How Daniel Martin, Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist, Spends His Sundays

The Greenpoint resident shops for Korean cosmetics in Chinatown, maybe gets a facial, and alongside his husband, balances watching MSNBC with “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

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  1. This is my favorite Sunday routines ever. Thanks for all the fabulous tips and being so grounded amid the celebrity!

  2. Love this and love Daniel! The most kind, down to earth genuine person on the planet.

  3. I love that you chose to feature Daniel! He’s such a talent and has one of the kindest souls I’ve ever known. To know him is to know how real and down to earth he truly is.

  4. Why do we care?

  5. @MIKEinNYC This column features all sorts of interesting (famous) people who live in NYC. Daniel Martin is very accomplished and world famous in his field of work, so it's fun to see how he spends his free time.

  6. He's adorable. His Sunday sounds relaxing, calm and friend-centered, as it should be! I love this series. It's light and cheerful, which is a nice change of pace.

  7. Could you share details of the k-beauty product mentioned here?

  8. I enjoy these weekly segments as a reminder that life goes on despite the constant daily madness and turmoil. And as an easygoing break from the frightful news stories I feel compelled to follow. Watergate was so much more digestible and mercifully paced. The segments I like best feature the subject leaving the city for the weekend, which means that brunch is not a numbing, compressed inevitability.

  9. I love this feature, and have for several years. But I'm amused/amazed/forlorn that only a few of the subjects ever mentions reading The New York Times on Sundays, at any time of the day, with paper or on-line.

  10. Love this series. It’s a breath of fresh air in my weekend reading. I enjoy the diverse selection toon of subjects- I’m always curious who it’s gonna be! Keep doing it!

  11. ummm, not so much fact checking here, Meet the Press is not on MSNBC on Sunday mornings, its on NBC in the morning and MSNBC in the evening....

  12. Interviews and diaries are some of the best reads Too bad the Mueller repot wasn't formatted that way. (Or is it? I haven't read it yet).