Do You Intend to Study Abroad While You Are in College?

If so, what do you hope to gain from the experience?

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  1. While in college, I do not intend on studying abroad, I want to spend my time in college learning and studying as much as I can to get the best possible career options. I assume that if I spend a part of my time in college studying abroad, it would serve as more as a distraction than a learning opportunity. Spending max hours getting the true abroad experience and worrying if my experience was “authentic enough” would overcome my drive for education. I assume there would also be the added hardship from the language and culture barriers. It's harder for me to open up and relax in alien environments. Not saying that learning other’s habits from different cultures around the world wouldn't be awesome, because it would, i'm just saying from a student’s point of view, it would become another thing I would have to overcome to reach the level of comfort where I can have maximum learning abilities.

  2. I do plan on studying abroad in college. I think that it is important to go out and see the world because there is always so much more to see. It is important to experience different cultures and to see different places and things. My mother and my aunt both studied in Germany for around a semester. My mother later lived there for a while and spent some time in England. I don’t want the state of North Carolina to be my whole world. I want to see the world that is available to me and the endless possibilities that come with it.

  3. I don't see myself being interested in studying abroad for a couple of reasons. One of them is that my intended major doesn't really need to study abroad. Studying is more for, business, foreign language, history, and arts. Not really for some sort of science major. I'm sure it would definitely be effective for some majors but not the one I want. Another reason is that it just doesn't interest me. I've always wanted to live the college life of living on campus. Also from what I've seen in movies and t.v. shows, which I'm sure isn't accurate but whatever, studying abroad doesn't seem anymore enjoyable than just being on a college campus. Also from what I've heard from family members who have studied in places like Germany, France, and Spain, all they talk about was the food and beer. While I know that it's certainly better than the food and beer in the states, but It's nothing you can't do here. In my opinion, there are not enough benefits to warrant me aspiring to study abroad.

  4. @Will Carter, studying abroad for science majors is applicable. Scientific feats vary and are very different from feats here in the US. Although you may think it is useless for you to study abroad, you could learn things from a different point of view, different from an Americans.

  5. I don't see myself being interested in studying abroad for a couple of reasons. One of them is that my intended major doesn't really need to study abroad. Studying is more for, business, foreign language, history, and arts. Not really for some sort of science major. I'm sure it would definitely be effective for some majors but not the one I want. Another reason is that it just doesn't interest me. I've always wanted to live the college life of living on campus. Also from what I've seen in movies and t.v. shows, which I'm sure isn't accurate but whatever, studying abroad doesn't seem anymore enjoyable than just being on a college campus. Also from what I've heard from family members who have studied in places like Germany, France, and Spain, all they talk about was the food and beer. While I know that it's certainly better than the food and beer in the states, but It's nothing you can't do here. In my opinion, there are not enough benefits to warrant me aspiring to study abroad.

  6. I have always heard about other people experiences studying abroad but I never considered doing it myself. Studying abroad is something I would love to do. I think it would be an amazing experience to explore different countries while attending college. I think when people study abroad you are making that place your temporary home. You are living and doing everything the same as someone who has always lived there. As you are experiencing most things a tourist would I would say you aren't vacationing but you also might not be there to stay. So no matter how long your somewhere I think if you enjoy it, it's as authentic as it's going to get!

  7. I have always heard about other people experiences studying abroad but I never considered doing it myself. Studying abroad is something I would love to do. I think it would be an amazing experience to explore different countries while attending college. I think when people study abroad you are making that place your temporary home. You are living and doing everything the same as someone who has always lived there. As you are experiencing most things a tourist would I would say you aren't vacationing but you also might not be there to stay. So no matter how long your somewhere I think if you enjoy it, it's as authentic as it's going to get!

  8. Many of my friends and family who have attended college have studied abroad. Hearing stories about the adventures they’ve had made leaving the country for a semester seem intriguing. During my college experience I hope to study abroad. At the moment I’m in seventh grade, but I’ve always had a dream of living in France. If I had the option, I would spend a term in France, whether it be the countryside or Paris. Being abroad I do hope to fully immerse myself in the culture, and live life like a local. As well as doing touristy things such as visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I´ve lived in Philadelphia my entire life. A statue of Rocky Balboa is outside one of the best art museums in the country, yet tourists are posing for pictures with a fictional movie character. Crowds of people are swarmed outside of mediocre cheese steak places. In my opinion, all of the touristy places aren't that interesting. Nevertheless, there are interesting places in the city that make up American culture, that are worthwhile. These sites include the Liberty Bell and the U.S constitution. I mean I´ve never really got the tourist attractions in Philly, but being one seems like a nuisance sometimes.

  9. When I’m in college I do plan on studying abroad. I absolutely love traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. My dad and I recently took a trip to Costa Rica and it was the most fun I have ever had. I would say we experienced life like the locals, even though we did do some tourist activities. Our hotel had a walkway through this beautiful mangrove that lead out to the beach, on our first day we were at the beach and saw this surf school tent and a bunch of students. I watched a young girl stand up and ride a wave for their first time and I immediately thought “I wanna do that”. We went over to the school and signed me up for a lesson the next day, but little did we know these surf instructors were going to make our trip beyond amazing. We went the next day, my dad and the guys just hit it of, they were so nice to us. We interchanged Spanish and English, just trying to communicate and keep a conversation going, this was a challenge but definitely worth it. After my lesson we hung out with them for a couple hours, one of the guys used his machete and he cut us some fresh pineapple and it was absolutely amazing. Throughout the week we went to the beach, talked to the guys, ate lunch together, at one point they even pointed out a sloth hanging in a tree near us, it was incredible. I would say from this experience we really got to interact with the locals and even feel kind of like a local. This made me realize how much I would love to study abroad.

  10. I have always thought about wanting to study abroad because of how much I love to travel. It gives you the opportunity to see places you’ve never seen before while also receiving a college education. This sounds so exciting to me, except for the fact that I might become distracted while living this unforgettable lifestyle studying abroad. My brother’s friend’s sister is currently studying abroad in Italy and every time I see a picture of where she is or what she’s doing, it just looks like she is having the most amazing experience ever and I would love the chance to do the same. Some would say that this concept doesn’t “support” what they are choosing to major in in college, but I don’t think that really matters. You are able to discover new perspectives from different cultures of people that you would have never been a part of just living at your college campus. As the article says it creates a feeling of pressure to have the authentic experience, I don’t think that is a yes or no question on whether you did or didn’t. In my opinion, having an authentic experience means definitely doing some tourist things while you're there, but also feeling like a local, like you belong. It means being able to take every adventure as a learning opportunity and immersing yourself into this new culture that you are able to be a part of.

  11. PART 1 Traveling and vacationing are luxuries many families can’t afford, my family included, but studying abroad is probably the only option available if I want to leave America anytime soon. I think that studying abroad should play a larger role in the learning experience of higher education. My two older sisters have studied abroad and what they gained from those trips simply couldn’t be acquired in America. Taking both their vastly different experiences in account, I don’t think that trying to fit in with the locals of an unfamiliar place is the way to achieve an authentic experience. One of my sisters studied in Paris for months and tried to become as local as possible, while my other sister studied in Japan for three weeks and tried to cram as much tourist traps as possible into her schedule. They both studied in two very different places, but I could notice that my sister who studied in Japan was much more satisfied with her trip and experience compared to the sister who strived to become a local girl.

  12. @Dana Mormando PART 2 The I way that I see it, many locals who live abroad are just living their day to day lives, just like we normally would. When you try to live like a local, you miss out on all the attractions the unknown city your visiting has to offer. I think that if you want an authentic experience studying abroad, you have to go everywhere. You can’t avoid an area because it’s too “popular”, things are popular for a reason. If you want to have a memorable experience, do what you want do, visit where you want to visit, eat what you wanna eat and live for the satisfaction of yourself. In the end they’re your memories, not any else's, so if you want to return to America without having seen the Eiffel Tower in person, that’s your choice. Who cares what Aunt Sandra who hasn’t left Missouri since 2004 has to say about your authentic trip.

