Trump’s Nationalism, Rebuked at World War I Ceremony, Is Reshaping Much of Europe

As world leaders marked the 100th anniversary of the Great War’s end, President Emmanuel Macron of France declared that “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”

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  1. Corporate globalism is the cause of the new global disorder. Those involved in supporting planetary destruction and disassembling the protections and promotion of the general well being that governments with empathy established for the common people should not be calling themselves either patriots or nationalists. "Self-absorbed" is a term that fits them better.

  2. The European project has never looked as good and as important as it does in these extraordinary times.

  3. A thumbs up from Putin says it all.

  4. Interesting photo of Putin and Trump. Everyone watching. Macron with his back turned.

  5. Why did this story leave out French President Emmanuel Macon 's full quote on Nationalism? ''Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential: it's moral values.'' Trump and the GOP clearly have a different definition of moral values.

  6. Trump is not nationalistic, he is egoistic. Look at his remarks to the Californians as their state burns. Europe understands the difference between nationalistic and patriotic feelings and Italy, Poland and Hungary remain firmly in the EU. Yes, the UK has opted out but then it has an island mentality. Russia's and Turkey's strongmen are much more like Trump, Unfortunately, those countries have never really wanted to be European. Rather, they want to dominate the others.

  7. This article, and the headline, makes an implicit assumption that Trump has a well-thought out, logical and rational strategy for advocating US nationalism. Also, that he understands 20th century history and the trajectory of the global economic and political environment. One can argue that he does not and that his actions are solely driven by his ego, boorish behavior and desire to maintain the approbation of his 'low information' voter base, which also does not fully comprehend 20th century history and the international economic and political environment. The Santayana quote: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" rings true.

  8. The UK was represented in Paris by David Lidington, May’s deputy. Every year we have the ceremony at the Cenotaph, London on the Sunday closest to Armistice Day - Remembrance Sunday. This year the day and ceremony fell at the same time, and for as auspicious a date as the 100th. The Queen is always at the Cenotaph - royal tradition since George V at the first such ceremony and the Queen would probably throw a fit if she didn’t, seeing as she lived and served in WW2. May can’t really dispatch a deputy to a event that includes the sovereign on such an auspicious date, so she sent the deputy to Paris instead. This is a chapter from an upcoming book “Silly and Confusing Aspects of Monarchy” (joke).

  9. @Mat I found it odd that May was absent in Paris, too. I understand the British have their own ceremony. But given the Queen en the Crown Prince are already attending this, wouldn't it have been better to have the PM attend in Paris? Like Germany sent its president to London and its PM to Paris.

  10. Donald Trump's disturbing pattern of behavior continues. He thinks he is too good to fully take part in anything positive. Macron is right.

  11. Its curious, in Trump's case, how someone so aloof from the cares of the "common man", so ignorant of the world beyond the arcane chicanery of New York real estate, so devoid of feeling, could intuit the frustrations of millions of Americans. Most despots come up through the ranks and have experienced at least something of the travails to which they speak. Trump is almost a savant in this regard.

  12. @stan continople Trump has a golden ear to understand what people want to hear, and he delivers it with uncanny accuracy. In short, he is a perfect con man.

  13. @stan continople he is an expert in the verbage and process of hate, fear and smear. He takes his cues from the professional hate, fear and smear sellers on Fox and the right wing talk shows, but his narcissistic need to be the center of attention and to diminuate all other is the driver of his behavior. Actual experience with travails or challenges is not a requirement for someone with his mental issues. He is, as he daily demonstrates, the most unfit leader I have seen in my lifetime.

  14. Unless the image that is magnified is his own, Mr. Trump sees no value in an image in which his is only a subordinate part. The nation that in two world wars subsumed its lives and honor for the reconciliation and eventual peaceful progress of Europe deserved better representation at such a moment of remembrance in European history.

  15. So Macron played centre fairway with précision while Trump continued to slice and slog through the rough on the right?

  16. Both Trump and May disgraced their countries and the millions of people in those countries who do not support such boorish behaviour.

  17. I’m no fan of Theresa May, but I fail to see why you’re blaming her. She was at Commonwealth cemetery’s on Friday and Saturday laying wreaths. She attended our national ceremony on Sunday alongside the Queen and the President of Germany. It’s an event for party leaders, veterans, government bigwigs and members of the public alongside the monarch. A party leader and PM does not make excuses to such a ceremony.

  18. @hugken Some specifics are needed for your criticism of May.

  19. I take issue with the premise that this Armistice helped forge a new World Order. Did folks forget WW II. And let's remember that the WW I was fought when more than half the world was a colony of the Europeans. And it did not change until end of WW II. I remember reading Mr Truman's biography and he fought in WW I - hard to believe - but there is a photo of him trudging an artillery piece as he was just a nobody. And I remember him drawing a conclusion on fighting on behalf of these monarchies and his utter disgust. So, let's not go overboard about this Armistice. This Armistice is popularized and glamorized by Brits - so to speak. By your sheer incompetence of their officers - who were all of so called "nobility" - Brits were literally a cannon fodder. All were sacrificed in the name of a Crown which was determined to hold on to power. And without Americans - this war would have costed even more lives. Now, as to this French president - let's see how he fares at his election. His approval ratings are lower than this POTUS. So, of course, he us going to use a solemn occasion to burnish his image. Finally, this nonsensical controversy over cancellation of a visit because of weather. Well, no one blamed him when he sat in his limousine in South Korea waiting for weather to clear to visit DMZ. Come on folks - fact of the matter is for a POTUS to drive even in DC to the Congress is a major undertaking.

  20. @Neil Hmmmm, I found this extract to be one that most closely 'links' this rememberance to WWI and not the selective cherry picking of that war and the Armistice. “The danger to the world is not that Trump will lead the nationalists, sweeping them to remake the world in an ugly, pre-1914 image or a dystopian counter-world of the U.S. siding with the fascists in World War II,” he said. “The danger is that Trump may take the U.S. out of the game — à la the interwar period — long enough for one of the serious nationalists, Putin or Xi, to do major damage.” Instead of being that 'beacon of light atop the hill' what we're seeing is a boorish nativist who has enabled and providing the gasoline to 2nd tier countries, most notably along the Russian western front into an atmosphere that mimics pre WWI in many respects. While China's feet must be held to the fire based on their trade practices, this retrenchment doesn't help anyone but the major players cited. In closing, and pointedly the absence you cite in NK is a stretch and a long one. Fog was the driver that cancelled that trip. The same fog that envelops him whenever he attempts to speak, other than from a scripted speech that his handlers so pray that he doesn't audible. I can only look to the various pics of President Obama, in the rain, doing what he did best, i.e forgetting the minor inconveniences of the elements and performing the duties he was elected and representing these great United States.

  21. I certainly agree regarding the dangers of Trump's nationalism. I'm also wondering if at 72 Trump was physically unable to make that walk, or unwilling to endure it physically, and "security concerns" were his people's way of avoiding citing that reason.

  22. The speech by the U.S. president showed absolute lack of respect in honoring our veterans and fulfilling his duties on the global stage. Contrast the tone and cadence of his speech with one of of his campaign rallies. What a disgraceful human being.

  23. I've mentioned before that Europe's reaction to Trump may also reflect a reaction to our presidential voting system. Even though they know Trump has now been weakened, they've seen enough of what our elections can do in terms of electing Trump-like presidents that they're permanently wary. Thanks to the Electoral College's allowing for two undemocratically-elected presidents within the last 20 years, the chance of the US doing it again is getting more and more likely. The EC is hurting us domestically and now internationally. If we do not change, we will continue to lose not only the chance of electing good leaders, but also the respect and trust of our allies around the world.

  24. @Cmary Here, here. It's time to do away with the Electoral college. It's allowing a king of proxy mob rule of Trumpism by a minority of the electorate. It might also be time to revise how Senators are apportioned. Perhaps we could have one senator per 4 million people, grouping low population western states under senators that represent regions tat add up to enough people to warrant one. The founding fathers could not have imagined how different the populations of states would become as the country expanded westward, and their system turns out to be too undemocratic, too unrepresentative.

  25. You know, while many of us in the U.S. may miss President Obama, bet many Europeans miss him as much, if not more. Remember he was a rockstar in Berlin before his presidency but then the Europeans cooled off with the pretense of a few minor incidents? They didn't know they had it good. Now, welcome back, the U.S. has become the Ugly American again.

