Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science

In a significant escalation, policymakers are seeking to undermine or discard research showing the most dire risks of inaction on climate change.

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  1. I just read "The Uninhabitable Earth" by David Wallace Wells. It offers a sobering and scary view or our future. Even allowing for the truth to be somewhere Mr. Wallace Wells assessment and that of the trump administration, we are in serious trouble. And yet, immediate profit motive appears to reign over consideration of future generations. As trump might say, "Sad."

  2. @David I read "6 Degrees. Our Future on a Hotter Planet" by Mark Lynas. It was published in 2007 and had it's distribution here in 2008. Scary indeed, and based entirely on science, not conjecture. I will be checking out the book you wrote about.

  3. Trump and the GOP are fooling themselves if they really think they are going to win this debate about climate change in the long run. The more they succeed in impeding efforts to stop the warming, the faster they will bring on the changes - and everyone knows they are coming. They are here in the wildfires, floods, tornadoes, etc. Its just hard to understand why the all these battered red states that get so hammered by the changes continue to support these villains who work against their interests.

  4. You can’t fix stupid. These are people who would rather drown or burn so they can take the rest of us down with them because they are so resentful about not finishing high school or going to college or women taking jobs away from them.

  5. The left has politicized climate change. The right has tended to minimize the effects of pollution, which may do harm other than affect climate. Planet earth has undergone great changes in climate since it was formed, and before the emergence of Homo sapiens, and it will continue to do so. The left believes that man can stop this and keep earth pristine forever. Like it or not, the earth has its own life span and eventually disappear several hundred million years from now. Do not lose sleep over it.

  6. In other words, you don’t want to be bothered with the science. The climate change we are undergoing is being heavily influenced by humans. That’s what the science says. That’s separate from the long swings in climate the Earth has undergone in its history.

  7. @J.Jones In human society, issues become political. We talk about them, and depending on where we live, we may have an opportunity to vote. No one thinks "pristine" is anywhere in the current discussion -- and no one doubts that the earth will continue to exist until it doesn't. The issue is about the quality of our lives -- and we too will exist until we don't. While I'm alive, I'm hoping for water I can drink, a roof over my head, and something to eat. I would like to be able to go places and do things in a normal way -- that is, without running into masses of dead or starving animals, mounds of garbage, freak storms, etc. And there is always the issue of what to eat. Fatalism is a rational outlook, but so are basic levels of individual responsibility.

  8. @J.Jones Certainly, the Earth has seen extreme changes in climate, especially if you consider the catastrophe between the Triassic and Permian, but that was due to Pangaea breaking up, with massive volcanism which destabilized the masses of methane hydrates along the eges of the continents. But THIS change we are seeing is uniquely due to mankind's overuse of fossil fuels which , in essence are sequestered CO2. I would striongly advise reading some literature about this problem. There are books for the uninformed and you can work your way up. Believe me, the science of climate change is valid, research is ongoing, and nothing points to this change being a hoax or fake news.

  9. Even if those on the right truly believe global warming is a hoax, can they not think of a single other reason for sound environmental regulation? Air pollution? Over-harvesting the ocean? Preserving natural Beauty? Preserving natural resources? How can it be that economic well-being now outweighs every single environmental concern? What rational argument can be made that a strong economy can be sustained (or somehow counteract) these long term environmental effects?

  10. @JuMP They seem to have a "whoever dies with the most toys wins" attitude. They just don't care what the collateral damage is as long as they come out with the most wealth.

  11. @JuMP It's only about the money. That's what capitalism is about. Money to the exclusion of all other concerns.

  12. "What rational argument can be made that a strong economy can be sustained (or somehow counteract) these long term environmental effects?" They want to "own the libs", to be "hurting the people he needs to be hurting". They care of NOTHING else. Attempt "bipartisanship" with them, and we'll lose forever. Outvote them, and we may survive this presidency intermission.

  13. Hasn't the administration noticed that week after week we have been having the most devastating tornadoes and the most devastating flooding in our nation's history? Hasn't anyone noticed that we have had record- smashing low temperatures east, west, and south. Has no one in the administration noticed record breaking heat in Arizona? And has anyone noticed India with its incredibly night heat waves? Even in Hawaii record temperature marks are being set and it is only spring. What bothers me the most is that TV meteorologists never mention climate change not do TV anchors. Where is TV coverage of climate change in news segments or special reports. The only thing about being 81 at best I will not need to worry beyond 2040 if I am lucky but new generations will. and by the way Hawaii has been experiencing record high temperatures in recent days too..

  14. @Norm Bezane TV meteorologists work for TV stations, and so many of them are owned by businesses that have a financial interest in minimizing the very notion that global warming is occurring. Sinclair Broadcasting, for instance.

  15. Since Republicans "long term planning" never extends beyond the next election, it's no surprise their climate "assessments" are moving in that direction.

  16. Earth's trajectory moves ahead regardless of all attempts to deny. Future consequences that threaten no less than the survival of civilization can still be influenced by urgent worldwide mobilization to convert from fossil to green power. Accurate data can direct efforts to intervene effectively. Absent that, the window to make a difference will close very soon. The rest of the world is aware and moving the right way, albeit not as urgently as needed. If only the US could help lead rather than resist, the opportunities would expand and perhaps prevent the most catastrophic effects we can expect within the 30-50 year future. Climate issues must be the top priority in the coming election!

  17. Could it be that the near-absence of comment on this article is a sign that there's nothing left to be shocked or surprised about? Are we all really that fatigued? Let's take a breather and reflect on the fact that this latest assault on Climate Change science is all part of Trump's game plan. The response it not to become inured to this administration's daily outrages. Focus instead on the battles ahead. Understand that a broader front is needed to fight against this demonstrably insane man. Don't rely on the Democrats to put forth a candidate that can't be destroyed. Support the Republican Resistance and block him at the RNC.

  18. I noticed the lack of outcry too. This is a tragedy in and of itself

  19. @LondonHenry What Republican Resistance? Between ridiculing them and primarying them with Tea Partiers Trump has pretty much neutered any that I know of.

  20. @LondonHenry Everything carries risk. Let's say Trump is tossed out at the RNC. Whoever takes his place will be deemed more acceptable but will likely be as malevolent and a whole lot smarter. Those thinking republicans who can't vote for Trump will now have an alternative (Pence??) who isn't necessarily a sociopath. The policies won't change. Climate change will still be off the table as will re-regulation of air/water/soil quality with just a better class of crook at the controls. Repudiation at the polls is the best way, in my view.

  21. I don't believe President Trump has a particular view on anything. He simply wants to destroy Obama's legacy by reversing each of his decisions, regardless of the impact on the United States and others in the world.

  22. Or whatever else he perceives will contribute to his self-preservation in office. That, I concluded a long time ago, is his sole motivation.

  23. @Bob That's his policy!

  24. @Bob I think you can take that idea further..... he has no particular view on anything so what ever is best for him is what he does. further, I believe that his rush to destroy is not just about Obama it is the directive from those to whom he owes his financial future and his very life.

  25. A most untruthful use of science run by scientists who are not honest and true scientists and will help leave a world that will be damaging to our children and grandchildren. There are so many signs of real danger to undertake these measures harms the whole world and we will truly deserve the approbation of all other countries in the future if this is all left to stand.

  26. This is the most pressing reason to impeach Trump. His lackeys can push the Mercer's agenda to deny science, but the reality of global warming is all around them and us. We have moved from the time when climate change was theoretical to mitigating a growing cascade of impacts. Politicians, scientists outside government, and concerned citizens need to speak loudly and clearly against the frightening effort by Trump's administration to obfuscate government data on climate change.

