White House Considers Using Storm Aid Funds as a Way to Pay for the Border Wall

President Trump traveled to the border and Vice President Mike Pence went to the Capitol to dig in on a border wall, shattering talk of a compromise.

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  1. The very thought of diverting disaster relief funds to build wall is not only scary and unusual but makes Trump perhaps a rare head of the state in history who far from feeling concern for the human misery rather rejoices over inflicting more pains and suffering on the people. The forced government shutdown and its aftermath is nothing but a cruel joke to Americans and their sense of dignity.

  2. @Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma Let's remember that the majority of deplorables who voted for Donald Trump voted out of spite, resentment, fear, loathing and a warped, perverted sense of cruel Christianity....and yes, sadistic tendencies. Don't believe me. Just listen to a Trump voter who said this recently. “I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this, I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.” said Crystal Minton from the Florida panhandle. Trump is a symptom of the fact that 40% of Americans are sick in the head.

  3. @Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma Not to mention the Kurds who will inevitably slaughtered thanks to Trump's financial debt to Putin. We can only hope karma exists and hits this utterly amoral man and his family.

  4. @Prof. Jai Prakash Sharma Socrates, you are correct but the fear driven populist wave on which Trump rode to power is unlikely to last long and will be history soon. What Trump is doing is his last desperate attempt to hold on to the base against heavy odds. Thanks.

  5. So, we know that the federal government is incredibly wasteful. We know that having a federal job is welfare for the middle class. We know that the federal government causes more harm than good. We know that in order to get off fossil fuels we need to trim government. We know that in order to reduce taxes we need to trim government. So what's the problem? We need a permanent shutdown.

  6. @Walter That's nice. Let's leave it all to the whims of corporate America, with no rules, and no regulations. I hope you're an owner, and not merely a serf.

  7. Hope you grow your own food, build your own house, make your own clothes from fibers you grew yourself, don’t need medical care or highways, have the means to barter for goods you cannot create yourself—but can you trust those goods? Government affects, literally, every breath you take and, thanks to 45, breathing could get problematic, too

  8. We 'know'?? How about some robust data for these claims?

  9. More and more, I think President Trump's actions in refusing to keep the Federal Government open, and his misrepresentations about the "national emergency" need for his personal vanity project, are becoming sufficient grounds for the House to initiate impeachment proceedings. More 9 million more voted for Democratic candidates versus GOP candidates, and clearly the Democrats made clear they were not going to spend $5 or $25 BILLION for a wall. If the President can not accept the electoral results, and tries to declare a false emergency, the House would be justified in sending impeachment along to the Senate.

  10. @Ron Adam To add, as far as I understood Huffpost’s election results for the 2018 midterms, Democrats received around 22 million more votes than did Republicans, for federal seats; ballpark 350 state seats flipped Democratic.

  11. The final call whether to reopen the government should be called by the people, not the president, neither the speaker. The bottomline on the issue is whether the Americans want to build a wall at the southern boarder. President, senators and House members are representatives of the people. They have to listen to the people who have elected them. Otherwise, how can we call the United States being a democratic government?

  12. Corporations rule. The people are pawns.

  13. There's really no downside to a wall, other than the expense, which is government terms is very small. The federal government probably spends $5 billion a year on pens and pencils. And it very likely would prevent some crimes if it prevents some people coming in who don't want to go through checkpoints, no one knows how many. The govt shutdown is a far larger issue than $5 billion. So why not just approve it and be done, even if you don't like the idea? Neither side can claim any purity or political high ground here. They're all being stubborn just to win a point of argument. Has anyone said the wall will do harm?

  14. @Kim ... Do you not read the news? Go to Google and search for border wall. I'm certain you'll have about 1,000 articles fairly quickly, all that highlight the downsides to a border wall and/or the downsides of funding a border wall instead of taking more effective measures. If a border wall is such a good idea, why does the REPUBLICAN member of Congress who represents a huge chunk of Texas where the wall would go, oppose it? Read the articles about all the landowners who are already gearing up to fight the government's efforts to take their land. Read the articles about the people who are still fighting efforts from 2006 when the federal government last tried to expand the walled area is Texas.

  15. Why are we supposed to give in on this, just to placate the baby in the White House so he can carry through on his campaign promise? Also, yes, it has been noted elsewhere that a full border wall will have very significant ecological consequences by preventing the natural migration of a number of species other than humans.

  16. @Kim: The short answer to your last question is: “Yes”.

  17. The Republicans had two years with control of all arms of the government to get a wall built. Why didn't they do it then? If there is a national emergency (which there isn't) it is entirely the fault of Trump and the Republicans.

  18. @jwdsi It became an emergency only now after Democrats gained control of the House. The real problem, however, is that millions of Americans (supporters of Trump and the GOP) will easily be sold on the legitimacy of this "emergency" situation by Limbaugh & Co. on hate radio and Fox "News".

  19. @jwdsi Democrats need to pound this message relentlessly and not let Trump turn this into "Democrats don't want border security."

  20. @jwdsi No this is clearly not the fault of Trump and Republicans. Because the " Republican leaders" Benjamin Netanyahu. Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman didn't want to do anything about any Mexican American border wall.

  21. I think I can tell you how to get Trump to agree to reopen the government in five minutes with no wall funding at all. Just send Pelosi and Schumer over there to tell him that they'll call off the Muller Investigation in exchange for it. He'll sign so fast it'll make people's heads spin. After Trump has re-opened the government the Democrats can take a page out of his book and say they're not doing it after all. Let him try to shut the government down again after it has become public that he took their deal and see what happens!

  22. @TimG Exactly. Just say "we didn't LITERALLY mean we'd call off the Mueller investigation."

  23. It is unfortunate for people in Florida, people that really are in an emergency situation, but if Trump wants to divert money from them, to build a wall where there is no emergency .... ... my advice would be to not vote for Trump in 2020. Just looking via Google, I see in 2016, the regions that were recently flattened by a hurricane in Florida, "the pan handle", they voted "Trump" in that election. Life is full of injustices. I am sure that there are a few fine people in those areas.

  24. Taking money from Florida and Texas to build a Wall ? Perfect justice. Am euphoric at the prospect.

  25. The only true emergency is that Trump will not achieve a campaign promise. But he already failed in that because the new US-Mexico NAFTA only decreases tariffs, no increases, so there is no new money from Mexico to offset the cost of the wall. Fact. But the failure does not matter since most opiate deaths are from fentanyl by mail from China, or hidden drugs in vehicles, not over open ground. And most illegal people come in legally and overstay their visa. And there have been no terrorist attacks in the US from southern border crossers. Maybe a shooting or two, but this is very small compared to the number of shootings by those in the US legally. Trump makes no sense about a wall.

  26. The wall "emergency" is completely fabricated by Trump himself. To divert real and needed emergency funding is foolhardy. And with what's coming with more global warming, the emergencies we have now will likely pale by comparison.

  27. Trump says he has the "authority" to declare a national emergency. In a vacuum, that could be considered as a true statement, one of the few he has uttered in office. However, "authority" and "basis" are two different concepts. Trump has not shown a basis for the exercise of the authority. In fact, his Trumpian constant change of tune up and down (maybe I will, I definitely will, we'll see), all seem to prove there is no "emergency" which must be dealt with immediately and decisively, rather a bullyingly political and cynical effort at Mueller-distraction combined with extortion, plain and simple. Until enough allegedly Republican Senators find their civic courage to finally stomp on McConnell and his kow-towing to the Bully in Chief, American families with "working" parents are going to go hungry because Daft Donny won't let them be paid.

