‘America Is Respected Again!’ Trump Tweets as Allies Question His Leadership

President Trump’s Twitter storm was replete with grievances about funds for border security, the Federal Reserve chairman and a departing special envoy.

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  1. Geez, don't leave him alone with the red button!

  2. @Liz like Dr. Strangelove said, we can always live underground in caves after Trump incinerates the world by mistake.

  3. @Liz Hopefully they've given him a fake one with a little clown that jumps out.

  4. @Terry I keep hearing rumors that the "nuclear football" they carry around for Trump doesn't actually work. I kind of hope it's true.

  5. "America is respected again," he tweets as the government is shut down around him, the market suffers its worst Christmas Eve in memory, and Congress, their paychecks in hand, has given up and gone home. Very respected indeed. This man is seriously out of touch with reality.

  6. @avrds Voilà dementia in a malignant narcissist. His invertebrate enablers (GOP) have not only failed to restrain his behavior but have encouraged it. What is beyond understanding is how any support remains for this cretin and his lot.

  7. @avrds Well it appears he is 'respected' by Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, North Korea, and possibly China. He doesn't count any other countries as worthy of his consideration or support.

  8. @Hooj If laughing up one's sleeve is a sign of respect, I'm sure Trump is highly respected in many countries. As a citizen of the United States, however, Trump's idiocies do not provoke me to laughter.

  9. This is bizarre and scary, we have a man in the Oval Office at a ship with it's rudder detached and he is flailing around in the ocean in the middle of a typhoon and a lot of it his own making. It may have been a little bit of hyperbole before to question Donald Trump's sanity or mindset, but now it's seems like Trump is living in a world of his own manufactured world where reality and facts don't seem to matter or correlate to what Trump says or tweets. I think this country in is a crossroad of serious consequences unless the Republican Congressional and Senate Leaders step up and stop enabling this craziness and start to hold this incompetent, corrupt, liar to the constitutional he is mandated to uphold, or at the very least the one they swore their oath to uphold and not this mentally unstable juvenile.

  10. How much longer will Mitch McConnell pretend this is OK? I guess forever as long as he is personally profiting from his wife being the commerce secretary and his father in law owning a shipping company with lucrative government business.

  11. @Me Mitch McConnell himself is not OK; he's no arbiter of common sense here. Not sure who is anymore.

  12. I agree with McGurk

  13. “AMERICA IS RESPECTED AGAIN!” Right. That explains why they laughed in your face at the UN a couple of months ago. Because of their respect.

  14. Trump just doesn't get it. His biggest enemy is not any other politician, any foreign leader, anyone who has been in his Cabinet, any of the mainstream media, but Donald Trump himself.

  15. Thanks, GOP, for nominating an amiable dunce to run (and win with a popular vote minority) in 2000 and a certifiable lunatic to run (and win with a popular vote minority AGAIN) in 2016. Why did your most reasonable candidates - Romney and McCain - lose? Time for self reflection GOP voters - ask yourself: "What am I doing wrong that I put into office the two worst presidents of the US in just the last 16 years?"

  16. @Djt self reflection and GOP voters... oxymoron. Or maybe just moron as Rex said

  17. “I am all alone (poor me).” Sorry, Eric Carmen’s already written this song.

  18. Happy Holidays Mr. President. The doctors will now see you!

  19. Sure Saudi Arabia is going to rebuild Syria just like Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Delusion built on more delusion, best wishes for all of us having a new perspective built on reality in 2019.

  20. @Neil O'Keeffe I would not be at all surprised to see Saudi Arabia put a good deal of money into rebuilding Syria. With a bit of work, they could turn Syria into a vassal state, and spread their Wahabi extremism into another country. We probably have people in the State Department and the intelligence community who could see this happening, but Trump is so enamored of his Saudi "friends" that he will not see anything wrong with anything they do. It's time for Congress to act. Any Representative who does not vote to impeach Trump, or any Senator who fails to vote for his conviction, is failing in his/her duty to the United States, and should be impeached him/herself.

  21. Melania is supposedly coming back? Does that still mean he’ll be alone? Maybe she hasn’t told him.

  22. One can only hope that this sad, delusional little man gets the help he so desperately needs. Invoking the 25 Amendment would be a great start, for all concerned.

  23. Speaking from Australia: Not so much respect as shock and disbelief. In the Trump era the USA looks like one of those movies that feature evil clowns.

  24. What a terrifyingly spectacular meltdown. Are we scared yet?

  25. @Buck yes, very much so.

  26. @Buck Terrified. Unlike anything I recall since the Cold War.

  27. @Buck I've been terrified for two years now.

  28. 25th Amendment now, please. He’s cracking up.

  29. It's like Festivus and the airing of grievances.

  30. “I am all alone (poor me).” - Trump Poor World.

  31. So who is talking 25th amendment again?... Like last time (2017), it's when he is all alone that he's at his most destructive. Who among the family members and can get him to resign? Intervention, please.

