Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Guest-Edits British Vogue’s September Issue

The duchess also announced a fashion collaboration to benefit a British charity that helps women looking for jobs.

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  1. It’s refreshing and vitally important to see people in positions of earned or ascribed authority, power or leadership to use their status for public good. Good for her for moving past frivolity to advance a common agenda. What we pay attention to tends to matter. So it matters what we pay attention to. We need more people in the public eye to use that perch for advancing our shared values for the planet, for humanity and justice. Brava.

  2. Brava is right! The Duchess is using her influence for the greater good in very thoughtful and considered ways. She obviously possesses a kind heart and an astute intellect. I watch her progress with joy.

  3. Jane Fonda? Really? Seriously? Were Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton and/or Michelle Obama even considered?

  4. You may not like Jane Fonda, and that’s understandable. I, too, have issues with some of her past actions. But it’s the very growth she’s exhibited as a human being, not to mention her openess in acknowledging and apologizing (when it’s appropriate) her errors, that would make her inclusion on the cover a good one. That and the fact that she and her friend and co-star are two actresses in their 80s with a successful TV series on Netflix, proving there’s a lot of life after 40. (OK, apologies to Lily Tomlin. She won’t actually be 80 until September, but still...).

  5. @Dunn Arceneaux Exceptional and very sound points!!! Thanks for illuminating their value and place for the sake of polite and honest discussion. At the very least, I think Maggie Smith outshines the career and strength of Jane Fonda any day of the week. But thank you kindly for pointing out the areas in which I did not give Ms. Fonda any thought or credit for. I will always think there are a plethora of other women who could/should have been showcased.

  6. @Marge Keller Jane Fonda is a terrific actress, a brave and honest woman who has lived her life in public, made mistakes and taken her lumps. The fact that she is alive and well and still working at 80 earns her a place on this cover, in my opinion. She gives hops and inspiration to a generation of women who don't want to be cast away after a certain age.

  7. I would like to have seen Megan Rapinoe included. Other than recognition that she was a guest editor I can’t think of a reason that the duchess of Sussex should have her picture included on the cover of Vogue Magazine

  8. @Natalie Stieglitz I can. She’s a change maker, for many. Google the results of her work with the Grenville fire victims. Then ask yourself what you can do for your community.

  9. What? Are you all silent? Good effort for someone trying and succeeding to keep her head when all around her sink. Surely silence does not imply racism by our noble readers?

  10. @Ben Beaumont No one is sinking, certainly not the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who act and are Royal. Also, playing the race card for each and every little thing in life is becoming tiresome. No matter whom nor what the racial makeup is. I see no evidence that the Duchess of Sussex is playing such a card from your deck. Do move on.

  11. Who cares? This is going to make what dfference in solving the problems of living poor in Britain? The dutchess may be good-spirited and good-hearted as well as pr-savvy. But this does not cut it.

  12. @Makeda Are you ignoring the work she did on behalf of those who survived the horrible apartment building fire and the work she and Harry do for disabled people around the world? Sad there is always someone for whom no good works are enough!

  13. @Makeda What have you done? Perhaps you need an edition to look in it’s mirror.

  14. @Makeda Yes, the living poor everywhere..... and placing new limits on birth control, the organization Planned Parenthood, and abortion -- here in the US and undoubtedly elsewhere.. Possibly not as extreme in Britain, where they have - gasp- universal single payer healthcare.

  15. Now that the United Kingdom is becoming 'Fantasy Island' the Brits will need their precious 'royals' more than ever; but, I admit, Meghan and Harry are a nice change of 'royal' pace.

  16. One thing doesn’t change: the Forces for Change are all thin and attractive.

  17. @Michael c I'm not familiar with all of the women on the Vogue cover. The ones I am familiar with are: Sinead Burke, an Irish writer, academic and disability rights activist who is also a little person; Greta Thunberg: a 16-year-old climate justice activist who speaks truth to power and also identifies as being on the autism spectrum, and Jane Fonda, the working actor and life-long political activist who is now over 80 years old, well beyond the age that women in Hollywood are considered beautiful. What I would notice about these three people first is not how "thin and attractive" they are, but rather how diligently they work for and speak out about what is dear to their hearts.

  18. @Michael c Please please please try to be kind and not tear women down. Just once.

  19. @Michael c Good lighting and a great photographer can make anyone look good! And the pose and clothing can hide a non perfect figure!

  20. I am so excited and hope to be able to purchase this in the States. I respect the Duchess's modest decision to NOT appear on the cover, but instead throw light on other deserving women. I'm impressed that she was working away on this hidden project while pregnant, giving birth, and being under intense critical scrutiny in Britain! Can't wait to see this issue!

  21. one thing i wish the press and public would quit- is calling them by their maiden names. if anyone would have called my mother by her maiden name, they risked meeting the wooden spoon. bravo to the women of the monarchy! come visit often.

  22. How exciting --- where, when and how do we reserve copies????

  23. She could use her time on other more meaningful endeavors than being a guest editor of a fashion magazine.

  24. Proud of you, Duchess of Sussex, British-American. Well done, you!

  25. Americans can be so silly. I have no idea why we are criticizing the thoughtful approach that the Duchess has taken here. This sends a clear and thoughtful message to women all around the world that they are not just the playthings of wealthy men, but have important thoughts and ideas that are making the world a better place. In a world of men who are constantly bullying and harassing other people, this is a clear reminder that the entire human race is not doomed and there are still some bright lights to illuminate us out of this dark and dreary time. Thank you, Meghan.

  26. The Duchess of Sussex’ “trailblazing change makers” choices are very interesting. Not having heard about most of the subjects , it’s encouraging to know that people, particularly women in this case, are working to make a difference. By using black-and-White photographs, the reader can best focus on the subject without the distractions color photos creates. Overall, it’s commendable that the Duchess is sending a powerful message for public service, even in a high-end fashion magazine. There are and will be critics, of course, who won’t like the message or much of anything, no matter what - like the mercenary “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan who gratuitously hounds the Duchess every morning, in the Daily Mail, for no other reason, except that she’s bi-racial.

  27. Reading about her makes me happy. A nice distraction from the mess we have over here.