Will the Oscars Have a Host? Here’s What We Know

The academy isn’t saying but it looks like the answer is no and that stars from the “Avengers” franchise will be enlisted to appear on the telecast.

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  1. Yes, let us celebrate the finest in film art by allowing Disney to use the occasion to promote its latest comic book movie. And people wonder why no one respects the Oscars anymore.

  2. @Todd correct. That's why the audience diminishes each year. The show gets more and more tasteless, the acceptance speeches either sickeningly self indulgent or redolent with the issue de jour.

  3. @Brian True dat Brian. And let's not forget how hard these amazing human beings struggled and sacrificed to make their movies. And barely made a million bucks. And had to forgo their vegan chef and could only hire 4 personal assistant. Oh the horror. How anyone can sit for 4 hours and watch over-paid, self-important "artistes" share to the world how amazing they are I can not understand.

  4. I think Michelle Williams would make a great host! No-holds-barred jokes and an endorsement of her work.

  5. @Naomi Did you mean Michelle Wolf?

  6. @Naomi I agree!

  7. After the opening the host pretty much does nothing for the rest of the show.

  8. @Scott D Agreed. ** Note: Since I can't edit my errors (anymore), I am correcting the errors in my original comment below, in quotation marks: "I truly don't care. I am not being negative, as the show is not about the host. It has nothing to do with them. It is about last year's films, directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, writers, etc., ad infinitum. I added the last remark because I found the following on Wikipedia: "The first Academy Awards presentation was held on 16 May 1929, at a private dinner function at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with an audience of about 270 people. The post-awards party was held at the Mayfair Hotel. The cost of guest tickets for that night's ceremony was $5 ($73 in 2018 dollars). Fifteen statuettes were awarded, honoring artists, directors and other participants in the film-making industry of the time, for their works during the 1927–28 period. The ceremony ran for 15 minutes." Some things have changed a lot, because in the same article, it reads 2 poignant things about them now: (1) "The Academy Awards, (aka the Oscars), are a set of 24 awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry, given annually by ... AMPAS, to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements ... by the Academy's voting membership." and (2) "3,072 Oscars have been awarded from the inception ... through the 90th (2018)." Divide 3072 by 90: the average is 34+. Fewer awards were given for decades. Therefore, many more than 24 (or 34) are given now.

  9. I truly don't care. I am not being not about the host; it has nothing to do with them. It is about directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, writers, etc.

  10. @Easy Goer To be more specific. It's about black directors, female producers, trans cinematographers, gay writers, etc.

  11. @zigful26 ... As opposed to white male directors, white male producers, white male cinematographers and white male writers, etc.

  12. Going without an emcee is the best option for all award shows going forward now that edgy humor is taboo.

  13. Oh, thank goodness, one less thing Trump to pollute the airwaves!

  14. Yes, I can already see Marvel's cast of super heroes hoofing their way through the night's opening musical number.

  15. Who cares who hosts? it's such a long tedious parade of self-infatuation, an industry-event to promote its products, a fashion and jewelry merchant event to promote their vulgar products. If the MCAA actually cared about artistic and technological accomplishments, they would screen substantial (say 5-minutes at least) segments of the nominations and say why, without the inane, lame chatter of entertainment industry hosts reading from cue cards, these are interesting, important, compelling events in cinema history and culture.

  16. It was poisoned by the extremes of identity politics that now dominate society. On the left you have the feminists and to a lesser extent old line minority pre 1970 type leaders who cry out that women, minorities should get 50% of everything whether they deserve it or even want it and today's white men must atone for five million yrs. of existence. On the right, you have Trumpers, who want to bring us back to the 1930s where women's role was in the bedroom and kitchen and blacks knew their place. The great majority in the middle, who want objective, common sense solutions to these issues/problems instead of identity politics make no "squeak" so they don't get the oil.

  17. @Paul Name some examples of your claim about "leaders who cry out that women, minorities should get 50% of everything whether they deserve it or even want it" Who, relevant to Hollywood and the Oscars, is doing that? There must be many if they have "poisoned" it all.

  18. @Robert Holmen-Thank you for your reply. Pick out any feminist from Hillary to any number of female feminist movie stars. Of course it is a matter of semantics, they will say 50% of everything should go to females, in other words whether they deserve it or even want it. When I go on right wing web sites, I get similar responses from right wingers, albeit on the other end of the spectrum. The left and those on the right don't realize how similar they are, extreme, dogmatic, dug in, want all or nothing. That is the crux of the poison going on today.