  32. Friends visiting from Spain and Switzerland confirm that Europe thinks Trump is a joke. But they also feel that we elected him and it makes all of America part of the joke. We are not respected, not our leadership and not the American people. SAD! Hillary won by three million votes!

  33. @Jim A large part of the blame is the Electoral College. More then 3 million of us tried very hard not to have had this happen

  34. @LindaP Yes, and the EC, like the vastly misinterpreted 2nd Amendment and the allocation of Senators (two per state) are relics of a negotiation that took place 240 years ago under very different cultural and technological conditions. Problem is, the people who benefit from these things are the only ones who can get rid of them.

  35. @Jim I was in Rome in January 2016 when Trump issued his first travel ban. The Romans were aghast -- they said Hillary received 3M votes more than Trump and she would never have done that. They told me there are so many smart people who live in America --how could Trump win? I told them to Google Electoral college. It made me sad then and I'm sadder now to see what our country has become.

  36. The "poor me" comment encapsulates the depths to which he has brought America. There are almost no words to describe him any more, except maybe "Winning", as his supporters like to say.

  37. I wonder how long it will be before the GOP realizes that Trump is going to throw them under the bus if it saves his own hide? Maybe when the stock market collapses -- which it's just beginning to -- and he continues to blame everyone but himself? Maybe when they see that they're losing what they consider to be the most important thing in their lives -- their millions upon millions of dollars -- because of his terrible financial and political policies? Maybe when he starts calling them out by name, one by one, inch by agonizing inch as he demeans them on his Twitter account day after day? It's like watching Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny, falling apart and losing more of his mind each and every minute.

  38. I think it is pretty funny that Mr. Macron is talking about alliances abroad when his own approval rating is sub 20% in his own country. The United States needs to focus on its own people instead of working to democratize the Middle East. Bring the troops home!

  39. The level and extent of Trump's delusions have moved into Fully Frightening territory. It doesn't take private sessions with a shrink to be able to diagnose his breaks with reality, his deteriorating verbal skills, etc. Maybe he'll get out of jail free with Alzheimer's, the way Reagan did. But in the meantime, America needs to get out of We've Got A Crazy President World.

  40. Daily, we witness the mental deterioration of the man in our highest office. It would be almost pitiful if the consequences to the rest of us weren't so grave.

  41. This account of Trump, alone in the White House, is almost Dickensian. One wonders if the ghosts of Fred Trump and Roy Cohn are advising him. It would explain his very erratic and preposterous behavior. Clearly, Trump does not understand the economy, the Fed or international affairs. How could he, when he refuses any information or intelligence, that is not presented on Fox and Friends or Rush Limbaugh? One wishes this was a dark comedy opening over the Holidays, rather than reality. God help us in 2019.

  42. ‘America Is Respected Again!’ You're about 2 years early Mr. President. We will be respected again on November 10th, 2020. Until then the rest of the world has our apologies.

  43. Oh boy. Home alone with a toy. There is so much wrong here that even a strong putter should see. Instead the boy sees only his toy.

  44. "Over the weekend, Mr. Trump suggested on Twitter that Mr. McGurk was a grandstander." It seems strange...but many of Pres Trumps criticisms about others directly apply to him. Have others noticed this pattern? Is there some explanation for such mental behavior?

  45. @Maison: As Mark Shea has repeated observed, accusation is always confession with Donald Trump and his supporters.

  46. Sociopathy.

  47. It’s called “projection.” It’s also what the new-money elites of our recent times have done to the old-money elites and the intellectual elites, even as they commingle. Don Herzog shows how it came into being as a reaction to the first popular revolutions—a strategy employed by royalists and their newly-minted enablers that is best described as “poisoning the minds of the lower orders.” Add to it a healthy dose of downward (im)mobility, amped-up consumerism, and Bible-thumping indoctrination, and you’ve got a recipe for a scorched-earth casserole.

  48. I wonder if any other Americans, especially those who voted for Trump, have become so exhausted by the chaos that they don't bother reading the tweets. Also wonder what is wrong with a man who publicly seeks pity because he's home alone, knowing that American citizens who were relying on their 401k's for retirement have just looked at the balances and are likely deciding whether they need to postpone retirement.

  49. Exhausted? Of course not! You have tuned in to Fox News, right? You know, that magical land where Trump's never done anything wrong, that everything he's done is not only right but it's the greatest thing ever done in the history of the world! And, of course, anything's that sheds negative light on him is just not true, lies, "fake news" or someone else's fault! Chaos? What chaos?

  50. @Susan Lack of empathy for others, resentment about not being appreciated as superior, and constant need for admiration and approval are all symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. Trump is still annoyed we didn't give him a giant parade for his tax cut.

  51. @Susan Most of will have to postpone our retirement. It takes months or longer to recoup what we lose in a day. And, money lost is never made up.

  52. Hey DT how about visiting our wounded veterans at nearby VA hospitals on Christmas instead of watching television and sending moronic tweets?

