Let Jim Acosta Do His Job

The CNN correspondent had every right to aggressively question the president. His White House pass should be restored.

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  1. It is time for OUR free press to take a stand against this abuse of power. All media - except fox-so-called news, hate radio and other pro-facism media of course - should boycott white house press briefings and covering The Con Don for a week. Starve his demented, dangerous ego. Give us all a rest.

  2. @njglea I was about to write something similar. I’d go farther: the entire White House press corps should turn in their credentials and never go back. If unwilling to do that, each one in turn should continue asking any question Trump declines to answer.

  3. @Kathleen McD I much prefer your second suggestion. The press corps should not back off but support each other. If Trump refuses to answer a reasonable question the next reporter he allows to speak should repeat that question.

  4. @njglea Your suggestion assumes that the media are there to selflessly represent the people by questioning and challenging authority. But they are merely for-profit businesses that benefit from controversy and division, so don't get your hopes up.

  5. Isn't it time for the White House Press Corps to take some coordinated action? Covering the president is reasonable, even essential, but not every White House journalist has to be at every session. Perhaps 2-3 representatives could go to each presidential performance and each press briefing, then report back to the rest of the group at a conference room. They could take turns. They could attribute statements to each other, and perhaps would have a bit more editorial latitude in interpreting each others' reportage. Perhaps Sarah Sanders would begin to get the message, perhaps even the president would begin to understand.

  6. @Michael Wolff To what end? I'm genuinely curious, not being sarcastic. Seems like a concession to Huck and Don, not a stronger stance for WHPC if they don't show...open to accusations of less accurate reporting leading to more claims of "fake news" would be my predicted outcome. Don and Huck already claim things weren't said when they're literally caught on A/V saying them...

  7. @Cody B: They thrive on audience. Reduce the size.

  8. President Trump's through line is controlling his base and all sources of information that inform his base. Fox News, Sinclair Media and his rallies do that. But the rare press conference where he is front and center is the one arena where his base sees him challenged and where he might be caught blatantly lying or off-balance. He cannot have that. And so Acosta's so-called rudeness is just one more excuse to control the narrative. The job of the mainstream media, which it has not excelled at until perhaps recently, because it too often echoes the narratives Trump chooses, is not allowing him to do that.

  9. @Bibi: "President Trump's through line is controlling his base and all sources of information that inform his base." Then why bother having a press conference at all? "And so Acosta's so-called rudeness is just one more excuse to control the narrative." Well, Acosta was rude. No other way to interpret it.

  10. "...the danger of confounding loyalty to Donald Trump with loyalty to the Constitution and to democracy..." I don't think Trump loses any sleep over this. These "press conferences" ceased long ago to be anything other than WH mouthpieces pumping out propaganda and talking points while not responding to questions. The Trump WH has added the new twist of hurling insults and accusations at the press, but the lack of substance remains. Why do they persist if not as opportunities for getting answers and information from our government? Easy. The WH gets its propaganda out there, and reporters get their faces and their networks on TV. Everyone wins! Well, almost everyone.

  11. Unless Trump has been living under a rock most his life (which would actually explain quite a bit), he knows that the President is held to account by the press. If he doesn't like it, he can resign. In hind sight, perhaps he shouldn't have applied for the job in the first place.

  12. @Lex Hindsight, foresight, and time to get some oversight.

  13. At the next WH press conference every reporter should remain silent, stand up, turn around and walk out. This behavior from the president needs to be shut down now. How much more can this country take?

  14. @omedb261 I would go one further. They should stand up and silently turn their backs on whoever it is doing the briefing, ESPECIALLY if it is trump.

  15. Oh, no, no. That’s just what Trump wants - total control of all “news” coming out of the White House. I agree with the people who think the press should support each other and keep bombarding Trump with those hard questions that he doesn’t want to answer. Isn’t that their job? They need to keep showing how badly Trump is doing his job.

  16. @omedb261 Two strategies have been suggested, and both are good--the first, to follow up any rejected reporter's turn by re-asking his/her questions, the second the turn away, walk out, or not show up en masse. The second strategy would be very interesting: bratty children change their behavior much faster when it is not reinforced with attention, positive or negative. Ignoring Trump would drive him completely crazy.

  17. The office of the President must be respected. Mr. Acosta be and other correspondents covering the White House need to remember this. They are entitled to ask tough questions and disagree with what the President says but they are not running the news conference. When the President asked him to give up the microphone he should have given it to the intern immediately. In my opinion it doesn't matter if there was any physical contact. I think that a suspension of a week would be proper and that Mr. Acosta needs to cool off a little bit.

  18. @Shmuel Schwartz But Mr. Acosta WASN'T able to ask the question. He was angrily shut down by Trump before he could even finish his sentence (which is why he kept the microphone). Trump doesn't want to answer for his labeling of the caravan as "an invasion", so he shut down a reporter. That warrants no respect, office or otherwise.

  19. @Shmuel Schwartz President Trump is not worthy of respect. He has done literally nothing that is worthy of respect throughout his entire life. Not in business. Not in his personal life. And most certainly does not reflexively offer respect to others because of their position.

