immaturity and war mongering behavior. They have locked down innocent people of Kashmir for last 26 days. Now world should immediately intervene to stop this otherwise World will have to face the consequences of Nuclear War between two Nuclear countries

  193. I have just a few questions for my Pakistani friends: 1. Why are you so obsessed with Kashmir, when administering the current Pakistan itself seems such an uphill task? 2. Kashmiris have never said they would want to be part of Pakistan. They want Azadi - freedom. Why then are you providing this unsolicited support? 3. If Azadi is what Pakistan stands for, why then do you deny the very same thing for Balochs? 4. If Pakistan is serious about Kashmir's right to self determination, would you allow plebiscite to happen in POK also? 5. If you don't agree with any of the above, when will you return back POK which has been illegally occupied?

  194. Thank you PM Imran Khan for telling truth to the world about current situation of kashmir. Why has India imposed curfew and prevented any media coverage in Kashmir. What does it wants to hide? Why so fearful of kashmiri people? Does it only care about the territory of Kashmir and not the Kashmiris? The criminal silence of the world will lead to many tragedies in Kashmir. Humanity needs to rise up to save 8 million people from genocide. #westandwithkashmir

  195. He said this, she said that, they did this and we did that & that, ladies & gentlemen is the actuality of the past 70 years of political rhetoric & vile media narratives that have irresponsibly cost the loss of a countless number of innocent lives on both sides of this ludicrous divide. The people of Kashmir have their own voice, it is only right & proper that they now be given the fairest opportunity to decide their future & once they have made that decision via a fair democratic process "witnessed & conducted by the UN", then both Pakistan & India should remove their military presence from the disputed land, which should follow through the moment the fate of the people of Kashmir is made public by the United Nations. The loss of even one more innocent life regardless of who they be; Indian or Pakistani, is a foolish & immeasurable cost to pay for the inability to agree to what must now be the only solution left, prior to an all out war, which essentially impacts on the whole world "not forgetting to mention the senseless crime against an already depleting environment".

  196. The culture of the Indian subcontinent is magnificent and filled with simply beautiful people. But the political class is abhorrently corrupt in both countries manipulated by landed gentry and an entrenched business class who live fantastic lives devoid of any connection to the rest of the population. The United States must stay out of this mess. We already lost lives and spent a treasure in Afghanistan and no more.

  197. I am reading a lot of rhetoric of nuclear war in the comments. I am sure if MR Khan’s Pakistan is a peaceful country why are all people talking about nuclear war here. If anyone thinks that nuclear war is just any dispute please go back in history and see what happened in the last nuke war. Peaceful solution should never mean war.

  198. What "assault?" 2/3 of Kashmir is part of India. When Pakistan didn't get it during the partition they have supported armed insurgents ever since.

  199. Modi is no saint and neither is Imran Khan or the terrorist state of Pakistan. The irony is that Pakistan is raising concern about Modi’s action where as the Pakistan government and ISI has sponsored terrorism in the region for the last three decades. Brain washing vulnerable people of Punjab and Kashmir to stand against India and creating is a separatist mindset is all they have cared for. And in the process killing thousands of Indian nationals. The conditions in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (and Pakistan in general) are terrible yet Imran thinks his concern for people in Indian Kashmir has genuity. The people in Kashmir don’t want anything to do with Pakistan yet the obsession of annexing that region is all they have dreamed of. I visited Kashmir each one of my childhood years (1988 and before). The region was prosperous, happy and safe. Kashmiri muslims and Hindus identified as proud Indians. Then came the constant killings, sponsored by Pakistan who brainwashed young men of Kashmir, driven mainly by religion to kill their own people. Which led to India deploying military to safeguard the region. The Kashmiris felt the brunt of it as young men who started believing in separatism were mistreated by the army. Pakistan and China care for Kashmir because the mountains protect India and are source of water for fertile Punjab. Indian government need to work with people in Kashmir. I don’t support Modi’s actions but Imran needs to mind his own business.

