Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump’s New Claims of Threats From Iran

The Trump administration is laying the groundwork for major military action against Iran, but it may have a hard time rallying domestic and international support.

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  1. War is profitable to a not insignificant business elite in America. It could also help Trump deflect attention from his woes. War with Iran would be an expensive disaster, and create a fresh new round of security problems for Americans worldwide. But that hasn't stopped anyone in the past.

  2. @American Abroad - just making this comment makes me think Americans really do have a kind of "exceptionalist" thinking where we can postulate on bombing other countries, invading where we find a need, putting on sanctions here and there willy-nilly... Who the heck do we think we are? My own wakeup was the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" and I haven't changed my thinking about the terrible, horrible results of US military overreach.

  3. @American Abroad: War profiteering is a staple of the American economy. We manufacture weapons and sell them to anyone who will buy them, anywhere in the world. As long as a handful of powerful men make huge amounts money from the sales of weapons, this country will continue to push war as a solution to problems. Diplomacy? Can't manufacture or sell any expensive products for diplomacy, so what "good capitalist" would support diplomacy?

  4. @American Abroad Yup. America never learns.

  5. I'm not really into this kind of testosterone talks, I rather talk about policies than wars (because I have seen enough of it and I'm in the first reserve list) but the truth is, Iran has significant anti-ship and air defense assets that are going to be used. so if there is going to be a war than, there is going to be a real major one,unfortunately with major casualties on both sides in which there is going to be a military draft in it, so don't cherish for it. You maybe end up in its front lines ( I have been in front line, and its not a pretty place to be).

  6. @Tohid Noraein Few in North America, , outside Trump and his coterie, want any kind of armed conflict. I hope that US concerned citizens will rise up in protest against Trump and Co.'s warmongering. Wishing you peace, from Canada, which is home to many displaced Iranians.

  7. @Tohid Noraein My Iranian friends here are all terrified for their families back home. I am too, and add to that my fears for the entire planet. America has been dragged to the Dark Side via Fox News and conservative religious leaders of the Christian Fundamentalist and Netanyahu types -- strange bedfellows to be sure. I send my sincere hopes and prayers to a god I no longer believe in for your safety and frantic pleas for a miracle to stop this insanity.

  8. And when will Bolton find the weapons of mass destruction (or should I say mass distraction?) that will justify going to war with Iran? We can only hope that the media - different from the mass hysteria that led to the Irak war - will be more vigilant and that the US allies will continue to voice their concerns and clearly articulate a "not with us" stance. If the ultimate goal of the US policy was regime change, the war rhetoric is the surest way of preventing that. The Iranians are proud people and in a situation of deadly threats to their country they will rally behind their leaders no matter how much they dislike them. Conversely, a soft power approach by the US would probaly increase the pressure from within on the regime to implement changes towards liberalization. Bolton in his hawkish blindness doesn't understand tah dynamic.

  9. There is no "coalition of the willing " this time. Previous US intelligence about supposed WMD are etched in the west's memory. No other nation has withdrawn from the nuclear non proliferation treaty. The sanctions are hurting US allies as well as Iran.

  10. @Guy when will the rest of the global press start calling this Trump disease what it is: a Global Menace.

  11. Trump appears to be following the lead of the despotic leaders he admires by exaggerating external threats to draw less attention to his domestic and legal entanglements. If insanity is repeating the disproved actions of the past and expecting different results then Mr. Bolton appears to be in need of professional help. I erroneously supported Bush 43's Iraqi excursion when I thought the mission was limited to enforcement of U.N mandates imposed on Ira q after the Persion gulf war. I didn't foresee how the mission would morph into a misguided attempt at nation building. Bolton obviously has not learned that lesson. Yes Iran engages in nefarious activities.that compete with out interests and need to be addressed in a proportionate manner. However we shouldn't forget the no drama obama approach which removed the threat of a worst case scenario for ten years with the nuclear accord and times involved military cooperation against common terrorist foes. It was something that perhaps could have been nourished.

  12. Who wouldn’t be concerned about sending a loved one to war under this team: - An erratic, inexperienced president with no aptitude for long-term strategy - A Secretary of Defense with no prior military experience - A National Security Director who’s created havoc across multiple administrations - A Secretary of State who alienate our strongest allies - A GOP Senate cowed by Trump

  13. Perhaps a EU nation will come in and help our resistance with regime change here. We have an unstable leader with nukes.

  14. @Jack You've summed it up perfectly.

  15. @Rebecca Netanyahu has been trying to push the U.S. into bombing Iran since 2012, but President Obama refused. This is yet another example of President Trump continuing to accommodate all of Netanyahu's demands. The liberals have it all wrong. Putin doesn't control Trump, Netanyahu is the real puppet master.

  16. 120,000 troops is less than the number used in the invasion of Iraq, which was done with a woefully inadequate number of troops. Then again, if the US goal isn’t to win the war, but only to further destabilize the Middle East, it looks about right.

  17. 120,000 is probably just the beginning.

  18. That Trump and his administration do not gather counsel from our (remaining) international allies on such a momentous decision and from learned and resourceful individuals such as the dean of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies is truly frightening. I do wish Trump would just continue to waste our tax dollars playing golf rather than get headier in his role as master of the universe. He scares me.

  19. Are people in the Trump administration truly surprised that the U.S. has no allies in this possible war with Iran?

  20. @Michael There are definitely US allies in this absurd war against Iran. Israel. Saudi Arabia. The American people won’t benefit. Those two will, however.

  21. @Michael when the time comes the US will call in a few favors and round up a winning coalition of struggling climate change suceptible island nations. We know this playbook - we’ve been here before.

  22. @FB, yep, I thought of that after I posted this, but not the best friends here for this situation, as you state.

  23. Corrected: Have we forgotten the fake Gulk of Tonkin incident which was simply an excuse to escalate the war in Vietnam? Have we forgotten the fake claims of weapons of mass destruction that precipitated the war in Iraq? If Congress does not assert its prerogative in the arena of declaring wars, then the American people, who have so much to lose, must rise up and assert themselves against this President and henchmen. Better to put our bodies on the line in defending the rule of law on the streets of America , then to lose lives needlessly overseas on the whim of some war-mongercers and arm-chair generals like Bolton.

  24. @Stan Chaz very well said. I fear some sort of action on the part of average citizens is all that can save us from this corrupt president and his cronies. Our leaders have failed us in this regard.

  25. @Stan Chaz -Sign me up. This nightmare must end.

  26. Warmongering for kicks! The weaponization of public information to extract loyalties for political agendas. Soon the Media may find our economy is not so healthy either. Once it understands that all Federal agency reporting is manipulated by Trump/GOP Inc.. Of course, that’s just a hunch given ‘fake news’ is what newsmakers say it is and thereby the new normal of acceptable behavior. Scary stuff but really nothing there—So Let’s Move On!