  26. I think it needs to be pointed out that Trump didn't just arrive with an "individual entrance"...he actually removed himself from the other world leaders who walked the half mile to honor the fallen from WWI and rode in his own motorcade as well. As to him being the "vanguard of nationalism"? The writers are giving him way too much credit. He actually is not political at all and has little insight nor interest in what is happening globally. He is only focused on what is good for Donald, puts money in his pocket, and helps him stay in the headlines. He is NOT a world leader, nor even a leader for his own nation. As long as the press continue to report on him giving him the same level of respect and perspective as other world leaders, they are only reinforcing his perception of himself as being robed in the Emperor's garments. Clothes DO make the man, and his are nonexistent. Yet is he is moving further toward an imperial presidency every day. We should be aware that we are facing a bloodless coup of our democracy as so much of America seems oblivious to what he is doing while the music of the sirens sing to far right ideologies.

  27. Macron did not mention Trump's nationalism nor Putin's nationalism. It is open to interpretation. He was referring to the growing nationalism in Europe as a result of disregard to national borders between European countries and Brexit. Nationalism in France could push Macron's party in the Parliamentary elections and he is running scared.

  28. @Girish Kotwal it has to do with the vast amounts of third world immigrants flooding, unwanted, into Europ[e

  29. Mrs. Huckabee Sanders claimed that Mr. Trump did not went to the war cemetery of Belleau Wood because the rain made it impossible for a helicopter to fly the drive would have taken two hours and caused traffic jams in Paris. The truth is that the drive from downtown Paris is not more than one hour and a half. With a bit of help from the French police, the drive would have been no more than one hour. In case the USA would like to buy helicopters capable of flying under rain, Europe surely could sell some - or Russia, or China.

  30. We didn't want to be there, that's our prerogative.....

  31. @There You're employing the 'royal we', I assume. Fitting.

  32. @FFFF Been there, it's 5 miles round trip

  33. Mr Macron is being a little bit elastic with the actualite. If you've ever been to France for any time you will quickly appreciate it is the most nationalistic country in Europe. And I do mean nationalistic not patriotic whatever the weasily worded difference is.

  34. @RomaineBillowesFrance is not a nationalistic country. But it is a proud one and rightfully so. Something that one cannot say about the United States these days under Trump.

  35. Indeed, subjects in a constitutional monarchy unfamiliar with egalitarian revolutionary pride to the core would probably hold such superficial judgments of a very authentic neighbor.

  36. @RomaineBillowes Anyone who remembers President/General DeGaulle would concur with your assessment. The French walk around with this idea they're superior than every other country and act more nationalistic than most.

  37. The reason given for president Trump's absence was "security protocols". So a sitting U.S. president didn't walk in solidarity with world leaders to honor the victims of a war—a war that was precipitated by an assassination—because he fears assassination. We haven't come far.

  38. "Only after these leaders arrived by foot at the Arc de Triomphe did President Trump show up, protected from the rain as he made an individual entrance. A few minutes later, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia did the same" Gee, and they say there isn't any connection to Russian interference in our election.

  39. Macron gave a stellar speech. I hope that it marks a turning point even if the arc back to internationalism takes time. Macron took on Trump without sounding reactionary. He moves ahead with truth and policy. His hair never catches fire. There is no better way to show that the emperor wears no clothes. I am pleased that Trump labeled himself a nationalist. With a little help from Macron, Trump is de robing himself. However, I am curious. Why did Trump go to the trouble of claiming this label? Did he know about the thrust of Macron’s speech?

  40. @william phillips He claimed the label because he cannot help himself. He is his own worst enemy. All the insulation of money and people which he has used as a fortress up until recently, is eroding. The slow process will continue, and it will expose him further. But he started the process because it could never last. He is ignorant of the significance of its definition. He has already changed the word to "patriot". He is literal and his thinking is limited by his lack of insight. He is driven by the need to remain and create events so he is the center. However, we must not forget how dangerous he is as he holds the oval office. He has executive power and he is working to make himself a king with absolute power over subjects. He is working to render us 'not-citizens' with his attacks on our elections, the press, etc.

  41. All of America, as well as the world, saw the look of puppy love on Trump's face when Putin took his hand in front of the other leaders. Trump thinks he is the big man. Putin, the former KGB wiz, smiled. He has Trump just where he wants. The other world leaders knew a fool being played when they saw one. The only real question now is how low Republicans will go between now and January. The People spoke, many voices from Republican districts. Will the GOP listen? Or will they continue to ignore their Oaths of Office and put party before country?

  42. If Trump doesn't want to do something, he's not going to do it. We see this constantly as Trump doesn't bother to perform many presidential duties -- but continues to travel to his political rallies because he enjoys them. Otherwise, he tries to spend as much time as possible watching tv and golfing. Trump's like a petulant teenage boy who does what he wants and little else. Anyone who doesn't get this about Trump isn't paying attention.

  43. It was aptly observed that “World War I has a special place in the history of futility - a war without clear purpose, a war whose resolution would ultimately make the world a far worse place”. World War I demolished empires and destroyed kings, kaisers and sultans. It introduced chemical weapons and aerial bombing. It brought women into the work force and hastened their legal right to vote. Right, but it also sowed the seeds for the rise of Nazism and most terrible carnage of World War 2. From the war came European Union. Yes agreed, but the WW 1 Allies created a terrible mess in the Middle East, Israel-Palestine struggle, responsibility for the inherent instability of the states that emerged from the post-war settlements. Decisions that produced the disorder were often taken hastily, heedless of long-term considerations. It soon became clear that there would be plenty of time to regret at leisure. The deal from which much of the mischief sprang was the Sykes-Picot agreement which split the Ottomans’ Middle Eastern empire, drawing a diagonal line in the sand that ran from the Mediterranean to Persian frontier. Territory north of this arbitrary boundary would go to France and most south of it would go to Britain. Injustices’ springing from Anglo French imperial arrogance is the root cause of almost intractable Middle East imbroglio.

  44. I grew up with a narcissist parent who could not cope gracefully with any development or event that cast her to the periphery. From other people's weddings to a child's birthday party, she pouted and grimaced and used all the body English she could muster to signal disapproval (the only way our family got through Christmas morning was to insure she had twice as many presents under the tree as anyone else). I have not seen this face, the face of unlimited self-absorption and solipsism, in many years, but I saw it again this weekend. Donald Trump in Paris wore the same mien, emitted the same gracelessness, and was managed by the other heads of state with the same weary stoicism we summoned on Christmas morning.

  45. @TomF I am very sorry you had to live with that. Unfortunately, it made you an expert on that mental disorder. And, you hit the nail on the head, with our president.

  46. Mr.Trump proved on his visit to Paris that he is not a patriot.A patriot would have visited the American Cemetery in Aisne-Marne in spite of some rain.The American cemeteries in Europe are sacred ground and are a must visit to all Americans at some time in their visit to Europe.Trump made it clear that he has no friends in Europe and does not want any.His only happy moment was when Mr.Putin showed up late to the ceremony.It is sadly obvious where Mr.Trump's sympathies lie-it is not with our traditional allies but with the disrupter Putin whose country meddled( and possibly more) with our elections in 2016.

  47. Macron's strong rebuke of trumpian nationalism does not change the fact he is more and more isolated in Europe. His probable lucidity is seen by many as mere fear mongering.

  48. "The buck stops with me", Harry S Truman I think it appropriate to rationally criticise US policy as an Australian and a foreigner. US policy is unclear and frankly obscure on a clear day. Hence it is inappropriate and impossible to remark upon US policy with clarity. I make no comment on leaders who have may have appeared more or less sober and presidential. President Boris Yeltsin like President Trump enjoy(ed) celebrity status [sic]. Mr Trump has made a very big, the biggest impression in Europe more than Harry S Truman. The 1919 Peace Conference replicated this week lacked one attendee. The impression is made deeper by Mr Trump.