  27. What Donald Trump is about to unleash is biggest hoax the American Public has witnessed. His fabrications of the truth of Climate Change, if successful will damage the Air, Water, and the very health of the American people. When Donald Trump became President I was worried, now I am frightened by what he has instructed his agencies to produce. By not telling the full story of Climate Change , the EPA Administrators are setting up the American Public for 'a bait, and switch". Lie now, pay later.

  28. The US abandonment of science is a gift to China. China moves ahead with 5G, electric cars, and solar and wind power. We will MAGA with coal and oil. Sad!

  29. @ShenBowen This abandonment of science is not a gift to China, nor anyone else. It is the death of us all: every nation-state, every person, every hope for a livable future.

  30. @ShenBowen in addition to 5G, electric cars, solar and wind power, let’s also not forget how much further ahead of the US China is when it comes to high speed rail and urban rapid transit systems.

  31. @ShenBowen. Trump's re-election chant should be, We're # 2! We're #2!

  32. With his irrational rejection of the climate science Trump could buy some moments of deceptive peace as also the favours and material gains from the fossil fuel interests but cannot avert the devastating consequences of not addressing the issues of climate change in time.

  33. @Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma True, but since Trump won't be here to experience the worst of what's coming, he really doesn't care. The same way he doesn't care about anything or anyone other than himself. But while he is here he gets to gloat over destroying everything that Obama did and he gets to hear how wonderful he is from the Big Boys in fossil fuel as they stash even more unneeded money in the Caymans. So, to satisfy a sick ego and rotted mind, Trump will happily destroy most if not all of life on our planet. After all, he won't be here for the worst of it.

  34. This article is about an argument over whose guesses about the future are correct. We simply don't know.

  35. Science isn’t guesswork. And yeah, we do know.

  36. @Robert wrong. The science is junk. In fact no climate change science utilizes the scientific method. It is all unproven hypothesis.

  37. @Bruce The only guessing that's going on is relation to the magnitude and timing of the pending climate disaster that is unfolding. Current facts that are known: global temperatures are warming exponentially polar ice caps are melting sea levels are rising global species diversity is collapsing

  38. Collusion and obstruction are bad. This is worse.

  39. The King has just killed my grandchildren. I have pleaded with my children not to have children of their own. They get it. They understand. They're not stupid. They have decided that having children would be irresponsible in the extreme even as extremes, are shoved down our throats like poison from a coal mine. Meanwhile, climate change and human diaspora will increase unabated. The King has spoken. Death by poison and and authoritarianism for all but him. We as humans would die anyway. The issue is always speed. The King sits on his throne and laughs. We are all powerless. Own it. We did it to ourselves. We did to the other species. We have done it to the earth. I remain convinced that most civilizations, or organized activity performed by living organisms, not unlike bacteria, multiply until there is no room. I am thinking other planets on other star systems. There is a point at which life can go no further in complex development even as the universe flies apart further and further into what we refer to as space. The decision not to have children saves them from a lifetime of agony the King has imposed upon the future of our species. I may be powerless, I may have taken the wrong path in having children myself, optimism is actually defeat, but I can deny the King my grandchildren, and I have. Let us see him tweet about that. The Iron Throne will melt.

  40. This is what happens when the presidency is for hire... does anyone really think this is Trump's agenda or that he even cares about whether or not climate change is real? This is energy and coal straight up buying favorable policy... they said "we'll give you this much..." and he said "how much? oh... climate what?"

  41. He has identified where potential outrage is and is going there. His modus operandi is to set fires. Fuelled by attention. That’s the accelerant that will bring the blaze. So the question is will our media learn? Will the opposition agree to not fan these flames and drive people further? Science is calm, communal, ego-free (mostly), the planet deserves cooler heads.

  42. @Tommy Weir But rage is the only thing that will free us so we can save ourselves.

  43. Here's what happens: It just gets hotter and hotter as first some, and then eventually all of us perish. That is the science. Goodbye food production. Goodnight moon. The sooner we get clear that it is now or never on climate, the sooner we can begin to address the callously criminal waste of time by this ignorant, ugly administration. If so many pf us sound angry, it's because we bother to read peer reviewed science. Our future is linked directly to a narcissistic madman, and, most infuriating of all, so are all of our children's. It's not really his fault. He is not capable of grasping the issue. I'd no more expect a toddler to step up and run the space program. But it is our fatal error that we have waited so long to pry his fingers from the wheel of our ship of state. Follow the science closely and you can't help but see the jagged rocks just ahead: Methane bubbling out of a melting permafrost; oceans too acidic to take up any more carbon. It is 101 where I live today, and the geese outside are panting, yet unwilling to leave a member who can't get up. I'll see what I can do. We may be about sunk already. This full press denial of science and redlining of the planet is the greatest crime ever committed. I wanted grandchildren. But now that wanting leaves the most sorrowful ache in the pit of my stomach. Please, can we close this circus and get on with survival?

  44. There is nothing we can do to get our old climate back again. We need to prepare ourselves for the coming collapse of society by stockpiling food and doing whatever we can to make it the least painful for the largest number of people. I think the very rich know this and so they want to just floor it to the end.

  45. Beautifully said. I'm with Warren now. The polar opposite of our Dear Leader and his band of Paytriots.

  46. @C. Whiting Margaret Atwood said it beautifully: "Surely I was an optimistic person back then, she thinks. Back there. I woke up whistling. I knew there were things wrong in the world, they were referred to. I'd seen them in the onscreen news. But the wrong things were wrong somewhere else. By the time she'd reached college, the wrongness had moved closer. She remembers the oppressive sensation, like waiting all the time for a heavy stone footfall, then the knock at the door. Everybody knew. Nobody admitting to knowing. If other people began to discuss it, you tuned them out, because what they were saying was both so obvious and so unthinkable. "We're using up the Earth. It's almost gone." You can't live with such fears and keep on whistling. The waiting builds up in you like a tide. You start wanting it to be done with. You find yourself saying to the sky "Just do it. Do your worst. Get it over with." She could feel the coming tremor of it running through her spine, asleep or awake. In The Year Of The Flood

  47. Trump brings two fundamental characteristics to his approach to climate change. First, is his basic distrust of science: Remember new 'environmentally friendly' lightbulbs can cause [email protected], Twitter, Oct. 17, 2012 Second is his primal greed: The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. [email protected], Twitter, Nov. 6, 2012

  48. What's happened to America, aren't we going to do something about Climate Change. Maybe I'm overthinking Trump. Yea, after he leaves office everything will go back to normal. Science, the laws of our great democracy, checks and balances and coequal parts of government will revert back to the Obama era. Next time for sure! Anyway, as long as I have high speed internet and useless information to drive my imagination, Climate Change who cares. How could I possibly know what is truth from fiction, thanks to the great populist. Everybody talks about the weather,Trump,war,and human rights, but nobody does anything about it. So I guess Trump wins?

  49. Why the two-faced Evangelicals like Pompeo and fellow Christians don't fear the Lord's verdict if they continue to destroy the Creation?

  50. @Rod Probably because they believe their god will make it all right again. I once tried to have a conversation with an evangelist about Climate change. She didn't see the point of protecting the environment, arguing that when the last tree is cut down god will just create more. That's what we're up against.

  51. @Rod You have to understand that their god gave all of his creation to them, for their personal use.

