A Bodega Cat Was Taken. The Neighborhood Wants Her Back.

Wednesday: When bodega cats like Lexi go missing, New Yorkers get upset.

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  1. Re Daisy Suckley: In "Closest Companion," Daisy's and FDR's letters make for wonderful reading; the cousins exchange ideas on gardening, architecture, books, and people. They share the same love of the Hudson. It was Daisy who gave FDR Fala and took care of the terrier after FDR's death. The house Daisy was born and died in, Wilderstein, is being restored. It is a beautiful place and well worth a trip to Rhinebeck to see it. The book is available there and on Amazon. (I heard on radio this AM that fur industry representatives and animal-rights activists will be at City Hall re banning the sale of fur in New York City. Next up: the banning of leather shoes; and possibly of meat dishes at restaurants.)

  2. "Why overtime and a Trump comparison are fueling threats of a subway strike." $340,000 including overtime? Having never since college years had a job that pays time-and-a-half for overtime, it seems strange that it's not monitored more. If someone were noticing (meaning for the MTA they'd have to care about how tax money is spent), ten or fifteen hours at time-and-a-half would make sense. But I guess hiring more people is hard to do, where asking people you have to work more is not, especially if the person giving out the work doesn't need to concerned about how much is spent.

  3. Unless the person who took Lexi is a troubled person, I couldn't imagine what bad motives the man who scooped up Lexi had, if she were sitting out on the street with no collar. Doesn't it seem more likely that in his mind, he was protecting a cat that was allowed to wander outside unattended. It's not like there's financial gain to come to him from doing that.

  4. @Freddie Having volunteered with animal rescues for the past eight years, I have come across many people with bad motives who would steal a cat. In particular, people looking for bait cats used in dog fighting come to mind.

  5. @Annie, I didn't know about that, and just did some reading - so it could be people looking for any cat all. So all stores (and all pet-owners) need too be careful letting their pets wander unsupervised.

  6. In this vein, I find it interesting that parents are fine with their 8 year old children getting home from school on their own. (My mom recalled that in the 1960s, because of the only route for going from our home to the Kent Theatre on Coney Island Avenue near Avenue H, I never could go alone, even when meeting someone there. Yet the route to the Avenue J library, or to the Midwood Theatre on Avenue J was fine before dark.)

  7. It's heartbroken to hear the catnapping of Lexi. I hope whoever took it, return it safe and sound. my heart goes out to Lexi, Ahmed and hist workers. Safe return Lexi!

  8. “The big mystery is, when did he find time to do this? It’s more than a tweet, and it’s more than an email. It takes time and effort and patience to write a longhand letter.” Oh, c'mon, are we SO dumbed-down by Donald and his non-existent attention span that people can't imagine FDR being an educated, passionate & competent person? Imagine what dumbed-down Donald could do if he weren't wasting almost all his time (and our tax money) watching TV, tweeting & playing infinite rounds of golf. Imagine if he had even one-billionth of a percent of FDR's intelligence, capability, and concern for the people of this country?

  9. Just a word about the Bodega cat because Bodega cats just like Bodegas, appear to be an endangered species (albeit for different reasons) -- So please everybody, let's forget Donald Trump, the 2020 election, the MTA, the new tariffs that will have us all eating cat food sooner or later -- and put our collective energies into wishing Lexi a safe and speedy return to her friends. Thanks.

  10. What a sweet face. I hope they find the cat. But, is there anybody who can talk without "like" being every other word? Like 7:30?

  11. This drives me crazy. It gets pretty excessive with some individuals, too. Not a smart look.

  12. I happened to be up at 3:30 and started to comment on something, and while I guess I always knew people of course were working on the night shift there, for generations, I never knew even the readers were this active. (And CNN has a news show that is done especially for 4 a.m.). Now that New York is no longer really "the city that never sleeps," maybe that's because the internet never sleeps, so why needs to be out in the street at 3 or 4 a.m.