  27. Bibi and MBS have a dream that is centered on luring the US into conflict with Iran--just another step in the centuries-old religious wars of the Middle East. Bolton is a mere implementer...a tool and bit player... in this process; Trump is being led by the nose in yet another sorry example of US militarism and intrusion into conflicts in which we have little genuine national interest, less skill and more to lose than others. Out of Middle East now!

  28. @JPE. With Trump’s focus on wealth and power accumulation, I suspect it is probably more obvious. Follow the $$$!

  29. Bravo for the excellent video that correctly reveals the truth as whose interest Bolton serves and is bought and paid for. A cult that has zero support in Iran and has the blood of American service personnel on its hand. It is certainly not in US interest to allow Bolton to lead it into a war that would be 100 year tragedy for both sides.

  30. Last I checked the global protests against President Bush going into Iraq were collectively the largest protest in human history. This President’s crowd size just may exceed that.

  31. @Dorothy Thank you for uplifting my saging hope.

  32. @Dorothy, and what good did those protests do? Our country is going down just like every former great empire before it.

  33. The reason America came into conflict with Iran in the first place was a regime change. That's how the Shah of Iran came to power. So, what we have in John Bolton is an American anachronism who was fortunate enough to be brought back into the White House by a know-nothing president who jettisoned America from the Iran nuclear deal out of spite for Barack Obama. Folks, this is the wrong approach for Iran. Their best friends are China and Russia. Knock knock.

  34. Will will actually let Bolton the warmonger get his way? Iraq War redux.

  35. Many Americans stand with Iran as its people suffer and die under murderous sanctions thuggishly imposed by our government, and and as it faces a litany of aggressive threats from Saudi Arabia and our psychotic warmongering leadership.

  36. I don’t have too much sympathy for the regime in power in Tehran, thugs mostly and not very popular there either. It seems to me they exist because of Iranian revulsion to US meddling. It would go a long way to undercut that regime if the US would first apologize for toppling their democratically elected regime and installing the Shah in the 1950’s. That would cost us nothing.

  37. @Tom Hayden It would cost acknowledging how underlying the U.S.'s high-minded wish to "export freedom around the globe" is a simple, small-minded self-interest. It would cost acknowledging how the U.S. military are essentially mercenaries paid for by U.S. taxpayers and used to do Corporate America's bidding.

  38. This problem - lack of trust - exists among our allies because we have a leader who lies and is morally bankrupt. Most people do not trust the Trump administration and the sycophantic GOP are functioning in a country first mode. 5,000 lies has an effect. Acting in bad faith without scruples also demeans the bond to the governed.

  39. Skeptical US Allies, and, Skeptical Americans. We (Americans) have seen that the US Executive Branch, under Republican control, grossly misuse the US military to direct profits and money to Republican owned military contractors under false pretenses and fake threats more than once in the last 20 years. Need we remind anyone of Collin Powell's lies to the UN about weapons of mass destruction before invading and destroying the beautiful, ancient cities of Iraq? Need we remind anyone of Condoleeza Rice's mind numbing comment "who knew??" when Shiites took over, via Democratic apparatus, the government in Baghdad? The entire invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was a fiasco and remains as such. Now, I guess since there is only one country with beautiful, ancient, Arabian cities left, the Republican executive branch wants to destroy those for US military contractor profit as well. Yes, we are skeptical of US claims of threats for countries who offer the USA zero threat. Yes indeed. Those zero threat, to the US, countries would be Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. Our troops do not need to be in any of those countries for national security. They are there for profit for Republican owned military contractors. The entire world knows the sham of American claims of "threats". We tossed out credibility when we lied to invade Iraq.

  40. @Michael Agreed. Colin Powell's name is still dirt to me.

  41. We are still paying for wars started by W, and the Iraqis and the afghans have paid dearly. Those wars destabilized the region as was predicted. Bombing Iran would be an absolute mistake. One we’d not likely recover from.

  42. John Bolton is Trump's National Security Advisor solely because he provided Trump with a way to exit from JCPOA in August 2017. Congress refused to support Trump in the matter and key administration people were opposed including Tillerson, McMaster, and Mattis who were fired in part due to their opposition to Trump on Iran. Bolton has demonstrated the capacity to manipulate Trump. However, Trump and Bolton strongly disagreed as Bolton was seeking to buildup U.S. presence in Syria to confront Iran. Trump ordered removal of U.S. forces and even said "I don't care what Iran does in Syria" also saying that the U.S. is not the world's policeman. More recently, Trump criticized Bolton for excessive zeal in regime change in Venezuela and no doubt was dissatisfied with the disaster in Hanoi where Trump also followed Bolton's advise about denuclearizing the DPRK. Bolton has created an extremely dangerous situation with Iran and strongly damaged relations with Europe while weakening the capacity of the Security Council to address nuclear weapons proliferation. The JCPOA was negotiated within the framework of the Security Council which authorized it by UNSCR 2231 to address nuclear weapons and not all open issues with Iran. Securing the consensus of the EU, with China, Russia and the U.S. on this matter strengthened institutional capacity to address similar problems. Bolton's junking of JCPOA is counter to U.S. interests. Congress should demand his removal due to his incompetence.

  43. If mr. Trump is trying to provoke a new Tonkin- incident, the US will be on it's own. The NATO treaty reads: 'The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all '. The treaty was drafted against bullying, not to promote abject behaviour.

  44. The US can handle Iran on its own very easily....

  45. @There Defeated by cavemen in Afghanistan, I would not be too cheering on US success.

  46. @There Don't count on that. If we get into a needless war with Iran, you will be surprised at what happens here.

  47. Although not privy to any special intelligence information, this article lays out what has been my guess about this whole escalation. Trump likes to look tough; he certainly likes to see himself as wiping Mr. Obama and his accomplishments from history; he has picked Iran as his big enemy (not Russia/Putin, N.Korea/Kim (his "love"), not even China/his good bud Xi). What surprises me about this article is that it does not mention Netanyahu or the Saudis. Trump sees himself as good buddies with both. Both have been longing to have the USA help them decimate Iran for a long time. Trump wants to please both and, indeed, has done what he could to bolster Bibi (e.g., moving the embassy to Jerusalem as a gimmie to Israel). Surely both Netanyahu & the Saudis must be watching with joy.

  48. @Anne-Marie Hislop Those aren't mentioned as he has major business dealing in those countries. All those back channels must be rippling with electricity.

  49. Trumps attempt to take the focus off the subpoena of his tax records.

  50. It's deja vu. They see regime-change war-monger Bolton's prints all over this. It's obvious to anyone with an iota of historical memory, which unfortunately leaves out Trump and his deplorables.

  51. What we need is better leaders in the US. I don’t trust anyone on this administration to make a good judgement about anything. We need peace in the world through diplomacy. This is the only way. We must learn from our violent and sad recent past! John Bolton is a dangerous person. Congress must do their job and remain vigilant! The American people must do their job and vote out this administration before it us too late.

