Would You Rather Live-Stream an Event or Attend in Person?

Is live-streaming or watching a recorded version a great way to experience something firsthand? Can it ever be just as good as being there?

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  1. I think watching events on your television isn’t as good as being there in person. The experience of being there in person makes the event feel a lot more interactive and important. But sometimes attending the live event isn’t always the better option. For example, I hate going to live music concerts I prefer to watch the performance live at home or listen to the musical artist’s studio recorded track. The reason why is because concerts are expensive, loud, crowded, and unsafe. I rather listen to an artist in the comfort of my inexpensive, quiet, spacious, and safe bedroom. However, when it comes to religious worship I believe you should get up and go to church. Except for when you are physically unable to or you don’t have any time in your schedule to go to church. A huge part of going to church is interacting with your fellow church community and taking part in church activities. Without that, I feel like you would be missing out on a huge part of your church experience.

  2. I believe that attending an event in person is a better experience than watching it online. Attending a live event is better because of interactions and experiences with others. Some would argue that you can interact online, but you can still be isolated in your own home. Even if there isn't much for you to do at the event it would still be better to go. You might not get to see everything otherwise. I do agree with Ms.Turner about the communal aspect being lost when live-streaming however, I believe that different events being available online for people to see is a positive trend. It allows people all around the world to see things that they wouldn't be able to normally. In my opinion, attending an event in person is almost always better but live-streams and recordings are a great alternative.

  3. I would rather attend an event than watch it online. I would rather do this because of the social experience, meeting new people and actually being in the same presence of what’s going on. Some people will argue that doing things at home you can have the same social experience, but you can’t. You don’t physically meet new people, you can’t get to know them, and you wouldn’t get the same interactions. The article says “the truth is that community is good for us. We need one another.” Social interactions are mentally good for you. You can’t just live your life inside all day trying to interact with people through social media.

  4. Live streaming of events is the future. It allows for people to experience events happening a world away from the comfort of their own home. Laura Turner’s example of church is exactly the type of event that could benefit heavily from increased use of live streaming. As the article stated, attendance and affiliation to traditional churches is declining, as more people decide that they are unable to find enough time for religion in their lives. Live streaming of religious services would all but eliminate this issue, allowing people to keep their dedication to their respective faiths without having to spend an excessive amount of time at a religious site. This would boost religious participation across the globe. I understand that live streaming will never completely match the real experience and that I am playing devil’s advocate in this conversation, but live streaming is the future because it allows people to gather life experience more efficiently, from anywhere, at their leisure. Additionally, the lack of interaction and community associated with live streaming can be remedied with the use of online conversations and chat rooms. I am not supporting the exclusive use of live-streaming in experiencing life, as it lacks the immersiveness and tactility of a real environment. However, as a supplement to ordinary experiences, live streaming has boundless potential, and it is undoubtedly the only way forward for events like festivals, fashion shows, and religious services.

  5. Watching a concert, ceremony, or an event via live-stream is almost completely different from psychically attending. At concerts you are surrounded by hundreds to thousands of individuals with the same passion as you. All these strangers yet you feel connected by this one thing. The music pounding in your ears making your heartbeat sound louder than it. Its just you, the music, and people from all over there for the same reason. Being and interacting with those people makes the whole experience that much more memorable and enjoyable, lots even make friends or "concert buddies". I used to attend a church service and i can say that being there definitely impacted people more. Being able to connect with the crowd, feel the music in your heart, and focus on the words. I think services online is definitely a positive thing but it can also cause people to be lazy and not attend in person just because they can, which take away from the whole experience. It's great for people at home who might have disabilities or aren't able to drive to the church. It may cost a lot more to attend shows and/or events but think about it...aren't you paying for the experience? You wont get that experience if you don't attend.

  6. Personally I would rather watch a event from home. Especially concerts or other live events. Church maybe one thing but who am I to compare it to since I don’t go in the first place. But I have been to concerts and seen the crowds and I have watched from T.V to see the violence that can escalate quickly at large events like this. Where all I can think is wow I am so lucky I am not there. Or even on New Years when people flock to New York just to go see a ball drop in Times Square. Again I personally would not go because I don’t really like large masses of people and I do not tolerate cold weather well. But in the end it really is just a personal preference.

  7. I couldn’t imagine waking up one day in the morning and hearing nothing except the silent howling of the wind, and then looking out my window and seeing a desolate neighborhood and the occasional neighbors coming out of their isolated state and saying a simple, “Hi” to each other and heading back inside. It truly is a scary feeling of you really think about. However, I feel that the possibility of that imagination becoming a reality is growing day after day. Humans are like any other species on Earth, they are supposed to interact with each other for survival and socialize and be together for entertainment. It shouldn’t be something that we get to choose not to do, it’s a necessity. Like the article states, “Religious affiliation in America is down…” so is everything is. The NFL has started to lose money because less people are wanting to attend the Super Bowl and regular season games, and the rate at which the Super Bowl is live streamed and watched on the television continues to grow. This goes to show that football in America hasn’t necessarily gone down in popularity, it’s just more convenient for you to not have to travel and pay a lot of money when, “You can do it all from the comfort, and isolation, of your own home.” “We need one another,” as the article states at the end. We really do. All of us are bound together by a connection the instant we are born. However, the more we fall victim to the grasps of an isolated society, the more that connection weakens.

  8. Personally, I would rather watch a concert or attend an event in person to get a real experience or it. I know people say that the future is all online and everything is done electronically now, but there would be benefits to going and experiencing it. Going to a special event can cause people to get out of their comfort zones and create experiences and memories they normally wouldn’t make. As a result of this, you can make new friends and actually being in the presence of people that enjoy the same thing as you. The article says “...the truth is that community is good for us. We need each other.” Meeting new people and having interactions with others is good for our mental health.

  9. I, honestly would rather attend an event then to Live-stream it mostly because it wouldn't really be the same experience when you think about it. If you live-stream it sure you will be able to talk in the chat a bit, but its not the same as going to the event and meeting others, bonding ,and feeling the electricity and excitement in the air. At least, that how i feel about the topic.

  10. It is becoming popular to watch church online, instead of actually going to the church for service. Internet church is not even comparable to real church because watching online church doesn't give you the emotional connection to the lord that a real church provides you with. In this article, Ms. Turner stated “But it presumes that God is primarily present to us one on one, as individuals, rather than as a community of believers.” This contradicts the bible because in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says that “where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” Worshiping god is something that communities come together to worship as a whole, not individually. One of the main points of church is to feel safe in an accepting environment and to share your love for god with the whole community. If you choose to watch online services, your missing the whole atmosphere of the church itself. You will not be as engaged because you will have no interaction with the people around you. From personal experience, when I watched a Sunday church service online, I didn’t remember learning anything from it. Every sunday after church, I feel like I have grown closer to god. However, one Sunday I had to watch it online and the experience was not the same. There was no interaction among people or good environment to learn in, which felt like a disconnect. I strongly believe you get the full experience by being there in person, instead of just watching it online.

  11. I have been attending church every Sunday since I can remember. It is a habit to wake up at 8:30, get ready and go downtown to our church. Online church has never even occurred to me until reading this article. The idea of "mobile church" is a rather amazing prospect. For those who are unable to leave home every Sunday, it would most definitely be a blessing. You would still be able to witness the service without actually being there, making it far more convenient for everyone. However, throughout the years I have come to understand that church is more than just listening to a preacher. As Turner discusses throughout the article, worship is intended to be a group experience. It is not only intended to be a group activity, but it is far more pleasant in groups of people you know. She also discusses how much more meaningful it is to pray and worship in person. Whether you are mourning or celebrating, it is far more effective if you have trusted friends there to comfort you or celebrate with you. Having a group just seems to put more meaning into your prayer. In the end, the idea of streaming church is an incredible idea, but is not the religious equivalent to attending a service. Being able to mourn, celebrate and worship with others adds meaning to the services that cannot be felt through a screen.

  12. As a teenager in this day and age, I use my phone for almost everything, but I would rather attend an event like this live and in person. While livestreaming is easy and very accessible, it’s just not the same experience. There are some moments when you would just rather be with other people, and not alone in your room with your headphones on. Being with others not only makes the event more fun, but it also creates an environment where you are surrounded by people who are there to enjoy the same thing as you. It forces you to interact, to talk to someone, to potentially make a new friend. The whole reason that we make live events available is so that we can go watch them live! If everyone livestreams everything, there is no point in even holding the event anymore. I am most definitely not denying that I am an active user of Netflix, but I would much rather go see an event in person rather than on a digital platform.

  13. I would personally attend an event in person rather than watching it at home or live. I feel as if when you're there, you have a more personal connection with the people around you. When you're watching a concert at home, it's still fun to watch, but it isn't the same, especially if you watch it in isolation. At a concert, you're surrounded by people and they all give off a certain mood. You don't get that same experience when you're watching it away from a screen. However, there is nothing wrong with watching an event live or from a screen. Sometimes people can't afford it or have the time to be present during that event. Not everyone can make it to an event, so I think that it's still okay to watch an event live even though it's a different experience. I agree with Ms. Turner because I'm sure when you're at church, you feel a special connection because of the atmosphere you're in. Whereas being in home, the atmosphere is different and it doesn't give off as many religious vibes. I wouldn't directly say that this is a positive trend, but it's not a bad one either. It's rather helpful towards people who can't always attend events, but just as long as this trend doesn't get rid of physical events, it's perfectly fine.

