El Chapo Trial: How a Colombian I.T. Guy Helped U.S. Authorities Take Down the Kingpin

Cristian Rodriguez was hired by the Sinaloa drug cartel to create a secure encrypted communications network. Then he helped the F.B.I. break into it.

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  1. Beware IT claiming routine upgrades. Even if you're not a member of a drug cartel.

  2. The courage shown by these agents and those who agree to assist them amazes me.

  3. The significance of moving the servers from Canada to The Netherlands? How is that related to the encryption keys?

  4. @MPinME Hmmm, ..pssibly to avoid (skirt?) Title III wiretapping constraints and agreements w/ our northern neighbor?

  5. I really hope that Mr. Rodriguez is being well protected by our government. He is incredibly brave.

  6. Well Cristian Rodriguez is toast.

  7. Ironic. This is a story that climaxes with a clip about El Chapo, on trial, making the biggest mistake of FEDs catching his real VOICE conversation in an exchange with another. Then this paper asks for our "VOICE" to help in the discussion. Sorry, I will only give you some "TEXT."

  8. The revenge of the nerd!

  9. The big question that continues to be unanswered in all the testimony: 'How high up did the payoffs go in the Mexican government?'

  10. Almost the same way they caught Pablo. What is it the government doesn't understand.... drugs have been around thousands of years there not going away. Legalize and let El Chapo return to his farming roots.

  11. Mr. Feuer, your articles on the trial continue to be fascinating, informative and top-level mystery writing. I hope that you'll be writing a book on the trial when it's over - and you will have a chance to expand on the many complexities of El Chapo.

  12. Yet another reason why you should treat your IT people well!!

  13. Wouldn't the Canadians assist?