Senate Rejects Trump’s Border Emergency Declaration, Setting Up First Veto

The Senate voted to overturn President Trump’s national emergency declaration, delivering a bipartisan rebuke for what lawmakers in both parties saw as executive overreach.

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  1. Poor Donald. Still can't seem to wrap his mind around the constitution. Perhaps a coloring book format would prove useful??

  2. A coloring book with numbers. He will need structure and guidance.

  3. @Concerned Citizen Except he has always completely ignored structure and guidance.

  4. @Concerned Citizen That will work as long as the numbers are always fewer that the ten fingers on his tiny hands.

  5. Question. After Trump's veto, do the House and Senate get to vote again to see if there is 67% support to override the veto? No doubt there's alot of collusion going on between Republican senators, with some in blue and purple states being allowed to vote "yes", but ensuring that ultimately they don't hit 67% yes.

  6. @Occams razor Yes, in answer to your question. That's why the real test of courage/presence of any type of backbone will come after he vetoes what they send to him.

  7. Trump wants to be a Dictator. He will do anything; literally anything to stay in power. The Wall is a symbol to his base; "I alone can protect you from people of Color". Say No to the wall; say No to hate. Ray Sipe

  8. You the Man, Ray. And I mean that in a very good way.

  9. @Ray Sipe He might NEED to be a dictator to protect him from justice.

  10. After blowing up and the deficit and the debt, insulting our allies, supporting murdering dictators, decimating the EPA, sexually assaulting women, taking Russian and North Korean dictators' words over our own intelligence community's, and the list goes on and on - the GOP Senate is upset about a spending proposal - saying it's unconstitutional - it's hard to believe they really are concerned about the constitution or anything for that matter other than the large piles of money they have accumulated and the expense of the American people.

  11. @Moonwood The "emergency," from the Grand Old Plunderers' point of view, is that this would set a precedent that a Democratic President could cite in declaring a climate emergency. How then would they continue to "deliver" for their pals in the fossil fuel industries?

  12. @Moonwood - "After blowing up and the deficit and the debt, insulting our allies, supporting murdering dictators.." Obama?

  13. Every Republican Senator should be voting to reject Trump's unconstitutional power grab. Members of Congress who side with Trump on this non-emergency will be violating their oaths to protect the Constitution. If the GOP can't stand up to Trump on this issue they can't be trusted to protect the Constitution. They will be appeasing an authoritarian president and destroying our democracy. Vote them out in 2020.

  14. @L The entire GOP deserves impeachment.

  15. Let’s see what the Republicans are really made of. If they cared about this country they would jump ship from trump and McConnell and “Do the right thing”!!!!!!!!

  16. A small shard of hope is emerging that the senate Republicans can at least stand up for their own power.

  17. Why is Republican support for this resolution framed as a defection? It seems to me that Senators who surrender their power to the executive branch are the real defectors.

  18. @Jeremy I completely agree. Congress has the power of the purse. If the senators had any nerve, they wouldn't surrender this power to the executive branch, especially because there's a good chance Trump will lose in 2020.

  19. @Jeremy Because republicans are EXTREMISTS, who frame everything in extremist language. They are also contrarians, framing everything as its opposite. And American sucker philistines fall for it every time.

  20. It’s an implicit recognition that Republicans have put Trump before country, so any break from that is a defection from their primary allegiance.

  21. "With Trump everything is possible," so says Senator Lindsey Graham. Does Graham realize the horrible irony of his (truthful) statement? Yes, anything and everything is possible with Donald Trump at the helm of our government. And that's not a good thing. Trump has no plan, no strategy, no morals, no scruples, no ideology, nothing except his own well being as his guiding light. And we've seen how terrible his actions are when under the influence of his guiding light. Instead of trying to right the drifting ship of the Trump administration, Graham and his fellow Republicans should board the lifeboats of decency and abandon it.

  22. @Tom I support ignorance and uncertainty is the subtext of Graham's comments, which you explain in detail. It is no way to run a lemonade stand let alone the United States.

  23. Everything is perfectly in order, and our Constitution works like a well oiled machine. Democrats used their Congressional power to deny the President what he wants. President used the emergency powers given to him by Congress to get what he wants. Congress is voting to deny him such power in this particular case. President will veto it and get what he wants. If President's moves were so egregious, Congress could override the veto and the President would not get what he wants, but that does not seem to be the case. All levers for the separation of powers worked as intended.

  24. @Henry K. No Henry. Our democracy is in grave danger as we swing wildly in the political winds and very little gets accomplished for the average American.

  25. @Henry K. There are 3 branches of government, not 2. When the veto override does not pass, this will go to the courts, where the President will lose on Constitutional grounds.

  26. @Henry K. Then why have Congress vote on budgets at all? The President's annual budget could be implemented by National Emergency. I'm sure that the GOP would prefer that only Republican Presidents have this unlimited budgeting power, but that might be difficult to implement since neither party will have the power to override a veto in the foreseeable future. You might say that this is a stretch, but it looks like a downward spiral of democracy to me that ends up with us, the voters, electing a King every 4 years, until that also becomes inconvenient to the King.

