Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Slept Through Checks and Falsified Records

The guards did not check on him for three hours, officials said. The disclosures came as the guards and the warden at the jail were removed.

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  1. Literally asleep at the switch! How about having something as simple as a baby monitor with AI checking for unusual cell activity, especially during the night?

  2. @Andrew B probably a union thing in an effort to protect jobs.

  3. Asleep at the wheel? And then (of course) falsifying the records to cover up their negligence? Well, surprise, surprise, surprise. I certainly hope that the “temporary” reassignment of the warden and the workers put on administrative leave turns into a permanent situation. Otherwise they, too, will have gotten away with a slap on the wrist. I can just hear Bill Barr now, whispering “it’s only until all the commotion dies down. Then we’ll be back to business as usual.” We’ll be watching, A.G. Barr. We’ll be watching.

  4. Yes yes, the warden shall have a more enduring change of job status because of this travesty, Secretary of Labor.

  5. The House Judiciary Committee thinks that Mr. Epstein, through his suicide, was "allowed to ultimately evade justice." Could the same also be said of a mass shooter shot dead by police? In a certain technical sense maybe. But not truly. Evading justice surely ought to mean getting away with something. He paid with his life, so I don't think he really got away with anything.

  6. 30 minute checks, even done correctly, are not enough to prevent asphyxiation which takes about 4 minutes. In addition, you can make an environment ligature resistant, but almost never ligature proof. Financial decisions- deciding not to hire enough people so that staff are not forced to work when exhausted did not help. Finally it is very common for persons like Mr. Epstein to inspire feelings of strong dislike or even revulsion in persons who are assigned to oversee them. No need for conspiracy theories- this is a toxic brew in which prisoners of much less notoriety are at risk as well.

  7. @Lou It’s not even 8:00 AM yet and already I’ve learned something. I had no idea what “ligature proof” meant, so I looked it up. I read about “anti ligature,” a topic I was previously (totally) unaware of. Thanks for the learning opportunity. And I totally agree with your overall point!

  8. Yes. Good points, all. And given that Epstein was not expected to stand trial in NY until next summer, it’s fair to assume that there would have been many more lapses of protocol in one of the federal BOP’s most notorious facilities.

  9. @Lou Survelliance camera should have been placed in the cell with a monitor similar to a hospital. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and were the prison officials paid off to look the other way.

  10. Most untried federal prisoners are held in county jails on contract with the USMS. Some of the Intergovernmental Agreements on online. None of them require any sort of mental health services. None of them require 25 square feet per inmate. None of them require a law library. None of them require any sort of entertainment or recreation. None of them have any standards about the food. None of them have any standards about jail operations. My opinion is that DoJ wants its untried prisoners to be scared, uncomfortable and uninformed so that as many as possible will plea bargain. They might have thought that Epstein would plea if offered a transfer to a low security facility similar to the federal prison that Martha Stewart stayed in. In a low security facility, prisoners are allowed out of their cells during the day, there are some sort of activities, and the other inmates are less likely to assault an older man. BOP has not shown any interest in using RIFD tags to track prisoner and guard movements like they do boxes.

  11. For Republicans, "accountability" in the case of Benghazi meant accountability all the way to the top - to then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. But in the case of Epstein, "accountability" stops at the guards and the warden. Attorney General William Barr acts like an investigative third party, rather than the individual at the top of the direct chain of command. I hope someone will point out the hypocrisy.

  12. @Polyglot8 Great post, but no one will point out the hypocrisy. Instead we discuss conspiracy theories espoused by Trump who I am quite certain still hasn’t realized this death came under his watch.

  13. @Polyglot8 'We will get to the bottom of what happened.' The thing is, there is no bottom to Barr or this cult of an administration. Nothing to figure out. Cut costs, be understaffed, be indifferent, lie, write in false entries, (a Federal crime) lie some more, pretend to be shocked, lie some more, pretend to 'investigate, lie, point the finger in three different directions away from those in charge, avoid responsibility, then lie about it all again. This is the gop writ large incarnate. 'The crooked deal cannot stand' Where did the crooked deal come from in the first place? From crooks, that's where. Good citizens of the United States of America: Vote out all gop for the sake of life on Earth itself. That is, if we can all get past the crooked voter suppression and vote-count theft that seems to be the only skill they obsess about.

  14. @JMM Monumental mistake by Trump to blame Clinton for Epstein's death. Trump is actually begging the world to ask the most important question: WHO has ACCESS and CONTROL over the Justice Department to arrange the elimination of Epstein? Answer: Trump

  15. In the real world employees guilty of such gross incompetence and laziness would be terminated, but those working for Uncle Sugar with guaranteed lifetime jobs are transferred and counseled. At least this puts to bed the conspiracy theories.

  16. @Mike It does not put the conspiracy ideas “to bed.” Nice pun. :) Somebody could have intentionally put Ambien or some other sleep inducer in their coffee that evening or sprinkled on the donuts that happened to be in the lobby that evening just to let all workers know they are being appreciated for their hard work. You make the guards feel sleepy to the point where it is impossible for them to stay awake. Epstein has already been tipped off they will be “put to sleep” so to speak.

  17. Not quite, Sugar Plum... That’s the beauty of conspiracy theories... They never really die, even when they’re supposed to.

  18. A woman who was not even employed as a guard was forced to work overtime will be blamed for the death of Jeffery Epstein. How ironic. The man who committed crime after crime against women got his way in the end because of a woman and a bedsheet.

  19. @MIMA Not the women's fault. If TPTB wanted Epstein alive, they would have assigned the best they had to the job. This was intentional.

  20. @MIMA Retired BOP psychologist here (female, if you’re interested). Please know that in the federal system, all employees are trained to work as COs. We all have to qualify on weapons, etc. In fact, during times of short staffing, we were often pulled from our own jobs and required to work a custody post. We got sick of hearing “remember, you’re all correctional workers first!” as our own work piled up. So, nothing unusual there. Some of the posts I was used for during routine situations: armed perimeter patrol, armed escort for a hospital trip, housing unit officer (supervising 130 or so male inmates). In emergencies, we did whatever was needed. I understand that since I retired a few years ago, the staff shortage has just gotten worse. I can’t remember anyone ever doing 5 OTs in a week, unless there was a lockdown. Exhausted people mess up. This was just a bad time to do it.

  21. @MIMA I'm not so sure Epstein got his way. Epstein's first failed attempt was likely seen by the psychologist (or other mental health professional) who took him off suicide precautions as manipulative in nature, seeking attention and sympathy, which is not uncommon for sex offenders. I spent a career working with delinquents, many of whom were sex offenders. This second sucessful attempt may have also been manipulative in nature, but went bad when the guards fell asleep! We'll likely never know for sure, but assuming a guy worth millions would want to die BEFORE he hires the best lawyers seems very out of character for a predator that Epstein appears to have been.