  52. Finding less destructive ways for economic growth will the most important challenge for governments worldwide, whether or not they embrace it or try to deny its necessity - and its opportunities. The systematic and relatively recent GOP climate denial is a tragedy for which we will pay for decades. Democrats have to confront it frontally and unequivocally. They have a real opportunity to build hopeful and exciting programs that aim toward leadership in solar, wind, more effective batteries, cleaner mining methods for essential materials, and so many more areas which we can't afford to abandon to China and other nations, if we want to continue economic leadership through the end of this century. I believe that the vast majority of Americans are ready to take on this challenge eagerly and enthusiastically. I wish that the GOP could remember how Nixon started the EPA, how George HW Bush helped eliminate acid rain, accepting science and common sense. Since they can't, Democrats have to fill that vacuum.

  53. We humans are just not mature enough for democracy. This article is proof. Nothing the preseident is doing here is a surprise. He said it all before the election. Yet only about 1/3 of the electorate voted against him.

  54. No surprise - Nearly half of our eligible electorate doesn’t even vote at all - the apathy people have in this country with issues that will affect their daily lives is frightening.

  55. @Denis sadly only 54% voted against him - not 33% - yet he was elected by the electoral college

  56. @DenisYet, more Americans voted against him, than for him. If we had a democracy, he's still be just another grifting real estate film flam man.

  57. Trump will not be happy until he destroys the planet completely. He is our Doctor Strangelove. We are living in a dystopian nightmare. We must vote him out!

  58. @Xfarmerlaura Green energy is more expensive. But more importantly it is not scalable otherwise NYC would be running on green power. But renewables won't solve this problem. We've been here before with the unrealistic predictions. Every few years someone will publish a road map for running the world on 100 percent renewable energy by some date, say 2050. The resulting headlines look great, & people walk away with the impression that, if we wanted to, we could easily drop fossil fuels & nuclear power. But delve into these road maps, and you’ll often find jaw-dropping numbers of solar panels & wind turbines, radical changes to existing infrastructure, & amazing assumptions about our ability to cut energy use that make switching to renewable energy seem daunting. Germany is a cautionary tale. Despite the investment Germany has made in wind & solar, when they shut down their nuclear power plants, they increased by three times the carbon output that they had saved though renewable efforts. Turns out Germany isn’t an ideal place for solar and wind power. So to cover any shortfalls in energy production, they had to rely on energy imports from neighboring countries. Germans, pay one of the highest electricity rates in the developed world. It's time to take another serious look at nuclear energy from fission. Most nations aren’t willing to scrap the energy status quo — the very basis of modern civilization — before having a practical substitute. We need to think outside the box.

  59. @Bill Brown The holdup with nuclear energy is the fear of nuclear war or terrorism. Until scientists and/or politicians come up with a solution, not sure we'll ever get there.

  60. @Bill Brown Forget renewable energy for a minute. There are ways to cap and control emissions that are being reversed by Trump and his minions.

  61. Greed is Trump's cardinal virtue and explains everything he does. We know that he has to let other people like the Koch Brothers do the thinking for him, though..

  62. Three days ago the NYT wrote about 18-year-old Olivia Rogers, who within days of her high school graduation, survived almost miraculously through the flooding and then the tornado that devastated her part of Missouri. More flooding and tornadoes are keeping Ohio and Oklahoma on the home page. Can't the Trump voters see the connection? Yet the administration, bolstered by the support of Senate Republicans, still adheres to the mantra "The business of America is business," not just in the discussion of climate protection but in every aspect of pollution control, when the latter appears to hinder outrageous short-term profits. There should be more sensible ways sought to keep former coal miners employed than making the American landscape and possibly all of Planet Earth uninhabitable for their, and everyone else's, great-grandchildren.

  63. I was not a Trump voter and I don’t see any connection with the weather and climate change. What I do see is greater reporting by the MSM on routine weather events.

  64. @BarbaraPines No, they can’t make that connection. Which is why we should fear Trump’s reelection. If you’re going to be willfully ignorant, suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, the rest of us get dragged down as well.

  65. Science IS what made America great! Science in engineering and medical advances. Science in our understanding of the natural world. Science in aviation and space flight. Science in our understanding of the cosmos. Some of our greatest institutions and museums are testaments to science. Science is what made everything Trump does possible. But bullies have always found it easier to ridicule than thinks. Barbarians have always found it easier tear down than build.

  66. Climate science was politicized well before Trump came along. And climate reports introduced paranoia and outrage at a level comparable to major political crises long before anyone heard of Fake News. Trump's 2040 restriction seems more like a response to end-of-century fear-mongering. The fact that he ought to be removed from office, but somehow continues apace, probably explains the overheated "attack on science" angle of this article.

  67. Climate Facts * CO2 in the air is up 60% since the 1880’s. * There’s now more CO2 in the air over anytime in last 5 million years. * It’s warming the Planet. * The warming is accelerating. * Sea-Levels are rising. * Ice is disappearing at both poles. * Storms are changing. * Humans are responsible. * Reducing emissions slows the rate of change. * The changes will last for centuries.

  68. @Bjorn Fischer, This IS tongue-in-cheek humor, in the dry Danish style, right?

  69. @Bjorn Fischer You should try to go in a room that is full with your "gas of living" CO2. Takes not even 2 minutes to bring you down, and only few more minutes to kill you

  70. @fishbum1. Boringly addicted to facts, I'm going to give you 8/10 for your list. According to my 5-minute Google search just now, CO2 concentration is up around 45% since the 1880s. And whilst the line for temperature is clearly rising the statement that the warming is accelerating is difficult to substantiate. There are an awful lot of wobbles from things like the sunspot cycle so it's really hard to say. The trouble is that little mistakes like this - and they are quite small - these are just the targets that the Trump guys can take aim at. To be honest - and I completely believe in human sourced climate change - it would do no harm for these reports to stop talking about the worst case scenarios for the end of the century. In the same way, these do just offer up more targets for knocking down. Maybe limit the outlook to fifty years - 2070 - and be very, very cautious about what goes down as "worst case".

  71. "The attack on science is underway throughout the government." That fact should surprise no one. After all, the very idea of a Trump presidency, the elevation of a mythical "self-made" billionaire and fictional genius to the Oval Office, was an assault on reality. A denial of reality, actually. Now, as president, Trump rejects any science (or reality) which doesn't suit him. The dangers to the planet posed by the Great Pretender are serious indeed.

  72. “Mr. Trump is less an ideologue than an armchair naysayer about climate change, according to people who know him.“ He’s an armchair president. He knows very little about any of the policies he promotes—on immigration, trade, nuclear proliferation, etc.—and so is easily influenced by the ideologues surrounding him. That’s what makes him so dangerous.

  73. Trump's determination to put millions at risk secondary to increasing temperatures, melting ice, expansion of water, crop failures, insect death, etc. is criminal. This fact is irrefutable. Failure to release science to the public is burying their heads in the sand. Their distortion of fact is reminiscent of Lincoln's question: "How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn't make it a leg." Obfuscation does not change the climate change facts it only makes them less accessible. Hiding information or changing information by this administration seems no different than book burning in Germany in WWII.

  74. Trump and his acolytes are now sounding shrill. CO2 is at 415 ppm today and weather is out of control, see the floods in the middle of the continent. Navajo Power in AZ is closing 30 years ahead of end of life because coal is no longer cost competitive. There are 477 billion short tons of coal left in the earth (US DOE). The amazing thing is that fossil fuels will run out before they can kill is. So, POTUS what’s your plan for converting the energy paradigm?

  75. The problem is that once the global warming has exceeded a certain point the effects are irreservisble. Mother earth is doomed then, and so are all living beings. Only a fool would want to wait until the global warming has reached the point where it is sure beyond and reasonalble doubt that the climate change is reality as by then, it may be too late to instigate any countermeasures. The last four years have been the hottest ever since records were taken in Germany (since 1881), with 2018 being the hottest and 2017 the runner up. So there is very tangible evidence; no time anymore to deny the obvious.

