Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty to Charges in Mueller Investigation

Mr. Stone, a longtime informal adviser to President Trump, appeared in court in Washington He has declared that he will be “completely vindicated.”

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  1. Anyone who smiles that much has to be guilty.

  2. @Piece man: Exactly! I don't trust anyone who smiles all the time. If you're happy all the time you're either dumb or phony.

  3. Stone is an obvious bully and braggart. There is no way he does not crack, cop a plea and cooperate (goes “CCC”). Oh, we might get some tears here too. I love phony tough guys.

  4. @Fred Shapiro He already went CCCP! Definitely time for him to go CCC.

  5. This man has a long history of deception and being a disruptive force. He is the perfect ally for trump with like minded approaches. My only wish is that they lock him up for a very long time.

  6. I recommend everyone watch the movie Get Me Roger Stone. It explains a lot about our current state (a mess!) of political discourse. He is an evil little man and I hope he goes to prison - taking Nixon along with him - for a very long time. I think being the master of the 'dark arts' won't be so much fun in the Big House. Also hope, very much, that Donald Trump and Don, Jr. join him in his lock-up experience. For a very long time.

  7. Well, Nixon is dead. Otherwise, I agree.

  8. @Denise, maybe sophia was commenting about the Nixon tattoo?

  9. Trump: Well I'm almost totally out of ideas to distract people from this shutdown business. I just can't think of a way that people could possibly move on from... Stone: Hold my beer

  10. "Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty to Charges in Mueller Investigation" The fate of our republic rests on Mueller leaving no Stone unturned...

  11. A 'self-admitted dirty trickster' - When the tricks are illegal &/or treasonous, time in the Big House often follows!

  12. Stone can subpoena Comey, Lynch and McCabe to testify under oath about the FBI & DOJ investigation into the Clinton emails, the FBI FISA warrants, and the influence the Clinton Campaign had on the investigations. What a gold mine of information those depositions will yield.

  13. @Tom Becker It is interesting how people on the right like you ignore the fact that Stone and Trump are common thugs. Men of no character, no integrity, no belief, no decency. Basically common criminals who always operate on the edge of the law. It must be tiresome having to come up with excuses for them.

  14. @Tom Becker ...and Mary Poppins can open up her umbrella and magically fly off to Cherry Tree Lane in Benghazi. Real criminals in the Trump Campaign have been convicted and indicted. Real criminals in the Russian Intelligence Services have been indicted. The Clinton Campaign? Not so many convictions, lest you missed it.

  15. @Tom Becker: How are those subjects relevant to the crimes with which Stone is charged?

  16. I think pleading "not guilty" is going to work out just as well for Roger Stone as it did for Paul Manafort.

  17. I just hope Mueller has Stone dead to rights on something. Anything. As long as it involves jail and hopefully forfeiture as well. The damage done to our politics over the past 40 years by this strange, right-wing enabling Forrest Gump is incalculable.

  18. @Pat - Forrest Gump was a kind hearted character, Stone is anything but.

  19. @DR That's not the point of the reference.

  20. @Pat - My apologies. I'd welcome an explanation.

  21. Go to trial quickly. Get him sentenced ASAP. He'll crack after he has to put on that jumpsuit. It won't be flattering. One night or two in jail and he'll be good to sing to Mueller.

  22. Roger Stone has been the lowest of the low in politics for decades. He revels in "dirty tricks" and self-promotion at any cost. He is a symbol of the worst this country has to offer - and hopefully will get his just rewards.

  23. This guy is toast, he knows it... So now he is just playing the 'game' to get sympathy for him and some last minute media attention. That fake happiness that Steve Martin played so well on SNL is very accurate. Trump will alienate him soon.

  24. I want him to have a fair trial. If he is found guilty of undermining the election he should go to prison for a long time.

  25. Roger Stone is the poster boy for the Republican criminal political syndicate. If you believe in law and order or free and fair elections, there is no way you can support the Republican party, which has nothing but contempt for the will of the American people and America itself. If you really like the Republican political platform, you'll love the Kremlin's political platform. Time to replace all those 'patriotic' American flags with Russian flags, Republistan. Sad... treasonous...criminal. Lock him up !!

  26. @Socrates - Stone loves the limelight so much, he would just be thrilled you called him a "poster boy!"

