At Their Computers

What story could this picture tell? Use your imagination to write the opening of a short story or poem inspired by this photo.

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  1. I see a bunch of nerds playing Overwatch. I personally like the game.

  2. John and his best friends, are planning to enter the Esports championship. A really important championship for gamers, that even if you participate in, you will get recognized in a way or another. But, they want to win it. So, they play everyday together to train themselves. They want to be the best, in fact they play the game every time they can, even during launch at school...

  3. I would like to start of by saying that this image is very misleading at first. For people like me, it's obvious that it is a picture of a high school’s esports club practicing for an upcoming tournament. This is *not* an image of a group of children glued to their computer screens playing games and wasting time, these guys are actually working together with great communication and “team comp” between them all. It is evident that they are extremely well funded because of the HyperX headsets and the absurdly expensive ASUS gaming laptops. This means that they are winning games and possibly winning money from tournaments. Here is a poem to summarize what is happening There once was a game on the 4th, We never had practiced and lost. Now we practice each day For the game on the 8th And we will win no matter the cost.

  4. She looked up and he saw that what the dystopian authors of the past would see. Chords and a ghoulish white light demanding the attention of the young instead of human spirit monopolizing our communal souls. The abhorrent vision of those authors was wrong. At the very least, it wasn’t completely right. Their imagination was fueled by fear. She knew that her true self, this group’s inner vision, were represented in this digital space more warmly than their feeble, human bodies would allow as avatars in the real world. The digital realm allowed them to collect shared godhood and glory. To see something greater than herself on screen, and see something to hold higher expectations of those in her physical space. These glowing screens allowed her to escape the poverty she inherited at birth. At least for a little while. The authors operated from anxiety of a world were modern medicine was beyond their imagination, the limits of science hadn’t been reached, and mysticism had credibility. She knew this and smirked. It wasn’t all good all of the time but today, today it was great. She would focus on today.

  5. Same book, different page. We have a roaming teacher to make sure our fingers press the buttons and keys that select our individualized learning module. We are all 6th graders and you know how we are...all over the map in size, learning style, and emotions. We have the same computer programs to interact with all year, but my friend Sam concentrates on math skills because he is so good at it, while I write fiction. We don't have to diversify our learning in the computer classroom because we can learn anything we need to know instantly

  6. What I think is happening in today's photo is a class of teenagers playing video games of some sort because they have headphones on their ears and it shows on the screen that they are all playing a video game ,it may be the students are testing a new game or they may be all playing together as a class,it also shows that they are all using the same computers and looks like they are in a store because if u see at the back there are people walking around it may be in a mall in the united states of america,I also spotted a african american woman taking a photo of the children that are on the computer...this may be silly but i see a guy near the back pointing the middle finger lol(I may be wrong)

  7. I believe that this photo is of a computer competition. If you look closely, one of the person’s shirt says ‘eSports’. E in this means electronics. I know there’s a competition for computers. Everyone around the table is playing the same game.

  8. In this picture there seems to be an ongoing business or computer class. There’s a photographer in the background taking pictures of the class for the school yearbook.

  9. I think it’s high school students in the classroom on their computers supposed to be doing work But their playing video games. Also they seem to have headphones on their ear. There seems to be a teacher standing at the back of the classroom. I think it’s a Friday so the teacher is giving them free time so they can play before the end of the day.

  10. what game are they playing? anyone know? I can write a poem a lot easier if I did know!