  22. And this is a surprise?!? The jail guards were not doing what they were supposed to is a not a surprise to anyone with any contact with jail or penitentiary. How do you think all the contraband gets into jail?

  23. And this prison successfully help El Chapo prisoner? And why was the warden not fired? Or at least put under investigation by someone other than Barr's corrupt DOJ?

  24. You can bet the mortgage that Barr will flex his muscles by firing some MCC employees but he's the one who should lose his job by not taking the lead to ensure Epstein would be alive to face trial. Barr and Trump are cut from the same cloth, always projecting their failures on others.

  25. This series of unfortunate events is being played out to sound like the fault of a few low-echelon employees of the New York prison system. I fear "It just ain't so, boys. it just ain't so". if all that there is to be told ever reaches the front pages of the legitimate press, which facility will hold the perpetrators of this dastardly case?

  26. @nzierler A job or assignment in one of these facilities doesn’t just happen. Certainly not one as plum as (not) watching over a Golden Goose. Mr. Barr’s Daddy hired Mr. Epstein at Dalton. Is this where the Barr tender family learned the currency value of information on the rich, powerful, and connected? What is the value of Mr. Epstein’s currency? Jeff Berman is Rudy Giuliani’s former law partner. Mr. Giuliani is Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer. Is the SDNY truly neutral? Mr. Acosta resigned from this administration, essentially recusing himself from further involvement, which proved timely and smart. Why couldn’t Mr. Berman and Mr. Barr do the same? The “former” cell mate and apparent death row companion (a known master manipulator and accused murderer) was close with Bernie Kerik, disgraced former NYC police Commissioner, appointed by Mr. Giuliani. Did he handle the latest jail house Interrogation of Mr. Epstein? A real Horse Whisperer, right? Is he an informant or cooperating witness? What will he trade or must he end up dead too?

  27. @nzierler Barr’s job is safe and secure. Someone has to protect Trump at all costs.

  28. no one suspects that the prison officers just might have been told to look the other way ?

  29. @Peter Falk Maybe Epstein paid them to look the other way.

  30. @Peter Falk - Or bribed to look the other way? Either by any of the many feeling threatened, or by Epstein himself? Generally I detest conspiracy theories, but this death seemed inevitable.

  31. @Peter Falk I'm sure some do, but it's also very plausible that two guards, both taking overtime in the night, just fell asleep and then tried to cover their tracks.

  32. I initially thought "good riddance" when Epstein died. But that changed when we first learned about the lapse in protocol. I never thought I'd say it, but now I hope the BOP gets sued. Hard to believe this is the first time a travesty like this has happened. We just haven't heard about it because the inmate wasn't as high-profile. Remember, Gideon and Miranda were sleazeballs themselves.

  33. I’d be lying if I said I expected better from jailers. I am sure they’ll get their pensions or retire with some type of disability after this blows over and live happily after in Florida.

  34. Barr can bloviate all he wants about this miscarriage of justice, but isn't he as Attorney General partly responsible for the shortage of prison staff and the sleeping overtimers? Meanwhile, Trump needs to keep playing golf and quit blaming the Clintons. It's absurd!

  35. @Preserving America The head of the prison guards' union said on CNN yesterday that the most recent federal government shutdown affected the hiring of guards negatively.

  36. Sleeping?! My little brother could come up with a better excuse than that... O.o

  37. Couldn’t keep the prisoner secure or conveniently didn’t try, despite ample personnel and monitoring technology. Two prisoners, both with much to say about the rich, powerful and connected, the warped ways of our law enforcement and Justice Department apparatus, are dead since Mr. Trump took office. Others who spoke out, also destroyed. Mr. Epstein was in the care of those with greatest incentive to lose the prisoner. I ask again, why would any material witness come forward only to end up maligned, in custody and/or dead? As the guilty evade and gain more Constitutionally unchecked power. Masterfully, only after a document purge identifying Democratic stalwarts and well known foreign policy Negotiators as the latest trashed Villains and red herrings. The message is quite clear.

  38. The head of the Bureau of Prisons is an ACTING director. This is what happens when we have temps running our government.

  39. @Kevin it’s what happens when you have a House of Representatives that deliberately resists a presidential mandate for their own political purposes.

  40. @Lazlo K. Hud The House doesn't confirm appointments.

  41. @Lazlo K. Hud The Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, confirms nominees. Most appointments have been approved, with some held by either Democrats or Republicans, usually over questions of basic competence. The Trump administration has failed to nominate individuals for many open positions, either through lack of interest or because qualified people don't want to work in this administration. Trump blames Democrats for his own administration's failure to nominate. In this particular case, Trump's previous nominee resigned over a year ago and he hasn't nominated someone else (that I can find).

  42. We have now gotten to the bottom of the miscarriage of justice and protocol. These two guards will be punished mightily. The warden shall be reassigned pending an upcoming cabinet appointment.

  43. @John C You think? Don't forget, AG Barr's father was the person who gave Epstein his first job-- teaching math to young girls and boys (and later fired for displaying "inappropriate" behavior to the former while doing so) at the Dalton School.

  44. You mean ‘acting’ Secretary...

  45. Barr doesn't mess around. It's a shame he didn't get more involved in the power/heat outage at Brooklyn MDC this past winter, when electricity and partial heat were out for the coldest week of the year. This was swift and just.

  46. @AACNY I question the first statement of your comment. Barr doesn't mess around?! What do you think it did vis-a-vis Mueller and the report? Whole lota messing around going on there, don't you think? Also, unprone as I am to dabble in conspiracies, does anyone out there have information on whether Barr, in person, was much seen around the prison even before this fiasco occurred, as has been reported by several sources? This business is far from over and done with and even further from "swift and Just".

  47. @Tony's mom Barr acted appropriately and swiftly. He is also consistent. He refused to further politicize the Mueller report, and he refused to charge Comey, despite the IG's recommendation to do so. Removing people is a first step. Investigating comes next. I have every confidence a full investigation will ensue and Barr will respond responsibly. I also expect regardless of what he does that Trump critics will find fault.

  48. @Tony's mom We all know Barr's character . . . Epstein's gone, now the driving force is to keep what he could have exposed well hidden. Do I believe the guards are at fault here, absolutely not, unless they were rewarded by those protecting that hidden dirt.

  49. In the real world, people who work 2nd and 3rd shift jobs do find a way to catch a catnap when they get an opportunity. Millions of people work long hours to make ends meet and that is a fact of life. The question should be asked is how was this same facility able to keep other high profile prisoners from harming themselves? Were the protocols used with El Chapo used with Epstein and if they were not why? Ramzi Yousef and John Gotti were held at MCC without incident. Now we are being spoon-fed That The Bucks Stops with The Guards. People are starting to believe there was no real effort to prevent Epstein from harming himself because Dead Men Tell No Tales! No matter how ridicules all of this looks this made-up story of Keystone Cops is working. So Far.