  13. I do want to study a semester in college abroad. But my concern is not will it is where. I love everything about Japan. I was blown away by both the beautiful sites and and the calming atmosphere. When I was in Japan, I was not anxious being there. Usually when I travel, I get nervous due to the “what if” factor. What if I get separated from my family? What if something goes wrong? What if there is a terrorist attack? England has been my dream vacation since elementary school. I loved the feeling of being in a large city with a community filled with dark humor. When I went last month, I was overjoyed that I accomplished my childhood dream of experiencing the island nation that is England. While on my vacation, my family visited Oxford and I was shocked by its history and film effects, observing the memorable library included in every Harry Potter film. Though both options would be exciting for me, I think going to a Spanish speaking nation would be the most beneficial choice for me. In college, I plan to study nursing and revisiting the language of Spanish because I want to be better connected with all my patients. When shadowing a nurse, I asked which language would be be most helpful and she responded with Spanish. I also have the knowledge that the full immersion of a language will make you learn the language quicker. I also enjoyed Spain when I went, but I don't think my memory brings justice to it. So when it comes down to it, looks like I’m going to Spain!

  14. I think that in a world as interconnected as it is, it is nearly essential that you study abroad to gain an understanding of how other countries work, rather than your own. I would love to study abroad, and expand on the knowledge I have of the world already. I miss travelling and being immersed in different countries with unique cultures. My family travelled a lot when I was younger, visiting around 20 countries by the time I was 7. I understand the privilege of this, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity. Now that my family has settled down, and I'm nearing the end of high school, I'm very anxious to be able to travel again, mainly through the means of studying abroad, to advance my knowledge of my studies and the world. The question however, is where I would like to study abroad. To be honest, I wouldn't have a clue. Would I go somewhere I've already been, or pick somewhere new? When it comes down to it, I would most likely pick somewhere new, because most of the countries are only a few hours driving distance. I like the idea of following in the footsteps of Ms. Doyne and trying out the Netherlands, as I hear it is beautiful, has a rich history, and good food. Honestly, I could care less if I get an "authentic experience", because the truth is that I'm lucky that I have the opportunity to have that option of studying abroad. I'll take what I can get, because who cares if I live like a tourist?

  15. I am already aware that I will be working in Spain for a lumber company in Valencia in the summer of 2020. As someone who hasn’t been out of the U.S., I hope to experience more of the world while I’m in Europe. I want to see Spanish culture first hand and see what it’s really like to be a foreigner. That said, studying/working abroad seems to leave little time for exploration into more “touristy” areas. However, you will get an experience like no normal visitor to a country, a somewhat authentic work/school experience. An authentic experience in eastern North Carolina would heavily revolve around our beaches and waterways. Wilmington is one of the biggest ports in N.C., so a lot of shipping comes and goes through here. An authentic work experience would mostly revolve around tour guides, dockworkers, and lifeguards. Some of our biggest tourist spots are restaurants. A lot of beaches in North Carolina are crowded with local favorite’s and national classics. Overall, while not the most historically or technologically exciting, North Carolina is quite the show-stopper. I am in complete agreement with the author. Especially in new places, some of the most vivid memories run down to how I felt out of place, like a book on the wrong shelf. This is also why tourism can get a bad rap, these feelings of exclusion can lead to some awkward and terrible moments. However, if you can understand you’re in someone else’s home and accept those feelings, any visitor should do just fine.

  16. Traveling around the world is definitely on my to do list for life but traveling abroad and attempting to juggle school while site seeing is not for me. When I am traveling I like to spend all my days doing fun things I would not be able to do in my hometown or college. Traveling should be fun and relaxed- not stressed and feeling the pressure of site seeing instead of studying. On top of school in another country, imagine not even speaking their language. Haug says "we couldn’t escape who we were" when she and her abroad group felt out of place in a local market. Feeling excluded or out of place is the worest feeling ever and for the first couple days/weeks you have to find who you are all over again.

  17. Studying abroad is definitely something that I am considering for my college experience. The whole idea behind going to a different country and experiencing their culture and the way they learn is something that I find fascinating. When I study abroad I definitely want to visit historical landmarks and things that are iconic to the country I decide to travel to. When I visit landmarks not only will I take pictures but I also want to make sure that I make my trip worthwhile by learning about why these places are significant to their country. I have traveled to Costa Rica on a school trip and it was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We did touristy things but we also went to historical landmarks and experienced different attributes specific to Costa Rican culture. I absolutely loved it and I wanted the authenticity even when we were at more specific locations known for tourism but just like Ms Haug, “In moments of belonging and not belonging, I’ve found that it’s better to just take things as they come, rather than trying to curate the perfect moment (or the perfect photo, for that matter). Maybe authenticity is just about being real.” If I do travel abroad I would want to study possibly in Germany. Germany holds so much history that I find so interesting, and I would love to go explore the landmarks that hold that history.

  18. Throughout my life, I have been blessed to be able to travel both domestically and internationally and be exposed to different cultures and ways of life. Traveling is something I love and want to do more in the future. My cousin got the opportunity to spend a semester in Australia while she was attending UNC-CH. The things she experienced and the stories she tells from that time have really opened my mind to the possibility of spending a semester abroad. I also have family friends that are spending semesters abroad in Spain and Greece and I get the opportunity to see a glimse of their lives through social media platforms which is making me consider doing it myself. On the other hand, when I travel I do not want to be focused or stressed about classes. I enjoy seeing new things on my own pace and not having anything scheduled to do. In 8th grade, I got to go to Costa Rica with school and it was a life changing experience. I truly found a love for traveling and it is most definitely something I want to continue to do a lot of as I age.

  19. In my opinion learning outside of the classroom is more beneficial the learning inside a classroom. I would rather be looking at michelangelo's art rather than learning about it. Analyzing all of his brush strokes, and gaining a fun memory from my experience.I Feel as though any field trip out of the classroom teaches you more than reading a textbook about it. Learning outside of a classroom can also help motivate you to do more with your knowledge. I remember my first field trip.Going to the battleship. Moving down all the stairs, and analyzing every room gave me more perspective on world war two. I gained so much knowledge learning about soilders day to day lives during the time period. It had inspired me to read a book on world war two. Going to the battleship didn’t only teach me something i didn't know, it inspired me to learn more on my own time. In my eyes wherever you go, you should dictate the outcome of your experience. In “Was My Study Abroad Experience ‘Authentic’ Enough?,” by Claire Haug, Haug writes, “But with it comes a certain set of baggage: the expectation that one’s time abroad should be ‘authentic’,”. In this she is explaing how within each class trip there becomes this expectation for each experience to be authentic. Although i understand that Haug thinks each experience should live up to its auneticity, i also believe that you should dictate the outcome of your trip, not any outside sources. After all it is you who is controling your emotions.

  20. If i go i will feel good When I’m in college I do plan on studying abroad. I absolutely love traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. My dad and I recently took a trip to Costa Rica and it was the most fun I have ever had. I would say we experienced life like the locals, even though we did do some tourist activities. Our hotel had a walkway through this beautiful mangrove that lead out to the beach, on our first day we were at the beach and saw this surf school tent and a bunch of students. I watched a young girl stand up and ride a wave for their first time and I immediately thought I wanna do that We went over to the school and signed me up for a lesson the next day, but little did we know these surf instructors were going to make our trip beyond amazing. We went the next day, my dad and the guys just hit it of, they were so nice to us

  21. Studying abroad is something that I think many people should be able to experience. Learning outside of the classroom can help people learn in new ways and can show other cultures. This idea has always been fascinating to me as I've always had a love for traveling. Studying abroad would allow me to travel but would also educate me in a way that a classroom couldn't. I've traveled with my school before when my class took a trip to Washington DC. The trip was short, but it allowed my class to learn in a different way. We got to walk around museums and learn from all the history that the city holds. While I wouldn't necessarily call our trip studying abroad, it allowed my class to learn in a different environment which is what makes studying abroad so valuable.

  22. @Jordan Gourville According to the article studying abroad is apart of the college experience and it should be an authentic one. Reading many of the comments seeing how people ended studying abroad is interesting. Some people choose to do it right away, others later on throughout college went. This comment by Jordan Gourville related to me because i'm interested in traveling but i want to be educated on the culture and history around. He mentioned learning outside of the classroom and i believe that is the best way to learn. I would consider traveling and studying around the world for the experience and education in a different way.