  200. Punjab doesn’t need Pakistan’s support or encouragement for its separatist movement, thank you very much. And neither does Kashmir, that beautiful Kingdom that was promised independence by both the British and Neru - who later reneged on the deal. Kashmiris have always craved independence from India. Smiling and happy or not.

  201. I am a Hindu from Punjab, and have happily coexisted with Sikhs. Sikhs and Kashmiris are more to me than my own. The terrorism in Punjab and Kashmir was Pakistan sponsored which started in 1980s, thousands of young Sikhs and Kashmiris trained across the border. Yes there are demagogues such as Indira Gandhi and Modi, who have alienated Sikhs and Muslims. But we are much bigger than that. We can spend all the time harboring hatred towards communal violence that have taken place in the past, but India is still one of the relatively more peaceful countries with several religions coexisting. Stepping back, Pakistan shows sympathy to Kashmiris because it’s majority Muslim, and they feel they have right to any territory occupied by Muslims. Both Pakistan & China have no sympathy for people of Kashmir or Punjab. Their sole goal is to weaken India and sow discord. If Kashmir thinks it can be a peaceful independence state, they will have a rude awakening when they won’t have the support of Indian army that has defended them from Pakistani and Chinese annexation. And in the process India will lose its highly valuable water source and security barrier which they will never give up for self interest I don’t support Modi’s policy and style. But situation in Kashmir over decades is driven by Pakistan’s intervention and their state sponsored terrorism. Modi’s energy is better spent creating trust with Kashmiris, but that may be too late. A Hindu nationalist can’t reassure Kashmiris!

  202. I want a peaceful world and a cooperative international community, but one thing I am not going to do is choose sides in a conflict thousands of miles away in which one side thinks it is all right in the matter and the other thinks it is all wrong. Pakistan is certainly no angel among countries, nor is India some sort of demon. Folks, on Kashmir, just figure it out.

  203. This conflict between India and Pakistan about the status of Kashmir goes back at least to the late 1940's. So here we are almost 80 years later and the Prime Minister of Pakistan wants the world to take notice of India's current decisions about Kashmir and then do something about it. 80 years (or more) and these two neighboring countries with a combined 1.5 billion people can't resolve their differences yet Imran Khan's editorial asks for international help to figure it out or nuclear war is a possibility. Feels like a fools errand to me. If these two want to threaten war with each other and intimate nuclear weapons use after all this time what possible role could we play? America should stay out of it completely. Not even expend resources helping these two find common ground. Any negotiated truce between these two countries seems impossible to broker and it's pretty clear it wouldn't last anyway.

  204. For any negotiation to succeed both parties need to bring something to table. Unfortunately for Pakistan, it doesn't have anything that it can offer India - every time India engaged with Pakistan in past, it was attacked by terrorists sheltered by Pakistan. It hasn't curtailed any of those players and continuously pushes them in India to cause havoc. World knows where Osama Bin Laden was found, where main players of 9/11 attack were arrested from and Pakistan is an Islamic republic which has systematically eliminated minorities since it's independence. Do we really want another Islamic state full of Mujahideen? Mr. Khan first needs to ensure that its only Nobel peace prize winner Malala can live in Pakistan peacefully then try his overtures with another country which has the second-largest Muslim population in the world.

  205. @Vikrant Another fallacy that india has 2nd highest population of Muslims. Its Indonesia, Pakistan and then Bangladesh. Blaming pakistan will not deflect the attention from the plight of Kashmiris at the hand of Indian Hindu Extremists.

  206. What are they fighting over? If it's territory, then why not formalize a border, with part of Kashmir becoming a part of India and another part a part of Pakistan? As for terrorists, they unfortunately will always be with us, on whatever side of whatever border.

  207. They’re fighting to control what should be a free and independent country, as it was for thousands of years. Both sides need to vacate that beautiful country. Azaad Kashmir!

  208. Kashmir is how a world war starts. Very similar to the way that WWI began in a dispute between Austria-Hungary and Russia over control of Balkan provinces (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia).