  52. In my opinion, Bolton and Pompeo have been gunning for war with Iran for nearly two decades and Bolton has shown a propensity to cook the intelligence in the past, and much as the Cheney-Bush cabal did in support of the invasion of Iraq with the confirmed lies about WMDs and the non-existent connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda, the current administration is creating a false narrative to support an invasion of Iran. From what I've witnessed, Bolton seems to me to be willing to exploit any deception to pursue the war agenda. What are the actual drivers of Bolton's and Pompeo's push for the invasion of Iran? Why doesn't this paper do the hard investigative journalism this topic deserves? Why are "news" papers printing the rationale being served up (without critical thinking, analysis, journalistic discipline) or even questioning the alleged "facts" and their sources? If the unilateral invasion of Iran without Congressional authorization is ok with the Times, we are beyond peril. Perhaps like RT, they simply print what they are told to publish by the GRU. To me, the U.S. mainstream "news" media has abdicated its responsibility and simply acts as a mouthpiece for the likes of Bolton and those whom he serves and his principal focus is regime change and asset theft. What else is possible? May we choose to live in a world that values truth, peace, cooperation and profits from wisdom rather than war?

  53. @FB Thanks for the link. I believe that I was mistaken in my knee jerk response. After re-reading this article, I actually find it to be well done. While this article doesn't specifically get to the deeper analysis of what other than Bolton's and Pompeo's long term anti Iranian ideology is behind the "Wag the Dog" approach to creating a false narrative and possible acts of agent provocateur to find cause for military engagement, it does point out some of the history of Bolton's willingness to game the intelligence with his own spin to achieve his decisions. Personally I believe the 4 B's theory is closer to the truth and answer but I also believe that this has everything to do with oil prices as well and that the two assets most prized by major U.S. and other oil companies for which military operations are often undertaken are those of Iran and Venezuela and it appears that both have been the targets of an economic hit job. Keeping their oil supplies off the market keeps oil prices up and thus supports the bonds behind the tenuous fracking industry. Look into it. I'll check the link you provided. The tentacles of corruption run deeper than most can imagine. What else is possible? Thanks

  54. @FB Yes, this is important information. But it is somehow the usual and by far not all. Missing is who in the Senate and the House is involved with this kind of reckless ideas? What do they get out of provoking a war with Iran? We do need to know this in detail, and if only to protest loudly and to make sure not to vote for candidates promoting this nonsense by accident!

  55. Trump has to start a war to ensure his re-election.

  56. @RC If Trump starts a war in the Middle East, his adult children should be put into uniform and dropped between the lines, to lead the charge. After all, if those two polypoid Trumpsons could face big game in Africa with high-powered rifles, surely they can lead a charge against a well-armed enemy.

  57. It seems that every American President needs a new war much like the Roman Emperors. America has invaded and been at war more than any other country yet they call others war mongers and dangerous. My father who fought in Hong Kong told me that if the Americans are your friend you do not need enemies, of course he meant the American government industrial complex and mind that it was Americans who liberated him from a Japanese prison camp and I owe my existence to American sacrifices. Pick almost anyplace on earth where there is conflict and you will find America the free fueling the carnage. It used to be England abusing the rest of the world but they passed the mantle to America and of course it is always justified and the others are always evil people who envy and hate the land of the free home of the brave where people live in fear and are imprisoned by their junk. Hope you find a way out of this mess for all of our sake.

  58. @tom Hickie -and when the mantle was passed from the Brits to the Yanks, the Balfour Agreement came with it!

  59. I would be very wary of John Bolton’s Intelligence. It has a malicious , belligerent quality . His perceptions are an insult to our intelligence.

  60. @Robert What intelligence? I just see a guy who wants to kill people halfway around the world because he can.

  61. Iranian leadership really needs to allow the construction of a Trump hotel in Tehran, or at least buy some overpriced Trump apartments in the U.S. If you are kind to Trump Inc, America is kind to you.

  62. @alan haigh Maybe they should buy the Doral resort. I hear it's going cheap (I mean tanking).

  63. Iran is not our enemy, we are just doing Israel’s bidding.

  64. @Selcuk As we did in Iraq and Syria.

  65. @Selcuk and Saudi Arabia's bidding.

  66. @Selcuk, Iran is our enemy. Doesn't mean we go to war with them, doesn't mean we should have pulled out of our denuclearization deal with them, but they are definitely our enemy.

  67. John Bolton, the boy who cried wolf, paired with Donald, he of the 10,000 lies and counting. Who could believe anything they would gin up other than perhaps Mike Pompeo?

  68. May be one should inform the 'stable genius' that there is no such thing as a Nobel War Prize

  69. @Phil I understand them being confused, what with the Nobel awarded to Henry Kissinger.

  70. I think we need to drop Bolton and Pompeo into Iran let them fight this fake war themselves.

  71. Yes, give them light sabers, capes and let the force be with them.

  72. @Tom Hayden I will send my thoughts and prayers.

  73. @frankpcb Thanks. I'm enjoying the image of the bloated Pompeo charging the Republican Guard!

  74. Trump is Bolton’s puppet. God save us all.

  75. @KennethWmM I'm convinced that Individual-1 is everyone's puppet, more or less. He appears to be — despite his frequent, telling proclamations of how tough and smart he is — easily manipulated by whoever happens to have his ear at the moment. I strongly suspect that Mitch McConnell, John Bolton and others have figured this out and are simply leading their "leader" around as if he has a brass ring in his nose, letting him think he's in charge, using him to enact their various schemes. Rasputins, one and all, in the den of a knave and a fool.

  76. Funny, but I don't feel the least bit threatened by the citizens of Iran. So why have citizens of the United States kill citizens of Iran and vice versa in a war provoked by those with warped political and personal idealogies the likes of Trump?

  77. Just what we need, another war in the middle east. The last one worked out so very well.

  78. "Privately, several European officials described Mr. Bolton and Mr. Pompeo as pushing an unsuspecting Mr. Trump through a series of steps that could put the United States on a course to war before the president realizes it." I wish all these folks who mutter "privately" would do so publicly. Why whisper about colossal US arrogance, when you can shout? Donald Trump is being led through the nose by a man who never served but loves war in principle. The Trump administration lacks sufficient people who know firsthand the horrors of war. As Bolton's urgency increases, there seems to be a plan: having learned nothing from the disastrous Iraqi war that gave rise to ISIS (and defense contracts for Cheney), Bolton knows the right hot buttons to push--Trump's obsession with getting elected. I see parallels between Trump is goading Congress to impeach and Bolton is goading Iran: both strategies aimed at the president's political goals. Sending more Americans overseas to die just to help the president's reelection prospects--just when you think they can't go lower, they do.

  79. @ChristineMcM We need a Constitutional Amendment providing that whenever even one American soldier is in combat, every draft-age child of every politician who supports that war must be rushed through basic training and pushed into the front lines. Let those who blow the trumpets of war get their own children flown back in caskets.

  80. @ChristineMcM Trump knows that, short term, his base enjoys this silly posturing by its administration. But it has risks so he needs a cutout. Its name is Bolton. Bolton isn't clever but rather easily predicted and managed. He's in the job because he has just enough, but not too much, TV (aka Fox) cred with the base. Later, Trump can blame him if becomes necessary to deflect blame.