  49. Beautiful colorful picture especially the fall tree colors. Have never been to France in fall and was not aware that France has more than the Arc d'Trump made of rock and concrete and Eiffel tower made of steel. Why does every broad statement be interpreted as a rebuke of Trump? If Trump's nationalism is for once in 100 years putting America First and solving America's problems First, before rushing to rescue other countries in distress at an astronomical cost in millions of brave American lives lost in 100 years of military misadventure and a national debt exceeding 20 trillion, it is high time we begin taking care of Americans in distress with the urgency of now. Trump's model of nationalism is crystal clear and historically appropriate and benevolent for America. Let me defend my statement by listing why? 1.) In the past century, because European countries like Britain and France could not defend themselves against a powerful Germany, America had to intervene with all its might through 2 world wars and sacrifice millions of brave men and women. 2) Because the French were been driven out of Vietnam, America got dragged into Vietnam and lost over 50,000 men and a millions men left permanently disabled many homeless, shunned and unable to find work or the decency of respect to this day. 3) Wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other natural and man made calamities in the USA has left millions in need of help to get back on their feet and restoration of services.

  50. I predict that in the future people will look back on these troubled times and see in Trump and Putin the end of the world order that largely maintained peace for many years. Putin's motives are clear but I still can't imagine what Trump hopes to achieve by tearing our world apart. I find it even more baffling to watch millions of Americans cheer while he gleefully tears the fabric of our lives to shreds.

  51. @Jim Dickinson Trump's supporters do not have a view of world history before their own experience. They don't care about old times. What they know is that the world they see around them today is full of people who don't look like them, having success that they feel is their right. They love a leader who speaks their language and does not talk down to them or worse, ignore their concerns. What EVERYONE needs to realize is that these Trump supporters, and the so-called nationalists in other countries, number in the millions and millions. I am at a loss for an ALTERNATIVE narrative that will appeal to them but that is what needs to be done.

  52. As I scrolled through the story I looked at the photographs. The third one captures it well.

  53. Alas, a formidable geopolitical field marshal with a physique to box out a Boombrat paper bully. That he has nothing to hide on the top of his head is the starting indicator of character. To wait until this moment to play with the Carte Blanche card? World class politics.

  54. Macron has a 71% disapproval rating in - FRANCE. Merkel is a vestige of a globalist agenda rebuked. Together, they are actually not that big a deal. His nationalism-patriotism speech doesn't even make any sense, and is a joke coming from France. The press loves the "mean girls" aspect of this, but why should Trump care. He's President of the U.S. and they aren't.

  55. The important question is whether we are slowly meandering into the same situation as was at the beginning of both World war 1 and 2. There are some worrying signs of nationalism, fear mongering, anti semitism, describing refugees as criminals, minorities as gangsters and rapists, cutting aid to poor countries and rhetoric that is often vulgar. This recent election which empowered more women is a step in the right direction. Although Trump skipped the cemetery visited I still give him credit for showing up as many former enemies stood shoulder to shoulder remembering the horrors of wars. We needed to claw our way back from the edge of the abyss of darkness and hatred. The human race is at a stage where we made major advances in cancer care and put a spaceship on a fleeting meteorite . We must seek peace, save our planet and just do good!

  56. Trump may be doing this because he knows he doesn't fit in with well-educated sophisticated 'globalists' like Macron, Merkel & Trudeau. Trump had a bellyful of rejection in early adulthood when wealthy Manhattanites rejected him socially - rightly seeing him as crude, boorish & a financial train wreck. Rather than trying to work with the international community, Trump isolates himself for psychological self-protection so he doesn't risk trying to get close & being rejected - like he was in Manhattan. Recall the Richard Branson lunch when Trump told Branson he was spending the rest of his life "destroying" 5 wealthy people wouldn't loan him money after his bankruptcy. Donald Trump never recovers from blows to his ego, instead dwelling on hurt & seeking revenge. Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner anyone? Trump acts in furtherance of emotional dominance or to assuage his deep personal hurt - not ideology. Refusing to cooperate with the powerful international governing elite - criticizing them, spurning them & holding himself apart - satisfies Trump emotionally. This also explains why Trump is wedded to Putin, who flatters Trump & calls him a "genius." He's loyal to Putin for "liking" him. People keep viewing Trump as a canny, sophisticated political player. He's not. America made a tragic, world-destroying mistake when it elected this angry, damaged man. His desperate psychological problems loom over everything he does, endangering us all.

  57. The democracies of the world can stand tall together as equals and spread the message of peace and equality across the globe. Or we can have nuclear carnage and mother nature can start rebuilding the planet in her own sweet time.

  58. Mr. Trump should sit stone faced. When the African-American female reporter, Yamiche Alcindor, asked him last Wednesday to explain that "nationalist" is viewed as "white nationalism" he got angry. He accused her of asking a racist question. Imperial Japan and the Third Reich all saw themselves as nationalists. And they both believe their race was superior.

  59. Macron may not be popular in France, but he sure is popular with me. Rebuking Trump for his American "nationalism" was a strong message for him and for the rest of Europe now turning right and moving backward from globalism. And with Merkel 's departure we need this international thinking more than ever as the specter of Nazism and Anti Semitism is rearing it's ugly head both in Europe and here in America.Trump was such a misfit in Paris - the ugly American out of his element. Sad for us to see.

  60. Nationalism leads to war. Nationalists can't get along with anyone. Nationalism leads to war.

  61. The only powerfully profound message we can announce to the world that djt's words and actions do not speak to who We, the Citizens of Our United States of America are is to impeach him, Now.

  62. Thank you Mr Macron for speaking what we have all seen happening since trump was nominated. trump is about one thing only...trump. How can his "patriotic followers" forgive his not honoring their forefathers who fought and died for this country that he claims to want to make first, last and only. He is using them as he has used everyone in his life and they do not yet know it because he plays on their fear and anger and it trumps reason. trump uses hitler's mob psychology better than he governs. And don't cite security concerns, what security detail did our soldiers have when storming the beaches of Normandy. Trump is encased in security.

  63. "But while he may have been out of step with the leaders around him, President Trump is at the vanguard of forces that are redefining Western politics." More accurately, while his Neo-Fascism may be out of step with every democratic leader worldwide, President Trump is at the vanguard of the burgeoning trend of authoritarian dictatorships, and the destruction of every basic human decency. In other words, Donald Trump is number one when it comes to global misery machines. Il Duce for the 21st century. First, you berate the press. Second, you revoke their press passes. Third, you have dissenting journalist jailed. Fourth, well, we all know what the fourth part is don't we? After all, it's the been the same arc in every dictatorship throughout the ages.

  64. An opportunity to promote peace "Trumped" by selfish ignorance. Shame on us for electing and allowing this man to continue to represent us.

  65. How appropriate that dark rain clouds hung over much of the weekend ceremonies. How sad that Mr. Trump is so ill equipped to bare the burdens of his role as president. He withdraws, & reacts angrily & pouts at every perceived slight - taking it all personally... many of our allies grow more concerned & frustrated by Trump's behavior & rhetoric thus voicing their own concerns & displeasure... & as a result Trump becomes more sullen and withdraws further. And sadly close to 1/2 of America doesn't seem to realize that this man - Mr. Trump, is so ill equipped & does not have the temperament, emotional stability, (or vision) to lead our country on the world stage.

  66. @Jimi Yes, and sadly the Trump Americans have an outsized share of influence thanks to our voting triumvirate of horrors: the Electoral College, voter suppression, and gerrymandered districts.

  67. Nationalist or narcissist? Leave it to the 'former' leader of the free world to take what should have been a day to honor and turn it into a day of disgrace for the country he claims to serve. As the French would say: Pathetique.

  68. "Only after these leaders arrived by foot at the Arc de Triomphe did President Trump show up, protected from the rain as he made an individual entrance." Of course he made an "individual entrance." He wanted all eyes to be on him. He is such an insecure man that he needs "stroked" every day. that meeting with his council when each membrr had to tell trump how wonderful he was, was proof of that. Also the look on Putin's face looks like more of a grimace than a smile. I can't imagine he has any respect for trump at all.

  69. This wasn't simply a rebuke to Trump. It was a warning to Americans, and other countries as well, not to let our democracies fail. The rise of fascism leads to world wars. It really can't go anywhere else.

  70. A Patriot: A person who will fight for the country A Nationalist: A person who pretends to get 'Bone Spurs"

  71. What happens if the soldiers along the southern border refuse to come out of their tents and defend the US from that scary caravan because, following the standard their commander in chief set, it's raining?

  72. @RNS - What happens? What could happen is the caravan of migrants might continue through the US border and walk to the Canadian border where the RCMP will help them across with their luggage.

