Amy Klobuchar Enters 2020 Presidential Race

In a crowded field dominated by candidates from coastal states, Ms. Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator, hopes that her Midwestern roots and bipartisan style can make her an attractive candidate.

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  1. I don't know this candidate very well, but I seriously think that Americans are not ready to support a female candidate. Call it sexist; it is. It is a whole long and wait and see process. Dunno about y'all, but I will decide next year.

  2. it's sad but I agree. I think to beat Trump the dems have to play it safe.

  3. While I like the policies and fighting spirit of Elizabeth Warren, I am tired of candidates from the East Coast. I do believe they miss something entirely about the rest of the country. I think we need more representation from other parts of the country.

  4. @East Roast Warren is from Oklahoma

  5. @r mackinnon. Seriously? You do realize she's your senator, right?

  6. She is not as progressive and many of the other people running, but she is honest, she is knowledgeable. She works well with others , both sides. I suspect Trump will have a hard time giving her a silly name But most of all... If she were president I could sleep at night.

  7. @Gene Bobrow Flying binder Amy? "She may never have gotten black-out drunk, at least we don't know about that, but she bindered out..." Time for a flying binder #metoo?

  8. The only candidate in the race, so far, who can beat Trump. The others who have thrown their hats in the race will run worse than Clinton in fly over country. Dems need to get smart about electoral college votes.

  9. @Mary Ann Trump is going to prison. Anybody can beat him.

  10. I like her positions and her pragmatism. And she comes across as authentic, a welcome quality in contrast to the other current candidates.

  11. I have watched her for seversl years and like her very much. While I am a bit more progressive, i will still happily vote for her. Her intellect, deliberative manner, self control ( see Kavanaugh) when severely tested impress me every time I see her. She will make an excellent president.

  12. I think she’s awesome and her partnership with T1International makes her a hero to me. Go Amy Go! She is a hard worker and tries to be pragmatic and I like that. Democrats have a plethora of excellent candidates this year. I’ll happily vote for any in the general.

  13. “Minnesota matters, Wisconsin matters, Nebraska matters, Ohio matters — and, yes, Iowa matters,” she told the Iowa Farmers Union in December. How I wish New Jersey mattered. Not many politicians bother coming to our state with its very later primary. By the time we get to vote the field of candidates has been reduced to one or two final candidates. Not fair!

  14. @Anne. Not the point of this article, but it's patently ridiculous and highly undemocratic that the same states always get to go first. If we are going to seriously discuss election reform, this is one of the issues that must be addressed.

  15. A centrist is what his country needs to bring it back from the chasm between Fox Nation (and the lower rungs populated by Breitbart et al) and anyone who stays informed via Trump's favorite failing enterprises, the "fake news" outlets such as the Times, WaPo, and the increasingly infotainment oriented CNN.Senator Klobuchar has the chops as much as any of the other candidates to throw their hat in the ring so far. That Trump chose to ridicule her on global warming during a snow storm speaks so directly to his ignorance; 38% of the country has the same understanding of climate change. That being the case, Wisconsin, PA, Ohio, Michigan have to be won this time. Most of the Dems so far will not be able to carry those states.

  16. So, if Kamala and Amy and Elizabeth would emerge as the front runners after the early primaries, it will become a race between Snow Woman and Sunshine Woman and Wealth Tax Woman securing revenue rains for the common good, making that ecological and socio-economic disaster of a dried-out-to-dust inequality abyss floor fertile again? Maybe even Surfer Woman would make some waves? And all these women would bring an incredible relief and breath of fresh air into the political climate deadlocking Washington with its rigged WH, Senate and Scotus full of greedy grabbers, corrupt colluders and science deniers right now? I get a bright smile with all this dawning Democratic Wonder Woman Weather announcing a Woman Spring.

  17. I hope she gets traction. I want “Minnesota nice” in this country.

  18. As a Minnesota native myself, I am not sure you know what “Minnesota nice” means. Her public persona does not match her private inner rage. Deep co-dependency along with passive aggressivity is what it is all about.

  19. It's very sad to me that the NY Times covers the president's every tweet. For all they know, he's not even the one tweeting. They've allowed his bad behavior to flourish by not demanding that he more accessible to the media.

  20. If klobuchar can side step the claim that she is abusive and difficult to her staff, I think she is the next President. If she cannot handle the staff abuse claims she is done.

  21. Handle them? They are either true or not.

  22. @Jack The article that ran last week said she was a demanding boss and she agreed that she is. But if a man were called tough, it would be a compliment.

  23. @Patrick There's a big difference between being tough and demanding, and being cruel and abusive. Seems she gets her cookies off on humiliating her staff. I've worked for both types. The first can be a very good type of boss indeed. The second type has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  24. So Amy Klobuchar is a tough boss? If her policies and her priorities blend in the opposite direction from those of our current Oval Office squatter, then some toughness is going to be required to survive and prosper as a candidate and president. Ms. Klobuchar warrant a very close look for the Democratic Party nomination.

  25. @John LeBaron "Tough boss"is not a synonym for abusive behavior. Au contraire.

  26. @John LeBaron President Obama did very well for himself without berating his staff and having constant turnover

  27. A Midwesterner can win in California and New York, but a New Yorker or a Californian probably won't do that well in the Midwest. And The Democrats can't win without winning the Midwest. You go, Amy.

  28. @ Green Tea They all would rock the Midwest, every single one of them, as the Midwest has already realized it's been had by Der Trumpf. Last time around you would indeed have needed to go with a candidate there who related with both heartfelt and gutfelt authenticity and who polled terrifically well over there (and anywhere) like Bernie Sanders. This time around the chosen one that the Democratic Primary picks will surely also fly there, no worry.

  29. You mention that her 'management style' leaves much to be desired (understatement- Senate Leader, Harry Reid, had to speak to her about it.) The complaints about her imperiousness and rage deserve more focus- allegedly she has thrown things at staffers (!) (that's called assault); called repeatedly in the middle of the night with rage filled demands; disparaged people mercilessly for things like commas. Your article suggests that she is held to a different standard b/c of her gender. Huh? If true, these actions are not b/c she is female. It is because she has anger management issues, impulse control issues, and problems with power. Haven't we had enough of that ?

  30. @r mackinnon IF TRUE -- name one person on the record with these complaints. And there has already been plenty of focus on her being a tough boss.

  31. @Brend You miss my point. I used the words “ alleged” for a reason. She has been a candidate for one (1) day Time, and former staffers, will tell if there is any truth to this.

