Roosevelt Island for the Win

The East Village was great, but a rent-regulated apartment on Roosevelt Island was home for a family of five, especially when the building went co-op and they bought their place at an insider price.

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  1. If you don’t need a sceney vibe, RI as we call Roosevelt Island is a great place to live. Quiet, neighborly, with seagulls and trees five minutes from Manhattan and LIC.

  2. I had the pleasure of renting a room in a 2 bedroom apartment in the early eighties on the island. I loved taking the lift into mid-town. It was lovely! I imagine that now there are many more amenities for the residents. This is one very lucky family indeed!

  3. What a lovely family and real estate story. Thank you.

  4. I wish this family well. For the general reader, it would have been helpful to be informed about transportation options on RI, as well as schools for children and food shopping nearby. It may sound trite but home-hunting involves neighborhoods as well as space and price.

  5. @arp You can get to the island by the Tram, the F train (subway) and by multiple ferries that serve Manhattan and Queens. There are several public schools on and several grocery stores, although many, myself included find better food shopping off island. There are also other stores that handle most basic needs, dry cleaning, hair salons, liquor, drug store, etc.

  6. @arp Having walked the island and noted its commercial offerings, I'd say that Stephen Q is accurate but not 100% clear. Most of what you 'need' is there. However, much of what you *want* will have to be found elsewhere, particularly if you like to eat out at fun restaurants, bars, etc.

  7. @Yoyo is correct that many of one's needs will only be found off island. Part of the joy of living on RI is returning to the island sanctuary after having left.

  8. Smart couple. The article doesn't mention that a portion of the monthly expenses are now tax-deductible. I'd guess they're paying less per month to own than they did to rent.

  9. We are considered to live in a "smaller" home than many in our area, but the best highlights are exactly as shared: you can make things work, keeps a family close, as a parent you know where everyone is. Love this story of opportunity...wish we had more of this in other areas too.

  10. I loved living on Roosevelt Island for three years in a (market rate) one-bedroom rental before eventually buying an apartment elsewhere (RI was only for renters then). So friendly and safe, and taking the tram to Manhattan every day was the best commute I've ever had. I'm glad to see that as the rental buildings leave Mitchell Lamas program and renters can become owners, there will be limits on price they can re-sell the apartments for and on new buyers' income level. It would be a shame to see the affordable housing RI now offers to many lost forever if market forces were allowed to push prices up to $1 million or more for a two-bedroom apartment. And you know that would happen.

  11. The father of three chooses to work as an actor and waiter. Living the dream. His family is eligible for subsidized housing because of his low income career choice. A waiter couldn’t possible earn a living wage - unless these wages are underreported. The horrors that they could have been forced to move to the suburbs to a place they could afford on their own. Taxpayers are supporting this life choice. This is not like one spouse staying home to care for kids. This guy works enough (at age 49) to support his acting career. NYC/NYS taxpayers support these lifestyle choices. Who do you think will be paying their college bills?