6 Things That Calendars From the Special Counsel’s Office Tell Us

The Mueller team got to work quickly, newly disclosed calendars show. But prosecutors made time for cake, too.

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  1. Our nation has sunk so low in the last two years, that Fox News, Jim Jordin, Mark Meadows, and Devin Nunes will encourage Mr. Trump to command his lapdog, William Barr, to launch a series of investigations against Robert Muller, and each of the special council attorneys.

  2. We need Mueller to come to speak to the nation, and soon. We need him to state clearly that Barr has misstated the results and to repair the damage done to our republic. We need him to state clearly than anyone not holding that one office would now be on trial for numerous felonies.

  3. Why is the elusive Special Counsel Mueller not accommodating the House in testifying about the final report? Are we in for another tragic, heart rendering surprise that such history is now over? I'm beginning to have concerns for the sanity of our American citizenry for I surely wonder if I can withstand more deceitful, false allegiances towards America.

  4. @jaxcat It's not that simple. He's still employed by the Dept. of Justice and therefore AG Barr has a say in whether or not he can testify. As the President is saying Mueller should not be testifying, despite any public comments indicating that Barr wouldn't stop Mueller testifying, we all know that Barr is Trump's lapdog. Barr's disingenuous answers at his confirmation hearing tell you all you need to know about his character or lack thereof.

  5. @jaxcat I don't want my heart rendered.

  6. There exists within the Mueller Report a reasonable doubt controversy not likely solved by a lawyer but by a Data Transfer Forensics expert like NSA career analysts Ray McGovern and Bill Binney. There is no argument in Mueller's report that Russians interfered, it is that Mueller made a factual finding specific to the alleged DNC Hack where reasonable doubt exists that the (missing DNC Server) was not hacked by Russians but information downloaded could only have been transferred to and from a thumb drive.

  7. Mueller and Barr have been close friends for 30 years, their wives go to bible study together. They are all Republicans. Mueller could resign immediately and place the country where it should be, in the hands of the American people. I have heard the word 'integrity' over and over describing Mueller, if that is the truth, the answer is apparent and easy. After all, the investigation was for the American people, the results belong to the American people.

  8. Compare this calendar with Trump's calendar. Enough said.

  9. I'm sorry but this is a colossal waste of time. Please focus on the relevant issues of the day.

  10. @Figgsie Like foreign invasions of our elections and a criminal president who will allow further invasions?

  11. The truth will not out? Truth. What Trump does not understand. What he most fears.

  12. This is the art of the deal!

  13. Interesting but why are the American people letting themselves be played by these cheap cons? Who cares what half truths (none of the key targets Individual1, jr) from a clearly neutered Mueller investigation or the lies on tax returns? We have seen with our own eyes treason with the entire Republican Party aiding and abetting. Let’s pour gas on the Middle East fire to distract the masses.

  14. Robert Mueller's legacy will be that he wouldn't indict probably the easiest man in America to get the goods on. What a disappointment.

  15. @Tom Agreed, agreed, and agreed.

  16. @Tom Tom, it is up to us to have the moral courage to indict him. If we don't, if you don't, we really don't deserve a democracy.

  17. Will Mr. By-The-Book ever say what he thinks--about Barr's PR campaign on the report, about the redactions, about whether the report should serve as a 'road map' to impeachment hearings in the House? Maybe he's fine with what's going on, but that seems hard to believe. Maybe he thinks it's not his place to weigh in on what to do with the report. If so, I hope this changes when he's no longer a DOJ employee.

  18. As long as they got cake, I guess it was all worth it. What a disaster.

  19. @Jonas Kaye They also obtained several convictions against high-level Trumpers acting in the interests of foreign enemy governments as well as indictments of members of that foreign totalitarian government: a government which murders our allies' citizens, invades other sovereign nations and undermines our democracy. Thanks to Trump there is no reason why they and others won't do so again. But hey, Mueller had a birthday and ate some cake so obviously they are the real traitors.

  20. @Jonas Kaye You must not have read the Mueller Report. It is a blueprint for criminal prosecution at the time it can be accomplished - when Trump is out of office. It is a verification of the Russian interference (which even Barr confirmed). It is a road map for Congressional hearings. Many people would have preferred Mueller to have acted as the prosecutor, but he did not have that task. Nor has any "special counsel" since that law was not renewed. Other people would have liked him to exonerate Trump, but, as he clearly stated, he could not. However you may feel about the report's conclusion, it is a meticulous work. It does not engage in idle speculations or frivolous commentary. It was meant as an historical document, not a work of fiction.

  21. @Dave they can have cake all day long as long as they get the job done. My issue here was not so much with the cake, but the reporting of it, in the face of what is without question an epic failure. Business as usual in America: the powerful walk. Laws, it seems, are for the rest of us.

  22. The Art of the Steal. Every Conservative Think Tank, apparatchik of their system should be jailed as traitors after Trump is arrested. There is wholesale treason against the People of this country by a few , rich, greedy, lawless, jackels the likes of Trump, Murdoch, Kochs.

  23. I am so sick and tired of Trump stating at every turn that 'No collusion and no obstruction" that I scream at him through the teevee and curse him. I just can't stand hearing him lie through his teeth and know that his supporters actually 'believe' him. I want Mueller to testify so badly that it hurts. I keep thinking that Americans can't be so stupid that they actually believe this lying idiot, but I see them in thrall of him at his ridiculous rallies and know they adore him - WHY. Why can't they see him lying and call him on the lies? HOW did they become so unreasonable [even when they are the people he is most hurting - like farmers] as to not even search for the truth? I just don't understand and at 75 y/o, that is unthinkable since I know I'm not senile. Can someone explain.

  24. @MadasHelinVA anger steals your happiness. Surely you know politics is for sleezy people. There is nothing new under the sun.

  25. @MadasHelinVA I am also 75 y/o and feel exactly as you do. I find it very hard to believe all these supposedly intelligent people (I know some personally) who adore this madman. But throughout history crowds have cheered tyrants so perhaps not surprising.

  26. The culture of influence peddling should be illuminated. Manafort and Podesta are the tip of a national disgrace.

  27. It's time for America to hear directly from Robert Mueller.

  28. “Mr. Weissmann was determined to build a team of Democrats to investigate Mr. Trump. There is no evidence of that.” Seriously, this is the vaulted reporting of the NYT? Patently absurd; and, not true.