  23. As a more math and science-centered person myself, I have never really thought about traveling abroad very much. Most of my trips out of the country have been to surf, which pretty much takes up all of my time. However, in this community, it is very easy to see how much respect the locals get as opposed to us tourists, which opens my eyes to what Haug was talking about. Throughout her article, Haug discusses her life in Amsterdam, where she is living while traveling abroad. Rather than talking about the culture itself or her experiences, she constantly points out her efforts to not seem like a "tourist." Whether it be riding her bike or grocery shopping, her efforts to appear to be a local overshadowed her description of her experience as a whole. This is one of the biggest problems I see with traveling abroad. Trying to seem like a local when, quite obviously, you're not, can take away from the actual experience of your traveling. Who cares if you aren't local? I guarantee you the people wherever you travel have experienced the same thing. So be yourself, and represent your culture. That's part of traveling. Don't be embarrassed about where you come from, just appreciate the differences about where you are.

  24. I've always wanted to travel and study abroad, even as an elementary schooler! I think it would an amazing experience that everyone should be able to try at some point in their college career. My aunt studied abroad and went to 13 different countries, Greece, Egypt, Morrocco, etc., and all the stories I've heard and pictures I've seen of her in all those different places are amazing! Her stories kind of unlocked this trait in me as a young kid to really have a passion for traveling. If I did study abroad I would absolutely love to go to Australia or England because of the culture and the history in those places. In my opinion, I think that to have an "authentic" experience studying abroad, I totally agree with Claire. You do need to just take it all in and kind of fade into existence while abroad. Just enjoy yourself! The difference between studying abroad and vacationing in the same place would simply be the lack or possession of responsibilities. While vacationing you can be as carefree or hardcore as you want to be, either setting up a rigorous schedule to follow or just going with the flow of things. While studying, you still have work to do, so you're more or less following the same schedule you have for school at home.

  25. Traveling to foreign countries is just about the most fun thing you can do, no matter your age. My dream vacation is a trip the Australia for a couple months, renting a jeep, and just driving along the outback. That would be the trip of a lifetime, but I don't know what kind of studying that I could do while abroad. I am seriously considering going into med school in college, and while doing it in Australia would be awesome, I don't think that's for me. Australia probably has a way different medical program them the U.S. and that would end up throwing me off in the later years of my med school, med school does take about 12 years. The reason for me that trumps all others is that I would miss home way too much. I mean, I'm a BBQ and football on a Saturday kind of person. I couldn't stand living in a country that calls soccer football for more than a couple months. I think I would just miss what I have hear in the states too much to actually have any fun. While studying abroad in some awesome country would be really cool, I just don't think it's right for me.

  26. Vacationing is seeing a country through the eyes of a foreigner; everything is different. From cuisine to language, even environment, you're being exposed to a new culture in a new world, and you're fascinated. It's like a child visiting the zoo, observing the different species from afar. To study abroad somewhere is to live life in a foreign country as if you are a local. Fueled by wanderlust, you adapt to different culture and traditions, experience reality from a new perspective and let that experience change you as a person. The author says "they're not in Kansas anymore", but to study abroad is to make Oz the new Kansas. I definitely do not think you should feel pressured to be exactly like the locals. If anything, you shouldn't be like them, because you are combining your culture with theirs, creating an independent soul inspired by the contrasting lifestyles. You are creating your own culture, beautiful in its uniqueness. So no, you don't have to live up to the standards of a culture while you're living in a new country. But, you want to absorb it into your own lifestyle. Locals are more than happy to give you a taste of their world, it's all up to you if you'll try it.

  27. I think it's very important as an individual to experience other cultures and travel to other places but it's not always on a college students radar. I believe it is something everyone should be able to experience, but sometimes it doesn't relate to a student's major or fits their schedule. Studying in different envirometns is critical for education yet it does not always have to be abroad. I would rather study and experience another country's culture independently rather than through a school program. I find it to be more interesting and thrilling when you go about learning your own way rather than following a agneda already set up for you.

  28. It’s been a dream of mine to study abroad in college. This is partially because I’ve been blind to other countries and their cultures for most of my life. My eyes were opened to this when I took a world history class. I was astounded by how many interesting world events and struggles took place outside of our little American bubble. But, it also showed just how little I knew about the world. One of my saddest moments was staring at a blank map of Europe and recognizing not even half of the countries. And I wasn’t alone. Many of us discovered countries we didn’t even know existed that day. It’s so easy to just ignore it all because it doesn’t directly factor into our daily lives. I believe that just experiencing another country and just trying new things can keep my eyes open. Studying abroad is a great way for me to keep expanding my horizons. I connect deeply with the author’s experience of appreciating times they were uncomfortable. One of my most memorable experiences to date was going to a residential, or sleep-away camp for the first time. The camp lasted a week, the longest I’d been away from my parents without another family member being there. My time there was filled with firsts. My first roommate, my first time in a dorm room, my first time doing a ropes course, those were all terrifying experiences at the time, but now I wouldn’t change a thing. So, I feel like it is important to remember those feelings of discomfort, because they are signs of growth.

  29. I would love to study abroad, even if it was in a country that I didn't particularly care to visit. Although, like Claire, I would definitely feel pressured to get the most out of my experience and not just focus on school the entire time. If I was in a country such as England, France, Spain, Italy, or Greece that I'd been wanting to go to since I was a little kid, I would feel A LOT of pressure to have an "authentic" experience. Even if I was in school for most of the time, I'm very good at adapting to new environments, so I think I would do well in coming to see the place as a "local" rather than as a tourist. It would definitely be hard at first, but I think I could do it, just as Claire did in Amsterdam. My mom studied Spanish in Spain when she was in college, and she's always told me that it was a super fun and great experience; even though she was in school, she said she also had a lot of time to be a tourist, while of course also adapting to life in Spain. I can't wait for college, because if my easily homesick mom enjoyed studying abroad, then I definitely will.

  30. I definitely want to study abroad in college. I think that any opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures is a good idea that everyone should take advantage of if they can. As someone who has been to a few European countries, I would say that they are really cool, but I also didn’t really feel like I was really there. We went on a tour of London, Paris, Umbria and Rome last summer. I liked all of the cities fine, but I wish that I had been given the chance to see more. I would have LOVED to see parts of London that are cool spots that not everyone goes to, but we had to go out of our way on the tour to see them. While I think tours are a good idea if you don’t speak the language, I think it would be cooler to actually enjoy a real Italian restaurant without people hovering around trying to help you, or it would be a more valuable experience if you had to navigate around the city and pick where to eat and go to all these cool places. I definitely think that studying abroad is important, especially because it can help you with different aspects of life because you can see what life is really like, and not just what it’s like for tourists. I mean, sure, my picture in front of the Eiffel Tower is cute, but my picture from the top of a church on the outskirts of Paris is cooler.

  31. Studying abroad is a dream of mine and if I could pick any place to do it at it would be Ecuador. I’ve been in a Spanish class since the sixth grade and would love to go into a region where I could see the Spanish culture and heat the language but, I have a feeling my studying abroad experience will by the same as the authors. Last Thanksgiving my family and I took a cruise to the Bahamas. When we docked and unloaded I looked around and was amazed how it looked like any other port that you would see in the United States. Even when we took a bus to our activity the houses we saw along the way resembled houses you would see in any downtown area. The only authentic experience I could say that I had there was on the beach. The sand was white with not sharp seashells poking at the bottoms of our feet and the water was the most beautiful blue I had ever seen an ocean to be, but because of a storm we weren’t allowed in the water. To me someone could never have an authentic experience anywhere they go until they have lived in a place for a couple of years, bought a place of their own, have people they hang out with, speak the language of the people and embrace the culture and food. By the time this is all set and stone the person won’t even see it as an authentic experience but, as their life.

  32. I have always wanted to study abroad because I have been very curious about other cultures and how they function differently, or similarly, to the United States. I have never been interested in studying abroad until I heard about it at a college tour. I'm not going to lie, part of my interest in it was because they offered in state tuition for students abroad, but as I started reading more about it, it became more interesting and exciting to me. "At what point do you stop being a tourist and start experiencing things authentically?" As I was reading the article, Haug talks about trying to be a local and trying so hard to fit in, and that is honestly something I am scared will happen to me. If I did that, I feel like I would not get to experience certain things and just have fun. Sadly, I do not know if I will ever be able to study abroad due wanting to play college sports, but I feel that this is an experience that everyone should do if the opportunity presents itself.