  27. He tweets: "If at a later date, Congress wants to update the law, I will support those efforts..." Fingers crossed that the senate GOP, who plan to vote in favor of this resolution, understand that this is another lie from the sociopath in chief.

  28. @Amy What he meant was, if at a later date, AFTER I AM NO LONGER PRESIDENT, Congress wants to update the law, I will support those efforts.

  29. @Amy Ie,"let's make sure we change the law by Jan 2021 so Democrats can't do what I just did."

  30. Mitt Romney (our former governor) is showing some spine. But please be careful, everyone. He is in deep with his buddy Benjamin Netanyahu, who has already been cited many charges of corruption. Romney also headed Bain Capital which instead of being a venture capital, behaved like a vulture capital, exploiting entrepreneurs. Romney and sons donate a lot of money (tithe) but they also "legally" hide away in shell companies, stashed in Cayman Islands and such. Although a devout Mormon, according to Gail Collins, he drove with his dog in a crate up on the roof of the car.

  31. @petey tonei Only trump could make Romney look good.

  32. @petey tonei - "but they also "legally" hide away in shell companies, stashed in Cayman Islands and such." Not unique, and it's a safe bet that most would do the same if they had those levels of wealth. I never hear of Democrats volunteering to pay more than their required levels of taxes.

  33. @petey tonei " Although a devout Mormon, according to Gail Collins, he drove with his dog in a crate up on the roof of the car." Is there a connection there? Something in the Book of Mormon about not putting your dog on your carriage's roof? No, I didn't think so.

  34. Finally some Senate republicans buck Trump and uphold the Constitution - even though the motivation is to make sure a future Democrat president can’t declare an emergency to fight climate change or gun violence.

  35. @Mossy The point is a future Democratic president shouldn't be able to unilaterally declare an emergency to fight climate change or gun violence. That's why we have multiple branches of government.

  36. Now if the Senate would simply reject Trump entirely, we’d be on to something special.

  37. Perhaps Romney is preparing for a run against Trump?

  38. @JulieAnn, with all the interest in the dozen-plus Democrats vying to be president in 2020, isn't it weird that there is so little discussion about what to me is the more interesting issue--whether one or more Republicans will also run, and if successful probably save their party from certain defeat, or at least right the ship for future years? I never thought Senator Romney's return to elected office was inspired by boredom with puttering in the garden. At minimum he wanted to provide adult supervision for the party, as he is doing here. And, like you, I had to believe that he was leaving the door open for a presidential run.

  39. @JulieAnn I think Romney is motivated by the humiliation he suffered by Trump in his audition for secretary of state. I hope this is the case.

  40. @JulieAnn And get crushed again? Romney does not seem the masochistic type to me.

  41. "...senators torn between supporting the president’s vision for border security and asserting Congress’s constitutional prerogative to dictate federal spending..." My, my, what an extremely gracious way to say "senators paralyzed with fear of losing their cushy jobs by daring to defy the demagogue who now commands the unquestioning obedience of the party base"!

  42. @Everyman I agree-what a choice! Support a stupid wasteful action or abide by the Constitution. What's surprising to me is how hard a choice that was for some people.

  43. @Everyman love this

  44. Congress controls spending and appropriations. The Grand Old Phonies controlled the Presidency, the House and the Senate for two full years before Trump suddenly declared a 'border crisis' once Democrats were elected to control the House. Trump's fake crisis emergency declaration deserves to be roundly rejected for unConstitutional, impetuous, incompetent power play it is. This is America, not Trumpistan.

  45. @Socrates "Congress controls spending and appropriations...This is America, not Trumpistan." There are over 30 Republican senators who, while they might not admit to it, beg to differ as evidenced by their votes today.

  46. I'm curious how these GOP "defectors" will ultimately be affected. Alexander, Tillis and Collins are all up for re-election in 2020, so it stands to reason that this group of senators believes it to be the politically savvy thing to do. Even as egocentric and maniacal the president can be, I can't see him actively lobbying against these legislators lest he threaten the GOP's thinly-held margin in the Senate.

  47. @Jeff Collins is, once again, trying to save face for her terrible positions on, among other things, Judge Boof Kavanaugh and the Tax Bill. She knows Mainers are watching her, and she'll probably get reelected for standing up to Trump NOW, but going along with the crowd before.

  48. Trump has already squandered the republican party’s future. It’s time republicans put the country and especially the constitution first. Rally enough support to not only pass the resolution but also override the veto Trump will surely issue. Trump has “jumped the shark”. He’s not worth supporting further.

  49. If the Senate had enough Republicans votes to override a Trump veto, we wouldn't be talking about Trump's emergency declaration, we'd be talking about impeachment and removal from office. Either way, sorry to say, it ain't going to happen.

  50. @Catalina Unless of course the Democratic party gets swallowed by the extreme left-wing politics of AOC and the anti-semitism of Omar.

