Giannis Antetokounmpo Is N.B.A. Must-See TV, and Maybe the M.V.P.

Nearly two years after he was challenged to win the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, the Bucks star may be on the verge of upending the Eastern Conference to do so.

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  1. Love watching this guy play. He's dynamic, confident, creative. He's also humble. Watch the 60 Minutes segment about him. He lives with his mom and sisters in a two-bedroom apartment. He donates his time and money. Giannis is the antithesis to those--ehem--who had to lie and cheat to make it ahead. He rose through merit, hard work, grit. When I despair about those "leaders" that are so much in the news, I'm refreshed by Giannis' example. Oh, also, go Warriors!

  2. @Drew Johnson I saw the same interview and came away a fangirl!

  3. @Drew Johnson Go Bucks!

  4. @Drew Johnson I agree with everything you say -- except your last sentence.

  5. " There is no apt historical comparison for Antetokounmpo because the league has never seen anyone quite like him ". There is no question that Giannis can be considered " must see tv " all by himself , but as a fan for nearly 50 years my joy in seeing individual performance is dulled by promotion of the ultimate team sport that has changed into one where individual players become the sole reason for success as in " Lebron has won x amount of rings " as opposed to the teams he was on . Because the outcome of a game , a season and the reasons any team can come close to standing at the end will always involve many elements and some will be beyond human control like injuries , matchups , and luck . Some will be unexpected performance both better than , or worse than expected like the unstoppable play of Lance Stephenson during the 2013 Playoff Game that alone could have been considered the biggest reason that prevented the Knicks from making the Conference Finals . So, today the hype of single players has distorted the truth like players being judged by how many championships their teams won and have morphed into talk of Lebron James all day everyday for years now . Me I long for the past style that prove the best team will always be the sum of its parts and would be happy if I never hear the words Lebron again. By the way I would argue that Dennis Rodman was even more a freak of nature than Giannis .

  6. @VB To underscore your point while we all celebrate the success of Michael Jordan who wore 6 championship rings we forget that Robert Horry wears 7. He played for the Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs. All three teams just happened to be at their peak when he was traded to them. He made many spectacular last second shots to win games for all three teams.

  7. @VB Amen, brother. The team must supersede individual; because ultimately the sum of parts (individual glories) wins championships. I am a Warriors fan and hold Curry and KD on a pedestal; but think that only Kerr's 'team first' focus can give them the 4th NBA ring.

  8. @Wayne Fuller So, glad you mentioned that Wayne for Horry proves my argument about the fallacy of rating player performance based on a team measure . If that were valid Robert would be in conversation for the best in history . One thing that surprises me is former players should know better yet they take the mic and promote the same wrong ideas they disliked the Media for spreading while they were players .

  9. This Kid will transform this game. The first player who can be seriously discussed as 'better than Jordan'. Fight the Good Fight Giannis.

  10. Giannis and the Bucks are truly remarkable, but you can't ignore another small market team the Utah Jazz. Saturday's matchup of these two teams in Salt Lake was an amazing demonstration of excellent individual athleticism, superb coaching, and marvelous team play. Granted the Jazz beat a Bucks team on the second game of a back to back, but the Bucks were on a mission to break a long losing streak, and they failed. The Jazz's Donovan Mitchell has all the makings of a true NBA great in the mold of Jordan. Anyone who watched that game, could not be cynical about the incredible level of performances that today's NBA players can deliver

  11. I usually balk at things that sound hyperbolic ("There is no apt historical comparison for Antetokounmpo because the league has never seen anyone quite like him."), but in this case I don't think it qualifies as hyperbole. I like the notion that he is a LeBron/KD combo and hope that he continues to be healthy and prosper. It's hard sometimes to appreciate how much being a true star in the NBA means: even guys averaging 3 minutes a game are incredible athletes with ridiculous skills and are in the top .05% of the profession world wide. To be so demonstrably better than your peers nearly every night is a true feat.

  12. @Jason well said. And to think he's that much better than other NBA players, who are at the pinnacle of basketball, is mind-boggling. He really is incredible.

  13. already having knee problems, red flag.

  14. This man or Jokic deserves MVP a billion times more than James Harden does and ever did.

  15. Utah beat him and Denver as well. But that does not take anything away from Antetokounmpo.

  16. I was a five-year-old boy, growing up in Milwaukee, when the Bucks last won a championship. I remember watching the great Lew Alcinder and Oscar Robertson on Sunday afternoons. It was then when I fell in love with basketball. It was 1971. The Bucks came close again the next year, losing in the finals. Since then, no luck, even though they had a number of good teams. There is something different about this team, I hope. In addition to Giannis, the Bucks have a number of really good and really unselfish players. They play hard. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It's been a long time.

  17. More than any pro league the NBA depends on super stars for its survival. Yes it's a team sport but it's 5 players on a court at a time. One or two superstars or even stars can make the team a champion if supported by other good, solid but not necessarily great players. That's how the Bulls dominated the '90s, which seems like a distant memory. We got spoiled by those teams. Go Bucks!

  18. The on-court brilliance of this young man as well as his off the court grace provides a great contrast to the melodrama of LeBron James. Here’s hoping the media will focus on these exciting young stars in our midst.