  33. Studying abroad in college is something I have always been looking forward to doing. I've always wanted to experience new cultures in other countries and get a good learning experience as well. In the article, Haug talks about her experience of trying to fit in as a local in Amsterdam. I don't think this is a way to live when your in another country. Yes, I believe we should learn from the locals and build off them, but making our own experiences and memories is much more important. The purpose of a trip like this is to not "pass as a local", but to gain knowledge from them. The number one place I want to study abroad is England. I would get the authentic experience because I would be so excited to be there and learn about this new culture. Just because you are a tourist, doesn't mean you can't still have an awesome time.

  34. Last summer I was gifted a scholarship to study abroad in Germany studying German language and culture. I've been traveling all over the world for as long as I can remember and there is no way I won't be going to college in Europe. My mom is dead set on me living in Europe for either a job or for my education education. Traveling has taught me more real world skills than any text book could teach me. Every place in the world looks different and and is soaked in culture. A piece of artwork can be drawn of the same thing in different cities and turn out completely different because of the way the city inspires you. I love traveling more than anything else. Traveling and studying abroad inspires me to do greater things.

  35. Since I was 10 years old I've known that I wanted to study abroad. I started taking German as early as I could and the next year, when I had the opportunity to take an online class, I started taking Japanese. I thought that if I didn't know the languages of the places I wanted to visit I wouldn't survive, so, I started cramming languages into my head. Although it’s great to know the basics of a language its okay to not be great at it when visiting. Its okay to just be a tourist and in some places, the reality is, you’re just not going to fit in. Visiting Greece was an eye opener. My mom had lived in Greece for a little bit and so when she finally had the extra money to take the trip last summer she booked our trip right then and there, 2 weeks before we were expected to leave. I couldn't believe I was leaving the country for the first time and I was slightly freaking out that I knew absolutely nothing about the language. I worried up until we arrived at our destination. When we got there I realized that, being a pale 15 year old with bright pink hair and having no knowledge on the language, there was no way I was going to fit in. It was freeing. Throughout our trip I learned very basic words, met new friends, and experienced “authentic” Greek culture. The trip gave me a sense of relief that I didn’t know I needed. Now, looking at art colleges abroad, I'm a lot less stressed knowing that it’s okay to act like a tourist.

  36. I think that studying abroad is a great experience for everyone to have. People in the Untied States are so ignorant of what other countries are actually like. I think that studying abroad gets you out of your regular surroundings and opens up your eyes to cultures outside of your own. I believe that the experience of studying abroad is something that will ultimately change your life for the better, not only can you have great new experiences in a new place, but you learn so much about places other than the USA. I would love to study abroad because I would get to learn in a new environment. When you study abroad not only do you learn in school, but you get to find out so many new things purely because you are in a place that you are not familiar with, and I believe that experiences like these are truly irreplaceable.

  37. I believe studying abroad can potentially be a great experience for many people. However, I also think that it is not necessary for everyone. Despite amazing opportunities that come with the experience of studying abroad, there are plenty of negative disadvantages to consider. If a student chooses to study abroad, they miss out on critical social events, including family events, spending time with friends, and any other recreational activities. Not to mention, when studying abroad, there is a major sense of isolation that some people may not be able to deal with. Ultimately, studying abroad may bring about great change and experiences to one's life, however, it is not made for everyone.

  38. I have not thought about what I will be doing for college in terms of studying abroad yet. However I think it can be a really good opportunity for some people. It just depends for each individual person what would be best for them to do. In the article it talks about the experiences of a girl named Claire Haug who is studying abroad in Europe for college. The big change of studying abroad is the transition of feeling like a tourist to feeling like a citizen. Claire brings that up and I think that is a big pro to studying abroad. You get to learn and experience different cultures and understand what it's like to live in a different country, especially in the prime years of your life. The only negative to studying abroad is the cost and the long travel hours of going back home to see family. Studying abroad would not be ideal for people who want to be around family a lot or if they get home sick. Being far away from home can be difficult for people and it can distract their learning and studying. For the typical person studying abroad is a great idea. My mom wants me to do it and I have family that lives in Ireland for where it would be possible for me. Studying abroad is a great chance to have the experience to meet new people and learn different cultures. I have always been fascinated by Europe and I would love to live there. Nowadays almost every major college has the opportunity to study abroad, so almost anyone that wanted to could study abroad.

  39. I would love the opportunity to study abroad. I think if anyone gets the chance to do that they should take it. Going to another country and learning their culture, religion or just day to day experiences would be so cool to see. I am so lucky to be living in the United States, but I would love to spend one semester in another country. One of my friends just actually came back from studying abroad in London. It changed her whole mindset in such a positive way. She told me if the college I plan on attending offers a semester of studying abroad that I should take it. I actually am going to 3 countries with school in 2020 and can't wait. So if I'm able to do a semester for college I would 100% do it.

  40. I would love the opportunity to study abroad. I think if anyone gets the chance to do it they should take it. If I had to choose where to study I would pick Greece. It is always somewhere I’ve dreamed of going and getting the chance study there would be amazing. I think studying abroad is different from vacation because you get to life the day to day lifestyle. On vacation you usually do tourist things, but while studying there it will feel like home. Tourist can get a bad rap because they only focus in on the “popular” places to visit instead of seeing the true culture of that place. Learning their religion, lifestyle and just day to day experiences is what you miss out from being a tourist. It is a true experience studying and living their because after the first couple of days it will feel normal. In college I hope to spend one semester studying abroad if I get the opportunity to. I have not studied abroad but one of my friends from work have. She said it was the best thing she has ever done in her life and that one day she would love to go back and live there. Studying abroad is a dream of mine and I cannot wait to hopefully do it.

  41. I would love to study abroad to England or France. I would want to experience what it’s like to be apart of another country, and how they act over there compared to how we act in America. I would want to make new friends in the other counties and go to different sports games especially soccer. Studying abroad would be different because you wouldn’t be on vacation, you’d still be doing schoolwork. I think there is a little bit of pressure to be like the other people that live there, and that if you aren’t like them then you would feel out of place, and like you don’t actually live or belong there. A touristy thing to do here would be to travel to Philadelphia and see the city and everything that’s in the city, and to get the city experience without really living there. I think being a tourist gets a bad rap sometimes because some tourists are just rude and obnoxious. They just go to the famous landmarks and that’s all, they don’t go to see the real culture of wherever they are. Sometimes you’re uncomfortable so you don’t really interact with others, but you watch the way other people interact with each other and it opens your eyes to what the place is really like.

  42. I would love to study abroad at some point. If I could pick anywhere, I would choose to go to France. I would be most excited to experience the difference in culture and to meet new people. I think that the difference between studying abroad and vacationing in the same place is your only living there for a short period of time. I do think that there would be some pressure to live the way the locals do, but I also believe that it would be fun and exciting to get to experience the way people outside of the United States live. If someone came to our hometown and wanted an authentic and “touristy” experience, one of the best things to do would be to go to a sports game in Philadelphia. It’s impossible to go to one of them and not have a good time, but in addition to having fun, they could also really get a feel for the culture here. I think being a tourist sometimes gets a bad rap because a lot of times people are only focused on the popular places, instead of understanding the true culture of the place they’re visiting. Having an authentic experience is so valued because it’s amazing to go to a new place and learn about the people and a culture that you previously knew nothing about. I completely agree with the authors statement. I have never studied abroad, but I have been to several places outside of the United States and although I might not have been totally comfortable, I have had some of the best times of my life stepping a little bit outside of my comfort zone.

  43. The world is a big place, much bigger and different from the United States. My main goal for college is Duke University. If I do get in, each student gets one trip to study abroad, thanks to Melinda Gates, one of the wealthier alumni. But no matter where I went, studying abroad is one of my hopes. I would likely go to Germany, and for many reasons. To start, I’m taking and loving a German language class, and putting it to use would be nice while it’s still relatively fresh. Secondly, Germany is one of the foremost countries in the European economy. Generally, I want to study engineering, likely computer sciences, and it’s a very tech savvy place. Adventure is part of learning, and something I can’t get a strong enough taste of in America. Leaving to another hemisphere, continent, language, and tradition will change my education and life. Just like the article said, I know I would find myself posing before the Brandenburg Gate and other timeless monuments. College isn’t the last level of learning, it’s the first step towards a global adventure.

