Trump Officials Broaden Attack on Health Law, Arguing Courts Should Reject All of It

The administration had previously said only that the Affordable Care Act’s pre-existing conditions provisions should be struck down, leaving parts like Medicaid expansion intact.

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  1. Ending protection for pre-existing conditions is going to make countless people, including myself, uninsurable, especial in this gig economy. It will hurt so many people who support Trump, not understanding the damage until it is done. This better be a focus of the 2020 campaigns.

  2. It is odd that a party which preaches national security (a wall, anyone?) is against a true national security concern: the health and well-being of its populace. Unless the GOP can produce a meaningful bill that is more than lip service as a replacement (nothing yet except "repeal!"), Congress should say no. It is imperative for true journalists to interview those who have benefited rather than those who are against the law just because it was passed during the Obama administration.

  3. The Trump administration lost their battle to repeal the A.C.A. in the Congress, so now they are in the courts. The Republican Party has fought the A.C.A. for most of a decade and lost. It is time to move on, focus on bettering the law we have, and deal with those issues like those Americans still un-or under- insured, or the high cost of prescription drugs. We need action out of Congress and the President that actually matters to American families.

  4. @Patrick Stevens But they don't care. Wealthy families can afford good health care. If it's not covered they can pay out of pocket. Nobody else matters.

  5. @Patrick Stevens It is too risky to let this go to the Supreme Court. It might klll the ACA on a technicality. The result would be tens of thousands more dead Americans each year.

  6. @Patrick Stevens Good luck with that.

  7. Perhaps if the Affordable Care Act is eliminated it will force Trump and Republicans to finally come up with a "big beautiful cheaper and better plan." Here's an idea; if the ACA goes so should health insurance for every member of Congress whose employer (us) pays for it.

  8. @Candlewick One more subset needs to be included in those losing health coverage. All former members of Congress.

  9. @BillOR And also the employees in the executive branch!

  10. @Candlewick - I'd suggest cancel health insurance for Congress first and then after a couple of years, see how they feel about going without.

  11. The conservative objection to ACA is because ACA raises taxes on the rich to help pay for care of the non rich and the rich do not want to pay higher taxes. The bill [ACA] is the most sweeping piece of federal legislation since Medicare was passed in 1965. It aims to smooth out one of the roughest edges in American society — the inability of many people to afford medical care after they lose a job or get sick. And it would do so in large measure by taxing the rich. A big chunk of the money to pay for the bill comes from lifting payroll taxes on households making more than $250,000. On average, the annual tax bill for households making more than $1 million a year will rise by $46,000 in 2013, according to the Tax Policy Center, a Washington research group. Another major piece of financing would cut Medicare subsidies for private insurers, ultimately affecting their executives and shareholders.

  12. If democrats can say no to campaign contributions from the industry, we might even get single payer and a landslide victory by a democrat. Or they could do what they have always done.

  13. @Corbin "If democrats can say no to campaign contributions from the industry, we might even get single payer and a landslide victory by a democrat." Or they lose because they don't have enough money and we ensure Repulican rule forever and watch the ACA, SS and Medicare get destroyed with nothing to replace it, and find ourselves back Sinclair's Jungle.

  14. I was kind of waiting for that “Big, Beautiful, Better and cheaper” Trumpcare we were told so much about. Seems about as likely as Mexico paying for that “extra-budgetary” Great Wall of Texas. But nothing is stopping Trump or the GOP from proposing a valid health insurance / healthcare solution. Nothing at all ........ except maybe a little well timed revenge.

  15. @Lars Well, that and the total absence of any actual ideas.

  16. So the Democrats are introducing legislation to expand ACA while the Republicans are attacking it? What a mess we live in.

  17. Well, so much for the republican claim over the years of judicial overreach. When it is in their interest as now with this judge in Texas it is just fine. I was born under FDR, our greatest leader and now we have in the White House a man who seeks to take away health care from millions not to mention undermining our environment and god knows what else to satiate his enormous ego.

  18. We will get the Muller report in time. But in the meantime Trump wants to take away the little healthcare safety we have, destroy the environment, give gobs of money to the wealthy, run up huge debt during an up tick in the economy, while conducting foreign policy like a dictatorship, and grabbing as much money for himself as he can.

  19. The more Trump takes away things (health care, upward mobility) from his base, the more ardently they support him. This confirms both the Cult of Trump (anything is forgivable), and the supreme success of the fear-mongering Fox News Network. As long as Fox keeps its viewers agitated and angry, they don't notice they're poor.

  20. @Will Yup. Distract the base with the culture war puppet and pick their pockets with the other hand.

  21. Exactly - and if one of those voters read this comment, s/he would be outraged, not at Trump and the Republicans, but at you, the person making the comment. Orwellian.

  22. @Will But at the same time, the more he tries to take away things, the more everyone else loathes him. Note that the lowest approval ratings of his presidency (around 36-37%) were in the summer of 2017 when he tried to repeal the ACA. If he pushes hard on this again, it will only backfire on him politically.

  23. Trump in my opinion just gave The Dems a gift after the Mueller Report gave Trump a great victory. Lets put the Russian Soap Opera on the backburner and run with this. Parents with children under 26 will have to start covering their medical care if Obamacare is killed. Will Trump's base still love him if they know what the ramifications are of an Obamacare kill?

  24. Correction: The Mueller report is not out for anyone to see, so it can't give a victory to anyone at this point. The only thing that has happened is a recent Trump appointee, Barr, sent a memo to Congress.

  25. What a heartless act. Were there an alternative waiting in the wings it might be, might be considered conscionable, but as any fool knows this administration has no plan. To which I say, who needs a Mueller report?

  26. The democrats should make this the number one issue in the 2020 elections, universal, affordable, quality health care like almost all of our peer countries have. It is a winning issue, most of the country including a good deal of republicans want it since some of the red states embrace ACA. Don't obsess about identity, social engineering, fringe projects that are either wrong or even if right America is not ready for.

  27. What exact is fringe, Paul? Respectfully, just because you might be a white straight cis male - others’ self Identity and their protections don’t matter? Democrats should be able to message two issues at one time.

  28. @Paul Exactly correct. Access to healthcare is of paramount importance to every person, and it's long past time we joined the rest of the civilized world and ensured some basic level of health coverage to everybody. And to do this Democrats have to get elected which, as you point out, depends on them not alienating large swaths of people with too much focus on the social issues you mention. Like it or not, they will cost votes in the crucial places where Republicans have been winning regularly. Take action to support those issues once you're in office, but you've got to get elected first.

  29. @Paul universal, affordable, quality healthcare does not exist in our peer countries and is an oxymoron. What you get is universal, affordable care that is spotty in quality

  30. Terrifying. It’s hard to make it through adulthood without acquiring some kind of pre-existing condition. It’s even more terrifying when the far left in this country seems to be “Medicare for All or bust” (glad the House Democrats are pursuing a more viable approach) and complaining that Democratic presidential contenders aren’t “exciting” enough. I’m not looking for excited. I’m looking for basic health coverage so I can keep my chronic health issues in check and continue to be a contributing member of society and not go bankrupt trying to stay functional and healthy.