  53. @BKNY and he needs to keep watching that radar, Santa might just be bringing in illegal aliens from Central America. Quick, shoot down that sleigh!

  54. What do you have against wounded veterans?

  55. @BKNY Nice thought, but Trump would make them feel worse. He is devoid of empathy and/or compassion.

  56. Hey, Donald. You want to save money? Forget Syria and Afghanistan. Just cut back on draining the treasury each time you fly to Florida and all the phoney campaign rallies. Stay home. Read a book. Put your phone down.

  57. @BCY123 Rad a what?

  58. Mr. President, how will Santa Claus bring America's children Christmas presents when your big, beautiful border wall is installed? How will Santa, and Rudolph and Donner and Comet and Prancer and Cupid and Dasher and Dancer and Blitzen and Vixen ever be able to visit from the North Pole again? You say "America is Respected Again!," prove it.

  59. Our "President" brings shame to our country with his juvenile tweets and arrogant ignorance.

  60. ‘They call me Mr. Pitiful.’ Thank you, Otis Redding.

  61. Twenty-fifth Amendment

  62. Trump is an abomination. He causes all kinds of problems and blames others. Tonight, while all alone in the white house he should be visited by the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. But I'm afraid that wouldn't change him since he is missing fundamental character traits that make us human, such as humility, empathy, compassion,...

  63. Someone shd reign in this crazy person from tweeting nonsense on Christmas Eve and Day! He got himself into this mess and he shd deal w it!

  64. Last night an ad popped up on Youtube with a Christmas card image of the Trumps smiling in front of a festooned White House. The ad was a plea to send the Trumps an e-card wishing them seasonal greetings. How pathetic can you get.

  65. Trump is an utter failure at everything he does. Everything.

  66. @Larry M. A serial failure except for one achievement: scamming and lying his way through life. What a sorry piece of human wreckage.

  67. @Larry M - Nonsense! He's a fabulous bad example.

  68. @Larry M I am afraid you are wrong! He succeeded in not paying his subcontractors in full. He succeeded in off loading his bankrupt casino debts to other suckers - uh, the "investors". He succeeded in sucking money out of the "students" in his "Trump University". He also succeeded in conning the "base" into voting for him and very successfully doing the bidding of his handler, Vladimir Putin. Now you will be right on had you said "Trump is an utter failure at every potentially good thing he touches".

  69. Has he been smoking crack cocaine? What a totally whacked and delusional tweet, even by his appalling standards.

  70. @Kathy Molloy I believe that's "smocking."

  71. @Amelia exactly!!

  72. @Kathy Molloy Trump isn't delusional. But he's hoping his base is, and so he feeds them a steady stream of lies. At some level even they know he's lying, but he keeps eroding any sense that the truth matters. That's what's going on here.

  73. "Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States." Uh, yeah, right. Just like the Mexicans are paying for the border wall? Right Donnie? I am so glad you are getting all these countries to pay for stuff. For a while I though we were going to have to pay for the Mexico border wall. Hey, I have an idea! If Mexico won't pay for the wall, maybe your rich buddy MBS and his Saudi friends will pay for the Mexico wall, too.

  74. @NIck. The POTUS keeps bragging he is a multi-billionaire! If he wants a Wall so very badly, why does he not jump-start the $5Bill needed with one billion of his own? Once his tax-returns are finally released, Americans can consider that a down-payment on the taxes he owes the gov’t, ie the American people.

  75. @NIck The Saudis are paying Putin. That's all that's about. And they both get an American president who will do their bidding.

  76. @NIck Elsewhere in the article it states that the Saudis have already spent $100 million on Syrian reconstruction. They need merely do that 50 times over equal the amount trump wants allocated for the wall. Their generosity is remarkable.

  77. (Trump's tweet), “AMERICA IS RESPECTED AGAIN!” Well, really ....this may be his biggest lie!

  78. I can vouch that in Canada there is no respect for Trump, and sadly, it is turning into no respect for the country that elected him. If one is made to drink a bottle of fear, the long term effect is hate.

  79. From your neighbor to the south, please know that the majority of my fellow US citizens are embarrassed, disgusted, dismayed and increasingly angry over this Agent Orange buffoon masquerading as our 45th President. We fulfilled our civic duty and voted in the midterm, sending a Democratic majority to the House, and you will start to see actual oversight of this maniacal ogre in the very near future. And as a US voter who has voted in every election since 1988, I can tell you that we still don’t know if the 2016 election was relatively manipulated (as per usual) or outright stolen by foreign interference aided and abetted by American traitors. I’m thinking there are elements of the latter since the facts (not alternative ones), are slowly being titrated to the world. I think it’s as bad as we suspect. Bear with us. The hardest aspect of untangling our Republic from this mess is going to be educating the 30-35% of Trump die hard supporters of how they were used, abused, and debased (along with the majority of the US and the world). Joyeux Noel.