  51. This is a decision between the Constitution and personal loyalty to Trump. Let's watch where these individual senators vote.

  52. Are these traces of a spine in some Senate Republicans? Let’s hope it lasts, it only took two years.

  53. Trump shall one day leave the government and some of us will attempt to tweak history to hide the bottomless shame of it all. It will not work. In his infinite lack of wisdom, Trump is inadvertently still serving a useful and necessary role. He is showing everyone that the role of president of the USA is still imperfectly defined. Someone without sufficient moral or intellectual substance can do unimaginably evil things to this country. We need to tweak the job description of the emperor of this nation, and to make his clothing mandatory.

  54. @Zalman Sandon Then I suggest you never again Nominate a Former First Lady to be your Candidate. That's the ONLY reason Mr. Trump is in Office today. So go look in the mirror and scream at yourself.

  55. Good. Nice to see them start doing their job.

  56. @sjs Don't get too carried away. Trump will veto. Let's see how many repubs are willing to do their job and vote to override. Not enough, I bet.

  57. With the bipartisan overturning of Trump's bogus emergency declaration, he cannot attack the Democrats exclusively. Trump's mission is to put on a show for his base and right wing media pundits demonstrating his immovable stance on his signature campaign promise. The hypocrisy of the Senate Republicans who call themselves "constitutional conservatives" is outrageous. They all know Trump's wish is to usurp the power of the purse from Congress in order to not look weak, not to secure the border. Sadly, only a few Senate Republicans bucked Trump, when all should have.

  58. The absolute largest impediment to the GOP is and has always been the constitution. The precedent set by the simple minds allowing Trump to circumvent the constitution, will backfire, allowing a future democratic president to pull the same none sense in regards to climate change, gun rights or any other policy the GOP might be against. The democrats made a bad decision changing the senate rules regarding judges, and now we have GOP nominated activists judges, many of whom have no regard for precedent, nor the constitution.

  59. @Paul Phillips "The democrats made a bad decision changing the senate rules regarding judges," At the time it was necessary. The Repubs had stated they would not approve ANY Obama nominations. None. Therefore if the Dems had not changed the rules, Obama would not have had ANY judges approved. That is how utterly corrupt the Repubs are. Note that the Dems DI NOT change the requirement for the SC. But the Repubs did as soon as Trump got in and approved the ultra right wing, religiously fundamentalist, and amateur "judge" (who no real law scholar thought was SC material) with a bare majority of the Senate. Our SC would not now be an ultra right wing court if the Senate need 60 votes to approve. Another example of utter corruption by the Repubs.

  60. Kudos to the Republican Senators who value institutional integrity more than a quick fix for Trump who is willing to bully them.Any future president could declare a National Emergency and perhaps there would be one.However, as Trump said , it is not an emergency,, I just want to build it quicker. At long last the Senate is supporting their power of financial oversight.The Democrats under Pelosi have no problem protecting their power of the purse.

  61. @Janet Michael Democrats under Pelosi are driving your party right off a cliff. That's ok though you are going to be the minority party for an awful long time now. Get ready to blame Russia again in 2020 because no way the Voters are on board with this nonsense.

  62. The problem is NOT the President's use of powers delegated to him by statute by the Congress. The problem IS that the statutes themselves are unconstitutional, just as the line item veto was unconstitutional. Congress by its legislation abdicated its duty. The Court's will fix it. We have been relying on the courts to fix everything.

  63. It will only be meaningful if they over-ride his veto. Then we'll see how "brave" the repubs are. Or are not.

  64. “In a volley of phone calls with Senate Republicans over the last few weeks, the president has warned of the electoral consequences of defying his will and dismissed concerns about the constitutional precedent of his order.” Sounds like he is threatening defectors that he will undermine them in their next election campaigns. So typical of Trump. He tries to go around the law, then threatens those who might vote to curb his chicanery. Just imagine if the resolution were passed, vetoed and then somehow overridden. Does anyone think he would accede to the legislators and stop his wall? I doubt he would stop.

  65. Years from now, when the last surviving Republican senator from the Trump era is interviewed about why she or he voted to support so many of Trump's patently unconstitutional schemes, the reply will undoubtedly be: "I was just following orders."

  66. @Tim Or he/she will deny ever having voted for the Trump agenda.

  67. Trump is trying to create an environment where a dictatorial president can prevail over the Constitution. All Republicans want an autocratic political system where they always rule and Democrats are a minor voice in government. If they can stay in power, they can gradually erode the balance of powers provided by the Constitution and rule American themselves without any real constraints. They hate the two-party system and would prefer a one-party system where the Republican primary is essentially where the president is elected. Very much like the Russian political system of Vladimir Putin.

  68. Glad to see and hear that Senator Romney is speaking up for the Constitution. I remember when he was governor of Massachusetts and was the only one in staste government with the integrity and courage to take on the Bulger machine. The democratic party, of which I am a member, remained silent throughout this corrupt era. And good old Lindsay Graham is still serving as Trump's caddy.