  209. It’s only should war when others step in.

  210. The people of Kashmir have a right to self determination, free from aggression of either Pakistan or India. In stripping away the rights of Kashmiri's under Indian administration, Modi is doing the exact opposite of what is needed to bring peace and prosperity to the region. If they could take a lesson from the Union of Sweden and Norway, dissolved peacefully in 1905, the whole area would greatly benefit. Instead, trying to hold onto the territory ensures and enduring misery. Why do India and Pakistan, either of them, need or want those resource poor hinterlands? Peaceful de-militarized borders would be far more valuable. Shame on you Prime Minister Modi. And thank you Prime Minister Khan for your attempt to internationalize and de-fuse this intractable crisis. India is in great need of international resources and economic development. It seems likely that they might listen to reason from the rest of the world. Both India and Pakistan need to relinquish claims on the region and agree back an independent Kashmir.

  211. @Scott Turner So how about if we applied some economic penalties on India if it didn't start responding to reason? The USA could simply halt all remittances from the many hundreds of thousands of H-1B visa holders living and working here for the Indian offshorers like Tata, Infosys, HCL, and Cognizant. Other governments could follow suit. Perhaps +that+ would finally get India's attention.

  212. Please do not pull the US into another regional war between developing countries which has at its core a religious component, then write afterwards about American imperialism. We are not the world’s police force and our sons and daughters serving in the military are not soldiers of fortunes. Please solve your own problems.

  213. Excellent Article briefly describing the problem, ideology of RSS and future course of action Mr. Modi going to adopt. Truly highlighted that the world is in danger of world war III and this time with nukes and may be end of times if Kashmir is left as it is on the mercy of RSS. World might wakeup from the deep sleep of economic interests upon initiation of war but it would be too late.

  214. I am a Hindu originally from the Southern part of India and settled in the US. As kids, many of us adored you as a cricketer. We shaped our bowling run up after you, pretended we could hurl the cricket ball like you and to lead like you. Much of what you say about Modi, the RSS and his sycophants is unfortunately true. Much of India has unfortunately taken a turn for the jingoistic. But the point that is not being made is that such a turn for the worse has been greatly aided by he actions stemming from Pakistan. It is easy for demagogues like Modi to whip up a frenzy against Pakistan when Pakistani politicians conveniently ignore that their country has become a haven for terrorists. For many years, your country hid Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad while refusing all pleas to turn him over. You seem to conveniently ignore that for many years Pakistan has been using the PoK territory to train militants to attack targets in India. You conveniently left out the attacks on the Indian Parliament, the Taj in Bombay, the various pointed attacks against Indian military personnel, the exodus of tens of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits from their ancestral land and more. There is a historical context and path that have led us to this path. Ignoring it does not help advance diplomacy. You are a cricket legend and should be able to understand that like the wonderful game, that geopolitics is nuanced. Just like you, I hope we resolve this imbroglio. We are counting on you.

  215. Excellent work. We are always proud to be Pakistani and now we are also taking pride that you are our leader and Prime Minister. Very brief and comprehensive article. May the world pay due attention to this matter and Kashmiri gets their right or freedom. Well done

  216. Conventional war has dire consequences but a nuclear impact is going to have decades long ramifications for the whole world. Hiroshima and Nagasaki taught us the absolute wasteland of human and climate catastrophe suffered by the nuclear strikes. At this point in time we need to think and act as adults responsible for our words and their impact on our world. We cannot afford to be Pakistani, Indian, British or Russians. We need to make every effort possible to maintain, demand and work towards peace. Foremost, peace for the Kashmiris, held hostage in their own homes with impunity, gun to their heads. If a single human is not free in this world then none of us are free. If Britain was waging a war on a helpless captive nation, I will oppose it with all my strength. I urge everyone to oppose the continuous massacre and impending genocide of the Kashmiri people which is very likely to lead to confrontation between two nuclear neighbours.