  28. “We’re kind of stuck,” Mr. Graham conceded. Actually you're not Mr. Graham. You could what you were established to do. Legislate. Vote on the same bill you passed unanimously in December, which the House has also passed. Send it to the President to sign. If he vetoes it, schedule a vote to override. In other words, do your job.

  29. @marcus: That would take integrity and spine, which none of the Republicans in the senate have.

  30. @marcus. Lindsey Graham is a traitor to the American people and republic. The prominent leaders of the republican party made a deal with Russia to protect Putin's puppet king in exchange for a lifetime in power. If republicans are punishing Americans now and are fully willing to see the next American disaster victims just wallow in the streets you can bet they will have no problem trying to manufacture a "crisis" that will call off the next elections. The American people will have to get rid of republicans physically someday. Take that to mean however you want.

  31. @marcus. Agreed. So the president has threatened to veto it - force him to by passing it in the Senate.

  32. So Trump is considering taking money away from still-in-disrepair Puerto Rico, unfinished Florida and Texas, and burned California – but will he? He changes his mind as often as he talks or watches TV. Talk about fiddling while California burns... Meanwhile, Senators suddenly forgot how to do their jobs that they ARE getting paid for. The only “dysfunctional Congress” I see is the GOP-controlled Senate, whose ‘leader’ Mitch won’t discuss anything they can’t rubber-stamp. And the ‘author’ of The Art of the Steal floats new compromises – old deals he once supported but pulled the rug on at the last minute. Trump just cannot be trusted, which is why Pelosi & Schumer have to stick to their guns.

  33. @L in NL And in North and South Carolina

  34. Doesn’t there have to be an actual emergency for a president to declare a “national emergency”? Because the only national emergency in this nation is the out of control, rampaging ego of DJT; and the groveling cowardice of the Republicans in the Senate; especially Mitch McConnell, who is afraid to do his job. Pretty sure DJT isn’t going to declare that emergency.

  35. @aem How come Congress, the executive branch, and the judicial branch are still being paid? Shouldn't they all be going without pay checks also?

  36. Insane. Will someone please put the WH children in time out, and put adults in power. T is making America unsafe. Taking away the protections we taxpayers need - FAA for aviation safety, FDA for food safety... and much more. Civilization hangs in the balance.

  37. The 6 bill Trump wants for the wall should be used to deal with the opioids crisis. We all know that Mr Taj is only building another structure that will bear his name, and he is asking the Americans to pay for it, period. Make God bless America, again!

  38. I predict that Trump will eventually budge. As the shutdown drags on, havoc is being wreaked on his approval ratings. And nothing is more important to Trump than approval ratings.

  39. Using money set aside for disasters to build “his wall”. Donald Trump has obviously never suffered. Not one day in his life. I mean real suffering - not from poverty, not from health, not from disaster. The man has no ability to think beyond the present, think beyond his personal circumstance, think beyond his personal at-the-moment obsessions. Putting Americans who have met hurricanes, fires, devastation, at risk is not only selfish, it’s insane.

  40. @MIMA What do you mean Trump has never suffered. Did you forget about those bone spurs?

  41. @MIMA Yes but 63 million Americans including 58% of white people voted for Donald Trump knowing exactly who he was and was not. Trump did not run a covert stealth subtle campaign.

  42. @MIMA I agree 100%. Well put. This is the definition of unfit. The most important and basic duty of the job is to act in the best interest of the people. This is a complete and utter fail for not just Trump but the GOP that is standing by and not lifting even one finger. Where things have been going too far for some time, this is a new too far I'm not sure Trump et al. will be able to spin to their advantage.

  43. Who cares about Trump anyway should be the GOP's position after Russian collusion is now a revealed fact. An election was stolen and democracy was subjected to a hostile foreign government.

  44. Yes they should go for emergency funding or crisis whatever. That’s the only way out of this mess for the poor victims who are doing without paychecks! Let the courts deal with it or the dems can overturn it when they vote T and the majority senate out in 2020 which I guarantee will happen now.

  45. @Mary Rivka Then what are you going to do next time tRump wants his way on anything bad for us or our country and the Dems are the only people standing between you and him? They give in this time and they give away their ability to protect us in the future.

  46. I wonder ... is there any way Trump could not help a Democrat state like California, but send money to Florida, just the same ? Maybe Pence could research the subject and get back to the President on that. Maybe McConnell knows the answer to that question. The three of them could discuss the idea.

  47. Trump wants the optics. He cares not for the people who will suffer as a result of the funds diversion. What's it going to take for Trump supporters to see what the rest of us do- a petty, mean, cruel, vain, vicious man?

  48. Well, this is a Trump disaster, so I guess his only option is to purloin disaster relief from others. After all... he's never wrong!

  49. Just wait until we have a real emergency with Trump and Pence in the driver's seat...

  50. @Phil I know that's why I can't sleep. Just what will Trump/Pence do with a REAL emergency?

  51. Indeed- we have a national crisis emergency NOW- with Trump /pence in the driver’s seat!

  52. There is already crime in New York, perpetrated by Trump himself and which has probably cost more to the US than his wall would have, or immigration would. So maybe he should be the one to pay for it.

  53. “It kind of fell apart.” “We’re kind of stuck.” Thus spoke Trumpian puppet Lindsey Graham about the “pretend” failed Republican attempts to find a deal to reopen the government. If I have to hear one more “aw, shucks” “folksy” statement from this toady about the grave situation we are facing with the government shutdown, I will scream. Mr. Graham and his fellow Republicans truly have no shame.

  54. Graham is Putin’s puppet and part of the chaos strategy. I wonder if he is also compromised and being blackmailed by the Russians. What else explains it?

  55. Trump has fought against immigration, both illegal and legal, saying that he’s looking out for the interests of people who are already Americans. Now he threatens to fund his border wall by taking disaster relief away from suffering Americans, not only in places he dislikes such as Puerto Rico and California, but also in places he professes to like such as Florida and Texas. Let’s have some guidance from the American Psychiatric Association on identifying the point at which insensitivity and obsession verge into insanity.

  56. His anti-immigration policy is ironic considering the country is populated by immigrants, some who came here unwillingly and some who arrived thousands of years ago. Even more ironic: those two groups probably have better reason to detest immigrants and wish the rest—the pasty-faced ones, anyway—had been rejected hundreds of years ago.

  57. @JSBNoWI Yes, and Trump is quite a recent descendant of immigrants himself, on both sides of his family. His paternal grandparents immigrated from Germany, and his mother immigrated from Scotland. So he has no native-born American ancestry farther back than his father. Of course, his present wife is an immigrant (Slovenian), as was his first wife (Czech). But those place names serve to remind us that when Trump says "immigrant" he's thinking only of people with insufficiently pasty faces.

  58. It is infuriating that Trump would seriously consider diverting funds set aside for national disasters. Increased forest fires and hurricanes will continue to be severe with global warming. I am fed up with Trump still not getting aid to much do Puerto Rico, millions of Americans should not still be without electricity and safe water. But that remains the condition for much of Puerto Rico. Congress absolutely must protect those disaster funds.

  59. Lying in order to deprive citizens of federal aid for disaster relief to filter money to what’s basically a personal campaign gambit seems like an egregious abuse of power and should be sufficient grounds - in itself - for impeachment.

  60. @Alix Hoquet And as if this fact alone were not enough, Trump's own party falls right in line behind him. Obviously, they are more than willing to divert these funds which could be desperately needed in their own home states in the event of a disaster. Sickening.