  50. @Steven McCain. I've done plenty of night shifts in my younger days and no-one slept. There was a job to do and we did it. If one of us had slept you can bet that our coworkers who had to pick up the slack would have made it very clear that it would be the first and only time.

  51. @Steven McCain In this administration, the buck always stops somewhere else. No one ever assumes responsibility.

  52. @Andrew You are unique Bravo. I worked many double shifts and when you could you did.

  53. The notion that the guards were sleeping is regarded as laughable by some; I think they are mistaken. What strains credulity is the fact that apparently no one involved acted on any doubts as to whether Mr. Epstein would make it through his confinement (unless some did and were ignored), even after an initial reported suicide attempt. Why did so many trust all would be well? On the other hand, it is not easy to believe that murder by negligence would have seemed a satisfying strategy. What seems to the point is the 'trains run on time' consideration. Decent administration of any government function takes commitment, time and energy. The shortage of adequate prison guard staff has been addressed via overtime. You can probably include child, elder and mental health care as other near examples. The big boys like military spending. Sooner or later a fuller explanation of how the union allowed the kind of overtime that was ongoing might emerge. When you mix long hours with an eccentric sleep cycle it shouldn't surprise anyone that some are going to conk out. On the other hand, those guys are getting money big enough to fund kickbacks. As often as we are reminded of the courage, sacrifice and commitment of police officers, we rarely salute the prison guards whose difficult and dangerous work is needed in a country of laws. Not much appreciated because out of the spotlight.

  54. I think of myself as being a person who does not buy into conspiracy theories. I am willing to accept the explanation that Mr. Epstein’s death was not prevented as a result of employees at MCC sleeping and failing to check on him. What gives me pause is that apparently Mr. Epstein’s cell was not subject to video surveillance. I simply cannot understand how this happened at a place like MCC that should have more than adequate CCTV coverage, especially for high profile high risk prisoners. Now that really makes me wonder.

  55. There may be some type of privacy issues since the cameras are not simply used to monitor, but to record as well; however, why he was left without a cell mate requires an answer.

  56. @Nancy Warder "I think of myself as being a person who does not buy into conspiracy theories." Same here, and yet it would not surprise me in the least if Epstein is alive. And living in the utmost luxury.

  57. @Nancy Warder Yeah, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to think something fishy is up here. You just need common sense. As you said, no video camera on him? And everything else that just so happened to fall in place perfectly (two guards falling asleep, lol). I hope no one is dense enough to believe the story given to us by the govt.

  58. I worked in a very professional and therapeutic psychiatric hospital in the early 80s. On occasion evening staff were asked to work a double shift because of staffing problems. I did not like to do a double because I hated trying to stay up all night. It was called “snoozing for dollars” by some staff. They would set up chairs and blankets and take turns sleeping. Security staff would use empty rooms to sleep during their “breaks”. Fortunately there were no incidents. It was the culture of night shift.

  59. I fear there is more to this story than we will ever know. Money a d power have myriad ways of overcoming truth.

  60. once the voters accepted the DNC debacle Clinton vs Sanders in the primary and the Trump "victory" it was green light for obvious foul play acceptance by the masses in all political corners. The guards "falling asleep" is hollywood B film writing at its best. So ridiculous that Foster the People make more sense at this point.

  61. Still a far-too convenient sequence of events. -Presumed suicide attempt by extremely high-profile prisoner jailed for commission of an especially serious crime. -Removal from prisoner from suicide watch after a mere 6 days, allegedly at the request of prisoner’s attorneys. -No cell mate, in contravention of established policy. -Assignment of a guard working 5th day of overtime and a second, substitute guard. -Guards simultaneously fall asleep on night shift and falsify records. Guards placed on administrative leave. -Warden transferred, but not placed on leave. As I predicted 2 days ago, blame is being laid at the. -level employees.

  62. @ANetliner - and all this sleeping on the job, both guards at once, just happened to be at same the time that Epstein chose to make his suicide attempt. What an unfortunate coincidence. Oh well, case closed.

  63. @ANetliner Don't forget that no prisoner has committed suicide at the MCC in 21 years before Jeff came along.

  64. The guards are taking the fall obviously, but we really need to know if anyone in the jail chain of command was bribed, threatened or offered other "inducements" to set this all up?

  65. @George Campbell. Doesn't it seem likely that one (or both) of these sleepy "guards" has a nice new, very quiet, bank account somewhere?

  66. In an era where cameras are everywhere including the elevators in the condo building where I live why wasn't there video surveillance of Epstein's cell? The reliance on understaffed, overworked, poorly trained guards seems outdated and even more costly than a high-tech video control room. Such surveillance is how the Boston marathon bombers were caught about a decade ago. And, there are well-trained, professionals and companies that can monitor the surveillance cameras 24/7. These are the "serious irregularities" not guards forced to work double shifts. This is part of the dilapidated, outmoded infrastructure that the Trump administration and its swamp creatures are unwilling to fix.

  67. @Paul Wortman Great point. Here's another conspiracy theory: the lack of cameras in each cell is on purpose, to avoid liability for misbehavior by prison officials.

  68. @Paul Wortman Exactly! there is not one inch of my apartment building that is not on camera and then when I walk down the street I am on all the other building's cameras. But a jail has no cameras and apparently plenty of quiet places to get a couple of hors sleep while getting paid by the taxpayers!

  69. @Paul Wortman I assume the reason for no surveillance canera is Epstein’s cell was because it would have disclosed what actually happened that night.

  70. The most high profile prisoner in the country and two guards are sleeping at the same time? No cell phone alarms? Officials might have well claimed that the guards were out "hiking the Appalachian Trail". Either excuse would be just as preposterous.

  71. @rab The sleeping actually occurs quite frequently in facilities where guards are mandated to work 80 hours a week.

  72. @Dee This was no ordinary prisoner. The consequences for falling asleep in this case were beyond career threatening for correctional officers. Common sense suggests that they would at least take turns sleeping. And it being reported as the same three hour sleep period of time is way too convenient an explanation, but one that does not wash with the gravity of the situation. By the way, NASA recently proved that a 26 minute power nap increases one's level of alertness by 50%. Better yet Dee, let's you and me role play: rab: Gee Dee I'm pretty tired, I think I'll take a three hour nap Dee; Me too rab, I'm exhausted. lets take a three hour break from checking on Epstein, what could possibly go wrong? rab: You're right Dee, he was in such good spirits the last time I checked. Pleasant dreams Dee

  73. Enough with the conspiracy theories, already! "Never ascribe to malice what can be better explained by incompetence." I think Richard Hofstadder said that. It's a nice variation on Occam's Razor, actually. Two tired guards (whose biggest mistake actually was falsifying the records rather than napping, as at least the napping was explainable due to exhaustion) and a warden who was too willing to believe that Epstein was no longer a threat to himself are more than enough to explain what happened. My question is, how often has this situation happened? If guards routinely sleep on the job, then we have our answer. If this is the only occurrence, then we can talk about suspicious activities. The lack of a cellmate is also unfortunate, but again, they probably figured he'd get one the next morning so what was the big deal?