  27. He was solemn in court? Well that's a change. I've never seen anyone so happy after being arrested on felony charges. He does have a book to sell. And loves attention. But because he has made a career out of lying, Stone is of no value to Mueller as a cooperating witness. And we'll see how long all this bravado from Stone lasts, he should enjoy it while he can. If convicted he'll spend his golden years rotting way in a federal prison.

  28. One after another from Ken Starr to Paul Manafort to Roger Stone all the blame upon Donald Trump being some kind of anomaly is a bluff, a fairy tale and diversion the Heritage Foundation has built. Fact of the matter is, this swine herd going to jail are nothing but Reaganites. Nixonians who jumped off the flea bitten dog and back into the White House. They've been working for the rich and punishing democracy since Watergate while your republican uncle insists Trump is not one of the republicans. Do you really think the Pope's visit encouraged Boehner to invest heavily in the marijuana factories he so long vilified.

  29. There is something profoundly sobering about appearing in a courtroom--listening to a litany of charges being read out--being asked how you plead--and then pleading. I would suppose, even if you knew yourself to be NOT GUILTY, your voice might sound rather frail and unconvincing--surrounded as you are by stately appurtenances of the law. Subdued light gleaming on oaken panels--unsmiling bailiff--unsmiling judge sitting (way up there) at his desk-- --I'm not trying to write a prose poem. But Mr. Stone has been so vividly in your face for such a long time. Years and years, actually--going back to the Nixon presidency. Flourishing his "dirty tricks." Proudly billing himself as an "agent provocateur." Proudly swearing fealty to this or that right wing potentate. No "lies" from THIS guy--not even to avoid the cramped cells and clammy walkways of the big house. --except that he's not standing on a platform somewhere. In front of his home. On a sidewalk somewhere. In an auditorium. He's in a court of law. Sakes--I would feel rather abashed and intimidated were I standing there. No fireworks for THIS child--nosiree. No bravado. No smart remarks. "Lies"? About Mr. Donald J. Trump. No. I strongly suspect he knows lots of TRUE FACTS about Mr. Donald J. Trump. I strongly suspect that--faced with stone walls and iron bars--Mr. Roger Stone might go the route some illustrious predecessors have already taken. And begin to sing. Like a canary.

  30. @Susan Fitzwater a coal mine.

  31. This guy is as guilty as they come. A plea of not guilty is normal for the process and nothing to even blink an eye at. I predict either he will be found guilty, or cut some kind of a deal and plead guilty to some charges. Too bad there are so many crooks out there selling out other people and even their country all in the name of power and money

  32. Hopefully one of the judges overseeing Stone's proceedings will impose a gag order. Roger Stone is a narcissist, and like Donald Trump, will do anything to save his own skin.

  33. Ugh. Nobody should believe a word of this guy's schtick. He is an opportunist of the worst sort, the Original Swamp Creature, a man of no principle or honor. He and Manafort helped create The Swamp with their political "consulting" and lobbying firms. The country has suffered enough from the consequences of his divisory politics. His idea of political campaigning is to stoke fear and incite anger among people who can't see past his opaque facade and have no clue that they are being bamboozled and instrumentalized.

  34. unfortunately Prez Trump will pardon him for good deeds done and advancing the cause. like attracts like.

  35. Roger Stone is accused of lying to Congress - That’s rich... Roger Stone is not accused of anything occurring during the campaign - That’s telling... Roger Stone’s arrest was pure theater - That’s despicable... I sure hope Mueller is going to come up with something amazing. Because if he doesn’t, if this is the best he can do, then I certainly can’t see what the point of putting our nation on edge for two years will have been. I can’t see how this will have warranted all the hate this investigation has created and exposed.

  36. It's not Mueller that has been putting your nation on edge for the past two years.

  37. @Arthur Taylor Can you chew gum and walk at the same time?

  38. @Arthur Taylor You're kidding, right?

  39. "He said that the messages cited in the indictment that he exchanged with Randy Credico . . . were made in jest and taken “out of context."" I hate to be the one to tell these grifter associates of Trump that the "I was joking" defense carries about as much weight as a feather nowadays. And particularly so with federal law enforcement officials. I seriously doubt there'll be technicalities to get him off the charges. I foresee jail time for this chap. Look at the bright side, Mr Stone: the warden will let you keep your Nixon tattoo.

  40. Chuck Colson, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Roger Stone, Bill Stepien. The best and the brightest IDEA men of the Republican Party.