  81. @ChristineMcM EBWhite wrote in his 'little' book, The Elements of Style,: Why run and hide? Why compound temerity with inaudibility?. I do think there are some strong, loud and passionate voices in this country. But they get little air time. Trump never shuts his vacuous yap, and leaves little time for others to squeeze a word in.

  82. After the disaster of Iraq, it's hard to believe that one of the ring leaders of starting that war is the current NSA and doing everything he can do to drag this country into a war with Iran. Every Senator and Congress person should be calling out Bolton. The media should be screaming this everyday that Bolton is a madman.

  83. @Jack I believe the buck stops with Trump and our Congress.

  84. These are not expansive warnings to Iran but threats of war, forbidden by international law, brutally declared by notorious war criminals. But the rule of law left the USA long ago, if there had been any such thing at all in the whole history of this mass murdering country. The USA are only a exceptional dictatorial regime masked by fake elections for millionaires. Most americans will agree.

  85. @Wukki Time for Americans to tax the rich into exile - new talent is always on the horizon in our country - defang the military industry, kick war mongers to the curb and stomp them out for good. While D.C. begins to focus in earnest on improving national health care and infrastructure for the 21st century.

  86. Nuke-em John is working tirelessly to goad the US into a first-strike attack on Shiite Iran. Behind the scenes, of course, the Sunni Saudi Arabian royal family and other Sunni countries goad him on. Meanwhile, mainstream moderate Iranians who were rapidly modernizing and would likely have wrested control from the Mullahs (the strategy behind the Obama-era agreement) are being undercut by Trump's hawkish supporters. The only long-term strategy for dealing with Islam is to help it modernize and marginalize its ultra-conservative adherents.

  87. You are now, more than ever, the real bad guys. This behaviour is beneath contempt. You need to sort it out very soon.

  88. Jens Jensen wrote: "You need to sort it out very soon." Yes, and "very soon" will begin on Nov. 3, 2020 and finalized on Jan. 21, 2021. Unless Trump does something so egregious that even his base turns against him, though that's bloody unlikely. Do keep in mind that Donald Trump is a temporary office holder wherein the majority of Americans disapprove of the job he's doing generally, or of him specifically, who would not survive, if America had such a thing, a "no confidence vote" and, hopefully, will not the election. "This too shall pass"...sooner or later, "patience is a virtue."

  89. @Jens Jensen Honestly, it feels like we are powerless watching this train wreck that could result in a devastating conclusion. The past 2.5 years, including the Republicans turning into the blood thirsty Trump party, has been horrifying. Our democracy is in a shambles, we have a mad man installed as President by a hostile foreign nation and an administration hungry for war. George Orwell was so prescient. So many here just say "vote Trump out" come 2020 but I fear that will be too late. What will it take to get the American people out on the streets and protesting this blatant attempt at war and destruction of our democracy and constitution?

  90. Trump just evacuated the embassy in Iraq. This really could be the beginning of another stupid war.

  91. I retract my initial comment of critique of this article. Indeed, this article is well written. My only constructive input would be to change the headline to state Allies and the American public remain skeptical of the Trump's administration Propensity to Lie Habitually and Bolton and Pompeo are equally Distrusted at Home and Abroad for the Willingness to Lie, Cheat, Steal or ... whatever to fulfill their task master's agenda." The thing about lying all the time is that eventually, the facts of one's actions catch up with unreality of the lies you've told. Better coverage, lower insurance premium, not touching Medicare of Medicaid, all the talke about draining the swamp and then bringing Bolton, Goldman, Bannon and Mercer into the your circle and passing a $4.1 trillion tax heist for the people who absolutely don't need it because they are richer than anyone in the history of the world and then trying to blame increasing budget deficits on social security, medicare and medicaid, when the military budget has gone up 40% since 2005 isn't exactly "draining" anything other than every last drop of your credibility with thinking people who read everywhere. Of course, the Limbaugh and AM propaganda machine will continue to work until the rust belt is hurting so bad the GOP and there just say "No" to anything other than the Koch agenda will begin to lose traction as people lose insurance coverage, then family members, then their farms, homes, jobs, etc.

  92. At least the Neo-Cons ginned up some false information to beat the drums of war. The current Conmen in the Administration simply lie bald faced about unspecified, unverified (even with fake papers) "threats"

  93. People like Bolton are war-criminals. Instead of being punished for their ill-guided and criminal decisions during the Iraq war, they are put back in power. The implications of their decisions behind their cowardly desks in safe offices, have life and death implications for American soldiers, but also countless lives in the middle-east. Trump's base itself wants America to focus on essential policies that matter to its own people, not waste life and resources on made-up conflicts. Time for Trump to fire Bolton.

  94. Bolton is to me a kind of Eichmann, a bureaucrat organizing mass murder. If only there was any chance that he would see justice... As for the Houthi's, please stop calling them "supported by Iran". Mention instead that they are supported by the majority of the people in Yemen and would win any election competition with Hadi easily.

  95. We already endured one war started with false facts and intelligence. Will more USA lives have to be lost to salve the manufactured grudges of Trump, Bolton, and our Middle East proxies who themselves don't want to lose the lives of their own peoples? Of course, the economy will surely do even better with "guns and butter" amidst the tariffs and Trump will keep bragging how well the USA economy is working. What a frightening administration this truly is?

  96. @vincentgaglione LOL - if Americans "endured" one war what did the people of Iraq, the thousands of refugees, the thousands of dead and maimed endure because of American Arrogance? What will our planet have to endure if a nuclear missile is launched? America has endured nothing compared to what it has inflicted on others.

  97. @vincentgaglione Iraq is not over, so we are still enduring it. Military presence is still there - we are still enduring it.

  98. So much bluster about protecting unborn lives. How about the lives of the people living? There is no lack of evidence that wars kill people. Does anybody think that life in Iran, or anywhere else is the property of the usa to extingish at will for the excuse of "american interests".? Humanity is a precious thing. Those living it deserve a chance to work towards their own interests. Iran is not a threat to the lives of americans, only to its wallet and to its 'interests'. How horrible can people be?

  99. @Scott Shelton-Strong There is also no lack of evidence that guns kill kids; evidence is fast becoming a thing of the past.

  100. Superbly said - thank you

  101. @Scott Shelton-Strong Thank you for your comments that express my thoughts exactly. Seems the “Pro-Life” people don’t Seem to care about babies and children killed and maimed in our wars.

  102. In this matter, Israel is curiously quiet. I suspect the administration including Trump is heading to war for political purpose which is to get Trump re-elected. We voters historically do not change presidents during wartime.

  103. @W : George H. thought the same thing. Did not work out too well for him did it ? Or for LBJ for that matter.

  104. @W We need a Constitutional amendment that mandates the immediate draft of every child of every politician who votes for war anywhere, and shipping them all to the front lines. There they can make their parents proud....

  105. An "unsuspecting Mr. Trump'? I suspect that trump's sole concern is whether a war helps his re-election chances.

  106. I guess pro life is "pro" for whom the GOP say are worthy enough to have life. "Someone" back in the late 1930's thought the same thing.