  20. @Shmuel Schwartz Please define "respect" and "disrespect". Asking a second question is "disrespect"? Do you really believe he is blocked by the White House because he was disrespectful to the president? Last time I checked, that is not what he is blocked for. Unfortunately in the Trump era, "respect" has all but disappeared from the political scene. And people like Acosta are to be blamed. Frankly, between press freedom and access to information at the highest level of government and disrespect to the leader, I'd choose the former any time.

  21. I am very concerned about our democracy under Trump. Trump's actions yesterday are those of a dictator, not a democratically elected president. Yes, I know he lost the popular vote. But we did have an election and this president like all those before him are obligated to protect, defend and support the US Constitution. Trump's loyalty is to himself. Jim Acosta needs his press pass handed back to him with an apology.

  22. Right on. I shall be waiting for the folks at Fox News to come out denouncing Trump...

  23. Lets pretend a Fox News reporter was challenging Mr. Obama and wouldn't sit down, wouldn't hand the mic over and was belligerent. Would the Board find an excuse or stand up for that reporter's freedom of speech? Me thinks it is the former. Acosta's pass shouldn't be revoked but he has done these type of antics before, where he got called Fake News multiple times by Trump and Acosta wouldn't give up the questioning. Now he can sit on the sidelines and CNN can figure out what to do with him. Maybe they can put him on with Wolf, who got spotted at the Democratic National Convention dancing to Sweet Caroline. You know, terrible optics for the 'partial' press

  24. @Scott Wouldn't have it been best if Trump had answered the question?

  25. @Scott Let's not pretend that Obama delivered the same type of flagrant lying, personal attacks, outright bigotry and deflection that the current occupant does every single time he speaks. The issue here is how to do you hold a powerful person to account for flouting even basic attempts to obtain clarifications on outrageous patently false comments? Is it by abdicating the responsibility to ask a question someone won't like? Is it by printing these falsehoods without having asked or gotten additional information?

  26. @Scott Obama never ejected a reporter, no matter how un-deferential the questions were - and they certainly were, when from the right-wing extremist news agencies. No matter how inconvenient. Not once. Nor did he lie and claim an assault happened, when the video clearly shows that a lie. So - what were you saying again?

  27. The White House press corps should stand with CNN, this is not a game, this is an attack on all of them. They should boycott the briefings until Acosta gets his credentials back.

  28. @Herr Fischer A boycott, while it feels right after such treatment, would not change this president's mind and it would remove the last vestige of a free press from briefings. The press needs to show up to do this crucial job for the American people.

  29. @BLB OK then - not a full boycott, but not free publicity for Trump either. DON'T cover his rallies, DON'T cover any of his PR events, and DON'T allow him to control the media and how they operate in any way. Believe me - Trump needs them much more than they (or your country) need him.

  30. @Herr Fischer I agree with BLB that the press corps should not boycott the briefings/press conferences for the reasons stated. What they should do is be a proxy questioner for Mr Acosta. If the question is answered they could then thank the President and state that they were asking for CNN/ Mr Acosta.

  31. Sorry guys but Jim Acosta has personally turned the press briefings into a circus. He needs to stay above the Presidents lack of civility. Acosta just seems to have such little class. The last straw is his attempt to push back at some intern after the President said “enough”. The intern was just doing her job and Acosta was trying to grand stand like he always does. He needs a vacation. OBTW, most Americans support legal migration. It is illegal migration rushing the border that we don’t agree with.

  32. @Dan Locker You're aware that migrants still hundreds of miles from the border, and most of whom will either settle south of the border or properly apply for asylum at a port of entry aren't considered illegal umder US law, right? Fold up your jump to conclusions mat...

  33. @Dan Locker The issue isn't whether legal/illegal immigration is a threat. What Mr. Acosta was asking about (before he was interrupted) was Mr. Trump's labeling of the group of migrants as "an invasion". That's why Trump threw a fit and shut Acosta down before he could finish the question, because he didn't want to address his demonization of unarmed migrants that are hundreds of miles from the border.

  34. @Dan Locker They are not rushing the border, they are headed for the port of entry to do it the legal way, otherwise they would not be in a caravan. They would go try to sneak in individually or as a family. And Acosta was polite, gee whiz old tender baby trump could not stand to have to own up that he used the caravan to bait his base into voting Republican. Notice there is no more mention of the caravan storming our border. And you will here no more either, because it was all a big lie to enrage his ignorant base.

  35. Acosta was rude to the office of the President of the USA. Being nice with him will set a president for all Presidents to come. Like Mr Trump or not, the press should still show decency, tact and manners when addressing the leader of the free world. There is NO excuse for this boorish behavior.

  36. @AutumLeaff Americans are way too deferential to "the office of the President." I thought that the American Revolution was fought to rid America of monarchy. And yet, the role of president seems to be moving in that direction. A person who sets themselves up to lead a country should have the fortitude to deal with the opposition of the news media. Have a look at democracies such as Britain and Australia (just examples). The leaders are seen as people who should have to answer the hard questions.

  37. @AutumLeaff Yes, like all those times Obama berated, interrupted, yelled at and demanded they "be quiet" when conservative outlets questioned him. Acosta wasn't asking about anything the President or his mouthpiece haven't said themselves. Apparently asking, repeatedly, for clarification or reasoning behind it is inappropriate to the office. Interesting...seems like Don's and your precendent will be that journalism is redefined as asking only flattering, warm fuzzy questions to those in power...sounds like propaganda to me.

