At Kansas, a No. 4 Seed Just Doesn’t Feel the Same

The Jayhawks’ 14-year run of Big 12 championships ended this season, but a depleted roster is a bigger concern as the N.C.A.A. tournament opens.

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  1. There are two types of KU basketball fans, a fan who follows the team and a fan who loves the team, regardless of how they perform. I am of the latter category. My daughter and grandson join me in that category. Why? Because, once one falls in love with KU basketball, the love becomes a part that person. It is an emotional attachment. We feel pain when the team loses a game. Each win, and we see a lot of wins, resembles the enthusism a seven-year-old kid on Christmas morning. The team is an extension of family. The incoming freshmen and transfer players immediatly become family. Allen Fieldhouse! There is no place on Planet Earth like Allen Fieldhouse. Even while sitting on a hard bench in the corner of the last row, the heart rate increases by 20, 30, even 50 bpm, and that is before tipoff. I went to K-State, the arch rival of KU, but when the two play, I am always clad in the crimson and blue of KU. That my friends is being a KU basketball lover.

  2. I neglected to add, great article Billy, thank you.

  3. @Terry got it!

  4. @Terry Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU !!!

  5. Well here we go--March madness has arrived---and right on the heels of admissions madness---both stories perfectly frame our what our culture values most---branding and circuses.

  6. I never went to KU but I married into a Jayhawk family. We love to watch the Hawks play basketball. Yes, this has been a disappointing year. It was bound to happen as in all great runs of luck and timing. It won't change how we feel about the team or the coach. There is always next year when the freshmen will be seasoned players. I was dumb founded that the NYT even knew there was a University of Kansas. We here in the "flyover zone" rarely get noticed. Thanks Billy. I'm sorry you didn't say more when were on top last year and headed for the Final Four.

  7. @SKwriter I'm on the West Coast and know that KU has been a perennial powerhouse in NCAA basketball. I generally get my NCAA sports knowledge via ESPN, which is widely available around the country. They consistently have talked about the KU program and Bill Self, so I'm not sure what you are talking about. Do you not get ESPN in the "flyover states"?

  8. @AliciaM Snarky, but yes we do I was talking about the NYT. Thanks.

  9. KU Jayhawk basketball is a tradition that is larger than any one year's team or season of wins and losses. A year like 2018-2019 with its disappointments will fade in memory. A year like 1988 when the Jayhawks beat the heavily favored University of Oklahoma Sooners for the national championship (83-79) will always shine brightly.

  10. @Doug Hill I was on the KU campus in the fall after the 1988 championship. What a wonderful atmosphere!

  11. It's interesting that the Adidas logo is so conspicuous in the lead image, especially since a chunk of the text also discusses the company. Conspiracy theorists enjoy!

  12. My sense from what's come out at the trial so far is that Adidas paid players to go to Kansas, and that Self certainly knew. Kansas is certainly going to get hit with probation, loss of scholarships and who know what other sanctions. You'd have to be in deep denial to not see what's coming to Kansas.

  13. I think every NCAA Championship game Kansas has played had a player(s) ruled that they were in NCAA violation(s) the following year (or two). KU will tell the NCAA that they will penalize the track team for the MBB infractions. kind of like when Texas found out that they had more people killed by firearms than automobile accidents so to fix the problem they increased the speed limit on all state highways.

  14. Lost in this is that literally every NCAA major program has shoe money and the same exposure to this scandal, albeit with different companies. Zion Williamson had a price for signing that figured heavily in the summer trial. Duke, as a private school, was able to hire his father and somehow escape scrutiny. Kansas seems to be the one school taking beatings with concern trolling newspapers. The NCAA makes billions off of basketball--the modern game that Kansas did much to invent. They should share the revenue with the players now. The chances of a pro career are so slight, but the money for college sports is astronomical.