Discovery of Missing Documents Spurred U.S.O.C. to Act Against Gymnastics Federation

U.S.A. Gymnastics told Olympic committee officials it had found documents that law enforcement had been seeking for months. The committee decided enough was enough.

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  1. I haven’t followed this closely but I would offer the USOC just hand the whole gymnastics ecosystem over to Aly Raisman. She has been an absolute wrecking ball to the enablers that allowed this tragedy to go on. She would be up to the task of rebuilding.

  2. Un-Recommended once I saw you called the gymastics group an "ecosystem", as if it's some natural phenomenon that no one's in control of when the problem was that awful people very much WERE. But yes, give Raisman USAG, and the USOC and IOC while at it. Each and all have gone corrupt in their own special ways, and she certainly can't do worse.

  3. @T Montoya Some of the athletes and their families are the people who didn’t report the criminal behavior to law enforcement. I would bring in people from outside the gymnastics world. They need people with a track record of immediately taking problems to law enforcement. We have a local case of a sexual relationship between a 15 year old student and a teacher. The controversy here is why the school didn’t contact law enforcement faster than the day after they learned of it. I’m not making that up.

  4. @SR You don't understand the term "ecosystem," which explicitly includes living organisms and the relationship s between them. I thought it an entirely apt description.

  5. "Management" clings to power. They haven't made any effort to let the athletes have a say in how the Federation reforms itself -- nothing but lip service.

  6. This organization is dealing with young people. it seems that the young people, the up and coming gymnasts, the ones just starting out, were their last concern. How often do we have to hear of reasonable concerns shoved aside because the organization's image is more important for fund raising than the safety and well being of the people it claims to be working for? This is not the first time it's happened. I do wish it would be the last. No one trying to make any team, national, local, or state, should have to worry about someone sexually abusing them or hurting them on purpose or humiliating them. They need to be supported and encouraged to try. Yes, the latter can involve hard words or pushing but should not endanger the athlete. It seems that too many organizations that are in charge of young people do endanger them and the adults don't listen.

  7. They need a new administration with no ties to the gymnastics world. That means no former coaches and certainly no former gymnasts. A person with a law enforcement background would be a good choice to eliminate the cancer throughout gymnastics of not reporting sexual abuse to law enforcement.

  8. @Shamrock Possible exception: Ally Raisman. She is doing an amazing job and has the trust of current athletes.

  9. @Sally Yes she is. I saw her on Dancing with the Stars. She did a great job.

  10. Can Kerry Perry be indicted for Perjury? Does not one person at U.S.A. Gymnastics care about this victims? I am still shocked every time a new story comes out. Not one adult was protecting this athletes . . . not one.

  11. If the USOC has ultimate authority over USA Gymnastics I would think the USOC should be under criminal investigation.

  12. There appears to be zero doubt that USA Gymnastics has sheltered and protected more than one pedophile and child molester. There appears to be no doubt that corporate preservation has taken precedence over protecting the young athletes. I am glad to see court cases.

  13. @Ernest Montague- yet institutions like Penn St for example, keep on thriving with alumni and students furiously supporting all accused. If this isn't brainwashing, i don't know what is.

  14. Let me guess, the head of US gymnastics is a republican who is claiming fraud by the USOC. Right, that’s their MO nowadays. Call opposition liars and fraudsters, even though that’s exactly what they do. It’s called ethics, morality, etc. the gop is so rotten you’ve got people like this who fails to mention who he’s talking about. Penn state has a beloved dead coach who was blamed for things he didn’t do. He may have been negligent but he wasn’t a sleazy liar with no decency.

  15. Burn it down. Burn it all down.

  16. The 2 most important rules followed by people in positions of power: #1 Deny everything if accused; #2 cover your behind. lawyers tell their clients, especially the denial part. How to change things? I haven't a clue.

  17. I have 2 kids in recreational gymnastics class once a week. This gym, like all small gyms, feeds into USA Gymnastics (they are heavily pressuring us to move our eldest daughter into the 10 hours/week training regimen, which leads to all the competition, aka, revenue.) But we want this to be fun for her, not a full-time job, so we'll just stick with the 50 min/week and let her "flip around" with her friends every Wednesday. However, for the sake of all the high-aspiring kids who really know that they want this to be their career: I hope the USOC cleans house quickly, and offers hefty reparations to the victims. And, that they get their act together so that the young girls and boys don't have to pay for USA Gymnastics' decades of awful judgment and management.

  18. If only those poor girls knew what was going on in the minds of many men watching them in tight zoom shots magnified on huge HDTVs in sports bars as they were doing their splits, it would be too much for them to bear. This has really become a creepy world.

  19. ""Steve Penny, who was chief executive of U.S.A. Gymnastics .... had ordered the removal of those documents from the ranch two years ago after Texas Rangers investigating Nassar were denied access to the property." Consciousness of guilt?

  20. The article doesn't mention the other recent steps by USAG that show an unwillingness to clean house, such as, appointing Mary Bono as the interim CEO even though she worked for the law firm that was advising USAG on how to deal with Nasser, and gave advice the result of which was to leave him in place for another year. Bono's actions elevating politics over the well-being of the organization she was just appointed to head aren't the fault of USAG but only compound the sense that the entire organization is flailing and failing.