  32. Too bad she treats her staff poorly. She has lost my vote.

  33. @JJ - if true, it's disturbing. The turnover in her office may well be an indicator of her office being an unpleasant work environment. But I have yet to see a story published where one of those staffers goes on record with specific accusations. I'm withholding judgement on this until I see credible evidence.

  34. @JJ: Well, there needs to be more said about that. It's true it might be a problem, but there is such a thing as "tough but fair". Maybe she just demands a lot of really hard work. Or is there meanness and insults and so on? We will have to find out more from the people who quit, and the ones who stay on.

  35. @JJ The word on that bothers me also, but let's not jump to conclusions just yet.

  36. She handles attacks with poise and decency, states her positions clearly with no condescension. She's very experienced and knowledgeable but free of ego and bluster. She projects a warmth that some others don't. Her candidacy makes it two women I can support.

  37. Free of ego and bluster? What about the staff abuse?

  38. I read the same story you did about her management style. But instead of convicting her on the spot, I wondered if there isn't more to the story than what we read, or a different way of looking at it than characterizing it as abuse.

  39. If she were a man you would be hearing how he is a hard worker and demands the best from his staff......This entire chain of discussion is beginning to sound pretty sexist. Trump does nothing 6 hrs a day "unstructured time?"........sounds like what in pre-school they call playtime or nap time!

  40. Best candidate in an ideal world. However, Dems need to "just win, baby." Best ticket to win in 2020 would be Biden/Klobuchar. Amy is first female President in 2024.

  41. @Mark. Klobuchar/Brown is the best ticket to win. If a male is at the top of the ticket, I think we will lose a lot of enthusiasm from women. And if Brown can get democrats over the top in Ohio, it will be game over.

  42. Very electable in a nationwide race but in a primary it could be a rough road. Too far to the center for many progressives. She seems like a good common sense person. She comes across as a very likable person and very smart.

  43. @DA. True. I suspect if Biden runs and splits the centrist vote, she's in trouble. But, then, if Sanders runs and splits the progressive vote, who knows. I do think she would have the easiest time winning the general election of any democrat.

  44. I'm hoping for change (you might say a regime change,) and I don't think Amy Klobachar would bring that change. I've begun going to to see the funding behind the new democratic hopefuls. Amy has the backing of a global law firm who are probably invested in maintaining the status quo; and Cargill another global firm who among many other things is behind selling gmo soybeans ( Roundup or Dicamba ready and ready to spread to adjoining farms.) And the healthcare insurance industry would be happy that she is against Medicare for all. We progressives are hoping for a real change at the top , and we have an agenda: change from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of energy as a priority while working with the other countries to combat further climate change redistribute funding from the military/industrial complex to the people via free or affordable healthcare and education, since we are in no way threatened militarily real tax reform this time coming from global corporations and extremely wealthy individuals--our infrastructure could be brought up to the standard of other developed countries So follow the money when choosing your candidate if you want to see real change.

  45. @betty durso I want to choose the candidate that will staunch the flow of conservative judges into our legal system. Do that and we will go a long way towards cleaning up the rest of it. Its where the split Democrats fell down last time.

  46. @betty durso . I think we need to see her positions. Certainly her voting record hews within shouting distance of the most liberal wing of the party at 97-82% alignment with the biggest differences being approval of some fed judges, a recent DNA bill and one or two clochure votes. She was nearly in lock step with Al Franken.

  47. I do not disagree...but I think what you are asking for is premature in our current political culture......If not Amy.....trump?.....he has done nothing to protect the environment in, fact he has accelerated the harming of the environment. Voting for a "third person" candidate in the previous election got us trump.....please keep that in mind when you vote.

  48. I am more to the left than Klobuchar on some issues, but I like the fact that she seems to have competence and level-headedness and a super-hard work ethic dripping out of every pore, Sure, there are policy positions I disagree with her on, but she seems to be the sort of person who would study an issue and maybe find a way to incorporate different views of it into her own position. Her big weakness is that she is not a charismatic speaker. But raw competence and matters more than raw charisma. I might not vote for her in the end, but I hope I will be able to, I am watching her closely.

  49. @Mike Colllins . She is deeply unexciting. That's her brand. She gets up goes to work and does a great job, no drama, no fuss. Runs a highly effective campaign, ticks every box, every time. Minnesota has the highest voter turn out of any of the states, so high percentage of people participate (and I mean caucus, sit in a schoolroom and vote and debate with their literal neighbors) regardless of the excitement factor, and as a result a very good candidate can get elected without having pizzazz. The issue will be if people who suffer from what I call ballot inertia can break out of their stupor and vote for someone as sound and boring as Amy.

  50. Her mother barely know who she is, she'll be the first one to drop out of the the race....

  51. Hmmm. First, the Republican attack dogs (with an assist by Kristen Gillibrand) went after Al Franken. Now, it looks like it’s gearing up to go for Klobuchar. Two Senators from Minnesota. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, whether the GOP is concerned about Democrats from the Midwest. On the accusation about Klobuchar’s treatment of staff, I think it’s fair to say that for a Senator to propose and pass more legislation than any of her colleagues, she has to be hard-working and demanding. I’ll bet her office is not conducive for those who expect to glide along instead of pushing ahead to get things done. For a woman Senator, the hurdles to overcome are most likely twice as difficult as they are for male Senators; that Klobuchar has succeeded in that environment speaks volumes about her grit and tenacity.

  52. @Paul Bernish Well said sir... women with high standards are always "difficult.".. I saw her at the Kavanaugh hearings and she handled herself with grace and patience in the face of an angry bully... I have been waiting for her to announce...She has my support and money from Michigan....

  53. @Paul Bernish "Hmmm. First, the Republican attack dogs (with an assist by Kristen Gillibrand) went after Al Franken. Now, it looks like it’s gearing up to go for Klobuchar. Two Senators from Minnesota" How exactly did the Republicans make sure she had the highest staff turnover of all 100 senators? Did they create the abusive emails she sent her staff? The ones Buzzfeed published? Must have been some top notch Republican operatives who pulled this one off. Probably the same ones that manufactured that vast right wing conspiracy that President Clinton to have an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

  54. She threw a binder at an employee. There is no excuse for that, no matter how much you’ve tried to whitewash her behavior.

  55. If she could get to the general election vs. Trump she'd probably win, but the same qualities that would help her do that will not be considered liberal enough to get the nomination. It's too bad because if she was the nominee Trump would hopefully realize it would be wasting time and money to campaign in Minnesota and buy commercial time. Her candidacy would build an invisible barrier that would cost Minnesotans $0 and keep us safe from Trump campaigning here while still allowing those who want to vote for him the right to do so. Good luck Amy!