  73. @RNS I would love to see that. Disobedience may be the best answer when the "chief" is deranged.

  74. Here's what I know. Macron is talking about a European Army. (He believes some day he may need to defend Europe AGAINST the United States.) Whomever the European chose to defend themselves we won't have to pay for it anymore. Also French intellectuals and philosophers are not talking about life in a computer matrix. They are talking about a European Republic! Trump is not the blame for that. I mean there's a long history of the US trying to unite them so we don't have to die for them. Although a European Republic sounds good in Parisian cafe's I still consider the western leftist globalist political elite dupes of international bankers and communist Russia. If you really think about it Macron is sounding a bit like a nationalist himself. War with the US? What do they teach at those elite schools?

  75. @JoeG Well if they take the armies of Europe and mash them together it might be able to stop the Boy/Girl Scouts from invading. Anything else, I doubt it. The US Marine Corps has more troops, equipment, and aircraft then many of the Euro militaries.

  76. @JoeG "international bankers and communist Russia": that's what you might have said back in the fifties. Update yourself. Also consider that a European army would surely come to our help the day Canada and Mexico gang up and attack us simultaneously on both sides. (Thankfully we have oceans to protect us on the other two sides.)

  77. @JoeG considering testing scores in math, science and literature, those schools are teaching history, geography and everything else that American students are falling behind in. Another conspiracy theory about the scary Democratic Socialist countries. This crazy idea that education and knowledge is some sort of elitist movement sounds insane. I'm a veterinarian who owns a business for 25 years. Unlike Trump, I'm happy to pay my taxes and glad I can do so and welcome anybody to look at my tax returns. I wish less of my significant tax contribution was spent on useless war planes and more would be sent on health care for my fellow citizens including you by the way. We can have individual prosperity and help everyone thrive with institutions like public schools and Public Health Care. Those with money will always do well. I don't know why they always have to be defended. Sounds like a lot of propaganda to me. Follow the money. The poor people don't have it! The idea that private business and public welfare can exist side by side. Remember the preamble to the Constitution! Provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. You can have both you know. Wishing you health and prosperity, Joe

  78. Bravo Macron. Not only did he call out Trump and other nations pulling inward for their behavior, but he reminded us all of the results of nationalism. Unfortunately Trump and his fans are ignorant of US and world history. They cherry pick the bits that fit their narrative and toss the rest aside.

  79. @northeastsoccermum Yes, and thank you for the tip about how to vote if the next presidential election brings no viable choices: a write-in for Macron!

  80. It's hard to overstate how Trump's immaturities diminish him and the country he represents. Enabled by a powerful cadre of sycophants —Fox and, until last Tuesday, a unicameral Congressional claque— he neglects his station as "the leader of the free world." Petulant, incurious, lazy and probably some distance into dementia, Trump is an inferior representative of the American ideal.

  81. @cruciform Trump is in a league of his own, never to change. He lives in a bubble. The standards of others don't apply.

  82. @cruciform But -- credit where it's due -- by refusing to walk or travel due to the weather, he did a neat reverse take on the biblical marriage at Cana by turning water into whine.

  83. If the ceremony mattered to Trump, or if he could have hogged the spotlight, he would have been there. Please - how many times has he canceled a trip to his golf clubs due to inclement weather? What has been interesting is that: we actually have had a few days of Trump silence. Of Trump as a background figure, almost incidental to the ceremonial proceedings. I am happy for this, but not happy that he is single-handedly- and ignorantly - driving a series of wedges between the US and its long time allies.

  84. Rain didn’t stop soldiers from fighting and dying to protect our country. They didn’t cancel their appearance. The soldiers lie in their graves while our President doesn’t want to get wet. Security concerns? Cars don’t travel in the rain? Why aren’t veterans speaking out?

  85. @ArtM The pilots & Secret Service canceled the helicopter flight due to the weather. A car ride would have been a 55 mile long trip in a motorcade. Those motorcades are nightmarish to begin with.

  86. @ArtM Thank you ArtM. A Vietnam veteran friend yesterday, when reminded of how he never wears a rain jacket, said he doesn't own one, and recalled nights spent sleeping in pouring a rain with only a tarp.

  87. @ArtM Why aren’t veterans speaking out? They have too much class.

  88. Donald Trump is an embarrassment to anyone with a brain. His ignorance is astounding. His lies and his hatreds are universal. This petulant spoiled man child had to make the ceremony about himself, as usual. He should have stayed home and sulked alone. He's a disgrace to all mankind. One wonders if the man even knows anything about WWI. I'm sure he doesn't. What a loser.

  89. Our president is pathetic. I am embarrassed for our country. Donald acts like a spoiled little child who doesn't want to do anything that makes him uncomfortable like getting wet when it rains. I will continue to blame all who support and voted for him. For the life of me I can't understand you. I can't believe you see a president in this immature, nasty, racist, and ignorant person. Pathetic.

  90. Your headline will be all Trump reads. And he will regard it as a proof of his ENORMOUS influence. Thanks, NYT.

  91. As always Trump is an embarrassment to United States when attending formal ceremonies with foreign dignitaries. This is the same man demanding respect for the White House during press conferences, showing little respect for anything and anyone including the Presidency. How did we ever get here ? Let's understand this so it never happens again !!!

  92. na-tion-al-ism: n. devotion to one’s nation; advocacy of national unity or independence. Webster’s Dictionary, The New Lexicon, 1987.

  93. @timpasq Just pulling the dictionary definition of nationalism doesn't paint the whole picture. When one says America first, that might sound all well and good until you look at history and the historical use of the term. Where did it emanate from? This cannot be ignored. Just pulling the dictionary definition ignores the cultural use of the word which is quite important. Nazis first employed the terminology of America first. It is unwise to ignore this fact when the president of the United States uses a term generated by Nazis. It's important and I don't think you can deny that. But you will deny it anyhow because of cognitive dissonance. Or maybe you'll surprise everybody and admit I have a point. It would be nice if somebody could change their mind based on facts

  94. Time to pull the plug on NATO. Let France, those valiant fighters, defend themselves.

  95. Although no media focus (since it applies to all presidents) the U.S. Taxpayers shipped his armored motorcade and helicopters in transport aircraft such as C-27 and C-130J Super Hercules. Please tell me I am mistaken.

  96. If Trump; and by extension the U.S.; is isolated from allies it is because he has done the isolating. As usual; he displayed the petulance and arrogance that has become the trademark of the Presidency of Donald Trump. I had to laugh when they said the weather prevented him from visiting a cemetery to honor the fallen from W.W.1. How pathetic is that? Knowing what soldiers faced in that 1914-18 horror; it is pretty sad Trump might catch a cold in doing so. Of course the Americans were late showing up for the Great War to begin with. Anyway; it just shows how in 2 short years Trump has done huge damage to alliances that have endured for generations now. What a wonderful legacy this clown is going to leave. America First? America ALONE!

  97. @Greg Hodges he did not have the courage to visit the cemetery. The dead- the men, women , soldier, civilian and not a few animals- all rejected him in one quiet murmur. 101ABN

  98. Why don't European countries just pay more for their support of NATO; then Trump will have nothing to criticize them about anymore since we know for him it's all just about money?

  99. I think it’s about his hair. Seriously. As a former Marine, I think his decision to not visit the graves at Belleau Wood -one of the most brutal and storied battles of The Corps -is a disgrace.

  100. @Charles Davis Wondered that myself. But check out those huge umbrellas on the Champs Elysees. Even the First Mullet would be safe. Not so the coiffures of the soldiers who endured WWI's horrors in helmets, gas masks and trenches. Maybe he was having a bone spur.

  101. Macron has turned the semantics of patriotism upon its head with unwise double talk. Patriotism is derived from “of one’s father” and therefore devotion to their father’s land. No wonder Macron is so unpopular with the French voters who love their nation.

  102. @Charlie Macron's "double talk" may be the best way to deal with the Trump/Republican "newspeak," which gets more Orwellian by the day. I am very impressed with how Macron seems to be able to remain respectful to Trump while standing firm with his own ideals.

  103. @Charlie You make a good point, however you can't deny that Trump has used words that inflamed and have historical connotations. America first was a slogan employed by Nazis and those that have racist Tendencies appreciate the new usage of it. That cannot be denied at all I'd love to see you try

  104. Only the U.S. is to blame for the wave of Nationalism starting with the Bush-Cheney oil wars, and the resurgance of that teams leadership under the current feckless administration. We need to use our strength to lead the nations toward a more peaceful world.