  76. @Fundok Mother Earth will be fine. As a child, she spent a billion plus years with very little oxygen in the atmosphere, and she can happily do it again. Living things will be fine, at least some of them. After all, the very fact that we have the oxygen we do is because cyanobacteria helped put it there. So Mother Earth doesn't need oxygen in the air, and neither do all living things. They'll be fine. Mother Earth has been around for some 4.5 billion years, and life for maybe 3.5 billion. Modern humans? About 200 thousand. Mother Earth wiping us off her face is of no more importance to her, than you or I swatting a pesky fly.

  77. Two persistent thoughts with regard to this (so-called) administration’s science policies. 1. How do you convince young people that the study of earth and climate science is important when they see such blatant dead-minded dead-ends to the results? 2. How is Trump and his clan not deemed one of the most ominous security threats to our country? These folks are perfectly happy smoking cigars in a gasoline plant.

  78. Say this for Trump: he doesn't hide his worst instincts. No one can say he didn't know about Trump when voting in 2020. The truth is that Trump is only another Reagan or Bush. They knew how to sugar coat the same rancid policies. That.s the only different.

  79. This is the handiwork of the Republican Party. Trump is merely complicit.

  80. First, Trump's predecessor didn't do very much about climate change, so there isn't a lot to roll back though of course it should not happen. And if a Dem like Joe Biden takes the helm after Trump we can expect him to continue moving forward with measures that might have helped 20 years ago. Like when I asked my member of Congress to support the Green New Deal and he smiled and said he was supporting Pelosi's bill to get back in the Paris Accords. Big whoop. That said, though I can see both sides of the impeachment argument, condemning the planet and people on it to suffer worse climate breakdown is surely an impeachable offense.

  81. When the government weather gurus can accurately predict the path and intensity of a routine weather event like a hurricane then I will believe they can predict climate to the end of the next century.

  82. @Rich Murphy Casino's can't predict the outcome of any single throw of dice, nor where the ball will land in a roulette wheel. Yet they can predict the average behavior of these outcomes well enough to reliably make a profit: the Law of Large numbers makes prediction of average behavior possible. It works similarly with climate predictions vs. single weather events.

  83. @Rich Murphy You have no earthly idea how complex weather systems are...and do learn the difference between a weather event and climate change.

  84. @Rich Murphy Weather and climate are not the same thing. Weather predictions are generally accurate but can be thrown off by small changes in initial conditions. Climate predictions are based on long term trends, predicting those is a completely different process.

  85. Truly, I do not know what is wrong with this guy. I do not know what is wrong with people who support him either, who not only aren't on board with solving our climate problems, but actually want to exacerbate them, apparently out of sheer spite or because they willfully do not care. What is motivating this foolishness? Why must people be intentionally stupid, reckless, and dead wrong about such important matters? Why do they hate the natural blessings of this world so very much? Objectively, it makes no sense. At least it absolves people like me, who aren't the problem, and who are actively doing our best to solve it. I'm proud to be a good person. I'm proud to be better. It feels really good. I can't understand why they are so willfully evil.

  86. There is a simple explanation for why these people strive so hard to deny the basic science on climate change. For Trump and his supporters, it is a childish impulse to reverse anything done by Obama, and a childish, ignorant contempt for knowledge. In other words, these people take childish glee in sticking it to "the Ivy League eggheads and liberals." Even if the consequence is to doom their own great-grandchildren to a bleak and benighted existence. And it's beyond disgraceful. But the general public shares much blame as well, where is the push-back?

  87. @Mark Nuckols The pushback is against climate change zealots.

  88. who says irony is dead. the red states are suffering the most by the denial of climate science. they bought the con. no tears here.

  89. @bill b We're talking about a planet here, not a political map of the US. The entire world is feeling the effects and red states aren't solely to blame.

  90. When do we start burning books?Seems like the age of reason is ending.

  91. Global Climate warming change is a hoax. There is no such thing as "climate science" because it is junk science filled with manipulated data. In fact, we are now entering a 10-40 year period of low sunspot activity in which we will see overall global temperatures go down, not up as part of a normal cycle. Anyone, who gets out of their Leftist bubble of disinformation would know these things.

  92. @Matt Wood NYC The solar cycle is not the cause of global warming. The amount of energy from the Sun is constant to within 0.15% and that small variation is cyclical, with an 11-year period. This doesn't account for the slow, secular increase in planetary heat that we've observed over several of these cycles.

  93. @Matt Wood NYC That's funny, science from a science denier :) Let me ask you this: What if you are wrong and the scientists are right, that there is global warming and that it is made by/affected us? Shall we first wait 40 years to act just to make sure we don't do anything unnecessary? I mean, we all love the smog and stuff so much so if there is a way to keep it, we should try?

  94. The Trump vision of the future is akin to many of the dystopian sci-fi movies where the 1% live in silver towers above all smoke, soot, pestilence, disease and starvation of the masses below.

  95. "Two of President Barack Obama’s most consequential policies: federal regulations to curb planet-warming pollution from vehicle tailpipes and power plant smokestacks." The Trump motive is very simple: If Obama did it, it must be undone. Specially if it was good. What a silly way to make decisions. And no more Senate confirmable appointments either. A failure in business, a menace in government.

  96. @Rakhmetov The Obama Administration was one on steroids when it came to regulations. It's only natural that the next would adjust for this overreach.

  97. @AACNY Overreach?! We're just trying to save the planet and ourselves. Wake up.

  98. This is an absolute disgrace. Why are we taking one step forward, and then five backwards? This administration is singlehandedly destroying the future of my generation and my younger siblings' generation. Why would the people with the most legislative power dismantle protections again the environment? Is this what this has come to?

  99. Where does Trump find all these "earth is flat" scientists that are tearing down the environment? Where are the US Congressmen and women who should be to rescuing our country, and the world - for our children - by combating this madman and his oligarch sponsors? Why does every day bring such doom for America's future, caused by this profoundly ignorant man wo seem intent on destroying the earth's environment? 2020 cannot come soon enough!

  100. It is like we elected a gremlin to the presidency, and now we're all just standing around, mouths agape, watching while the gremlin does what gremlins do, which is to muck up . . . everything.

  101. Trump continues to be driven by his desire to negate our most admired President. His "policy" consists of undoing everything Obama put in place. There is no sense to his consuming fixation. All of his actions derive from his racism and severe feeling of inadequacy.

  102. Dear Mr. Trump, you have grandkids, don't you care about the world they will inherit? It doesn't take a scientist or any reports to understand what is happening to earth in realtime, and what will happen in the not so distant future. NYC underwater... Just look at the storms that raged through Oklahoma this past week, let alone the fires in California, hurricanes in Florida, Texas and the south...directly in TRUMP country!! Your legacy will certainly go down in the history books, as the one that completely destroyed us and the US!

  103. @Betsy he assumes his grandkids will have the financial means to accommodate whatever changes occur.

  104. Simple. Trump can't bear the thought of anyone being alive after he dies.

  105. No, actually I believe that he is not able to comprehend this line of thought, sadly.

  106. The President proposes, Mother Nature disposes.

  107. With so many species already extinct, the article, Antarctic and Greenland melting, with record hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding and with plastic filling our oceans, we do not need end of century predictions to know that we need to change our energy and environmental policies. The biggest change we need is to vote Trump and his crew out next year.

  108. I teach high school science and whatever you think about Millenials and Gen Z, the one issue that they are most passionate about is climate change. I have 14 year olds who can give thoughtful presentations (Claim-Evidence-Reasoning) about the topic. From a purely political standpoint, the Republicans are making a mistake on this one.