  61. Right up there with lying to start a war in the Middle East.

  62. Trump could perform a great deed for America. He could give $5.7b of his own money for building the wall. He could announce it as a 'Gift to the Nation', and be forever remembered as a great benefactor to America. It could be called "The Great Wall of Trump" and could even be seen from the moon! His great munificence and global recognition would certainly appeal to his ego and be a lasting memorial for a President. Also think of the money that, through his magnanimous beneficence, the American public is being saved. Then too, government can be reopened (problem solved) and Trump can claim it as a huge victory that he's achieved and saved the nation. I'm sure he'll agree! So what about it Donald?

  63. It is all the big secret. He only has 350 million that he inherited from his father. Or maybe he has a billion. But 5 ? No. Certainly not. Just a lot of marketing stuff. Image building.

  64. I agree, but 45 has a habit of commissioning structures and then stuffing the workers. Maybe a three-thousand mile Trump casino with all proceeds going to the U.S. Treasury?

  65. For the past three years Donald Trump has been using the fearmongering notion migrants sneak acrossr our borders and take jobs away from our workforce and he's gotten away with it. Fact: Farmers and ranchers are desperate for this cheap labor, farmers especially encouraging migrants to cross our borders any way possible to keep crops from rotting in their fields. Ranchers just can't get enough of this cheap labor, relying on it to meet payrolls. So, with that said, how about a call for Trump, Inc. to start producing their goods here in America and not overseas. When asked in the past about this he's answered there aren't sites available he or Ivanka could use, claiming he'd have to build them from scratch. Well. after all the brow beating he's done to US manufacturers demanding their return to the United States, it's time he did the same. So, let's start hearing about this when building the wall comes up during press briefings.

  66. Stop and take a breath. This is shocking. It is clear that Putin’s puppet will seek every autonomous avenue in his Presidential power to disrupt, dismay, distract and destroy. What I find most disturbing is his quest to determine what he can do without possibility of intervention. Either he only feels alive when he uses his power to crush others, or he’s furious and vengeful that America does not love him, or he’s acting to please a hostile foreign power. Or all three. Meanwhile, his party, his family and his friends? Classic denial. If this is not the limit for them, there isn’t one. Nuclear war, dictatorship, take your pick. Evil is indeed banal, Ms. Arendt.

  67. @Bohemian Sarah His party, his family and his friends are all enablers. He is utterly insane, yet they stand by and do nothing to stop this and that is what is most maddening.

  68. I often wonder what Hanna Arendt would make of our times. Probably a good thing she does not have to witness 21st century insanity. Not only talking about the US here...

  69. @Bohemian Sarah Awesome to see someone quote Hannah Arendt. She has the steps to Fascism nailed and Trump and the Republicans have been following the cookbook. They have no intent to peacefully give up control or power it seems. They do not care one whit for the desires of the majority. Or recognize majority rule. See Michigan Wisconsin North Carolina.

  70. So some Republican Senators want to work out a deal. Apart from being sensible and prudent, it looks like some Republicans (in both houses likely) are coming to the realisation that if they stay identified with "Individual-1", they are going to sink like a stone at the 2020 elections.

  71. Lawyers will be busy

  72. By negotiating, the Democrats would have input on where the money would come from. By not negotiating, they will have no say.

  73. Walls, smoke and mirrors. As Trump's campaign chairman, Manafort hired a polling company, Fabrizio Lee, to survey potential voters about what issues would influence them to vote for Trump. Manafort gave this voter research material to Ukraine and Russian intelligence. Russian operatives then used Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter accounts to target specific voters with issues that fit the Trump Campaign data. Collusion? You bet.

  74. @john Not collusion Treason. Call it for what it is

  75. It seems to me that the one who has abdicated his responsibility here is Mitch McConnell.

  76. @Adriana Agreed.

  77. @Adriana...He is not the Lone Ranger on this one.The entire GOP has forgotten the oath they took to uphold the constitution and every last one of them should be impeached.

  78. If polical correctness is removed from the equation, when fully and properly funded, the net results of an extended barrier are all positve for the US.

  79. I wonder why it never occurs to Trumpists that when they refuse to look at numbers, and refuse to look at facts, and refuse to look at history, and just demand that this or that gets done because El Jefe says so, and then stomp around in lockstep and chant political slogans and threats, that IS political correctness?

  80. @Dr. John A beneficial boundary at the southern border could be built in those places where this would servs an actual need. We can take into consideration the impact of both human and non-human species needs. The inner part of such a wall could consist of large cactus, and food plants and this is a 'auubord.food forest with both sun and shade plants that thrive in local habitat. Experts are needed to guide and maintain the safety of migrating wildlife as well as people. ' that provides food and benefits to all. TOn the inner layer is spined cactus that are impenatrable, on theour layer is a dense forest with mango, bananas, watermenlons,

  81. @Dr. John So where does the money come from? Are all the trump voters willing to put up the $500 per voter it would take to make the Wall? Did you factor in the $100M per day in lost productivity nationwide due to the shutdown? The effect of eminent domain land seizures? (I’m betting you don’t know a lot of Texans very well...). “Yeah, I had to give up thousands of acres of productive land, but if it mean little Bobby Smith and his dad in California can now have their lifelong dream of picking lettuce for eleven bucks an hour, well, I’m just glad I could do my part and make Mr Trump the hero in all this.”

  82. Another step on the road to autocracy. To prevent lasting damage to the country from Trump's maniacal obsession with his "Wall", they should develop a counteroffer that includes $5.7 billion for "critical sections" of barrier and "related technology and infrastructure" along the wall to be developed by Homeland Security as part of a comprehensive reform of the entire immigration program that includes freedom for the Dreamers. Extract the maximum amount of benefit for the country while allowing Trump bragging rights.

  83. There simply is no “emergency “ requiring a wall. Saying so does not make it so, unless “alternative facts” become reality. If the President really believed there was an emergency requiring a wall, he would not have signaled Senate majority leader McConnell in December to pass a temporary funding measure - similar to what the House passed in January - that did not include a wall. If the President has the power to divert budgeted funds to spend on projects not approved by Congress, will there also be a federally funded “emergency” parade paid for with allocated NATO funds?

  84. 45’s rampant paranoia or ego brought us to this; I don’t know if this is one of his sleight of hand tricks to distract the nation from more nefarious dealings or if he truly feels hatred and fear of immigrants. The former seems characteristic of this carnival barker. Considering his use of “alien” workers and penchant for marrying them, I’d say the latter is confusing (it’s OK for me but not for anyone else?). In either case, 45 displays unstable personality issues that make him not only unfit but likely dangerous for his office. His condition is contagious; the nation is sliding into similar instability. I can only believe any structure is his effort to create a giant monument to himself.

  85. "Aides have suggested that Mr. Trump would be giving a dysfunctional Congress a pass from fulfilling its duties" Oh, that's rich. Congress is unable to "fulfill its duties" because Mr. Trump has chosen this as the red-line of his presidency. Pence recently said that the Democrats should simply give in to the POTUS' demand and allow money for the wall. That is NOT how a democracy works. The majority of the American people do not want this repugnant wall. Land owners at the border are getting ready to fight in court to keep their land. And, those along the border are saying (truthfully) that there is no emergency. He may very well get his measly $5.7 billion (remember, that is only the down payment) and begin building his wall. The whole thing is about the GOP side stepping balance of power, not allowing Congress to do its Constitutional duty, and making an end-run around the American people (just as they did with the Merritt Garland nomination). It is nauseating, disgusting, outrageous, infuriating, and further evidence that they have respect neither for true democracy nor for the American people.

  86. @Anne-Marie Hislop They haven’t spent the money that has already been allocated for border security. They have over one billion in hand and nothing new has been built. Why would we give “Homeland Security” another dime until they spend what they have?