  80. @Heleneclare merry Christmas Helene from London and the very best of our wishes and good luck - for the sake of us all x

  81. So much winning. I am sick and tired of so much winning. Emphasis on the sick and tired.

  82. The reason he is “all alone in the white house” is due to his idiotic shutdown, which will produce no results, his absurd attacks on the fed and Gen. Mattis, and the absence of any advisors who can steer him away from his impulses. And what is the leadership structure in the white house when the secretary of state has to be the one telling Mattis he is let go.

  83. Trump has no capacity for self-examination. If EVERYONE around you—“all the best people”—are leaving your employ, or incompetent, or simply worthy of your denigrating tweets, perhaps the problem is not everyone else. Look in the mirror to find the one at fault.

  84. @Dr. J Trump's inability to accept responsibility for any of his mistakes is a clue to the emptiness of his character. Having read biographies of this peculiar Individual-1, I suspect that under the facade of aggressive bullying and anger is a genuinely insecure person who is terribly afraid of of being seen as a failure. Rule #1 in Trump World is that Donald is infallible. Of course, this also means he learns nothing from any of his mistakes, no matter how much damage they do to other people or other countries.

  85. @Dr. J When he looks in the mirror, he sees a 35 year old.

  86. @Dr. J Remember a vampire does not see his reflection when looking into a mirror.

  87. Donald Trump believes that watching Fox News and tweeting is working and fight ing. Trump believes that serially assaulting and harassing women and serial adultery and playing golf is fighting and working. About 85% of Republicans believe that Trump is MAGA. The only leaders and nations that still respect America are Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel, Recep Erdogan and Turkey, Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippines, Abdel el- Sisi and Egypt, , Kim Jong Un and North Korea, Vladimir Putin and Russia and Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia.

  88. @Blackmamba : ...and we know that we will always be able to count on that gang when things get tough. How comforting.

  89. Actually, I don’t think these countries respect us at all! They see us, under Trump, as incompetent & soft.

  90. trump is really mad he can't be at Mar-a-lago for the Holidaze.

  91. @ gaelforce Indeed. And Melania and Barron really want to see him. As if.

  92. @ gaelforce He's furious his silly golf course club isn't billing the Secret Service and other White House aids exorbitant amounts for room and board and golf cart rentals. No doubt he'll find a way to steal the lost revenue. (We do all realize this is why he spends so much time at his golf properties, right? He bills the U.S. government for everything while there. It's a total scam!)

  93. @Will. He's not alone either - all those essential servants not getting paid at the White House are there.

  94. Donald Trump is petulance personified.

  95. "I am all alone (poor me)." Perhaps President Trump can visit the children held in detention on our southern border who are also alone and without their parents this Christmas because of this administration's policies. Is that the kind of respect he wants? Joy to the world?

  96. @jrinsc Hi is afraid the weather at the border is not good for his hair. Sorry.

  97. @jrinsc He could have Christmas Dinner with the troops. Doesn't have to venture far. I'm sure that there is base near DC that he visit...

  98. @jrinsc That would be a great idea except he would probably scare them.

  99. These moronic tweets get so tiring.

  100. America respected by who? Listing the number of countries who respect us can probably be counted on one hand, maybe.

  101. @Scott Just name any country with a dictator and you will create the list of those who "respect" us. Respect? NO. Take advantage of us? Absolutely!

  102. Because nothing says Christmas like our own emperor Vitellius wandering the empty halls of the Palatine listening to his own footsteps as he prepares to meet the ghosts of presidents past. What a troubled and much haunted hollow soul he must be. I am past anger though - I pity him because he is clearly deluded and deranged. Ryan, Priebus, McConnell, and the fellow travelers who enabled this though? I have nothing but contempt for their mercenary exploitation of an incompetent self-aggrandizing old man. Their policies and support led directly (among the now countless other catastrophes) to the death of Jakelin Caal (maybe we should just start to call Trump President 105.7, the girl's temperature when she died). In the season of Christmas when we celebrate the birth of a child whose parents, the story tells, were political refugees forced to flee to Egypt, we should remember all of those middle brow collaborators who have enabled our own Herod the king, in his raging . . . Merry Christmas.

  103. Beautifully put; thank you so much for putting into words a growing feeling I’ve been having. It goes past disgusting and revulsion, beyond even any feelings of anger and rage, and on to a strange compassion for a wandering vain and sad old man. You rightly point to the real villains who exploit him without conscience. Thinking of Donald Trump as a victim of what he represents helps keep actual hatred at bay.

  104. @Sallust-Indeed, if Joseph and a pregnant Mary showed up looking for shelter at the U.S. border...?

  105. If wannabe King Trump is King Herod, Putin is Cesar.

  106. I’m sure there’s a DC area soup kitchen that would love “poor me” & his family’s help serving on Christmas.

  107. This character is in a meltdown. Something should be done before he drags us even further over the cliff. It is all well and good that members of the GOP are worried about offending Trump's base, but they should be worried about the rest of the country as well. By the time the 2020 elections roll around, we (the rest of the country) wont forget this glaring oversight!