  44. I haven't Really decided where I want to go to college or what I want to do as a career but, there is one thing. I want to travel and see the world! Ever since I was little that's all I have wanted to do. There have been so many school field trips that my old middle school used to take For example, they took trips to Costa Rica and France. I never could go to because it was pretty expensive and I was very young. Now I'm nearing closer to the opportunity . I have photos of different places that I want to visit like Spain and France saved in my phone. it's like a mini bucket list. Being able to see a new country with different cultures seems like an adventure. I mean, I want to try new foods, meet new people, and maybe even fall in love at some point in my life. Maybe If this is something I really enjoy I could get a full time job and live wherever I go. It would such an amazing learning experience for me because not a lot of people could afford doing something like this. So I say France or Spain here I come!!

  45. I would really enjoy studying abroad. It would give me the opportunity to learn a new culture, experience new things, and eat strange food. It would help me become a more well rounded person, which I feel is very important to be. Learning about different parts of the world, and what they think of Americans, is fascinating. Its sorta like being an animal in a zoo our whole life and then being set free into the wilderness. While the zoo was nice and standard, seeing the whole world really opens your eyes. I would ahem to remember why I was there, and that all good things must end. To comment on Haug’s question, I feel like once you start to feel at home is when it becomes authentic. You understand, and act accordingly, in regards to the culture. You don’t think its any different than your own, because at the time it is your culture. You are no longer a college student studying abroad, you are part of the culture you landed in. Then, you can really experience everything your new home has to offer due to understanding how everything works around you. If you feel lost, or out of place, then I don’t feel like you have truly blended and still have work to do before you can start to call your experiences “authentic”.

  46. To me its a simple answer: no. Maybe it's because I just moved back to America after spending 5 years abroad in Bulgaria. Maybe it's because all of my family lives in America. Maybe its having, “acclimate to living in a new city on a new continent, where I knew basically no one and barely spoke the language.” However, I think that I wouldn’t study abroad because ever since I was little I’ve only thought of going to one collage. It’s the college that I cheer for in every sport, and the collage that I’ve grown up watching. That college is UNC. Almost everyone in my family has gone to the precious collage. In fact, I have a cousin that graduated this year from UNC. if you ask anyone in my family where they want to go to college the answer is always the same, UNC. Thats the world I’ve grown up in and around. It’s a culture, it's a way of living. I will and forever be a Tarheel fan.

  47. “Michelle, I’m so glad you got to stop by my office today to look over your planning path after high school. First and foremost, College. Have you thought about attending any program abroad for your advanced schooling?” “Actually, I have.” I was born in Italy and when I moved to the States, there was something in the back of my mind, telling me that a piece of myself was left behind, through moving. Everyday, I think about my life as a child and it’s shocking to imagine that a couple of years ago, I spoke a completely different language and surrounded myself with a whole different family; consisting of individuals from school which were all like brothers and sisters to me. I always wonder off with my imagination, but when I think of my future, I think of spending it with my brothers and sisters where it all began; in Italy. As I’m approaching this big life commitment filled with applications for prestigious Colleges, the thought of leaving my parents and attending a school out of state is frightening. Although, when I think of attending a school all the way across the sea, reassures me that no matter how much time has past by since I moved, I still consider it “la Mia casa.” Like this New York Times article states: “Studying abroad is a standard part of the experience. “ I would be an honor to have the experience, all the way home.

  48. I don’t think that anyone should feel pressured to have an "authentic" experience wherever they decide to study abroad. In my opinion, studying abroad and traveling is not about the “authenticity” it’s about the new people and ideas you’ll encounter when there. I would love to study abroad in college, but I would never do it if I felt that it- as the author says, “comes with a certain set of baggage. It's impossible to feel completely accepted in a foreign country, but you just do the best you can and try to make friends. If you already fit in perfectly and completely understood the culture of the place you were traveling to, why would you even go?

  49. If I had the option, I would absolutely jump on the opportunity to study abroad. I was raised as a fairly avid traveler, and I feel as though it is vital in order to truly find yourself. I am used to immersing myself within a separate culture for a matter of days, or weeks if I am lucky. So the idea of completely throwing yourself into a completely different atmosphere for months on end sounds exceptional. To have the choice of choosing what location to temporarily live in, would be difficult, but I have thought on it in excess. I have always wondered about the culture I come from (Polish) and any ancestors that may still inhabit the land. I would love to turn my last name into something more than just an amazing icebreaker.

  50. Being able to go to college in America, is already an accomplishment. Experiencing college and going there to better your knowledge is an exciting treat. For me, I want to go to a 4 year university and do the best I can so I can get a good job. I plan to take many extracurriculars and maybe even study abroad. Studying abroad would be an amazing opportunity to experience the rest of the world while learning everything I need to know for the rest of my life. By studying in another country, this might teach me a few things that going to school America wouldn't be able to. In a way I also feel the way Claire Haug did when she said, “But with it comes a certain set of baggage: the expectation that one’s time abroad should be “authentic”. People expect you to have an amazing time while you are studying abroad. Honestly, there is very high percentage that you will. Experiencing new places and getting to complete your last years of education in a foreign country is so special.

  51. When I go off to college, I would love to study abroad. I would like to go to one of the many countries that primarily use Spanish since that is the language I have been learning in high school. Getting the chance to go to another country and experience the culture and live in their society, would help you learn and expand your knowledge. While at the same time being able to travel and visit new places. Just like Claire said in the article, it’s hard to know when your still a tourist or when you can be called a local. This can be a good thing because you get the chance to experience the place you are living in as a tourist, asking for directions, and then towards the end of your time, you can be the one giving directions. I feel like while studying abroad you want to experience both, because if you are stuck as just a tourist then you may be left out and not get to experience everything to the extent that you could. When I go on vacation my favorite times are when we go off the “beaten trail”, and end up in some place that only local people know about when we find these type places they make the trip more fun because you are getting to experience things just like locals.

  52. I'm definitely going to study abroad in college. I think it's an amazing opportunity that would be foolish to give up. College is the best time to spend a couple months or so in a different country, not only because it's a critical time in your life, but because life after college becomes super busy, especially for someone like me who's looking to get into medical school. I love learning about other cultures, so studying abroad sounds perfect for me. Sure, it would be really scary to live in a totally new country for a little while, but it would be an experience I would never forget. The world is such a big and beautiful place and there are so many unique cultures and people that I want to experience and meet in my lifetime. It would also be really cool to see education in different countries and see how it compares to America; gaining a broader perspective is really important to me. I would want to have a very authentic experience, because of these things. Being a tourist is great and all for a week-long vacation-type of thing, but if I'm going to be learning and growing as a person, I want to see what living in the country I choose is really like. Even if I feel "uncomfortable or out of place" like Claire Haug mentions in her article, I will expand my comfort zone, my experiences, and myself as a person. Most uncomfortable moments turn into great stories with time after all!

  53. no matter what school I end up at, whether college or university I am absolutely positively sure that I want to do a semester abroad. Funny enough, I would actually like to go to the same location that the author Claire Haug went to: Amsterdam. Amsterdam is often given a reputation for being extremely charming and mysterious; it's got my name all over it. Amsterdam is also known as a relatively welcoming place and although I am a fairly seasoned traveler for my age, I know I would want to feel secure in my new environment. One of the obvious forces nudging me towards studying abroad is my taste for adventure. I want to have that one story, memory that is repeated again and again at family dinners. I also want to study abroad to get a different perspective on academics. Europe has a different education system in place and I want see their perspective on public education in contrast to the US. And lastly I just wanna travel; it's plain and simple. I want to see the world.