  56. She could do very well against Trump, and that's what's most important. Saying that, there are lots of others already in this race or who may still run that I'd be happy with. Any one of them would be a vast improvement over what we have now.

  57. I'll vote for Amy Klobuchar, and think she will do a fine job. She does have a great chance of winning and should start looking at VP choices such as Beto O'Rourke (him as VP right now would give him 8 more years as president if he chooses to run after that), Bernie Sanders (since Klobuchar is moderate, Sanders would ease the concerns of left wingers), Nancy Pelosi (she's doing a great job right now), Julian Castro ( another one that would have a shot at 8 years of president after VP), and finally I've always liked Collin Powell (he should have been president in the past, he would make a great statesman, with lots of knowledge, support).

  58. Light weight. Taking Claire’s place as the on the fence, er, centrist candidate. We don’t need no more republican lite. Thanks for playing.

  59. @Joe B. I think you need to actually look at her record. She voted very similarly to Al Franken, one of the most liberal Senators in the chamber. She's no Claire McCaskill. If she was she'd be out on her ear in Minnesota. Remember, we're the people who sent you two Muslim legislators despite being an overwhelmingly Christian state.

  60. What an opening! Her announcement speech is one for the books, along the Mississippi River in the heart of winter. Haven't been this excited about a candidate, ever. Senator Klobuchar has the right set of attributes to take on Trump in 2020. Senator Klobuchar has a super resume (high school valedictorian; B.A. magna cum laude from Yale; J.D. University of Chicago; private/corporate attorney and prosecuting attorney for years; U.S. senator for 12 years). Her stellar work on the Senate's important Judiciary, Agriculture, and Commerce, Science and Transportation Committees indicates she can handle the minutia of legislative details while working well with folks on both sides of the aisle to get things done. And her questions during the Kavanaugh hearing were respectful, direct, on-point, and eye-opening, and Kavanaugh seemed most revealing in his non-response responses to her inquiries. Senator Klobuchar's smarts, calm demeanor, inquisitive mind, sense of humor, cool under pressure, and keen abilities to get to the heart of the matter while treating others with respect and fairness is the best antidote to Trump's pugilistic, hit before thinking approach towards anything that challenges his perch at the top of the U.S. political structure. She could take him down. What a good thing for our country and for the world that Senator Klobuchar has agreed to take the plunge. Go get em Senator!! You've got my vote!!!

  61. My niece worked for Senator Klobuchar for 7 months in 2016. Exact quote: "The nastiest person I've ever met" Voted the worst person to work for on Capitol Hill. Highest staff turnover of ANYONE in the US Senate. Unable to find a campaign manager for her presidential bid (3 people turned her down). Sexism? Fat chance. Date doesn't lie. And nobody is saying this about the other 4 women running for president (Gabbard, Harris, Warren, Gillibrand). Someone of this temperament and character and superficial ability to present a public image so opposite her real one shouldn't be ANYWHERE NEAR THE OVAL OFFICE

  62. @Luciano I bet Klobuchar diesn't let Trump stand behind her like a weirdo at the debates without saying something, go Amy!

  63. @Luciano She is like the killer rabbit in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and not in a good way. Run away, run away.....

  64. @Missy She's nasty to her staff. The tell tale sign of a low character person

  65. She’s Minnesota nice but also Minnesota tough. She’s smart, pragmatic, hard-working, and not pie-in-the-sky. Best of all, she’s not narcissistic like the “Oaf in the Oval.” She’s got my support.

  66. Self-righteous, power mad people scare me.

  67. @Wherever Hugo Be pretty hard to find a Presidential candidate that doesn't scare you then.

  68. You are referring to the current resident in The White House...are you not?

  69. @Wherever Hugo Then every politician on the planet should scare you!

  70. Klobuchar, Warren, Gillibrand becoming the Democrat's nominee to run against Trump (assuming he is still around) would result in another destructive, unbearable term for him. I cringe to think of the faux macho games DT played against HRC being used against this trio of Democratic women. Kamala Harris seems the only woman who could blow off DT's malarkey. It would be hard to imagine the Democrats being naive enough to believe any of three could be a viable opponent. Remember the way in which Klobuchar didn't "go for the jugular vein" when she had the opportunity to against Kavanaugh back in the fall? She could have embarrassed and really hurt his chances with just a smidgeon of vocal, impassioned outrage about his hugely inappropriate "do you like beer, Senator?" line of testimony. Nothing was her response. Klobuchar's reticence would turn her into another victim of DT's fast and loose style. It wouldn't be pretty!

  71. @Kerryman "Klobuchar didn't go for the jugular vein". Well dear Mr. Kerryman that is exactly how we are going to move forward. She handled that with class. I understand that this looks like war but it will only escalate into absolute insanity with those that try and out-smear each other. However I also have a keen sense that that this is going to be an extremely tough campaign for anyone.

  72. Klobuchar handled Kavanaugh with “class” and now we have Kavanaugh forever. Passion and indignation would have been more appropriate and effectual.

  73. So she is accused of being a "demanding boss." Maybe she just expects people to do their jobs. Reminds me of that old adage - "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

  74. She gave her campaign announcement in the middle of a blizzard. The ghost of William Henry Harrison just sat there shaking his head.

  75. @John. Maybe someone should inform Harrison’s ghost that we have known for many years that pneumonia is an infection spread by airborne droplets, not snow and cold. Also, George Washington and the cherry tree? Didn’t happen.

  76. No blizzard here! Just our normal winter Minneapolis weather.

  77. @Maggie I know this. And he really died from sepsis due to the contaminated Washington water supply. And I know the cherry tree thing is a myth. I was just making a joke lol

  78. Jump in the pool, it nice and welcoming! I welcome newcomers to the Presidential candidate field, we need fresh voices and certainty more diversity of view points that veer more toward the center. As far and Klobuchar being a woman and a difficult boss, so what - we need leaders and those who are confident in the direction and views they espoused. I don't want candidates who's compasses are poll numbers. Women will become President, no doubt in the future. All I ask of any candidate is that they simply qualify for the highest office in the land and that they represent all citizens of the the US.

  79. Tough, respected by her peers and constituents, pushing more of a measured, Canadian agenda than a European one, carries herself publicly with poise even if her expectations of her staff are high, Midwestern. She sounds like Democrats’ dream—Hillary Clinton without the corruption. Kamala Harris/Kirsten Gillibrand without the blind ambition. She sounds like Trumos nightmare. She sounds electable.