  41. Stone and Trump deserve each other. They like to milk the system, pass off lies as facts, earn a lot of money and benefit themselves as much they can even while holding public positions of trust. It is ludicrous to believe that democracy, ethics, justice and fair play have ever influenced their behaviors. The only reason for their being in politics is to gain power. You could take these two and put them in Russia or China or North Korea and they would continue their sleazy behaviors without batting an eyelash. So what constructive values do these two really cherish and would they ever sacrifice their comfort for the good of others? Obviously the answer is none and nope. They have done nothing good for America. They are more undeserving of enjoying the benefits of this country than many an honest immigrant on our southern border.

  42. If Manafort had never associated with Trump, he’d still be free, no charges would have been brought. Same for Cohen, Flynn, Gates, and on and on. The same is coming true for Stone, a long time con man and criminal. Jail is too good for him, but jail it will be. Maybe his loss of words this AM is because the serious nature of his crimes has finally dawned on him. Standing before a Federal Judge will do that to you. To paraphrase Night of the Living Dead, “They’re coming for you, Donald.”

  43. What an odd fellow this guy is. Regardless, I'd be shocked if Mueller's charges don't stick. So far, Muller has a good track record with these folks.

  44. Uhhh, the reason he had no comment to reporters after his appearance is the the judge issued a gag order. Also, if Mueller had him on anything bigger, he would already have charged him, in order to exert maximum pressure to "flip" on others. That Mueller didn't is telling.

  45. @Wondering He’s already charged with enough to put him away for the rest of his life. What “bigger” do you want?

  46. @Wondering You don't know that. They came back and gave Manafort additional charges a couple of times after the original indictments. They could still have plenty to charge him with, such as conspiracy, and may be holding it over him to ensure that he cooperates.

  47. Sure he's honest. That's why he has a tattoo of Nixon on his back and imitated a famous Nixon pose the other day. His heroes seem to be Nixon and Trump. Seems like worshipping the bottom of the barrel in terms of honesty.

  48. I love these Ivy League tough guys in their expensive suits. Guys like Trump, Stone, Pruitt, would not last one week in the real world, without their money and their security guards. In fact, I don’t think they would make it one city block, sporting their smirks, without being pummeled by the first common guy that they ran into. They are a joke, but those beholden to them for their money, tell them how great they are everyday. What a world.

  49. @Fausto Alarcón Stone is not an Ivy-leaguer

  50. Can you imagine that.....another associate of our so-called president being indicted. Next up, Mueller offers him a reduced sentence in exchange for testimony. No Wonder our so-called president is lost in space. No deal will be reached on his beloved wall and the government will shut down again in less than three weeks. I just can't take all of this winning.

  51. Will they give the Artful Roger the dickens?

  52. Watching the swamp drain is getting to be fun.

  53. I remember during the Hillary Clinton E-Mail investigation how a dozen armed FBI agents kicked in her door at 6AM and rousted Hillary and Bill out of bed guns drawn yelling get down, get down. They stayed until 4 PM and took all of their cell phones and computer servers as well as all paper files. Oh wait that was Paul Manafort's house.

  54. Stone is acting more mentally unstable than Trump. That's a frightening thought. I wish media outlets would stop giving him this 'dirty trickster' and Nixon tattoo treatment; suggesting he will have a future similar to Liddy. He's an alleged felon and he needs to be reported on as such. We've been down this road before and it gave us Trump.

  55. More than any other single individual, Stone is responsible for the election of Trump and the mess we are in. He also may be the person most responsible for the election of Bush (by organizing a flash mob to stop vote counting in Florida). I'm just shocked at what an idiot he seems to have been with his emails, etc. If the jury convicts him he will have no one else to blame. Still, I am sure he is enjoying this. First Trump's election, then the Netflix documentary, now this. These are Stone's golden years.

  56. Wondering if there's any way the NYT could report this story as it unfolds without actually publishing photos of that pitiful excuse for a human being, Stone. Maybe just a generic photo of a stone in a field would suffice, or a roadside pebble. Not a moon rock; too much import. Just an everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill stone that nobody cares for. We'd all know who you were talking about without having to see pics of that limelight-grabbing, Nixon-fetish, grinning-while-lying, publicity-hounding cretin. Trump has brought out some of the worst America has to offer.

  57. Manafort, Cohen, and Papadapolous all entered pleas of not guilty too... at first. Then they discovered they were dead to rights, and copped a plea. As Stone will. As for the president* I can only say, when you surround yourself with snakes, don’t be surprised when they act in their own self interest (like snakes). Justice is coming!