  14. I feel that I would rather attend an event in person. When you intent and event in person you get the attachment and to feel the mood in the air when you. But when you live stream you don't get to feel anything except the mood of your house. You also get to miss out on the social aspect of going to the event. For example, if it is a gaming event maybe it would better for a live stream as you won't have to deal with the Body odor from other people there. But when it is the church I think that it would always be better for people to attend in purpose so you don't miss out with the community aspect. But yes I do think that is good that more services are offering a way for people to view it online when you can't always make it in person.

  15. If a person is unable to make it to church due to certain circumstances then they should be allowed to live stream the service from wherever they are. Whether you are at home, work, or church you can still receive the message of God and interpret your pastor's message to the group. Some people simply enjoy being alone, so if you want to live stream your church service and receive the message of God in your home then it should not be a problem. There are differences, such the atmosphere that the environments create. For instance, when I am at church I am more encouraged to listen to the word of God and feel more connected to God, whereas when I am at home I get distracted easily and do not really feel motivated. Although I feel more comfortable and alive in the church, others may not feel the same way, some people might have a stronger connection to God when they are in a comfortable environment where they are able to worship without being afraid of others looking and judging them. Despite wherever you are, you can still receive the word of God if you chose to.

  16. Personally I would rather watch a event from home. Especially concerts or other live events.Church maybe one thing but who am I to compare it to since I don’t go in the first place. But I have been to concerts and seen the crowds and I have watched from T.V to see the violence that can escalate quickly at large events like this. Where all I can think is wow I am so lucky I am not there. Or even on New Years when people flock to New York just to go see a ball drop in Times Square. Again I personally would not go because I don’t really like large masses of people and I do not tolerate cold weather well. But in the end it really is just a personal preference.

  17. Watching a event online is not even close to the experience you get in person in my opinion. For all things, especially music. I am a huge "music person" and love going to concerts, it's always fun to watch it on online, sure, but the incredible energy you feel being with other people excited for the same purpose, to watch your favorite performer live on stage. right in front of you, is an amazing feeling that you will never feel looking at a screen. There doesn't have to be any direct interaction with the other people around you, because you are all connected in a way. you all have something in common, the love for what your watching in front of you. I think the same energy for concerts goes for church as well. The spiritual energy you feel being with familiar faces once a week in a holy place is not the same when you’re in your house on your computer or on your phone. your really not sacrificing time for God if you’re on your phone on the couch. I think meetings for your job is different. If you can converse with each other and understand one another, it's about the same thing as being a room doing the same thing. I think this is a positive trend because it saves everyone time because no one has to be at a certain place at a certain time. Something like a classroom lecture, if you can't raise your hand and ask a question, what's the point? overall I think some live streams are positive and some are negative, but overall I think It's more negative than it is positive.

  18. Watching an event online isn't particularly someone I did until the last couple of months. I've also been to many events in person and have mixed opinions on both. In the past couple of years the gaming community has grown in a positive way. For some of the games out there with a competitive mode people all over have hosted tournaments. Many teams/players compete on a local scale, national scale and even globally. I've never been to one of these events before, but it's something I'd look into going to if I had the option to. However I have watched a couple tournaments with friends and that is very enjoyable. It may not be there in your face but you still get to watch. It's like watching basketball. Being there is so much better but you can still enjoy your time watching it on TV. I spend a lot of my time listening to music. 66 days on Spotify this year. I listen to anything from rap to classic rock. I feel that some albums/projects these artist make can be an amazing experience to have at a concert. However some artist I'd much rather listen to in the car or with my ear buds. One of my favorite Tyler The Creator started a festival called Camp Flog Gnaw. That would be my ideal event to go to. It has a variety of artist preform over a couple of days. After watching the Kids See Ghosts a group that consists of Kanye West and Kid Cudi two artist I've loved for a long time I would want to be there to jump around and vibe out to many artists.

  19. Laura Turner writes, "But this individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer for those of us who are able to go." This does not only apply to church, but to other events as well. Wouldn't you rather go to a concert and see your favorite band or artist in person? Being there, at the concert, is so different from watching it on TV. The music is loud and pounding, the lights are bright and flashing, the fans are yelling and you yell right along with them. There's a certain feeling of excitement in the air and it fuels you to scream and shout until your lungs can't take it anymore. The concert is an experience and that's not something you can get from a screen. The same can be said for church or even doing everyday activities, like grocery shopping. They're all experiences that shape us into the people we are today. They teach us how to interact with people, how to form relationships, how to fix mistakes when they are made. Our character, our personality is created from our experiences in life.

  20. In today's culture, the internet and technology often times feels like a black hole that we are being sucked into uncontrollably due to new inventions. Daily tasks have been turned into things that can be completed from the comfort of your house with the help of technology. Laura Turner writes, “In an era when everything from dates to grocery delivery can be scheduled and near instant, church attendance shouldn’t be one more thing to get from an app”, in which I strongly agree with. Church is a place where you come together with fellow believers and support each other while worshiping the higher power, something that can not be recreated from watching it on the computer. I understand if there is a medical disability that is preventing you from being there, a good alternative would be a live stream. Concerts are also an “in-the-moment” thing. Sometimes people even describe it as a feeling that can only be felt when you are there, in person, experiencing the lights and the energy. These types of experiences and even daily tasks like grocery shopping, help give us responsibility that makes up the character that we are, also something that cannot be created from a computer. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy being around all different types of people and experiencing things in person that I can reflect on later. Sure, I can always look back and rewatch something but I wouldn't ever find myself watching a live stream of an event that I could be attending.

  21. The experience of watching events on tv or your phone compares to being there in person. I believe that being there in person is so much better than live streaming. When live streaming, a lot of things can go wrong, like the internet can stop working and then the livestream will stop. As compared to, being there in person, none of those things will happen. so you can get the full experience. It is important to interact or be there with other people in these events because you can meet new interesting people. Then, you can make friends. The internet is not everything. I agree with Ms. Turner that you are missing out when you use a app to stream an religious event. It comes to god that you are not actually praying and that you don't want to go to the actual place and pray. Yes, sometimes you may have not enough time for these events because of school and work, but like I said before, the internet is not everything. I think churches should lessem up on these online streaming services. It is not a positive trend because then if you don't actually go, your body and mind will start to get lazy and rely on the internet.

  22. Usually, attending an event or ceremony in person is the better option, especially for concerts because the audio sounds a lot better in person. But, there are pros and cons to watching things in person, rather than watching the live-streamed. Some of the pros of watching an event or ceremony in person, is that you get the full effect. For instance, you are normally with a group of friends and if your at the concert then you guys are all probably having a good time or if your at church with your family and you get to really understand the full effect of that Church Organ they play as the newborn gets baptized. Although there are a lot of benefits to attending an event of such in person there are also some cons. You can’t see things like the royal wedding in person or a famous persons funeral in person, you have to watch it on TV which can be nice sometimes. Also when you go to the event you have to dress up but if you watch it online you can dress bummy and just lay on the couch with a big fuzzy blanket around you. With Taylor Swift’s new tour about to be featured on Netflix, I feel as if lots of people are going to stop paying to go to concerts in person because they will just figure that it will be streamed eventually. There are good reasons to go see things in person but there are also some things that aren’t available for you in person or you simply just want to be in the comfort of your own home, but for me I'd rather watch in person.

  23. Personally I love attending church in person, it allows me to meet more people. Also it allows me to be more focused on what is being said. I tried watching a livestream of my church service online, but often found myself looking around on what was around me more than what is actually being said during the service. The only time I will watch the video form of the service is when I didn’t understand certain part of it, then I can rewatch it and understand most parts of the service. Meeting people in public places makes it so much more enjoyable. Anywhere from concerts to shopping, going into the store and seeing the faces of friendly people lighten my mood. I believe that going out to see people helps the community grow. Also it is necessary to be able to talk to people in a public setting, to be comfortable around the ones around you is a big deal and can help you later on in life as well.

  24. I have mixed feelings about whether a live stream or in person is better. One reason I feel that the live stream could be better if you can't make it somewhere or it is too far to where you cant go. For example, if you can't make it to church or there is a concert you wanted to see you can still watch it through online. Even though you won't have the same experience you would have if you would have gone yous still saw it. That leads on to my next side which is that going in person is better. When you go somewhere in person you get the real feeling and get to experience it. When you go somewhere in person you have a better chance of remembering the event or the message.