  80. The 28 bills she sponsored that were signed into law are more than any other Senator in the 115th Congress. She is effective and accomplishing this from the minority means she was able to forge alliances across the aisle. If we are to tackle infrastructure, lower prescription costs, reducing income inequality, building a stronger middle class, making college more affordable, and either advancing toward Medicare for All or creating a single-payer option within Obamacare, we need a President who is less of a show horse and more of a work horse. She's a middle class professional, not an entitled billionaire, and comes from a typical American family. I'll take a tough, driven boss who produces results any day over nice but ineffective. If she can win the nomination, in addition to the usual Democratic strongholds, she'll lock down the Midwest and the Rust Belt in the general, and as the granddaughter of a miner, will make the Republicans have to work in West Virginia and Kentucky which she won't win, but will do better than people think. Texas might be a stretch, but Florida, especially the the vote-rich I-4 corridor of West Florida where mid-westerners go to retire should be friendly territory. This Liberal is convinced, to paraphrase a son of Missouri who went to the White House, she can win this and make Trump like it.

  81. Called and wrote her office 4 times between early June and September asking her to clarify her stance on copper sulfide mining in the BWCA watershed, the most controversial and consequential issue facing the state. No response. One staffer I spoke with confirmed that they had a record of previous email/calls and that they have a policy of responding to constituents in 6 - 8 weeks (my email had been sent more than 8 weeks previous) and he would make sure someone got back to me. Still? Nothing. Afraid of taking a position Amy? The best thing that can come from her candidacy is that Minnesotans take a good look at her policy positions - or lack thereof - and realize we can do better, not only for President but also as our Senator.

  82. @Me - Interesting feedback from one of her actual constituents. Thanks.

  83. If she's a jerk to her staff, that is information that shouldn't be forgotten. But in the Trump era it's become clear that the key to winning elections isn't to find a flawless candidate, it's to find someone who is appealing to a broader electorate and can also fire up the base. Harris and Knobuchar both have this kind of potential.

  84. The Republicans are so afraid of Amy Klobuchar, that they have already begun their smear campaign that she is a tough demanding boss. Is that all you got? Are all these generals in government that Republicans fawn over tough, demanding bosses? Are all these Navy Seals that Republicans love to elect tough and demanding? Is military culture that Republicans admire tough and demanding? But when a Democratic woman is tough and demanding, she is not fit for office. This level of Republican hypocrisy is so extreme that it flies way beyond blatant sexism, even though it is sexist. It is beyond ridiculous. Don't vote for Amy, she might want people to do their jobs! Being a boss is hard. Being a leader is hard. Being the president is the toughest, hardest job their is. Wimps need not apply. Trump fires people left and right. People leave his employ at breakneck speed. But his supporters excuse the turnover by saying that he is tough and demanding. Truth is, Trump is the most incompetent president ever, let alone most corrupt, but it's good to label him as being tough and demanding. So go ahead GOP, try to smear Amy as being the nasty meanie. Don't vote for the meanie. I just trashed your strategy. Imagine what the Democratic party can do with $500 million in negative ads. If you think you have a woman voter problem now, paint Amy as the meanie. Is that all you got?

  85. @Bruce Rozenblit "that they have already begun their smear campaign that she is a tough demanding boss" Really? So the Republicans somehow rigged the numbers so she was ranked the Senator with the highest turnover? How did they manage that exactly? And did they WRITE her emails berating her staff FOR HER?

  86. And her turnover stats are from 2001-2016. The Republicans must have been plotting a long time on this one!

  87. @Bruce Rozenblit Wow. The Rs are masters of the long game! They implanted themselves as staffers and then impersonated AK hurling binders, demeaning them, and screaming at them for nonsense

  88. I'm an old man (90 years) from Missouri, the Show-Me state so i'm not easy to convince. Amy Klobuchar has convinced me that she is presidential material because of her impressive record of accomplishments through the years. After two terms as United States senator, she defeated her republican challenger for senate by almost 2 to 1. Ms. Klobuchar has passed more legislation than any other senator during her three terms in the senate. I've watched her progress from afar through the years and i am convinced that Amy Klobuchar will be a good, moderate and thoughtful President of The United States and i'm not one for exaggeration. Good luck Senator Klobuchar.

  89. Yes, M.W. Endres, and kudos to Ms. Ruhle of MSNBC and her guest for pointing out this morning the sexism behind negative information about Ms. Klobuchar being hard to work for. As they pointed out, we do not hear that about male candidates. It's just another male-model type of attempt to try to discredit females. As the guest pointed out, Ms. Klobuchar "deserves" to serve in OUR Senate because the voter like you put her there. No other reason needed. I implore other media to follow Ms. Ruhle's example and immediately call out this kind of garbage. I want to know what the candidates' past actions and core values are. That is how I will decide who to vote for.

  90. @M.W. Endres. Amy, you're already loved and respected. Go Far!

  91. This is a very welcome development. The autopsy from 2016 should have made it abundantly clear that the Democratic Party had, somewhere between fundraising on Wall Street and prioritizing every polarizing social issue under the sun, lost any relevance in the heartland. Klobuchar’s mere presence on the debate stage will steer the conversation back to genuine middle class issues - healthcare, jobs, education. Even if she loses the primary but pulls other candidates back to earth, it's a win. She also has the rare potential to bridge the divide between the liberal and moderate wings of the party. With a history of bipartisanship, no one is going to accuse her of being a left-wing radical, so she is able to make some of the party's more ambitious proposals seem palatable to a wider audience. When AOC proposes a "green new deal," it is mocked as delusional. If Klobuchar presented it as an ambitious infrastructure plan to bolster jobs in the rust belt, it will gain far more traction. Finally, her personality will be a winning asset. She is smart as a whip and tough as nails, but is also warm, has a great sense of humor, and that "Minnesota niceness" that will contrast with Trump and with the members of her party who have already taken on an off-putting, combative tone. The fact that the GOP was ready and waiting with an attack line shows that they understand how potent this candidacy is. Go Amy go.

  92. @Solaris. In any reasonable analysis of who would be the most difficult candidate for Trump to beat, Klobuchar will come out on top. This is not to say we should anoint her. A demanding, robust primary is in every democrat's interest. But let's not lose sight on who is most likely to defeat Trump and save our democracy (and sanity).