  105. The French seemed to have a much deeper understanding of how to treat Trump: sideline him—if he chooses to stand apart from the other national leaders, reply with ostracism. Because his tongue is the equivalent of a poison dart to peace, harmony, conciliation: don’t give him a pulpit, silence him and his mean-spiritedness. If they can do it, why can’t we? Keep the microphones away from him. Don’t show his face. Let him stew in his own venom.

  106. On the campaign trail this fall, Mr. Trump railed against what he called the “rule of corrupt, power-hungry globalists,” Maybe it's me and my visceral dislike for Trump, but it's amazing to me that Trump uses adjectives that aptly describe and is the epitome of himself, as faults of others. When using these words, is he projecting? One thing I noted in his greeting with Putin was Putin giving him the thumb's up. Probably was nothing, but was it?

  107. @marriea That has been the case since when he stuck his head into the political Arena and started campaigning. This man uses descriptors for everybody else that apply to him. He is very consistent in this way

  108. @marriea it's not just you! I have long noticed this particular "tic" of his. It can be summarized as "whatever he says about someone else, he is really saying about himself." That is the extent of his introspective abilities.

  109. Remember "The Family of Man"? Aren't there apples that fall far from the tree and apples that don't, and occasional bad apples that spoil their barrel? and aren't there siblings who are as different as night and day? and taking the longer and wider view, aren't members and non-members of the League of Nations, the UN, Nato, and other such entities, stand-ins for first cousins? Just wondering.....

  110. Patriotism and nationalism are the same thing. A distinction without a difference.

  111. @Alan Klein When you look at the long game, helping to take care of other countries can still be in America's best interest. For instance, Buy I helping countries rebuild after World War II, we created societies that could buy our manufactured goods and create the best Prosperity we ever experienced after World War II. So you see it's more nuanced. You don't have to eliminate cooperation and helping other countries because that could actually hurt America. That's why we need somebody in power who quite understands history in a deep way. Somebody who understands geopolitics in a deep way. So what if the United States didn't help Europe rebuild after World War II. You could claim that we would just concentrate on us. But I think what we did had pretty good results. Remember also, America first was a slogan used by Nazis. I don't think it's good to ignore that fact. You could claim that it has nothing to do with that. But that ignores the fact that the Nazis did use that slogan and that there are connotations that exist that you cannot deny. It might have been better to look for a different slogan. But for me, I think Trump understands and his base understands, that he means a connection to that original slogan. I think there's a group of people that aligned with that philosophy and now feel represented. The David Dukes Etc

  112. @Alan Klein - Are you really Serious? I grew up in the South during the Civil Rights days where people believed Patriotism and Nationalism were the same thing rooted in the Bible Belt -- as a little white person - I heard more people than not quote the Bible, pledge allegiance to the American flag and then say something hateful -- everyday, almost every moment of everyday - people who were strangers and people who were in my family. Nationalism is only for One color of people: White People Patriotism is for ALL colors of people - from ALL heritages, ALL genders - ALL faiths - ALL economic realities. My little and grown up White self - sees through people who say: Patriotism and Nationalism are the same thing - white hypocrisy wearing white clothing.

  113. Sends thousands of troops to our border for campaign stunt but ignores fallen of war; wants his own personal military parade. He appeared in Paris like a morose tween other than lighting up @ Putin. He always goes lower than imaginable for POTUS behavior. DC needed a shakeup, the influence peddling & revolving door wrong & hated. But not burn it down nihilism. The Republic does not need to be rent asunder to bring needed reforms but the grifters and GOP who've enabled this travesty must be swept out completely. While we still have a DOJ that isn't just Leonard Leo's approved contact list. No conservative court or tax cuts are worth the price being exacted.

  114. It's not the rain that's making Trump cancel his appearances at these memorial observances. Trump is surly after the mid-term election and in anticipation of the Mueller report. Since he has difficulty being civil under the best of conditions, I suspect Trump's minders are trying their best to minimize his contact with the Europeans. He's also pining for Putin and staying close to his phone.

  115. Many on the Left see Trump’s nationalism as racism, but it isn’t. Its isolationism, as David Fried pointed out - it’s says America alone. But in that sense, wasn’t Obama an isolationist with respect to Syria, refusing to get involved even after Assad crossed his red-line? Wasn’t Roosevelt an isolationist, refusing to enter WWII even after Germany invaded Poland, Austria, France and Britain, only getting involved after America was attacked at Pearl Harbor? In fact, I would have to say that the least isolationist presidents in my lifetime were Kennedy/Johnson with respect to Vietnam and the Bushes in Iraq - and look how those turned out!

  116. @Steven Roth I think isolationism is a issue area to bring up, not that either "side" wants to look too closely at it. At times it has summed up some of my own opposition to past wars, whatever other ideas were involved. And there is always a question of where and when intervention is appropriate. Trump's brand of "nationalism" is racist -- and he views the US as a "company" which is looking to dominate all markets, and destroying other competitors is his one way to do this. He doesn't see that the US extends itself in the world partly in an attempt to reduce the threat of massive world war. US missions, of course, include a conglomeration of the remains of many past initiatives, reflecting the differences of administrations -- or sometimes their underlying agreement - many of which work in opposition others. I defer to experts -- but wasn't Roosevelt ready to join the war against Germany earlier -- but believed that the American public had to be convinced to support a war effort? Yup, JFK to LBJ kept us in Southeast Asia on a fool's mission. One lesson some of us took away was that you should never trust your government or the military to analyze the past, understand the present or prepare for the future, or to tell the truth.

  117. @Steven Roth Kennedy (afraid to "lose" Vietnam) sent in trainers and then "agreed" to the assassination of Diem. At the time of his death, Kennedy had increase the special forces headcount (still just "training) to some 16,000. It was Johnson who went all in, sending more than a half million troops and taking over the war. Would Kennedy have made the same mistakes? He didn't, so we just don't know.

  118. Macron is trying to shore up the EU by downplaying nationalism. He's under a lot of stress politically in his country as well with a 30% favorability rating. Nationalist forces there oppose is globalist thinking. Some Americans whose priorities are misplaced agree with Macron because they don't like Trump who protects America as a patriot and nationalist President should. Or they're globalists who have filed their patriotism.

  119. @Alan Klein he is not a patriot...he is a draft dodging racist & egocentrist. He is only out for himself & could care less about you people who worship him as a false idol. "Thou shall have no other gods before me", sayeth the Holy Bible. trump base thinks trump is the golden idol that will save them...Not So.

  120. "Mr. Trump remains at the vanguard of forces that are redefining the Western political paradigm in countries like Poland, Hungary, Italy and Turkey. In Britain and Germany, two of the Continent’s major powers, nationalist movements have upended the establishment." It would be (more) correct to say Mr. Trump is IN the vanguard of political leaders who ... The movements preceded DJT's ascension to the Presidency and indeed is what swept him into office. Macron (who is now far more unpopular in his country than Mr. Trump) has reached the height of absurdity. Nationalism is a good thing. The leaders of ALL countries are (or ought to be) nationalists -- especially those leaders who were democratically elected.

  121. @Norman Rogers What do you have in mind when you say, "Nationalism is a good thing?" I'd agree, but only up to a point. Nationalism, after all, was largely responsible for World War II, wasn't it? Currently, it seems that the current craze for nationalism is driven my xenophobia, if not outright racism. No? At this point, I can think of no valid reason for anyone in our community of nations to promote nationalism.

  122. @Norman Rogers What do you have in mind when you say, "Nationalism is a good thing?" Nationalism, after all, was largely responsible for World War II, wasn't it? And the current craze for nationalism around the globe seems mostly driven by xenophobia, if not outright racism. At this point, I can think of no valid reason for anyone in our community of nations to promote nationalism.

  123. Caution .... nationalism is what sucked us into two world wars.

  124. According to Sarah Sanders, Trump did not drive to the American cemetery on Saturday because it would have inconvenienced Parisian drivers. Her exact words were "President Trump did not want to cause that kind of unexpected disruption to the city and its people," What a considerate guy! I thought she might use the excuse that his armored limousine needed new tires or maybe mention an enduring childhood fear of 'melting' in the rain. As for Sunday's refusal to march with other world leaders, it's possible that his bone spurs were acting up again.

