Learning to Attack the Cyberattackers Can’t Happen Fast Enough

Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab is one of the largest institutions in the world focused on education and research for the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

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  1. “We all want better computer and human relations — we’ve craved it for decades,” he said. “But biometrics and facial recognition are stigmatized by Hollywood.” - And stigmatized by the Fourth Amendment. Imagine how much quicker Arab Spring would have collapsed and the damage in China.

  2. Not stigmatized just by Hollywood, professor, but by those of us concerned about the steady erosion of our privacy. No mention of how this analysis detects edited/falsified images, nor the percentage of false positives in identification - both real concerns for us mere mortals.

  3. I'm shocked that Professor Savvides seems to take the threat of such advanced facial recognition technology less than seriously. In some ways, the research in his lab is akin to that carried out during the development of the nuclear bomb- whether he fully realizes it or not.

  4. THEN, use your expertise to zap, destroy, annihilate, bring to justice all the cyber attacks and attackers that are mentioned in the article!!! Surely the best and the brightest can stop Russian, et al., meddling, huh?

  5. Professor Savvides, what happens when the data file that represents our unique bio-metrics is hacked and stolen? Kind of like hackers hacking off our digital fingerprint to open our digital vault? You can't change your bio-metric signature like you can a password when it is stolen. Professor Savvides, I am a bit worried even if you are not. The technology you're developing is truly quite amazing - especially the ability to extract detail from a few fuzzy pixels. Imagine what you could "see" if applied to optical astronomy. Ms. Tugend, great article, but based on the headline I was hoping to read how we can fight back and remotely fry spammer's and hacker's PCs - or hold them for ransom in exchange for some jail time.