  69. This is one time when Mitch McConnell can't squash the Senate from voting. If Mitch could have, he would have. Which brings up another point: In the old days, presidents vetoed lots of legislation. Wasn't President Ford known as the veto president? Another important point is that the Senate Majority Leader is acting a bit too imperial by killing so much legislation initiated by the House. Sure, Mich has that right, but the President is supposed to have the veto pen.

  70. It is gratifying to see some Republican senators exercising independent thought and not bowing down before President Trump. Too bad for America it does not happen more often.

  71. Well, there's nothing like addressing a "national emergency" in very slow motion. Heck, it's been so long since the House passed its resolution I forgot when that occurred. One could reasonably conclude then, that there is no emergency.

  72. There are seven publicly announced defections. I suspect will see up to 6-8 more when the vote actually takes place. That brings the brings the tally to about 62 if everything breaks right. If Republicans were smart, they would override Trump's veto now. Just promise to pass a veto proof adjustment to emergency act in binding law. That's the sensible thing to do. I'm not sure they can find the extra votes though. Trump's threat is kind of laughable though. He's threatening Mitt Romney, the overwhelmingly popular Utah Senator. Trump didn't even win the popular vote in Utah. Attacking Trump is going to get Romney and Lee reelected. Not that Romney has to worry about it anyway. Trump is nothing but hot air. He can't hurt these senators. His defeat will only confirm his weakness as a president.

  73. The headline should be "Senate Votes on Whether or not to Give Congress's Power of the Purse to the President" Never before has congress had the opportunity to debate a president's request for funding, deny it, then have the president go around them and try to frame the issue as an emergency. This subverts our democracy.

  74. I hope the next president sees that our current for-profit healthcare system is an emergency, and unilaterally changes it.

  75. I voted for Obama over Romney, and I would do that again. But I have to say, looking at him now compared to Trump, Romney looks like a statesman, a genius, yes a stable genius, a savior. If he was our president now instead of Trump, that would be so much better.

  76. @Madeline Conant My dog would be a better President. Mittens, while he might well have been better, that's not saying much, is it! I really think Romney's record is about Romney's disdain for workers and love of corporations and money. It's all there to read. Corporations are People Romney. Corporate Raider, Leveraged Buyout Extraordinaire! Romneycare wasn't a bad start though.

  77. So, Trump plans to take $5 billion from the military to fund his wall. Well, if the military has so much surplus money Congress should reduce their budget for next year. Let's see how that sits with the Pentagon.

  78. This may the first ever display of "spine" by Republican Senators against Trump, and the absolute least that conscientious Senators can do, but I guess it's something. Trump continues to be an international embarrassment, and the worst human being to ever represent the USA as its head of state.

  79. Watch/listening to Senator Lankford, and other GOP Senators, on the floor of the Senate justifying Trump's National Emergency based on the "new" crisis in drug overdose deaths. Of course, in the past, when African-Americans were dying in large numbers from drug overdoses it was a crime wave that required large numbers of them be incarcerated. But now that white rural people are dying it is "new" and requires compassionate treatment and "Build the Wall".

  80. Why all the uproar? Won’t Mexico pay for the wall? President Trump said so more than two years ago.

  81. Time to knock down the bully. You will be surprised how fast things will change, Republicans, if you override this veto and restore checks and balances. It’s a long road to recover your soul, but every journey starts with a single step.

  82. Republicans can afford to be brave until the veto override, when it would count. Watch them scurry back to their partisan corners, once the president vetoes the bill. They would rather protect their backs than do whats right. The best way to measure their hypocrisy is to ask them how they'd vote if the president invoking emergency powers were a Democrat.

  83. The wall may come to be known as "Trumps Folly." Who knows why he has chosen to gamble his political capital on this particular issue. He could have gained much more traction with a massive infrastructure program, or even (heaven forbid) strengthening Social Security – both campaign promises. Yet, he has taken this route, I guess on the assumption that he'll lose the support of his base (the best possible description of his followers) if he didn't pursue it vigorously. He may have overreached by treading upon congressional prerogatives, however. We'll have to see what happens to his veto. It will be interesting to see how Senators who are up for reelection in 2020 end up voting. It will be an interesting calculation for them to make.

  84. While we should give them credit for doing the right thing, it should not have been this hard or taken so long.

  85. It is foreboding when Congress begrudgingly voting to MAINTAIN their own enshrined power is big news.

  86. I trust his faithful are just so happy with his decision to drastically cut Medicare and Social Security benefits all while his 0.01% friends and family enjoy their tax breaks. Fools. This is what you brought upon yourselves. I do hope you're happy with your decision, and to those who voted for a third party candidate.

  87. If this resolution passes the Senate, and the President, as expected, vetoes it, there is still a victory. Any lawsuit challenging the President's emergency declaration will most likely succeed, since this will be the second time Congress will have denied the Executive Branch the funds to build 'the wall'. This will be impossible for any court, even the Supreme Court, to ignore.