  87. @Anne-Marie Hislop Well said. The republican party should be impeached!

  88. OMG! I do hope he does move to divert those relief funds. He wouldn't get far but it at least it would make to more blindingly obvious to the voters that he doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself. As Lord Acton said: "Power corrupts; absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely"

  89. This is such a travesty. Not only is it an imagined threat but Republicans are willing to remove help from real emergencies in order to divert it to build something totally useless. My understanding is farmers, along the supposed wall route are thinking of suing the government for encroachment upon private property. Trump is angry at the Democrats because they refuse to play dicatator with him.

  90. Graham has completely sold out- he along with McConnell have become the chief Toadys of this administration. Sure, we have hurt Federal workers, now hurting ordinary Americans depending on Federal disaster funds makes NO sense. This whole effort built on lies. Crime will never stop and immigrants less likely to commit crime. Drugs come in so many other ways. A house of slippery mud.

  91. Absent the building of his wall (that Mexico will pay for), the only thing ‘endangering’ the U.S. is Trump’s own re-election prospects.

  92. declare the emergency Trump. I dare you. It will be the final nail in your failed 'presidency'.

  93. Trump is the wall. It is time to take him down.

  94. So Trump is shifting his position from "Mexico is going to pay for the wall" to "people who lost homes due to natural disasters are going to pay for the wall" now? That should be an easy sell.

  95. @Matt I elect you to be senior adviser to the Trump administration.

  96. @Matt Don't worry, Matt. President Trump has already heard from many, many people in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and California who want the border wall so much that they don't care about rebuilding their homes and their lives. Just like the 800,000 federal employees who don't care about protecting their mortgages. Besides, President Trump isn't even sure Puerto Rico is a part of America, so why worry about them, right? Just another day in MAGA.

  97. @Matt Well stated Matt. I am certain that the folks in Texas and Florida will next pledge their Medicaid dollars to cover any shortfall. Oops....thats right, they accepted none. No matter, trump will shift those dollars from States who did for "The Wall.

  98. To permit a tyrant to have his way, in this case to exercise "emergency" powers to work out a deal for a contrivance completely of his own creation, would be to cause an irreversible transformation. Into a fascist dictatorship. Congress cannot permit Trump to play this bizarre game that flies in the face of reason, as he insists with the desperation of someone threatened by a loan shark in having a large sum of money a propos of nothing. What is happening to me and 800,000 other Federal workers is but a prelude of what this administration wants to do with all American workers: turn them into completely insecure beings willing to work for a pittance without benefits. This cannot pass.

  99. Note to Trump: A wall will not stop Mueller

  100. @Blue in Green True. Trump needs a war now. That's the only thing that will keep him out of jail. It doesn't matter who gets it just so long as it's a big beautiful war. The best war. That's his only chance now.

  101. @Leslie He won't get that either. I believe the military would simply stand down. I'm sure this possibility has already been discussed in secret chambers. Whatever befalls the president, however it all ends, will be as abnormal as the rest of it. This won't just fade away.

  102. @Leslie. Wag the dog. Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction needs to make sense in order to sell.

  103. There is no emergency. Except for removing Trump from office.

  104. @walterhett It seems like he's enjoying this diversion from all the new devastating Mueller revelations like learning that Manafort was feeding polling data to the Russians. This administration trying to ease Russian sanctions should be in the headlines followed by in depth reporting. He's discovered this is a great way to control the news and distract the public.

  105. @walterhett ............and putting him and his entourage behind bars for the rest of their lives.

  106. Mitch McConnell needs to open the floor for a vote. His job is not to protect the President but to work for the people. Why doesn't the media focus on him more?

  107. @Susan I agree. The press should be reporting more on what's going on in the WH sub-committee formerly called the Senate.

  108. @Susan I absolutely agree. The Media should breathlessly follow Mitch's every statement, and camp outside his door, asking him every hour when and why he won't let the Senate do its job and vote on reopening the government? He should be made to own his decision not to allow the government to open. Trump is irrelevant at this point.

  109. @Susan Hit McConnell where it hurts. His home state of Kentucky. The media should interview friends and neighbors of McConnell who want to see this shutdown end. Who has influence on McConnell? Democrats should be thinking about this.

  110. We as parents aspire to teach our children how to prioritize issues & items, however it seems that your average GOP membership never had such parental mentorship. If you believe that taking from the needy to furnish the superfluous is both a winning & moral strategy, then you are a failure in this journey of life. For all who are still & famously undecided about the fate that has befallen this country in the last 24 months, you are the reason why we in this mess. I can't blame the misguided, as by the definition of the word, they are off the reality path.

  111. @Falcon21 I know you'll laugh at this one (however it's true) but in early 2017 a poll found that 73% of republicans think trump is a good role model for children!

  112. @Lazza May that is incredible!

  113. @Lazza May that same percentage likely still believes Reagan was the reason the Berlin Wall came down.

  114. There is no morality in this administration. You cannot help but realize bigotry and revenge is in these decisions. Let's take funds from where they are needed to build a wall that won't stop one issue trump uses to justify it.

  115. How is this not illegal? Where are the laws that are supposed to protect us from such senseless, cruel and just plain WRONG actions on the part of government? If the House holds the purse strings, cannot the House override such an abuse of power? And besides, the "emergency" is only in the eyes of the WH occupant. In my eyes, the emergency IS the WH occupant.

  116. The notion of diverting funds from hurricane disaster relief to build the “wall” is more than absurd. It is mean-spirited because it inflicts harm on those who have already suffered from the storms and the inadequate, inept federal response. At this point, it does not matter that Trump would likely lose in the courts. That process will take a long time to resolve, and in the meanwhile those funds will be locked up pending judicial review. It’s past time for Congress to simply vote to restore federal funding with veto-proof margins. Trump can throw all the temper tantrums he wants, but he will find it difficult to inflict harm on that many GOP members of Congress when their own constituents are being hurt in the shutdown. The “wall” was an applause line that’s captured our government and is holding government workers and citizens hostage. Time to stop shooting hostages and retake control by the grown-ups.

  117. @David Potenziani I thought the props were quite humorous - the supposed bags of drugs, the armaments, the see-through bag of supposed seized cash. I'm sure his base were impressed. That's nice for them. They should make the most of it.

  118. “…a national emergency declaration is a form of government overreach that is antithetical to conservative principles” This comment from some conservatives becomes the ultimate proof that the Republican Party never was, isn’t, and never will be the alleged bastion of conservative principles but rather the exploiter and expediter of whatever proves effective to conserve or spend the nation’s economic wealth to further enrich the wealthy or the wealthy “wannabe’s”! The fact that conservatives refuse to repudiate Trump gives further credence to my point. They refuse to confront the mob that elected Trump, many of whom call themselves Republicans but seek only to conserve their pieces of the American dream. “…standing just by the Rio Grande with military vehicles and border agents as his backdrop” Trump’s blatant use of USA-funded personnel to bolster his politics is also disturbing. He inserts politics wherever he goes, whether with military troops overseas or domestic policing authorities within our borders, in the hopes that it persuades the rest of us that he has might and right on his side

  119. Donald "Bankruptcy" Trump couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag unless he could sue it. He can't sue Pelosi or Shuhmer, so he's out of luck. I guess that means the government will be shutdown until November of 2020. I hope all the furloughed workers who voted for him are happy with their decision. After all, they got exactly what they voted for. As for the rest, my heart goes out to them.

