36 Hours in Bucharest

Rebounding from decades of repression, Romania’s capital is brimming with Italian-style cafes, museums, parks and restaurants that celebrate the country’s rich cuisine.

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  1. I first visited Bucharest in 1969 when life was bearable and the professors who hosted us were free to talk. When my wife and I visited in 1973 hosted by a Romanian graduate student of mind whose father was a priest and he he took us to see some of the historic village churches that are museums of excellent Byzantine icons, the professors he took us to see were extremely careful in their conversations. The worst was in 1977 when no one wanted to accommodate the UN sponsored visit I headed with Singaporean officials to see collective pig farms of hundreds of thousands of pigs size. Beggars were standing by the cafes to pick up what we would leave. Then came liberation and in 2013 we were hosted by a star player of the fierce Rugby national team playing in Paris in 1989 who got himself hospitalized at the very end of the match and stayed away from repressive Bucharest until after the fall of the worst ever dictator and his ugly wife whose fate in the last moment of their life we watched on television as they tried to be rescued by faithful comrades, but an army officer rescued Romania from them. I visited most of the places you mention, and I agree with your description.

  2. I was just there for the Bucharest Film Awards, a film festival, and I must say a great way to get to know some of the people in Bucharest..and see some wonderful films. The city is also known as the "Paris of the East" due to the influence of the French architecture of the 19th century (I think). One sees a contrast with the stark, grey buildings erected during the Communist era. Yes, coffee shops everywhere! Great food. One can also find real bargains in hidden places due to the Lei still being the currency, even though Romania is part of the EU (I had a small cappuccino for about 50 cents...with a small rumcake). And hotels can be found and great rates. I will definitely go back!

  3. Need photos. Description is great, context would help in getting feel for the city.

  4. bucharest a gritty city i've been to multiple times.. it can be intimidating but when all was said and and done i had a great time.. as with any big city it pays to keep your eyes open but the people were great and the prices very affordable! do get a interior room if you stay at a hotel! the traffic noise can be intense lipscani great old hood! and gigi the best pretzels in the world!

  5. Nauseating. Why is the Travel section hyping the personal pleasures that await me without even mentioning the horrendous political situation in Hungary?

  6. @thomascarrigan There is Budapest (Hungary) and Bucharest (Romania). Different cities in different countrie and with different political challenges.

  7. This article is about Bucharest, a city in Romania, not Hungary. You must be thinking of Budapest.

  8. @thomascarrigan Just to check -- do you realise that Bucharest is in Romania?

  9. I am really happy that you liked in Romania and write this article about your opinion!

  10. I'm a bit surprised that the fabulous Carturesti Carusel (“Carousel of Light”) bookstore is not mentioned. The view of its inside is worthy of being the lead photo for this article. I picked up a translated copy of one of Mitrcea Cartarescu's works there from the English language section. Equally surprising about this article is how Romanian wine is addressed as an afterthought. Romania has one of the longest traditions for making wine and is generally underrated with plenty of gems to be discovered and enjoyed.

  11. Bucharest is indeed worthy of a visit! I'm reading this article on my phone while sitting on a bench at the scholars rotunda in Cișmigiu Garden. Bucharest is quickly recovering from years of oppression - so it's a mix of high tech modernity, old world charm with lots of communist scars. It's extremely safe and inexpensive compared to western europe. Whatever you do, please don't mix it up with Budapest. Bucharest is the capital of Romania!!

  12. I'm thrilled that you chose Ioana-Christina Moldovan's magnificent photos to illustrate this article. She is a super star and an extremely talented photographer!