  38. @AutumLeaff Trump can't handle tough questions because he's always gotten away with anything he's said or done. I am in support of anyone challenging his lies and unAmerican behavior, but would prefer both parties go about this with mutual respect.

  39. Great editorial. Don't let up. Living his whole life at the top of the corporate heap, where he was born, Trump has basically always been a dictator. It goes with that turf. He isn't going to change. He says jump - you say, how high? He can only succeed in his destruction of our democracy if people who know better stay silent.

  40. Acosta was grandstanding as he's wont to do. If he wants to debate Trump, fine, just do it someplace else other than a press conference. I don't agree that his credentials should be revoked, but part of me thinks that Acosta's not unhappy about it. It certainly got his name out there.

  41. @Mike75 Please. Are you old enough to have seen Helen Thomas take on Presidents with laser sharp questions of foreign policy? JFK through Obama. One story says that Colin Powell - a gentleman - asked "Isn't there a war somewhere we could send her to?" Trump wouldn't have lasted 30 seconds -- and if he attacked her she would bite back. All the members of the press fight for time and attention, some being more dogged than others, and some - Trumps favored ones -throwing softballs. Maybe Acosta did grandstand; so what? It is part of the back and forth. Trump's vision of himself as king of the world NEVER allowed for anyone else to question him. Anyway, we know he couldn't answer a detailed policy question because - FOX and friends don't get into details.

  42. @Mike75 Grandstanding was Hannity at a Trump rally!!!

  43. Yamiche Alcindor, after being dismissed so rudely by Trump at his news conference, was later interviewed on PBS' Newshour by Judy Woodruff. She told Ms. Woodruff that a white nationalist had been invited to the White House and the White House, when asked, was being very secretive. I'd like follow up information on this report.

  44. @Barb The context for Ms. Alcindor's right and useful question was the presence of Patrick Casey White of Identity Evropa. And yes, the American people should know more about that story.

  45. @Cynthia Thank you Cynthia.

  46. @Barb He accused a black woman of being a racist. These rich white men pretend they're being persecuted by those mean racist black women. Wow. His racist white power base eats this stuff up. I'm sure he will increase turn out in all the racist strongholds of the country. Do you think all the racists stopped being racist just because of the 1960s civil rights movement? They are angry that they lost that fight and they will stick it to non-whites any chance they get. Trump is the first candidate in a long time to be unafraid of showing his racism. It's sad that so many bigots have come out of the woodwork to support him. Oh well, whites will be a minority in 20 years, so goodbye to the GOP.

  47. Absolutely. Let him continue with these antics. People like Acosta show the press for exactly what it is, a biased arrogant angry group that has their own political agenda and feels entitled to unfairly warp the news to fit that agenda. Trump may be a lot of things, but he knows how to pick the right enemies and knows intuitively how to get them to voluntarily show themselves in the worst light possible. Everyone wants a free press, but they also want a fair press. The media's knee jerk response to an abusive reporter is expected. What wouldn't be expected would be for the press to clarify what it thinks the lines of behavior are, as it is clear that lecturing the President and refusing to give up the microphone to an aid are apparently within the boundaries of ethical journalism as long as the target is correct.

  48. @Tom Scharf The constitution guarantees a free press. It says nothing about a fair press.

  49. @Tom Scharf Last time I checked the Constitution doesn't require a press that is "Fair to the President" , I guess you mean fair like Fox was to Obama. Well, maybe Trump added this "fairness doctrine" by executive order...or was it by tweet?

  50. @Occupy Government: "The constitution guarantees a free press. It says nothing about a fair press." The Constitution also says nothing about a press conference. It's extended as a privilege.

  51. There is no election for a while. We can well survive little news about what the President says. Let Fox News have the field. Would be fascinating to see how the President would react if no journalists reported on him, if "fake news" is replaced by no news about him, except by Fox. And some Fox reporters may join the boycott. The news people at Fox are not as extreme in their unconditional support for the President as commentators like Hannity, Ingraham and others.

  52. @Ervin Staub: "Would be fascinating to see how the President would react if no journalists reported on him, if "fake news" is replaced by no news about him, except by Fox." The news networks need Trump to sustain their agenda. Most news about Trump and his administration are negative. So, how would they survive without all that negativity?

  53. @hm1342 News networks don't have any agenda. You can't separate criticism from negativity. They are different.

  54. @Ervin Staub thank you. My thoughts exactly

  55. The fact that the White House press corps, after the revocation of Acosta’s credentials, hasn’t banded together to boycott Sarah Sanders’ press briefings and Trump’s news conferences shows that, ultimately, what matters to the reporters’ bosses is one thing only: money. News organizations aren’t charities, of course, but at some point principles do matter. Or, apparently, not.

  56. @ALB I agree. I was shocked the press did not either all walk out or stand up and repeat Acoste's question in solidarity with his right to ask it. Some think he was too aggressive but I often want to lob something at the TV when they dont correct his false statistics or quietly accept his ad hominem attacks.

  57. @ALB If the press corp doesn't show up for the press briefings it leaves only the twisted publications to report what was said and ask only soft questions. Not the answer. What else can they do? Send more reporters, be more aggressive in their questioning. Act like the FREE press and don't back down. That would be a true representation of their principles.