  54. One year I went to Costa Rica with my family and friends but when we went on a hike we met a family with a daughter studying abroad. It was so fasinating that I could continue school while enjoying being in another country. I have always wanted to travel the word but school had to come first and this met both of my needs and wants and put them into a solution. The article was written by a girl, Claire, who was studying abroad during her years of college. When I was reading the article I do not think that thinking about how hard the transition from tourist to citizen would be, which Claire brings up many times. While you are there for the experience of studying in a different school I believe it might be hard to stay focus when you are just so amazed by everything in that country. Although, college is not only about studying hard but it is finding out about who you are and what you wanna be and I believe that when studying abroad you get that experience. Learning a new culture can inspire you to find your passion, as cheesy as it sounds.

  55. I plan on studying architecture in college, and I think that studying abroad would be useful not only for me to see some of the works of some of the greatest architects of all time, but also to let me experience firsthand how the different sustainable living techniques that each country utilizes effects their culture and way of life. At the moment, the country I am most interested in studying abroad in is Singapore. Singapore is leading the way in sustainable development, and they have some of what I think is the most incredible modern architecture in the whole world. I would love to be able to study there so I could learn more about what they are doing to make their designs eco-friendly and then be able to incorporate those things into my own designs. American developments need to catch up to the high level of sustainability of countries like Singapore, and I want to be part of that change, so I think that studying there would be a step in the right direction. The author states “I knew basically no one and barely spoke the language,” which is how I think I would feel if I studied in Singapore. It would be hard for me not to look like a tourist because I only speak English, which is spoken there, but it is not their primary language. Besides the language barrier, I don’t think I would have a hard time fitting in or living their authentic lifestyle because I would be living in a regular neighborhood and going to the local stores, which would make me seem like a local.

  56. I would personally love to study abroad at least one semester while in college. I’d like to go to South Korea because the culture has always fascinated me, plus Korean food is pretty great. I just find it’s history so riveting how within a few decades they’ve rebuilt themselves from a war-stricken country to being one of the most technologically advanced country’s in the world. I want to experience a culture that I’ve never been surrounded by and learn something new everyday. I think it would be a beautiful experience of slowly learning the language because your surrounded by it and getting to the people who live there. I just want to go somewhere new and have everyday be a new adventure instead of a daily routine. I want to wake up and have no idea what I’m going to do other than explore and see and taste new things. I just hope that one day I get the opportunity to study abroad and have everyday be an adventure.

  57. I am only in 7th grade, so I don’t have a perfect setup of what I want to do in college, or if I should study abroad or not. However, I realize that studying abroad has both positives and negatives like anything in life, and I will make that decision when the time is right. Studying abroad sounds interesting because you get to live in a foreign country, go to a foreign university, and learn the lifestyle of the people in a different location. As much as there are pros, their are also cons which include not feeling accepted, missing your home, and not enjoying the true highlights of that country. You may be too focused with analyzing and understanding concepts that relate to your learning experience, and you may not get to value your experience. I think that if your up for a new experience and are prepared take on the challenges, then studying abroad may be your thing. If I were to study abroad though, I would want to study abroad in Australia because it has always been a place that grasped my interest. For me, it depends on what my interests are when I get to college and what I am willing to sacrifice.

  58. “Michelle, I’m so glad you got to stop by my office today to look over your planning path after high school. First and foremost, College. Have you thought about attending any program abroad for your advanced schooling?” “Actually, I have.” I was born in Italy and when I moved to the States, there was something in the back of my mind, telling me that a piece of myself was left behind, through moving. Everyday, I think about my life as a child and it’s shocking to imagine that a couple of years ago, I spoke a completely different language and surrounded myself with a whole different family; consisting of individuals from school which were all like brothers and sisters to me. I always wonder off with my imagination, but when I think of my future, I think of spending it with my brothers and sisters where it all began; in Italy. As I’m approaching this big life commitment filled with applications for prestigious Colleges, the thought of leaving my parents and attending a school out of state is frightening. Although, when I think of attending a school all the way across the sea, reassures me that no matter how much time has past by since I moved, I still consider it “la Mia casa.” Like this New York Times article states: “Studying abroad is a standard part of the experience. “ I would be honored to have the experience all the way home.

  59. Studying abroad has always been very high up on my bucket list. The thought of studying in another country where I can collect parts of their culture and learn in the way they do seems magical to me. A portion of my family lives all around Ireland. When I visited a few years ago, we toured Trinity College in Dublin. I knew right away that I wanted to attend there, at least for a semester or two. Being in another country for a couple of weeks opened my eyes to a culture other than America's. I was able to meet so many new people and dive into the history of Ireland. It was really interesting to learn some of the historical events that happened in their history that our country's schools never touch on. It's a shame that our country's history department is very bias and only talks about events in history that impacted mainly our nation. For this very reason, I think everyone (who is interested in it) should have the chance to study abroad. Studying abroad benefits you in so many ways that your home country is unable to. Different career opportunities are opened up, you take on being completely independent which leads to personal development and you gain life experience that an "in country" school could never compare to. I think all students should, or at least look into, studying abroad. Seeing what is in the textbook is so much more impactful than just reading about in a classroom environment. You get an "authentic" look at another country.

  60. Studying abroad has intrigued me ever since I learned what it was. My cousins have both studied abroad along with my mom when she was in college. I have learned about this source of education through their experiences, and am excited to be able to encounter new places this way. I want to study abroad in Spain because I am obsessed with the language. I would love to learn Spanish and go to Europe with the skill of communicating. I chose Spain over a different Spanish speaking country because I love Europe as well. From Spain, you can travel to so many other European countries along with African countries like Morocco. While studying abroad I really hope to meet new people and discover the culture of Spain. I especially want to travel all around Europe and experience how different America is. Studying abroad is different from vacation because you encounter a regular lifestyle- just in a different country. Usually, you don’t participate in tourist activities too often, and you are abroad for much longer than regular vacations. While studying abroad I would embrace every part of my short term lifestyle, and learn cultures and language first hand.

  61. I personally think that going abroad in college would be a good idea for me given my current carrier goals, however, I do believe that traveling abroad could be very useful to people who plan on working in certain professions. For example, if someone wanted to be a reporter, I would understand why they might want to spend a semester abroad getting used to reporting in foreign nations, even if it’s just for a school project. On the other hand, my main aspiration is to be a lawyer, and I don’t see any reason why traveling abroad would help me be successful in life. However, my other career idea is to be a history professor, in this situation, I can see why it might be a good idea to see what foreign nations are actually like before teaching about them. In general, I think that it is not worth it for most college students to study abroad, this is mainly because they are probably already in debt and shouldn’t go burning through cash, but it is probably also very difficult to be the best student you can and be in a foreign nation at the same time. All in all, I think most people are better of not studying abroad for academic and financial reasons, but different choices make sense for different people depending on their carrier path.

  62. I have not thought about the fact of studying abroad in college, but I would definitely LOVE to travel around the world other than the United States. In my opinion I would want to travel to a poor country to learn about the difficulties that they are having and try to help out. In todays society we don't really understand how to just lay back and not do "touristy" things. Which is why I believe that some people just don't like traveling and just like to stay home. In the article it says "But to be honest, I don’t know what it means to authentically experience a country or culture." Nobody really understands how to experience something differently than what we know as a tourist. If we as travelers took the time to actually learn something from that country or culture we just might not see it as a vacation. So finally in my opinion I think that "if" we choose to go abroad that we should take the time to take in the history and learn new things that we didn't know before, or in other words just don't vacation around these outstanding countrys.

  63. Studying abroad could be someone's dream or someone's nightmare. Personally, I would love to experience and live in a different culture for time permitting. Going to Appalachian State University is a goal of mine and studying abroad in some exotic location piques my interest greatly. Just the thought of living somewhere entirely new and beautiful excites me. I could care less if I live somewhere authentically or in a tourist way the only thing I care about is if I am living my best life. If in the future I do plan to study abroad I hope I select a good location for my major. I would start looking deeper into it but first I need to figure out my interests and what I would like to do for a living. Overall studying abroad is definitely a possibility for me in the future.

  64. Studying abroad is something that is interesting but I couldn’t do it for my entire college career. The reason I say this is not only the cost and time it takes but also the experience. To elaborate, I would personally like to attend college in the United States because its closer to home and I haven't fully experienced and traveled the U.S. I think going outside of the U.S. is great but I want to have experienced more of the U.S. before I want to go on trips to places like Europe and Asia. Another reason for me staying in the states would be because of friends. In this day and age, people can stay connected through social media and long distance calling but I think not even this could really keep me connected to friends that live in other continents or at least it would be hard for a friendship to grow from that distance. But while in the states it would be much easier to maintain a friendship with someone within driving distance. The U.S.’s engineering programs are also what I’m interested in and can be found in colleges that don’t require a twelve and a half hour flight to reach.

