What Tituss Burgess Can’t Travel Without

The Emmy-nominated actor and singer prefers staycations in New York City. But when he travels for work, an electric fan and Pond’s face cream are must haves.

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  1. Who doesn’t love Titus? First saw him in 30 Rock and was really delighted to discover him starring in Kimmi Schmidt. Like Nathan Lane, he’s just a pleasure to be in the company of (virtually, anyway).

  2. Brilliant actor. Please give him his own show and let him serve as Executive Producer. Just a wonderful light.

  3. With respect and admiration for his talent, I offer a jazz hand-over-hand to Mr. Burgess.

  4. Pond’s cold cream. Yeah!

  5. I love Titus! I wish the NYT would do a cooking feature with him like the recent one with Rita Moreno. I don't care if he doesn't cook!

  6. Titus for president 2020!

  7. What a talented guy. Recently, heard an interesting interview of Mr. Burgess on NPR ... I think it was on It’s Been a Minute. I was surprised to hear he was raised near my parents’ old Wolfskin Road home. Sounds like he is not only incredibly talented, but super nice as well.

  8. I am a fan or a fan, too! All hotel rooms should come equipped with an oscillating fan. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - hot or cold - I have a fan lull me to sleep at home. I request a fan for my hotel room ahead of time when I travel. The sound, and the air movement are great sleep inducers.

  9. @Thegooodlife I purchase wonderful small fans when I travel to Tokyo. They make the right amount of noise, move air and are small enough to pack easily. I wish they could be found in the US! Another Fan-Fan

  10. A sleep app might do ya too

  11. @Sweet Memory. Not. Sleep app doesn’t move air, does it?!

  12. i doubt that staycation is a word. A better constructed sentence might be: When he stays at home....

  13. Titus the real question: Are you a Marie's Crisis devotee?? A night with you there would be the best. So many jazz hands!