The Healthy Fish Dish Misty Copeland Cooks for Dinner

When she’s not in rehearsal, the ballet dancer relies on flounder and kale at home.

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  1. Founder, sole, and halibut are caught off the Atlantic Coast. Due to over fishing and contamination since as far back as the 1800's, the POPULATIONS of these fish are as low as 1 percent of what's necessary to be containable for long term fishing.

  2. This sounds good. The photo of ingredients shows what seems to be rosemary and some kind of tomato-based sauce. Are they used for something?

  3. @Madeline Conant The red liquid is hot sauce which is probably critical because this dish looks very bland.

  4. @Madeline Conant Can’t say for the rosemary, but I’d guess that the seemingly tomato-based sauce is the (optional) hot sauce in the recipe.

  5. @Madeline Conant. It suggests serving with hot sauce, so that would be the red stuff. The herbs are apparently just the food stylist having a good time. :)

  6. The photo of ingredients shows what looks like sprigs of fresh rosemary, but neither rosemary nor any other herb appears in the recipe. It would be a nice addition, though. Also, I would not describe kale first sautéed and then boiled in vegetable stock for 40 minutes simply as “sautéed.” Personally, I prefer my kale simply sautéed, but that’s not what the recipe says. And I’m sure that kale cooked Ms. Copeland’s way is delicious too!

  7. @ElleninCA I plan to substitute fresh spinach with a dash of broth which takes only minutes to prepare vs tougher kale. I don't want to cook for 40 minutes after a long day!

  8. Why foes she think kale is healthier than collards? Collard greens have more protein, iron and calcium.

  9. When I saw this piece, I thought “Great! A ballerina eating! Fine example”. And, to my 74 year old French tastebuds, her recipe looks darn good. Then I read the negative comments. Ladies, ladies, so she is more beautiful and talented, we should rejoice, come on.

  10. Hey, show collards some respect- no need to substitute the favorite green of the south with hipster endorsed kale. Collard greens has 18 percent more calcium per serving than kale and double the amount of protein and iron.

  11. Collard greens are too slimy!

  12. I don’t like kale. But, if it eating it would result in developed muscles in my feet, I will reconsider it. 🎣

  13. News flash: The ocean may be devoid of fish by 2048, according to a recent report. How about kale & tofu? How about NYTimes taking our desperate reality into account and publishing more vegetarian and vegan suggestions..

  14. People and their health are complicated. Ms. Copeland eats remarkably healthy food. At 36, she has the movement and grace of a swan. On the other hand what busy, lead ballerinas in hours and hours can do to their feet can injure those critical appendages. I hope she can avoid much of that and walk beautifully when she is 65. My bunions can keep me occasionally bedridden at 73. I have been aerobic for 41 years. But, I never got near dancing with the weight of my body on my two sets of toes. Hoping only the best for this wonderful ballerina whose diet and dance are very impressive.

  15. Kale has many downsides ,besides being popular. Unless the fish is varified or tested like from a Alaskan sources there's virtually very little actual name fish species ,on the market or in restaurants,so don't worry. 90% of fish sold are generic species and farmed,or,sold as ,such and such ect. Almost better to buy on line from verified sources.