  25. I feel that Live-Streaming events can be a new way for people to experience events that they might not otherwise see but for things like church or important social gatherings then they should attend them.“In an era when everything from dates to grocery delivery can be scheduled and near instant, church attendance shouldn’t be one more thing to get from an app.” I agree with this because to me the most important thing about church is being able to worship with others and pray with others. If you watch church online because you are out of town or not able to attend I think it’s fine. The main issue is if you watch it online all the time you're probably not getting as much out of it because your not worshiping with others. Another thing is that for some people being able to live-stream can save them money. “Would you seek out tickets to concerts, plays or other forms of entertainment if you knew that eventually you would be able to watch the performance on your computer, television or phone?” I think this is important because if you don’t have the money to go to a concert then this live streaming of concerts can give you a way to experience it without paying insane ticket prices. I feel that concerts might be less popular but the amount of people who watch them will go up because of people in attendance and people live-streaming at home. So I feel that this innovation could be a major plus for many people not only in America but In the world.

  26. part two see part one Everyone has different things going on in their life and some simply just don't have the time to attend church in person. For example, my grandmother has leg problems and it makes it hard for her to attend church so she will instead watch it on her television or listen to it on the radio on her way to work. Does this make her less of a christian than someone who attends the services in person rather than online? She still prays before every meal and every night before she goes to sleep. She still talks to god on a regular basis and had a good relationship with him. Or that's what she tells me at least lol. Everyone has a different relationship with god and everyone connects with God in different ways and I do not believe one way is more christian than another.

  27. I agree with the article that “internet church” isn’t really church. A big part of church is bringing people together, but internet church doesn’t do that. It also undermines church because rather than dressing up and setting aside time to go to church, it’s a too-short way to be somewhat spiritual. One particular statement had me convinced: “Studies show that regular attendance at religious services correlates with better sleep, lower blood pressure in older adults and a reduced risk of suicide.” I didn't know this, but even before reading it, I thought that attending church was better. I also liked how the author said that it is the people who are the church to her. Although I agree with actually going to church rather than streaming it, I have different views about going to other events. Some people might love going to music concerts and related big events, but I would rather not have to deal with all the crowds involved. It is good to go to big events sometimes, but it seems that really big events like watching the ball drop on New Years are easier to be enjoyed at home where they aren’t so overwhelming. I think that when it comes to live-streaming or attending an event, it depends on the person and the situation. Many people feel more religiously involved when they actually do to church, but other types of events are much different. Some people might like live-streaming more, while others don’t.

  28. I believe the live streaming service trend is really beneficial for communities. Live streaming services allows a lot of people to experience the word of God no matter where they are in life. Church can be overwhelming to those who are just beginning their walk with God. Being able to access a service in a setting that’s comfortable gives them the opportunity to really enjoy the message without the stress of going in person. Picking a church to attend can also be a fairly daunting task, but with live streaming people have the ability to dip their toe in the water and figure out what church fits them best. Even if you are an avid member of a certain congregation accessing the service online lets you hear the sermon even if you can not attend that week. Whether you chose to attend in person or online I strongly believe that the relationships we all share with God are all so beautifully unique no matter how you choose to worship.

  29. In the article Laura Turner talks about how she and her family choose to go out to church every Sunday instead of staying in their home and watching it on the TV and how she believes it is better to be there in person . However I feel like she is missing the point of what the churches are hoping to accomplish. Many big churches are expanding their services to the online world by live streaming their services online and on TV. I feel like the main reason they do this is to expose more and more people to Jesus Christ. In the article, Laura says “I don’t believe I would truly be a Christian without the real, in-person, Sunday morning church.” and the article is even titled “Internet Church Isn't Really Church.” I feel like Laura truly believes that if you attend church thru technology and not in person you are not as much a christian as someone who attends the services in person and I disagree with this opinion strongly. see part two

  30. I'm a Preacher's Daughter so I'm basically drug to church every Sunday morning and to any other events we ave there. But if I did have a choice I wouldn't change anything. I love attending church. You meet so many new people and the relationships you build there are amazing. The people that you become close with you have a special bond on what you are learning and believing in. I also love attending in person because you have a better grasp on what the preacher is teaching you and you will not be easily distracted. Also at church you have so many people there to have your back or be there for you if you are ever going through something tough. But if you are ever in the place where you can not attend your church or place of event you will have the live stream to catch up. But if I could choose I would pick going to the place or event in person, just because you get a better grasp and understanding on the subject or event, vevn better meeting new people and building relationships stronger.

  31. I think that watching events is an okay thing to do. I don’t feel that anyone should be mad at you for it but I also believe that it is almost the lazy person's way to do things. We need one another, in my opinion, in order to really enjoy an event. Events are more of a place for a social gathering and for people to come together and have fun and I do not believe that people can really do this over technology such as their cell phones. The article says “this individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one for those of us who are able to go.” What this is saying is that when people are able to go to an event they should rather than to sit at home and watch it by themselves. When people come together they tend to enjoy themselves more and be less associated with loneliness. So, wrapping it all up, I am trying to say that humans need one another to really enjoy themselves when going to or watching events.

  32. This question has many different answers, it mainly depends on the event at hand. To get this out of the way quick, it is necessary for someone who is disabled or unable to attend an event to have it streamed in some sort of way. There is demand for this because of that. I generally believe that entertainment does not need to be watched in person, such as an E sports tournament or a music performance. The reason why I believe this is because there is no human to human interaction that is necessary to get the desired effect. Laura Turner specified church and worship, which is completely different, so I will focus on that. I agree with Ms. Turner when she states this about the live streamed worships “individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one”. Christianity is all about bringing people together, and that's what church does, where else can you get a hundred people that all agree on the same thing? As well as what she says about the health benefits that are boosted by attending a church. In short, when church is the main subject involved, live events do not provide the benefits of person to person contact with a church worship. Watching a stream of a church worship seems to get you just as far as reading the Bible alone.

  33. I think that if an adult saw this and predicted the teenager’s response they would think we would've chosen the option of live-streaming an event. A lot of adults that are not included in our generation think that all teenagers are obsessed with our phones, media, and the internet and that is true for some, but not the majority. What they don't realize is that we appreciate experiences as much as they do. Why do you think we go to so many concerts? Why do you think we stay out late so late? Why do you think we’re always at parties? It's because we do, in fact, enjoy experiencing things. I do admit that we are on our phones a lot more than past generations and i’m not trying to make excuses, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the things around us. My opinion on this might be different than another kid of my same age, but I would like to say we all agree on things like this. I might just be speaking for myself, but I wouldn't want to live-stream an event if I had the chance to be there in person. I just feel like I would want to take advantage of any opportunities that I have been given. Given that “religious affiliation in America is down” because of it, I believe that live-streaming church services (and other events) shouldn't be as popular, unless of course it's the only option.

  34. In our modern society, technology has advanced to the point where you can watch anything you want at anytime. You no longer need to go to sporting events in person or attend concerts in person to watch the. You can pull live streams right off of youtube for free, and you don't have to worry about travel. You can watch it for free in your room. But is that an experience you will remember for the rest of your life? I would guess that most of our generation would want to live stream things to save the "hassle" of attending things in person live. But I am completely opposed to that. I still think attending things in person are much for fun and it's something you will remember seeing for the rest of your life. Social interaction is almost never a bad thing, so why not go to something in person? Watching things on your 7 inch screen in your room all alone doesn't do any good for you. One line in the article that really stuck out to me was,“this individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one for those of us who are able to go.” While I am not religious and I do not attend church, this applies to everything that can be compared to a live event in person or just a YouTube video. Is watching a video on your phone really something you'll remember for the rest of your life and something you'll tell your kids? Because attending your favorite concert or sporting event in person is.

  35. Live streaming religious events ultimately allows us to participate in our faith in a flexible way. The Gospel of Matthew says, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." This verse refers to praying together not just physically, but on a spiritual level. Similarly, Matthew 28:20 states: "... I am with you always, to the end of the age." His presence is within those who are in the congregation, but also with those who are participating from home. Turner admits that she struggled to make it to mass, despite her dedicated faith. "My husband and I were dealing with our second miscarriage," she tells us. "There were Sundays when I couldn’t get out of bed at all." Streaming the experience allows many people, such as Turner, to practice their faith while dealing with hardship. She may have made it to the church most Sundays, but many who have more severe situations can't leave their home or hospital. Those with illness, infants that require constant care, or even children who can't drive to church now have an opportunity to connect with their faith. My mom used to struggle to keep my baby brother from crying during mass; the nursery couldn't make him happy, as he was an infant away from his mother. If we'd had the option to stream the mass, this would've saved the mass from disruption. While attending a mass in person is a powerful experience, live streaming an event provides a helpful option to those who struggle to get to church on Sunday.

  36. In my opinion and I think should be most everyone else’s opinion, watching live streamed events are nothing close to the experience of being there live. That’s like saying you’d rather go to B-Dubs on Sunday to watch the NFL instead of going to watch an NFL game live. The stories analogy is like reading the bible on your phone, and not going to church but rather live stream it. That defeats the whole point of going to church, it’s not the same experience and your not really praising the Lord by using your phone. When going to live event you hope for the thrill and the loud crowds and the real experience of it. I guess I can see people not liking live events just because they are more of an introvert but it’s just plain boring if you watch live streams of events. It seems if an event isn’t as planned or isn’t very good that being with your friends or family just makes everything worthwhile.