  109. @Jgalt Indoctrination works. No surprise there.

  110. @Jgalt ----14 year olds don't get a vote. In the meantime aging baby boomers will fight their way through spring blizzards, tornadoes or annual "100 year" floods to vote for the likes of Trump and Inhofe. By the time this particular Republican fallacy is exposed it will be too late for claim-evidence- reasoning humans.

  111. Teaching people science is NOT indoctrination. Indoctrination is teaching people to ignore it.

  112. Four more years of Trump will mean decades of regressive climate change counteractions. The power of narratives brought the Soviet Union down (Chernobyl, anyone?). The power of narrative from the most influential nation in the world will be a planet disaster.

  113. floods and tornados ravage Trump country. Strange days indeed.

  114. Big money now controls the US government. Big money cares nothing for the future of our country. And big money now has its powerful spokesman in the person of Trump. An ignorant public in certain states - especially in the rustbelt -either does not believe or does not care that their environment is being destroyed. Their progeny will suffer greatly for such callousness.

  115. On the upside, more people will die which will be a good thing for this planet.

  116. This is sickening. The Trump administration is living in an alternative reality, and incidentally pandering to its largest donors.

  117. One comforting thought - although only momentarily so - is the mental image of Mar y Lago being underwater. That said, it will be the same for everyone else in Florida, including all the coastal areas of the poorest parts of the world. There is a deep sickness in the minds of these selfish people who care nothing for the generations who follow them, even if they are their own relatives. It is time for civil servants and scientists to stand up to this bullying and crass stupidity.

  118. Trump continues receiving kickbacks from his multibillionaire supporters who are not happy being multibillionaires. They want more...and more...and more...

  119. Soon they will be dragging out the old "clean coal" advertising campaign to convince us that carbon based fuel is the bees knees, and just what the environment demands. We all know the coal fuel industry needs to be extinguished. Isn't it time the Republican Party got the message?

  120. Trump, McConnell, the Koch brothers and the rest of the GOP leadership will be long dead by the time the World becomes unlivable. In the meantime, all they care about is short term profits. Most have children and many have grandchildren. It's appalling that they just don't care about the mess that we're leaving them. Climate change will take decades to reverse by the time it's impossible to deny. Future generations of all political persuasions will curse today's leadership for the horrors that they have inherited from us. To mitigate the harm, Trump must be voted out in 2020. Anyone who thinks that that's a given should think back to what we thought his chances were in 2016.

  121. @David - I do believe that the wealthy folks that you menation are under the mistaken belief that their wealth will shelter their children from the coming storm.

  122. @David It is ironic that Trump and the Republicans who deny Climate Change also hold some of the most anti-immigration views in the world. Global Climate Change will result in mass migrations of immigrants from areas of the world which become uninhabitable, with not enough water or food to sustain life. Some areas will be flooded by rising seas. The world is heading toward an epic crisis. Where will these immigrants go? One would think that those who hate immigration would support policies which would allow immigrants to stay in their home countries, rather than forcing them to migrate to survive.

  123. @Michael Banks "One would think that those who hate immigration would support policies which would allow immigrants to stay in their home countries, rather than forcing them to migrate to survive." Agreed. But one would also think that conservatives who oppose abortion rights would be big supporters of easily available contraceptives and sex education, which have been proven to reduce the need for abortions. But they oppose those, too. Today's conservatives don't suffer from the curse of critical thinking.

  124. As Galileo said when forced to recant, eppur si muove. This administration’s legacy will be a world unfit for human habitation. What better reason for impeachment do we need.

  125. @John Stroughair Agree! Climate recklessness is an abdication of leadership so grievous as to require removal from office.

  126. This is planetary genocide, committed by a small group of aging cranks who are protecting their personal wealth at the expense of the entire planet. A sick and vile process, unbecoming of America and ceding leadership, technology, and responsibility. History will be brutal to these people.

  127. @DocDr. History won't be brutal to those people, because they are making sure that whoever writes it will be in their cabal, or at least their pay. Anyone (and any living thing, to bear witness or be a counterexample) will be dead or marginalized. That's if all goes well. More realistic: nobody will be around to write history.

  128. @DocDr. "History will be brutal to ALL people." There, I fixed it for ya.

  129. Yes, if the concept of history survives the ensuing ecological collapse.

  130. No one this ignorant should have this much power.

  131. @Carol Yes, indeed. And no-one aware of such ignorance should stand for it. We can do better, and we must. We have no choice.

  132. @Carol No one this GREEDY should have this much power. Follow the money: who benefits from the roll back of regulations? Yup, same ole, same old: large corporations and the politicians whose coffers they fill.

  133. @Carol That's what we get when (less than) half the population votes for a person with absolutely no political or public policy experience. No reasonable person would hire an inexperienced candidate to repair their car or do their taxes, yet they entrusted the most powerful position in the world to this flim-flam man. This is why voters shouldn't vote for any candidate with little or no experience. It think Andrew Yang has many good ideas, but he doesn't have experience in government or politics. He should start out running for a local or state office before taking on the presidency.

  134. Trump treats our country–the most magnificent in world history–like his businesses, two bit pieces of garbage from which he extracts as much money as he can before walking away.

  135. “Science” is mentioned here as though it were a concise, homogeneous, universally created and conceived entity. Much of climate study has itself become so thoroughly politicized it’s little wonder policy makers in government and media think they, and not scientists, have become the experts and official spokespeople.

  136. @JBC You seem to be denying the science around climate change, claiming that it has become politicized. However, there is a consensus among scientists around the world about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions. Given the potentially dire consequences, it is natural that the media would report on this, and that it has become a political issue, since government regulation is necessary to head off the most disastrous effects on the climate. Industry will not sacrifice profits today for our Grandchildren's future unless the government requires it. Just look to cigarettes, or seat belts in cars as examples of this. If the media and our elected representatives were not informing us and advocating for actions which will protect us, and future generations, that would be a colossal failure of epic proportions.

  137. @JBC - Scientific methods are quite universal and climate study is not thoroughly politicized and the conclusion that government policy makers should think that they are now the experts is I believe, absurd.

  138. @JBC The moment you raise a single doubt or question, you are immediately labeled a "denier". Less repudiation and more listening is necessary because it's a critical enough issue to not let any and all discussion be shut down. We want more people involved in the discussion, not less.

  139. A lot of valuable work is being done to understand the future effects of CO2 emissions. There is uncertainty about key questions, such as how much CO2 the oceans will absorb in the future, whether increased pressure on it will increase the rate, or it might reduce as the ocean reaches limits. The best we can do now is to establish a range of variations, and assign probabilities within that range. Best and worst cases are not equally likely, and the best answer may not be the middle between them. Instead, we see too much of worst case confronted by denial of any problem at all. Neither is truly scientific, and both use science for politics. It isn't that the information is unavailable, it is that hyperventilating about it serves politics. We don't need to serve politics. Politics needs to serve us, and in this case our climate future.

  140. @Mark Thomason It's a shame more reasonable voices cannot be heard over the din of extremists. No one group owns this issue. It is everyone's, which means everyone also gets to have their say.

  141. @Mark Thomason The problem is that the driving factor of the different scenarios is the amount of fossil fuel CO2 emitted by people. The emissions keep following the worst case scenarios--the more benign scenarios assume that government will get a clue and regulate CO2 emissions. More than half of the uncertainty in climate change is deciding how humanity will respond.