  93. I’ve observed Sen Klobuchar in action over the past year or so and have liked what I have seen and heard. We need smart, hardworking, effective and honest people in important positions in the government and in other areas; being empathetic is very important as well. Throughout our history as a country we have seen what good presidents can accomplish. The best presidents have a sense of doing the right thing at the right time. Washington, Adams, Lincoln,FDR and several others come immediately to mind for the long lasting positive effect of their hard and courageous work. Which DEM will step up, win the nomination and send trump and his minions packing? Could it be Sen Klobuchar? The field of potential nominees has gotten more interesting with her declaration to enter the race.

  94. it's generally accepted that candidates with extensive executive experience make the best presidents - governors, mayors, and generals for example; there are some exceptions. i prefer someone who's actually run something complex before they become president. the presidency is a job where intellectual capital should be expended, not acquired.

  95. Kudos to Ms. Ruhle of MSNBC and her guest for pointing out this morning the sexism behind negative information about Ms. Klobuchar being hard to work for. As they pointed out, we do not hear that about male candidates. It's just another male-model type of attempt to try to discredit females. As the guest pointed out, Ms. Klobuchar "deserves" to serve in OUR Senate because the voters put her there. No other male-model, destructive reason needed. I implore other media to follow Ms. Ruhle's example and immediately call out this garbage. I want to know what the candidates' past actions and core values are. That is how I' will decide who to vote for.

  96. @njglea - No one is saying Warren and Harris are difficult to work for, so how is this sexist? No one said it about Hillary either.

  97. I moved to Minnesota when I was 14. Although I have traveled the world as a science journalist and writer, Minnesota has been my home for 46 years. I am proud to be a Minnesotan. I am proud to have worked and campaigned for many strong national leaders who have heralded from Minnesota. Hubert Humphrey, David Durenberger, Paul Wellstone, Jim Oberstar, Al Franken, Keith Ellison and now Amy has stepped up to the plate. They all may have been categorized as "Minnesota Nice" by Americans on the Eastern and West Coasts whose only knowledge of Midwesterners is derived from listening to Garrison Keillor. Most Minnesotans I know... Republican, Democrat and Independent ...are pragmatic, respectful, hardworking, visionary and strongly involved in their communities. They value collaboration, innovation and the many diverse cultures who are Minnesotans. I was at Boom Island and was left the event filled with hope that the current insanity radiating from the Oval Office. Amy may or may not get the nomination but I know she will play an integral role in creating the solutions this country so desperately needs. It was such a relief to hear a potential Presidential Candidate directly address critical issues like Climate Change, Women's Rights and Health Care. I left energized that the tide is turning. Democracy will not die in darkness... and it has been strengthened by citizens who are not hindered by snowstorms.

  98. No one will have an event telling the world that she is running for President as dramatic as Klobuchars. Snow, cold an unflinching MN crowd and a well spoken, smart, experienced and tough candidate. Her working class background combined with a first class education is a perfect match. What a change in the mood in our way too politically involved house after watching Klobuchar's speech. It is going to be a woman as the Democrat's nominee this year and Klobuchar is clearly the best candidate who can beat Trump and as President would right the ship of state.

  99. Little name recognition beyond cable news junkies. In a very crowded field she will need some high profile endorsements to have a serious chance.

  100. "she had passed the most laws of anyone in the Senate" Amy knows how to govern with sensible compromise and this is sorely lacking in our current administration. If Amy's politics are left of middle, I find that reassuringly welcome. The country cannot afford more of the outrageous debt generated by last year's false tax cuts for the middle class. Amy knows the score in DC and she would restore civility and American values here and abroad. Let it Snow!

  101. Someone who is described by multiple independent witnesses as having raged at her subordinates is not 'a tough boss', but someone with serious psychological problems, maybe even worse than Trump's. If these descriptions prove to be true, then ... No Thanks.

  102. Senator Klobuchar is my early favorite for the Democratic nomination. She has a strong record of bi-partisan accomplishments. She doesn't come with a lot of the speculative "baggage" of several other Democrats. She is a moderate and a centrist. i think she would work for the things the overwhelming majority of us want. We want job security and a fair pay raise once in a while. We want to feel safe and feel that our loved ones are safe when we are at the mall or the movies or a night club. We want access to quality healthcare at a price that won't drive us into bankruptcy. We want retirement with dignity. I think MOST of all, we want an end to the hypocrisy and the constant barrage of negativity out of the current "leadership" on the other side of the aisle. If AK can accomplish that she has my vote.

  103. Amy is the only candidate who can bridge the tribal divide in the Congress and in the country. Add her other fine qualities and values, and you have the best chance for defeating Trump. She's got my vote in the primary and the general. Go, Amy!

  104. If the democrats were going to design a candidate to take on Trump, she would look a lot like Amy Klobuchar. I pray she is the real deal.

  105. She is too low key to go up against Trump. He will wear her down. I'm afraid she will not know how to deal with him. We also need progressive policies such as Medicare for all. I'm tired of the people from the rural Mid-West calling the shots for the majority of the country. A major portion of them watch Fox News. Enough said.

  106. The small town thing might play well in Iowa and New Hampshire, but as an urban person I find it very unappealing. And I think Klobuchar's supporters are underestimating the extent of the damage that will continue to play out on the bad-boss narrative. The larger voter pool may not care so much at the moment, but the DC establishment cares and that will help sink this candidacy. Too bad - she otherwise seems smart and electable.

  107. "While her approach may appeal to centrists and moderate Republicans in her home state, her breaks with liberal orthodoxy risk alienating the ascendant progressive wing of her party. Ms. Klobuchar backs a less expansive college affordability proposal, has not embraced Senator Bernie Sanders’s “Medicare for all” legislation and has not joined the movement to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency." Hilary Clinton 2.0. She is doomed.

  108. She seems like a good candidate on the surface and she was impressive during the Kavanaugh hearings but anyone who has a "difficult" boss, male and female, knows how stressful, unpleasant and annoying that can be, so it's a mark against her. That may not be a big deal for some people, especially those who buy her argument that she has "high standards", but with so many Dems to choose from, those little things become big things when considering who to choose in 2020. Having a wide variety of choices is great for fickle voters; not so good for the Democratic candidates who now must adhere to a much higher standard than they otherwise would be held to with a smaller field. Moreover, the temptation to tar competitors, which Dems seem to enjoy doing to each other, sets up Trump for a better chance of re-election. Still and all, she looks like one of the better candidates to throw her hat in the ring, though she may have a fight on her hands with Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders to get the nomination.