  37. Having access to a smartphone or a computer granting you the ability to live stream an event is an extreme advantage. Live streaming is a great way to keep people who are sick, old, young, disabled, or regular people still in touch with everything. I believe live streaming should be available to everyone if you are physically not able to attend that event, but if you are able to be there I think attending in person is way more meaningful than live streaming. Live streaming the Oscars, or the Emmy awards, or concerts is great for everyone who couldn’t make it, but I think something as simple as Church should be attended in person. If you have the ability to make time for watching movies on a saturday night or going to a party on a saturday I think Church should be attended in person. The full experience of Church is better in person than through a computer screen. “But this individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one for those of us who are able to go. (Live-streaming services are of course important for the homebound.) In an era when everything from dates to grocery delivery can be scheduled and near instant, church attendance shouldn’t be one more thing to get from an app. We can be members of a body best when we are all together…” This particular excerpt sums up my belief on why people should attend something they are able to.

  38. I would rather go to an event than to watch it on live- streams. I feel like while you are there then you can engage more into it. For instance, if you are at a concert then you can feel the vibration of the bass of the music. You can see how excited people are to be there. You can hear them screaming. The best part is that you can actually see you are are there to see. Like people see celebrities online all the time, but to experience them i real life. That is a different experience. Now if you are watching it via live- stream, then its just like watching another video of a celebrity like everyone else can do. You can't get the hype feeling that you get when you are actually there. I feel like actually being at the event is better because it give you a more lively experience.

  39. I personally would rather attend an event instead of live-streaming it. To me, part of the fun of going to an event is being excited on the way there and seeing all of the people. I know that today, most things can be done online. People can shop for clothes, watch movies, research topics, etc. My family buys our groceries online and all we have to do is go pick it up. We shop for toys and gifts online and we watch movies on Netflix. But, we still go to out movies and events occasionally instead of sitting at home to watch it. I agree with the article that spending time around other people and in our communities is good for us and that without human interaction, we wouldn’t be able to socialize and bond with other people. We would be alone. This is why I feel that it is important for us as humans to go to events instead of staying at home. Even if it’s only a few events a year or a month, we should get out and enjoy ourselves with other people.

  40. In the age of technological advancement, having the ability to be in a different place; live streams have altered the way in which we are able to enjoy our surroundings. However, this form of usage has crossed the line of what is appropriate in technology. Throughout Laura Turner’s post, she explains what effects she has witnessed through live streams. Every sunday she attends a service at Church and she has noticed the lack of participation from the crowd when they live streams masses. I feel like it limits the amount of social interactions and the authenticity of the event. Live streams are enjoyable in the right circumstances. But we are starting to live stream events that could be more enjoyable if we took the time to actually savor the moment. The virtual reality set puts you in the eyes of the event of your choosing from the comfort of your home. Recently, my family and I went to watch a hockey game that was a few hours away from our house. In able to spend this time, I had to study both aways in the car and stay up previous nights to work. But the end result was far greater than my workload. I enjoyed every second I spent with my family, whether it be dashing around the stadium to search for popcorn or cheering on the victory as the clock ticked to zero. In conclusion, I prefer to go out and spend my efforts towards maximizing the level of satisfaction than too have a fake experience and mark that as an equally worthy accomplishment of my quality time.

  41. In this day and age, technology is becoming so advanced and easy, giving everyone access in some capacity. We’ve seen it with movies, playing in your living room instead of a theatre. It’s shown itself through shopping, ordering online vs walking through the aisles. People enjoy the serenity of their home. And, hey, I have to admit, it’s easier. With online services, you no longer bear the same requirements. You don’t have to drive to a packed arena. Your pajamas are work just fine, in your private, heated house. And it’s much cheaper, requiring internet and a device, both of which have more usage than a ticket. However, the experience of live entertainment proves to be worth the troubles. Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a live Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. Everything was enhanced for physically being there. I could feel the fire and watch the laser patterns from their hundreds of thousands of dollars in effects. Soaking up the performance left a certain awe after each final note. Neither one side outweighs the other, it’s entirely personal preference.

  42. I am not fond of watching events on a live stream and I don’t like how this looks to be our future. I almost feel pity for the people who sit at home watching concerts or church services instead of going out to experiencing them. They really are missing out. There is always more to experience in person than on a screen. Live streams show the main event but completely miss the smaller, more important details. What I enjoyed most about my first concert wasn’t the show, but the small details I can still remember today. I remember feeling the bass thumping deep in my chest and watching the joy pass through the crowd at the start of each new song. I felt a great sense of togetherness in the crowd as we shared such memorable moments, swaying to the music and singing our hearts out. As mentioned in Internet Church Isn’t Really Church, “We can be members of a body best when we are all together…” I would not have felt that bond and togetherness if I had been watching from a screen. And that was the most important part.

  43. I would definitely agree with Mrs. Turner that it is better to see an event in person than just live stream it. When you attend something in person, you can feel the emotion of the people around you and it is a more tangible and meaningful experience. It feels more real than watching something at home. Sure, I can enjoy streaming music on Spotify, but I would much rather go to an actual concert where my favorite artist is performing. Of course, I can watch a football or basketball game on TV, but I would much rather be in the stadium, cheering beside thousands of others. I do however think that live streaming is a very promising concept and that it has already been extremely successful in many applications. I myself do not go to church very often-- maybe once or twice a year if I am spending time with my grandparents-- so I’m not entirely qualified to weigh in on whether or not live streaming sermons should be an alternative to traditional church. However, from the limited experience I’ve had, I share Mrs. Turner’s belief that church is as much about community as it is about the service. I feel like just watching it online is kind of missing the point, but I do understand the idea behind it. I don’t think that churches should stop live streaming their services, but if you are someone who attends church, don’t stop going just to watch it on your phone instead.

  44. There is something so unique about actually attending an event in person; there are always tiny details and moments you miss out on that can’t be recreated. For example, lots of concerts and live performances are recorded and posted for those unable to attend to be able to watch, but those recordings don’t come anywhere near the feeling of being there in the moment. Personally, I love attending concerts, and I can safely say that the adrenaline rush you get when the artist first steps onto the stage is something so extraordinary, it’s just impossible to feel the same while watching from a screen. In Ms. Turner’s case, I feel like live-streaming religious services is missing the point. Church is not only supposed to educate you and offer time for worship, but it’s a community. It’s supposed to encourage meeting new people, making new connections, and enjoying your time together. In the original article, Ms. Turner mentions that her friends from church were there to help when she needed it, which just proves that church is a place to make new friends and strengthen those connections. Although live-streaming these religious services can still educate you and offer a time for worship, it completely misses the community aspect. Even though I don’t usually attend church, I think for those who want to go, the in person experience is far superior to staying home.

  45. Joshua 1:9 says, “the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”. This tells us that no matter if you are at church, a community center, or your house, you can still be with God. The purpose of church is not to be in a church, it is to be with God spiritually. For some, live streaming the service might be the best, or only, option. Although Laura Turner could manage attending church even with her six-month year old son, this is not the case for everyone. Many people are unable to attend church because they don’t have the time or the means to get there, but that does not mean they should not be able to witness church. Live streaming church can help give people the option of a religion, something that isn’t typically possible if you can not physically be there. It is also a good option for people who are unsure if they want to pursue a religion because they do not have to make a commitment until they are sure it is something they want to be a part of. I believe there are many benefits to live streaming mass services. It provides another option for people who can not attend, or aren’t sure if they want to attend. They may not get the full experience that comes with attending mass such as the people or the authenticity, but the important aspect is still there- they are with God.

  46. I would rather an even than watch it on a device. I feel as if you wouldn't get the same experience . If your not there in person then you aren't necessarily going to have the same feelings. When your there in person you are all together , In the article it says “We can be members of a body best when were all together” That means that you have to physically be there to participate. In my opinion the quality of the experience is more important. I enjoy going to concerts more than just listening to music from headphones. I still enjoy it but, you don't get the same feelings. When your watching the performance from your house your not having the same feelings. In the article it says Studies show that regular attendance at religious services correlates with better sleep, lower blood pressure in older adults and a reduced risk of suicide. This means that it's better for your health to get out ot the event rather than being lazy.

  47. Whenever I watch an online event, I feel like I'm not actually part of it. I feel as though I'm only observing rather than actually getting to experience it myself. This is the whole reason we have live shows and concerts, not just TV shows. I understand that many don't want to leave their house if they've had a tiring day, but for important things in your life it's important to take the time to pursue these activities. Otherwise, why would they be important to you if your'e not going to put in the effort. For example, when Laura Turner states, "No longer will you have to leave your house to interact with fellow worshipers. You can do it all from the comfort, and isolation, of your own home," she talks about isolating yourself from others. Being with other people if part of what makes the experience an experience. Surrounding yourself with people who have a common interest is very important. I truly believe that to get the full experience, it is much more important to see it live then out of the comfort of your home.