  107. The American Empire is collapsing like it did for Britain in the 1950s. With the UK still thinking itself a world dominator it embarked on the most idiotic of wars in Suez. It was a political, military and diplomatic disaster that finally put an end to British military assertiveness. Iraq should have been a warning to western nations about American military ambitions and that aggression to Iran must be forcefully countered. And by the by perhaps we should call it United Statesism so we don't tar other countries in the continent with the same brush.

  108. Another war. Hasn't the US had enough?

  109. How many casualties will be created by external influence this time? Is aggressiveness and warmongering better than diplomacy and working together? Name one truly successful military intervention in the middle east, that has created less suffering than the former more or less stable regimes of the region. This region finally has to decide their faith and their future for themselves to become good members of the United States of the World. With the aggressive external influence from all sides (Western and Eastern) the regions development will be postponed for decades and will leave a humiliating scar in the history of the countrys. The countrys of the middle east deserve sovereignty.

  110. Successful ? No! Profitable? Very much so! Unfortunately.

  111. Trump won't listen to experts but will respond to polls. Maybe we need a poll to ask if American's are willing to support Trump by sending their sons and daughters to fight this war. And perhaps we should ask if they are willing to send their children if European allies will not. Would Americans be willing to support a draft if needed? On a separate note - is this a tactic to drive wartime patriotism, and protect Trump from impeachment?

  112. I persist in my belief that Iran, not Saudi Arabia, is a more logical ally for the U.S. over the long term. Iran is relatively more secular, more educated, more progressive socially, more politically stable. Saudi Arabia is quite the opposite. And what about terrorism? The attackers of 9/11 were Saudi, not Iranian. The pact negotiated by Obama and scuttled by Trump was at least a viable route to rapprochement. Now of course, all we have is chaos. I hope Europe stays in the anti-nuclear pact and convinces Iran to do the same.

  113. @Don Heineman. "I persist in my belief that Iran, not Saudi Arabia, is a more logical ally for the U.S. over the long term." Amen. And from a practical perspective, I wonder how much leverage we'd gain in relations with Saudi Arabia if we were willing to play ball with Iran.

  114. @Don Heineman Which one will benefit Trump financially?? Unfortunately, how the decision is made.

  115. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that opened the door for hundreds of thousands of U.S. Troops to be deployed to Vietnam comes to mind. The President might be wary of foreign interventions, but who would doubt what he might do if he needed to change the subject away from subpoenas and impeachment.

  116. Based on his personality and intellect, it may seem that Trump is disposed to wage war. But we should always remember the influence of Putin. The war in Syria may provide a guide to anticipating Trump's actions in Iran and North Korea.

  117. Bolton is INVITING any renegade group within Iran to start a war between Iran and the US. All they need is to lob one rocket towards a US base and the US will bomb the country flat, creating one more failed state. And I suppose that congress will go along with this as was the case with Iraq. The sad irony is that it was the US that destroyed democracy in Iran in 1953. The CIA's Operation Ajax ousted the democratically elected president Mohammad Mosaddegh in order to preserve Western oil interests in Iran. Mosaddegh had promised that oil revenues would go to the Iranian people instead of the Shah's bank accounts and British Petroleum's coffers (yes, that BP). In those days the US had the decency to keep such operations secret... today the US policy of regime change is discussed openly. We've moved beyond shame.

  118. Wag the dog, good movie, monstrous in reality, especially with real missiles. Essentially he will be slaughtering people, including our soldiers, to gain a second term. The predictability of this ploy would be comic, so transparent, except that it may be impossible to stop. Congress must prepare legislations under the war powers resolution to curtail his authority, ready to go: an explicit statement that initiating a phony war is itself an attack on Americans. At least they should override his veto concerning Yemen as a show of their ultimate authority in the declaration of war.

  119. Nice to see the EU is identifying the Divided States as the the real problem in the situation with Iran. As they did in Vietnam and Iraq, the Evil Empire is trying to start a war with a much smaller country, as any Bully would do, to try to impose itself, once again, in the Middle East. So now, with 120,000 potential troops involved, the Divided States will sacrifice some more of its unwitting citizens to another of its useless causes. When will the people of this country wake up? They watch their family members get killed and maimed so as the Republican War Machine can feed the defense contractors, the profiteers of every war. But once again, the Divided States has lost another war, before it begins, and become that more onerous in the eyes of the world.

  120. America needs a war. It's got all those Abrams tanks and aircraft carriers and submarines and jet fighters just sitting around, getting obsolete. Time to clear the backlog, and if a few thousand or a few hundred thousand people have to die, that's a small enough price to pay. Of course, Cadet Bonespurs and his merry band warriors will personally lead this next war on the battlefield. Right? Right? Most Americans don't have a clue about their own history, but for the curious, I recommend reading about all the needless wars of aggression begun by the United States, from the Spanish-American War to the present. Actually you could go back further, but there has to be a cut-off. It's like a drug that America can't get off, and the bodies keep piling up.

  121. The Gulf of Tonkin again. To whom do the benefits of an attack on Iran, and collaterally it's oil infrastructure accrue? The Kingdom, Russia, Texas frackers? Trump, Bolton, (!?), and their constituents in Saudi Arabia are ginning up an excuse to attack Iran. In an era of oil glut, producers must be curtailed.

  122. Picture the irony of our self-described nationalists proclaiming the nationalist leaders of Iran 'rogue'. Maybe our problems can be solved if Bolton and Trump are the first boots on the ground in harms way, instead of comfortably home in their golden towers.

  123. Without any real provocation, the Trump regime is moving the U.S. towards war with Iran. Literally we are the ones trying to start this war. This is utter insanity. Impeach Trump now.

  124. I can't buy for a moment that Bolton and Pompeo are "pushing an unsuspecting Mr. Trump" into a war. Trump is a stable genius and impossible to fool. And most Americans are even smarter than that. They know we need to get off fossil fuels and rapidly. Our money will be better spent leading the world in alternative energy, than leading the world into war.

  125. Outrageous. What a moral failure it will be if our men and women are sent to war in these circumstances. Hopefully there is a fierce outcry and Bolton/Trump are stopped.

  126. "As the Trump administration draws up war plans against Iran over what it says are threats to American troops and interests..." I ask, with over 10,000 documented false or misleading statements, how are we expected to believe this is anything but some stunt cooked up for Trump's reelection run? Is Iran really about to get frisky, the British say 'no'...or is the Trump administration coldly gaming a war with Iran just so he can get some boost in his reelection run? I'd say the latter...

  127. IF this devolves into a real possibility, I would hope that each and every American who has an iota of common decency would march and protest against Washington, Trump, Bolton, - anyone who thinks this is legitimate. Congress couldn't possibly get impeachment hearings going fast enough. Can we find a way to take Bolton down as well? My son served in Iraq and still suffers from all of the mental and physical tolls, 10 years after. These political elites who posture to make billions for war industry contributors have no idea how many lives they ruin in addition to the unnecessary deaths they cause.