  74. @Liz There isn't a conspiracy theory until the end of the investigation. Until then, they're all leads for the investigation to follow. And by the way, the investigation is being handled by the same "Justice" Department that tacitly allowed this to happen while the defendant was under its own care. I'm sick and tired of excuses. I'm sick and tired of people who consider everything they don't understand or refuse to accept a "conspiracy theory". And for the love of god, I'm sick and tired of hearing about "Occam's Razor". Listen, these weren't just some sleepy guards. Do you really believe this was a one-off? Do you think they just happened to falsify records on that one night? They did this every night. Punch in, take a look around, go to bed, wake up in the morning, go home, do what you like all day because you just got paid to go to bed for the night.

  75. As a lawyer who has represented prisoners in cases challenging conditions, this happens all the time. The people claiming conspiracy just do not understand the actual conditions in our jails and prisons all over the country. Prisoners in special housing are supposed to be monitored every 30 minutes. Logs will indicate monitoring every 30 minutes while the guards, who are short-staffed, are asleep, or have too many duties to actually do the monitoring. And even if there’s video, someone has to actually be watching it for that to help. There are dozens and dozens of suicides in jails and prisons each year in virtually the exact same circumstances. Someone is removed from some version of suicide watch, moves out into different housing, and commits suicide. That this happened to a high profile prisoner only highlights just how inadequate mental health treatment and monitoring is in our institutions.

  76. @Alabama Resident I may well be misinformed, but it is my understanding that Mr. Epstein's suicide was the first of its kind in this facility for 19 years (at least).

  77. @Alabama Resident. Do you not believe that a prisoner with intelligence on the criminal activities of a current Presidents, a former President, and Queen Elizabeth's son would receive the same caliber of security as your imprisoned clients in Alabama.

  78. They definitely need to monitor the bank accounts and recent purchases of the MCC employees at all levels who were responsible for keeping Epstein unharmed while he was in the MCC. However, even this comment makes certain assumptions about what might or might not have happened to Epstein. Regardless, it is a fantastical story.

  79. America’s mass incarceration system isn’t designed to carry out justice. It’s purpose is societal control such that the powers that be are protected from social or political upheaval. This is one of the rare moments where we get to see how American prisons really operate.

  80. Readers of this article friendly with corrections officers know this story all to well. Whether the unions are to blame, poor management, the nature of the job, or all of the above, this is a familiar story. Guards manipulate their work schedules for one significant reason above all else: to maximize lucrative overtime pay. One of my friends refers to his eight hour shifts as a “half day” because he almost always will swap shifts with a partner that allow both to work longer shifts that generate overtime pay. Of course this increases both worker fatigue and taxpayer costs. Not an ideal scenario. Although these guards are not supposed to be using their phones at work, that rule is clearly not enforced. Sleeping on the job is still somewhat frowned upon, but happens routinely. One would think that a high profile inmate like Epstein would elicit something other than the job performance that these two guards displayed, but if I could get away with sleeping on the job for so many years, I question whether I would act differently.

  81. You hit the nail on the head. Let's see a list of overtime I guarantee many double or triple their base salary. The system allows and encourages it.

  82. The over time was forced and one was not a guard. She was forced to do that too. Barr at the Dept. of Justice mandated his minions be overworked, and non guards fill in for any who quit due to his hiring freeze.

  83. @Bill Milledge Re: "Readers of this article friendly with corrections officers know this story all to well. " The Federal Government has excelled at guarding and keeping alive high value detainees awaiting trial. The last time I can recall a pre-trial death, of this magnitude, was Jack Ruby's timely murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. See the connection.

  84. What? Were the "guards" (also now reported variously as clerks, secretaries, others...pressed into service for the highest visibility prisoner) too tired to do the minimum of a peek no and then on their most prized prisoner? With Barr in charge and Epstein no longer behind bars the answers had better be better than the Mueller Report review statement by Barr. A lot of important people are sleeping better, perhaps as well as the apparently comatose guards. If the guards were overworked, and I do not doubt this, the management was seriously underworked.

  85. Another blow to credibility. Guards sleeping. No surveillance cameras. No cellmate. Inmate taken off suicide watch. I don't want to suspect some kind of foul play. I hate the idea that conspiracy theories affect public opinion, but this seems like a perfect storm to insure that people are suspicious. Then the guards are fired, but the warden is put on administrative leave. Who is making these decisions? What's going on?

  86. @Betsy S Excellent question. Let's fine tune it. Who initiated the hiring freeze and why? Who is responsible for the shortage of guards and the poor quality of psychiatric care? Who cuts budgets, starves the beast and then invests in private prisons? Epstein is outrageous tabloid raw material, but the real story is what has happened to our government in general and the BOP in particular. Every day I check the news for this story. I'm still checking. Brenner and Ivory made a start, but they are far from finished.

  87. "Then the guards are fired, but the warden is put on administrative leave." Actually, the guards were put on administrative leave (pending being fired(?)), and the warden was transferred.

  88. @Betsy S Yes, it is not credible enough to be a movie plot certainly. Barr needs to recuse himself and have this investigated by a third party that doesn't report to him.

  89. It would be interesting to find out if the Prison System routinely audits video against logbook entries to ensure discipline. If not, why?

  90. Never underestimate the incompetence or assume the competence of those in the most important positions in our society.

  91. @b d'amico This is exactly what the GOP wants: Install incompetents to prove the incompetency of government, in order to make a case for weakening government.

  92. One guard was working for 'extra overtime pay', presumably because the prison was fundamentally understaffed. The second officer, a woman who was assigned to that wing, had been ordered to work overtime because the jail was in fact short staffed. Republican public policy at a federal prison on display in all its finest: Underfund the government, understaff the government and let the government fail at its job.....and let the 0.1% have a tax welfare celebration and miscarriage of justice bonanza ! "Taxes and justices are only for the little people" GOP 2019 Remember on November 3 2020.

  93. @Socrates Exactly. That shows that the guv'mint don't work. That's why we need more private for profit prisons. (Good to see you back, Socrates. You used to be my favorite NYT columnist with Gemli, but you both disappeared for a while.)

  94. Let me get this straight. The one overseeing this investigation is the one ultimately responsible for the department in which it occurred?