  31. @AB "It’s even more terrifying when the far left in this country seems to be “Medicare for All or bust” " You seem to be well covered but under ACA there are millions who have NO healthcare insurance and there are many who can't afford their deductibles or co-pays. I'm sure that all of 'these people' are also looking for basic health coverage so that they can keep chronic health issues in check. Medicare for All lets the US join the other industrialized countries of the world. US citizens lifespan has decreased and one reason is lack of decent healthcare. The new average life expectancy for Americans is 78.7 years, which puts the U.S. behind other developed nations and 1.5 years lower than the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average life expectancy of 80.3. The OECD is a group of developed countries that includes Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, Japan, and the U.K.

  32. The Democrats need to let the NY prosecutors go after Trump. They need to focus on real issues and ACA is one of them - a major one. If you for profit you have Trump in your pocket. The roll back of health and safety standards by the EPA only decreases Americans life expectancy. The lack of oversight on airplane safety led to an unsafe aircraft in the skies. And China just placed a huge order for the Airbus. We’re rapidly sliding down the ladders

  33. Melania Trump supposedly had an outpatient procedure last year. But - she stayed in Walter Reed for a week! Do you think the payment for this came out of Trump’s pocket? No, it came from the pockets of us taxpayers. This is just one example of Donald Trump having absolutely no clue, nor care for the sick in this country or what they do for healthcare treatment. I worked as an RN for many years, in many roles. But as a Case Manager, both for insurance and in hospitals, I get what healthcare insurance can mean for people. I know what it is for people to get sick and end up needing healthcare treatment through no fault of their own. I know what it is for people, such as in the recession, to lose their jobs through no fault of their own and have no means of healthcare insurance. There is a level of cruelty in this world, I believe, but to absolutely desire that millions of people go without means to receive healthcare treatment, to me, having worked in the trenches of medical protection, in the midst of human suffering, both by adults and little babies, is something I simply find profoundly the most cruel of all. Americans don’t give a rip who gave them the Affordable Care Act, that it was Barack Obama, in his tenure, that on March 23, 2010, he signed this most important piece of legislation. But someone with a lot of power does care - Donald Trump. He has despised Obama forever, but to take it out on the sick, needy, weary and suffering is hateful and so cruel.

  34. @MIMA Just goes to show that Trump (and Republicans generally) love America, but just can't stand most Americans.

  35. @MIMA. In whom there is no sympathy for living beings; know him as an outcast.....the Buddha ( Sutta Nipata)

  36. @MIMA Always keep front & center that it isn't just Trump trying to destroy this law. The Republicans have been totally on board with the ACA's destruction since it was signed into law. Vote out Congressional Republicans and let's get our country back to working again.

  37. Trump will do everything in his power to make America a second rate country. Health insurance and care is one thing that we can do, and we must. Everyone needs it.

  38. This effort to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is Mitch McConnell's baby. He and well funded ultra-conservatives (including the Kochs) backed and paid for the NFIB in its original attack on ACA with Florida and other Republican led states. This is their ideological battle to kill our efforts to organize as a community of concerned citizens, as self-governed people, to use the resources of our country to help one another. Their ideological stance is that the only purpose of government is for the little people to fund the military to protect the welfare of America's oligarchs' wealth. Their cynicism is complete in this continued display to manipulate the system to their ends. They are fearful that we will expect them to pay taxes to help fund the welfare of the citizens. They refuse to acknowledge that it is only because of our efforts that their wealth even exists. We raise the children (without pay), we pay to educate our children, the future workers and consumers. We work hard and they skim the profits off our sweat leaving us crumbs to try to eke out a living. The corporations who received the Trump/McConnell tax breaks and drove our country's deficit to its highest level ever, want to escape all responsibility for reinvesting in the American people. We have barely a thread of democracy left. The moneyed forces are working, hidden behind the scenes, financing these court efforts to further marginalize our highest goals of caring for one another.

  39. @Lee Profoundly well said-- a spot on commentary on our nation. @NYT THIS is what I click "NYT Picks" for.

  40. @Lee see jane mayer's book, dark money.

  41. @Lee With Trump nominating Barr, Congress confirming his nomination and now to top it off Barr clearing Trump will any wrong doing, the hanging thread of Semocracy will most likely break. With Trump now to wheel and deal like he wants to the US will became a Banana Republic with a dictator Trump at the helmet. For the US a bleak 2 years and possibly a bleak future lies ahead.

  42. Just as the democrats seem to have a suicide pact about immigration the republicans do them one better by doing the same thing with health care. Really, who elected these people? Each is doing their best to get the other side elected.

  43. This is a Gift from the Republicans to the Dems. Let's hope Trump wins this one. Come 2020, Congress will be filled with Democrats who will create a universal healthcare program, perhaps Medicare for All and there will be no more Republican party.

  44. If Trump succeeds, people will, in fact, be dying in the streets. In large numbers.

  45. This is terrific! Throwing millions of people off the insurance rolls is a surefire winner in 2020! Repeal and...repeal. Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

  46. Medicare and Social Security are next on their hit list.

  47. The Trump administration and Bill Barr have no problem flipping the long-standing policy that the Department of Justice defends statutes duly enacted. Partisan opinion prevails over Constitutional order in this topsy-turvy time.

  48. This is the issue for 2020, not the Mueller Report (or, I should say, AG Barr's summary of the Mueller report). Every Democrat should be out there shouting from the hilltops that Republicans, again, are talking out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to health care. Show them what effective "fear" politics really looks like. The difference is that Dems have a legitimate, evidence-based argument - the kind that wins elections, in other words.

  49. Trump is the death of democracy president. And, he seems to be intent on acting this out directly. Putin is laughing, and soon Americans will be dying if Trump gets his wish.

  50. No surprise. If it were called TrumpCare, the president would be doing everything possible to defend it in court. Since it called ObamaCare, it has to go. Does he have a replacement? No. Did he ever have a replacement? No, again. Correction. Yes, he does have a replacement with the money saved. He can build the TrumpWall.

  51. What a shock. This shows, in plain sight, how much contempt the Republicans and their leader, DJT, have for Americans. How they can do this with a straight face just shows how morally bankrupt they've become. They have absolutely no plan for replacing the coverage that they so enthusiastically want to destroy. Is the ACA perfect? No, but it did enable millions more Americans to have coverage where there was none before. The normal course of action would be to amend the law to improve it, as has been done with Medicare and Social Security. But in Republican eyes the law has a fatal flaw that can only be rectified by repeal - it was signed into law by a black man, Obama. They all need to be voted out of office. America deserves better.

  52. @Michael Gilbert Thank you for your post. Every person deserves better, much better than we will ever get from the GOP gang. It gives me hope I will not be as alone as I feared when we move to beautiful Charleston in next few months. I am very concerned about the state’s embrace of Trump, McConnell. I will gladly help vote Lindsay Graham and the GOP out!

  53. The rage against the others continues by the cynical and cruel GOP. Limiting healthcare, ruining the environment, undermining education and on and on, the right won't allow America to be a place of equality and a people that speaks and demonstrates concrete actions of respect for all. Trump IS the perfect vilian for this grand assault on America in their dystopian attack on nations citizens and society - lead by the wealthy oligarchs and christain "right".

  54. What is with these people? Why do they want to deny or abolish health care to millions of people who need it most? If the rich can afford the best health care in the world, why do they want to take away government-assisted health care from those who can't afford it? I understand Trump, a vindictive and venal charlatan who never forgets a slight and wants to destroy Obama's legacy because of the humiliation he suffered at a White House correspondents' dinner so long ago. But what about the rest of the GOP? Sure they voted to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, but McCain had the honor to recognize that there was nothing to replace it with did his now famous thumbs down. Is that what Trump is all about and the GOP is ready to follow him over a cliff? Because if it is, taking health care away from millions is not a road to victory in 2020.