  88. @Jerry "This will be impossible for any court, even the Supreme Court, to ignore." Kavanaugh: "Hold my beer."

  89. "I did not have to do this!" DJT.

  90. “Don’t vote with Pelosi!” Do you think Trump knows she isn’t a senator and won’t be voting in the Senate vote?

  91. Congratulations to Republican Senators who are finally beginning to see that the jig is up with regard to supporting Donald Trump. They can no longer continue to do this without serious repercussions relating to their own sustainability in the Senate. Of course, there will always be Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell who have decided that Donald Trump is "their idiot " and that as long as they are able to, they will do everything that they can to pass their agendas through. What they don't understand though is that by supporting Donald Trump, they will cost the Republican Party a great deal for the next 20 years.

  92. Trump desires to rule as an authoritarian president much like the brutal dictators he admires and fawns over. Trump keeps finding powers the president has that are actually an abuse of power. Congress has ceded more power to the presidency in recent years and Trump will seize any power he can to fulfill his every whim. Congress did not expect such an erratic ignorant president as Trump with authoritarian tendencies who would have powers to use the military to play dictator and usurp the power of the purse the house was intended to have. Once you let this power mad wanna be dictator loose there may be no stopping him as he could declare any election void and null and set up internment camps for those not willing to wear red maga hats. It could happen here.

  93. What is wrong with Graham? It is likely watching someone deteriorate before our eyes.

  94. This is all a sham and Kabuki Theater. Unless enough Republicans vote to override Trump’s inevitable veto. Until this occurs, Republicans are culpable in enabling Trump to violate the US Constitution...

  95. "Asked if the meeting resulted in any possibility that Mr. Trump would make accommodations to win more Republicans over to his cause, he answered: 'With Trump everything is possible.'” Did I just hear the sound of John McCain rolling over in his grave? Lindsay Graham--the soulless lackey.

  96. I hope Trump's 'emergency declaration' will be defeated with the help of the republicans, but won't be surprised if it doesn't happen. The repubs have played on hate and resentment since way before Trump. They are a minority party which has gained power by separating people, by winning state houses, Ronald Raegan spoke of 'the harlem welfare queen in a cadillac with 5 babies from 5 fathers' ... he message to white voters then, as now, has

  97. So, if Congress passes a resolution rejecting Trump's emergency declaration, Trump can veto the resolution. How does that work? Does Congress still have to provide funding for Trump's stupid wall even though the Constitution gives Congress sole authority over appropriations? Something would appear to be unconstitutional in there somewhere.

  98. My Senator, Republican Cory Gardner, is still undecided. Way to show a backbone.

  99. @JaneF, cut him a break, he is busy over on and the other job search sites knowing what awaits him next November. He probably has a nice car so maybe he can drive for Uber or Lyft.

  100. Someone with some gravitas and very little chance of winning the Democratic nomination should point out that if this goes through the Ds will be able to declare guns illegal. You there Joe?

  101. When Trump repeated over and again that "Obama was born in Kenya", it was done as dog whistle to his racist base. When "Build the Wall" is repeated over and over at Trump rallies, it has nothing to do with boarder security. There can be money to repair existing structures, extend barriers, and add fence; but there should never be a single dime to "Build the Wall." Real Americans do not endorse racism.

  102. In the fog of Trump it's good to see that a few Republicans are still capable of thinking critically.

  103. @Bobaloobob The critical thinking going on there is "do I want to get reelected". They see which way the wind is blowing.

  104. President Trump is one man against the world--and that is the problem right there. He really does not understand or even care about abstract concepts such as our Constitution, laws, ethics, or basic human decency. Some things are far more important than others, and there is really is no choice, if you are a congressional representative in America, whether to uphold the power of the Congress and Constitution, or to stand loyally with President Trump's abuse of executive power in this case of "The Trump Wall."

  105. One of Trump's favorite go-to propaganda techniques is the concept of 'social proof.' Create an illusion (in this case) that 'prominent legal scholars agree.' Sort of like 4 out of 5 dentists agree. What legal scholars? White House legal counsel? John Yoo (who never met a torture memo he couldn't support)? People tend to be suckers for the social proof technique, because it creates the illusion of some sort of consensus (nonsense like 'you wouldn't believe how many people come into my office and say 'get rid of Obamacare'). It's important for Congress to assert its co-equal Constitutional authority, and it's not a good sign for Trump that more republicans in the Senate are willing to to do. Of course it simply means they've seen some daylight somewhere in the polls in terms of Trump supporters and their re-election fortunes, which is a bigger problem, but one that can happen with Trump out on the streets or in his penthouse suite wearing an ankle bracelet.

  106. Honest question: Given that Trump will 100% veto this resolution (and since resolutions are not actually laws), what actual importance does this vote have?