  95. Are we still really pointing fingers at the guards? And are we still saying, "apparently" committed suicide?

  96. How ironic. Two guards who fell asleep will no doubt be charged with a Federal Crime; and yet the "president", who is asleep at the switch in terms of the U. S. Economy, pushing it into Recession, goes free.

  97. Incompetence., they should all 3 be fired. No pension no more tax payer money given to them. I don’t want to pay government workers for the rest of their lives. Government pensions need to be eliminated!! (Maybe military service can be an exception.). How is it fair these people milk the system get pensions then go get another job on top of the pensions. ELIMINATE pensions. The US rewards incompetence.

  98. Somehow they were able to keep alive high level terrorists, El Chapo, and mafiasos for their value in implicating others. The only difference is that Epstein’s information may have incriminated the rich and powerful Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew, Dershowitz, Ehud Barak so it was purposely not made a priority to keep him alive. The American people predicted this gross negligent failure of our justice system and had to sit helplessly watch it happen. The legal system is what made this country great and without confidence in it we have nothing.

  99. Were the two guards given a sleeping potion? The plot thickens.

  100. I’m just curious how they know the guards were sleeping, were they caught on camera?

  101. Nothing so clearly dubious has ever happened with very high profile inmates at this facility - ever!. To think that ineptitude of this magnitude was simply “coincidental” and allowed to happen challenges credulity in every way. Lots of VIPs had much to lose in an open trial-after all, it’s about the trafficking and sexual abuse of children. Apparently, their hope is that this is a mute issue now. While some people claim that the NY jail facility is managed by the federal government, it seems that people in NY made the accused go away- the how is less relevant, though still important. Is this far fetched? Not really when you think how the NY money class worked OT to get convicted spy Jonathan Pollard released.

  102. This entire episode smells, very badly, and most have a clear opinion as to what caused his death. How convenient for so many in power.

  103. There is a business saying when one person complains it is as if 100 people are complained, in other words if it happens to one person you can assume it has happened to 100 people. I can guarantee you the maleficence and incompetence displayed with Epstein has happened 100 times before to anonymous and nothing was done and nobody cared

  104. Wow, government workers sleep on the job, then lie to pretend like they were working? This is me being shocked.

  105. What do they expect? We pay these people next to nothing and then place them in an awful job. Would you like to do this every day? That's why I TRY to be nice to TSA (really hard!) and WalMart checkers, but seriously they have a glam job compared to prison guard. They get paid at the bottom of the wage scale, deal with vile people, and are commanded to work overtime. Easy to place blame. Maybe we should stop paying for Trump's golf trips and hire a few more guards.

  106. Enough. Before all else make sure the body is the body.

  107. @Bahooha 848thats so smart. Epstein probably somewhere living the high life. Never thought of that.

  108. Andy of Mayberry would never have exhibited this much poor judgement, incompetence, or dishonesty. True, the town drunk had his own jail cell key, but he was never suicidal. This is no sitcom; justice for victims is now in jeopardy. The buck stops with AG Bill Barr, not with Deputy Barney Fife.

  109. I had an acquaintance who worked for a major transportation entity. He worked as a "checker" on the equipment at night. He'd sign off on the work done on the equipment by the maintenance people for the next day's runs. This transportation entity has many maintenance workers and checkers. The checkers come in every night, work for about 45 minutes total signing off on maintenance forms they never even checked, then went to bed for the night on company time. If you think these "guards" just happened to fall asleep and falsify records this one particular night, I have a couple of bridges I'd love to sell you. They "guards" punch in every night, take a look around, then go to bed. This is what was going before, during and will be going on again as soon as the brass leaves the building. It's all a scam that doesn't get attention until something like the Epstein death occurs. Funny how the scam just happened to be exposed by Epstein's corpse this time. It's just such a convenient tragedy for so many very prominent people. I wonder how it could have been allowed to happen? lol

  110. It certainly took the prison authorities long enough to come up with THAT story ... which if true, they would have learned almost immediately after Epstein's mysterious death. They now put the warden on "temporary" re-assignment instead of permanent termination which is exactly what it should have been!

  111. The most high profile prisoner )besides el Chappo), that I can recall, to be placed in that facility in 31 years and no special care was taken to insure he made it to trial? Even after a previous suicide attempt? And knowing how many exorbitantly rich, corrupt, people that may have been exposed by him? Taken off of suicide watch, no cell mate, two guards asleep, for 3 hours, at the same time! Huh. Security camera? And now it’s all the gaurds fault, one forced to take the overtime. at best this was suicide aided by negligence at worst it was purposefully aided by “negligence”. People higher up than the guards need to be held accountable.

  112. @Myrtle Wilson From this far away, I agree. Far too many curious circumstances colliding (colluding ?) with a most convenient end-of-life, however it happened.

  113. FBI is just now raiding the Virgin Islands estate? Who is watching Mark Epstein move all of his brother's assets offshore if they weren't there already? Money laundering, tax evasion, blackmailing. Alot of reasons that US should be acting quickly to bring estate to justice.

  114. Number one: thirty minute checks would not be a deterrent to suicide, even if they had been conducted. Number two: a cellmate would never be a way to ensure someone's safety. That the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. A cellmate can sleep soundly, or be the source of some risk themselves. They are NOT paid employees responsible for keeping Epstein safe. If these were the guardrails, completely inadequate. So let's stop with this non-sense. Attorney General William Barr provided a whole rationale as to why he would NOT recuse from this case. So Attorney General William Barr, the buck stops with you. He should have been monitored wherever he needed to be by professionals. Like El Chapo was. Period. Stop blaming people who were not equipped to maintain the safety of the most prominent prisoner in America, because they could not make decisions to ensure his safety like Attorney General William Barr could.

  115. Has the ME definitely stated whether the death was a suicide or a homicide.

  116. In Jail suicide is 100% preventable. Its a control environment. Now the corruptions and covered up by those trusted to do a job is violated at every turn. Remember MDC in Brooklyn where inmates where left without heat, hot water and light. This is a systematic problem.

  117. Why all this vitriol against workers and unions? These workers, poorly paid given NYC standard of living, and are being pilloried because their boss required them to work multiple shifts, repeatedly. But the boss has been strangled by the DOJ with lack of funding, no federal leadership, and a hiring freeze. What's happening to this country when we deny our roles, and that of government, big money, the stock market, and banks in demeaning and victimizing our workers.

  118. When you work overtime the money's great, however when you work so much overtime that your family put's your face on a milk carton you know there's a problem. These guards aren't responsible for staffing the prison but they did fail to follow procedures. Someone needs to take responsibility for Epstein, maybe it should be the people who empowered him.