  55. @Christy Excellent post. And on point. And what is it with the Republican base, a large portion of which is supported through the Affordable Care Act which Trump is doing everything he can to dismantle and destroy? Why do they not open their eyes and see what is happening to their health care? Sheesh.....

  56. Money money money. That's why. Billionaires stealing from taxpayers. That's why.

  57. I agree this is a gift to the Dems unless Trump has a plan to replace ACA and "make it better". That is what he sold to rural voters who have benefited so mightily from it. However, if he has no plan in place to replace it, he will, in fact, punch a big part of his base in the nose. Trump was elected because Scalia died and they held his seat open. His base was not big enough to carry him over the line. But without that base the Republicans will go down in flames in 2020. Who's advising him anyhow?

  58. I’m not saying, “eat the rich,” but I am cleaning my bib.

  59. The thought is appealing, but be more blunt. It is time for a revolution; time for a constitutional convention to correct outdated flaws to our governance. Some kind of revolution will happen; climate change alone will see to that. By consciously acting now we have some chance to control events, but to wait for spontaneous revolution is to invite chaos. One aid to acceptance of such a convention and its subsequent revolution would be full participation of the citizens, changes made by the voters and not the wallets.

  60. Once people realize that the present plutokakistocracy only governs in its interest, they may actually see how elected officials no longer represent their constituents but rather the elite whose money keeps them in office. And then the people may even remember a slogan from the first American Revolution, "No taxation without representation." We the people fund the government, yet even our most basic interests, like healthcare, go unheard and unheeded. It is indeed time for a second American Revolution.

  61. Look for more outrageous ideas like this one to come from the Trump administration. As someone else mentioned here, they will attack Social Security and Medicare next, any programs that actually help people.

  62. What is it about Trump and his non-stop efforts to rip health care off the backs of low and middle income Americans? What is with that guy? How does a country stop Trump and his base's authoritarian ways? By pointedly, directly arguing issues, going door to door if necessary. Issues related to: the removal of support for health care insurance for everyone, the tax cuts for the rich at the sake of adding trillions of debt on the backs of future generations, the championing of gun manufacturers over public safety, the deregulation of worker health and safety and environmental health protections, the billions of our hard-earned dollars spent on a border wall that has not been shown to provide any increased security of our borders, the trade sanctions that hurt American companies and American consumers more than any 'benefits' derived from such sanctions, the disrespect and denigration of immigrants or for that matter any people of color or of 'different' religions, the trillion dollar cuts to medicare, the disparagement of our allies and the glorification of dictators, and the continuous sale of access to America's public officials, offices, and systems which diminishes America's prestige in order to add money to Trump's bank accounts. And the final way to deal with Trump and his authoritarian ways is to... Vote Trump Out on November 3, 2020.

  63. @Ed Not mention destroying the expertize of the Federal bureaucracy.

  64. Let me be the first to congratulate the MAGAs when, at long last, they get what they voted for. It’s a great win for them when the affordable care act gets repealed and we can finally ditch that pesky mandate to cover pre-existing conditions. After all, pretty much no one has a pre-existing condition anyway so it was a totally fake mandate, right. While I'm sure (not) that insurance companies will be guided by principles of altruism, there is a bright side. When we have to chose between buying life-saving medication or food, we can always eat our bullets.

  65. Still waiting for the Republican plan to cover preexisting conditions.

  66. As a practical matter, Judge O'Connor's ruling makes no sense and should be overturned. Just because Republicans zeroed out the tax doesn't mean the tax doesn't exist. For example, the highways where I live have an HOV lane. When there is more than one passenger in the car, the penalty for using the HOV lane is zero. However, I'm still driving in a toll lane. O'Connor's ruling makes court decisions completely contingent on who controls Congress. A position that clearly undermines the judiciary as an independent branch of government. Democrats can simply raise the tax to one penny the next time they control Congress and Judge O'Connor's ruling is invalidated. Obamacare is back. That said, I can't think of a better gift to Democrats. They're engaged in a fight with Barr over the Mueller report while Republicans take a victory lap at half-time. Trump comes along and turns the subject towards the absolute worst possible issue for Republicans. The GOP is not going to win the health care debate. Period. Thanks Trump.

  67. During the 2016 campaign Trump promised better and cheaper healthcare that would cover everyone. Another lie? The republican war on the working class continues.

  68. @Don Francis Yes, "Promises Kept!" Vote them out 2020

  69. If Trump and the GOP succeed in repealing the ACA, with the majority of it's beneficiary's Trump's "uneducated" base, will they still brush it off as "fake news" when they lose their healthcare coverage?

  70. The ACA benefits everyone, not just Trump supporters. If you’ve been alive on this planet a certain number of years then it’s a good bet you have pre-existing conditions. And there are millions of low income people who need Medicaid and healthcare subsidies who would never vote for Trump.

  71. If the insurance companies, as you write, largely oppose repeal of the ACA, please explain who will benefit from discarding the law.

  72. @fred That is a question for the Trump administration to answer, not for the author of the piece to project. The answer, of course, is that businesses will benefit, individuals will suffer.

  73. We knew that this was going to happen because the Republican Party is full of serial liars now who have figured out that no one is actually going to hold them accountable. Let republicans focus on investigating the investigations. That’s what they are very good at selling. Democrats need to get to work on health care, education, infrastructure and our environment. This is what your base wants.

  74. From time to time each side has to remind us what they find insupportable in the other, so they lazily cast about for a cause, with the republicans that cause seems to be limiting health care to people. The sad part is their base of support lets them get away with it. If people in Ohio and Indiana the national redoubt of the republican party would raise a rankle about this the republicans in congress would cut it out immediately. Lets hope this happens, people get sick in Indiana and Ohio like they get sick anywhere else.

  75. I sure am glad that HIPPA still exists and that if the PPACA is completely dismantled then people with pre-existing conditions will still be protected.

  76. @Tom Graham Who says that they won't try to change that too.

  77. In the best of all political worlds for the Democrats, the Republican legal attack on the ACA finally succeeds in taking the act down completely about six months before the upcoming presidential election in 2020. Remember the blow back against Republican legislators when Congress was trying to repeal the whole thing in 2017? Representatives were afraid to even show up at town meetings, even in Red State districts. Of course, this wouldn't be so great for the 11 million who would lose their health coverage, but that could be fixed in January, 2021.

  78. To paraphrase only 2 of the many excellent comments here, "Sheesh... America deserves better". The only way to do better it is to vote overwhelmingly for a change in direction.

  79. Thanks Pres. Trump for handing a big, beautiful issue to the Democrats in 2020. The Mueller report will be long forgotten in 2020, but your position to deprive health care insurance to your citizens will not.

  80. @Joe Smith Health Care is a complex issue. Democrats will only win if it is presented so Americans understand it.

  81. @Tom It will not have to be explained to the millions who lose coverage. All that will be necessary is for the Democrats to publicize that it was Trump and Republicans who took it away.

  82. @Tom They do understand it. This is why they generally (now) oppose efforts to dismantle the ACA. Mueller took away the gun that the Democrats were holding on trump (Russian collusion), and Trump has taken a different one back out of the drawer (ACA repeal) and put it to his own head.