  120. So, take money away from Americans that really need the help to get there lives back and spend it on a wall that no one wants and no one needs?? Will this man stop at nothing to get his "Great Wall of Trump" monument erected? What is worse, If he declares a non-existent state of national emergency totally bypassing Congress and is not stopped is that not a tantamount first to declaring himself a dictator and the beginning of the end of American democracy? What "national emergency" will be next?

  121. @Ellwood Nonnemacher "What "national emergency" will be next?" A war of course. Check your history.

  122. I cringe whenever I read Senator Susan Collins of Maine quoted. She seems so bamboozled by it all. She sounds like a lost soul wandering through the desert of Washington politics impervious to any facts. I'm sure unscrupulous politicians like Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejoice that the people of Maine keep sending him people like Sen. Collins that he can so easily lead.

  123. @Atticus We are hoping at long last, 2020 will be different.

  124. @Atticus Sen Collins is part of the bamboozling. She is part of the problem, not the solution.

  125. @Atticus Collins truly is delusional and will only hold to her party line, which flies in the face of reality. Hopefully, the good people of Maine will force her into retirement, where she belongs in 2020.

  126. 10 years from now there will be no more trump, a 100 mile stretch or so of additional wall, and lots and lots of ongoing investigations that seem to never end never end never end.

  127. Before he changes tactics again he should run it by Coulter and Limbaugh to make sure they won't disparage him. Have we ever seen a POTUS that actively tries to harm a state because they didn't vote for him?

  128. It's very simple. Trump wants a wall so he has some new material for his next rally - and also so he doesn't get lambasted again by Limbaugh, Coulter, and Ingraham. Republicans in Congress want the wall because they don't want to lose any votes in 2020 - especially McConnell. They need to appease Trump and "the base". Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. This is nothing but a political stunt and I hope it energizes voters in 2020 - these Republicans need to be booted from office.

  129. Will never happen. He will not do that to Florida and Texas. Stephen Miller is busy trying to figure out how to take money away only from California and Puerto Rico. Oh, and from Flint MI.

  130. Raise your hand if you’re shocked he’d look to the most vulnerable in society to fund his ego wall.

  131. If Trump funds it back on the fools that voted for him #winning. Sorry Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. Cheer while Mr. President flips paper towels at you and nothing else. Your sacrifice is appreciated.

  132. The problem here trump has based this whole thing on lies. There is no boarder emergency except in his little mind. His wall will do nothing except make his base happy and some contractor rich. The fact that he and it seems the GOP support diverting emergency aid from storm- and fire-ravaged Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and California to build a border barrier is really a disgrace and should really show the people in Texas and Florida the sort of people they support. I ask why do so many Americans seem to vote against themselves?

  133. Our President is a professional developer by trade and obviously loves overseeing the building of new 'structures' globally. The urge to build a wall all along the southern US border may serve an unconscious need to physically create this wall as a 'grand legacy,' to 'leave his mark' literally on our nation as a shaper' of the US. The fact is some American's are for this structure and some aren't. To me a free country needs to reflect this freedom in the structures we build socially as well as physically. Borders and boundaries make sense and are present everywhere in nature. We human's don't have cell 'walls' that protect our bodies from harm. No, we have semi-permeable membrane's inside us that allow for nutrients to come inside our cells and nourish us, and to expel waste that we don't need. Rather than treat the 'symptom' of migrants arriving at our borders with a wall, use the $5 billion plus to treat the roots of the problem: Destabilized commerce and lack of safety in South American countries due to gangs that originated in the US then migrated back to South America. Restore law and order to these South American countries to put a stop both to the levels of migration as well as to adequately address the humanitarian crisis. Create a LEGAL guest worker program that truly reflects the size of the need for migrant workers and increase border staffing to get up to speed on prompt processing of asylum and other legal requests for entry. @Thomas Renner

  134. Trump knows he's not able to do much that will actually improve the daily lives of his hard-core supporters. So instead, he makes a show of trying to hurt the people he thinks they hate. He seems to enjoy being America's patron of scapegoating, hatred, and cruelty. Most Republican leaders don't share his pleasure. But they support it.

  135. It is all so cynical. Trump wants a wall. Congress isn't in favor. So he looks for another means. Another source of money. But to use it he has to declare a National Emergency. No biggie. It's just a tool. It's just a means. The end justifies the means. So what if he has to lie to the American people and claim an newly found emergency. He lies as a matter of course. He lies to get what he wants always. It's just business to him. It's his way.

  136. The Republicans cannot count and seem to want to self-destruct.Democrats won 10 million more votes for the House in the 2018 election.It was a blue " tsunami". Republicans have now angered 800, 000 government workers by shutting the government and are ready to alienate even more by taking funds from reconstruction projects in States hard hit by natural disasters.The people are not that committed to Trump- he has a stubbornly small base.As the next few weeks evolve he may have a much smaller base.Why are Senators standing by this man who causes chaos and cannot govern?

  137. @Janet Michael, it's because of the Supreme Court.

  138. @carla Personally, I also think it's because they have a lot to lose in the upcoming "collusion with Russia" debacle and Mueller's findings. I believe they have all taken dark money, and most especially money from the NRA that was funneled in by Russians. They have all been complicit, and now they have to demonstrate blind fealty to Trump, even when (and if) the ship is sinking. Scary stuff......

  139. Beautiful when the next democratic president declares a national emergency in health care and opens up Medicare for all the republicans will not say a word against such a move because it's the presidents choice not theirs. Be careful what you wish for conservatives.

  140. @Chris Not to worry. The Republicans will fight tooth and nail to keep the Democrats from helping Americans just like they are letting our horrific President do whatever he can to hurt Americans. Contradiction? No. It's the Republican way.

  141. Mr Trump should read the article in today's NYT discussing what President Ronald Reagan believed to be the true meaning of America. And then he should visit the Statue of Liberty and read the words inscribed there. There's no mention of border walls, or metal cages for children. President Reagan believed that America is a country for ALL people who are looking for freedom. No wonder he was able to convince Gorbachav to open up the Soviet Union to the world. As my grandma Katie Boyle always said "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The reason he rails against Mexico and other South and Central American countries is because they speak a language he can't speak, and their skins are darker than his, although nobody in any Latin American country has hair dyed gold. On the other hand, he likes Canadians (except the leader) because most of them are white and almost everyone up north speaks English, which is probably the only language he understands.

  142. I wonder, is there anyone in this country, aside from his immediate family, that Trump is helping? Ironically, its those regions where he has wide support that are being the hardest hit. Farmers, storm victims in the South, and small businesses have to swallow each fresh insult from their leader; it's almost like he's daring them to revolt. When will finally they say to Trump, as he said to Pelosi and Schumer, "Bye bye"?

  143. So let me wrap my head around this, from Mexico will pay for the wall to now Americans who have suffered a natural disaster and lost everything will pay for the wall. How do republicans think this will play in the court of public opinion, do they realise the the majority of Americans are not watching Fox and friends 24/7. This might play in their echo chamber but not outside of it. Are they so confident in their voter suppression and gerrymandering to actually go down this road?

  144. "the White House has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to determine whether it can divert for wall construction $13.9 billion allocated last year after devastating hurricanes and wildfires" You gotta hand it to Trump – he has a knack for finding the most offensive of all options.

  145. @Wandertage Presumably, the answer will be "No".

  146. This government shutdown is holding hostage many American workers for an agenda that is a separate issue and should be addressed as such. People such as our farmers are being bankrupted by this folly, just as by they already have been by tariffs that have resulted in being unable to sell their agricultural products. And now Russia is offering to provide China with these agricultural products in trade, undercutting American workers. Our American farmers deserve better than this.