  142. @Mark Thomason Again with the false equivalence. A lot of valuable work has already been done—by scientists, peer reviewers, and collaborating institutions—to provide governments, local authorities, businesses, and individual citizens with the information they need to address man-made climate change. Look at the World Meteorological Organization’s annual statements and the UNEP’s yearly Global Environment Outlook, for example. The reports are fairly unanimous in predicting the dire consequences of inaction. If you consider those warnings to be “worst case,” how would you propose that the results be shaded in order to make them more palatable? And what purpose would that serve, other than to provide cover for industry so that it can continue causing damage?

  143. The politicization of climate change and the subsequent rescinding of EPA protective environmental regulations will prove to be one of the most ominous decisions of the Trump presidency.

  144. It needs to be acknowledged at least that the anti-science ideology of Trump and the GOP has its real roots in its primary constituency, American Evangelicalism. AE has from the outset been an enemy of science, unlike mainstream Christianity going back to Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Luther, Calvin, and so forth. The attack on Darwin and the rise of AE in the late 19th century largely coincided. Yes, big oil is reaping the profits. But American Evangelicalism is providing the fallacious theology. It is not clear who is using whom. But what is clear: we are all inheriting the wind.

  145. @Paul McGlasson - Thanks for that reminder that there is a signifigant subset of the religious that are actively seeking the end of days.

  146. Putting a 79-year-old in charge of a climate change panel sums up their hope: they will be dead before the really bad effects occur. People that don't care about the future are the worst kinds of people to lead us into the future. "Business as usual" - we know where this is headed, 11 years before IPCC SR15 and IPBES one million species extinct. Rather than silence science we need to be moving to zero net greenhouse gasses by 2025. The facts are so clear, the stakes so high, humans must move on this issue or our generation is making a farce of thousands of years of civilization. This is a once in history opportunity to bring humanity together, to literally save the world. Isn't this what children dream of?

  147. I feel like our government is actively working at making the planet UN-inhabitable for my grandchildren and more perilous now.

  148. In the future of mankind, this point in time will be looked at as the greatest turning point in history of humanity. The doctrine of Trump will be the time when recovery has utterly failed, life as we know it unravels without exception and societies fail entirely. Extinction, mass migration, climate wars and the end of civilization starts now, in the Presidency of Trump. It’s that serious. Future children will not be able to loathe Trump enough or even his enablers because it will be far, far too late. America picked the worst possible leader in the most critical time in human history, and it will destroy the last possible chance of meaningful action that could have turned the tide. That you don’t believe in runaway global warming, and therefore its consequences, doesn’t matter one wit. It will happen now no matter your opinion. Words will do nothing to change the tipping point. We deserve exactly what comes in the next century. Let’s be honest here; our species didn’t advance quickly enough to create the cooperation necessary to manage our discovery and use of burning fossil fuels. We built a model of survival based on constant economic growth that was unsustainable, and we changed the atmosphere to the point where life on earth cannot be maintained in its present forms. We had a brief moment in time to turn it around. We have failed.

  149. What needs to happen urgently is to make Trump a one term President and put science front and centre of future policy. Much of the rest of the world is doing the right thing and the US is a major contributor to global warming. We, in Australia, have just elected a Conservative Government who have weak policies climate, but the states and citizens are contributing to change as is, by and large, industry. As we all should know, there is no planet B. It is distressing to read some of the nay sayer posts below, with comments like, scientists who don't believe in climate change and the human role in it, are just plain wring. It gives me no pleasure to write this, I wish they weren't brainwashed by pseudo science or the propaganda paid for by the fossil fuel extraction industries whose short term gains is all they care about. Still, the computer modelling done by real climate scientists seemed to have erred and put significant sea rise into a future that is a generation away. It's happening now and many of the coastal areas of the US will be under water.

  150. Can a savvy reporter out there ask Mr. Trump if he believes in gravity? And if so, by what criteria? How does he know Airforce One is gonna fly? We need to begin to get people thinking as if it were 1500 so that we are not all gasping for air by 2050.

  151. @bersani Gravity is only a theory for what attracts two objects. My alternative theory is that Mr. Trump's obviously substantial mass pulls the Earth to the bottom of his feet.

  152. Trump should read the brilliant book The Uninhabitable Earth to understand the existential consequences of global warming and climate change to humanity’s survival. But then again he does not read and prefers ignorance to the vicissitudes of leadership and trying to deal effectively with this crisis. For this alone Trump and his woeful administration with his Republican enablers must be defeated in the next election and we must honestly address this crisis forthwith. Our survival depends on it!

  153. The idea of earth in the balance is not in the game for these all-for-man earth dunces. Taking away your rights to know is all about preempting effective environmental/climate regulation based on monitoring and science. If the people only knew how much the environmental regulatory agencies have already been weakened and captured by corporations and industry, even under Democratic administrations. But now, rule by the roll of their weighted dice determines the fate of the earth, already greatly unbalanced by the weight of fossil man, growing. Were anyone left to write the history of these days, history would record these are earth's most despicable, who sided with the greatest greed.

  154. I hope all of the Trump family are alive--and his MAGA nation--when the Earth gives out a last groan and dies. Everything here is finite. I'm not sure that the president understands that nothing lasts forever--unless we make plans to see that our posterity may live in an environment in which they can breathe. History will not judge Donald Trump harshly. There won't be any history to write.

  155. What truly amazes me about this is how those who will be the most affected by these policy changes, namely the midwest and rural areas across our country, are the ones who support him the most. The ignorance and blind sycophantic behavior continues as if nothing is wrong. The same supporters who laugh at his comments in his rallies are the same ones pulling out their hair as tornadoes and extreme flooding tear their lives apart. Is this why Trump said that he liked the poorly educated?

  156. Hard to imagine this retrograde move won’t alienate all but the most hardcore trump supporters — those that have already ceded their capacity to discern surreal vs. real.

  157. @RickyDick - I wish I could agree, but I know too many individuals that voted for Trump but who are not part of that hardcore base. They are just average Americans who are ill informed. They read about sports, watch the lastest Netflix shows, spend time on Facebook, and are in work the better part of most days. They don't feel that they have the time to read a Ney York Times article like this one and so they end up thinking both political parties are alike and that Trump in just a guy that some how magically increased their 401k balance. They have no idea how that occurs or how we will all end up regretting it.

  158. Trump & his Republican enablers cynically deny the facts which are recognized by almost all experts in climate science- that burning fossil fuels creates unprecedented levels of greenhouse gasses, causing global warming, rising sea levels, & more natural disasters everywhere. There is one explanation for their environmental ruination. They are aware of the facts, but strive to deny the truth because they are concerned only with money & power; massive contributions from fossil fuel companies enable them to run enough misleading commercials to buy the next election & thereby consolidate their power. Those who believe in science must fight back with all our resources to fend off this assault on our planet by greedy, unprincipled Republicans.

  159. “Scientists said that eliminating the worst-case scenario [in statistical modeling] would give a falsely optimistic picture...’It would be like designing cars without seatbelts or airbags.’” Well to be fair, conservatives thought seat belts and air bags were government overreach. Such a fuss when government mandated manufacturers design and include safety features into automobiles. Lol. Now they use safety features as a selling point; but at the time they were ‘forced’ to engineer seatbelts and airbags into production, omg the horror of Big Brother.

  160. The buying and selling of crude oil rule the planet. Profit and power all tied up into one bundle this profiteering administration will go to any lengths to come out the winners. Like every corrupt action used to divert the true intention of trump and his posse's actions, debunk the evidence. Corral the naysayers who believe the scientific evidence supporting climate crisis is a hoax that favors any and all clean air Initiatives. When brought before a court and it will be, the judgment is lack of evidence. The damage this administration is executing supporting the use of fossil fuels will expedite the rising temperatures of our oceans. This will escalate the extreme, destructive, and life threating weather our planet is now facing. The air that gives us life, the sky that supplies much needed sunshine for all creatures is being compromised for power and money, the holy grail. When these subpar human leaves office we have the power to amend the train wrecks he leaves behind regarding our United States Republic. Mother Nature who owns the planet we live on? The sands of time are running rapidly through the hourglass offering no return. It is time for all good people to step up to the plate, do the just and right thing. Start the process of ending the malevolent and self-serving actions of this GOP, Impeach trump. impeach them all.