  58. Small potatoes influence peddler, showboater on programs like Bill Maher. Why won't Mueller do the obvious and indict Junior and Kushner? Perhaps he''s giving them time to get fitted for orange Armani jumpsuits.

  59. Another sideshow. Just what America needs... Constant entertainment!

  60. Reagan enjoyed 'plausible deniability' when his underlings took the hit for ContraGate. Trump's cronies refuse to fall on their swords...leaving their lies, cover ups, sneaky deals in his service. Trump can only claim they did all this on their own--despite the clear incentive to promote his candidacy. Trump himself could claim he simply likes Putin and sees Russia as a great ally (ignoring Syria, Venezuela, corrupt thug oligarchs, Eastern Europe , Crimea, etc.) --and asking us to ignore his decades of indebtedness to Russians as well as his personal incentive to sell his name to a Moscow hotle. Implausible !

  61. Innocent - Just as nobody else around Trump has ever done anything wrong. Remember the good old days when Hillary made a couple poor judgments and it was seen as a crisis? Or years earlier when one of Kerry's 3 purple hearts was questioned and it caused a ruckus? Or when Bill had sex with Monica and it possessed the headlines and the Congress for weeks? Or when Johnson picked up his dog by the ears and people screamed? Now it's another criminal cavorting with Russia every week, some new damage to the economy every day, and too many lies from the president to even hope to keep up with. Ah, for a return to the simpler times !

  62. @Mark Miller Let’s not forget Obama’s tan suit for heavens sake. How could he have done such a thing?

  63. The acting attorney general said yesterday that the Mueller investigation is nearing its conclusion. If this is true, the Roger Stone indictment might well be the last Muller indictment. Unless more indictments are forthcoming in the final days of the investigation, this means the Mueller investigation will end with no charges of unlawful collusion or unlawful conspiracy with Russian to influence the 2016 campaign. If so, President Trump’s frequent assertions that there was no collusion with Russia will be vindicated.

  64. @William Case It means no such thing. The (bad) Acting US AG misspoke; he knows little. And Mueller's grand jury has been extended or another six months; more indictments are very likely. Also, indictments may be issued after the six month period. While you are entitled to be hopeful about the crime syndicate in the Oval, don't count your chickens before they hatch.

  65. @William Case The acting attorney general was clearly way out of his depth and was torn between telling the truth and saying what Trump wants to hear. He got the job saying what Trump wants to hear, so he had to stick with that. But his sudden sweating told a different story.

  66. @William Case The acting attorney will soon step down and lose power, the incoming attorney general will do nothing but let the investigation continues. Until the crime boss who claims itself innocent is incarcerated. What's sad about you is that you took the Acting one's words too seriously;)

  67. In her latest press conference, Sarah Sanders refused to answer a reporter's question about whether the Trump is considering a pardon for Stone, responding thusly: "I'm not going to talk about hypotheticals that are just ridiculous. I'm not aware of anybody here ever working with WikiLeaks in any capacity." Higher education is not required to read between those lines, or to understand the message that the Trump is sending to Stone through her.

  68. After a lifetime of lying and dirty tricks, Stone’s testimony is virtually worthless to Mueller. He has zero credibility. Any plea deal Mueller offers will be weak - maybe a couple years knocked off of what is essentially a life sentence. So why not plead innocent? Why stop lying now?

  69. @Kurt - Because Mueller has hard evidence.

  70. Mueller doesn't care about Stone. Mueller wants access to all of Stone's electronic devices, and thus can access all of Stone's conversations that he thought were private. That's the payload. Cause who do you think Stone talked to in these channels? And what do you think he said? We'll probably find out in a few months. I'm patient. How are you feeling?

  71. @Kurt Stone's testimony is worthless. Stone's hard drives though? Not so worthless. Steve Bannon is confirmed by multiple sources to be the "high-ranking Trump Campaign official" named in Stone's indictment. We haven't even gotten to Jerome Corsi yet, much less the Trump children. The question isn't whether Stone will turn. The question is how utterly destroyed will Trump need to be before Stone abandons hope for a pardon. Chances are that point will be too late for the both of them. I'm sure Bannon is watching closely right now. Of course, Cohen would supposedly take a bullet for Trump. So you never know... Maybe they'll come around.