  83. I'm always shocked when politicians that have first-rate health coverage themselves are so eager to deny their own constituients the right to affordable health care. Nothing will change as long as profit is part of the equation. Perhaps a small percentage of the trillions that America spends on the military could be used for universal health care.

  84. @Ron Brown yes and the most galling part Is that we the taxpayers pay for their healthcare and health insurance.

  85. This should be the number one issue for the election in 2020 because no matter what type of insurance you have, everyone is covered by the ACA's protections for pre-existing conditions, and Trump is trying to eliminate those protections. The Democrats need to communicate to every voter in Red States that Republicans are actively working to take away their health insurance (millions of people in Red States benefit from the ACA's Medicaid expansion). Maybe this will accelerate the transition to an expanded Medicare system.

  86. A pattern seems to be emerging with the repealers on one side and the medicare for all people on the other. Nancy Pelosi will recommend tweaking the affordable care act, and that is probably going to save it. But that just extends the system of unconscionable profits by insurance, pharmaceuticals and hospitals. The ACA was a compromise to begin with between the profiteers and those of us who wanted a government funded system like most other democracies .

  87. Thank you, Mr. Trump, you just gave us the ball to run all the way to 2020. If The Dems can't run with this it is time for a third party. Get all those Republicans from 2018 who swore they were going to protect the provisions of The ACA and hammer them every day with their own words. Republican Mueller wasn't The White Knight to save us from Trump. The bright light is that Trump can't save himself from Trump.

  88. Ok folks, pre-existing conditions aren't just for people with heart conditions or diabetes. Any claim you make, you have a pre-existing condition after that. I fractured a vertebrae in an accident a six months before Obamacare came into effect. In the emergency room, they poked at my stomach and it hurt (I hurt *everywhere*). Insurance company refused to pay for some of the care saying I had a pre-existing condition with "abdominal tenderness" (I hurt head to toe). I had been with the company for eight years and if I had actually had an issue before, it would have been while I was covered with them, not something I came into it having. I then moved to another state, insurance company would grandfather me in. They cancelled my current plan before moving into the new one. They then rejected my transfer and "couldn't" (read "wouldn't") reinstate my original plan, so I'm stuck without coverage. No other insurance company would touch me since I now had multiple pre-existing conditions that I didn't have a few months ago. Oh, they'd take my money, as much as anyone else paid, but wouldn't cover my back or anything related to my back. "My knee hurts." "Well, that's because your back is off." "My shoulder isn't feeling well." "That's connected to your back isn't it?" Get the picture? Oh, and I also had "abdominal tenderness" to add to the mix. Pre-existing conditions can affect *everyone*. Luckily it only a few more months until obamacare started.

  89. Add to this, Utah and Idaho voters passed referendums to expand Medicaid in their states and and now their GOP legislatures are trying to find ways to rollback or override the will of the majority of their voters. The will of the people is becoming more irrelevant by the day.

  90. @L Blair As long as people continue to vote for Republicans who only support policies that benefit the wealthy, this situation will continue. The answer is to NEVER vote for a Republican.

  91. I have endured the last two and a half years with an increasingly heavy heart--- and now I am reading the news with tears in my eyes.

  92. The Democrats need to act in the House supported by all Presidential candidates. They should propose the following legislation The “ Anti Gouging “ act that enforces prescription drug prices at a basket of industrialized nations levels. This will reduce costs for all Americans and end the fact that Americans today subsidize the rest of the World. Create a public option utilizing the Medicare infrastructure and building in subsidies for low income individuals. This effectively makes Medicare AVAiLABLE for all and ensures those who have employer insurance can keep it. Protect preexisting conditions as an imperative , protect Obamacare to the extent they can. Last but not least , Congress and politicians in general are not capable of coming up with a viable health care system that substantially lowers cost and provides total availability. A panel of experts should be convened to work on a pathway to Universal Health Care using the German model as a benchmark. Do this now Speaker Pelosi, Put it on The a Senate leaders desk and watch him prevaricate . This will ensure the House , Senate and Presidency will all be in Democrats hands come January 2021

  93. The Affordable Care Act, when passed, was a monumental, if flawed, step towards universal health coverage in the US. The lack of a public option, and the Supreme Court’s unconsciously bad decision to allow states to opt out of Medicaid expansion, have obviously kneecapped progress toward universal coverage. At this point, I see no point continuing on with the ACA in it’s enviscerated form as it’s reliance on the private insurance model is not achieving progress towards universal coverage and it never will. Let the Republicans and their corrupt judges invalidate it and live with the aftermath. Once the medical industrial complex starts to loose money, and the public backlash becomes unsustainable, newly elected Democrats can build an equitable and affordable health care system quickly. Yes, there will be disruption and people will be able to afford health services, at least in the short run. Linking each and every horror story to Republican House and Senare candidates votes is an essential part of this strategy.

  94. DNC and all Democrats: a pillar of the 2020 campaign should be preserving the ACA as it was intended, and not Medicare for all. This is an issue that crosses party divides, and affects millions of people. The overturning of the ACA would be a cruelty to countless Americans who rely on it or could potentially benefit from it. Selling the concept of protecting Americans would be a strong positive message for the American people. It would also help to preserve the legacy of a popular and compassionate president who worked hard to protect those who need it.

  95. @Philz Medicare for All is what would protect Americans, not this hodgepodge gift to Big Insurance that we're stuck with.

  96. @Lifelong New Yorker I completely agree with you, but going into the 2020 election I think the Medicare for all issue would work against us and give Trump and the GOP easy "socialist" talking points. If Democrats can gain the majority in both houses and the presidency we'll have plenty of opportunity to promote Medicare for all.

  97. @Lifelong New Yorker You do realize it won't be free? Please work to fix what we have with so great an effort passed, and include the original options, not the ones the Republicans have snipped away. Also -- originally there were measures included to make sure that dollars went to healthcare, rather than the administrators who get the lion-share -- in profits. Please. Purity test help us lose, all of us.

  98. Dear Trump Fans : When you lose your Insurance, be sure and thank your Uncle Donald, and his Collaborators. Perhaps HE will give you a Loan, to save your Life, or that of your Child. Sad.

  99. The reason is only about one thing: DJT personal revenge against the late Sen. McCain, who went against the administration and cast the final vote against the last repeal attempt.

  100. So this is “We will get great healthcare for our people”?? Nothing at all proposed in its place? And also lots of talk of cutting Medicare?? His supporters are truly fools. To have taken his bait, hook, line and sinker.

  101. Take away our ability to get health insurance! A sure fire winning issue for Trump in 2020.

  102. Republicans have been telling voters that they were serious about protecting people with preexisting conditions, and that they had a better health care plan. They lied about both - actually they want to put everything back the way it was. Voters need to wake up to these lies or it might literally kill or bankrupt them.

  103. The vicious, sadistic cruelty of this man has no boundaries. If he wins a second term, or even before since the release of pieces of the Mueller report has put DT in an extremely aggressive mode, he will feel vindicated and will pursue dictatorial power. In all my experience of Presidents since Eisenhower, I've never seen such an evil, souless, and psychopathic individual harboring in the Oval Office.

  104. Everyone who thinks this is a gift to the Democrats is dead wrong. Republican/Trump voters only care about three things: Making abortion illegal Making sure Jesus is in schools Keeping their guns And they're willing to sacrifice anything, including their health and their democracy, to these three things.

