Poor Conditions Persist for Migrant Children Detained at the Border, Democrats Say

Republican members of the House Oversight Committee disputed those characterizations, but the allegations renewed scrutiny over the treatment of migrant children.

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  1. The fact that representatives were denied the ability to visit these shelters makes me think that families are not getting adequate care. The cruelty of this administration is beyond belief. It also could easily lead to other minority groups receiving the same treatment, ie LGBT, journalists, protestors, Democrats. If trump is re-elected, he will be quite free to start jailing people in these groups.

  2. Jesus was many times pretty emphatic. If you claim to be "saved" or to have accepted Him as your "personal savior", if you don't give food to the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the foreigner, and give clothes to those who need them He promises He will publicly proclaim at your judgment: "Depart from me cursed one, into the eternal fires prepared by the Devil and his angels." Also, to those who mistreat children he says they would have been better off to be thrown into the ocean with a millstone tied around their neck.

  3. The article does not say if the facilities were for unaccompanied minors, or for families with children, or for children separated from their parents but in the country. It would be helpful to identify the facilities accurately and to know if the children were alone or with adults.

  4. Did anyone every ask if on the the trek to the use, the children had sufficient diapers, suitable food ( of any food at all), ?? Where do you think they took showers or baths on their way here?

  5. Or did anyone think to consider how many American citizens, including families with children, sleep on the streets and in their cars every night in this country? Hundreds of thousands in my state - CA - alone. No showers, no armed guards to protect them, no beds, no fresh food… The fixation with the level of care provided to illegal immigrants has reached a point of ridiculousness that is going to get Donald Trump reelected.

  6. @JAngeles The first thing that needs to be made clear is that a person cannot be illegal. There is no law that makes a human being illegal. We would have to call citizens who are prisoners illegal Americans. No child should have to sleep on the streets of Los Angeles, my hometown, or in immigration detention centers. Surely your heart is not so hard that you feel only revulsion for immigrant kids who we treat so inhumanely. American dog owners would never dream of caging their pets and having them sleep on concrete floors.

  7. “Democrats say” should make this story a nonstarter.

  8. Good. It's called a "deterrent," and illegal immigration shouldn't be encouraged. And no, they're not "asylum seekers." They're fleeing gang violence and poverty, not being persecuted on the basis of ethnicity or politics or religion.

  9. @asdfj Hate does terrible things to people. It blinds them to the utter inhumanity of caging children and having them sleep on the floor with a single blanket. Millions of American dog lovers would rather die than see their beloved pets treated the way our government is abusing kids. Hate and mistreatment is not going to stop the northward human flood. We've done the police thing for decades. In 1992 there were 3.2 million undocumented immigrants. We quadrupled the number of Border Patrol cops, built miles of fences, installed all sort of high tech equipment and apprehended many millions as they attempted to sneak in. Guess what? Today we have nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants. So, keep up the cop approach. One of these days it will work.

  10. Can anyone explain to me why no big media network has gone in and provided actual footage? I keep getting a he said she said vibe from Congress, not to mention the absurd fact that members of Congress have to give an advance notice to visit these concentration camps. I would really appreciate some actual light shed on this situation. It seems our leaders and the media is failing to properly disclose what is happening.

  11. A culture of cruelty and callousness pervades border law enforcement. This is how it's always been. Only now, Congress is interested in the scandalous situation. Former NYT reporter John Crewdson, was awarded a Pulitzer in 1980 for a series of articles published in the Times, including one titled “Border Sweeps of Illegal Aliens Leave Scores of Children in Jails." So, in 1980 migrant kids were being jailed and nothing changed. I was a San Diego-based stringer (a reporter who is not on staff and is paid per story or for assisting a staff reporter) and worked closely with Crewdson. I reported by own series on Border Patrol brutality for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Today, decades later, officials charged with safeguarding the border as a rule detest dark-skinned people, even those with proper documentation. I taught a university class about the border, and students and I visited the San Diego Border Patrol Sector. Time and again, the agents assigned to take us on tours of the border spoke of the immigrants as potentially dangerous criminals. Most telling, the agents had no contact with Mexican immigration officials just over the border in Tijuana.

  12. Let’s agree that none of these asylum seekers will be granted citizenship, then let’s take better care of them. Give them health care, (though most of them are in better health than we are). Give them an education, if they are willing to learn. Prepare them to go back to their home countries and create a better life for themselves. “Open borders” has to have the support of the American people. That support does not exist. And it won’t exist as long as we are being bullied by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

  13. @Caveman, let’s agree that Trump supporters should be educated if they are willing to learn! As far as “Open Borders” that is a canard being used by Trump and his GOP as a ruse. No one is supporting such an idea on the left. The lies, lies and falsehoods about Democrats are made up by Trump in his tiny brain spoon fed by Miller, Hannity, Limbaugh, et. al. and not by any one elected or running for office in the Democratic Party.