  58. @ALB - If the press Corp boycotted the White House it would be rewarding Trump's anti-democratic attack on the freedom of the press. Trump would like nothing better then to have all those pesky reporters just go away. He would continue declaiming to his fans via Fox and of course, Fox would heroically not join the boycott. Can you imagine what Trump would do without the eyes of the world trained on him? And yes, the media represent you and me and everyone else who can't hang out in the halls of power to know what the politicians are up to.

  59. Trump ran his family business as an Emperor. Now he believes that he was elected as the American Emperor. Beyond criticism. Beyond accountability. All that counts is his loyal base. And the NRA. The Media must continue to perform their constitutional responsibility. A free press will endure long after Trump has become nothing more than a bad nightmare.

  60. Whatever the particulars of this incident with Mr. Acosta, it's clear that Mr. Trump is winning his war against legitimate journalism. He has convinced millions of Americans that fact-based reporting is "fake news." Every day that goes by, more journalists' lives are put at risk with the anger and paranoia that Trump is fomenting. To every media outlet (except Fox, of course): STOP playing by this dangerous man's rules. You all are smart people. You've got to do something differently. Americans' need for legitimate reporting - and your lives -depend on it.

  61. That’s well said. All presidents fight with the press. But that’s the price for living in a free country. Out of all the odious things Trump does, it’s his vicious attacks on the press (Fox excluded) that worries me the most. Journalists should not have to live in fear of their lives in America. That is purely a Trump phenomenon.

  62. Mr. Trump often attacks reporters at these press conferences, silencing them in confrontational and aggressive ways. This time, in addition to Mr. Acosta, it was two African-American women reporters, whom he basically told to sit down and shut up. He also told one of them her question was racist and offensive (it was neither). When this kind of thing happens, I've often wished the next reporter he calls on would insist on an answer to the previous question; if he refuses to answer that one, the next one could take over. I understand that reporters represent their own newspaper or website, and that they have their questions prepared in advance, but at some point it might be in their collective interest to insist on answers to the questions Trump tries to evade. Or would that be considered unprofessional conduct or even journalistic malpractice? I don't know enough about journalists' professional guidelines, but I do wish Trump could be forced to answer their questions.

  63. @Ellen Valle I like you idea the best: every reporter in turn should repeat the question that elicited a personal attack instead of an answer.

  64. Acosta did NOT lay his hands on anyone. The documented truth bears repeating more often than the outright Trump administration lies - otherwise the liars win.

  65. As a never Trumper, It's easy to simply go along with the anti-Trump rhetoric and sentiment. Trump's press conference was a hot mess but Accosta has taken to the role of simply making noise to hear himself speak. Did he really expect the President to say, "oh you are right, it wasnt an invasion. I just said it to stir up the base". Instead of demanding a seat at WH choreographed event where the President can control the message, who speaks, etc, go do some investigative journalism

  66. @Chris "Accosta has taken to the role of simply making noise to hear himself speak." I disagree. Acosta was trying to hold Trump to an answer instead of a brush-off. That IS the role of the Free Press ... if we can keep it.

  67. What a mess of an editorial. First, this does rank high in the list of outrages. The president shouldn't have the power to determine who will cover him. Secondly, this has zero to do with Trump's body-slam remark. Acosta acted a total fool, but that's between him and his employer. And let's not forget, Trump didn't have to call on him--both sides knew what was coming, kind of like a professional wrestling match. Once again, the president has played the media like a cheap fiddle. He has to be laughing his you-know-what off, seeing how this has developed. The principle, not the personalities, should be the guiding light, and, again, the president shouldn't have the power to to decide who covers him. Given this, reporters should boycott Trump's press conferences and daily briefings, none of which have shed any useful light, until the decision is rescinded. Trump needs attention like he needs oxygen. No legitimate journalists showing up would help solve this. And then the pundits, including NYT, should examine Acosta's record and conduct in covering this presidency. Acosta has behaved like a donkey's behind, and with no shortage of ego. It isn't pretty, and no one's hands are clean.

  68. @August West Thanks for your "Both sides"-ism. We have freedom of the press protected in the constitution. The President is attempting to curb that freedom. Reporters might be nice or they might be jerks. They still have freedom, or maybe not under God-Emperor Trump?

  69. Should there be any surprise that the president singled out the “enemy of the people’s” White House correspondent for public opprobrium? Bristling from a public rebuke of his failed tenure, in spite of his (billy goat’s) gruff assertion that Election Night 2018 was a triumph for him, he simply had to lash out at Jim Acosta who was doing nothing more than his job description required. Even the petty, vindictive, paranoid Richard Nixon shrank from barring White House newspeople from press briefings there. Methinks Donald Trump is feeling the pinches of (a) voter displeasure and (b) the coming restoration of oversight from Congress, something to which he has yet to be subjected.

  70. The press conference was a farce. It showed the US in an appalling light, an appalling light of Trump's own making. It's obvious how leaders like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un can run rings round him, and why world leaders laugh at him. Leader of the free world? Give us a break.

  71. The photo and the video of the incident involving Mr. Acosta and the intern clearly shows that Sander’s charges about Mr. Acosta laying a hand on the intern is clearly a false pretext to punish him for doing his job as a journalist with tenacity. The word “trumped up” charges now would have Trump’s face associated with it till eternity; and the posterity would forever think that the phrase came from president Trump’s vengeful behavior. As for Ms. Sanders, she has nerve to blame someone falsely while her own boss and hero has publically and proudly bragged about putting hands under women’s garments and touching them intimately without consent. Whatever credibility and shame Ms. Sanders had left from her verbal gymnastic in service of a liar and lecher has been shredded beyond repair.