  147. Divert those funds to build the wall. Most of the flood damaged places are liberal states with sanctuary cities and people not recognizing an invasion causing havoc to Legal citizens. Use whatever means necessary to protect legal citizens.

  148. This boondoggle of a wall will protect no one. What people don’t seem to get is that building a wall is like security screenings at airports: theater that provides a false sense of security. Like you, I want secure borders, but I want the money to be spent on effective means of controlling immigration.

  149. @Violet OK, I see - it's not like the taxpayers who actually fund this stuff should have a say in where their money goes, eh?

  150. Describe and document the havoc, please

  151. “We’re kind of stuck,” Mr. Graham conceded. Yes, and 800,000 citizens are stuck in the middle. Do you want to talk nation emergency? How about not being able to pay your bills? The ripple effect you are creating is contemptible. There is no national emergency. Now you and your posse are supporting djt's threat to abuse provisions of the law granting this guy the power to declare one. What happened to the oath of office when you raised your right hands and swore that you "shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation to support this constitution"? Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy could open our government tomorrow, but they along with other members of this GOP they lack the courage and the moral strength to step up and do the right thing.. Stop this shutdown.

  152. Well, Trump's presidency IS a disaster. So there's that.

  153. If an emergency is declared, the Dems could cave under protest and simply add this usurpation of congressional authority to the growing list of articles of impeachment. That seems to be the thing Trump is goading them to do because he thinks the senate would support him on this single issue. Unfortunately, impeachment won’t be a single issue deal.

  154. The border wall is just a prestigious issue for the President since he promised it on countless occasions that too in public meetings. He can very well divert military funds for his favourite wish and then spare the pain of employees, who are deprived of their bread and butter for no reason for the past three weeks.

  155. If Trump can hurt California and Puerto Rico while building his wall it will be a WIN-WIN-WIN for the Trumpers. Trumpers keep score by how many people they can harm. And they are not tired of winning.

  156. So now McConnell checks with the President to see if he will agree to a bill before checking with his Senate colleagues. Is that democracy in action?

  157. The entire southwest US was actually northern Mexico until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, at the conclusion of the Mexican-American War. Mexicans have been living here for millenia, Anglos only since the mid-1800's. Illegal immigration has been ongoing in the US since immigration laws were first passed in the 1800's. There is no "emergency" nor crisis at the southwestern border. Just another endless campaign stunt brought to you by the GOP to scare their uneducated base, while the the GOP benefactors (global capitalists) move the factories to the lowest wage cost locations.

  158. Makes perfect sense....divert monies from relief for Hurricane Harvey and Maria to work on the crisis from Hurricane Trump. One natural disaster to another. Sarcasm aside....government process has gone from constitutional process, to work arounds needed to cover DTJ’s latest obsessions. Sad state of affairs and a continuing trend toward autocracy. Dangerous situation when leadership believes it is above the rules and behaves irrationally to seerve itself and not the people it is tasked to represent.

  159. We have a president who contends he is a great businessman, yet businessmen take care of their employees and facilitate the missions of their companies. In his current job as president he should be doing all he can to make the government work well, and he should never, ever use his employees - government workers - as bargaining chips in internal government negotiations - negotiations between him and Congress. The choice is between the basics of simply running the government or partially shutting it down because one person is throwing a tantrum over the fact that he is not getting his very expensive life-size toy wall to admire. Congress could fix this immediately with a vote that could override a presidential veto. There are many to blame here, but much lies with the members of Congress who are refusing to implement this simple fix because the Senate leader is more concerned about taming Trump's tantrum than he is about fulfilling Congress' absolute obligation to support getting on with the business of running our government.

  160. "And there is a huge amount of money from the federal government that is due to disabled veterans, blind children and widows and orphans. I have spoken to a large number of these people, and they all tell me, to a person, that the sacrifice is well worth it. I mean, we all need to get our priorities straight."

  161. It is time for the Republicans in Congress to recognize that their leader is unfit for the Presidency. Closing the government in order to build a wall across miles of uninhabited desert, mountains and rivers is irrational. It is the U.S. asylum policy that has failed on the Southern border. It must be redesigned to recognize that many of the people now seeking entry into the US are economic migrants that must be dealt with expeditiously and humanely.

  162. First natural disaster victims to lose aid, Puerto Ricans. They can't vote in presidential elections. Next , Californians, because they are a sure vote against Trump and apparently don't deserve any federal funding because they "mismanage" their forests. Texas and Florida will be the last to lose funds as Trump needs their votes.

  163. Once again, Susan Collins speaks with a forked tongue. She was one of those Republicans who, supposedly, were breaking ranks with Trump and trying to end the shutdown. Now she equates Pelosi with Trump, saying they‘re both dug in, playing the “both sides are at fault” trick. I sincerely hope that Collins is voted out in the next election.

  164. I fully agree! I think Mainers are becoming quite fed up with her after the Kavanaugh disaster. She simply cannot equate Pelosi with Trump. Democrats won the House because of this out of control administration which has taken federal workers hostage in a petty attempt to extort money for a political promise. The border is a talisman in the president's mind that he won't be reelected if he doesn't erect this major monument to stupidity, vanity, and politics. I call it the Trump- Limbaugh-Coulter Extortion Wall. Why the hell should we taxpayers get stuck with the bill when a majority of the country doesn't believe it will be effective for anything except Trump's reelection campaign?

  165. I completely agree. Her incessant kabuki theater—typified by “Oh me oh my, I’m so moderate! How does Czar Trump want me to vote today?”—is WAY past its sell-by date. The people of Maine deserve so much better.

  166. Leave it Trump to make a bad situation even worse! Of course he wants to stick it to Puerto Rico where the island still hasn't recovered from Maria and his administration's extremely inept handling of disaster relief. I'm pretty sure Texas, Florida, and California won't be happy either, given their own respective struggles. The border is not an emergency either, unless you want to call the extreme, and very cruel policies there (deliberately designed to make asylum seekers pay for their plight and stop coming). Stop blaming Democrats! Pelosi us smart to recognize this out of control presidency has no right to punish federal workers for his willful insistence on funding for a project that is essentially a foolish campaign promise. The Democrats have nothing to do with this unless refusing to spend $6.5 billion for a fantasy, vanity project being extorted from them is somehow wrong. in that case, every time he can't get his way, he shuts down government??. The man is a tyrant, plain and simple. His party is a malignancy on our democracy, using "my way or the highway" tactics to blow up this country just because he's being investigated for corruption and worse.

  167. It becomes more obvious with each passing day that we have a president who quite brazenly could not care less for each and every American. He cares about only what is good for Donald Trump. He took an oath of office to serve all Americans, not just those in his base. To take funds set aside for bona fide emergencies such as catastrophic hurricanes and fires is beyond the pale. What makes it so much worse are his party's "leaders" such as McConnell and Graham who fall completely in line with him. Even if Trump were somehow out of office tomorrow, it will take us a long time to recover from the disaster of this presidency and to return to the values that have defined our nation and democracy.

  168. @Cynthia How about firing McConnell and Graham also? For not doing the jobs they were elected to do should be a good enough excuse. Congress, the Supremes, everyone in the Executive Branch - they're all fed employees and none should be getting paid anyway - at least for as long as other fed employees aren't being paid or are having to work without pay. If up to me, all Dem fed employees would be getting salaries since they aren't the ones causing the problems - nor are they or hurting people who've lost so much due to Global Warming. Put the hurt on everyone who has caused this disaster but not on the ones who haven't.

  169. Often his biggest supporters live in the areas that will need this disaster aid. It is very short-sighted to not consider their needs ahead of a disaster. But, then again, we are not talking about a very bright man.