  107. @Locho Great question! It's at least possible that the vote sets up a legal fight over the constitutionality of the provision in the Act that gave him the power to make the declaration. Part of the Act gave Congress the power to veto the President's declaration. The "legislative veto" was struck down by SCOTUS. Now that there is an actual dispute, SCOTUS might be open to deciding whether the delegation of power was intended if the congressional check was removed. Essentially, the Court might answer the question of whether Congress intended to give the power to the Executive if they wouldn't be allowed to veto his exercise thereof. Shorter answer: the vote creates grounds for legal review.

  108. @Locho, it puts on record who supported Trump's out of control power grab and who didn't which is handy come election time.

  109. @Locho Trump will wait for the Supreme Court's decision, if the lower court's allow the veto to stand. The Supreme Court has the final decision about the money (tax payer money). Otherwise, it seems all visual and political, as in "who's in charge here?"

  110. Finally Congress acts after Trump all but puts them out of a job. They finally recognize they are working for a king not a president. And yet, too many of them are still beholding and subservient to the dictator that they have scraped and bowed to for the last 2 and a 1/2 years. It's a long way back from that. It gives me hope that they're willing to move at all.

  111. How is it when a Democratic freshman rep criticized AIPAC and old school reps quickly moved to a) educate her on what tropes NOT to bring up in re: Jewish people and b) condemn all bigotry while the republicans went hardcore DARVO on the entire issue we ended up with a “Dems in disarray” story, but when there are literally a huge chunk of republican senators willing to accede their powers of checks and balances over some racist baloney to an unstable president it’s just billed in the headline as a “whole senate” issue? Asking for a friend.

  112. I'm glad to see that there are a least a few Republican Senators that are willing to protect the Constitution over the will of Trump. I am a little confused though as to why Lindsey Graham felt it was necessary for him to carry the message to Trump rather then Mitch McConnell who is the elected leader of the Senate.

  113. “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and [I] wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s, like, incredible.” — Candidate Trump "I could stand in the middle Pennsylvania Avenue and usurp the constitutional powers of Congress, and I wouldn't lose any Senate votes, ok? It's like incredible. Oops . . . nevermind" -President Trump

  114. What a waste of taxpayer money: paying expensive House/Senate members to thwart an incompetent, unfit, unethical, corrupt child President. I hope the moderate Republicans are watching the ship sink over and over again, so that they can finally find the backbone to stop this craziness in 2020.

  115. For over two years we had a Republican Congress and they never came close to funding the wall because never wanted it. Now that Democrats control the House, and now that Trump needs to divert attention from his legal problems and his failing presidency, all of a sudden we have an “emergency.” The only real emergency is that we have a maniacal, ignorant autocrat in the White House and a Republican Party that has enabled him and abetted him for over two years. While some Republicans may vote for the measure to deny the emergency declaration it’s a safe vote because they know, they know Trump’s veto will be upheld. In 2020, this country needs to throw them all out.

  116. To quote Groucho Marx on the Republicans: "I have nothing but faith in you, and very little of that."

  117. if the wall is so incredibly important for thrump and his base - why don’t they pay for it themselves?

  118. When is Lindsay Graham be considered persona non grata? Tired of him

  119. "the promise to build a wall between the United States and Mexico" - The promise was to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Why do NYT reporters continue to avoid making this point clear? Be more responsible please!

  120. Beside Graham, the other senator to watch in this coming vote is Ted Cruz. Isn’t he a constitutional originalist who rode the Tea Party wave to the Senate? Did he always voted no to the presidential initiatives when Obama was the president? Yes, with Trump everything is possible including exposing the hypocrisy of the conservatives including Graham and Cruz.

  121. If my Republican senators vote against this declaration, they will not get my vote in the next election and any Senator who votes against this declaration will not get my vote in the next Presidential election if they run. National parks are great but we can't even keep up the ones we have now - what a ridiculous proposal that solves what real problem we are dealing with now? Making the government of Nicaragua and Mexico like us better?

  122. Now we know the names of the senators who just voted to end their careers: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Thom Tillis. Lee and Romney will be safe in Utah, as with Paul in Kentucky. With this crew providing cover I suspect there will be a few more defections. Not that any of it matters that much. Trump is certain to veto and he has already put in for a cool 8+ billion wall funding in his next budget. The dog and pony show continues. America continues to circle the drain. I sure don't want to wish my life away but 2020 can't come soon enough.

  123. If this resolution could actually put a stop to Trump's "state of emergency" then there wouldn't be a single Republican who would vote for it. Republicans are only willing to pretend they have spines when there are absolutely no consequences for it.

  124. The New York state indictments of Manafort may be the pebbles that starts the eventual avalanche of Republicans ultimately turning on Trumpworld, and the political threat it represents to the Republican Party. If they don't jump in soon to rid themselves of Trump, they will be wiped out at all levels of federal, state, and local government in the 2020 election. Add to that the likelihood that the 2020 redistricting could wipe them out permanently as a viable political party. This rejection of Trump's farce national emergency at the border, and the unanimous House Resolution calling for the release of The Mueller Report are further signs of an impending Trump political collapse.