  109. My concerns with my Senator here are 1)Presidential election are won on the "goosebumps" quotient. I have doubts about Amy's ability to do this. 2) I'm worried she will fail to reach far enough and settle in- good government? Probably. Well run White House- absolutely. Heathcare+Cannabis+Climate Action? Maybe.

  110. In a crowded field dominated by candidates from coastal states, Ms. Klobuchar, a Minnesota senator, hopes that her Midwestern roots and bipartisan style can make her a laughing stock.

  111. Amy Klobuchar is perfectly adequate. She is no Al Franken. I don’t see her being at the top of ticket. She would be more effective as VP.

  112. I'd love a ticket of Amy Kobuchar and Sherrod Brown, two pragmatic, genuine politicians who will connect with voters. And most importantly, they'd do a good job cleaning up the mess Trump is making.

  113. I like her message and she has a way of arguing for her positions that is not confrontational even though she has a strong set of principles.

  114. There's no such thing as a perfect candidate, but Klobuchar ticks all the right boxes in terms of experience, intelligence, and electability. I've been in Warren's camp since before 2016 (I was bitterly disappointed she did not run), but, much as I admire her, electability is now a big issue for Warren. We have to look at the big picture here. Klobochar has everything it takes and more to excel in the election and in the presidency.

  115. Along with Sen. Durbin, I thought she was terrific during the Kavanagh hearings. I have always liked and respected her. She’s great on TV, and exudes calm, good-natured practicality and warmth. Perhaps that’s why learning about her private behavior towards staff is creating such cognitive dissonance. (I don’t doubt the GOP loves it, I assume that.) What’s been described isn’t merely being a “tough” or demanding boss — it’s a pattern of humiliation, degradation, blame and outright cruelty.

  116. She would be the worst. She wont listen to the other side. She has been bad for MN. She worries how it will look for her career not what is good for the Minnesota people. She said she was going to stay for her 6 years because she wanted to work for Minnesota. She lives again. Dont believe her

  117. Very interesting to me how many of her constituents are commenting here in a way I would not expect (i.e., that she isn’t really representing them well).

  118. @JJ I don't know what the previous commentator is talking about. I live in MN and can assure you a great many of her constituents feel she is representing them very well. Look at the percentage she won re-election by.

  119. If all these senators running for the democrat nomination possessed so much as a thimbleful of integrity, they would resign from the office which they will now spend a year and a half ignoring... while still pocketing a salary of $174,000 per year. Imagine missing much of your job then offering the excuse: "I'm looking for another job." Tax payers should not subsidize a politician's delusions of grandeur.

  120. Amy Klobuchar appears to be the best that the Democrats have to offer. Experienced, competent, gets things done and is a decent, fair minded human being. Klobuchar looks to be the perfect remedy after enduring four years of ignorance and hatred.

  121. I didn’t hear Klobuchar mention that she would not accept $PAC$ money. Who will fund her candidacy?

  122. @New World AIPAC, or so it seems, given her vote on the BDS issue.

  123. Having experienced working for a "tough but demanding boss" (i.e. bully, rage filled, demeaning etc.) I find it to be a fatal character flaw. By the way, my "tough but demanding boss" was male.

  124. I'm probably to the left of Amy Klobuchar, but I've had my eye on her for several years, and I'd vote for her in a flash. She's smart, serious, issue-oriented, down-to-business, always on message, dignified (didn't we used to take that for granted in a candidate?) and the possessor of many other qualities lauded in other contributor's comments. Plus... she's strong. She refused to join the Kirsten Gillibrand bandwagon to force Al Franken's resignation. We'll never know whether or not a Senate investigation would have ousted Franken from his seat, but Klobuchar showed spine in refusing to subvert the due process of a hearing. She scored points with her direct questions for Brett Kavanaugh with (unlike many of her nakedly ambitious colleagues) zero showboating. And she even kept her cool and answered Kavanaugh's question to her, which (imho) only highlighted his unfitness for the SCOTUS. Obama voters who flipped to Trump in 2016 felt unrepresented by Democrats. Winning them back means putting a fellow midwesterner ("one of them") on the ticket. Bonus points for Amy. I think the DNC has to give serious consideration to Klobuchar and/or (should he announce) Sherrod Brown.

  125. 1. Highest staff turnover rate of all US Senators 2. Well known reputation on Capital Hill as one of the worst people to work for (Google please) 3. Three potential presidential campaign managers turned her down because of her reputation for being nasty to staff. 4. The disconnect between her public image and the real person is vast. Do we really want to see another White House in constant staff turmoil?

  126. "The run-up to Klobuchar’s expected presidential campaign launch on Sunday was sidetracked by former aides, speaking anonymously for fear of retribution, who described a toxic office environment including demeaning emails, thrown office supplies and requests for staff to perform personal chores for the senator. It’s a sharp departure from the public brand that Klobuchar has built to get to this moment" Politico

  127. @Luciano “I hope I’m not condemning her nascent run for the presidency,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) as he praised Klobuchar. “She’s too reasonable, too likable, too nice.” -Politico

  128. @Luciano People believe what they want and then look for dirt to support it. If the office was truly as toxic as you say then Amy wouldn't have gotten more bills signed than any other senator.

  129. M. Jones - this kind of quote makes me think she’s well skilled in kissing up and kicking down, as another commenter eloquently put it.

  130. Hurray! A highly intelligent, hard-working, courageous woman -- AND she's from the Midwest (people from the middle of the country have reason to be sick of the Coasts!). She has proven that she can work with both sides of the aisle to get things done (more sponsored bills passed into law than any other Senator). She's tough and won't let Trump bully her: she'll fight back, in an intelligent, honorable, measured way. She's not an egomaniac -- I won't name names. And I think she can win. Amy has had my vote for months and I will do whatever I can to help her win. Including pray.

  131. Klobuchar’s temper may stem from her relationship with her alcoholic father. It’s unfortunately a classic dynamic. Doesn’t mean she won’t make a good president - she’d be great. She just needs to confront her personal issues.

  132. How do you know she even has any personal issues. She may just be demanding, as in get it done and get it done correctly. If any man had that temperament no one would say a thing.

  133. Truth be told, I do not know much about Sen Klobuchar, but if rumors are true that she is a centrist candidate that will return sanity to the Democratic party, and to the nation, she has my vote. I watched with disgust and alarm as the current crop of Democratic candidates were tumbling over themselves to get somewhere to the left of Karl Marx and I am a professional class guy from Queens N.Y.