  170. the reality is that when a disaster occurs Congress will just appropriate more money to fund it

  171. @RP"Not very bright" is too kind.

  172. If this is such an emergency, why are they choosing a "solution" that will take ten years or more to complete?

  173. If the Wall is so important to Trump why didn't he get both the GOP majority Senate and House pass such a bill? He had two years to do so, what stopped him from doing this?

  174. @David . If the wall is so important, why doesn't Trump pay for it himself? He can afford it more than the federal workers who are currently being held hostage. 5 billion dollars? Didn't I hear someone say it's a mere pittance?

  175. @David. The same thing that lets a two-year-old not say a word about that cookie until you take it off the table. Then the rest of the world disappears and they will do anything, call you any name, curse you and anyone like you to eternity, and scream blue murder until you relent. Yes, folks, the fate of the US of A us now officially best informed by your local child psychologist. Happy, Republicans?

  176. Just the idea of declaring a national emergency when there obviously isn't one just to keep his base happy and support an idiotic campaign promise, is enough to worry everyone about our president destroying the basic tenants of our democracy. This idea alone borders on impeachment, even if the president doesn't go through with formally trying to enact such a radical and unconstitutional act. The obvious long term effects should be obvious to every Supreme Court Jurist. Any future President could use the same fraudulent excuse to achieve a pet political aims without going through Congressional approval. Climate Change. Gun laws. Abortion laws. LGBT laws. If the President tries to go through with declaring a national emergency, I would be disappointed ( alarmed) when it gets to the Supreme Court if the ruling is anything less than a resounding 9 to 0 defeat!

  177. @jwgibbs .. The irony of including climate change in your list is that climate change is an indisputable, actual global and national emergency.

  178. What I don't understand is that if Trump is prepared to use a national emergency as a means to get his wall why does he then not use that as his ransom instead of funding of the government. In this way he still keeps his theoretical leverage and people can get paid. That's unless he knows that a national emergency is not real leverage...

  179. Even to the most cynical eye, the republican politicians have abandoned all reason for unadulterated cruelty. I have attributed their obstructionist and destructive legislative hyperpartisanship to master-base-tion and fear of primary defeat until now. Having seen the election mid term results and watching the shutdown effects, it's clear that their motivation is no longer power or even self-preservation. They are simply cruel and enjoy watching the pain and suffering of the working poor.

  180. @Lon Newman is spot on. trump and his rabid base are driven by greed and cruelty so clearly put by one of his followers, "he's not hurting those who should be hurt."

  181. We are at a point in American history that historians decades from will study; particularly just how the majority of citizens went about their daily lives despite their disapproval of this occupier of the WH. They will no doubt wonder why we, the majority (myself included), used our devices to register our displeasure online but never organized mass demonstrations. The minority of Americans who, by way of our electoral college, put this emerging despot in office, are consistently more organized and will not back down. There are a myriad of organizations representing the majority of Americans who simply must get past their respective leaders' egos and initiate monthly mass protests. How about Abraham Lincoln's birthday, Feb 12th? Washington's Feb 22nd?

  182. wonderful idea! how long are we , the majority,willing to shake our heads and do nothing

  183. @Kevin O'Reilly I just posted a question on a resist site about when are we demonstrating about the proposed "national emergency"?

  184. @Barbara Shades of Germany in the '30s.

  185. the biggest lie of his leadership and yet the base still thinks he hung the moon. Two years controlling the government and his party refused to fund the wall. Now that Dems are in charge of the house, he decides the wall is a national emergency and will drain the coffers to support an idea he never really believed in. The wall is a metaphor.

  186. Hope the faithful in Florida and Texas understand how their vote for Trump is going to affect them. And not in a good way.

  187. @katherinekovach Exactly. When another storm strikes, who are they going to call? Certainly not Trump.

  188. Trump Claim: ICE arrests "In the last two years, ICE officers made 266,000 arrests of aliens with criminal records including those charged with or convicted of 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 violent killings.” NPR Fact Check: The President is right about the total number of arrests of immigrants with criminal records that ICE has arrested over the past two years.

  189. @Dr. John You left out that ICE counts traffic violations as criminal records.

  190. First, the Doctor John lives in New Orleans. Do these stats include the massive number of Canadians who are in the USA illegally after they’ve over stated their Visas?

  191. @Dr. John Look up the definition of "charged with." Then consider that if you've ever been slapped with a moving violation, you could be arrested when you try to cross the border somewhere where they don't want folks like you visiting.

  192. This proposal is an abuse of power. Hopefully Congress can block it. Trump is ensuring a huge republican defeat in 2020, which can’t come soon enough.

  193. This is a complicated analysis. For which there is no need. Just tune in to Fox News. Trump's Fox Friends will tell him what to do.

  194. The only “storm” currently facing the U.S. is the possible wrath of the popular minority that elected Trump when he fails to produce his promised ‘big, beautiful wall’ paid for by Mexico.

  195. Read the new explanation that he didn't really mean Mexico would pay for his beautiful wall, he meant you and I would lend pay for the wall and wait until people forgot. Now we know that we will pay for the wall over the backs of Americans who need help and disasters that happened to them. Fortunately for him his property was not being hurt. And now he says he could take money put aside for the military which they will not miss but could always be gotten if there is another real need to pay girls the military.so now our readiness will be held hostage to his big beautiful wall or his consent to a beautiful pile of ineffectual rust. His tantrum goes on and when it comes time to pay the piper hopefully so is he.

  196. @Lewis Sternberg Well, he hasn’t even paid up for the storm damage done to North Carolina. Does he think his base here will support him when they are homeless and financially devastated? Maybe he needs to learn basic math.

  197. Just one question--Trump had majorities in both houses of Congress for 2 years. Why didn't he get his wall funding during that time, when the Democrats could not so easily block it?

  198. Because the GOP knows it’s a terrible idea and would never pass it. The main stream media is doing a terrible job in the blame game. This is 100% on McConnell.

  199. @pwbeantown. Congress gave Trump's team $1.6 billion for his vanity wall in the 2017-2018 budget. They spent 6% of it...and built 0 feet of new wall. (They did repair and replace some existing border fencing and created some slabs for photo ops.) We all know storm aid funds intended for blue states will be the ones to lose funding for the vanity wall, because that's how the Sociopath in Chief operates.

  200. Everything is peachy-dory in Pleasure, California. Pence, Graham and McConnell are enablers for this mentally disabled stable genius. This is like a preposterous cartoon in a B movie comic book... Gotham City when the Penguin has taken control of City Hall. Is the United States of America capable of surviving this preposterous charade? I sure do hope so. Good luck folks.

  201. This is Trump's biggest fear -- that he will finally be exposed for the mediocre, privileged and inept man that he is. He was handed millions by his dad, never had to struggle, never had to compromise. He has been the CEO of a private company with no shareholders or board to report to. If he doesn't like something, he just walks away. The only repercussions are settled lawsuits if his adversaries have the wherewithal to pursue him. He's not a master negotiator. He's a bully who has no clue what it means to lead or govern. Worse, he has no concern for the millions of families impacted by his incompetence. If he any shred of decency, he would relent.

  202. As a foreigner, I cannot comprehend how your country could be taken to the brink of complete disaster by a stubborn bully like Trump. It feels like a hostage situation, it’s enraging and it is easy to tell the “wall” isn’t going to change anything, he just wants to leave a yuge monument to himself. I’m not 100 percent familiar with your democratic mechanisms, is is so hard to impeach this guy or are democrats just being too nice and naive?