  48. I am not that really into the whole live stream thing that much. When you go out you experience these things it impacts you in a whole different way compared to staying in. You would remember it way better because of how much of a good time you had, plus it’s a great way to interact with new people and make friends. Ms. Turner helps me to backup my point by saying “I doubt these same phenomena occur when online church is substituted for the real thing, because the truth is that community is good for us. We need one another.” Has anybody who is reading this ever actually watched a ceremony online? I have before and I knew what they were talking about and everything but it didn't really connect with it all that well. Mind you I watched it in my living room so it wasn't really a good atmosphere for it, siblings playing in the background, parents talking about how work was for them yesterday, my dogs playing tug-a-war, the list goes on. Although for streaming more common things such as a sports game or a tv show can be better if you just watch it at home. You can replay it over again to see what you missed and if you don't have time to watch it you can just record it to watch another day. There are pros and cons for both sides, for the most part though I think actually going out to see it for yourself is better and overall more fun. But I can't say that for everybody.

  49. Although I like the option of being able to live stream an event such as a church service, I would rather attend an event in person. When you attend an event in person you are much more involved in it.You are able to interact with people rather than sitting behind a computer or phone screen.You might not as present or focused as if you were actually at the event giving it all your attention. The article talked about live streaming a church ceremony, and having people send virtual prayers by clicking a heart. I think that live streaming church for those who physically can’t go, or just can’t make it on a particular Sunday because you’re too busy is a great option. I agree with Ms.Turner when she talks about how she goes to church to interact with others. She also said that we need to interact with others face to face. When you go to something like church in person you meet people who will be there for you when you need them. For example when Ms. Turner was dealing with her miscarriages she said that her church family was there for her. She said,“Those same friends who had served me communion were now at my front door with a meal, or a book, or a few minutes to pray together. I continued to meet every Tuesday night with my Bible study group,women from the church who know everything about what the others are going through.”In conclusion I would much rather attend an event in person rather than over a live stream.

  50. The internet: an easy and convenient method of doing life. Technology has given society the power of completing tasks and watching events with just a click of a button. Our lives and experiences are so much more complicated and complex than having "internet church" and seeing "a full length film based on Taylor Swift's Reputation tour." People are missing out on so much. When we see an event or do something in first person, we can feel it as well through the vibrations of those around us. Laura Turner says, "studies show that regular attendance at religious services correlates with better sleep, lower blood pressure in older adults and a reduced risk of suicide."Humans are known to be gregarious individuals, being fond of company, and as humans we are enlightened and satisfied when we come together and form bonds with each other based on our common interests and interesting stories. One experience I can definitely relate to that fact is when I volunteer. Sure it's very convenient to donate money for a good cause or future project on a GoFundMe page. However, when I volunteer I see a lot people of different ages and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they all give me a reason to be happy with myself because of the connections that we shared. Whether it be helping them out or working together with them, there is a bond shared between us that can't be shared through doing it online. Yes the internet is easier access, but the experience will not be the same.

  51. Attending a live service brings me closer to my community and especially God. I also agree with Ms. Turner who said, “Live-streaming services are of course important for the homebound” because you can worship anytime and anywhere. It’s a really good idea to have live-streaming services especially for those unable to attend church due to circumstances. But in reality, I would rather be there in person. It feels more personal; nothing can distract me from worshiping God. “We can be members of a body best when we are all together — we can mourn when we observe and wipe away tears, just as we can rejoice when we can share smiles and have face-to-face conversations”. This is so true. You can build many more relationships when you’re worshiping together.

  52. I go to concerts several times and a year and I must say, the real thing is much better than watching a prerecorded event on your screen. Being there in person gives you a thrill unlike any other. The music blaring so loud that you can't hear, the occasional nudges from the people surrounding you, bonding with others before the show begins, its all apart of the concert experience. When watching on a screen, you miss out on all the aspects that give live events their passions. Ms. Turner is correct in stating that the communal aspect of worship is missing when you aren't participating in a place of worship. I went to a Catholic school for a majority of my youth education and the service really helps everyone to bond and become more than just one person. During the worship we all become one person together. Watching a religious service doesn't give you that sense of togetherness that we all feel in our preferred place of worship. Although the online lectures are helpful to those who cannot leave their house due to health or mental issues, it really is a different experience when you are present while the worship is happening.

  53. In my opinion I would rather attend a service than watch it through my phone or computer. There is a certain feel and social aspect to going to a service in a church rather than watching alone in your home. Ms. Turner says “individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one” and i agree because you will get a better understanding of the sermon when you are live and you are more focused with less distractions. Which all contribute to why church services live are more beneficial than watching the service in the comfort of your own home even though that may mean getting to stay in your pjs a hour or so longer.

  54. Although I consider myself a massive user name supporter of all of the current technological advancements, this is one thing I do no support. I do believe the concept of being able to watch an event from the comforts of your house, but it will never be like actually going in person. Over screens there is no emotions or feelings, which is part of the entire experience. In this article Laura Turner states that in church "we can mourn when we observe and wipe away tears, just as we can rejoice when we can share smiles and have face-to-face conversations." This captures what you miss when you do this over a screen. I do think that humans are social by nature, and we are trying to remove face to face interaction, which I feel is very important. I know that when I have long breaks away from all my friends I feel distant, and although I may frequently text them it never truly fills the void of actually seeing them. So with that I think that if there are no people with you at the event it wont feel nearly as exciting. I think that online church is a good idea for people who are running low on time, but I think that it shouldn't become a regular habit, because it removes the whole positive atmosphere of being in church. You are supposed to feel one with your church and that will never happen while sitting on your couch.

  55. In my opinion, regularly attending Church services is a large part of being a Christian, or any other faith one might practice. So much of our lives today consist of working and interacting online, and I believe worship should be one event that never becomes virtual. I believe anyone who is physically and mentally able to attend a worship service, instead of lying in bed watching a sermon on the TV, should do so every Sunday morning. As the article states, “In an era when everything from dates to grocery delivery can be scheduled and near instant, church attendance shouldn’t be one more thing to get from an app. We can be members of a body best when we are all together.” Although staying in bed on a Sunday morning may seem much more relaxing than sitting on a wooden pew and listening to a long sermon, going to Church allows us to worship God not by ourselves, but with others. Attending worship services creates a community that cannot be replicated on the internet. I believe that every devoted Christian should attend a worship service, in person, as often as her or she is able.

  56. While I prefer attending church or other performances in person some people may not. I feel like I am able to have the most enjoyable time in person, especially since I love to socialize with other churchgoers after. When at the church during the service you are able to experience so much more, for example as Ms. Turner mentioned you receive communion in church, you can’t really get communion from a TV. In my opinion, you are more in tune to what is going on because there aren’t as many distractions in the sanctuary of a church as there are in your house. For example, Ms. Turner has been tempted to put the church on TV in the background while she wraps presents, but instead, she feels pulled toward the church. My church has podcasts of the sermon’s on its website, for people that were absent or maybe if someone heard something that really spoke to them they can hear it again. For others being in an environment where you have to sit still and listen to a sermon just can’t be done, and in that case, being at home watching/ listening to a sermon might be easier and more beneficial to that person. Either way, as long as you have a good relationship with God, and are talking to him regularly. He won’t mind that you aren’t in a church he will just be glad you are keeping up a good relationship.

  57. Having a live stream for church is nice if you don't want to get out of bed, but it is also less meaningful and impactful than actually experiencing it first hand. I personally do not take advantage of the live stream opportunities as much as other people. It just does not seem as important if you are not there in person to really feel the atmosphere and experience it in the moment. "But I don't believe I would truly be a christian without the real, in person, Sunday morning church", Mrs. Turner states. I completely agree with this in that not being active in your church whether it is through Sunday services or wednesday night small groups is not okay. If you are not consistently active you loose the strong connection you had with God. I believe that being there gives you the full picture not just what you see on a screen.

  58. One of humanity’s most distinctive traits is its ability to build relationships by connecting with those around us. The face-to-face interactions give us motivation and meaning. Time spent meaningfully with others is healthy, and watching an event through a screen detaches the view from the sensations that truly make the event worthwhile in the first place. Watching an event through a screen creates a feeling of detachment. This is especially dangerous in a world where many use online communication instead talking face-to-face or over phone. While much can be said in terms of ease and convenience for online messaging, again, it is the connections that make the thoughts count. The screen is a barrier to genuine connections. Religious services provide a prime example of a situation where true value lies in being part of a physical community. While worship can be fundamentally personal, being together provides not only an external support system, but also strengthens your internal self. The emotions and connections that you find when you’re sharing an experience with others has power- power to accomplish and power to connect In her article, Turner says that, “This, then, is the beauty of the church: not that it is perfect or convenient or fits easily into my life but that without it, my life would be deficient.” We need “togetherness” and the empathy and support that comes with it. Human connections cannot be supplemented with distant, one-sided interactions.

  59. I would much rather watch something in person instead of watching it on TV. I watch the thanksgiving parade every year with my family, and I think it would be so much more meaningful and memorable if we went and saw it in person. You can get actual experiences from seeing it in person. When you are just watching it in your living room, its not the same. I think its great that they do stream performances and other things on TV though, because even if I would rather see it in person, I don't always have the opportunity to. This way, I get to see it without having to drive a long way or spend and outrageous amount of money. The same goes for churches and their services. Some elders cant go to church, so its great that they offer it on a computer.

  60. I would rather watch a live stream of an event than watch it in person. I do not like being around people and being in loud spaces I get very annoyed very easily. I would prefer to watch something from my bed where no one else is there. Also you don’t have to pay for food and drinks because they are already in your kitchen. I much prefer watching things over the internet than in person.