  119. I don’t blame Barr for being appalled. This is inexcusable. A hiring freeze. Then using non-guard employees to plug holes for inadequate staffing, and forced overtime killed Epstein. The head of the Justice Department should take responsibility and resign today. Small government on the cheap does not work.

  120. Could someone have given the guards drugged coffees? Why were BOTH guards sleeping during the most important assignment of their lives, while guarding a high potential suicide or homicide risk VIP prisoner? An immediate drug test should be called for the guards.

  121. @Rafael Oh please. No more conspiracy theories.

  122. @Rafael Maybe you are right - but according to the news, the woman guard had worked her 5th 16-hour day. (no word on whether when she gets home she has kids and other duties to attend to). I would think that in itself may have contributed to her falling asleep.

  123. @Rafael. To Vivian and Diane: The sleeping is understandable, but not at the same time. for 3 hours straight. Wouldn't they have at least alternated their naps, while the other stood guard? The conspiracy label should not be used to deflect from serious questions.

  124. Any person who finds him/herself in jail would be likely to feel suicidal, wether guilty or innocent. As this was a pre trial facility even the most likely guilty are presumed innocent. We, the american people, have a responsibility to protect presumed innocent people from being overwhelmed and taking their own lives. Not all of them are Jefferry Epsteins, some are Sandra Blands, or the young man who spent 3 years at rikers island awaiting trial for stealing a backpack.

  125. "What difference does it make?" This famous quote from the wife of a man who had flown multiple times on this accused man's airplanes came to mind.q All this hand wringing etc - is so typical of bureaucracy who are always interested in finding some one they can put all the blame on. My question is was the government too aggressive in telling the judge to deny this man a bail under strictest of circumstances. That Chinese woman - accused by our government in breaching sanctions etc - a very grave crime - she is out on bail and moving around Vancouver between her palatial homes. My fear is the next time some case like thus comes up - indeed the Attorneys of the accused will point to this infamous precedent, get a bail - and then jump it.

  126. This seems so contrived, like a bad prison movie: all the guards fell asleep while the most infamous prisoner in the nation ceased living. Due to this alleged set of facts, everyone is transferred or put on leave of absence and are made to go away. All the irregularities that Barr is now complaining about were seemingly arranged. How do you have sleepy guards who weren't even guards and remain anonymous?

  127. "Though it is standard practice to house people who have recently been taken off suicide watch with another person, the prison did not replace Mr. Epstein’s cellmate." "Standard practice" has died a sudden death under the Trump administration, while "acting" directors and cabinet members have become the norm, with the caveat that the latter do not have to be confirmed by the Senate. What can possibly go wrong?

  128. Ineptness, incompetence, fatigue, neglect - whatever excuses you come up with - the outcome serves the needs of lots of others unless the Justice Department truly intends to pursue the allegations across the spectrum of people connected to Epstein. I am not holding my breath for the conslusion of the inquiries.

  129. "What difference does it make?" This famous quote from the wife of a man who had flown multiple times on this accused man's airplanes came to mind.q All this hand wringing etc - is so typical of bureaucracy who are always interested in finding some one they can put all the blame on. My question is was the government too aggressive in telling the judge to deny this man a bail under strictest of circumstances. That Chinese woman - accused by our government in breaching sanctions etc - a very grave crime - she is out on bail and moving around Vancouver between her palatial homes. My fear is the next time some case like thus comes up - indeed the Attorneys of the accused will point to this infamous precedent, get a bail - and then jump it.

  130. @Neil Meng Wanzhou is on bail in Vancouver because she isn't a flight risk, and we don't know if what she has done is a crime. She will face an extradition hearing in 2020 to determine if she should be extradited to the USA. If what she is accused isn't a crime in Canada, or the hearing doesn't find in favour of the USA, she will be released. I agree that Epstein's case should be used as a motivation to bring prison standards up to where they should be.

  131. I don't believe I read that he was being monitored, in fact I believe he was not being appropriately monitored. Now they say they falsified the records to say he was being monitored. Am I wrong or is this a change of story?

  132. Very bold lying going on here. First time I ever heard anyone confess so quickly to a dereliction of duty. How did they ever get the guards to make these false confessions. Saying that there was more than one psychiatrist who deviated from the standard of care does not turn a deviation into a standard practice.

  133. Sounds like the typical American workplace!!! Workers straining to make ends meet. This is what happens when you work long hours for little pay and have to work more hours just to get by, and work multiple jobs just to get by. All you do is work work and work and sleep if you can. If they were fairly paid they’d be able to be more professional, be awake when they should be awake etc. This is really no surprise.

  134. Not a good look for union members to be sleeping while logging overtime pay. Unions are why businesses are leaving New York in droves.

  135. @Eileen Eulick well before you jump to conclusions and bash unions -- Congress had pulled back funding, the jail was known for being notoriously overcrowded (nearly double its capacity) and under-staffed. The "woman" guard was forced to work overtime for the 5th straight night -- that is 5, 16-hour shifts. I don't know about the other person. From the BBC Staffing, a representative says, is "completely inadequate", with many workers putting in more than 60 hours per week leaving them "overwhelmed" and "not alert". According to the Associated Press (AP), the jail is so under-staffed that correctional officers are being offered a $10,000 bonus to transfer there from other facilities. Guards sometimes work 16 hours a day, according to the AP. A person familiar with the Epstein case told the news agency that a guard overseeing Epstein was working a fifth straight day of overtime - and another was working mandatory overtime - on the day the wealthy financier's body was found. It's funny. No one ever blames management for putting workers in positions where they can't succeed.

  136. Well, in some ways it's more excusable that guards were asleep than that AG Barr was wide-eyed in his corruption and scapegoating. But now the guards are so much easier to blame and help tie up the countless loose ends of this highly suspicious affair.

  137. The guards were sleeping? This entire Ambien-infused society is asleep. The jails are full of people who should not be there and the people who should be there (like Epstein) walk among us. In the case of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan it sounds like the cameras should be trained as much on the guards as the inmates. There might be less sleeping.

  138. Epstein was so important that two prosecutors, on the state and federal level, threw a slam dunk case that would have put him in jail for 25 years. In New York, we are asked to believe that he wasn't so very important.

  139. The larger question is why is the facility understaffed to begin with? Is this another Republican “penny-wise and pound foolish “ cost cutting measure? A well run prison requires alert staffIng. Sure, well run prisons are fairly quiet and boring but those conditions make them safer for all concerned. By the way, the responsibility for a well-run anything rests with management, not front line staff. Barr, this one is on you. Stop being so busy running interference for your boss and do your real job. Start with full staffing so no one gets exhausted doing overtime.

  140. It wasn't the warden's fault the prison employees fell asleep on the job or falsified their reports. Yet the union leaders are defending the gross negligence of these employees and complaining the warden wasn't treated the same. One of the guards requested the OT. For what, to get paid for sleeping on the job? 7:15A CDT 8/14/19

  141. As a mental health professional with decades of experience (in US and Europe), I ask: Why and how was Mr. Epstein taken off suicide watch?

