The Best of New York Fashion Week, in Pictures

Our favorite images from the shows, as captured by T’s photographers.

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  1. As an outsider to fashion design, I continue to be perplexed at the semi annual parades of models doing their best to follow orders to look sad, disengaged, angry or even hostile. This must be a successful marketing strategy to reach those few who have interest in and means to afford these clothes, and who do not wish to be associated with the smiling masses.

  2. Urban warfare? Premonition of chaos? Breakdown of reciprocity? While perhaps reflective of current possibilities and the ethos of Trumpism is this the vision for our immediate future? What about designing elegance, sharing, and goodwill?

  3. Ah, the fashion show: Pretty girls (mostly) wearing bizarre outfits you'll never see again that were designed by men (mostly).

  4. I saw a beautiful crowd of anonymity in the Jeremy Scott show and had the passing thought of what perfect gear for escape...(on so many illegal levels,lol)

  5. Sigh. Maybe next year.

  6. When you make beautiful young models look either like fashion victims or recently released prisoners from internment camps with no food, you know you are doing something wrong. Some of the pieces are interesting graphically - as modern art, some texturally. But the women and men wearing them just look like victims or very unhealthy human beings. When is a designer going to be really inventive and design for real people (even just beautiful people) of healthy weight?

  7. Tom Ford show looks absolute stunning, Fendi as well. Marc Jacobs also fabulous. The other comments here are very negative, there’s no reason for that. Just enjoy or look the other way.