  161. Deny, deny, deny. Then attack those who would meaningfully inquire about the matter as partisans. And of course, pocket the hush money paid by the donor class. McConnell, Trump, Graham, and their GOP colleagues are masters of the art.

  162. We have to look at worst case scenarios. This is exactly what we do when we buy an insurance policy. Even if the likelihood of this scenario is 10% we normally are willing to pay hefty sums as premiums in case this scenario happens. If more than 90% of scientists predict that global warming is happening because of human activities, and even if it cots money to reverse those activities (which is in itself debatable), it should be paid as an insurance. Even even the likelihood of devastating events is around 50% (it is more) it should be considered as money well spent (even though it is not clear that we are not spending already to repair damages from super storms, droughts, diseases etc...)

  163. Politicians need to talk about the jobs and energy independence that solar panel and wind turbine industries will produce. Then they need to put money into training people who used to work in car manufacturing and mining, so they can go back to work. Arguing about climate change won’t work. Showing how doing the right thing for the planet means better jobs for people will work.

  164. @D Green I agree and furthermore, American workers need to understand that their long stagnant wages are part of an ongoing global wage equalization where they are not getting their due. As the buying power of their wages shrinks, their access to healthcare, higher education, and housing becomes less and less attainable, the C-suite gets richer, and their foreign low wage counterparts , whose governments (or, in some cases, employers) DO provide healthcare, subsidized housing, and higher education while they vote for policies that get them bubkes in the name of freedom from socialism. Wake up, American workers! Demand something for your tax dollars aside from tax cuts for billionaires!

  165. @D Green It's happening already. Grand Forks, ND where has never had many manufacturing/industrial jobs. It now has a plant manufacturing the huge vanes of wind power generators. This is a branch of a European company and directly employs over 900 people and provides good pay and benefits. In addition the wind farms have provided a stable cash source for the farmers who lease the small pads on which the towers sit. And no, the wind doesn't stop blowing at the height of the towers in this area. I read the reports that showed only 1 day when the wind was too low (below 3-5mph) for generation at the wind farm just south of where I live, far less than the outages at nuclear or coal plants. The electrical grid provides for the movement of power when the sources vary.

  166. “The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocation, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded. Yet in holding scientific discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.” (President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address, 1961)

  167. Since when has the US government been known to attack and suppress the truth? This is appalling and disgusting. Trump and his administration are a disgrace -he's already stained this country's reputation and the office of the presidency far worse than he stained his shoes when Stormy spanked him.

  168. To the average person, all they need to do is ask themselves "Does it make sense?" Does it make sense that smoking causes lung cancer? Does it make sense that a high fat diet, inactivity, and a positive family history means you are likely to get heart disease? Does it make sense that all the burning of fossil fuels in our homes, businesses, and cars....means the environment will suffer and it will alter the temperature of the planet? After all, Trump won't be impacted. He lives in a gilded tower. No floods, no forest fires, no noticeable increase in temperature in a climate controlled environment. So are his followers willing to ignore this too as their houses, farms, and cities get flooded or destroyed in storms? Oh. don't worry. Don will offer his fake prayers for you when it happens.

  169. As a scientist, this is the most disturbing aspect of the current occupant. They must be stopped and as soon as possible.

  170. A number of letter writers reference Politics as a driver in the climate change discussion. That infers that climate change has a liberal or conservative connotation attached to it. It does not, climate change is predicated on scientific inquiry and when 97% of scientists believe that global warming is real, well, it is real. You can come up with all sorts of fudge factors to skew the results, as referenced by this article, but let's get something clear, climate change is real. Trump and his cronies will all be dead before they reap what they have sown. When he and they are voted out, the insanity can end, so we all can get back to protecting our planet and each other.

  171. Trump doesn’t like what mainstream scientists say about climate change (their conclusions don’t support his re-election chances) so he just ignores them & seeks out scientists who will produce studies which will. Trump doesn’t like what his intelligence chiefs say about North Korea’s latest missile tests so he ignores them for the same reason. Reality must bend to the will of Trump 1 or there may not be Trump 2.

  172. Trump is already on record saying he doesn’t care about running up US debts because he will be out of office when bill comes due. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about future climate change catastrophes because he’ll be dead by the time that “check” arrives. In brief, if anyone doesn’t understand that Trump is all about Trump they have not been paying attention. Election have consequences.

  173. The most tragic of this administration's many betrayals of its oath to protect its country's people. And the definitive proof that the US has become an oligarchy. The government is doing the bidding of a group of monsters of selfishness who put their own short-term interests above all, even above rationality. Remember in November!

  174. Science, particularly with regard to Climate Change, has been under attack by Republicans since the Reagan years. In keeping with the way Trump does everything, we should not be surprised that his attack on climate science would be the most extreme of all. The decision of this narcissistic, amoral man to put the safety of so many people at risk is an outrage but not surprising.

  175. @RF What is truly astounding/mind blowing is that Reagan and Margaret Thatcher basically stopped the destruction of the ozone and saved the planet by banning CFC's! Watch this fascinating documentary on how people came together (after much skepticism of the science) to save the planet...truly inspiring:

  176. As with everything Trump touches, he leaves a stain dripping with ignorance and denial. The scary thing is he has supporters that are more detached from reality than he is. They still believe climate change is a Chinese hoax, his tax plan is great and immigrants are the danger when Russia laughs at the chaos Trump has caused in this country with their gleeful assistance. No daily press conferences, no respect for the rule of law, no understanding of anything involving something other than himself. And what once was a Republican party are now willing zombie like participants in the death of the nation. All for a few Supreme Court appointments. Nice job Trumpees.

  177. @Robert Westwind They are the True Believers, as defined by Hoffer. This is The Great American Tragedy, and Trump's sycophant GOP and his "base" are all the supporting cast.

  178. This amounts to crimes against humanity. Thousands die annually now from the effects of climate change. In coming decades it will be millions. These people need to be tried and if convicted, stripped of their wealth and put away for life. To me, this is the greatest sin of a sinful man.

  179. Thank you USA for your major contribution to the destruction of our planet. And I don’t mean just your leaders. Maybe it would be better if you just blew us all up with your incredible amount of weapons. That way neither your grandchildren nor mine would need to suffer the inevitable future catastrophes.

  180. @Jo Ann China India and volcanoes add much more carbon if that is your point

  181. @Deal Junkie We can't do as much about China and India's carbon emissions as we can about our own carbon emissions. Our own carbon emissions continue to be massive. Basic fact. The vehicles and power generating machinery emitting all that carbon were brought to scale and came into wide-spread use in the U.S. We can and should do the same with carbon-free power generation technology.

  182. @Deal Junkie Yes we all pollute but China and India don’t deny global warming not do they have the economic resources that the US have to research solutions. And most countries do not encourage the barren arab states who are the greatest carbon polluters of all.

  183. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Isaac Asimov, 1980

  184. Because not mentioning it and ignoring it will make it go away. Wish we could effectively apply this infantile behavior toward Trump and get our wish too.

  185. what next from the gop? Smoking is good for you? That would help his base farmers being hurt by Trumps trade policy.