  128. May I offer an alternative thought to this sordid melodrama; Trump & Co know that war save "W"'s presidency and he is hoping that war will distract enough attention that he can get through 2020 and not be impeached or voted out. "W" was god awful as a president and leader but the Iraq war allowed him to spend 8 years in office. "W" also had Tony Blair as his lapdog so he had the UK in his pocket though the "Freedom" fries was a point that Congress tried to ram home. Bonus, Trump want our war making team firmly on his tab so that we are weakened in our resolve against him, no Civil War breaking out again. In war times, the generals follow POTUS orders. Those who don't will be quickly removed. It also leaver the US totally open to Russian attack while attention is diverted elsewhere.

  129. This is horrifying on every level. Bolton wants to invade a nation of 81 million people (Iraq has 38 million) and that is roughly three times the size of Iraq. Moreover, the younger generations in Iran do not support the mullahs. The smart move would be to open doors and minds that over time would strengthen secular forces within Iran. But, then again “smart” is not a word to be linked with the Trump administration. If Bolton gets us into a disastrous war in Iran, we should all demand that he personally go to the battlefront. Like all the other warmongers, he is a chicken hawk of the first order.

  130. I have a feeling that in 20 years America will be looking at the election of President Trump in the same manner as we see the Vietnam war today. What in name of all that’s holy were we thinking.

  131. I have said it before and sometimes they won't print it. It will be The U.S. , Israel , Saudi Arabia .. the new axis of evil against the whole world... Of course they are skeptical. That's an understatement. It's only because we have the biggest economy that the rest of the countries are being diplomatic about it. But they are getting sick of us upending everything and creating messes like Iraq that effect everyone for a long time. Esp when it doesn't have to be. I don't think China & Russia who have 100's of billions invested in Iran are going to sit idly by while we destroy that country. Everyone but the few insane war mongers knows what a disaster this would be.

  132. Fascinating; an entire article on administration officials pushing Trump and the Pentagon into accepting the possibility of war with Iran and absolutely no mention of Bibi Netanyahu and the Saudi Crown Prince as key players behind the scenes.

  133. @DJ I agree. There has to be someone else pulling Trump's strings. It's ironic that his administration cites U.S. Intelligence reports to bolster their claims, when they have been willfully, systematically, and tragically destroying the U.S. Intelligence's credibility for the last 2 years. And now, they are having trouble getting "takers". Oh the tangled web we weave....

  134. I support out troops, I don't want any of them to be put a risk based on the rhetoric of these GOP frauds.

  135. Comes another Republican war, this time starting from a position of obvious weakness, thanks to two years of confusion at home and abroad. Brilliant.

  136. The man of 10,000 lies and his equally mendacious henchfolk have perhaps permanently damaged U.S. credibility. In this one instance, that may be a good thing, Leaders overseas who do not watch Fox News have been left with only the facts of Iran’s actual behavior as the basis of decisions about whether steps toward war should be taken.

  137. How long will it be before Pompeo and Bolton are before the UN Security Council, presenting their "evidence" of Iran's threats as Powell and the CIA Director did with Iraq? They will be laughed out of the chamber as they have zero credibility with most of the world.

  138. why this Bolton guy is not in jail? he has a long history of crime against humanity, and against the american people, how is this guy shielded from the law?

  139. Surprised that the US refrain from claiming that Iran has weapons of mass destruction or that a caravan of Iranians has assembled to invade the free western world. It's all to obvious that the US are desperately looking for a reason to attack Iran. For sure, Iran has been engaging in this region. But the USA are doing the very same, many thousand miles away from their home turf. There can be no doubt who is the villain here.

  140. There’s nothing more distracting than a war. First a trade war, then a shooting war. Anything to keep the Mueller report, and Mueller himself, locked up.

  141. ha ha ha.. "the aggressive moves originated in Washington.. " Quelle surprise !! It's been happening a lot and at last the Europeans have the good sense to call out the US paranoia and blatant Israeli foreign policy designs.. In any war of "truth" I'd believe Iran any day over Trump, Bolton and the Israelis... and, so it seems, so do the British and other Europeans. Remember Bolton was one of those who called out for regime change in Iraq and championed Chalabi.. so out of touch with reality. The fact that he's being given a second chance to interfere in the region is a terrible indictment of US defence and foreign policy.

  142. If it were up to me, I would have John Bolton arrested, charged with unAmerican Activities and placed in an institution for the criminally insane. War is the last thing we need now or any time in the near future. We need to rebuild our own infrastructure and get out of this never ending spiral of national debt.

  143. Here is the Trump Two-Step on Iran: 1. Kill the agreement under which Iran will have no nuclear weapons. 2. Start a military conflict with the newly nuclear Iran. Smart play, Donnie! Now release your SAT scores to confirm what the world already knows about you.

  144. Trump's foreign and trade policies will get him 2 allies to buy into his Iran war preparations: Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  145. “Bolton did the same with President George W. Bush and Iraq,” Representative Seth Moulton, Democrat of Massachusetts and an Iraq war veteran, said in a statement last week. “As someone sent four times to that misguided war, I have seen the costs of Bolton’s disastrous foreign policy in a way he never will — firsthand, and at the loss of thousands of American lives.” nuff said.

  146. Well gee, our 'allies' can be as skeptical of the 'claims' of threats from Iran all they want. Doesn't change the fact that several tankers have been sabotaged and a very real Threat of sinking an Aircraft Carrier has been voiced by an aid of the Iranian President. So they can deny it if they want. Its not like most of them can offer any real help if it does come to war. Germany uses broomsticks for rifles when they train and Canada has exactly one supply ship that can refuel their deployed ships. So we live in a dangerous world with a Europe that seems oblivious to any threat. How is that any different from the world we always lived in?

  147. @GregP “A very realty threat of sinking an aircraft carrier has been voiced?” How many threats has Israel and the United States made to Iran in the past few years? I haven’t heard of Iran making a fraction of the threats Israel and U.S. have been making. Admit it! There is a desperate attempt in Washington, with pressure from Israel, to go to war with Iran.

  148. @GregP The US has been funding armies, such as Israel's, around Iran for decades. The US has had military bases and naval units stationed around Iran for decades. The US has forced sanctions on Iran more than one time and is doing it now. Reverse all of this, make Iran doing this to the US near our territory, and you would feel different. You do not need to defend the Iran regime in order to understand the hypocrisy of claiming that Iran is the aggressor here, when it is the US that has unequivocally in military posture in the Middle East for more than 3 decades.

  149. @GregP The USA has become the major cause of danger in this world.

  150. Luckily the rest of the world has learnt from the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq that "American intelligence" (remember Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?) may be a contradiction in terms.

  151. America is getting smaller by the day. It is now being 'run' by perverted and deranged people. Your embassies and consulates will soon need many more walls and security people than they have already.

  152. John Bolton is a major threat to national security.

  153. The rest of the world recognizes that Trump is a bottomless fool. When the USA finally does, I hope it is not too late. We may be at war come election day.