  105. Go ahead, Trump, overturn the law. We are still waiting for the "something fabulous" plan that will cost us nothing! Maybe once Obamacare is no longer available, the many Trump supporters who have it will realize it was the ACA. Surprise!

  106. Sounds like Brexit all over again. How about coming up with a replacement before crashing the current health care system?

  107. Every day there is something to feel outraged about, to the point of outrage fatigue. But, it is up to us to gather our energy once again to fight for our health and human dignity under this foul president and the destructive Republicans. We have to get very loud again, get angry and hit the phones and the streets to stop this disgrace! It is up to all of us to stand up and say no!

  108. This lawsuit is simply the continuation of Donald Trump’s birther campaign, begun a year after the Affordable Care Act came into being. Judge O’Connor’s ruling, shoved forward by Republican governors and allied interests, is just a white man’a attack upon a black president’s law. Nothing more. People get sick—mostly unexpectedly. What the Republicans and Trump don’t care to understand is the human component in illness: it strikes everyone at some point. He and they (and their dependents) benefit handsomely from taxpayer-funded health care—for the rest of their lives. They have no compunction about attacking socialized medicine, all the while receiving every benefit that other people’s money affords them. Those who vote Republican ought to consider what no public healthcare law will mean for their children. Or is this a bridge too far?

  109. Now the we are part of the Russian Empire, I’m sure whatever health care model works for them will work for us. The Russians, Trump, the GOP. All together. Finally. In one Party. The Communist/GOP Party. Say goodbye to the Affordable Health Care Act. After all, our Senators have the Politburo version, something ordinary Russians do not get, like us. Say goodbye to everything American. Say goodbye to health care, democracy, freedom, elections, democratic process, free speech, everything. Folks you are part of Russia now. Get use to it. Things are going to be different.

  110. How about a Daily podcast episode expanding on this story? This seems much more necessary for informing the public about the things this administration is doing to destroy our society.

  111. Why are Republicans so dead set against health insurance for Americans? I wish someone would explain it to me. Are they really so heartless that they purposely would repeal the ACA and leave all those millions without insurance? What is the point of that? What does it win them? How does it help the Republican Party to take away health insurance? I just don't get it. I understand that Trump doesn't like the ACA because Obama started it, but what about all the people who depend on it, many of them Republicans? Why punish them? What is at the bottom of Republican aversion to health insurance?

  112. I have the same question. After 42 years in healthcare I have seen firsthand the pain and suffering that comes with inadequate or no health insurance. Why, why, why?

  113. He doesn't give a rip about the Affordable Care Act. Who and why is this truck being driven? I want to know. We are going to let millions of people to go uncovered? Really?

  114. Regardless of the special counsel’s report, this is one of the main issues for 2020. The cruelty of this intention is so inhumane I can’t think of a word to describe it. Witness the revolt of museums against the sackler family donations discussed in the Times and that should be a harbinger of what the promoters of this plan should face when they stand for re-election. It is about the money - and some have found the moral strength to make a stand and say it’s more about what is right.

  115. Trump and the Republicans campaigned on a platform of "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" but without any specifics on what replacement means. They still don't have a plan to replace Obamacare, but the Trump administration continues to work towards repeal. It is a losing issue fed by Trump's hate of anything associated with Obama. Trump would probably accept an identical plan called Trumpcare. If the Republicans really cared about providing good healthcare for the American people, they would work with Democrats to amend and improve the ACA.

  116. Many Republican voters will lose coverage if this were to happen. It's a irresponsible move in addition to being politically harmful to Republicans and Trump in my view.

  117. Please, please, please wipe out Obamacare. Too bad for the thousands who will die, but the end result will be to hand the Dems the biggest political gift Trump could give them, other than the coming recession on his watch, of course. Bush I had his. Bush II had his. Now that we have another Republican president, we'll obviously have to have another. Recessions follow Republican presidential wins as the night the day. Anyway, please justices, help Trump destroy himself ASAP.

  118. @Fred White Sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately I think most Americans would just passively accept the new normal. Especially since so many have already been brainwashed to hate Obamacare or many other things that might actually be in their interest.

  119. This perfectly illustrates why we must vote out Mr. Trump and his party. Forget the Russians and the investigation. Mr. Trump's childishness--his crusade to undermine every Obama accomplishment, his nursing of grudges against former and even dead competitors--and the damage that he and the GOP are bent upon inflicting on the nation and the world--provide more than enough reason to vote 'em out. No matter who the Dems nominate. With much sadness for my country and the world, Harriet in San Francisco

  120. Wouldn't it be great if Republicans actually, for once, got everything they wanted and the Dems didn't save them from themselves?

  121. It's funny how this is Trump's #1 issue right after the end of the Mueller investigation. I am wondering that now that he knows he isn't going to be indicted for anything, maybe he decided he doesn't want to get reelected. The only reason he wanted to get reelected was to run out the clock on the statute of limitations which only lasts for 5 years. He knows that health insurance is the #1 issue for most people in this country so by threatening to take it away, his poll numbers will go down and no one will vote for him. Why else would he be doing this. He could be talking about infrastructure which would be a bipartisan issue.

  122. @CB The wall, repeat ACA: his signature campaign promises. And he won. If he delivers he thinks he will win again.

  123. @CB It could be argued that he has been trying to not get elected since early 2016. Look at his attacks on John McCain. Completely against his interests, and with no upside.

  124. @JL With the election only 18 months away very little of his wall will be built. Hopefully, the Dem POTUS's first act will be to cancel the idiotic edifice.

  125. Health care was the one overriding issue that caused the blue wave in the 2018 mid-terms. The GOP's singular focus on eliminating health insurance for millions of Americans while lining the pockets of the rich MUST be the path to removing them from power next year.

  126. @GB Please add to that another Supreme Court Justice.

  127. Remember when "Keep your government hands off my Medicare" was a big joke? Well, heck, give 'em time. They're working on it!

  128. This is the latest episode of “I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and my people would still back me.” So now he wants to look his rallyers in the eye and brag to them that he is taking away their health care...and hear them cheer...presumably because they have learned to hate Obama more than they like their kids’ lives.

  129. The march of the morally bankrupt Republican Party continues lead by the most corrupt and vulgar President of my lifetime. Vote my friends.

  130. @Steven Certainly not just your lifetime. Trump is clearly the most corrupt and vulgar president in the history of the nation.

  131. The Republicans are indeed "in an awkward position," and the Democrats, predictably, are doing all they can to help their Republican friends get out of it by introducing a legislative compromise (which has no chance of passing anyway, thanks to Mitch McConnell). Instead they should hold off on their healthcare bill until this idiotic lawsuit makes its way through the courts. Then, if the Affordable Care Act is struck down as a result, they should refuse to work with the Republicans on a substitute. The Republicans alone are responsible for this mess: let them suffer the consequences, good and hard.

  132. @Fred Unfortunately, your solution puts millions of our fellow citizen's lives at risk. Regardless of their political affiliation, no one should be without adequate health care. Because Congress has a golden insurance policy, the Republicans won't suffer the consequences of their actions, other people will. I could support the idea that Congress has the same insurance that the rest of us can afford instead of platinum coverage paid by us.

  133. @ExPatMX I thought Congress has the same insurance as the rest of us. Last I checked my representative purchased her insurance through FEHB.