  186. This is not only idiotic on the level of the earth's future, it is also a security concern. Just this week the Times ran an article discussing China's activity in the thawing Arctic. Russia has also greatly upped its activity there. Seeing that previously hard frozen and forbidden landscape as an area of economic opportunity as Pompeo clearly does and, therefore, being unconcerned about melting, sets up conditions for a new Cold War at the top of the world. As to emphasizing "historical" temperature measures - that is right in line with Trump & Co. efforts to take this country back to the past in other ways. Fortunately, the rest of the world is more forward looking than this POTUS and his greedy cabal. Sadly, the descendants of the workers who now wildly cheer Trump will find that he and his rich buddies have ruined their world, and taken the bulk of the wealth for themselves all on the backs of their worker Trump adoring ancestors.

  187. We will go down as the most selfish generation .Spent all the money , sacrificed nothing and the future is someone else's problem.

  188. So John R. Bolton, a man with absolutely no qualifications whatsoever that should allow him to serve as national security adviser, and no training in either foreign policy or science, is now influencing American policy on climate science? Are you kidding me?

  189. This can only end badly.

  190. Trump and his anti science lackeys are literally destroying the world.

  191. Why not focus on the 1 millin that dies every year because of pollution from coalfired powerplants?

  192. The disinformation continues apace in the Trump administration.

  193. President needs to embrace the future and not run away from it. Climate change plus remaking infrastructure creates opportunities for all. Trump is too busy dreaming up insults on his twitter feed. One could rename his insults as a case of the 'DT's'. or Donald's Tantrums. His time would be better spent on listening to the experts, and doing his home work,

  194. Trump's attack on climate science is no different from his attack on the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, the Department of Education and all the other Departments of the Executive Branch. To Trump, facts don't matter. They never have. As the 2020 Presidential election season ramps up, we will see Trump's campaign spin out lie after lie in ad hominem attacks at this opponents. His supporters will say that they have jobs and a growing economy thanks to Trump. What they fail to notice is that we have record deficits during a time of economic expansion as Trump juices the economy with corporate and high income tax cuts to keep the expansion going until after election day. There have always been politicians who put their political careers before the business of the nation. I doubt there ever has been one that cared less about the business of the nation than Trump.

  195. @Scott B If justice is to be done, Trump's demise must come after a thoroughgoing trial, be public, and be sufficiently horrifying to dissuade would-be future emulators.

  196. Make no mistake: this is all about the Courts. The big Climate trials are coming up. After tobacco, pesticides, opioids, global warming is making its way towards judgement day. Thanks to Trump and Citizens United, the Kochs, the Mercers, and Big Oil have bought the GOP to own the US government. They will do all what it takes to win - all the way to the Supreme Court. Like the Sacklers, they well know about the stakes for human lives. Unlike the Sacklers, they're not taking any chances. To win the climate trials, they are forbidding access to legally binding data for judges and Justices alike. They're writing the rules of the game. If they succeed, we all lose.

  197. I am trying to stay positive but I feel like we have lost already. There is a ray of optimism coming from the big win for Green parties in the just-held European Parliamentary elections. Hopefully the rest of the world can make up for the incomprehensible retreat by the US Government from any form of climate research and action.

  198. @PubliusXXI - Well yes, you are correct. But what solutions do you have? If you come to my farm I will teach you how to grow food and live sustainably. Warning: it takes manual labor.

  199. @Walter Locally, sea level rise from global warming is likely to introduce salt into fresh water to some degree. Not so great for the lettuce patch. That is if we are above water at all.

  200. "Scientists say that would give a misleading picture because the biggest effects of current emissions will be felt after 2040." That reminds me of the 70s Mother Nature Chiffon margarine commercial. Meanwhile parts of the mid west have historic flooding that is due to get worse in a few days. Ironically all these disasters, including hundreds of tornadoes, are occurring in red states that staunchly support Trump.

  201. This issue, more than any other, is the reason for any thoughtful person to vote for Democrats until the Republicans recover from their current collective insanity. No matter what he/she thinks about abortion, guns, Jesus, transgender bathrooms, Bernie Sanders or AOC. Climate change is an existential threat and there is no time to lose. If the US were at war with an enemy that could destroy us, would we vote for a party that wanted to stop funding and disband our armed forces?

  202. So this administration wants to hide the facts. They are using alternative facts [ also known as lies] to do this. This is just unbelievable. This reminds me of the new commercial that a certain big oil company is running. This oil co. wants new " plants " to clean the air, da, why not use the existing technology to clean the smoke before it leaves the stack. I guess after the trumplicans voted for trump they feel Americans will fall for this too.

  203. Ayn Rand could have predicted this. I am rereading "Atlas Shrugged" and cringing at how entirely on target her observations back then appear now. Our administration has extolled and chosen to listen to technological and scientific leaders who do not have the necessary perception and qualifications to recognize our current dangers for what they actually are. And how well are the voices of the competent ones being heard -- and heeded?

  204. At this point, all the young people who want children should sue the Trump Administration for sabotaging that dream. It's a nightmare to think about bringing a child into this world now. Sigh.

  205. New advertisement if the Democrats are courageous enough to roll it out. Images of all the climate-based death & destruction that have rolled through the red/purple states this year, with the following words: "Trump may care about your vote, but he doesn't care about your lives"

  206. Viewed most benevolently, this is a step up since Trump is not dismissing climate science as Fake News. He is just ordering the government to ignore it. In reality, this is planned ignorance, combined with willful blindness. It is rather like little kinds "hiding" behind their own hands, believing that if they can not see you, you can not see them and, therefore, not hurt them. I wonder what the Trump base who are Iowa farmers whose crops have no water, or the National Park visitors who only see burn-over where mighty forests once stood, or the flooded out homeless along once channeled rivers think about this latest "stroke of genius" by their hero?

  207. This is simply has been a political move for Trump and the Republicans. The fossil fuel states and farm states are central to the GOP electoral college advantage Any support of climate control will be perceived by residents in the aforementioned states as a threat to their economic security/ viability As long as those states' economy rely on the the poisoning of our atmosphere, the GOP will not accept climate change To make climate change policy viable, the US will have to help these fossil fuel states change their economic models But given that the fossil fuel industry is one of the few areas where individuals with only High School-level education can still make a decent wage, it is going to be hard to switch In other words, climate change has become a proxy fight between increasingly economically insecure blue collar workers and the college educated white-collar elites types And the Trump administration is attacking climate change to keep a hold on the blue collar worker

  208. Humanity has been operating on the belief that there would be a breakthrough to practical controlled nuclear fusion since 1950. It hasn't happened, and even if the ITER under construction in Cadarache France exceeds break-even energy production, there are no materials adequate to resist the high energy neutrons produced by the reaction for any length of time in a commercial reactor. God's little pet goldfish are the most infantile people I have ever met, and every one of them is even more dishonest to themselves than to those who see through their fakeness.

  209. This is terribly disturbing. It reminds me of the government control of "truth" in the novel 1984 by George Orwell. For the government of the United States of America to be forcing scientists and scientific agencies to alter the facts and their predictions, based on facts, in order to support a demonstrably false premise (that climate change is nothing to worry about) is mind-boggling. (Part of me wonders why I'm still taken aback at Trump and the GOP's actions...) It's also very disturbing to realize how many supposedly intelligent folks, like oil industry CEOs & GOP politicians, are willfully ignoring or arguing against a scientific consensus supported by over 90% of world-wide climate scientists. The level of selfishness and short-term self-interest is breathtaking. Most disturbing of all is the knowledge of the incredible damage we Americans will be held responsible for if Trump is given a 2nd term. Nothing good for the world or most Americans has come out of his 1st term...except tax cuts for the super-rich.