  108. @Mike Mike, what makes you think that the Congressional Republicans are concerned about our country's welfare?

  109. @Mike "By the time the 2020 elections roll around, we (the rest of the country) wont forget this glaring oversight!" I hope you are right, but tRump's approval rating is *still* around 40%. He got elected with not much more than that. The 40% just needs to live in the right states.

  110. @Mike. By 2020 we will be deep in a Depression. By 2020 we will be the world’s Pariah. By 2020 the record bankruptcies of farms in the Upper Midwest (currently) will have spread across the country to the point that we have food shortages, also exacerbated by the drought across the west and center of the country from climate change. By 2020 the decreased value of corporate America due to stock implosion will result in such poor tax collections that that will increase the debt to the point that t-bills will be devalued. Not looking good

  111. Hey, how ‘bout that stock market?

  112. delusional, divisive, and dangerous the republicans are morally bankrupt in continuing to support him -- is it because they have sold out to their donors or to the russians or both?

  113. Did you notice, in all of Trump's belligerance, a pinch of 'feeling' towards 'others'? Not a scrap, right? This is a lonely thug, desperately seeking companionship...while looking in all the wrong places. His tweets are proof of how inadequate his plea for respect really is. If there weren't so much malevolence in this rejected con man from human society (his thoughtless, and prejudiced base and the complicit G.O.P. notwithstanding), one could feel almost pity; but he is so undeserving, that he deserves his ouster; and stop his abusing a power he knows not how to handle...except to abuse it.

  114. In my experience, I have never seen anything good happen when an alpha male is separated briefly from his partner.

  115. We can only hope, while the president is alone in the White House this Christmas Eve that he's visited by the spirits of presidents past, president and future who encourage him to change his ways.

  116. NBC gave us this reality TV clown, I wonder if they are proud of what they created?

  117. I thought the government shutdown was only to allow for essential services - how about they shut down Mr. Trump’s phone / WiFi access? Mr. Trump needs to stop pointing elsewhere to blame. Take a look in the mirror! After seeing him “operate” these last two years, I can now understand how he lost money when he owned a casino. Totally inept businessman.

  118. "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to tweet and remove all doubt."

  119. Substitute the word “reviles” for the word “respects”, and Trump is correct. Or the words “laughed at” would be just as true. As one woman at one of his rallies said in response to MAGA, America never was great.

  120. Instead of trying to justify his own knees-jerk reactions, Trump should sit back, listen to the few remaining expert advisors and try to think constructively, not using his gut but his brain (if he has the mental capacity for that). Nearly all of his actions make America less significant (weaker) and less secure. If everybody but a few sycophants is concerned about Trumps actions it would be a good time to introspect. Listening to Fox News will not get him out of the doldrums, and his tweet storms only fool an ever shrinking part of the American population. Sadly, on a daily basis he proves that he is unfit to be America's president.

  121. Sorry, Donnie. Fear is not the same thing as respect.

  122. A wounded soul talking to himself. Not since Nixon has our republic faced a crisis of governance of a magnitude such as we are witnessing now. And to think, trump supporters would justify their vote based on some impressionistic need to burn the system down so that we could start over. To continue to support this madman? The only analogue in history I can think of are of those Americans who supported the British crown during the war for independence.

  123. And the world just laughs and laughs and laughs.

  124. Trump, it would appear, seems to have difficulty distinguishing "contempt" from "respect". It's a common failing in gangsters and bullies.

  125. The end of this presidency can’t come soon enough. The Republican Party is broken and it’s going to destroy America. These people are just crazy and they have a complete fool as the head of their party now. Utterly ridiculous.

  126. The world will soon amass at the palace gate to throw tomato's and rotten eggs at Trump. I expect to see Netanyahu, Macron, and every other leader standing shoulder to shoulder screaming, you're killing my portfolio. He messing with rich people money is more dangerous that fire eating and hand grenade juggling.

  127. Time for the 3 ghosts to visit the White House! Hurry up! We need help here in the USA.

  128. No one worldwide respects you.

  129. Respect for the United States has fallen off a cliff since Donald J. Trump first became a presidential candidate, much less when he assumed office. His almost unbelievable arrogance, ignorance and incompetence reflect on every American because, as our (increasingly former) allies correctly point out, "you guys elected him." The United States will remain an international joke - with Trump as the punchline - until he is removed from office for good.

  130. “The only problem our economy has is the Fed,” Mr. Trump said. “They don’t have a feel for the Market, they don’t understand necessary Trade Wars or Strong Dollars or even Democrat Shutdowns over Borders.” Coming from the Man who during a visit in Israel said to his hosts that he just came back from the Middle East. That's the man who is lecturing people at the Federal reserve. I rest my case.