  72. The collective media's fault. Every journalist in the room should have walked out en masse! Actually, that should have been done a long time ago. He doesn't want to act normal, then don't act normal.

  73. @HSimon They didn't walk out because they had their hands raised --it was their turn to ask a question. You think maybe they didn't like Acosta hogging the mic and editorializing? Just maybe?

  74. @ Dan Locker. Exactly!

  75. Watched the press conference live on TV (na ja conference is not the right word for hearing a disgracefully drivelling man who seems to be President of the USA). Who still wants to be the journalist who has to cover this White House? Brave people, although often too polite to call the lies they must report. Striking difference is that Sarah Sanders clearly is paid to lie (paid from taxpayers money), whilst the job of the serious journalists in the room is to broadcast the truth. So: Why don't they all strike for 2 week or so? And: Live coverage of Trump and Huckabee should be stopped as this cannot be done without previous guidance (+ a strong warning: you are about to hear dangerous lies: cover the ears of your children).

  76. @TriasNet Consultants Sarah Sanders lies? Well, I think she's advocating for her boss, nothing wrong with that. Cruise YouTube for press briefings chaired by Josh Earnest and you'll find much the same, though I'd argue Sanders is far better on her feet. Boycott might be an alternative, but in truth the press needs to WH more than the WH needs them, especially in this age of social media. Much like Obama, though much more frequently, Trump spins his own messaging via Twitter. He's got good reason to as well, since everything he does and says is ripped to shreds by this newspaper and many other news "outlefts". Typo intended.

  77. Maybe the press could just stop covering this President. We could read edifying stories instead. How about a last-second boycott of his next press conference. He loves crowds - that's a chance to deprive him of one.

  78. In that venue isn't his job to ask one question and give up the mic to the next reporter? The other reporters seemed to think so-- they all had their hands raised.

  79. @ObservantOne Nope. Watch the whole thing, not only Acosta, and you'll see that he was following the protocol. And they all always have their hands raised. Being patient and quiet does not work in that environment.

  80. Maybe the for profit media should look honestly at it's coverage of the President. Do they have to lead everyday with the story of the "Migrants Invasion?" Do they have to cover everything out of this despicable person's mouth. The simple answer is NO. The honest answer was given by the news president who said it's because of ratings. So maybe you stop writing about him and start writing more stories about the effects of climate change and all the scientific research that supports it or how undemocratic our election system has become or multiple other more relevant stories. Ignore him and he will have vastly less power.

  81. Trump continues to have difficulty with the job description of POTUS. Blind loyalty is never a good idea, even in business but DJT seems to demand it of all. The press is under no obligation to kowtow to the president, he has to EARN their respect and has not done so.

  82. Our national media bears some responsibility for Trump having been elected in the first place. Except for a few outliers, coverage of the 2016 campaign focused on Hillary’s so-called email transgressions, her health, the bogus Benghazi investigation, and other horse race trivia. It was all about ratings and profits. Trump acted not much differently during the campaign than he does now as POTUS. Yet our media considered “balance” to be more important than fact-checking, and I don’t recall a single instance where the media outright called him a liar. He was forgiven transgressions that would have doomed any other candidate, because circus. So I think our media now have an urgent, necessary, and existential role to play in taking this president to task. By standing up to this president, the media has a chance to redeem itself and to save our democracy. However they do that, and I don’t know what that will be, they must stand up, report, and resist, or we are doomed.

  83. @John Schmacker Be careful you don't buy into the false narrative that "the media" is similar to a political party or a religion. "The media" is comprised of many independent news sources all competing with each other. Do not treat "the media" like a monolith as the GOP narrative wants you to.

  84. The president, Sarah H-Sanders and their other allies demonstrate that they have no internal moral compass. Anything goes if it feeds their ego and total domination.

  85. To me, what this incident might portend is terrifying.

  86. I watched the film of the incident several times to make sure I saw it right. Jim Acosta was allowed to ask multiple questions. Then the president decided his time was up and it was time to let others ask questions, but Acosta refused to surrender the microphone. Then when a young female staffer attempted to take the microphone from him, he knocked her arm down. Acosta's behavior was completely inappropriate. It is ridiculous to suggest that Trump and Sanders will not receive tough questions without Acosta in the room. In addition to his violations of protocol and his physical rebuff of a female staffer, Acosta is constantly making himself part of the story. I fully agree that Sean Hannity should not be employed as a journalist, even an opinion journalist. He is nothing but a hack for Trump. However, Acosta is just as bad in the other direction. Furthermore, Acosta pretends to be a news journalist, not an opinion journalist, making his journalistic sins even worse. Whatever you think of Trump, Acosta does not belong in the White House briefing room.

  87. @Charles: evidently neither does trump belong in the White House briefing room... whatever we think of him.

  88. Thank you!

  89. @Charles Male or female, you do not just try to take something from another adult. That is assault. She should have learned that in kindergarten along with Trump.

  90. "who dared put law and propriety above craven loyalty" ... Please let's not make Sessions the martyr he decidedly is not.