  61. I think that going to a live event in person is obviously better than watching it on some type of screen because you actually get to experience it. I think most of the time attending a live event is better then watching it on live-stream. By going to an event yourself you are going to be able to remember that feeling for the rest of your life. I think that it's pretty important to interact with other people at these events if you get to go, because it is a once in a life time chance, so why not just go for it and talk to everyone that you can. I am not very religious, like I do not ever go to church so I don't really know the answer for this question. Really it's your own opinion if you want to go to the religious service or watch it online, personally I don't really think it matters because either way you are learning about god. I think it is a very good idea to try and live-stream all those things because some people can't always make it there. Yes, it is a positive trend because the people that can't make it will still learn about god or whatever the live stream is about.

  62. I would much rather be there in person. There is this band I really like, and I would love to go to one of their concerts. I have seen many videos of their concerts, but it's not the same. If I was there in person, I would be surrounded by other people, people I don't know, but people that could potentially be my friends, seeing that they like the same band I do. Being there, you would feel the exhilaration, and the adrenalin of seeing the people you love the most, the band. It would be unreal, knowing you're so close to them, in the same room as them, breathing the same air as them. Its crazy, and maybe a little obsessive, but that is why I would love to be there in person.

  63. If I had to pick between live stream event or attending it in person I would definitely choose in person. I think experiencing something for real is way more fun and exciting than just watching it live from home. Seeing new things and getting to experience places or events you never have before is ALWAYS a good time! Plus the quality of watching it in actual real life instead of through a tv screen is better. I absolutely support what she was saying in her argument. I think that people are getting lazy and just don't want to go out and explore the real world anymore, but yet that is what keeps us sane is going out meeting new people and doing new things. There is nothing that can replace that feeling, not even a phone. I think that doing everything through a phone will ruin people's lives and relationships. I think that if you want to do something you should get up and find the motivation to do it. Not sit around at home doing it through a cellular device. This will make america even more depressed and obese than people already are.

  64. I think watching the live stream of an event has many upsides and a few downsides to it, but I do think it is the superior way to experience certain events. In many instances, besides concerts, being able to stay home and get to see the same things is much better. The problem with going to conventions like VidCon, BlizzCon, or ComicCon is that there are already so many people there that it can be a threat to the visitor’s safety. One example of this happening is with the recent failure called TanaCon. There, they had far too many people to even fit in the original building. Getting left out in the sun, many got heat stroke and were brought to the hospital. I don’t think it is a problem not being with other people for the event if it means avoiding risking something like that. I think that an event can be experienced entirely through an application without missing a single part of it.

  65. I'm going to use a NFL football game as an example on why attending in person is better than live streaming. When you are sitting at home watching a football game it is quiet, you're sitting on a comfy couch and you'll probably end up taking a nap. But when you are at the game it is loud, crazy, and just way different when you get to experience it in person. There is just a different energy level when you attend in person. It is very important to interact with people at events so you can celebrate when something good happens together.

  66. The quality of the event in person is not as good as watching it on your phone or television. Attending it in person, however, is better in my opinion because you can experience the atmosphere. Being with other people is the best part because you and everyone else have the same interest. I think going on the app for a religious event is not bad because sometimes people can not attend but they can still be present in some way. I think it is a very good trend. People have an interest, but may not have the time or money to attend the events. Watching it on a live-stream is a way for the people to interact with what is going on.

  67. I feel that if you're going to go to a concert or go to a sporting event of some type and you are going to have seats really far away and not having a good view. You will end up watching it on the big screen and it will be just like if you were at your house. If you enjoy the experience of just being there and seeing how it all feels then you would obviously. Meeting new people at the events is one of the coolest things to do you can make a lot of friends and meet a lot of new people. The problem with this generation is a lot of people would just rather sit in there in comfort and just stay in your house, you didn't use to be able to do that you would have to go out and meet people to see things. I think the way the world is now is hurting us all.

  68. Experiencing an event in person could be a great experience for you but sometimes people can't afford to go to these "events" so the last option is to just watch the event on Youtube or just watch it on T.V. Like for instance on Youtube there is a youtuber named Jacksepticeye who had a tour not too long ago I really wanted to go but I couldn't so I just watched his tour on Youtube. So going to a concert would be nice but people just want to watch events from there home as well.

  69. I don’t think I would enjoy watching a live stream, I enjoy going to most things and being surrounded by people I believe I wouldn't get the same amount of entertainment if I simply watched it on a screen. I think it is extremely important to be surrounded by people at events because it creates a better atmosphere when you are with people who all enjoy what you enjoy. I do agree with Ms. Turner about her beliefs, the individuals who watch their church service on a screen would not get the emotional connection with the people around them. Personally I do not like that everything is starting to be live streamed. I think it helped the people of a lazy generation become more lazy. It supports that people to not need to go anywhere or do anything to still participate in activities.

  70. Watching something on a screen compared into person is a whole different aspect. The excitement of watching something in person is nothing like watching it through a television screen. Attending live events is always better so you can be there to experience it. It's nice to interact with people at the same public place your at haring your interest in the same thing. It could possibly even create new friends.

  71. I do not believe attending an event is much better than live-streaming one unless it is an event that you have been wanting to go to forever then it might be special to attend it in person to get the whole affect. I do not think it is that important at all to interact with the people at the even because you do not need to be with strangers to have a good time and enjoy what you like. Also I do not believe that the communal aspect of worship would be missed if you live-stream the event because at lead you made the effort to watch it at all.

  72. I think that the main question to this topic is if people are or aren’t able to attend these events. I do admit that I’ve watched church and concerts on television, but I do agree that it’s better in person. I have always watched concerts on our TV, but this summer I went to my first concert and I can’t even describe how amazing it was actually being there and seeing one of my favorite musical artists in person. I think that a lot of people simply can’t go to these events for different reasons so they do their best to “attend” by watching it on their phone or laptop so they still see most of what they would’ve missed. When you do attend these events, I think it really is more enjoyable being around your friends or meeting new people and just having new experiences come your way, it’s something you will never forget.

  73. Comparing watching an event on your phone and in person is completely different. Being there in person you're able to feel the energy of the crowd and be yourself. When watching the event yourself you aren't able to do that, you can sit back and watch and wish were there. Living streaming is good idea especially when someone isn't able to attend a meeting or party. But when coming to concerts or church events, i think it's better to leave the live stream out. For concerts you're getting less money because will just say i can watch live on my phone. Also, for church it's better to keep it low key and not have any interruptions.

  74. I don't think that watching an event on television is as good as going to the real thing. On screen, you get to watch what is happening out of the comfort of your own home. but you don't get to feel the real emotion of what's going on. There are also things like contests and prizes at events that you wouldn't be able to participate in at home. I think to go to big events, concerts, etc. you need to be a fairly social person. If you go by yourself and not talk to anyone it really isn't as fun. It would be a lot better if you were outgoing and talked with other people and made friends. Ms. Turner says “individual, isolated experience of church is the poorer one” and i agree because you will get a better understanding of the sermon when you are live and you are more focused with less distractions. Which all contribute to why church services live are more beneficial than watching the service in the comfort of your own home. Although the online lectures are helpful to those who cannot leave their house due to health or mental issues, it really is a different experience when you are present because you get to feel the real emotions.

  75. This is a very opinionated question. As a person with social anxiety I love the idea of a live stream. I do agree that when you live stream it loses a lot of the value of the experience. I think the idea of live streaming a concert is kind of a silly idea because the point of a concert is to be there with the people. You cant actually live the experience of a concert from your couch. I think if a loved one passes away that the idea of a live streams is good for the family that cant make it. At the same time your not there to emotionally support your family. theirs something about the physical aspect of family being around you hugging you and telling you how much they love you. I think live streams are a great idea for every other purpose. I don't think it has any less meaning going to church or watching it on a live stream. church is a building made and maintained by men. the point of a church is so that you can hear the word of got. its not really about having to be in a specific building at a set time. its about you getting close to god and if you can do that over a live streams then do it.

  76. Watching shows on your television do not compare to being there in person. It's a whole different atmosphere and may more fun to be there with your friends and family. Attending a live event is always better because you can get the full experience and watching live shows is way more fun. Interacting with people are live events is good because you can meet new people and feel what its like in the atmosphere around you. I think it's nice that churches are starting to live stream because some people can't make it on Sunday mornings, so they can watch it from their home.

  77. To answer this question, I propose another: what is the event being live-streamed? It could range from a church service to a video game to a concert. Candidly, I don't care whether or not you would rather go to the event or watch a live-stream. Any choice you make is your own. If you are invested enough in the event you want to see, you might go. However, if money or time is the problem, live-streaming may be the best option. Now this question isn't asking what I think you would rather do, but what I would rather do. If I had the time and money to go to all the live events I could, then I would definitely go. I don't, unfortunately. Ms. Turner writes how she attends her community church regardless of time constraints. As you read throughout her essay: 'Internet Church Isn't Really Church', you find that she is very dedicated to her religious life, and believes that others should be the same. My family seldom goes to church. We simply don't have the time for it, as sad as it seems. However, we still pray before our meals and celebrate the birth of Christ every December 25th, and are Christians. I love concerts, or at least the two that I've attended. The atmosphere of the stage and the seats is quite serendipitous. Enjoying soccer and football like I do, it would be wondrous to be able to got to every professional match, but I have to watch on the TV. Like everything in life, it's a matter of the time, money, and dedication you have.