  134. I have cancer. I am on Medicaid. This is not funny, GOP, this is my life.

  135. I hope the whole thing is killed. Americans need to feel the pain of their political decisions.

  136. @William Mansfield, well, let's hope at least the half of them that continually make wrong decisions.

  137. @William Mansfield My Trump voting friends don't get it. They have multiple preexisting conditions and a few of their kids do too. None of them can afford the $200 per doctor office visit or the specialty drugs they must take. They don't have $100K jobs with fantastic benefits. So if the ACA goes down in flames, and they have to crowd source, beg or fill out 20 page documents for charity care so be it. Trump doesn't care AT ALL about the MAGA poor bad cattle. I guess it takes not being able to afford pediatric mobility devices and other services before they wake up.

  138. Trump promised every person guaranteed cheaper and better health care. He lied. Yawn.

  139. @Joe B. Sad, but true. And everyone has become numb to it. Terrifying.

  140. All of this stuff about The Donald’s Russian handling is indeed dangerous to the country, but the Republican and Trumpian obsession with destroying health care for millions of their own constituents is truly criminal and out in plain sight. Democrats, sane Republicans (if any are left) and all Americans should pound this hateful idea back into the swamp it arose from. Being from Texas, I am truly ashamed that this lawsuit arose here, but I have come to expect nothing less from our stellar state government.

  141. The oligarchs (and the Russians) are using their puppet Trump to enrich the already extremely wealthy, destroy our environment, and generally cause chaos in the United States of America, and they are succeeding. What a nightmare!

  142. I have no doubt that the American people will gladly give up their healthcare and savings for the glory or MAGA. Time and again we see how we're happy to harm one another to help the rich and harm the innocent. We incarcerate one another endlessly for nonviolent crimes, distribute guns to any lunatic that wants to slaughter and allow any corporation the right to pollute or sell fatal products for profit. This just fits right in with the rest of our policies. And, based on how we treat ourselves, you can probably imagine how we treat foreign countries. We've become the very evil we once pretended to oppose in the world.

  143. @CR Hare MAGA hats made in China, trademarked in 2012. Yay for us!

  144. And where is that GOP health care plan we’ve been hearing about for 10 years?

  145. It ran off with the Infrastructure Bill, and a ton of money they’d stole from Interior. Word is they’re living happily in Guadalajara.

  146. @Ziggy The GOP health care plan is simple, its take care of your self. It's pure capitalism. Every man for himself.

  147. The procedure Melania Trump had done last year (if reports are correct) was the same one I had done that very same month. Mine was outpatient and I was sent home heavily sedated. Melania was in the hospital for a week. I am sure Taxpayers footed the bill. Trump is so bent on destroying anything created by Obama that even when he or his family has benefitted, he remains clueless. And of course, it doesn’t escape me that certainly abolishing the AFCA will benefit big Pharma, Insurance and Hospital corporations who are all probably heavy Trump donors. It’s all about the Benjamins for Trump.

  148. @DISABLED Actually abolishing the ACA would have the opposite effect. By taking away subsidies for health insurance premiums, and Medicaid for those unable to get subsidized payments, would hit big Insurance hard. All those people who are paying a reasonable amount for a $1,500 or more health insurance policy because of ACA subsidies will have to drop it immediately. Those on Medicaid will no longer visit the doctors and in both cases, individuals will no longer be purchasing drugs from Big Pharma. Of course, this is detrimental to health of those individuals, but it is also a big financial hit for insurance companies and big Pharma.

  149. I was one of thousands who supported President Obama's dream and hope to create a law which would bring decent health care to all citizens. I, as an RN, mom, wife, and friend, cried tears of joy when the ACA became law. Finally, finally, the wealthiest nation in the world has caught up with our allies in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere. Mr. Trump, the man who is demanding apologies from those who dared to worry over an adversary interfering in our privileged elections, the man who puts people fleeing violence in cages, who befriends foreign thugs, is once again betraying his oath to protect and care for his own. I call on my American neighbors, Republicans and Democrats, to come together and insist that no one has the right to take away our and our children's health, welfare, and security.

  150. As a candidate, Trump promised affordable health care for ALL Americans. I guess that means that the poor and the sick don’t qualify as real Americans. That’s consistent with the Republican belief that they were elected to represent corporations and the rich. Of course, the irony is that if Trump has his way, much of his base will be without healthcare. Can’t say I’m all that sorry for them. Votes have consequences.

  151. I bet Trump thinks that to be poor and sick is to be weak. Trump doesn’t like the weak. Maybe he’ll have us turn ourselves in at the glue factory so we won’t be a pull on society. The Man in the High Castle here we come.

  152. @Avatar Trump will make health insurance available to poor whites but not blacks. Bet on it.

  153. Good for America not for Trump. This will be the end of his administration in 2020 when his supporters lose their healthcare coverage and will no longer be covered for pre-existing conditions.

  154. @Susan Problem is, they probably won’t be able to tell.

  155. The Texas judge stated that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, but that was already decided by the Supreme Court which held that it was not. Isn’t this judicial activism?

  156. @Isle Roberts decision was predicated on the fact that there was a tax penalty for failing to comply, so it fell under the taxing authority of the Congress. Congress has since repealed that element, so the argument is that the very feature which made it constitutional before is now missing. I think the argument should still fail (for other reasons, having to do with severability), but it's too simple to say 'but SCOTUS already ruled.'

  157. @Warbler Ridiculous twisting of words. Congress passed the ACA, president Obama was re-elected and Congress did not repeal the law. What the heck is wrong with the Republicans? The whole party is totally out of control and a danger to democracy.

  158. I thought ex post facto was prohibited, but I am an engineer, not a lawyer.

  159. A commenter ascribes noble motives to the insurance companies who've opposed repeal of the ACA: "If the insurance companies ... largely oppose repeal of the ACA, please explain who will benefit ... " I do think the government should insure its citizen's health. Spend less on forever wars, and divert money to health insurance. However, I suspect the motives of private insurance companies here. The ACA has been great for them so far. After all, if an individual can't afford high health insurance premiums, the federal government sure can. It's another deep pocket.

  160. My state did not expand Medicaid, despite warnings from the Alabama Hospital Association that smaller hospitals were on the brink of bankruptcy. Since then, we have lost 13 rural hospitals, including one in my town. This is a severe hit to the local economy and makes attracting new industries more difficult. We suffer from a Fox News mentality that causes us to injure ourselves for the sake of propaganda that benefits only the wealthy. I think even severely brainwashed people will wake up when it becomes life and death for their families. Who among the Democrats will explain this in a way the average working person can understand? Don’t be too quick to dismiss Bernie. He is crystal clear.

  161. @Bamagirl Sadly, there are people that will never get it. I have had so many ludicrous conversations over the past few years that it's very discouraging. At my hairdresser's, one lady was complaining about "Obamacare", and how expensive the premiums are, and with giant deductibles. I told her that she can thank the great state of NC for not expanding Medicaid, and explained why. My hairdresser chimed in and said "I didn't get my policy through Obamacare, I got it through the ACA". Later on, same place, different conversation, I mentioned that my husband just hired a woman to do a labor intensive job that men traditionally do, so I made it clear to him that we would pay her equal to what we pay the men. One lady said "I really don't think that happens". At the local place where I sometimes get breakfast, I heard two old men talking about how we should just build a wall right down the middle of the Rio Grande, that it would be harder to cross, people would drown first. They said all that as they were being served by a Latina waitress. When they finished that talk, they moved on to one man's inability to get his meds covered this year. My daughter was in a public place recently where someone openly compared Michele Obama to a monkey. Seriously. People have become way too comfortable with their openly racist behavior since 2016. Things have gotten so ugly, it's hard to breathe. It's like that pretty much everywhere here. How does a person get through to people like that?