  91. @Andy Agreed. Sessions has a long history of racist actions and policies, especially focused on denying black people the right to vote. I hate to say it, but even if a Trump loyalist takes his place, they likely cannot be more destructive of civil rights than Sessions. This is a guaranteed improvement for America.

  92. After the fall of Trump and the end of the GOP , may I live to see the day, Acosta will be a seminal hero of the free Press just as just as John Peter Zenger is. Trump will be our national shame for generations. Hopefully we will deal with this dark time with the bracing honesty that most Germans have dealt with theirs

  93. Senator Graham has crossed the line. He no longer cares about democracy or the Constitution. He has allied himself with Trump to hold on to his seat. Former Senator McCain would be appalled!

  94. Completely agree that the White House Press Corps take some coordinated action, but what can they possibly do? It would practically be a reward to the WH admin if only a few or even no reporters showed up. The new Democratic House must take action regarding these appalling actions against the Press, our Fourth Estate. And they MUST take action to tone down the violent, extreme rhetoric of our politicians, such as the President declaring the Press an Enemy of the People, and berating reporters on live, national TV. The fact that this type of discourse is even acceptable speaks to why extreme violence such as mass shootings are America's new norm. Nothing is great about this.

  95. Everybody wants to get ahead. Reporters can't be expected to boycott a "press conference". Even an agreement to not raise a new question until the previous reporter says they are through would be nearly impossible. If selected while a previous questioner is being told to shut up, some courageous soul could say, "Maybe you should answer her question before I give you mine". The real questions never get asked: Why don't you use our military power to stop the Saudis from starving Yemeni children? Which dimensions of environmental collapse are you most concerned about, given the fact that exponential growth inside a finite system must lead to collapse?

  96. Why do the other reporters tolerate Trump (and Sanders) attacking members of the press like this? Why do other reporters continue to ask questions at the press conference as if nothing horrendous just happened? Why don't they all just get up and walk out when Trump or Sanders acts like this? See how long Trump survives without a fix of TV and newspaper coverage.

  97. @Jay Without a standing press corp trump would fill the room with fox news and any other media / news outlet that would play up to him and join in his game. The press should not walk out. By being in the room they have a degree of power, by walking out they give up that power and they might not get back in. I believe the press should continue to double down and assert their, and the American Voters, rights to honest answers and accountability from this president.

  98. Letting Jim Acosta, or any other journalist, is exactly what the president doesn't want to do. He takes criticism, constructive or otherwise, personally and demonizes the press as enemies of America because they have the temerity to ask him tough questions. If Sean Hannity, Jeanine Pirro or Sarah Sanders did their jobs in a professional and impartial manner and asked the president tough questions that Acosta does he'd surely view them as threats to the country as well.

  99. Dear Editorial Board, If you have not done so, the first thing you should do is to watch/listen to the entire exchange between Acosta and Trump. And I mean actually listen. My conclusion was of two children arguing. Neither had the moral high ground. Acosta "asked" (or attempted to) more than one question. In his question, Acosta didn't play the role of unbiased reporter. He instead played the role of advocate, taking a position and deliberately arguing with the President. That's not the job of any reporter. Acosta waved away the woman whose assignment it was to to take the microphone. Of course, Trump doesn't take criticism well, and I was surprised he didn't blow up earlier. Three things to note here. First, I doubt the NY Times would allow such behavior from their White House correspondent. Second, CNN is allowing Jim Acosta to continue to be its WH reporter only for the ratings. Last, I would love to read the position of the Board if a Fox News reporter had ever "challenged" Obama about all the falsehoods about the ACA that Obama touted in a news conference in the manner that Acosta "challenged" Trump. CNN should replace Acosta. If not, the White House should reinstate his pass and then never ask him a question again.

  100. @hm1342: The people should replace trump, as well. And, I would love to know if Obama would have denied press access to your imagined Fox Noise reporter. You didn't get that far in your scenario. You are the expert. You are part of the decision making process at CNN, yes?

  101. God forbid Trump takes the high road at least once

  102. As much as I’d want to point out that President Obama took plenty of guff from the Press (as did Dubya, as did Big Bill, as dis Bush senior, as did Reagan, as did Carter, as did they all) and never detonated like this, I have a simple question: Do you think it’s good to have our President show everybody on the planet that he’s incapable of self-control?

  103. The Fourth Estate is essential to our democracy. President Trump values his free speech. He most freely and often questions the reporting of his speech. We need reporters to freely question him. He can freely answer the questions. We can then agree or disagree with his answers. It's called freedom of speech. To suspend a pass is to suspend free speech. Undemocratic. It is a dark moment. To be against any suppression of free speech is a patriotic duty.

  104. Knowing how Trump deals with 'tough questions'; this reporter appeared to be intentionally trying to rattle the President. If this is good journalism per the good folks at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, so be it. If this reporter 'stepped over the line' and wanted to make a name for himself, then I would be curious what the folks at Columbia think of his actions (and the Presidents as well)?

  105. @JK You can't be serious - you don't seem to have any idea how endangered your democracy is. When you defend the indefensible Trump from being freely questioned by a free media, you've got a big, big problem.

  106. Both Acosta and Trump share blame here. Acosta was grandstanding. A press conference is exactly that: an opportunity for a multitude of press to ask questions. It isn't the Jim Acosta show; he behaved badly. And of course, there's Trump who doesn't know the meaning of dialogue, only rule by fiat. His is a personality totally unsuited to the office of president and, on top of that, dangerous in his constant attacks on the press and democracy.