  142. The craziest thing about this case is that decades ago Barr's father hired Epstein as a teacher when Epstein was a freshly minted college dropout. If I were a reporter I'd look at any other intersection between Epstein and the Barr family. It's a small world. But not that small.

  143. Baloney. There’s so much coverage on conjecture and various ways “the guards” negated their job they were sleeping they went to get a sandwich they were paid infinitum nothing will ever be explained enough for letting this man go free

  144. Where’s the timestamped prison video of the sleeping guards? It’s far too convenient to blame this on a pair of low-level employees whose union will portray them as overworked and exploited and therefore still entitled to their bloated taxpayer financed pensions. Show me the video!

  145. Officials should not only demand answers to how Mr. Epstein was able to commit suicide but also address the horrible conditions inside the federal institution.

  146. “We will get to the bottom of what happened,” Mr. Barr said. I’ll tell you what likely happened. Two overextended and deeply fatigued guards failed in their duty to prevent this. Now after the fact and in full knowledge that they have created this problem the federal governments management will offer the guards up as scapegoats and wash their hands of it. We’ve been understaffing and underfunding crucial infrastructure and services countrywide since Reagan. You don’t need a conspiracy theory to understand this, only a working knowledge of how much we’ve hollowed out the basic structure of America’s government at the altar of a short sighted “cost cutting and efficiency” scheme that neither reduce overall costs nor create efficiency. Stuff like this happens all the time, we’ve only noticed now because its Jeffery Epstein and higher ups are embarrassed. Afterward it’ll be business as usual and nothing will change. Sad

  147. @John Chastain You've got it backwards. Most unionized government employees CRAVE overtime because of its time-and-a-half or double-time pay rates. The proof is right here in the Times - whenever compensation for an MTA repairman or NYPD officer is mentioned, their overtime pay is equal to and sometimes EXCEEDS their base salary. These guards were playing PacMan with overtime dollars.... gobble, gobble, gobble, Zzzzzzz.

  148. @Charles, I won't argue the often false portrayal of overtime vs base pay or the "CRAVE" vs required status of overtime. That wasn't my point. The overtime need exists because of under staffing and whether or not its desired is irrelevant. When you don't have sufficient staffing for regular shifts and constantly default to overtime to fill them then errors become common place and incidents occur. As far as your disparagement of public employees goes its a cheap shot. Most people union or otherwise do their jobs as expected and required. You have to be clueless or simply disingenuous to imply otherwise.

  149. Whether they were asleep or not, whether he was still on suicide watch or not, the descriptions of conditions, materials available, and the structure of cells still do not square with an inmate's ability to hang himself.

  150. @Marjorie, you obviously believe you know something. As the survivor of a parent who committed suicide by hanging with his knees only a few inches from the floor trust me when I say he could have easily done it with a sheet and bunk bed. People are desperate to believe in conspiracy theories and it's really sad.

  151. @Marjorie He didn’t commit suicide. He was murdered to keep all of his secrets quiet. Trump was involved.,did you see the video of Trump and Epstein?

  152. @Teresa Covert I am so sorry to hear of that tragedy in your family. And no, I do not "know something." I only know what I have heard and read from experts about this. And there was no bunk bed, there were no cloth sheets or gowns, despite him being off suicide watch, smooth ceilings, no light fixtures etc.. I am not "desperate" to believe anything, conspiracy theory or anything else. Logic and common sense do appeal to me, however, and the pieces aren't fitting here yet. Peace.

  153. Easier for the guards to say they were asleep than to say they were paid off to do something or not see something.

  154. Not buying this. The notorious El Chapo was in the same prison, watched like a hawk. No problem. Now an infamous prisoner who was a pal of the president, who partied with him, and who knows what else with him, just happens to commit “suicide” while guards are “sleeping.” The Bureau of Prisons just happens to be run by the Department of Injustice which just happens to be run by the president’s personal attorney, William Barr, who just happens to be in charge of the investigation into what happened. This stinks to high heaven. I’m sorry if I’m just the least bit skeptical. This “investigation “ needs to be done by an outside independent counsel and it needs to go all the way to the top.

  155. When all else fails blame The Private instead of The General. AG Barr has a track record of doing a Slight of Hand to take our attention away from the real story. Barr has no problem throwing the people low in the pecking order under the bus. His press conference the other day Barr was visibly upset with whoever dropped the ball on this one. Since Barr is The General should not he be upset with himself?

  156. > “He had apparently hanged himself with a bedsheet” Why did a prisoner only recently removed from suicide watch have a normal sheet? A commenter on another article noted that flimsy sheets are standard in such cases.

  157. "We have top men working on it right now." "Who?" "Top... men."

  158. William Barr is ultimately responsible. He is in charge of DOJ and BOP.

  159. Well planned incompetence. It's all a ruse and a fake out.

  160. This death is a larger symptom of how unimportant the administration felt about the alleged crimes of Epstein. "El Chapo" was kept in the same prison and nothing happened to him. Why? Most likely because the administration cared enough about the politics of keeping him alive to make sure he was kept alive. As for Epstein...he was just a moneyed, white male, accused of having some fun with some underaged women. To be clear, if that's what the higher-ups were thinking (consciously or not), his suicide was a given.

  161. Are there no video recordings of his cell? Surely there must have been cameras in his cell. How is there no mention of this by anyone?

  162. It was reported a few days ago that there were no cameras in the cells in that cell block.

  163. Mr. Barr needs to be fired. But since he is the consigliere of the Trump Crime Family that won't happen. The connection of Epstein and Donald Barr, Billy Boy's father, is interesting. Donald Barr hired Epstein to teach (without an undergraduate degree) at a private school, Dalton, in NYC and through that, Epstein met his first real 'elites'. The other interesting thing is that Donald Barr was a novelist on the side, writing two sci fi books about beings in outer space. But guess what those beings had? Sex slaves. I wonder if Donald and Jeffrey had scintillating, intellectual discussions about how they'd both like to have sex slaves? Donald's son is a failure and should be fired. He has proven even before this that he is a liar and Trump's lawyer, not ours. This is icing on the poison cake. Fire him and let us never ever hear from him again. (Dream on, I know. Dream on).

  164. Epstein was a dead man the minute he was taken off suicide watch. How long does it take to commit suicide? It really doesn’t matter if the guards fell asleep for five minutes or five hours. If he was not watched 24/7 he was going to do it.

  165. I could have fixed this problem for less than $300 with a Fitbit HR and a baby monitor from Amazon. Pathetic. The American people deserve to see their justice system actually working and this is the worst illustration of the swamp and corruption benefiting those with money and power. Without justice and an legal functioning justice system we are no better than a banana republic.