  125. “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism,” President Emmanuel Macron of France said in a speech at the Arc de Triomphe, welcoming the leaders and extolling an old system now under siege. “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying: ‘Our interest first. Who cares about the others?’” A narcissist like Trump could never comprehend this statement because nothing matters to him; it is truly all about him, forget about everyone else.

  126. Trump claims to love the military, but not when it rains. As ever, actions speak louder than words.

  127. Trump skipped the most important of the ceremonies, the honoring of the dead buried at a cemetery for US soldiers. Somehow, despite the weather, the traffic and "security concerns," everyone else managed to attend. Trump is a pariah of his own making, and an embarrassment to our country.

  128. @trump basher--he didn't want to get his teased, hairsprayed comb-over wet, plus, he doesn't know how to work an umbrella. And really, he has respect for no one unless they are possibly, in his view, mightier than he, like Putin. The concept of respect escapes him. Ever the tyrant in the nursery, now he's the guy who can, and would, start WWIII. His only real bargaining chip is the U.S. military, which he scorns, but will eagerly put to use if they serve his purposes. He's dangerous.

  129. He is an embarrassment to himself and the nation. Will someone tell 'the emperor he has no clothes, or mind, for that matter.

  130. Uncivilized, decadent, downright evil is the descriptive legacy of the Useful Idiot. This legacy bleeds profusely to the entire Republican Party and, especially, to the spineless, amoral and leaderless Senate of the U.S. To "skip" WW I commemorative events because of a bad hair day is who this president is. We live in shame as long as he prevails. Let's hope it's very temporary and that the GOP continues to be held accountable for having inflicted this grievous wound on the United States of America.

  131. To be clear, nationalism has not upended democracy and global cooperation and trade in Europe. Hungary, Italy, Turkey and Great Britain became Nationalist because they didn't like or want immigrants. Never mind that Italian design and products are sold to people of all colors and religions around the world, or that Great Britain wants back into the EU. Hungary wants to be only white and Christian, yet remain in the EU so they can keep borrowing money and not pay it back. Turkey has a dictatorial government, so it, like Russia, will always put itself first. Ironically, they, too, owe Europe money. Germany and Poland have fared well financially in the EU. Only minority factions of each country are Nationalist. That 84 country leaders could come together in Paris for Armistice Day, then stay for the 3-day peace conference (minus Trump and Putin) to emphasize the importance of global cooperation and alliances, is a far more powerful statement than the mottley crew of Nationalist countries can make--those with narrow vision and short memories. Trump has no logical reason to be Nationalist. There's no financial or cultural upside to isolationism. Macron was spot on decrying Nationalism as the antithesis of Patriotism and Democracy. Trump wasn't moved. Fortunately, the U.S. is not the only world player. The EU is the world's richest trading bloc, because of globalism. The U.S. has the mightiest army, and a power-craving bully at its helm. Now THATA is scary

  132. Has anyone ever seen DJT walk further than the distance between the green and a golf cart? Oh yeah, he drives onto the greens. It's those danged bone spurs.

  133. No giving him a speaking role at this ceremony was a good call.

  134. Unthinkable that Theresa May should be elsewhere than at the Cenotaph in London on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. It was a very moving ceremony, attended by the President of Germany who laid a wreath, and ending with a People’s Procession when about 10,000 participants added their flowers to the poppy wreaths laid by the Royal Family, the Armed Forces, politicians and Commonwealth delegates.

  135. Combined with his renewed attack on NATO of today, a question : if Mr Trump really believes that the US is picking up the tab for other countries' NATO spending deficiencies and that this is so unfair, then why did he feel so insulted a couple of days ago when Mr Macron suggested that Europe would take care of its own defence ? Mr Trump purposely and deliberately misinforms the Americans as to how NATO works. Every country duly pays its fees to NATO covering NATO's budget, but countries do indeed fail to meet the agreed spending target of 2% of GDP on their own defence. This is not money that is transferred to NATO - it never has been ! It's money that every member state agrees to spend on its own. Presenting things as if the US has to transfer more money to NATO to compensate for a lack of spending from other member states is therefore completely wrong and absolute nonsense - but it makes such a nice story.

  136. An event like this has a scripted protocol: show up, be gracious, attend the scheduled events, say nice things about the other participants. Trump, the president of the United States, was unable to bring himself to this level of decency. I am running out of vile adjectives to describe Mr. Trump.

  137. Our surly unread president headed to Europe with a chip on his shoulder. He is better known for his ignorant bullying ways than diplomacy. He probably doesn't know what the word means. The schoolyard bully all grown up. After he proclaimed himself a 'nationalist' putting himself in the ranks of Hitler and Mussolini, he railed at everyone who spoke out against 'nationalism'. Being an ignorant man who doesn't read history he tried to explain his interpretation of the word. People and the press tried to explain the word in the context of the war, the extermination of Jews and the deep rooted prejudices he holds against people of color and different sexual proclivities, Also his defense of violent white nationalist in this country. His total insensitivity prevailed as he continues to try a and defend himself by disparaging other people. This is all he understands. This is because he tries to defend the indefensible. He is a world class miss-fit and dangerous for many reasons. I'm glad president Macron spoke out about the difference between nationalism and patriotism. When Trump went to Europe last week for the memorials he brought with him proof of his lack of understanding and humanity. As he slipped off in the mist in 'his' people supported airplane back to the America Europeans said good riddance. Allot of Americans thought how will we survive the damage this man will continue to do?

  138. The three pillars of Trump's life and his presidency are: Greed Hatred Delusion These are also the three root causes of all misery and suffering.

  139. Donald Trump couldn't pay his respects to fallen Americans(cemetery visit) in France, using the excuse of bad weather. What are his excuses for never visiting American troops in Iran and Afghanistan? This President wasn't the center of attention for the cemetery visit, therefore he couldn't be bothered. He hasn't visited troops in the Middle East because he's a coward. This useless president has given his hero, Vladimir Putin, everything he's asked for. We should all be so ashamed of this pontificating sham of a man.

  140. Iraq of course, not Iran.

  141. The blindness of those Americans who champion America First are part of a self-destructive process. I would have to include Britain's Brexit movement as self destructive as well. It might as well be called England First. A strong Europe ensures a strong America and vice versa. We may bicker and, at times, dislike each other but what we have in common is bigger and better than what we have separately. Strong democratic movements and governments, that emphasize human rights, have been and remain the engines of prosperity. The problem of immigration speaks to the success of such governments. Few emigrate to Russia, Saudi Arabia or China where human rights are shredded as strongmen take more than their fair share. Trump and his supporters and the English hard-liners with their Brexiteers have forgotten this in their vainglorious pursuit of a past that is nothing more than sentimental hogwash. As Fox deceives in America and the Daily Mail does so in England, the damage is that we succumb to childish fantasies where we click our heels and pray that we are taken back to a past that is more myth than reality. The next president and prime minister will be faced with the tasks of staring down the destructive hard-liners and reassert human rights and not the vainglory of 'national rights'.

  142. @Tom Not all of us are concerned about human rights. We are concerned about keeping our country as it is.

  143. @Tom Some - by nature - look back, others look forward. Nature prevails. The present - this eternally vanishing moment - is the conjunction of past and future, make of it what we may, according to our lights - and darks.

  144. @Chris Anderson what does that even mean, our country as it is? People, cultures and countries all evolve... you don't want to stay the same, as we are, we want to be better, to evolve and grow... grow humanity, which is why human rights should be important to all people. When we know better as a country, we do better, this is why we no longer have slavery, and have equal rights for People of Color. We have evolved, or so I thought.

  145. WW I led to the rise of the Bolsheviks and later WWII, it was a ghastly war fought stupidly with disastrous consequences, might as well commemorate the Vietnam war, or how about the adventure in Iraq, on going, Afghanistan, and now the Saudis have their very own, Yemen. Mostly young men, brave and otherwise die in these things, civilians are traumatized and scarred for life, let's not commemorate, let's not celebrate, let's not make it heroic, it is not, let's instead make a determined effort to avoid wars altogether, that should be the message.

  146. @Sohrab Batmanglidj We are not commemorating the but rather the end of the war.

  147. @Sohrab Batmanglidj It is always a wonder how the young and civilians do the fighting and dying as the old politicians beat their chests and talk of "sacrifice", while they seek deferrals for bone spurs and their children are safely tucked in stateside jobs, comfortable with the bravery of being out of range. No justice....