  134. @B "Somewhere to the left of Karl Marx"? You mean like the leaders of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, etc -- countries that all surpass the US in quality of life rankings? Oh the horror!

  135. So she's a difficult boss? Give me a BREAK. I'm sure W was just a great boss. How'd that work out for us?

  136. @highway - There's a difference between a difficult boss and one who throws things. It's called assault.

  137. Another good choice joins a broad and talented field of candidates. And will Beto add his hat to the ring later today at his event at the El Paso border?

  138. As I read the comments I am wondering why readers of the New York Times would lean heavily on the staff issue? Sounds to me like there is already a campaign to discredit this candidate with a quick and dirty slam that is a easy negative one liner by people who's only intent is to provide the mindless chatter available for those who do not think beyond one liners. In trying to do any business these days I am amazed at how unmotivated workers are to get anything done. I bet a lot of people have that experience! Maybe being tough on staff is a quality that should be highly valued?

  139. @Laura S. There is a difference between tough love and routinely belittling and humiliating one's staff. If there is any veracity to the claims of staff abuse, then it speaks poorly of Sen. Klobuchar's ability to effectively manage an office (which is a concerning flaw for someone running to be the country's chief executive).

  140. This nation needs a president who will lead us all against Russia for what they did to each other’s political party and ‘build’ on this Democracy! Well, I mean, one of our presidents has to put that wuss, Putin, in his place for thinking that he couldn’t lose a cyberwar if he never admitted to waging one in the first place; why not President Amy? Senator Klobuchar is one of our best Democratic candidates out of many, one of our best, who all contribute to the Democratic Campaign in their own way. I hope that they will all come together on their ideas, backed-up by us in the party’s base, and win the race.

  141. Thank God. A pragmatic, experienced Democrat who can bring back some sanity. Go Amy!

  142. Would be a good candidate were it not for her knee-jerk support of Israel, in particular her vote against free speech re the BDS campaign. After four years of Trump this country desperately needs a true progressive to turn things around. Klobuchar ain't that person.

  143. oh yeah i forgot Potus has a hard time with bad weather— thanks Amy for reminding me to read Winter Is Coming by G Kasparov.

  144. Why cover the presidential tweet along with the news? This is why we will continue to be tortured with his ignorant and disrespectful tweets, he’ll continue doing it because you give him the space! NYT ought to realize that including this president’s tweets enables and disseminates bad behavior and forces all of us to read them even when we don’t want to. BTW, somebody needs to have an 8th grader explain this president what the difference of weather vs climate is!

  145. @SVS..I thought what Trump said was hilarious!

  146. You write, "Senator Amy Klobuchar . . . announced she was running for president." Past tense? Was running but is no longer?

  147. Hopefully somebody will check her yearbooks and "activity calendars" from her teen years.....

  148. @mark Why? Has she been accused of sexual aggression?

  149. Why stand out in a blizzard to announce?

  150. @Fred: Why not?

  151. Amy Klobuchar personifies Minnesota Nice—nice and pleasant on the outside, mean and nasty on the inside. The Japanese distinction applies here—Public face (tatemae) vs. Private face (honne).

  152. @William L French This is true. Everyone in MN knows Minnesota Nice really means passive aggressive.

  153. Ms. Klobuchar will have a hard time winning the "progressive" base of the Democratic Party, but she is much more likely to beat Trump than any of the other candidates. Whether he knows it or not, Trump should be afraid of Klobuchar and would have a much easier time campaigning against Harris or Warren.

  154. There are many Progressives, but also Moderates and those of us, in between. Amy will do just fine!

  155. The 2016 campaign, all fear-mongering 19 months of it, deranged many people and left them virtually addicted to fear. Grown people were actually crying when their candidate lost. Many are still not over the 2016 election arguing "she really won!" and "Putin did it!". So now we have a 22 month campaign. Seriously? This all has become a mania, not an election. A never-ending TV reality show geared to hook people. As soon as one election ends these days, another begins - all to feed the mania and milk the public. And the "news" media are loving it: "It may not be good for America, but it's damn good for CBS. Most of the ads are not about issues. They're sort of like the debates. Man, who would have expected the ride we're all having right now? ... The money's rolling in and this is fun." Les Moonves, head of CBS during the 2016 campaign. This far away from election day, I don't give a hoot in hell who is running or what these perpetual candidates say. I have more important things to concentrate on at the moment. I'll decide in 2020.

  156. Who? And I do not mean that just as a dizzy blonde. I mean, really, who? I have not heard of her, as am sure most of the voters in this country. She will have to blow tons of money and time getting her name out there, competing with household names. By then the election is over. Maybe try for 2024? it's already too late for an unknown, ok famous in her town, to try to catch the national attention.

  157. Why didn't the Times add video from Sen.Klobuchar's talk? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is the full video announcement of her words, on Sunday: I was very impressed with what she said and how she said it. "Words from the heart, enter the hear." (Jewish saying) I am all in with Amy Klobuchar for president or for vice president.

  158. "Mr. Vlaisavljevich said he would probably lean toward the president." Sounds about right for the mayor of a town whose claim to fame is the world's largest free-standing hockey stick.

  159. WAS running?

  160. I wonder how she treated the staff member who arranged her announcement in a snow storm...

  161. @Steve As a resident of the Twin Cities, I can assure you the snowstorm is typical for MN this time of year. She thanked the staff and the MN Parks first thing in her speech.

  162. She won't make it too far

  163. I LOVE the diverse Democratic field! No one is perfect, there’s not one candidate that will please all of us.....what we need is to be united AND REACH out to EVERY SINGLE American voter! Especially the ....staggering 100 MILLION that regularly doesn’t vote! Democrats, Independents, never-Trump-Republicans are FIRED UP! Blue Wave 2020!

  164. Smart, informed, prepared, unflappable. A list of adjectives describing Senator Klobuchar.... (And, handily, antonyms for the current occupant of the Oval Office!)

  165. She doesn't play well with others. Heck, she couldn't even hire somebody to go and get her a hat or umbrella and had to stand out in the snow. No one want to work for her. She should forget it.

  166. I like what I hear so far. She sounds both feisty and reasonable, and I think a strong candidate from the Midwest will be almost impossible for Trump to beat. Still early to gauge the rumors about whether she is an "abusive" boss. My gut reaction is that this would be less of an issue if she was a man.

  167. I think AK is exactly what this country needs! My first campaign contribution-immediately- will be to her. Smart, reasonable and hardworking. The most bills passed in the Senate! Not the far left or far right. I am sick of the far left and far right. I will take the tortoise rather than the hair! I am 77 and have never voted for a Republican and I am from Dallas, Texas. Go Amy!