  107. @dougnsf Wrong, he was exercising his duty and job as a member of the press.

  108. @dougnsf No he was not grandstanding, please, I am an actress and I know what grandstanding is. Acosta was really very civil and polite. And he took up very little time and asked questions I wanted answers to myself.

  109. @dougnsf Acosta is blameless. He was doing his job. He asked a reasonable question, fully on topic for a post-election press conference. Trump called on him, and he asked a question. Trump cut him off, and he persisted just as every other reported did when Trump cut them off, too. Watch the tape. It's like a dance. Reporter asks a question, Trump interrupts, reporter persists, Trump responds.

  110. "Mr. Trump is not likely to temper his rhetoric. But those he listens to, including Ms. Sanders, Senator Graham and the executives at Fox News, should try to impress on him the danger of confounding loyalty to Donald Trump with loyalty to the Constitution and to democracy." Seriously, New York Times? Nothing anyone says to Donald Trump will make any impression on him whatsoever. By now that should be evident to even the most casual observer. No, there is no 'redemption' possible for this individual and no reason to admonish him to behave when one knows that he is beyond admonishment and behavior modification of any kind. The best solution will be a removal of this seriously flawed and dangerous individual from the highest office in the land. And as soon as possible. Each passing day places our nation in graver and graver danger.

  111. Trump rarely gives press conferences. When I watch, I am often frustrated because reporters do not always follow up on his excessively broad responses. Here, Mr Acosta was trying to do just that and we see the result- press credentials withdrawn, and a blatant lie to smear him from the Press Secretary. Mr Trump always speaks admiringly if people who are “tough” and “strong.” A tough and strong person would not have been threatened by Mr Acosta’s persistence.

  112. Graham thinks he's doing us all a favor by channeling Trump's ravings, repeating them as if we need a translation. Yesterday's unhinged press conference, and the farce of Trump's phony outrage at Acosta, Alexander and Alcindor, proves this TV show has run out of new plots, and the public is tired of the aggrieved billionaire act. Time for cancellation. I do want to watch the upcoming specials, however, including the Trump family perp walks, Jared modeling the latest in orange, and teary Melania waving goodbye to the Marine One helicopter as Trump goes into self-imposed exile in Russia. That will be "must-see TV."

  113. How disappointing that the entire press corps didn't walk out of yesterday's shameful "presidential" news conference. For goodness sakes--for the good of the country--show some guts, members of the press! Make a statement, even if it's just a one-time thing. Boycott the next Sarah Sanders/Donald Trump sideshow.

  114. @Jackson This is a great point, they should have walked out en mass and from now on no more rallies. Just report they took place. All this coverage just engorges the narcissist in chief.

  115. @Jackson "The press" is not a monolithic entity though. Many competing newspapers, websites, and TV networks are all competing for a story. Despite what the President and others among the GOP say, there is no "liberal media cabal". That's why there won't be a boycott. These people are not working together!

  116. @Matthew I understand that members of the White House press corps answer to different bosses, and I’m not advocating a complete boycott, but rather a one-time coordinated mass “stay away” or walkout—particularly when Sarah Sanders occupies the podium. Her briefings rarely offer anything more than propaganda and outright lies anyway—the kind of disinformation that is readily available elsewhere.

  117. If the news media had fulfilled its role in "questioning and challenging power" for the past twenty-five years, Trump would not be President, and this country would not be at the edge of an abyss. So now you--and the rest of us--have to live with the consequences of your utter failure to do so.

  118. @TB Again, the "news media" is not some cabal. Each newspaper, TV network, and website does its own thing. Don't buy the narrative from the GOP that there is some secret society called "the liberal media."

  119. The time for president Trump to physically move the executive branch out of DC to a friendlier and more supportive environment like say, Tennessee or Montana,is approaching fast. There the commander in chief can organize press conferences attended by farmers/journalists on market day, and Ms Huckabee-Sanders would be closer to her dad.This would alleviate her trademark stress and offer better hospitality conditions when she decides to dine out with her family. Should the relocation be Montana,Greg Gianforte could help reduce security costs by volunteering to body slam anyone daring to ask questions at a press conference. This is my modest proposal: a rural White House,closer to its electoral roots ,inhospitable to Megapolis folks and nosy dreck seeking journalists.

  120. But would Melania like the country life?

  121. What’s next? Move the White House to trump hotel?

  122. @Anaboz she will always have Liubliana! There once was a gal named Melania...

  123. The press conferences are meaningless because no matter the question, this President rambles on about his poll numbers, popularity, crowd size and “wins.” It is rare that a reporter gets to point out that their question was not answered. Acosta stands there and repeats his question. It is the only way to deal with this hostile and evasive President. Then, Sarah Sanders puts out a doctored video, falsely claiming that Acosta put his hands on a VERY aggressive young intern who was touching HIM, trying to get the mike out of his hand. He said, “Excuse me, Ma’am.” He did not touch her. This open contempt for the press is so alarming. Reporting any NEWS that is not excessively complimentary to Trump is labeled “fake.” Trump has clearly stated that those who are not “nice” to him will be targeted with his wrath. I’d like to see every journalist in that pressroom take a knee in protest. If they won’t band together, then any one of them could be the next to have their press pass denied. Sarah Sanders should resign. Talk about fake news. She is disgraceful, as is the man she lies for on a daily basis. Enough.