  65. I would love to study abroad in college. I think it is a great experience and I've seen several people do it. Everyone's experience is different and everyone gets something different out of it. I'm not exactly sure where I would want to study abroad, but I think any place could be fun if I want it to be. Studying abroad will allow me to learn a new culture, language, and style of life. I would like to learn about the language before going so that I'm somewhat familiar, but many people say that there is no better way to learn a language than to be fully immersed in it. It is great to feel like a local at the end of the experience, but it really depends on what you want to get out of it. I would like to experience everything both in the view of a tourist and a local. Haug says, "Whenever I open up Instagram, I see snapshots of friends posing in front of famous landmarks with witty captions about how they’re not in Kansas anymore." If I went to a new country, I would want to see all the famous landmarks and attractions while I was there too. Of course, I would want to see more than that and learn about how the people live their lives there compared to the United States. I would like to experience the life of a local and feel familiar with the place by the end of the trip because I feel like living there for a certain amount of time will make me adjust to their lifestyle. I look forward to the opportunity to study abroad in college and hope to get out of it as much as I can.

  66. My dad spent a semester in Denmark his senior year and only recently did I discover the seven journals full of sketches from everywhere he visited during his trip- Russia, France, Italy- countless European countries where he was immersed in more history than I can imagine.There are also journal entries between pages and pages of drawings, and after reading most of them I don’t think he had experiences that a local would ever have. Although he wasn’t on walking tours or hanging out with huge groups of college students stumbling through the foreign language, he wasn’t biking through cobblestone alleyways either. His experience was something different- far from both those of a tourist and local. Even though I doubt it would be the ‘authentic experience’, I also want to travel to Denmark. There is so much I want to see, do, and draw, that I wouldn’t waste time trying to be a tourist- or to be a local.

  67. I've always intended to spend a semester of college abroad. It's always seemed like an amazing way to open new opportunities for yourself after college. You get to experience a whole new culture, and that sounds awesome to me. I don't know where I would go though. I've always been told that I have to study abroad for a semester, as my dad studied abroad in Belgium. He's always talked about how awesome it was to be in a whole new community. He wants me and all of my siblings to do it. If I were to study abroad, I believe I would start to fit in rather well. I imagine I would act like a tourist towards the beginning of my trip, and as I progressed, I would begin to fit in rather well. I've been to Europe before, and that's where my dad studied, so I would probably end up somewhere back there.

  68. For the longest time, I’ve had this desire to travel. I’ve never actually left the south eastern area of the US, and that makes my blood boil. I want to see more of the world. I want to see the Grand Canyon, the Hawaiian islands, the Eiffel Tower. I want to see it all. Studying abroad is something that I hadn't really thought about, but now that I think about it, it seems right up my alley. My cousin, Alex, studied German in high school and college which actually led him to living in Germany for a couple years to become an English professor there. He would always send my family and I pictures of him standing in front of different famous monuments and beautiful landscape scenes. I’ve been learning Spanish for four years and plan to keep going on with it. It would be so cool to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country and be able to immerse myself in the culture while strengthening my Spanish-speaking ability.

  69. I think studying abroad would be the most amazing experience someone could ask for. I definitely would take the opportunity to study abroad, maybe not my entire college career, but maybe for a year or so. You could see how other cultures do things differently, and have a change of scenery for the first time in a while. My grandfather grew up traveling the world. He was never home. He always told me the most amazing stories of times he was in Australia, and Africa, and many other famous locations. He has always told me, he would trade those moments in life for anything. That has always inspired me to want to travel. He wasn't biking down cobblestone roads, and dodging people like Haug was in Amsterdam, but he was still living his best life as well. If I ever get the opportunity to travel abroad, I definitely will.

  70. I would love to study abroad more than anything in the world. I have been asking my parents constantly if I could be a foreign exchange student, but they have never agreed to it. I have always been interested in exploring the world and seeing different things. I feel like the experience would be incredible, with learning the new cultures, meeting new people, and even seeing things that you don't normally see everyday. Studying abroad would definitely be different from just vacationing there. When you are on vacation you are in full relaxation mode and you don't have to change anything. You are there to enjoy your new surroundings. Studying abroad is a little more difficult because you would have to adapt to your surroundings. It is your new way of life for a little while and you have to learn certain things to be able to adapt. Vacationing there can seem more glorified than if you were studying abroad because you don't have to worry about adapting to the new environment and fitting in with everyone around you. In the article, the author writes, “Some of my most vivid memories from the last few months are ones in which I felt vaguely uncomfortable or out of place.” I agree with this statement because the more you go out of your comfort zone, the more memories and things you will have experienced. This is another reason why I want to study abroad. Imagine all of the memories you will have made and experiences you will have just by living in another country.

  71. Whenever I think about studying abroad, I’ll get all excited. I want to take my time to maybe learn a new language and prepare for my host family. I would like to learn new things about that country's culture. I also want to experience living in a whole other country. The lists just goes on and on. An obstacles I may experience is probably being homesick. But I can take this opportunity to practice being independent, or living a life without my parents. The expectation vs reality might ruin it but I have to be a problem solver and overcome it.

  72. Ever since I was a little girl maybe 6 I always wanted to be able to travel the world and see what's really out there. I wanted to meet new people and see amazing beautiful things and go everywhere I possibly could in my lifetime. But what I Really thought about was how much fun i'd have and how many beautiful things i’d see but I never thought of the culture. Then when I was a freshman in high school my friends sister was going to college and studying abroad and I thought that's exactly what I want to do. I followed her on Instagram and saw all her pictures with all her friends in famous areas and landmarks and I wanted to do that so bad. But I also thought about how I'd be so different from all the people there and wouldn't fit in, I wanted to be a considered and seen as a local anywhere I traveled rather than a tourist and I thought i'd be able to just jump into the culture. However Claire's story helped me understand what studying abroad is really like. she says trying to be authentic and fit in with the country and culture was a fail. She says her most vivid memories are the ones she felt uncomfortable and out of place and she found its better to just stop trying to make everything perfect and just go with it as it comes. This made me realize that if I did study abroad I can't make everything perfect and I will be uncomfortable at times but that's a big part of what it's like studying abroad.

  73. I grew up in Morocco, an African country on the Mediterranean. In elementary and middle school, I had all of my regular classes and then I had French and Arabic. I learned so much about culture and the world from a different standpoint. However, my mom decided to move back to the US in order for me to have a normal “high school experience” which I understand but also disappoints me. I miss being able to be constantly surrounded by diversity and different viewpoints of the world. Although America has the “better education” I’ve learned that school smarts can only be applied so far and going to school abroad has taught me so much more about things that matter. I definitely plan on going to study abroad or at least take a gap year because of the amount of life lessons and cultural exposure I’ve gained already. It’s a surreal experience I would recommend to everyone interested in being more aware and more appreciative of the world we live in and the different cultures surrounding us.

  74. The option of studying abroad has always been fascinating to me. being able to experience new cultures and places while learning seems very cool. Learning about these new lifestyles is just as interesting to me as what I learn. I think that if someone were to study abroad here they would definitely have to experience the beach. Our beach is probably the main thing we have here, but just being around the coastal lifestyle is very entertaining as well. However, I do think tourists get a bad rap in most places just because people that regularly live in touristy places are tired of people visiting their favorite spots. From experience, I remember the roads to our beaches being clogged with people who were from all across the nation. I do understand why people tour areas because the cultural experiences are invaluable.

  75. Studying abroad for a semester or two during college is something I've always wanted to do. Since I was very young, I've dreamed of traveling to Spain and the idea of living there during part of college would be fantastic. In addition to my college studies, it would deepen my knowledge of the country, the people and their culture. It is my opinion that opportunities like that open our minds and allow us to not only read about, but feel what other cultures around the world are like. Claire's article made think about whether or not the experience would be authentic or not and I feel that would depend on what one is looking to get out of the experience. I agree with Claire's comment near the end of the article "Maybe authenticity is just about being real." Living and learning in another country is an experience in itself. Her perspective gave insight that there would be difficulties and challenges to overcome. There would be so much to learn, see and do that I would not be worrying about whether I was a tourist or not.