  217. The genocide of Kashmiri Hindus finds no mention in your sweep of world history here!!

  218. @Amra Kashmir is not a captive nation as described here.It is part of India since 1947 when partition of India took place and the ruler legally joined India.The atrocities is highly exagarated in Mr Khan's article.

  219. What disturbing is the fact that RSS ideology is permeating in the mindset of normal Hindu population of India. Al Indians need needs to understand (and what PM Khan's point here) is that Kashmir crisis is a human right issue and needs to be viewed with "human right" lenses instead of myopic "hinduvata" perspective. Its not about how world, Pakistan or Kashmiri's should see this problem; its about how Indians themselves are recognizing this issue. If Indians fail to understand this due to "hinduvata blinkers" then they should at least bear in their minds that this an issue was internationalized by India itself. Once by Jawaharlal Nehru and now by Mr. Modi by revoking the special status over Kashmir unilaterally.

  220. For more than 70 years, line of control has held. Indian side and Pakistani side Kashmir are more or less parts of respective countries. Pakistan violated the 1948 UN resolutions by separating Gilgit/Baltistan and integrating them in main land. This leaves the question of plebiscite moot. Now Imran Khan, as a stooge of military wants to nuclear blackmail India and the world to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan. This is obviously an impractical demand and not going to happen.

  221. This op-ed piece was obviously written by one of the belligerents, so as such must be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, his focus on the plight of the long-suffering Kashmiris is entirely apt. They are being locked in their homes, shot in the streets, and cut off from all communication with the outside world. Surely India's actions in Kashmir constitute a crime against inhumanity! Mr. Modi should take the boot of India off the neck of the Kashmiris.

  222. Unfortunately you don’t understand the complexities and power dynamics of the region. Kashmir belonged to India since independence. The Kashmir pundits were thrown out from their homes by the Muslim majority in the 80’s sponsored by the terror state of Pakistan. I’m all for peace, and the Prime Ministers action of abolishing the special status of the state of Kashmir was long overdue.

  223. @Chuck in the Adirondacks Pakistan complaining about India on the way it choose to govern the part of the kashmir it owns is nothing short of hypocrisy. Pakistan has gifted some of the kashmir that it occupied to China as part of military agreement. Thats the respect Pakistan has for the "right to self determination of Kashmiris" that it vociferously advocating India to uphold.

  224. @Chuck in the Adirondacks when there is violence instigated by neighbouring country in a part of india ,the govt may have to take unusual steps temporarily.Though kashmiris have suffered,it is markedly exagareted.

  225. Kashmir is a flashpoint which can plunge the 1.5 billion people in India and Pakistan into a deadly war but before that it is a human right issue. UN and rest of the world must act now to ensure a peaceful solution according to wishes of Kashmiris people.

  226. The hostility on Twitter and in the comments section of this article is alarming to say the least! Commentators from both countries are strongly opposed to each other's points of view, throwing nuclear confrontation casually into the conversation! Both sides have a few hundred nukes (Pakistan slightly more than India), enough to seriously damage an already fragile global eco-system and environment. Earth might not survive a nuclear conflict! Unfortunately blind nationalism from both sides is making this horrific scenario inevitable!

  227. @James Pakistan is using nuclear threat to get world attention.Mr Khan knows Pakistan will be wiped out if he ever used the bomb.

  228. The side that usually attempts to make a first move in a heated situation is usually doomed. I hope nobody makes a rash decision here.

  229. I am no fan of the Modi Govt. and as a former citizen of India, I'm saddened by the direction the country has taken since Modi's Govt. took office. BUT, I would not trust any peace deal with Pakistan as long as the Pakistani Armed Forces and ISI remain the central powers in Pakistan. It has been repeatedly proven that the elected govt. of Pakistan serves at the pleasure of the Pakistani military. Imran Khan may be in earnest but that means nothing as he does not have the power to back his words. The Pakistani military and its intelligence wing ISI have repeatedly orchestrated attacks on India and are greatly to blame for the state of things in Kashmir. The idea that Kashmir can remain an independent state is a geopolitical fantasy given its location. But neither Pakistan nor India (after the recent actions of the Modi Govt.) offer a trustworthy option to the people of Kashmir. The solution to what is currently happening in Kashmir today has to come from within India, from citizens who see that their Govt. is violating the very tenets of democracy it was elected to safeguard. That is also the only way Kashmiris can see that the rest of India stands with them and their democratic rights. International intervention from China, Pakistan or God forbid, the US (with our unstable President) would only make matters much worse and give the Indian Govt. justification to extend the blackout and curfews on the Kashmiri people.