  72. Stone must be in the Mafia because a SWAT team was needed to take him in.

  73. @R. R. Where have you been hiding, my good man ?

  74. @Socrates He should have been ordered to report to the authorities, as the vast majority of white-collar suspects are so ordered.

  75. @R. R. And give him the opportunity to destroy all of the evidence? I don't think so pal. He's completely playing up the "Raid" angle, and I'd be willing to bet that the law enforcement officials that conducted the arrest were as polite as Michael Cohen said they were to him and his family.

  76. This is straight out of the playbook that Stone helped write and that Trump has used for many years: deny, lawyer up, bluff, appeal verdicts, bluster, repeat. Trump the pupil is probably taking notes for when his time comes.

  77. Him pretending to be a frail old man, was a great prelude to what will come.

  78. @Joe Barnett Perhaps you are referring to Manafort. Stone is anything but frail.

  79. Paul Manafort originally pled not guilty. Michael Flynn originally pled not guilty. Michael Cohen originally pled not guilty. Roger Stone is following their lead. And look where they are all now.

  80. All have NOTHING to do with Russian collusion.

  81. @Stuart Is using FBI 'lie traps' to attempt to extort supposedly inculpatory evidence altogether ethical?

  82. He’ll break. They all do. Tough guys.

  83. Stone is a full fledged criminal, lies like a trouper— even better at it then Trump.

  84. Roger baby. I hope you look good in orange. It is about to become your signature color.

  85. Hillary was right. There truly is a “vast right wing conspiracy “.

  86. No. She just lost.

  87. Roger Stone would make a great country music song: “No class, no scruples, no chance.” Let’s all sing him the tune on the count of three, accompanied only by a very small fiddle.

  88. Sorry, but as a professional violinist, what is a small fiddle?

  89. @happyXpat - I think the commenter is joking about a small fiddle, because here in the US it is a common expression/action to pretend to play a very tiny fiddle when someone is having a pity party for themselves or when one is pretending to give a care about another’s problems, such as Roger Stone likely going to prison for the rest of his life.

  90. When I read the FBI executed search warrants after Stone was indicted, I found it strange. The norm is to get evidence against a defendant through a search warrant prior to an indicting the defendant. Thus, when I read the NYT story about Mueller being after Stone’s electronics, I thought the evidence Mueller is seeking on the electronics will not be used to prosecute Stone but to prosecute some of the unnamed Trump Campaign officials. When forensics is done on those electronics devices, I anticipate two or three indictments will be coming down for those previously unnamed Trump officials.

  91. @Ben you can't get a search warrant without probable cause based on evidence. This probable cause may amount to sufficient evidence to justify an arrest warrant in conjunction with the search warrant. Once they get the electronics data on these devices may or may not justify further indictments and/or search warrants. So, there really isn't anything unusual about the execution of the arrest and search warrant including the method and number of agents used.

  92. Nothing says innocent like waving the Nixon victory sign. This statement is wildly absurd though: "Mr. Trump and his allies have pointed out that the indictment does not make a case that the Trump campaign engaged in a conspiracy with Russia to disrupt the election." The Mueller appointment letter specifically states. "links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump." The goal posts keep sailing back. The Trump defense has apparently moved from "no collusion" to "no conspiracy *with Russia* to disrupt the election." Emphasis added. Manafort's poll data would suggest the Trump administration's second statement is as false as the first. "V" now stands for treason I guess?

  93. Today I watched a group of protesters outside the courthouse where Roger Stone appeared. The protesters carried signs supporting Roger Stone. One woman held a sign that read "FREE STONE, JAIL HILLARY". And I thought, Hillary will be dead and buried and that Hillary hater's grandchildren and all the other Hillary hater's grandchildren will still be chanting Hillary hatred. I don't often go out on a limb, but I'd be willing to bet that if 95% of the Hillary haters were asked why they hate her, they'd be hard pressed to say anything other than 3 words: Emails, Benghazi, Lewinski, without a clue as to what the email or the Benghazi investigations showed, nor that it was not Hillary who behaved improperly in the oval office. Instead, Trump and his associates have come pretty close to committing treason and yet the Hillary haters could care less.