  148. @Sohrab Batmanglidj What you suggest was, in fact, the original message of Armistice Day - a celebration of peace and the desire to work for no more war. Unfortunately that did not come to fruition, but it was the intent.

  149. I live in London, where we are in the midst of chaos of our own. But Trump truly shamed your nation this weekend when he failed to participate adequately in the Armistice commemorations. How is it possible that your veterans should support a man who avoided any service whatsoever and then so signally failed them when on the world stage? A commentator below wrote that the "Armistice is popularized and glamorized by Brits" and that "without Americans - this war would have costed even more lives" (his grammar, not mine). Such a failure to understand, of itself shameful. We never learn - Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria. Does Trump know any history at all?

  150. @kiwicanuck Do you know history? Without the US, the UK and France would be speaking German. Our Vets support the President because he cares for them.

  151. @kiwicanuck Our economy depends on war it seems, and Trump has no care for history or anything but his own infantile needs. He insulted our vets plus our allies, came home to continue tweeting lies. It's unfathomable for a POTUS behavior and no one to check him. Very dark days for us.

  152. In the last 100 years, the US has grown and risen by many measures to gain a position of incomparable power. As I reflect on this centenary, I wonder how a country that has such global power, can have a president that has so little regard for the globe. Thank you President Macron for reminding world leaders and citizens what was sacrificed, what emerged through the rubble of two world wars and maintaining peace requires mature leadership and vision.

  153. Last month, as I was travelling through South Africa, an Uber driver in JBurg engaged me in conversation. Consistent with almost all the people I have met across four continents while sporadically 'on the road' since the 2016 election, the Uber driver could not understand how such an inexperienced and ill tempered man as DJT could have ever been elected to the world's (former?) beacon and leader of "small d" democracy. I could not really answer him, beyond referencing the influence of Citizens United and Gerrymandering (and Vlad). But what struck me most about our dialogue, however, was when he said to me: "What does "America First" even mean ? Who is 'second'? Who 'third'. Who is last? " I had no answer to that. Can someone tell me what "being first" even means ? More consumer goods? More deficit spending? More time to play golf? More time to go to nationalist rallies ? Thsi administration is certainly not making the causes to be first in education; health care; climate change; income equity; or world peace. (And also- what does it mean to be "last"? The young Uber driver in South Africa would like to know. So would I.)

  154. @r mackinnon 45 is last in civility.

  155. @r mackinnon I assume "America First" means to put American interests first in setting foreign policy or whatnot.

  156. @r mackinnon It's hard to understand the brain workings of a malignant narcissist, aka psychopath like Donald Trump, if you are not one also. They are not uncommon in business and politics but DJT, even there, takes the cake. The concepts of "civilized" and "diplomacy" are like a foreign language to him/them. Gibberish and incomprehensible. Just winning and others losing make sense to that type of person. Of course you and most of us can't understand. We live in a morally richer world of civil discourse, thoughtful actions, and diplomacy. What's obvious to most of US and the world is that we have a psychopath at our helm and it's not even "America First" it's Himself First. It wasn't the rain this weekend that aborted the memorial visit. We may never know what that was? "Someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it"

  157. At the Helsinki Summit and now the Paris WW1 Ceremony Trump has insulted and embarrassed all U.S. veterans, yet the "leaders" of veterans organisations continue to support him. Those veterans who have died for the country would be turning over in their graves, yet 40% of the U.S. population think Trump, the "nationalist", the "great entertainer", the despot is their hero.

  158. @Paul Robillard "Bread and circuses" indeed. Tragically sad and dangerous reality.

  159. Isn't it time to put America first? Isn't it time to cut back foreign aid and repair our broken infrastructure among other issues? Would we like increasing our taxes to keep subsidizing others? Wouldn't it be nice to bring our manufacturing back! This guy can't do anything right, can he! Don't get me wrong - as an Independent voter I have been disgusted with the choices I made in the past. So far there have been some positives. Nobody is perfect. Give the guy a break!

  160. How about common decency? Showing you care for your country and the world for a change! Not just yourself. That we have never seen from this guy. And it costs nothing. Would you condone his actions if it was your son, husband acting like him? Shame on him. Be a good person first, I would rather have higher taxes than a person in charge who cares for no one but himself. What an example for our children.

  161. He's a model of all that is assuredly not perfect.

  162. @Kate Short answer, "No, we can't give the guy a break". America has always "been" for America first. All countries place a higher value toward their own peoples, America is no different except for tRump is the one to make a small band think it has been otherwise. We have always cared for our own (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, public education, the EPA, OSHA, etc), cared for our Veterans (VA, GI Bill, job placement services) long before 45 made some believe we didn't. We still have improvements to be made in the safety net for our own, but we can do both, take care of our own at home and interact for the good and still care for others globally. We always have and still should do more for Us and the world, and ignore the noise generated by a myopic, narcissistic, closet bigot and those he's frightened into a hermit-like "Us v Them" existence.

  163. I saw a sad, sad man who is supposed to represent strength and honor, and, be the catalyst, whereby all nations continue to look upon us as the anchor for peace and democracy. If you look past the antagonist, decisive, bluster, you will find a person who is filled with insecurities, dreams that never came to fruition, a man who is petrified of showing any signs of imperfections. Trump has realized that, we the people, cannot allow him to continue as he once did. We see the destruction of the pillars needed for democracy and the rule of law. He feels he can rewrite the constitution to his selfish, autocratic needs. We must realign ourselves back with our allies. He is unable or unwilling to accept the notion that words can have a profound impact. He never considers the possibility that there may be consequences from what he says , as well as, his behavior. Our President embarrassed himself and the nation by his lack of participation in his duties.

  164. This man couldn’t be bothered to serve. Defend someone who deserves defending. What does being first do for you? For us? As long as we are moral, ethical, a democracy- first means nothing.

  165. I'm just amazed that, knowing his ignorance of history, during his speech the Donald didn't say, a la Sid Caesar, that on Nov. 11, 1918 people announced that World War 1 was over

  166. Trump's behavior was appalling, as it generally is. But I'm disappointed and alarmed that Theresa May didn't attend. The French and German leaders celebrated the end of WWI together and Britain stayed away. That is rather shocking.

  167. after insulting pretty much every democracy in europe, trump feels insulted by what they say. the rest of the west has figured out what our own congress has not - this guy can't be trusted, it's all about money, and they have decided to stand on their own to take charge of their destinies while we sit here listening to the continued dishonesty while watching the corruption unfolding before us. his bluster is no longer believeable (was it ever?) and the knowledge that the opposition controls one house of congress means he's nothing more than the blowhard liar many of us already recognized. other than the disaster of installing more conservative judges in federal courts, there is little of his plan that can be completed. maybe stagnation is a victory for those of us who didn't vote for him in the first place. to those who did, well, you've buttered your bread - now we all have to eat it.

  168. The man who said "What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening" once again showed us exactly what is happening. How can such a huge percentage of this country be so sightless?

  169. Nationalism has not upended democracy and global cooperation and trade in Europe.  The vast majority of Europeans want to stay in the EU. Having worked hard to form a European government, and being the richest trading bloc in the world, are not to be taken lightly. Europe never gave up it's old ties to ancient friends and colonies, and this globalism has been successful. That 84 country leaders could come together in Paris for Armistice Day, then stay for the 3-day peace conference (minus Trump and Putin) to emphasize the importance of global cooperation and alliances, is a far more powerful statement than the mottley crew of Nationalist countries can make--those with narrow vision and short memories.  Hungary, Italy and Turkey hate the EU but constantly take loans from it and don't pay them back. Poland and Germany have done well financially, and only small factions in each country favor Nationalism. Trump has no logical reason to be Nationalist. There's no financial or cultural upside to isolationism.  Macron was spot on decrying Nationalism as the antithesis of Patriotism and Democracy. Trump wasn't moved. Fortunately, the U.S. is not the only world player. But, the U.S. has the mightiest army, and a power-craving bully at its helm. Now THAT is scary.

