Colbert Jokes About Trump’s Game of Squabbles With China

“We’ve had lots of squabbles throughout history,” Stephen Colbert said, impersonating President Trump. “We had World Squabble I, World Squabble II.”

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  1. China is an evil regime, with no intention to ever play fair: 1. Chinese "police" showed up and seized the computers and servers for D&B, and stole the intellectual property. Feel free to google this 2. Speaking of google, they were banned from China since they allow searches on terms like "Tibet" or "Human Rights" 3. A US citizen was thrown in prison for 10 years for refusing to pay bribes ("taxes") to some low level communist official. Look up Jude Shao In the meantime, Chinese citizens operate and travel freely in the US in our universities, offices and bookstores -- picking up all sorts of IP. Want proof? Within minutes of this posting, Chinese trolls will start to reply with "how dare you criticize China...etc." Oh and ask the 2 Canadian diplomats currently facing execution in China for some unknown crimes. What they do they think of China? We need to stop this evil regime now, while there is still time.

  2. What happened to the audio part of Best of Late Night?? I look forward to them. So few things to look forward to.

  3. Stephen Colbert is not funny anymore. It's horrible hen he reads Trump's tweets or imitates other politicians using a fake voice. Also, EVERY guest HAS to explain how "miserable" his/her life is after Trump was elected and the interview drags mostly on this subject.

  4. @HJB: Sorry, but you could not be more wrong, which is not surprising since you are, I'll wager, a diehard Trump supporter. Colbert's humorous and sometimes brilliant takes on Trump and other politicians are what keeps me, and no doubt millions of others, going in these darkest of times politically and socially speaking. However, I can understand why his humor vocal imitations get under the skin of those who willingly disregard the lies that spew out of Trump's mouth and tweets daily, if not hourly. n any case, Colbert's "horrible" tones simply mirror the horrific nature of whatever or whomever he happens to be pillorying.

  5. Gay weddings on kids TV? Where does it all end? Do we really want to live in a society where all people are embraced with dignity, love, and respect? Isn’t hatred and bullying what keeps the internet running? Thanks a lot PBS, you have doomed the internet.

  6. Margo Martindale is a great choice to play Bella Abzug.

  7. I have gotten used to listening to Late Night while I get ready for work—suddenly down to one clip or none? What’s the world coming to?