How A.I. Can Help Handle Severe Weather

Researchers from industry, academia and government agencies are finding new ways to repair the problems of hurricanes, flooding, drought and wildfires.

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  1. If these efforts pan out, one result will probably be an ability to better quantify how much it will cost us to adapt, and how much those costs change if we don't also reduce greenhouse emissions quickly. California and other areas where forests, homes and wind are normal may finally have to start burying more of their power infrastructure, and look hard at zoning to control for future conditions, not past ones. Areas where flooding is continuing to increase will have to start figuring out similar things on a broad scale - and to start budgeting for an increased amphibious capacity for first responders as well as for basic supply. I'm hoping one early output is to present a price list on a sliding scale. Increased flooding that recedes quickly might cost one lump, flooding where your sewer lines gain buoyancy and break will be extra lumps. The more a locale's infrastructure is within this century's new flood zones, the more that should be put into planning infrastructure investments accordingly.