  131. He isn't the president though, Rush Limbaugh is.

  132. A straight jacket looks to be an appropriate Christmas present for El Presidente

  133. It's almost impossible to comprehend someone so completely delusional. And I don't mean just Donald Trump. Those who support him have agendas, not in the best interest of the country but in their own bottom line or personal aggravations. A thoughtful, insightful president might have been able to implement some of his ideas into appropriate change but a Tweet storm in all directions until one riles the opposition so much it shoves the Mueller investigation from the headlines is not policy it's a cornered animal snarling and spitting. The nicest thing that can be said of his appointees is they are all incompetent. None have the ability to think beyond not getting fired during one of his rages. All must know they're selling out but prefer to keep what they can while they can, preferring the trappings of power to the safety and well being of our country.

  134. Scrooge disrespects his employees at Christmas and retires to his lonely pitiful chambers as those around him slink away from his wrath. BUT, he is awoken in the night by spirits ... Trump disrespects his (Federal) employees at Christmas and retires to his lonely (temporary) chambers as those around him quit or have been fired or "unfriended" in twitter wrath. BUT, he is awoken in the night by Faux news ... Sadly, the ending in these two scenes are vastly different...

  135. The tweets simply become more asinine as each day passes

  136. Trump reminds me of the deranged Navy captain Humphrey Bogart played in "The Caine Mutiny" -- blaming his incompetence and failures on everyone else, sunk in angry delusions of persecution by unfair critics, utterly blind to his own emotional defects. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLUZ0Nv7UH4

  137. I think the liar-in-chief meant to say The United States is "loved", not "respected", again by all the dictators and dictator wanabes. And certainly loved by Putin who finally has a Manchurian president sleeping in the WH.

  138. “ America is respected again”.. Is anyone reminded of hitlers last days in the bunker plotting counter offenses.. as allied forces circled Berlin ?? I am ( reminded )

  139. No plans for Christmas? Aren't his kids even coming for dinner? What a pathetic human being or should I say poor excuse for a human being? May you continue to be isolated as you have striven to isolate the country.

  140. It took him just two years to tank the country. What do we have to look forward to in the next two years?

  141. Let's get one thing straight. Trump is still the "president" because some 40% of our citizens still rabidly support him. But there is absolutely no doubt at this point that he is a deranged, mentally unstable mad man, who is on the verge of throwing this nation into a Great Depression at best, and a nuclear holocaust at worst. And he would have been removed from office by now, if it weren't for his base. So why does 40% of this country still love a president who is single-handedly destroying our nation? Because Trump supporters are very much like him. They blame others for their own failings. They would rather have things handed to them, than have to work hard for them, themselves. They refuse to take responsibility for their own shortcomings. They don’t want to educate themselves. They believe that anyone who tries to better himself or herself is an “elitist". They don’t want to do the hard work to succeed in higher education and in professions requiring advanced degrees – precisely those jobs that provide financial stability. Instead, Trump voters want something for nothing. And if they don’t get it, they falsely blame others for their own failures. They would rather see all of us suffer, to satisfy their selfishness – and this, in a word, is Trump. But understand this, Trump voters: The majority of us are sickened by your "president". And our patience is wearing very thin.

  142. AMEN!!

  143. @Kyle Reese I have no use for D. Trump and certainly would not vote for him. However, I have friends who have been his supporters. The generalization you are making about his supporters misses the mark by quite a margin in my experience. I suppose you may not really know people from the middle of the country, but I don't think your generalization is accurate nor particularly helpful in understanding how to change their perspective.

  144. @Kyle Reese Nailed it!

  145. I don’t know any Western country that respects the US with Trump as president. When Obama was in charge, even George W Bush, America was looked upon as a progressive, world leader. Under the child-President, that respect has slowly but surely evaporated.

  146. This man is insane. He needs help. What he means is, "I could never get any respect, and now I'm announcing that I (and "America," am now respected. Only one problem. He is an idiot and an a.. to boot, and everyone knows it.

  147. Here's hoping he gets a very instructive visit by three spirits this Christmas Eve...

  148. @Mark The spirits all filed their resignations months ago and nobody wants the jobs....

  149. So Melania, her parents and Barron -- the phantom son -- flew off to Mar-a-Lago in order to get away from the brute. Good for them. I just hope they didn't do it on our dime using AF1. Bet not having the lunatic with them is the best Christmas present ever. Imagine having to not look at that face for 16 days. I'm sure he never considers the fact that the WH staff (the people who clean the rooms, make the beds, cook and serve his meals) might have been looking forward to some down time while the family was away and now they are stuck waiting on him for the duration.

  150. Trump is like a giant boil which is finally being lanced, a boil of confrontation, racism and elitism. Can we survive the staph infection now pouring through our land from the poisoned rhetoric (and actions) of Trump?

  151. Instead of whining about being alone, Trump, how about: 1) Helping out in food kitchens; 2) Visiting injured veterans; 3) Visiting children in hospitals; 4) Buying and donating presents to people in shelters; 5) Wishing the American people a Happy Holiday (or, as you prefer, a Merry Christmas). Might take your mind off things.