  168. To bad she won't be able to count on support from Al Frankin or any other reasonable person. She led the witch hunt against Frankin that led to right-wing republicans being appointed to the Supreme Court. To call Frankin's sophomoric actions sexual assault was wrong and politically motivated and shortsighted. She is unfit for public office.

  169. @Mark Clevey I think you are confusing her with Gillebrand. She did not lead the witch hunt.

  170. That was Kirsten Gillibrand.

  171. If you’ve watched Amy Klobachar at hearings, you have seen a smart, no-nonsense, well-informed Senator working on behalf of the public. She is always prepared. I believe she was the only senator to take advantage of the opportunity to submit questions in advance of the Kavanaugh hearing—and she kept her cool when he decidedly did not.

  172. Finally someone from the Democratic "center" who does not float pie-in-the-sky proposal that sound good, someone with substantial experience. Even the WSJ thinks she's the one Trump should fear. The Times, on the other hand could not have given less coverage and based on my comparison--less than 9 column inches to Harris' 22 not a NYT favorite. The professional photo of Harris is over 15 times as big.

  173. I've never even heard of her before 2 days ago when I saw an article about her abusing her staff. Perhaps that's more about me than about her... not sure.

  174. It’s more about you. I’m Canadian and I’ve seen her on the news for years now.

  175. The only candidate I'll support is the one I believe can beat Trump. That's it. Ideological details will be sorted out afterwards. Maybe the person to trounce 45 is Amy Klobuchar. I'll watch and listen. But I'm uncertain why she's being lauded for her performance in the Kavanaugh hearings, which I found disappointing. What she should have said, and did not is "Mr. Kavanaugh, this is a hearing about a serious matter, with regard to one of the most important offices in the country. Please stop behaving like a seventh grader and answer the question." She'll have to do a lot better to convince me she can deal with Trump's inane shenanigans, which I do not find intimidating. A school yard bully? Why all the hand wringing? Maybe our Socrates should run.

  176. I think its all about ambition with Amy. Can't see where that type of President would be any better than Trump for crucial issues like environmental challenges, diplomacy, equitable income distribution, nuclear proliferation and more. Stay Amy stay in Minnesota and finish that job.

  177. @Gort "its all about ambition with Amy": How could you possibly know that?

  178. A moderate mid-westerner is exactly the candidate that Democrats need. Pull Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and it's game over. At this early stage, she's probably my favorite, but I need to hear more about her platform and see how she operates on the trail. Oh, and as far as this "being difficult to work for" thing is concerned, I find it pretty hard to believe that she's tougher to work for than the current White House boss. What a joke.

  179. Of all the senate Dems who have announced their Presidential bids, Amy Klobuchar is the most authentic in my worthless opinion. But I doubt she will make it. Seems like the party wants a far left candidate this time around.

  180. There was an article recently that described what were called the initial "dirt dumps" that candidates are undergoing. The reality is that all of the candidates will have some history, trait or other"dirt" that disqualifies them to some. By the time the primaries are over, I don't think "mean boss" will not be a meaningful factor in evaluating Ms. Klobuchar.

  181. Finally the candidate I've been waiting for. I am donating to her campaign right now.

  182. I have observed Senator Klobuchar's public statements over the past few years, and have been impressed. I do think the Democrats need to bring a seemingly decent midwestern candidate into the fold to offer a non-coastal perspective. It's all about the swing states, and I think that the best way to challenge the extremely media-savvy but otherwise empty-vessile Trump (or the fundementalist-extremist Pence, if Trump steps down) is with a candidate with solid accomplishments and a calm personality that moderate and non-dogmatic Republicans and Independents in those swing states can relate to and be assured by. And although I am from the liberal part of California, I keep hearing in un-guarded conversations,. that our local Kamala Harris "doesn't seem to have the common touch" and/or "hasn't really done anything all that impressive" in her career. And while it is still very early, I get the impression that Amy Klobuchar can pass those tests. I welcome her presence in the (way too) long run for President.

  183. Here is video of Sen. Klobuchar's full speech: I fear that if she wants to sustain interest in her candidacy, she must use some GIMMICKS. Here, she used the cold outdoors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- But if she want to keep the interest she has to find new ideas. Otherwise, Trump, with all his insanity, will dominate the media. Good luck Sen. Klobuchar. You can do it! --------------------------------------------------

  184. She sounds level headed, intelligent and capable, what a nice change that would be. However, I think we urgently need someone who is aware of, planning for, and addressing the biggest changes and issues we are facing as a nation. Strangely enough, these issues are not even discussed or referenced in mainstream media. See Andrew Yang 2020 (, he has personally written more than 79 policy's on his website. But even if he can only get his main big 3 (freedom Dividend, Medicare for all, humanity centered capitalism) our entire country would change in hugely positive ways over a matter of years. We are approaching the highest unemployment rates and lowest labor participation rates we've ever seen (already at decades low labor participation rate). All the good intentions and well meaning candidates won't help a bit since they are unaware of what is already reshaping our country and what is responsible for the removal of over 4 million jobs over the last few years, with much, much more to follow. We desperately need someone who is aware, preparing and ready to address this huge change and transition we are facing.

  185. Welcome to the campaign, Senator Klobuchar. We are looking forward to a vigorous and reasonably civil debate over the candidates and their policies. I agree with those who say that the Democratic candidates mostly agree on everything. Democrats, let's all set aside the hyperbole and lies. For instance, none of the likely candidates are corporate or Wall Street Democrats. Let's all also set aside the misogyny. Senator Klobuchar, you were one of several Democrats who showed Mr. Kavanaugh and the Trump Republicans what sobriety and veracity look like. Thank you.

  186. Amy, get your small donor list up and going! Where do we sign up?

  187. I really like how she flattened Brett Kavanaugh with a look, followed by a calm, clear statement, "will you answer the question, Mr. Kavanaugh?"...

  188. I think it’s unfortunately naive to think that having a reputation for compromise will matter anymore. As with Obama and Clinton, the republicans will once again wage scorched earth, uninterested in joint governing or actual policy. It will once again be about placating an extremist base through complete and utter rejection of Amy or whatever Dem would be pres. The more the dems “compromise,” the more to what was centrist conservatism they will be pulled, which just stunts needed social and economic progress. If they are going to tackle tough existential problems like global warming, they will get no help from McConnell or McCarthy.