  162. @Bamagirl people that vote against their economic interests are doing so because they are likely to be single issue voters. 1. Abortion These people are riled up against abortion. Nothing else matters. But wait, without hospitals and insurance coverage the family will get sicker faster and what could have been prevented will require extended hospital stays and surgeries. So, who's paying for that? Not the Republicans and MAGA hat wearers. No problem, Republicans don't care if poor people die. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge says: Let them die and decrease the surplus population.

  163. @Bamagirl, I truly am sorry for what the former confederate state of Alabama has done to its peeps. But it is your peeps who gladly vote for the GOP- in every office-- local, state and worst of all-- federal. Alabamans are a true minority of Americans-- in numbers, in dollars and in values that most of us hold dear. Because of our 18th century governing document, your state has more power than it deserves, and much more power than states like CA. So as one of a handful of democrats (and I thank you for your good sense) in your sad state, please do not imagine that your opinion that Bernie is the best candidate matters at all. Let's let blue states assert their power to nominate a candidate we believe can win. All we ask of you is that you get like-minded folks to register to vote and get out to vote in November 2020.

  164. I should care that the Mueller Report concluded that Trump didn’t actively collude with Russia and that he would therefore gain standing as he approaches his re-election campaign? WHY? LOOK at what that vile excuse for a man is trying to do! Take insurance away from sick people...the very worst of the worst, he really is beyond being beneath contempt.

  165. If this law is invalidated then every member of President Trump's administration should lose their health insurance at the same time and pay for all of their medical care from their own funds, period. This is beyond ridiculous. This is being done solely because Mr. Trump hates President Obama. And taking out his hate on his fellow Americans who truly need this coverage? President Trump talks about people doing "evil things" in the context of pushing Mr. Mueller's investigation of him. Take a look in the mirror, Mr. President, who is acting in an evil manner now?

  166. If they do manage to wipe out the ACA, you can just about guarantee that in 2020 a blue tidal wave will bring us Medicare for All.

  167. @Jeanne Prine Agreed. I think the democrats should let the President win on this and people will wake up and go berserk.

  168. Emboldened by the Barr letter. this is a victory lap and fulfillment of a campaign promise. The president is at war. The time has come to respond, or perish as a nation.

  169. What better way to celebrate the Mueller report than by snatching healthcare away from 15 million people? Whatever goes on in this dark man's head cannot is not a pretty thing.

  170. Ok, not a popular position but this is what those of you who voted for Trump wanted. You got it, now stop complaining and get on with your lives, unsupported, unsubsidized lives. This is what you want for others, now you too can have it.

  171. Babies born with birth defects have pre-existing conditions from the moment of birth. I guess the party that touts itself as pro-life doesn’t care much once a fetus becomes a living, breathing child.

  172. Democrats listen carefully. Forget Medicare for all. Offer a buy in as an ACA alternative if you must. Do not take away the combination system (ACA plus private insurance) that is growing and maturing. Medicare for all scares the pants off those that have employer based coverage. And won’t those employers who will then be off the hook elated (yeah, sure they’ll give you the money to pay for Medicare for all insurance, let me sell you a bridge). The beauty of the ACA is that it has grown and matured in a slow and steady way. It is a solid and evolving law. It even beat Trump. If you, Democrats, start arguing Medicare for all, Trump will win and then there will be nothing. Don’t be fools. Medicare for all is a pipe dream that will turn off all long time employees of most companies in the US that provide health coverage. And by the way, if you are still reading, how about focusing on life important issues like this rather than collusion, Barr, Mueller, etc. That you haven’t caught on to Trump’s games yet is quite disappointing.

  173. @Rainy Night I have employer based coverage. I WANT THEM TO TAKE IT AWAY. I am not scared. I was upset, though, when Obama pushed through the ACA instead of the genuine health care reform that I thought he campaigned on.

  174. Trump is the GOP. The GOP is Trump. There is no space between them. He makes their wildest, greediest fantasies come true. They want to punish the poor simply for being poor, while the rich get richer and our schools and roads crumble. They want to play golf while their fellow citizens who were not so lucky to be born rich struggle endlessly under the burden of debt.

  175. - Donald Trump raised my taxes by taking away the SALT deduction (while he got a tax cut large enough to buy another private plane). - He has made my country less safe by not denouncing white supremacy, racism and anti-semitism; in actuality he seems to embrace it for the chaos it delivers, which he wallows in. - Now he wants to take away my Health Care. The affordable care act works for me. I have affordable healthcare, I can see doctors and I will not lose everything I spent a lifetime building if I have a healthcare crisis. Donald Trump wants to take away that safety net and make everyone even more vulnerable, expose every American to the risk of loosing their house and everything else they spent a lifetime building because of a misfortune of a sickness. Repealing the Affordable Care Act is not going to make America great again for anyone.

  176. Why would any honest person in Congress vote to remove people’s insurance?

  177. @Javaforce Because they HONESTLY don't care about the people who elected them. They HONESTLY care about the people who are legally allowed to bribe them instead. And the American people overall are too fat and happy (while some how simultaneously being angry at each other) to care. Say what you want about corruption in places like Brazil, and there is certainly a lot to say; but at least they are willing to send corrupt politicians, even former presidents, to jail. W and Dick committed war crimes and crashed the world economy, yet they still walk free in the US. Sadly, I don't expect anything different for the likes of Trump or McConnell when they leave office after taking all they can from the United States.

  178. This seems like big news. Like something that could affect tens of millions of Americans in a huge way. Yet it's not the lead headline.

  179. Yep, this is a fantastic idea. Let's have a healthcare version of Brexit: Obexit. Scrap affordable healthcare with no replacement plan so that hundreds of thousands of people get sick and die. Do it all because of self-centered anger, the insecure need to destroy everything that you have not personally created, and an attachment to ideas with no correlation with reality. Keep up the good work, Trumpists! Obexit 2019!

  180. Following this will come “entitlement reform” - the destruction of Medicare and the dismantling of social security, both of which Republicans consider “welfare”, even though Americans pay into them.

  181. @TheUglyTruth It's that dirty Socialism! Dirty! Besides, the Republicans can privitize all of that, right? There's profit to be made!

  182. Let's have more people who desperately depend on government funded healthcare and other programs vote for those who will take it away from them or not vote at all. The shame is that citizens who depend on various programs and look out for their own interests and that of others pay the price. When I see sound bites on tv of Trump rallies, I wonder how many of the howling mob would be lost without food stamps, Medicaid, home heating vouchers, and other life necessities. We all suffer because of them. They seem to think these necessities come from Santa Claus, not a protective government.

  183. @Elliot Podwill They think they will still get it because they are deserving and those other people don't. After all, OTHER people are freeloaders. And probably some shade of brown.

  184. I would have expected them to enjoy their new political capital for at least a bit before doing something so unpopular but, whatever.