  19. @Paul "Of course it is a matter of semantics, they will say 50% of everything should go to females..." Paul - they WILL say or DID say? There is a difference - and not recognizing that difference just makes one a rumor-monger.

  20. Oh, for pity's sake. Just have a robot do it. That's the direction we're all heading in anyway, isn't it?

  21. @Citizen K. Exactly. I was thinking either Isaac from The Orville or Craig Ferguson's pal Geoff. Dig up Bob Hope's script from his first gig as host for films of 1939 and you have a winner.

  22. I would like to see Bill Maher host but it will never happen because he is feared by all those fragile Hollywood egos.

  23. I can't believe that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is unable to find anyone to host the Oscars this year. What about past hosts like Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg? This is absurd. Bob Hope is rolling over in his grave in shock. Maybe it's time to end the farce of these award shows because political correctness has ruined them

  24. Is this the Academy Awards or the Kevin Hart Show produced by Ellen DeGeneres?

  25. Everything has gotten too politically correct for anyone to dare risk their careers for on off-hand comment they might make that offends some cultural niche. The Oscars thus will fall on its own sword that it once brandished to intimidate and shame those that do not agree with its views.

  26. Holy Mary Mother of Pearl!! Enough with Kevin Hart... Most people didn't even know who he was before this brouhaha.

  27. @cocobeauvier Hmm, oops....get out much? As of September 2018, Kevin Hart was charted as the world's most popular comic - yep, globally - according to data collated from social media giants Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

  28. I volunteer, committee should contact me.

  29. I have watched the Oscars since the early 70's. It's like a car crash I have to look at every year. I say do it without a host. Pick an announcer, do some cool video intros and move it in two hours. Frankly, there are so few good movies this year, most not reaching release beyond major markets; there aren't going to be many watchers anyway. Just a few of us diehard cinephiles who cringe when you mention movies at a social gathering and have to listen to people glow over super hero schlock and star powered drivel. I hope great film makes a comeback like vinyl has. I long for the days of Schindler's List, Pulp Fiction, The Last Emporer, Annie Hall, Forrest Gump......

  30. Boo if there's no MC. We need an old fashioned shmoozer with buoyant humor & self-effacing insider shtick. Hollywood is, intrinsically, an old school lounge act. The Golden Globes & Spirit Awards can fiddle with the format, but Oscar requires Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, even Amy Schumer ?

  31. Unless it is someone great I won't be watching. No one under 50 please, and no one mean or snarky because meanness is not funny, as Trump has shown. Given current events maybe it should be someone from the Watergate era like Warren Beatty or Robert Redford? They were there so they get the historical context. I don't even care if they are funny-maybe we need serious instead.

  32. There's nobody left in Hollywood that hasn't offended somebody, and come to think of it, no nominee that hasn't done so as well, so maybe they should close it down completely. Or have a robot host, carefully programmed to say the right thing at the right time, with everything vetted on Twitter first. We can't be too careful.

  33. Julia Louis -Dreyfus! Her acceptance speech at the Mark Twain Award was the best written, best delivered 13 minutes in the past 10 years of comedy.

  34. I hope they find a proper comedic host - Billy Crystal style or Tina Fey/Amy Poehler - and steer clear of what the Golden Globes did. Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were the most dull and listless hosts I've ever seen. I can't sit through another show with boring hosts, honoring boring obscure movies again. Any comedian will offend or they aren't doing their job. People who talk a lot will say things that offend. What more can you ask than an apology? I can't stand the hyper-offended, unforgiving culture that is evolving.

  35. Idris Elba should host the Oscars and make the announcement that he is going to play James Bond.

  36. Charlie Rose & Matt Lauer could co-host !!! They miss the mic, and what a ratings boost. Who wouldn't tune in to see disgraced men, previously living the high life, attempt to orchestrate even a 3 hour semblance of a public come back?

  37. i for one don't pay any attention to this industry and it's members' only party. this is the equivalent of your local coffee store handing out awards to baristas, broadcasting it on tv and expecting regular people to watch and be in awe of what other baristas think of their colleagues. best flower in milk foam? best customer banter? best scone delivery? best uniform? best at making change? who cares any more, but, ah - the spectacle of it, right?

  38. I’m nominating Ruth Bader Ginsburg to host. Would love to see that!!

  39. Kevin Hart says his job is being "authentic". 24/7! So which Kevin Hart is the authentic one? The one who said he would beat his son for being gay or the one who says he didn't mean it? I don't get the sense that he was ever sorry. He was eager to denigrate people for his own quick ego boost and he will be eager to do it in the future.