  230. While I admittedly believe with some of the words Mr. Khan is saying regarding peace in the valley, I fail to see how his plans to put them in motions. Words and resolutions carry no meaning except to satiate the voter base and the enraged public. Both sides have faced innumerable losses over the years. While I am not familiar with terror activities in Pakistan, I was there when 26/11 Mumbai attacks occurred 11 years ago and then recently, we had a bomb blast in Pulwama. Words from Pakistan stopped carrying any weight since then and it doesn't matter if it is Mr. Modi or Mr. XYZ as prime minister of India, no leader in their right mind will ever believe on mealy-mouthed promises like these (repeated border skirmishes, funding of terror outfits in Kashmir) for they know they know because they are themselves savant in this field. Mr. Khan, you may have good intentions for the people of Pakistan and Kashmir but your army definitely doesn't. Indian government has experienced 'once bitten twice shy' moment too many times and the only one who will bear brunt of this animosity is people of the valley as whole.

  231. And we can't ignore Hong Kong, the Mid East, The NATO break, immigration, global climate change, North Korea, Iran, the coming global economic meltdown, the rise of fascism in Europe and America, it goes on. When it starts to pile up this high people tend to shutdown. I agree, this is one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and could easily trigger a major nuclear war, which could quickly spread to China, Russia, NK, and to here. Trump seems to be the one ignoring it. He doesn't even have a staffed, seriously led State Department to try to deal with this.

  232. I think the most important question is how does Modi think this all going to end up? Hasn't India now completely destroyed any hope of Kashmir ever being fully, willfully and peacefully integrated in to the rest of India? No Kashmiri people will ever have trust for the Indian government now. Because of Modi's actions they will never believe are being treated fairly by the Indian government and they will never believe that they are respected by the rest of India. Are these not exactly the kind of conditions that lead to violence? As I see it there are only two possible outcomes now. There is going to be so much chaos in Kashmir that India is forced to grant it independence just to rid itself of the headache it created for itself, or India will have to maintain a permanent police state in Kashmir which is guaranteed is create constant bloodshed. Did anybody in the Indian government think about these things?

  233. Unfortunately for Prime Minister Khan, the "world" pays attention to India because it is a huge and growing economic market that offers things and services other countries want. The same simply cannot be said of Pakistan, at least for the moment. Rightly or wrongly (for these purposes, perception is all), Pakistan is viewed as an untrustworthy ally having served as a safe harbor for Islamic terrorists not only in Kashmir but in Afghanistan as do elsewhere. After all, there was a reason that not even President Obama trusted Pakistan with any advance notice of the plan to take out Osama bin Laden. Pakistan needs to address this large trust deficit by positive action, not with threats they won’t carry out. As far as Kashmir is concerned, the world won’t intervene unless and until both India and Pakistan prove willing to compromise. Until then, Kashmir remains divided, although no one seems stressed about the portion China absorbed. This suggests that the real issue is not Kashmir's territorial integrity but the finale of the proxy fight over the final outcome of the "two states for two peoples" settlement from 1947 - which included massive and bloody population exchanges. The more publicized Arab-Israeli conflict pales in comparison to the dangers emanating from the sub-continent. The zero-sum mentality of both the Arab states and Pakistan accomplish nothing. Time for both to recognize they have more to gain through compromise, amity and cooperation. But when will they?