  185. We will have the greatest health care, said Trump. Guess the greatest health care is no health care for Republicans and this administration. The Republicans did not cast a single vote for the Affordable Heath Care Act and have tried repeatedly to repeal it without anything to replace it except getting rid of protections for pre-existing conditions so they can create cheap plans to undercut and destroy the health care markets. Yet Obama's plan was one developed by Republican think tanks to counter the idea of Medicare for all or a public option. Billions to kill people with military weapons but nothing to keep people alive? Destroy peoples lives, rip kids from parents arms at the boarder. What a great President, what a great Republican party.

  186. As a Canadian, we don't see those House selling Medical Bills. And while the Canadian Oligarch's may pay for US priority medical services, our average lifespan is pulling away from Americans. PS. I don't know anyone who went to the US for medical procedures.

  187. I was treated at a Canadian Hospital on a trip there about seven years ago. And...the care was outstanding. The costs, which the hospital (Prince George Hospital in B.C.) quoted me before the emergency operation were about ten percent of that in the USA. Fortunately, I am on Medicare and the costs were reimbursed under the $50,000 emergency out of country program. If I was younger, I would emigrate to Canada today where my great grandparents emigrated to from France. They moved down to Maine from Quebec during the Great Depression. I recommend the change for all young people in the USA today who are not part of the upper ten percent. For all practical purposes the American government has been sold to the highest bidder which means corporations and rich billionaires. The Republicans, besides creating an oligarchy have created a fuedal system dependent on never ending war. We are witnessing the declining days of Rome all over again with a delusional psychopath at the helm.

  188. Now would be a good time for Mr. Trump to unveil that "big, beautiful" plan that will cover everyone and cost less that he talked about during the campaign.

  189. @JVG Yes, not a word about that B.B. Plan since the campaign, only destroying what's left of the ACA! (AND my 2018 tax return did NOT fit on a postcard as he promised . . .)

  190. To be replaced by... what? Republicans have had over ten years to come up with better. For those with no memories, the current form of the ACA is largely their doing. They insisted on giving profit making private providers a huge interlock into the process. They also insisted on state level implementation - which allowed some states to do it well and enthusiastically - while others could kick and resist, or not implement it at all. Almost a decade of obstruction, court blocks, and tear down efforts, including several at the Supreme Court, has followed. They controlled Congress completely - but created nothing new to replace it. Why? Because, they don’t want ANY replacement. No national health care at all! Most Americans want a decent health care program! Many millions of American families depend on the ACA, including a vast portion of the Republican Base. Removing healthcare will lead to economic chaos, and financial ruin all across the country. Thanks to vast Republican effort, the ACA is not yet what it could be. Republicans have spent more formal efforts on the obstruction or removal of the ACA than on any other single issue in US history. Yet, the ACA still stands as the only half decent thing given to Average Americans in my adult lifetime - while entire mountains of legislation has been passed to benefit big business, and the very wealthy. We have become a nation enslaved to serving the entitlement debts we gave to those who need it least. Now this!

  191. @GWBear . To be fair, the Democrats controlled both houses of legislature, had 60 votes in the senate, and the presidency, and they failed to pass anything better than the ACA. The blame for ACA goes both ways.

  192. Regardless of where one stands on the merits of the ACA, the fact that this massive bill (not at all uncommon in today's Congress) contains so many disparate provisions that are now endangered clearly illustrates - as if we need even more examples - how poorly Congress is doing its job. Trying to cover everything under the sun none overly complex package puts the whole thing at risk in these now inevitable court battles. Yes, there are generally severability clauses, but when the underlying premise of a bill fails then it can all go out the window. Congress needs to do what it used to do, and stop passing omnibus bills covering ridiculously unrelated issues, and massive 1000+ page monstrosities like the ACA (with ensuing thousands of supporting regulations), instead pass more smaller bills covering these items. More work? Gasp, yes, perhaps. They might have to stop going on vacation every other month, or working three day weeks, or wasting time on hearings that do little more that provide sound bites and "Spartacus moments" for their own aggrandizement. The American people need to demand and expect more, and not let them off because of purely partisan reasons.

  193. @George S Ha! You say that as though Republicans were willing to even consider a single part of a plan to cover all Americans! It's a big, bulky, needs-improvement Act because the idea was to bring about comprehensive change--not just get Republicans to concede, after a 10-year fight--that a single illness could be covered for 3 months and then the person never ever gets help again (i.e., Republicans would only ever give meaningless bits and call that 'fair').

  194. @George S As long as one party exists solely to oppose any sort of government benefit to the governed, there will be no change incremental or otherwise.

  195. @LBW I don’t know where you find I’m defending or excusing Republicans. Any more than I’m excusing Democrats. Sorry, but BOTH parties, albeit perhaps in different ways contribute to the mess I described. If you reread my post I’m speaking about Congressional law making, and how lazy and slipshod it has becom, enabling courts and opponents to eclipse legislative efforts as result. I’m not saying it will happen - indeed , in our current climate I’m pessimistic- but the point is what SHOULD be happening and what we should be demanding. Please don’t fall into the all too common trap of holding one party to blame and one totally blameless. There’s lots of blame and shame for both sides.

  196. I suspect this commenter didn't read the article: "The Texas judge stated that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, but that was already decided by the Supreme Court which held that it was not. Isn’t this judicial activism?" In the initial ACA case, in which justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion upholding the ACA, he was quite critical of it but changed at the end when he declared that the ACA's non-coverage penalty was essentially a "tax" and that Congress has Constitutional authority to levy taxes, without any obligation to justify a tax. Under Trump, the non-coverage penalty has disappeared. No longer is a taxpayer required to pay a "tax" if the taxpayer doesn't have health insurance. The Texas judge ruled that this was a game-changer. If the ACA was justified only under Congress' taxing power, and there's no longer any "tax" imposed for non-coverage, , aren't Roberts' other criticisms of the ACA valid now? The Texas district court judge ruled that they are, and I suspect the US Supreme Court will agree. Congress needs to come up with something other than the ACA, though I'm not optimistic that it will. As several commenters have pointed out, Trump promised to come up with a "great" health plan to replace the ACA, but so far it's been crickets. Now is the time. We need to change our priorities from fighting wars in the Middle East to insuring the health of Americans. Government's role should be limited, but health care is part of that role.

  197. @MyThreeCents It was the individual mandate that was being challenged in the case you refer to. Chief Justice Roberts ruled that it was essentially a tax and so within Congress' power. This new case alleges that without the individual mandate the entire ACA must fall. That's a completely new argument and yes, the judge who bought it was engaged in judicial activism.

  198. Trump’s hatred of Obama knows no end. The fire of his hate will consume him.

  199. If we are not first consumed.

  200. @Joe - I believe that jealousy and frustration are at the heart of his obsession. Just as he couldn't compete with the accomplishments of John McCain, he could not acquire the personal attributes of Barack Obama. Personal qualities are something money can't buy, hence Trump's frustration.

  201. @Joe And not too soon!

  202. Can we refer to trump supporters as strumpets?

  203. Why do Trump and the GOP hate Americans so much?

  204. @kmgh How can you say that? They all seem to love rich Americans.

  205. Trump supporters often think they will not get sick, will die in their sleep, or actually think they get healthcare free if they do not pay insurance like "suckers who pay". Some have VA coverage. Then there are the hard drinking, smoking crowd who see health advice as an imposition on their freedom. The Trump supporters self destructive tendencies and lack of information cannot be underestimated. Many see information as an enemy. Fantasy land, manipulated by U.S. money and Putin as a cheap fixer.