Review: ‘The Light,’ an Unexpected Mix of #MeToo and Rom-Com

Loy A. Webb’s tear-struck thesis play starts with an engagement and swerves into the territory of sexual-assault trauma.

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  1. "it’s a rom-com, a drama and very nearly a tragedy. Do we have a word for that yet? Do we want one?" I'm pretty sure that sums up what "Dear Evan Hansen" is - and while I can think of other pieces that fit the description, some of which I've liked, "DEH" is the only financially successful work I can think of that fits the rollercoaster that suggests. (I've felt that's how an eight-actor no-spectacle show became such a mega-hit; it gave us something so unusual that it also gave us, or me at least, the feeling that I was seeing something so well worth putting all the entertainment choices I had - yes, even the fun of reading and posting Internet comments - aside for the unique experience. I imagine when a style is so hard to pull off artistically, that makes the ones that work even more exciting and encourage others to go see. I really like that the reviewer still notes the try to not be the same old thing (which the review suggests doesn't come together here). It may or may not get me to THIS play, but it will put me on the lookout for the writer's name.

  2. I could tell from the writing that this was written by a female. (This is not a criticism; I'm a female. It's just an observation.) It led me to wonder, in this #MeToo ear, if the NYT might send both a male and female to reviews these shows, to see how the tone and verdict might change. Even having both sexes review a regular romcom would be interesting. I know it's supposed to be about the drama and craft of it (I am also a playwright). (I am everything. I am Everything :->). I also realize all judgments are colored by personal experience. I'm wondering how the reviews might compare depending on if the reviewer relates more to the man or the woman. Especially the works dealing with reported sexual assault. Dramatized sexual assault, as noted, would be a whole other thing.