  125. With an oblique nod to Winston Churchill, you can't even expect the vast majority of Republicans to do the right thing, even after they've exhausted all the other possibilities.

  126. Trump's use of presidential power is a thin veneer stretched across the twisted principles of Mitch McConnell. That thin veneer is starting to crack.

  127. Remember that the Senate didn't voluntarily take up this vote on their own. They were bound by a resolution to take action within 18 days of the House passing it.

  128. Don't care one way or the other at this point if the wall gets built or not. I just care that the President I voted for made his best effort to get it done and was stymied by Democrats. Republicans not supporting an emergency is something I can live with, especially in this age of tit for tat no limit to what democrats would do in the future if he was able to declare an emergency today. I will remember what the Democrats have done though and will be voting straight ticket Republican for many years to come.

  129. @GregP - there appears to be no limit to what that guy you voted for will do. Trump (and a lot of Republicans) cant seem to understand that governance and leadership works best via compromise and bipartisanship. BOTH sides giving something to gain something, both having a vested interest in the issue at hand. President Only I Can Fix It needs an education.

  130. @GregP You are and you will be in the minority. Voters are waking up to the GOP fraud.

  131. @GregP Have you read the Constitution lately?

  132. I'm not sure how any Senators can justify to themselves allowing a president to steal the power of the purse. It's almost like some 40+ Senators would happily toss the Constitution out the window and throw their support behind any despot who would lead them to absolute power.

  133. Graham, Sasse, and Cruz are desperately trying not to have to vote and do the right thing. What pathetic excuses of a politician.

  134. “Don’t vote with [Nancy] Pelosi!” Mr. President, there you go again. The Madame Speaker is not the “national emergency.” The Senators in your party see clearly how giving you unconstitutional powers loosens the threads of checks and balances. There is no Pearl Harbor or 9/11 on the Southern border. You’re playing to your 35% popularity, not to the “national interest.” And these Republican defectors are seeing through your Chicken Little ploy. They’re not giving in to your tantrums and that’s got to sting.

  135. The boy king will not be happy. Tantrumberders will follow.

  136. 12 Republicans had the backbone to stand up to Trump! I'm so proud of you right now. You're finally learning how to be Senators! Sorta

  137. Check, balance

  138. I think the Senate is growing tired of doing the King's bidding.

  139. It is interesting Senator Graham has not yet voted ... one of the last three GOP senators.

  140. Trump is right. Don't vote with Pelosi. Vote with Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln and a host of other wise women and men that understood the importance of the Constitution and the limits that it places on every branch lest one choose the path of tyranny. FYI: Trump is a constitutional LIBERAL, a person who advocates a liberal interpretation of the constitution as an expediency to achieve a desirable goal.

  141. Congress had better prepare itself for November, 2020 when trump is voted out of office but declares the 2020 election invalid and imposes martial law. You think it couldn't happen in America?

  142. This is a really important vote and is fundamentally about the Constitution, respecting the separation of powers, and that Congress does hold the power of the purse.

  143. I find it nauseating and extremely troubling that at least 40 Republican senators seem willing to run over the Constitution because they're afraid of a bunch of know-nothings in "MAGA" hats who vote in Republican primaries. Republicans say Obama and Bush also exercised executive overreach, and that's probably true. But neither of those presidents tried to declare an emergency to spend money Congress had voted against authorizing, which is what Trump is attempting. That's a direct assault on the Constitution. Any Republican who votes for it is signaling that they're OK with the return of King George III.

  144. Does this mean that Congress will “finally” remember that they are the legislative branch of government and stop deferring to the president (any president, not just this one). How about our many undeclared military actions around the world, can congress remember who has the power to declare war and take back the often unjustified discretion of presidents to engage in wars under the rubric of the “war on terror”. This is a representative democracy & it’s past time for our representatives to remember that.!

  145. Well I hope all Senators that voted against the President will begin to host all of the refugee seekers at their homes and in their communities. Maybe these children from the 3rd world can sit next to Mitt Romney's grandchildren at school. It is really quite sad that there is no support for any kind of real border security. If it is not an emergency to build the wall, then maybe one of them will propose legislation that will discourage people from crossing the border. How many must we accept in the United States?

  146. This just shows that the Speaker is absolutely correct about impeachment. The Senate can't even get enough Republican votes for 2/3rds on this issue to overturn a veto, which is likely to be much easier than impeachment.

  147. Really glad to see so clearly what Senator Tillis cares about. Would he vote for integrity and the constitution? Or would he vote solely for his own political survival? Yep, just political survival. Senator Tillis voted to help his own re-election and ironically, he probably will face a primary challenge anyway, given that he initially opposed the emergency declaration before he supported it! The reality that he stands for virtually nothing will not, at the end of the day, save even himself.

  148. I love the sound of the word rebuke. We need to see a lot more of it going on.

  149. A first - a vote on whether GOP members uphold his/her sworn oath of office or not. It’s a very bright line that delineates the future of the GOP. Will they choose to stand with DJT or light the match that burns their house down?