  78. I think that attending events in person will always be better than watching a live stream. For example, when you go to concert for a band you like, you are with all of those people who like the same band and with the people you have something in common with. But when you live stream, the experience isn't the same. At a concert hall, there is an atmosphere you cannot recreate at home. Going to an event in real life will never match a live stream. I like to go to concerts because of the atmosphere, I get so lost in the music, the hazy smoke in the air and that dull ringing in your ears after you leave. You cannot get that same experience at home, no matter how hard you try. In the article the author Laura Turner said “I doubt these same phenomena occur when online church is substituted for the real thing, because the truth is that community is good for us. We need one another.” I agree with her very much. Many times I watched a concert online through a live stream or YouTube video and the experience is nothing like attending in real life. I think that going to an event in real life will always be better than a live stream. If you're debating actually going somewhere instead of just watching the live stream, just go. You'll miss out on an experience that you'll never get back. As technology advances, we need to continue to be with each other. So go and make a memories you will never forget. Go to that concert or church service and live with others.

  79. In my opinion, almost everyone would prefer to go to a performance live. Comedians and musical artists and theater shows are better in person- you get the connection with the performers, who may be people that you see online often and have longed to see in person. If it's an performance event that you are truly very excited about, you want to be there live. After all, you can't dance along in the crowd if you're watching from your living room. However, the content we consume has been evolving rapidly over the past 10 years, especially with the creation of YouTube and live streaming services like Twitch. And I think that while most would say that yeah, seeing your favorite streamer in person would be cool, watching from an auditorium instead of your living room doesn't really change the experience. Plus, Turner's statement about community doesn't apply to these situations. It's clear to see in chats and comments that supporters of streamers and YouTubers are also communities, just online, and they may prefer to stay that way. Plus, there are some people who may not be able to attend live events due to disabilities of some sort, or anxiety, or a variety of other reasons. With a question so broad, and with so many factors, answers are completely subjective to the event and person. But to me, denouncing the entire concept of watching events online seems a little entitled.

  80. I think, in most cases it is best to attend an event. To really get the true, best experiences, you cant just witness it, but instead be a part of it. It would be easier, to just sit at home, and watch it where you gain comfort and stability. But you loose a sense of belonging and purpose, that is only attainable by being physically there. As the article says, of course there are so exceptions. For those who are home bound for any number of reasons, it is a wonderful thing for them to partially experience these events. Especially things like concerts, that only a very limited number of people can ever see. The problem however, comes when one is just too lazy to go out and experience an event, and instead would rather watch it alone. There are some things as the old adage goes "You just had to be there"

  81. If I could go to all the concerts of the artist that interest me I would, but unfortunately I can't. When the streams of performances are available to all people I believe I would watch some parts. This will be helpful for the people that can't afford them or for the people that just don't have the time. Laura Turner states “..because the truth is that community is good for us.We need one another.” I believe what she is saying is true nothing is needed in your life more than people. Friends and family are there for you when you need support, a laugh, or a hug. When staying home to do everything online you will not gain anything from it. Overall I would say that witnessing someone preform is almost magical. Seeing them in person is an experience you can’t have when watching them from a screen.

  82. When I first read this article, I was immediately reminded of my experience taking an online class over the summer. Online classes are notorious for being an easy way to get a good grade, but as some one who wanted to fully learn, having only an online interface was a struggle. I learned the presence of a physical teacher to guide me, and the community of like-minded peers with which I could work out problems with, was a necessity. Like the title of the article suggests, when organizing something for the community, whether it be Taylor Swift's tour or a Sunday mass, being together is the whole point. The communal aspect is necessary to make those involved feel connected to not only the leader of the event, but the people they know share the same interests. Though streaming events online provides comfort and access from home, I would chose being part of a community over sitting alone at home any day.

  83. First of all, I probably won’t watch either events from Taylor Swift or Bruce Springsteen mainly because I’m not that big a fan of either. If I had to, I’d love to go see a Taylor Swift concert, but if I didn’t have the money, or if circumstances came up in which I couldn’t go see in person, I would watch it live. The experience in person and live are both beneficial to me, but depending on what event I’m at or watching, can dictate whether or not the experience is good or bad for me. For instance, Ms.Turner explained how she had experienced multiple miscarriages in a short amount of time, but still wanted to go to church with her anxiety and “debilitating sickness”. Going to church after three miscarriages would not help me at all. I do agree of her aspect of being together in a group and worshiping is better than worshiping by yourself, but not when you have real life circumstances that could even injure you or hurt you if you got up to move. For me, I get panic attacks in large crowds and loud music. I have anxiety too of course, but I wouldn’t be able to handle going to church in those situations and I’m not sure how she did. However, having real conversations gets rid of some of my anxiety and I along with many would agree that you get a better connection through real life experiences, and learn real life lessons without your phone. Stream or live, either way is beneficial to an individual and it just depends on who you are.

  84. I would much rather attend an event in person than live stream it. You can never get the full experience without actually being there. In the article it talks about how if you are able to physically go to church, you always should over live streaming it from home. I couldn't agree more. The face-to-face interaction and welcoming vibes from the people within are part of what makes church church. Of course, if you are unable to attend church live streaming it from home is a great way to still be involved. I think if you can go to an event in person you always should over watching from home. A growing number of churches are beginning to offer their services online. I think this is great overall, because if you are disabled or handicapped and unable to attend church in person you can still have church every Sunday. However, I feel like some people use it because they are too lazy to go to church and would rather live stream it from home so they can say they “went to church”. I think that online church is a helpful thing to many people, but if you are capable you should always go to church in person so you do not miss out on all of the positive communication and interaction.

  85. I think that it is very important that people keep leaving their homes to go to these types of events. Leaving your home and going out to experience these types of things is so important for your mental health and just makes you more comfortable in public by going out more. Staying home all day and being isolated can lead to depression and make a person feel like they have no purpose. When you go out to social events you meet so many new people, learn new things and you could really have a good time. I sometimes choose to stay home rather than go out with my friends, which is okay and I can relate with the people who may feel uncomfortable putting themselves out there in social situations. However, going out and doing these things can really bring people together and the more you go out and socialize you feel less and less uncomfortable each time. As far as how I feel about churches live streaming their services I don’t have a problem with it because some people can’t be there and it is helpful to have it out there for them to see, but it also encourages people to watch it rather than going in person. Going out to a concerts, a football game, or even a church service are a few things that people should really go and experience in person. They are so much more enjoyable then just sitting home alone and watching from behind a screen and even though sometimes using the internet can be beneficial it is not the answer to everything.

  86. Being at a live events is more fun than having to watch it being streamed online. At concerts, church, ceremonies and more you are more involved and not distracted by outside influences if you are there in person. I go to church every Sunday and enjoy getting up to be in the moment and leaning more. Before I go I usually see what pastor John Grey is preaching about and watch his live stream online. I wish I could actually be there and listen in person because you get a different experience. I know that everyone can’t actually afford to go concerts , big events like the Grammy's but,you can go to free concerts, thing like an art show and have the time of your life. Just being out in the world and appreciating what it has to offer. I fell as being in the presence of others is more enjoyable then being by yourself and watching from home. The people around you can be your shoulder to cry on or also be your hype man for just having a good time. Meeting new people as you are out and about. Making long lasting memories with ones that you love.

  87. @Aliyah Chasteni I agree with this because the presence of others if very much more enjoyable . People around you has a big effect on you and how it changes on you . Long lasting memories effects you and the way you think . One memory can be is what changes you , you never know till you try it out . I personally think you can die at anytime so do everything go out and live your'e live to the fullest . Sitting around on your'e phone wont effect you . I think its very important that people leaving their homes and go to events. .

  88. I think that it is very important that people keep leaving their homes to go to these types of events. Leaving your home and going out to experience these types of things is so important for your mental health and just makes you more comfortable in public by going out more. Staying home all day and being isolated can lead to depression and make a person feel like they have no purpose. When you go out to social events you meet so many new people, learn new things and you could really have a good time. I sometimes choose to stay home rather than go out with my friends, which is ok and I can relate with the people who may feel uncomfortable putting themselves out there in social situations. However, going out and doing these things can really bring people together and the more you go out and socialize you feel less and less uncomfortable each time. As far as how I feel about churches live streaming their services I don’t have a problem with it because some people can’t be there and it is helpful to have it out there for them to see, but it also encourages people to watch it rather than going in person. Going out to a concerts, a football game, or even a church service are a few things that people should really go and experience in person. They are so much more enjoyable then just sitting home alone and watching from behind a screen and even though sometimes using the internet can be beneficial it is not the answer to everything.