  94. People hate Hillary was because of all the conspiracy theories that have been purposely and systematically perpetrated by Fake News. People make money spreading lies that are fake. It’s almost worse than Russian propaganda of which the goal is to divide Americans. Consider that One America News Network (OANN) channel that Trump watches; Robert Herring, Sr., founder and CEO of the network has ordered producers to promote certain types of content, such as pro-Trump stories, anti-Clinton stories and anti-abortion stories, and minimize stories about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The channel has been noted for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories. And consider InfoWars, another conspiracy broadcaster, that Roger Stone is affiliated with who sold “Hillary for Jail” shirts during the election. This is why people make wrong choices. They are constantly being fed conspiracy theories and then Russians amplify the same ones.

  95. Stone is a little too cocky. Chances are that Mueller has other more serious indictments coming down in the very near future that Stone will have to face.

  96. He is looking for a pardon from trump. Poor Roger Stone, a victim of this wildly successful and illuminating witch hunt.

  97. Fake Thug fully believes he will get a Presidential pardon before Trump is impeached and removed from office.

  98. After spewing his toxic spit on to other people his entire life, Stone has suddenly become a drama-queen victim imposter, a snowflake who has ruined other people's careers, lied his entire life, and has had mafia connections for decades. A thug who is now shocked, shocked! to now be treated as one.

  99. Why after all his decades of malfeasance and political perdition is his bail so low? Is he not a flight risk? Or as I hope he is wearing a monitor?

  100. Mary OMalley, I've read that the special counsel is more interested in having access to Stone's phones, computers and other evidence than having his testimony, which is pretty worthless.

  101. They took his passport.

  102. He's a Nixon plumber. For pity's sake, what do you think he's going to do? He's like a cat on a hot tin roof. Trump has to cut him loose, to not do so will invite further investigation. When the prosecutors dangle that he can either cooperate or never see another pressed suit or pet a dog or eat a fresh meal, I have a feeling he might change his mind.

  103. Reading the indictment it seems to say Roger Stone is caught; in the trap, with the cheese and while squeaking about it loudly and broadly. He’ll decorate a jail cell very nicely..

  104. This might be interesting

  105. As we continue to read the stories of the venal Trump sycophants, I can't help but wish for the same thing that I wished for during the 2008 financial crash. Just once tell the accused that there will be no deal. You will go to trial and if found guilty you will serve the full sentence. The corruption of our institutions will never end until that is done. (Plus I'd like to see his face.) The poor and those without power often go to jail for the simplest of crimes while those like Roger Stone play games with our system.

  106. There is enough corruption in the Trump organization to keep the prosecutors busy for a very long time. Stone is the just the latest shoe to drop.

  107. Has anyone informed the moral midget that if he pleads not guilty and is found guilty the sentence is harsher?

  108. @Nelson Has anybody informed Nelson that this guy is gonna get a pardon, so he doesn't care?

  109. His play is for a pardon.

  110. Interesting question. I mean, Manafort, Flynn, et al all had the same expectation of a pardon as Stone does, but Manafort & Co still copped pleas. Maybe they know that Trump won’t pardon them because if he did, he would no longer have leverage over them, to keep them from extorting him in a post pardon world where only Don is looking at hard time. Nice President we have, huh?

  111. Ignore him. He loves this. Ignore him.

  112. Another Republican jackal, supported by the monied interests to subvert the concepts of the Constitution If it were up to the Repubs, they would scour the immortal words of the Founders---"We the people..." Instead, they'd replace it with "We the owners and shareholders."

  113. Stone is a publicity hound and political nihilist who only cares about winning, no matter the price. He finally did something to win and lied about doing it which will possibly be his undoing. If he was smart (and he isn’t because he can’t shut up) he’d realize that there is much to be gained in telling the tales of those he conspired with to subvert an election in exchange for immunity. Otherwise, he’ll go down to the bottom with this gang of traitors. As a rat, he’d be wise to jump ship, but I doubt there is any wisdom behind that terrified smirk, uncontrollably blinking eyes, and those stupid Nixon peace signs.

  114. Makes me think of the Shawshank Redemption In one scene, when discussing why the inmates have been incarcerated, Andy Dufresne says, “everybody in here is innocent. don’t you know that?” Hmmm.

  115. This case is like prosecuting Howard Stern for lying on his radio show. It’s entertainment!

  116. Stone is going to regret not working with Mueller and pleading not guilty. Stone’s already got white hair, but he may soon need a cane like Manafort. How did these losers fly under under the radar for so long? Their time is up and so is Trump’s.

