Upright Citizens Brigade to Close East Village Location

Facing financial pressure, U.C.B. announced that it will close the theater in early February, and will be laying off several staff members.

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  1. So sad to see the UCB East shutter its doors. Loved watching performances of some very talented improvisational comedians. Place had such a sweet vibe. RIP.

  2. It is a shame to see a comedy institution like this fall apart because of mismanagement. The owners, Matt Besser in particular, should have started paying performers back in the day, now no one is mourning as the ship sinks.

  3. @Edna We're all mourning the passing of our theater.

  4. Much like college football, we see that it's hard to create a successful brand on the backs of unpaid students.

  5. @Bill Scurry But college football is overwhelmingly successful at creating brands on the backs of unpaid labor.

  6. Everything that made New York New York is dying -- or already dead. (Except Wall Street and Real Estate -- but they seem to be all that matters.) Maybe Patti Smith is right; time to find a new city? Any nominations?