  89. I would much rather attend an event in person than live stream it. You can never get the full experience without actually being there. In the article it talks about how if you are able to physically go to church, you always should over live streaming it from home. I couldn't agree more. The face-to-face interaction and welcoming vibes from the people within are part of what makes church church. Of course, if you are unable to attend church live streaming it from home is a great way to still be involved. I think if you can go to an event in person you always should over watching from home. A growing number of churches are beginning to offer their services online. I think this is great overall, because if you are disabled or handicapped and unable to attend church in person you can still have church every Sunday. However, I feel like some people use it because they are too lazy to go to church and would rather live stream it from home so they can say they “went to church”. I think that online church is a helpful thing to many people, but if you are capable you should always go to church in person so you do not miss out on all of the positive communication and interaction.

  90. Personally, I find that event experienced in person have a much more lasting impact on people. While there are some scenarios where streaming may be better, like the inability to get a ticket, it's still better to be in public. This is because it is good to get some social interaction when you can. It's important to be in public so people know you care about them. To be at home instead of in public communicates you didn't want to be around others. I strongly agree with Mrs. Turner that when you stream Chruch, you lose the most important aspect of it, the community. However, I’m not against streaming, because some people may not be able to show up to the church. Once again, not everyone can show up to an event, so streaming makes sure you don't miss the event entirely. As long as streaming is used to see something what is otherwise inaccessible.

  91. Watching an event online is much different than being there in person. When you're at the actual event, the atmosphere is so much more exciting and real and an overall better experience. When I went to a UNC football game last year, it was nothing like watching it on TV. Everyone was passionate about cheering for their team and it was better seeing it first hand. When I watch the games on television it's less exciting and I don't really have the desire to watch the whole thing. "No long will you have to leave your house to interact with fellow worshipers. You can do it all from the comfort, and isolation, of your own home," said Turner. I find this disappointing that people who are physically capable, can't just get up and go to church and be in the presence of it all. Not to mention it's only once a week! You are isolating yourself from others by live streaming and losing communication skills which is very important in your everyday lifestyle. It is completely understandable if you are not physically able to attend the church service, but if you are then I agree with Turner that "we need one another." Going to anything like a concert, sports game, or church service is worth the experience at least once. The energy is just so much more positive when you are there first hand and you make more memories. I can remember the concerts I have attended as well as the sports games, but I couldn't't tell you more than 3 memories I have of watching it at home. It just isn't the same.

  92. When watching an event online, you don't get the same experience as when you are there in person. Actually being there allows you to get involved and immersed in the energy of whatever event it is, whether it be a concert, a football game, or a church service. I have watched soccer games online because I couldn't physically be there and I really wanted to watch the game. This is not the same as actually being there because, when I watch the game online I wish I was actually there at the field. When you watch a game in person, you are surrounded by cheering fans, rambling announcers, and friends that make the experience so much more enjoyable. As for church, actually going to church is much better than watching a service from home. When you go to church, you are worshiping, praying, and being involved in the service. When I read that there is an app that gives people " the ability to pray for fellow congregants by pressing your thumbs onto icons while hearts float up the screen", I was shocked. This isn't what church is about. This app is turning church into something that we just read, watch, or experience like social media, but it is not like this at all. Church is where people go to pray, worship, and feel better when they are stressed or upset, or just on a regular Sunday. Going to church allows people to be in community with others while doing a positive thing that will help their overall mental health.

  93. I have yet to experience the thrilling moment of seeing my favorite star perform inches away from my sight. As a little girl, I always told my parents how my friends went to concerts with their parents of course, to sing along with the musicians they aspired to be. I could just imagine that it would be night and day if you were to experience the concert in your house on a flat screen rather than being in the present. Everytime I think about Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, I imagine a place where so many individuals get together to have a fun time embracing their role models. The thrill and excitement of being surrounded by so many people all sharing the experience with you, would be nothing compared to streaming it. As the article mentions: “We can be members of a body best when we are all together” I fully agree with that statement. In this case, experiencing a concert behind a screen versus being surrounded by a massive building, are going to propose two polar concepts. You can only fully enjoy an experience surrounded by other individuals feeling the same way you do, as they await for the grand performance of the night. The atmosphere is filled with nothing but positivity and enlightenment because in that arena, everyone forgets about their problems by just focusing on the present and enjoying every second of it. We tend to feel our best in these types of moments and that is why it's crucial to acquire tickets to your beloved artists rather than streaming it live.

  94. Today, it is very easy to trap yourself in your own world. We have ear buds and headphones that help drown out the world around. We have virtual reality where you are pulled into a different word entirely. There are computers, T.V's and phones that cause addiction so that we are constantly on them. Because of this we forget the luxury of having an experience, of living in the moment. Whether you're at a concert, church service, football game, play, etc. You get so much more out of it when you are experiencing it live. When you sing along with everyone to the hymns at church, you feel a type of unity that you don't feel by yourself at home. When your home team scores a touchdown and the entire stadium roars with triumph, you are pumped with adrenaline that you wouldn't have if you were sitting on your couch. While live streaming church services are helpful for those who are elderly, terminally ill, or are struggling in their faith. Laura Turner proves that it live-streaming a few church services that got her re-motivated to go back to church so that she could feel the comradery and unity again. This is all because, ultimately, a computer or a screen will never replace experiencing a moment for yourself.

  95. In this day and age, I think there are lots of digital things we can experience that aren't nearly as good as the real thing. I completely agree with the article saying that participating in church service online through a streaming software defeats the purpose of it. I also feel like things that are special to people such as going to church should be done in person because church communities are supposed to do things together, and that's hard over a live-stream. I personally don't go to church, but I would much rather go to a concert in person than watch it on YouTube or another online website. Another thing is that when you facetime or skype your friends it isn't nearly as fun as actually being with and talking to them in person. I love hanging out with my friends in person, and facetiming them is okay too, but I would rather be with them in person. The same thing goes for sports games. Going to an NFL game is so much more exciting than watching it on the TV, especially since there aren't any commercials. For me, interacting with people relieves stress and anxiety, so it's also better for people to sometimes get out of the house and do something fun because it makes you feel better. Overall, the experience of doing something in person is much more fulfilling and fun than watching it or participating in it through a live-stream.

  96. I would much rather attend an event in person rather than live stream it, you don't get the same experience watching it online. Being at a concert is emotionally moving, you get to live in the moment and see your favorite musician in person. When you're at a church service, you and the people around you can feel the presence of God and participate in worshipping him together. Live streaming a church service takes away the divinity of the event. It's almost the same as just watching a video of a service that had already occurred. The article states "We can be members of a body best when we are all together." Attending an event in person allows you to participate in the event and interact with others around you, this is not something you can do sitting at home.

  97. I’ve witnessed the growth in popularity of live-streaming over the past years and never understood how people could choose live-streaming an event over being there in person. Sure, it’s more convenient for those of us with busy lifestyles, but nothing could replace the feeling of togetherness and unity when attending a live event. In the opinion essay, Laura Turner says, Showing up in person is exhausting, especially compared with live-streaming. But being together is the whole point.”. I’ve only been to a few concerts, but those experiences are something I’ll never forget. I even remember the first concert that I went to, and I wasn’t even ten years old yet. The actual performance isn’t what stayed with me though. It was the experience. The feeling I got when the music started playing, the chill of the night, the excitement of staying out late are what I still hold in my heart to this day. When people live stream events like this, they don’t get those experiences. They don’t feel the connection of the beautiful, unified feeling the crowd attending the event feels. What effect will streaming events have on humanity as a whole? If we don’t even have to attend events anymore, will we ever leave our homes for anything other than work? You can Postmates store-bought items to your house, Ubereats food, facetime friends, and now live-stream events. Everything people need are only a few clicks away.

  98. I believe that streaming events is the future. You will no longer have to dress up or interact with some obnoxious people. It is convenient and easy most of the time. So, I would like to Live-Stream rather than attend in person. As for the article about internet church, I disagree. The convenience of internet church may attract more people to the religion. You don’t have to dress up and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. You can still be “members of a body”, but from a distance. You may not have as much interaction between members of the church, but honestly I have never looked forward to that.

  99. I don’t think live streaming these things are good for us. We’re already attached to phones, computers, video games, etc more than talking to others and if we keep adding things to the list to evade interacting with others face to face, we’ll end up never leaving our houses, especially for those who work at home. The author of the church live-streaming article wrote “Studies show that regular attendance at religious services correlate with better sleep, lower blood pressure in older adults, and a reduced risk of suicide... We need one another”, which is entirely true. Other studies have been done where people were isolated in different rooms and went insane after a couple of days which proves her theory even more. We do need each other and we always will. So no, I’d much rather go to social functions in person instead of watching live streams of it because you have so much more fun going and experiencing things in person than you do from a distance.

  100. I personally think they have the same effect on you . Why i say that is because streaming events is the future , this what people do now in the world. Streaming events is how you get growth and more popularity. It depends on the person individually everyone feels a different way . To add to that going to a live concert has better effects on you ,personally i would choose a concert than watching it stream online to feel livid . Sometimes i like to be on my own bubble stream live something and order something . Online everything is just a couple of buttons away . Going out is good for your'e mental and social health. to conclude everything i feel like everyone experience is different and everyone's experince is different.