  234. I again thank New York Times for giving us Kashmiris a voice by reporting on this matter. This issue never got world attention before but Imran Khan made it possible. He promised us that he’ll be the ambassador of Kashmir worldwide and this article is just another proof of his commitment to bring peace in Kashmir and South Asia. Imran Khan is an honest man and has a modern vision for Pakistan. When you interview him or when he shares his opinion, he talks in very simple and straightforward way so everyone could understand him. It’s not in the best interest for Pakistan only, but also for India to work with Imran Khan to resolve this ongoing crisis. Both countries could benefit a lot when Kashmir is in peace. Every country in this world has a black history and there was enormous violence and bloodshed. We can’t look at past now but look forward. We have to find a common ground to resolve this issue through dialogue and referendum that was promised to us by United Nations and Indian constitution. War would be catastrophic and nuclear war could effect whole world. Just look at how we are treating Syrian refugees and they can’t find refugee anywhere or not accepted into many countries. Approx 1.3 billion people live in South Asia and any war could make us all refugees and I don’t think world needs anymore refugees. World leader must intervene for the sake of humanity and peace.

  235. Mr Khan is totally right. It's been more than 70 years and the promised (by UN) plebiscite didn't happen. More than half million indian army presence means people of Kashmir don't want to live with India. It's not the matter of land but the matter of 8 million Kashmiris right to live with freedom. Pakistan and India fought 3 wars on Kashmir. International players should play their part to resolve this issue otherwise next war could be nuclear war and it's impact will not be limited to south asia.

  236. @Sohail, The world at large is not stupid. This is a regional dispute.

  237. Nothing is simplistic. Neither is Modi a fascist nor is Pakistan an angel of peace. The root of all problems in Kashmir was the special status accorded to it since it's accession to India. This in between state resulted in Kashmiris isolation from India and disaffection. How can capital investment happen if the Kashmiri laws prevented ownership of property by outsiders. Imagine if the immigrants to U.S were not allowed to buy property. So, Modi's revocation of special status will ultimately benefit the Kashmiris - they will part of a rising tide. This, the paskistanis know and don't want to happen. The issue in Kashmir began in 1989 when India was at its weakest weighed down by decades of failed protectionist policies. Forex reserves were down to 1 billion, the army stretched on at least 3 fronts, no political consensus due to a fractured coalition government. Pakistan pushed through hundreds of jihadis into Kasmiris fresh from the Afghan war that had ended in victory. The first thing that happened was ethnic cleaning - Hindus who had lived in Kashmir for Millenia were driven out. Radical brand of Islam emerged with secessionist propaganda to alienate the youth. Hindutva by its very nature is not violent with ahimsa (non violence) at its core. This is basically a version of robust nationalism promoting oneness of all Indians of all religions based on citizenship and common civil code. Muslims struggle in diverse societies. - that is why there no secular Muslim countries

  238. I suppose Kim Jong Un is not the only one who plays nuclear blackmail. Pakistani leadership has had its own well worn version over the last two decades. Start a misadventure like Kargil or send its proxies to carry out major terrorist attacks and then pull out the nuclear card to get itself out of any consequences. The international community is finally starting to see through it and this requires PM Khan to do whatever it takes to get attention. He should look at his own military intelligence establishment for reasons why his administration has little credibility abroad. When you accept American assistance and then send proxies to attack and kill American troops in Afghanistan no one is going to trust you. When you run bloody decades long campaign through proxies in Kashmir valley and elsewhere aimed at endlessly bleeding India there are bound to be consequences at home and abroad. When you send Taliban or Haqqani network proxies to attack embassies, NGOs, ethnic minorities and political leaders in Afghanistan your actions speak louder than words. When terrorist attacks all over the world have roots in Pakistan you acquire a global reputation. When Osama bin Laden is found a mile from your military academy, everyone starts to see through your words. When you run a nuclear Walmart the dangers are not somewhere else. No wonder his words have carried so little weight abroad. May be it is time for PM Khan to look inward and do something of consequence for his own people.

  239. India is behaving as though it was a colonial power. Recognizing irony and having memory of history are not strong points of people anywhere. This occupation was the worst of possible choices for India. It will not end well unless the rest of the world provides rational pressure.