  154. Go to history, Heck, Go to Wikipedia, and read the history of interaction between the U.S. and Iran. Iran is far from perfect, but come on! Our CIA took out their democratically elected leader, we thwarted subsequent Iranian peace efforts, we shot down an airliner carrying hundreds of people including dozens of children over Iranian airspace and never apologized... the list goes on and on. And now, predictably, Here we are again. After the horrible Iraq war that so many Americans marched in the streets to avoid, fighting the same Saddam Hussain that we had installed, All those wasted dollars, all the destroyed lives... Now we're being played again. Aren't you about sick of it?

  155. We are being led into a war with no real reasons for doing so, beyond the neocon fantasies that have dogged the Republican Party for decades. Sending just one young American to die for this “cause” is absurd and immoral, to say nothing of the carnage that would befall the Iranian people. Just more incredible nonsense from the most dishonest and mentally disturbed US administration, ever.

  156. If you look back in time you will find that the great empires of the world fell apart because they engaged in stupid wars and looted their treasury. Sound familiar?

  157. Where is our Congress when we need it? Unfortunately, they are still busy relitigatimg 2016. If this POTUS needs a pushback - it must come from our Congress who has a powerful weapon in the War Powers Act. Congress should demand an oversight hearings and in a public forum at that. As to this phrase "false claims of WMD" - they were proven false only after the invasion. Our Congress including Mrs. Clinton authorized Iraq invasion. So, while Monday morning quarterbacking now looks good - that is not how our Congress saw it. On another point about all these pundits on the sidelines - especially denizens of the Swampland - I pay no heed. If they were on the other side, they would be preaching exactly the opposite. These soundbites are good - but they are just that - soundbites to keep themselves in the spotlights.

  158. The regime change most needed in the world today is the one in Washington. The dangers of all others pale in comparison.

  159. The rest of the World must stand firm and not be pressured by the warmongers in this US administration. The Iran regime is deplorable but launching a war of aggression that will lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of PEOPLE (yes Iranians are people too, endowed with all the same humanity as the rest of us) would be a morally bankrupt action, one which all people both inside and outside of America must resist with every fiber of their being.

  160. Are we kidding here? Let's state the obvious: 1. John Bolton is the only one who thinks the Iraq war was a good idea. 2. He wants to invade Iran, because they are threatening to re-start their Uranium enrichment process, after we unilaterally pulled out of the 6 country non- nuclear deal. 3. President Trump thinks he can get North Korea to agree give to give up their nukes voluntarily, because he is a good deal maker and he can be trusted. So it must follow that: 4. Martians are secretly building a space station on the moon so they can attack us.

  161. Which is why “the Donald” wanted a space force !

  162. @Mark and don't you think that North Korea cease the reality that the United States might invade them if they don't have nuclear weapons, I'm sure North Korea is watching this Iran situation and it will make them realize they should never give up their nuclear weapons otherwise the threat of invasion will always be over their heads. And in saying this I make no endorsement of the awful North Korean regime but simply put yourself in their position what would you do?

  163. @Mark, actually on the other side of the moon, the side we can't see.

  164. The Europeans are not going to be fooled by the war mongering Americans, especially after the Iraq disaster, waged on false evidence. Weapons of mass destruction, anyone?

  165. Where is our Congress when we need it? Unfortunately, they are still busy relitigatimg 2016. If this POTUS needs a pushback - it must come from our Congress who has a powerful weapon in the War Powers Act. Congress should demand an oversight hearings and in a public forum at that. As to this phrase "false claims of WMD" - they were proven false only after the invasion. Our Congress including Mrs. Clinton authorized Iraq invasion. So, while Monday morning quarterbacking now looks good - that is not how our Congress saw it. On another point about all these pundits on the sidelines - especially denizens of the Swampland - I pay no heed. If they were on the other side, they would be preaching exactly the opposite. These soundbites are good - but they are just that - soundbites to keep themselves in the spotlights.

  166. @Neil The confirmation that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction came after the war because the Bush administration -- in it's rush to war -- forced international arms inspectors out of Iraq. Those inspectors had been reporting that they were finding nothing.

  167. @NCSense and don't forget they also use the right-wing media to push the LIE that Iraq was somehow responsible for the 9/11 attacks, there was even a White House press release justifying the invasion of Iraq citing the 9/11 I saved a copy of that White House press release on my computer

  168. Doesn't the US draw up war plans for nearly every country that is not an ally? The vast majority of which never see the light of day or even come close to being put into play.

  169. @Not 99pct - drawn up, yes. Acted upon ... ? Based on what (real) evidence and from what (reliable, legitimate) source? Based on what credible threat? Based on what interests involving the US and its allies. That seems to be the concern here. Been there (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq) ... done that. Our allies seem to be of a mind "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice ..."

  170. You mean we still have allies

  171. @David Afghanistan had to be fought. It harbored a terrorist group that killed over 3,000 Americans. Iraq & Vietnam OK. But last I checked we haven't taken any military action against Iran. This is a one war plan (in which there are likely man) that has been leaked to the press in the event of Iranian military aggression against the US. The US has war plans against N. Korea as well. If that leaks are we going to go bonkers and assume we are going to war with NK? No it is a war plan that no one really expects to be carried out unless in extreme circumstances. Same is likely true here

  172. Trump for all his bravado is being used, from McConnell (I want to be president but am lacking ) to Bolton ( I will bring them to their knees and go down in history books). I wish we would get a president, just one time in my life time that would say “not what I (as president) can do to make your lives better but what can you do to make your life better and then remove the barriers in the way” we are slowly drip by drip easing ourself back to the 20 when monopolies controlled us

  173. Visiting my sisters in the USA last night I saw Trump on TV making a helicopter proclamation of, “What 120,000 troops?” I turned to them and said, “The Europeans just told the Trump Admin that after tearing up the Iran Treaty, the USA is on it’s own for the next Gulf War, and forget about those military overflight and landing rights to carry it out....”

  174. If America goes to war against Iran it will be the most unpopular and divisive war since Vietnam. It will do untold damage on the US and its allies.

  175. @Antipodean More unpopular than the conflict in Vietnam. It will also turn the rest of the world further away from support of the USA.

  176. So Trump finds the US intelligence agencies are credible on Iran but not on Russia. How does that work?

  177. The only considerations that drive President Trumps actions are three: First, will my actions fulfill a campaign promise to my base? Second, will my actions undo an achievement of the black President who preceded me? Third, will my actions prevent everyone from finding out how I got to be President? Depending upon the situation, the order may change, but to him nothing else matters.

  178. @Sketco Oh, and donors.

  179. @Sketco Thank you! True and well said!

  180. @Sketco Don't forget to add ,possibly first and foremost.. Will I benefit financially?

  181. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and on and on. How many times? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

  182. When Trump was elected, I told my brother, an Air Force vet of 22 years (I also am a vet), that we would be at war in two years because Trump was dangerous. He said I hope not. I hope I am wrong about war. I was not wrong about Trump.