  203. @Gazelle19 Trump is a narcissist. He is never going to bow out gracefully. He will ride his steed into bankruptcy and beyond. The US internal struggle is a political one. Trump's nationalism vs. Globalism. It's partly that and partly his stubborn ego. Either way it is a delicate dance to expose the truth to people who refuse to see it because they have been made to fear.

  204. @Gazelle19 Trump is a narcissist. He is never going to bow out gracefully. He will ride his steed into bankruptcy and beyond. The US internal struggle is a political one. Trump's nationalism vs. Globalism. It's partly that and partly his stubborn ego. Either way it is a delicate dance to expose the truth to people who refuse to see it because they have been made to fear. Yes they need a lot of votes to impeach. It pretty much has to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he colluded with Russia to get an impeachment. It should never be easy to oust a democratically elected President, even Donald Trump.

  205. Only thing a wall will help is tunnel diggers! There already are tunnels under the wall at some places. An entire border wall can only add more tunnels.

  206. @Jaque Yes, and tunnel diggers will avoid being seen by the tunnel vision people in the White House.

  207. @Jaque I've been thinking hot air balloons, miniature submarines, and -- more seriously -- underground railroad that helped some folks back in the 1800's.

  208. This administration and its sycophantic cohorts in the Senate will only be curbed by an outright revolution in the streets. Honestly, it has come down to that.

  209. @Glenn Thomas Then what? You'll throw open the border, abolish ICE, and let everyone in?

  210. If our "democratically" elected leader (he did lose the popular vote) is willing to unilaterally take away taxpayers dollars away from people who have lost everything, then he should put his money where his mouth is and bankrupt himself for his precious wall himself. I understand he's familiar with the process.

  211. Either our southern border is in an emergency or it isn't in an emergency. The emergency is not dependent on how Chuck and Nancy get their respective caucuses to vote.

  212. @jwgibbs It's not in an emergency. And you forgot to mention Mitch McConnell, currently enjoying his new status as self-appointed autocrat, who refuses to bring government-opening legislation to a vote in the Senate. He and the orange traitor need to go.

  213. @jwgibbs It’s not.

  214. Susan Collins: stop blaming Speaker Pelosi and trying to provide cover for and bow to 45. Sorry, you can't have it both ways, so stop pretending Republicans are willing to legislate -not.

  215. The Republicans need to twist McConnell's arm to bring a vote to the floor, or they will own this shutdown in 2020, and everyone will know that they put political cronyism above the lives of Americans. I also think the media should stop breathlessly reporting on every look-at-me televised move and idiotic tweet by Trump. He's gotten too much attention for this wrong-headed policy, and his wall for his racist voters. And if he sets the precedent of declaring emergencies and diverting aid from parts of the country suffering from true emergencies for a vanity project, future presidents regardless of party should just start wearing a crown and declare the American project finished.

  216. Trump is truly an evil man. To think of diverting disaster relief funds away from American citizens trying to rebuild their lives in order to fund a cruel and needless vanity project... Trump's sadism is shocking and unprecedented in a contemporary "leader". He has dragged our nation so far down. He has to go.

  217. That should go over big in hurricane country. Maybe it will wake some people up.

  218. This whole incident is making the US look more ridiculous by the day. There is no security crisis. Trump, on numerous occasions, promised his base a Mexico-funded wall. He's had two years and got nowhere with it because it was stupid idea used to whip up his rabid base. Now he's feeling a backlash from his base he's resorting to lies and deceit in fabricating this so-called security crisis. The great negotiator has failed yet again. He's been constantly right about one thing - the world is laughing at the US.

  219. I learned in grade school that congress has the power of the purse and that separation of powers was a critical part of maintaining our Republic. Only dictators get to solely determine where resources are spent. Republican congress, when will you put country before self-interest? Jeff Flake did. John McCain did. Would you rather create a legacy of honor that generations, history books, and your own grandchildren will speak of as they did or be Trump's patsy like "Lyin Ted"?

  220. Take away from helping those Americans who have had their lives shattered by natural disasters or take away from hardworking Americans going unpaid. Either way - no impact to him. Shameful. Disgraceful. Unconscionable.

  221. National Emergency in the US. POTUS will certainly rush to: Las Vegas (send troops to build a wall around folk concerts), High Schools and Universities (build a wall around...). Will also soon order troops to build walls around firearms shops? and suggest it will be paid by the NRA... Listing the victims of attacks from vilains crossing the southern border from the oval office...without mentioning the victims of firearms within the borders. SAD!

  222. "We'll have crime in Iowa..." LOL, some clever musician/composer needs to do a remake of "The Music Man" rewriting the words "you got trouble right here in River City...it starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool" substituting The Wall for pool (billiards) although it will be a challenge to find something catchy to rhyme with wall (it starts with w and that rhymes with...yeah, gonna be a bit tricky). But the main premise of the show will be the same: Trump is a con artist just like the main character in the show. C'mon, please somebody do it, I don't have the musical talent!

  223. I didn't think it's possible to HATE yes HATE republicans more than I do now. First they shove through a tax giveaway for themselves and their richest donars that the next generation will be paying for years while their taxes go back up and bridges and roads continue to crumble around them. Next they are going to continue to rob taxpayer funded disaster relief so they can shove even more tax payer loot into the Trump crime family's pockets because let's face it that's where the money will really go. I bet Javanka already has their fake shell construction companies already lined up. The person that says to be that republicans are the part of fiscal conservatism I swear I will take a physical swing at.Meanwhile you have people like Nunes being recorded in closed door fund raiser saying that if Robert Mueller doesn't clear Trump then it's up to the republican party to clear him. In other words even if Trump is found guilty of treason they republicans intend to buck the law and constitution to keep him in office. Republicans are actual traitors and have declared war on the American people.

  224. Trump won't head to Davos because he has made our country a laughingstock on the world stage. People from around the world must marvel at our stupidity for electing such a buffoon and our further stupidity for falling for the idea that our country is in crisis over a border wall. Anyone with any sense knows a physical barrier won't solve the problems of people overstaying visas, which is the prime way undocumented people stay in the country. Immigration in this country isn't a crisis. It's not a national emergency. What are national emergencies are lack of affordable health care for all, a reverse Robin Hood tax plan furthering inequality, rape of the environment by inaction on climate change and rollback of EPA rules, a crumbling education system and infrastructure, high incareceration rates for people of color, etc. Again, those are the emergencies. I could also throw in Trump's possible criminality coming to light and autocratic behavior as emergencies. Look beyond the shiny objects, people, especially you media types. What aren't you covering while entranced by the shiny objects Trump holds before you?

  225. Does Democratic Congressional Leadership really care about "The Dreamers?" As "The Wall Crisis" plays out, the answer becomes more evident ... The answer is ... No, They Don't. Dems would rather forget about solving an immigration problem built up over decades, and instead, stick with using "The Wall" to block meaningful reform. It's so beautifully simple "The Wall" is "Immoral" ... Here's what's "immoral" ... millions of undocumented (illegal) American residents that are exploited, while living in the shadows of our economy and public life. That's "Immoral!!!" And we can pass real immigration reform in exchange for spending a few billion bucks, hiring a few thousand workers to build a few hundred miles of border fence/wall. Compromise ... Cut a Deal ... Take Advantage of Trump's weakness and get something real accomplished for millions of Amerian residents .... NOW! Doing otherwise is "Immoral."

  226. @Bill Edley S.744 in 2013. Real immigration reform without the $39B boondoggle. DACA was on the table until limbaugh and coulter challenged trump’s manhood. Trump claims he builds walls better than anyone. Problem is his companies can’t just be handed the job, and it likely would break a small mountain of laws to do so. But when you’re used to flouting the law and decency, what’s one more?