  170. I would like to hear the VFW and veterans who have seen combat, particularly those few remaining WWII vets who also fought to liberate Europe, weigh in on the debacle that Donald's trip to Paris has been. This voyage was his consolation prize to himself, ever the selfless leader, for cancelling his military parade. Certainly, the entire world has come to understand that Donald lives to flout convention, but flying to Paris on the taxpayer nickel to hole up at the Ambassador's residence, watching television and tweeting, letting some light drizzle stand in the way of a trip to the cemetery, was yet another low for Donald. Are we to actually believe that he could not hoist his avoirdupois into a limousine for a 55 mile ride? I guess since it didn't involve a golf course, perhaps. And the rain would have endangered the coif, which is almost as closely guarded as his tax returns. Or maybe he really is too old to carry out his duties. Or too incompetent. But he is an epic failure in discharging the basic duties of his office, all of his shenanigans aside. Well Donald, in the military, they say never forget and I do hope that they are going to remember your pathetic trip for an eternity, especially when they vote.

  171. @NJLatelifemom. I don't think spray on hair can stand up to rain...

  172. @NJLatelifemom Today VFW and our men and women in uniform need to know that Kim has over a dozen Nuke bases hidden and that Trump has endangered everyone on the Korean Peninsula and the world with his lies, deceit, and bulling.

  173. @NJLatelifemom Military voted overwhelmingly for this scary Bufoon. Hope they remember his behavior on Armistice Day 2018 when they go to the polls in November 2020.

  174. This is the difference people wanted? Really? We insult our allies, grandstand entrances? How unpresidential, how pathetically ego driven! And yes veterans remember this horrific, atrocious display. Did you and your fellow soldiers give of so much so that this symbol of hypocrisy could show how little he thinks of all but himself? I can’t and don’t believe he has ever sacrificed anything for anyone in this country ever. Nor will he ever. He isn’t that kind of person.

  175. @Elly but he sure can throw a good paper towel roll, can’t he?

  176. Still never fails to disappoint!

  177. It is important to remember that what you label "Trump phrases" ("fake news” and “America First”) are not Trump inventions. They both have well known histories. In 1940, the America First Committee was founded to keep the US out of WWII. And "Fake News" is a reasonable English version of the German term for "lying press" or Lügenpresse. As Trump phrases go they are more interesting when seen in that context.

  178. Let's have a show of hands. How many patriotic Americans attended any type of ceremony on Sunday, November 11, 2018, to pay their respects on Veterans Day? Listen up, Veterans. No hands, please. You already raised your hands as you pledged your allegiance to the Constitution when you were inducted. Well, maybe next year, Patriots.

  179. We should cut Trump some slack. Maybe his bone spurs act up when it rains.

  180. Trump demands respect and loyalty but is slow to return it. He is also more about pomp than about substance. Therefore, he had no need to attend a ceremony for American soldiers when it would inconvenience him nor to attend a substantive conference. The world is shocked at the first and probably relieved by the second.

  181. Globalism is the real world threat, especially the gender equity driven variety.

  182. But doesn’t “globalised gender equity” sound better than “fearful hiding in closets with men”?

  183. Winston Churchill's grandson Nicholas Soames in the tweet said, " They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate @realDonaldTrump couldn't even defy the weather to pay respects to the Fallen ". Remember after the Parkland Florida high school shooting in the press conference, Trump said, " I will run into the class room even without a gun to confront the shooter ". And now in France, he could not even face the rain.

  184. The Commander in Chief couldn't go in the rain, couldn't tolerate an hour-long motorcade? Maybe his bone spurs were acting up.

  185. Nationalism is NOT 'white supremacy.' It is a word whose definition closely aligns with patriotism. And France, Germany, and the rest of the EU have always been nationalistic - not in the way Hitler or Moussalini sold it, but in the way that country comes first. Does anyone here think for a second that each country isn't acting in its own best interests?! Have you ever watched discussions and outcomes at the UN? Every single member is there to look out for their country first - not that they would not pursue global initiatives, but that each would evaluate impact on their country, their people, their economy first before signing. Please stop taking words and changing their definitions and, worse, going forward as if the 'old' definition were not in play.

  186. This orange creature is a complete embarrassment to all decent people around the world. Best tweeted by Rep.Eric Swalwell "Trump’s European Vacation was as bad as the movie. He wimped out of honoring our fallen troops because of a misting. He moped around in his hotel room and insulted fire victims. And he was scorched by the French President. This is not winning. This is a national embarrassment." That's right, the know nothing, uneducated trump doesn't even know the history of the last century, that led to two horrific wars and millions upon millions of lives lost in a fight of good vs. evil. Criminal imbecile occupying the WH, hopefully not for long, since he will bring the world to the WWIII. President Macron already suggested that Europe should build their own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China and Russia. He find this insulting, why wasn't he campaigning on this slogan everyone for themselves. What can you expect from ignoramus who can distinguish Baltics from Balkans. Guess who is desperately STUPID!!!

  187. What does this pathetic cowardly buffoon trump have to debase further before the American people realise how far he demeans the office of President?With his latest disgusting insult to the American soldiers killed at the Argonne he truly shows his disgusting lack of empathy to anyone but himself,I had a great grandfather killed at the Somme leaving three young girls all under was my grandmother,and to hear that trumps visit to the American cemetery was cancelled because of RAIN is beyond disgusting when I think of my great grandfather and his companions in the mud and stench and RAIN of the trenches before going "Over the Top" to their death and to think this moral coward of a man espouses his links to Scotland is beyond the pale!God help America from this present incumbent inhabiting the White House.

  188. The fact is that the US President looked entirely unprepared for this ripe opportunity of the European Unionists to impeach his claims and political tactics. Sophistication isn’t the only requirement for political or social science talent. But without any preparation or anticipation, the unsophisticated end up embarrassing themselves for not doing any study or refinement. The US President, trying to bounce off the recent domestic rejection, only seemed to anticipate a psyche-bolstering military parade for him again in Paris, not a political homework assignment coming due.

  189. As an Englishman born in India during WWII of an British Colonel and an Australian mother, as someone who received my education in both England and the US, someone who is now retired as a Canadian citizen, I read both Peter Baker's account of President Macron's success in attracting so many countries' leaders to participate in this past Remembrance Day's activities in France and the many comments on his story, I am experiencing a flood of searing emotions: . grief that Theresa May opted to skip the Macron activities entirely . anger that she did so almost certainly because she has felt unable to educate her political associates into working harder and more constructively making the best of their country's membership in the EU . anger that she almost certainly got to that feebly dsreputable place because she could not muster the political energy to call the Brexit referendum what it was and what she appeared at first to consider it to be: a calamitous result of an England First fraud perpetrated by a treacherous bevy of Tory reactionary oligarchs . relief that Trump opted to stick with the speech written for him for the occasion . sorrow for myself and fellow human beings whose lives were badly affected by WWI and WWII . determination to honour the fallen of all wars by continuing my writing work in the field of finding and sharing LINGUISTIC HONESTIES that will make this world safer and a better place for my children.

  190. Yeah, and where was Trump when our allies were at the cemetery? Well, if you believe the Russian press, Putin had a good conversation with Trump while in France. Now, when else could that have been? BTW: This is the first time in my lifetime that a President has not laid a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Pence must have had other plans, too. Our Nationalist--our nation's disgrace. --Vietnam Veteran

  191. Everyone opposed to Globalism/Internationalism is now a fascist too? Ridiculous. Can a European army carrying the EU flag protect Ukraine, Poland the Baltics from Russian threats? Will those solders be willing to face possible death? Can anyone envision the UN curbing China's envelopement of SE Asia?.. Hardly, if it comes down to it the brunt of such conflict would fall on solders carrying the Stars and Stripes and the Union Jack. Liberal Globalist want open borders,unlimited mass migration which are wreaking havoc in villages in Europe and small cities and towns in the US already. Their grand vision has no guarantee of ending war but will certainly undermine Western culture,values that have fostered invention from steam engines to moon rockets..unrivalled individual freedom.

  192. Not surprising, this commemoration of WWI was a triumph of Europeans values and their growing world level leadership. Strangely enough both Britain and U.S. look like drifting toward unknown, unexplored and even dangerous worlds.

  193. However, to update and recap, the blame isn’t completely their ownership. They each had reactive, factional right wings that have proven the weakest links and were poached by foreign capitalists without enough socialised systems to buffer the wider domestic effects. But at least now the US is starting its next constitutional correct. And Britain has much less single-minded capitalism brainwashing to get past about socialised possibilities to round out their own yin-yang, so they should be fine too.