  152. @gailweis All perfectly reasonable suggestions, but totally out of his consciousness. There's no empathy in him/

  153. The guy didn't pay his son's 6 dollar Boy Scout fee. Do you really see him giving gifts out of the goodness of his nonexistent heart?

  154. As the economy gets shaky, people will want to see a steady hand at the helm. I guess that will have to wait. Sad.

  155. It's hard to know what to say when faced with this kind of delusional thinking. We all knew (or I hope we did) that after taking ownership of the govt. shutdown, he would blame the Democrats. Even when bringing the troops home, which by rights we should be applauding, he managed to do it in away that the only one applauding was Putin. Many of his appointments that he touted as "the best people" end up being called "the worst mistake I made." While the stock market is tanking due to unstable trade policies and an unprincipled tax-cut, of course the fed is to blame. The whole Trump interregnum is an object lesson on why government shouldn't be run as a business. (not to mention a lesson on how not to run a business. Even now, as he is running out of yes-men and yes-women to surround him, with an incipient Theocrat waiting in the wings, and Congresspeople no longer even trying to hide their corruption, nothing issues from the inner sanctum but a tweetstorm of paranoia and misperceived reality. There was a time when America was respected as at least being dependable in its commitments, even if one could disagree about what those commitments should be. But not this Christmas. This year even the good children get a lump of coal.

  156. @michaeltide You talk of applauding Trump pulling out our troops, you may not be applauding for very long when they send terrorists back over here......because that's what's going to happen.

  157. @James, They? Who is they? Do you realize that all the successful post 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US were carried out by US citizens or legal residents. The 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi, Egypt, Lebanon (our good friends). Who sent them? I spoke of applauding Trump if he had carried out the withdrawal in a rational, measured way. Reread my post. I said that Putin was the only one applauding – and he did it on TV. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/01/trump-immigration-ban-terrorism/514361/

  158. ‘America Is Respected Again!’ Of this is utter rubbish and nothing could be further from the truth -- look at Pew Center Global Attitudes Poll from October. Some highlights: Percentage of people with favorable view of US in central Europe and North America is in the 30's. Trump approval rating in single digits in major European countries (UK an exception - but also only with 28%) US is seen now fourth in world influence behind China, Russia, and Germany. These are all drastically worse than in the Obama Admin.

  159. Is the Spirit if Christmas Future available at short notice? The Grinch needs a major intervention.

  160. Maybe sometime in the future Donald will be in a different kind of solitary.

  161. He doesn't even plan to make the show of attending a Christmas church service?

  162. Our only hope is that Scrooge's three spirits will visit this miserly old liar tonight in his lonely bedchamber, but I suppose he'd ignore even their advice. He is hopeless, and so is our country as long as he remains in office. Nonetheless, God bless us every one!

  163. What responsible, rational adult spends so much time tweeting? How much sensitive and classified material has been compromised by these tweets. Whether you agree with the decision or not, our enemies should have been the last to know that we are pulling out Syria. Russia no longer needs the KGB because they now have Donald.

  164. The Man in the High Castle. Unreal that an article in one of the world's leading newspapers has to tell us about the mental state of a man who has it in his power to negatively affect so many lives. We all thought we could get by even with such a nut in office. Considering world events, our national security and the fate of our economy, and the people, now gone, who served as a check on him, that's now clearly a naive notion. Trouble is coming. Big.

  165. It is becoming clear that the president is suffering from severe episodic mental illness, built upon his narcissistic personality disorder. He is feeling abandoned and therefore depressed. Severe depression may be the precursor to violent actions, as we’ve seen in recent mass shootings. The more so in a narcissist, who cannot abide criticism and swats the hand that reaches out to assist and comfort him. The Constitution did not directly contemplate this scene, limiting the impeachment remedy only for high crimes and misdemeanors, ie., very serious criminal violations. But what if the President’s conduct falls short of serious felonies, but he exhibits symptoms of severe mental illness? What if he is not a felon, yet poses a serious danger to himself and others and the nation at large? What if he is dangerously close to provoking a world war and is unable to control himself? The 25th Amendment provides for temporary removal if the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Severe mental illness is such inability. What we're seeing is a "red flag before a mass shooting."

  166. will somebody explain to President Trump the difference between allies and vassals?

  167. The good thing about the Trump situation is that the Oval Office has no corners. That means he is less likely to injure himself. But as his behavior becomes more erratic perhaps it would be prudent to add some padding as well.

  168. In the mean time, candles are lit this evening on the graves of American and Canadian soldiers across Europe...

  169. Trump famously said that if elected, Americans will finally be allowed to use the phrase Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, most of us have no reason to celebrate this season.