  166. It’s a red herring... the money and his buddies that’s where the meat is.

  167. And the questions remain. Just a few for example: How long had he been dead? Where are the hall cameras' videos? What did he use to hand himself? Where in the cell did he hang himself? Why are people being moved and placed on leave rather than fired? Will anyone be monitoring those who were in the facility that night for any large purchases or changes I lifestyles months from now? Trust the trump Justice Dept? No on your life! (Barr needs acting lessons. Being a Master Liar is not enough on this one!)

  168. @SouthernLiberal please read the article

  169. Barr’s father hired Epstein to teach at the prestigious Dalton School despite Epstein having no credentials. Lets give that a closer look please.

  170. Oh come on....The Clinton’s arranged the murder. Our POTUS just said so yesterday in front of Marine One. Since these guards worked for Trump, I believe him. KIDDING. However, just have to say I am really getting tired of WH reporters sticking microphones in Trump’s face allowing him to spout LIE AFTER LIE WITH NO PUSHBACK. This death happened under Trump’s Watch and all we hear about is his conspiracy theories.

  171. If we can't trust William Barr to tell us the truth about the Mueller Report, how can we believe him about this or anything else?

  172. Gee - if only they had privatized the prison. I’m sure that would have made everything better. /s

  173. Why hasn't Barr recused himself from this investigation? His father hired Epstein who only had a high school diploma to teach math in a Manhattan prep school. It is creepy that "the fox is allowed to guard the chicken coop". So many powerful people are implicated in this story - Barr's father is one. This needs to be investigated by an independent investigator. The whole story smells fishy to me. If Epstein was a suicide risk why did he have the materials to hang himself? Something just doesn't sit right with this story.

  174. All very well and good. And what about executive management? When there are heads on sticks, the populace takes notice AND deems things (somewhat) fair. Thus it has ever been. So rest not NYT until you've scalped higher. Much higher.

  175. and he did it so quietly so as not to wake them up

  176. So we apparently have incompetent prison workers and a warden who messed up. Solution? Send warden to another facility. We really ought to reward incompetence more simply: Fire them all and then let them wonder why.

  177. First and foremost, how many previously reported suicides have there been at the lower Manhattan facility? Did the officers and the warden on duty face the same scrutiny as the current ones? Or do only famous deceased prisoners such as Mr. Epstein get the red carpet inquiry?

  178. This was the first suicide in 21 years at the facility, because it was allowed to happen to cover up the deeds of the powerful people involved.

  179. @Norm I tried to answer your first question, Norm. Let me try once more: I have been informed that one suicide rook place 19 years ago. Then none until now. Any reliable link would be much appreciated.

  180. @Norm Reportedly, this was but the second suicide in 20 years. Other information, anyone?

  181. The warden and the guards should be fired forthwith, and it shouldn't stop there. Attorney General Barr, who is ultimately in charge of federal prisons, should resign because these serious lapses in prison security happened on his watch.

  182. I do hope that these guards, the warden and the prison psychologists are tracked in the coming years and any change in lifestyle reported in the press

  183. Well, that's that. Two 'guards' will be fired and one warden reassigned to a different prison, there to enjoy tax-funded salary and benefits until tax-funded retirement. Now everything that is so obviously and egregiously suspicious can be disregarded by Barr, who controls the investigation despite his many personal ties to the case. So...who gets to keep all the evidence seized by the FBI, especially any videos of still-powerful men committing horrendous, indefensible crimes? Hope no one with easy access to all the evidence ever thinks it might be used to blackmail any old pals of this 'terrific guy.' Because that would be wrong.

  184. @Bill Banks It would certainly be dangerous to the blackmailer.

  185. Two of them asleep? Sure that happened. Wonder how much money they made for taking their long convenient naps. Follow these guys for some years, they'll be spending those bucks sooner or later.

  186. It seems I can't log into most websites for the first time without proving I'm not a robot by responding to a visual hint. Why can't a similar low-cost technology be brought to bear to ascertain that workers with minimal or no supervision are in fact alert and on the job?

  187. Here's an irony: somebody in Epstein's world will sue and we the federal taxpayers will end up eating a big payout.

  188. How many innocent migrant children have died in ICE custody again? Two dozen?

  189. “ He had apparently hanged himself with a bedsheet, likely fastening the sheet to a top bunk and pitching himself forward, law enforcement and prison officials said.” Is this possible?

  190. @DJS Yes, partial suspension hanging. Very common. Compression of the carotid artery in the neck will do it .

  191. When you tuck into bed tonight everyone, remember this: Lee Harvey "I'm a patsy" Oswald was murdered while in police custody. Oswald never got HIS day in court either. The reason Bush invaded Iraq, destroying the country, was based on a lie. And Epstein, who knew about the sexual deviance of the rich and famous, including two presidents, died while in a prison cell, because, you know, the guards were sleepy and the warden didn't follow "procedures". Another day of corruption on the fruited plain. Next. As a former history professor told me decades ago, "if you don't understand why some event happened in history, look to see who stood to materially benefit". I guess we know the answer to that question...

  192. Not even a $25 security camera from amazon at the guard station? A baby monitor? Are we so gullible to not question ? Sleep can be induced, guards can be encouraged to be lax. But somewhere there should be a video of the gruesome event. As Ross Douthat said yesterday - for years, there were whispered stories, conspiracies, of priests as pedophiles. Until it ‘became true’. Serious nyt journalists should be asking ‘who(plural) stands to benefit the most from there not being an Epstein trial?’ Hint - the real crimes are not the girls.

  193. Disgraceful! Had he been hanging for only 25 minutes, he surely could have been saved. Right?

  194. Someone check the bank accounts of all these dudes in 2 years, tell how they are doing...

  195. Lock em up - Barr, Trump and their cronies. And let them be well guarded.

  196. Bob Barr will investigate this thoroughly and at the end of the day we will fire any janitor that was caught loafing

  197. Someone should check out the story from the NY Post that Barr was seen at the MCC facility 2 weeks ago. If he was there, what was he doing?

  198. He hanged himself by tying a bed sheet to the top bunk and pitching himself forward? Both jailers were asleep? And his cell mate was transferred out, leaving him alone, that day? Am I the only person that thinks this is fishy?

  199. @Ann Lenhardt It's very fishy. On the other hand, if Epstein were determined to kill himself he would ask to be taken off suicide watch, pretend to be OK, and wait for an unusual event, like a night with no cellmate. I still want to know about the first attempt. According to some reports, his first cellmate found him in distress and tried to help him. Did the cellmate find him with a sheet around his neck or anything that resembled a noose? It was never reported, but that detail would shed some light on the homicide theory. That said, if you really want to keep a prisoner alive, you will.