‘Aquaman’ Through History: The Stuff That Memes Are Made Of

Before Jason Momoa made him into a box-office beefcake, the seahorse-riding Aquaman was something of a punch line. Here’s a look at his onscreen evolution.

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  1. I think you missed the best of all Aquamen, The Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson of a few years back.

  2. For baby boomers like me, a major conceptual obstacle with this big screen version of the DC Comics character Aquaman is that the character is more like the Marvel Comics' character the Sub-Mariner! But, considering the dynamics of movie-making today, I suppose this new amalgamated antihero superhero is a metaphor for this age when discovering the right synergistic balance in a corporate merger, and marketed to appeal to the precise demographic audience is all the rage, and most profitable, regardless of its historical traditions and roots and artistic value.

  3. Leaving aside the film and TV appearances, Aquaman's always been a bit of a joke for comic fans. The usual refrain is "his super power is that he can breath underwater." Which still puts him a leg up over Matter Eater Lad (whose power was that he could eat anything). That's overstating it a little bit, since he could also speak to fish telepathically, but that's not a power that generated much excitement either.