  150. 59 "You're out of Presidential control" 41 "Keep up the good dictatorial work" Remember in 2020 when the Russian-Republicans ask for your continued support in burning down the middle class, the country and the Constitution. Decent Americans do not vote Republican.

  151. Finally a small flicker of patriotism in some GOP senators. With God's help, it might grow...

  152. A Commedia dell’Arte, the worst actually!

  153. Mr. President, you may think that you can get blood out of a turnip, but go ahead and try. We've had enough of your silliness, ego-gone-wild antics, name-calling spouts, and pouting. For the first time during your term of office, act presidential; the history of your administration needs it.

  154. The take away here is that 41 GOP Senators rolled over and put their bellies up when called upon to defend one of the most foundational aspects of our democracy. 41 GOP lap dogs

  155. Voting Results: - 59 US Senators know there is no emergency. - 41 US Senators know there is no emergency and are cowards

  156. Thom Tillis should be ashamed of himself! Bought by the Trump Administration, and played hook, line and sinker. This is why many voters dislike politicians. They have no backbone...

  157. Okay, so a bunch of Republicans got together and drew straws to see which of them would pretend to go against Mr. Trump, so as to pretend to stand up for Republican-Party credibility. Sorry, boys -- that ship sailed a while ago.

  158. Trump Tweeted: "Prominent legal scholars agree that our actions to address the National Emergency at the Southern Border and to protect the American people are both CONSTITUTIONAL and EXPRESSLY authorized by Congress." Mr. Trump, what are the names of the prominent legal scholars to whom you referred? Trump: "Tweedledee and Tweedledum."

  159. Well, there we have it. Indisputable facts, numbers that show 41 US Senators have more fidelity to Trump than to the US Constitution.

  160. It is a measure of how much what passes for news coverage or political commentary in this country has degenerated into "Bad for Trum!" or "Trump bad!" that this vote is not being covered as yet another failure of Congress to stand up for its privileges. No, that is not important. What is important is how it affects Trump personally. This country is being reduced to a cesspool - both by the behavior of Trump and his supporters, and by how his haters respond to them.

  161. They are finding a spine as the election approaches. It has dawned on them that those 6 year seats are not forever.

  162. SHAME on the 41 Republican Senators who don't even understand our Constitution, their responsibilities as Senators, and the dangerous road this so-called president has paved. Get your neighbors, get your relatives, get all your friends, and get them registered and: VOTE THE REPUBLICANS OUT in 2020.

  163. Sarah Huckabee Sanders' anticipated spin of today's vote: "The President is pleased that Congress has permitted him to do what he believes is necessary for border security."

  164. 59 yea votes are not enough to override a veto. Trump wins again.

  165. @Thomas Becker we don't know that yet. I suspect that a fair amount could rest on constituent polling? But honestly they should all do what's right. I'd say veto override is unfortunately doubtful and unlikely but not impossible.

  166. @Thomas Becker Trump hasn't been winning and he won't win this one. We still have an independent and highly competent federal judiciary.

  167. @Thomas Becker Maybe. There's still the second vote after he vetoes it and then the courts. So far, he hasn't won anything.

  168. Some sanity at last!

  169. No! There should be no "AND" in the last sentence. Every member of the House and Senate should only be voting according to their conscience. Saving one's seat at the table is not what any of them have been elected to do. "Yet Mr. McConnell, who strongly advised Mr. Trump against declaring the emergency declaration, made a point of not pressuring senators to support Mr. Trump, urging them to vote according to their consciences and political interests, according to seven Republican aides and lawmakers."

  170. A good beginning. I hope other Republicans will stand up for what is right in the near future. But, for now, I am proud of those who voted as Patriots instead of partisans.

  171. If those who voted for this truly are against a president usurping congressional authority, why don't they repeal the Emergency Powers Act, which grants the president this authority?

  172. @Tom Sadly, the Emergency Powers Act was written under the assumption of a sane, responsible, and caring President, which is clearly not the case with Mr. Trump.

  173. @Lisa Kelly’s Securing our borders when Congress fails to do so is not insane, irresponsible, or uncaring. Quite the opposite. In fact, Congress is all those things, and complete failures as well, for not fixing our border problem after decades of posturing over it. But yours, of course, is just a lame rationalization. If it's not good, get rid of it.

  174. That's 12 Republicans, and it is what it is. Trump will likely veto it because racist policy is what he's always been about and what his voters count on, even at the expense of their well-being and ability to earn a living. These are the times we continue to live in, on steroids. We have a long way to go, well past the election of an all-majority Democratic government, until this nation finally turns the corner on its original sin. --- Things Trump Did While You Weren’t Looking [2019]

  175. Trump, now it is your move. Your chances in the court system have just went down to almost ZERO.

  176. Any Senator duped into believing this is a test of loyalty has failed their oath of upholding the Constitution. That such an idea is even being proposed by Trump shows the lengths he'll go to establish an authoritarian regime. He'd sooner turn America into a Ponzi scheme than allow democracy to work.