  170. Even the Pence family isn't sharing a holiday service and meal with him?

  171. Poor me, I'm all alone also, BUT rather than tweet my lament, I am helping with feeding the homeless on a wet and rainy day. I don't have much to give other than from an effort of the heart... A bit of humility and help to the less fortunate in your local area will do wonders for the season and possibly make you feel better about everything. A Wonderful Joyous Season to all...

  172. In the end it will be trump all alone in a dark, cold Oval Office with the ghost of Nixon

  173. We are facing the very real possibility that the Trump presidency is going to end very, very badly for us all. Some of us felt this to our core from the day he was elected. For others it has been a slower realization. Before things gets any worse, Trump must be impeached. I know that many have not supported impeachment and argue for why this is not the best strategy. While the debate goes on, Rome is absolutely burning. Come January the newly-Democratic House should impeach. Let the Republican Senate just try to refuse to vote for impeachment. By the time the vote gets to them the situation will be only more dire than it is now and they too will have been personally impacted by the losses in the stock market. We will also have the findings in the Mueller report as well as the developments in a multitude of other investigations. The market is reacting to uncertainty, and will continue its free fall, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. And, unlike in 2008/2009, there is no one in Washington capable of dealing with it. It is imperative to get the ball rolling on getting Trump out of office as soon as possible.

  174. Because Mr. Trump won't/can't even read, he seems to not know that he's already in the history books. Living Americans who vividly recall FDR are very few, yet the history books are bent toward a positive remembrance of his life. Trump should turn off the TV pick up a book and try to learn something, so at least he'll have a little understanding of the farce he's become.

  175. He believes in alienating allies, including personal ones, when he’s not throwing them under the bus. He claims to thrive in chaos and sowing competition and division. He doesn’t believe in any sort of partnership because sharing always means it’s unfair to him. He refuses to listen to any advice, living only in an echo chamber. He really loves walls to keep others out, while taking refuge from responsibilities, the press and the world in his Floridian refuge. America First is really just Me First, since he has never done anything in his life for public benefit. And he complains about being ‘all alone’ ?

  176. @lm Alone is the epitome of his nature. No one else is important to him. He is sliding into a depraved state and the Republicans better start doing their duty and help to escort him out of office. Republicans, do your duty!

  177. @lm Trump: “AMERICA IS RESPECTED AGAIN!” Name one world leader who doesn't think that Trump is an arrogant, narcissistic imbecile. Even Trump's new fake "friends", Putin, MBS and Erdogan laugh unmercifully at idiot Trump behind his back.

  178. Trump is in total meltdown . He is alone in the White House blaming everyone but himself for the disaster that his misguided policies are bringing the Country . He is completely delusional and convinced that only him can fix things and that those that do not agree with him are fools . The process of impeachment and the invocation of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution are supposed to be used only under extreme conditions . Today in America we are under those extreme conditions that would warrant such measures .

  179. @Bernardo Izaguirre MD-Trump is untethered to reality and a coward. Sadly, what our Puerto Rican citizens had to witness first-hand.

  180. @Bernardo Izaguirre MD: The words "meltdown" and "delusional" appear again and again in these comments. Let's face it, he's ready for a straitjacket. Let's invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment and get it over with. It's the only humane thing to do, for Trump, for his family, and for the country.

  181. yes!

  182. Home alone. (Melania and little Trump don't seem to count.) Bet the Obamas have someone to spend the holidays with.

  183. Is this President in an alternate reality? Or an altered state: He supposedly does not drink alcohol, but his outbursts read like someone either drunk or drugged. Perhaps he is suffering from dementia or another mental illness. Needless to say, this country is in big trouble.

  184. "America is strong again!" in Trumpese means: people all over the place are talking about ME ME ME. who cares what they're saying? I speak, I order, I tweet... and the world quakes! strong! mighty! large-fingered!

  185. How the Tweet Stole Xmas

  186. ‘America Is Respected Again!’ Really? By Who? What Trump means is, 'I Am Respected Again!' To which I repeat my question: 'Really? By Who?'

  187. Unbelievable. "poor me". Give me a break. The man is in a position of almost limitless power to do good in the world, including his own country, and he moans like a baby over problems of his own making. What an absolute waste of a human being. Shame on every one of his supporters. This man should be driven from office.

  188. @Chris Hunter Absolutely! If he can't figure out how not to be stuck 'all alone' in the White with all the powers of the presidency at his disposal, then how can we possibly expect that he can figure out how to cover his presidential duties.

  189. No, dummy Trump, America Is Despised Again! Even by most Americans.

  190. I'm tired of winning.

  191. I predict Trump will be visited by three spirits tonight, will have a change of heart , give up on the border wall, and give someone named Tiny Tim a turkey :-)

  192. America will never be Respected Again until this Dope is out of an office he has no business being in.

  193. Someone should buy the children's toy "Barrel of Monkeys" and go put them on the Oval Office desk and take away his iPhone and let Trump have at it.

  194. Dual personality. He is the Grinch, and shall be visited by same-just don't expect any change of heart, 'cause that would require a heart.