  183. The Iran situation is another distraction away from the Mueller report’s findings of ten counts of obstruction of justice and Russia’s interference in our election. John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, along with Bibi Netanyahu and Prince bin Salman of Saudi Arabia think they can provoke Iran into a military conflict with the United States. While our allies know that the Iran Deal has worked very well under IAEA supervision, the only thing Trump knows and his base supports is to oppose everything Obama. There have been so many incidents in history where a small miscalculation leads to a full scale war: the killing of an archduke, sinking of a ship, misreading the intent of the other side etc. What can allies of the U.S. do to convince Trump they will not be with him in provoking a war with Iran? Perhaps it lies in their communication with Putin. He seems to have an unusual sway over Trump.

  184. Dear Mr. President, My grandson is 21, serving in the U.S. Army. Please, when you send him and the "...many more thousands" of beautiful young men you wish to send to fight yet another useless war, please send your sons as well. Perhaps they'll do their duty, making up for your inability to serve due to the callous in your foot.

  185. @Austen hayes Trump’s sons won’t serve - Don Junior and Eric only “take up arms”and kill against beautiful animals that haven’t harmed anyone.

  186. @Austin Best thoughts and prayers for your son’s safety. My nephew, married, father of 3, is weeks away from completing his service in the military. Papers all signed, we now fear that he will be called back. How many other sons and daughters, wives and husbands, sisters and brothers will be put in harm’s way? Please, allies, make it clear you will have nothing to do with this criminal invasion, should it happen.

  187. @Austen hayes Prayers for the safety of your son. Trumps sons will be getting a deferment - bought and paid for just like HIS father arranged for his back in the day.

  188. So for many U.S. citizens who are against another costly military adventurism in the Middle East built on false pretenses, how about finally starting to show some commitment and start organizing and demonstrating in large U.S. cities including D.C. on Saturdays from now onwards. Or do many Americans just talk a bit about these issues on social media and then sit quietly at home doing nothing more.... More public and vocal engagement against a completely unnecessary confrontation should be the order of the day.

  189. @Marc Faltheim Are you kidding? They would have to stop watching Game of Thrones or The Bachelor or (gasp) stop taking 'cellphies' (selfies) in order to pay attention. Sir, you ask too much! /s

  190. Since Trump entered the White House I have implored my Congressional Reps to write a new AUMF. I told them he will start a war to save himself. Congress instead sat on their right to make a new War Powers Resolution. Now, Congress isn’t even asking why we are positioning our military to start war and this administration will not volunteer it’s reasons for attacking Iran. I suppose that’s because it’s so obvious’s to save Trump.

  191. 'Malign behaviour' - an apt description of what we see in Washington from the Trump Clown Car team and its' facilitators.

  192. Here's the question. What allies? Ever since getting into the White House, Donald Trump appears to have had one goal, and one goal only -- to alienate as many of this country's friends and neighbors as quickly as possible. And now, in an attempt to provoke yet another international crisis in which he can appear as "strong", he's seeking the support of the very nations he has managed to distance himself from while demanding they take sides with the U.S. You call this "winning"?

  193. When you lie over 8,000 times in two years, people stop believing you anymore.

  194. As a USMC veteran of the Vietnam War, with two sons who are career military, I cannot find words strong enough to describe my disgust at having the two poster boys for cowardliness and Chicken Hawkedness be able to gin up a war, for which there is no basis and no need, except to muddy the political waters. I really think the military is better run when the decisions at the top are being made by someone who has actually served, preferably in the Army or the Marine Corps -- someone who has been in the mud and the blood. Otherwise, you end up with cowards and dilettantes and beancounters such as these, with all the qualifications and moral authority to play a game of Risk. And thats's a stretch.

  195. Frame this comment.

  196. @jim allen - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and for speaking out.

  197. @jim allen There have been CiCs who've done a good job without serving in the military. But what they did, which these guys definitely don't, was listen to the people who did serve and trust that they understood the situation better than the CiC. And they also did not put troops in harms' way primarily to serve their own political interests.

  198. What this sounds like—again—is that our military industrial complex is itching for a new front to increase its profits.

  199. Nothing new here. People have been starting wars in order to divert attention a government corruption and incompetence for as long as there have been governments. But Trump's base, no doubt, will lap all this up and in the end that's all that really matters -- to him. But does Bolton really believe that any regime foisted on the Iranian people by American force will survive more than a few weeks -- if that. And American will be on its' own in this. When you treat allies as adversaries, they tend to return the favour. Something which Trump never learned, because the entire concept of an "ally" utterly escapes him.

  200. Only one of these countries has forced regime change in the other...and it is not Iran. That is all that really needs to be said when one claims, so hypocritically, that Iran is the aggressor. Ladies and gentlemen--this is why learning history is just as important as learning math and reading in school.

  201. What a sorry position the mighty United States is now in- our allies do not trust us -they believe that Trump, Pompeo and Bolton are trying to promote a confrontation with Iran.They supported us in Iraq and suffered the disastrous consequences themselves.They are not about to sign up for more regime change based on our declaration of possible threats.

  202. The Trump administration is conjuring up an imaginary threat and war footing simply for his reelection of 2020. It is now clear that Trump has lost the support of nearly all but a handful of his base and the administration is worried. The midwestern farmers are furious, the bankers are furious, the feds are fed up, Wall Street is worried etc ....his policies are a disaster for everyone. Nothing better than a war to rally the country around him. They know a president is always re-elected when we are at war. And once in a war we can never get out. This is so cynical and evil. The American people must stand up to this needless and pointless war mongering. We must vote against all republicans, local, state and federal, because the GOP have shown themselves to be complacent and their true colors have been revealed. While women’s control over their bodies are being rolled back by states we are facing a day of a repressive regime and dangerous time for women. Just ask the women of Iran. They once had freedoms until the fundamentalist Islamic Revolution of the clerics. We now have a fundamentalist Christian revolution of the evangelicals in the US! Wake up Americans. We are loosing our country and our freedoms. Call you representatives and tell them NO to war with Iran. Don’t fall for the rhetoric. Vote them out.

  203. @Fire All these people may be furious, but that means nothing if they are unwilling to take action. And I'm not sure we have time to wait around and 'vote them out,' although I would agree that voting them out is necessary. But I'm not exactly sure (okay, correction: I AM sure) that I don't trust a corporation Diebold to count our votes honestly, even if we DID vote them out. I often wonder if more... extreme (but legal)... measures are needed. I.e. Impeachment or recall of local, state, and other officials, for example.

  204. Military action against Iran will not be the disaster that was Iraq; it will be worse. We had allies in Iraq. We go after Iran alone. Israel and Saudi Arabia will offer logistical support, but the blood will be all-American. Iran will have the moral high ground. US lies of justification are open and obvious. Iraq had a third rate military, that is not the case with Iran. We made Iran stronger when we toppled its greatest enemy Saddam Hussein. Trump is worried about various investigations, but an invasion of Iran could be his ultimate undoing.

  205. Why would anyone trust John Bolton?