  117. A little man (in spirit) whose narrowness is defined by a narrow face and elongated head , speaks volumes . All his natty clothes , his tattoo of RMN on his back , does not a cool man make . Of course he pleaded not guilty ; in his mind his willingness to work with the Russians was probably a patriotic act . He should have had" I am not a crook" tattooed under RMN's face ; very fitting . A very unattractive man in more ways than one ; hopefully he won't weasel out of his treasonous acts .

  118. Trump, Manafort, Stone, et al : Birds of a feather flock together...

  119. Was Stone's arrest a bit excessive or am I just being too sensitive and acting like a civil libertarian and a member of the ACLU?

  120. @P&L I think your medication caused an adverse reaction.

  121. @P&L If they stole his children, that wight seem excessive. Being arrested for three felonies is too harsh? What would you expect? I say "Lock him up!"

  122. @Tom Sage To be fair to Muller, Stone does have a passing resemblance to Whitey Bulger.

  123. Roger Stone should rot in jail for rest of his life. He deserves and it is over due. But if Julian Assange does not face jail time, it will be injustice to Stone. WikiLeaks should be indicted and Assange should be picked up from wherever he is. I think Mueller is getting very close to Trump’s family members. Sooner the better.

  124. Watching and listening to Stone one is left with the impression that Stone’s biggest regret in life was being too small a fish during Watergate. Deprived of notoriety in his mind he believed he deserved he’s going to show all the President’s Men how to really Stone wall. Not cooperating and going to jail could be living out some pathetic fantasy in his mind.

  125. At this point, there is, almost amazingly, one person in government who is truly acting in the public interest -- Robert Mueller. And amidst all the chaos and disarray that Trump conjures up daily, that person is inspiring faith in the system. While the writing seems to be on the wall, I am eager to see how this ends.

  126. Notice that Stone carefully said "“There is no circumstance whatsoever under which I will bear false witness against the president, nor will I make up lies to ease the pressure on myself." Fine. Because, Mueller does not want Stone to bear false witness against Trump, he wants Stone to tell the truth against Trump. And Mueller doesn't want Stone to make up lies, he dearly wants Stone to tell the truth to "ease the pressure" on himself (i.e. flip). These things Stone might indeed be very willing to do.

  127. Obama - No indictments in 8 years. None. Trump - 37 so far, with several leading guilty and found guilty thus far. Hmm. What a swamp. Mr. Mueller is a careful, conservative, straight shooter. This target seems to center in one individual- individual number 1- Who flies in Air-force One. Does Ralph Lauren make Polo’s in bright Orange? I believe he does. Good luck, Mr Trump.

  128. Stone has a deal for trump pardon.

  129. @ Socrates Agreed. So much criminality, surrounding a Russian state/mafia-propped up President. Not since the Kennedy assassination has so much conspiracy been unearthed. It is hard to believe anyone can still support this man, least of all the Republicans in power who know what's happening but do nothing.

  130. Dirty Trickster is not harsh enough of a descriptor for Stone. Call him what he is, a traitor to this country to have colluded with Assange and the Russians to influence a US Presidential Election. This isn’t anywhere close to Nixon’s bungling plumbers. And for Trump to surround himself with such a long list of conspirators and not know or sanction any of their nefarious activities...come on real.

  131. They wanted the tapes and records in his home. They couldn't care less about Stone, himself. They know, like many other Trump associates, that they're arrogant enough to keep all the evidence of their crimes. Likely because of their own ego, or the fact that they're all looking out for themselves and know that it could come in handy later when everyone turns on each other. This was an easy pick off for Mueller to further solidify the case for crimes that they already know were committed. Even before the Special Council was appointed, it was widely known that Wikileaks was acting on behalf of the Kremlin, and Stone's brazen and irrefutable admission that he has direct ties to Wikileaks is evidence enough that there was collusion.

  132. Stone,Trump and friends and Putin form a relationship around the advantages of placing Trump,a known autocratic leader favoring Putin, in the position of US president. Trump and Putin have hours meeting with no others present. Suppoena Putin's translator? Not likely. Trump trys to do things favored by Putin and destructive to the US, like leaving NATO. Hopefully Mueller will pull the pieces together somehow. Mueller is holding the very viability of America's democracy in his hands. The pressure for him must be intense. Stone is all joke and jauntiness at the moment, but soon he will be, like others in history, haunted and grey when the reality of his life and deeds set in for him as he sees a life in prison. All this is something you could not make up. Riviting. Insane. Imagine the books to be written.