  40. Two furloughed workers should host.

  41. No one cares because no one watches the Oscars. Actors these days look like their audience. It was a white male's game for too long and now it belongs to people of color. I wish this next generation of filmmakers all the best.

  42. They should find a reasonably well educated and articulate Playboy Bunny for the job. At least some of the TV audience would love this.

  43. Can you say"ELLEN"?

  44. Political correctness has killed the Oscars, which are now toxic to host because Kevin Hart has refused to do it. If he doesn't care about the Oscars I certainly don't either. Won't be watching!

  45. Just mail out the awards. The Oscars, like the Miss America Pageant, is a relic from the 1950s.

  46. If we disqualify Hart (which is fine by me) why does Joy Reid still have a job at MSNBC? She blogged horrific statements about gay men, which she tried to deny by saying "I was hacked!" When that was shown to be extremely unlikely, she admitted her lie, owned up to the statements, and apologized, much as did Hart. MSNBC routinely--and rightly--condemns re-discovered hate speech from public figures. Yet Reid has gotten a pass. I am a regular viewer of MSNBC, and a life-long Democrat. Still, for as long as MSNBC continues to ignore Reid's hate speech, they forfeit the right to condemn such speech from others. Their moral authority, sadly, is dripping away.

  47. @Jojojo As a progressive activist gay man, I failed to see the horror in Reid's old blog posts, some of which I considered reporting on other people's opinions. And she apologized nevertheless. I like her. Kevin Hart is not top on my comedy list, but I also was not horrified by him doing a comedy routine about not wanting a gay son. Does that surprise you? And he apologized too. Save your fire for people who want to do real harm to LGBT folks, and more broadly to any folks. I might remind you that the calls for Hart to step down from this usually disappointing one night gig or for Reid to lose her job were not from a large constituency. Trump has helped most of us focus on avoiding the creation of circular firing squads.

  48. Time to end the Oscars after its centennial in 2028.

  49. Any solo or combination of: Amy Poeler Amy Schumer Chris Rock Ellen DeGeneres Jerry Seinfeld Jim Carrey Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key Julia Louis Dreyfus Kate McKinnon Kumail Nanjiani Melissa McCarthy Neil Patrick Harris Queen Latifah Ricky Gervais Seth Meyers Tiffany Haddish Tina Fey Wanda Sykes or my first choice: Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

  50. Alan Cumming, he has Stage, TV and Movie Chops!

  51. There is something really creepy about that picture of the two actors used in this article. It needs some context. Like a caption saying: Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch just learned what they will being paid for Avengers 4-17. That's right folks meet the latest billionaires.

  52. @zigful26 The two toured together last year for Avengers which is most likely when this picture was taken.

  53. Andy Dick and Kathy Griffin

  54. No host. I'm tired of the corny jokes and bad routines. Just present the awards. Maybe the spectacle will end on time, for once.

  55. Two words:Ricky Gervais.

  56. Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan co-host.

  57. Randy Rainbow. Come for the opening number. Stay for the shade.

  58. Just move it to New York and have Alexa host it. Way fun.

  59. Stephen Colbert or Trevor Noah

  60. Scrambling to get Avengers cast members? Oh sure, because thats the best way to proclaim and celebrate the history, the sophistication and the glamor that the world wants (no, needs!) Hollywood and the movie industry to be. Cripes. Are there any decision-makers left in Hollywood who don't work in Accounting? Yuck!

  61. I'll do it! I'll require hair, makeup, travel, food, lodging, three wardrobe changes of which I get to keep one gown, one coat and $100,000. Cheap! Also hilarious to have no one from no where do it.

  62. I just have to say no one has addressed Kevin Hart's domestic violence issues. That is what is lost in all this need for him to apologize for bad taste jokes he already made.

  63. Billy Crystal

  64. Ratings for this event have been dropping like a rock over the last few years. Most people say they can't stand the political commentary in what is supposed to be an evening of entertainment. It seems adding to divisiveness is what Hollywood is about these days.

  65. Qualifications to host: #1-Be unfunny #2 -bash and hate Americans and America ESPECIALLY anyone who doesn't confirm to the small liberal world view and ideology #3- Has to be politically correct out of fear of lib media or otherwise #4 BONUS! history of sexual assault

  66. Hart is not well-informed (besides being homophobic). The meme of Meryl Streep was not her booing anyone. She was yelling in favor of, I believe, Oprah’s speech. Hart comes across as arrogant and ignorant. He wants to present his “authentic self.” I just don’t think we need that.