  76. In the article, Haug proposes the question “At what point do you stop being a tourist?” I have traveled to every continent on this Earth (minus Antartica), and everywhere I go I feel that I am set apart from the locals, like I do not have the authority to do what I want in their territory. I believe that anywhere that you go that isn’t home, you will feel like a tourist. Staring, in awe, at the beautiful views that everyone else passes by, because they are so accustomed to seeing it every day. They do things a different way than you, and do different activities for fun. But being a “tourist” is not a negative connotation. You get the opportunity to soak in the new culture and grow from your experiences.

  77. At some point in my life I would like to either work or study in another country. Specifically Europe because of the numerous different cultures in such close proximity to each other. I would really just like to see the world also being submerged in a culture helps you pick up the language a lot faster as well. When you travel somewhere for a vacation then you are supposed to be a tourist, its ok to mess up and do embarrassing things because you are having fun. When you study somewhere I feel it's better to try and blend in with local population as you are staying there with a purpose as opposed to going for vacation. I live in a beach town so during the warmer months of the year we get a lot of tourists and it's pretty obvious if you are from the town or out of town. The Tourists all tend to go down the same roads and same places. Certain spots on the beach are always full due to mass amount of visitors. One authentic thing you could do if you came to my city is go to other spots then the main beach. Like the spoil and barrier islands where there are a lot less people. As I stated earlier when I go to a new place for vacation I don’t care if I look out of place or silly it just ends up adding to the experience because I’m there to have a good time.

  78. Ever since I was little, my family has moved to a couple pf different places. We went from living in Brazil, to living in Australia, then back to Brazil and now here, and thinking back about my experiences, and I was surprised about how much I can relate to the author's quote, "Some of my most vivid memories from the last few months are ones in which I felt vaguely uncomfortable or out of place." I feel like when you're a child it's way easier to get used to a new culture, a new routine. First because you hardly think about getting the "authentic" experience of the country. I personally never thought about that. Second, when your a child, your mind is not fully made yet. So even in the moments when I thought, "Why do they do this? This doesn't make any sense," I still went with it. That allowed me and my parents to create so many new memories that wouldn't have created if we had been looking for those "authentic" experiences.

  79. I’ve always considered studying abroad to be something I’d want to do. The concept seems to be full of opportunity and knowledge. I don’t know exactly where I’d want to go to study abroad because there’s so many places to choose from and all seem like a fascinating trip worth going on. Putting pressure on oneself by trying to make a trip as authentic as possible will end up ruining things altogether. The stress will destroy any chance of adventure or fun on the trip. When going somewhere new, take a moment to step back and take everything in. Just being in the moment is as real as it’s gonna get.

  80. As a sophomore in high school, I have given a great amount of thought to my college possibilities and options. Right now I am interested in the field of engineering or architecture and NC State is a good option for me. When or if I get in, studying abroad will definitely be a consideration for the experience it provides. Engineering or architecture opens up a wide field of opportunities because of the different sub-categories in these occupations. Being able to explore a country’s design process and structural design of their buildings compared to the United States amazes me. For example, the structural design of buildings in Spain differs from the structures in the United States. Spain is known for having stucco exteriors and draws heavy influence from Moorish architecture. Moorish architecture includes high arcs, it’s symmetric layout, and marble surfaces. While the U.S. is notorious for its Federal style, brick material and borrowing styles from all over the world. If you take a closer look, in one neighborhood you can find such a diversity in styles and structure, it’s truly amazing. Getting to experience a different culture while simultaneously learning what I enjoy are two of the main reasons studying abroad is an option for me. I also encourage other students to consider it and I know they won’t regret it.

  81. I want to eventually study abroad during college. During high school, I have started to learn Spanish, so this has guided me in my decisions in where I would want to study abroad. Whether that be South America or Europe, I will decide when and if the opportunity presents itself when I'm in college. But if I ever do commit to studying abroad, I am worried about whether or not I will fit in with the locals. Claire Haug describes this struggle when she went to Amsterdam. She felt "in limbo" between being a tourist and a local, and this is what I'm afraid if I study abroad in the future. To combat this, I hope to study thoroughly on the culture to hopefully fit in with the locals. But "fitting" in will be difficult regardless because living somewhere for a short period of six months to a year doesn't leave an adequate amount of time to fully assimilate into the culture.

  82. My biggest dream, ever since I was a child was to travel the world. Even when I was young I was fascinated with the different cultures and ways of life all over the world. So, yes I intend to study abroad in college, I will be stamping my passport as often as I can. The different experiences the author gained throughout her venture overseas showed me just how difficult it can be. I can’t imagine going to a place where you stick out like a sore thumb and everyone knows you aren't from there. Then on top of that knowing that is how your home feels about your moving in. It must have been unsettling. From my own experience of traveling out of the country, I was in a similar situation and at first was startled as well. But, by the end of the trip I had fallen in love with the country and felt I was being as much as a local I could. No way you are going to be able to blend in and I didn't want to, because that it not my culture. I appreciate their’s and show that by embracing it, but not converting, just as I would hope they did the same when the visited my home.

  83. Ever since I was little I have been traveling overseas to France, Portugal, & Spain to visit family. I have never been able to speak to my family due to the language barrier which is why I am taking French in High School right now. I hope to one day be fluent & minor in French when I am in college. For the past 2 years I have been interested in studying a year abroad at Sorbonne University in Paris. I had never thought about what Claire Haug talks about in the article: she felt stuck between a tourist & a local. It made me realize that all the times I have been overseas it always felt unnatural, mostly because of the cultural differences. Although, this is always something that can be worked past & one of the reasons people study abroad is to experience different cultures.

  84. In today's world-wide community, we have to learn about other countries' culture. International cooperation is now necessary so studying abroad will be a great opportunity to adapt to this world.

  85. I personally would love to study As an international student in South Korea, I would love to study aboard. I think it gives me more opportunity to learn and experience new cultures and people. I would like to study in Europe, I've never traveled anywhere away from Asia. I think these experiences will change me for the better and make me into a better person. I've always loved Greece and I want to study in a country near Greece and pursue my dreams in a place I adore.

  86. I’d like to study abroad when I’m in college because meeting diverse people and experiencing different cultures adds character. My sister is currently studying abroad in Prague and loves it. I would be interested in studying somewhere in Europe because there are a lot of countries within it that I could easily visit on the weekends, like my sister does. Studying abroad is different from vacationing because you’re living there for a long period of time. Wherever you’re staying becomes your home for the next few months. Rather than sightseeing all day, you are immersing yourself in the everyday work life of the people. Tourists often get a bad rap because a lot of them are inconsiderate of the locals. Sometimes the people in their picture may be suffering, but the tourists don’t realize it. They are also known for leaving litter behind or disregarding the foreign environment. I thought it was interesting when Claire Haug said, “Maybe authenticity is just about being real.” We pressure ourselves to be authentic, causing us to be less authentic. If I study abroad, I don’t want to fit in as a tourist or as a local. I want to experience the new culture while also sharing mine. This creates the “most vivid memories”.

  87. Studying abroad would be a great opportunity as it will allow me to be introduced to another part of the world. I think everyone being accustomed to living in a diverse environment is important. I am currently and have always found myself fascinated by all of the things the world has to offer. I have never traveled outside of the United States and I am very intrigued at the thought of stepping foot over a border. All of my moms sisters have either traveled to or lived outside of the United States for a few years. I was fascinated when my aunt Kelly would send me and my mom candy from Japan and postcards from Germany. My aunt Emily is in the military and lived on base in Turkey for 5 years. Each of my aunts have come back with unique pieces of furniture that they value greatly. I too would like to experience different cultures these places have to offer. In the related article, there was mention of one’s time abroad is expected to be authentic. I think that if someone has an authentic experience or not is based on their definition of authentic. For me, an authentic time would be me getting to go out to lunch at the local restaurants there. Just being surrounded by the community would be more than enough for me to have an authentic time studying abroad.