  124. @Kathryn Acosta and CNN should sue them. The doctored video is unlawful. They tried to defame Mr. Acosta. Hope they sue Trump.

  125. @Jennifer. Doctoring/post production tampering of video/audio tapes for public release IS creating propaganda....this admin is all about propaganda and false news, that is the stock in trade of Fox TV(as they are not a licensed legit news broadcast station) and this criminal Trump admin is clearly just a branch of Fox working to destroy the USA.

  126. Instead of feeding the beast I think the press should altogether stop broadcasting, in any way, shape, or form, the words spewing from Trump's mouth. Instead they should just provide coverage of his actions. It's his words that incite. Most of the time he bombastically threatens, then doesn't follow through. Let his actions be the news, NOT his words. I think it would present an entirely different picture.

  127. FOX News is the reason this won’t work.

  128. @mmarsz2 I would so love a day or a week or a month WITHOUT any mention of this abhorrent President or anything he lies about. There are so many other happenings in the US and in the world. Why do we publish and announce every word he says?

  129. mmarsz2: Trump's insanity needs to be on full display for everyone to see, unpleasant and ugly as it is to watch. It won't do to hide him behind a curtain and turn him into the Wizard of Oz. By failing to show him in all of his ignorance, dishonesty, vulgarity and incompetency you want to turn Trump into a piece of fiction romanticized às a hero by Fox News. The voters deserve to know exactly what they are getting. Sadly too many approve, but that is their right.

  130. "Thank you for showing respect and dignity as an authority figure even in the most challenging of moments." I wrote this the other day to a policeperson who was describing how tough their job was at times and how they never used their service weapon to respond unless facing deadly actions (shoot if they throw rocks...). I couldn't help but recall my words, and how one of, if not the highest, authority figure in our country can't seem to take on this notion of respect, dignity, and challenging situations. Yet, for millions of others, this is the professionalism they uphold in their daily jobs and lives, day in and day out.

  131. A more constructive course of action would be a press boycott of the White House press room for outright lying to the press. Stop highlighting all the Trump noise and put what actually happens on page one instead, even if it is the press that makes the news this time.

  132. @dyeus Consider dropping Trump as always the news lead. Stop giving him his headlines for every lie out of his mouth. Stop repeating his lies. Let him be smaller.

  133. @Judith Not a bad thought at all..

  134. The entire White House press corps should show solidarity in some fashion to alert younger citizens to Trump's outrageous behavior and denigration of a free press. I'll not forget the treatment of President Obama by Jake Tapper the day of the Sandy Hook massacre. After the President finished his remarks, Tapper asked: Well, where were you?" As if Obama could have prevented the shooting. Soon after, he left ABC. Please don't let Trump's behavior be normalized by letting yesterday go.

  135. @Blessinggirl And President Obama did not ban Jake Tapper from the White House. Whaddya know. Actual rude behavior, truly out of line - and Obama is civilized. Normal reasonable questions and follow ups - and Trump has a Trumper tantrum.

  136. The Editorial Board did not use the word, but Donald Trump has surround himself with "propagandists" whose mission is to reenforce his every action and whim. Any questioning of "Dear Leader" is unacceptable and will be suppressed. The idea of an independent press that fact checks and questions him or his toadies is really only relevant if you believe in democracy. This is a form of government that Trump and the GOP find abhorrent. For the Trumpists the constitution and the rule of law is irrelevant unless they can use it as a weapon to maintain power. As a nation this is where we are.

  137. Trump and his supporters in our heartland are taking us into fascism. Blocking Jim Acosta's White House press access is one more step. The event also once more shows that trump can't have a rational dialog with anyone. True, our trump heartlanders love trump's surliness, but I'll remind them that it's not the way to get a job, as they complain about their inability to get jobs. You're not going to get a job at Walmart by insulting the customers. Trump has no confidence. Any president who is confident in her or himself could easily spar with a reporter (one who is honestly doing his or her job; moderators like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, et. al. are not honest. They make their living off of trump's lies). Jim Acosta, along with CNN, of course, has a good reputation. Work with him. But trump has his dumb supporters and his propaganda organ, Fox Noise, that games them. Trump lacks the moral fiber to show his unthinking followers how to behave ethically and rationally. This is how he divides this nation. Expelling Jim Acosta merely demonstrates that trump has no credibility as president. It's going to be a long road back to restoring our once proud democracy.

  138. Note that Mr Trump did not have to acknowledge Mr Acosta for a question. Note also that in Mr Trump’s long term strategy, he needs to have a discredited news corps facing him. I think that whatever the question advanced by Mr Acosta, this was stage managed to provoke a showdown.

  139. The reason that the White House gave for suspending Jim Acosta's access was a classic smoke & mirrors show that caters directly to his political base. By describing the issue in terms of a physical confrontation between a man and a young woman, they are framing a staffer as a victim of an assault. The fact is that Jim tried to pull away the arm of the staffer AFTER she tried to take the microphone away from him. This was neither an assault nor an attempt to intimidate her. As a member of the press, Jim felt that he had the right to be in the room and do his job, and the staffer felt that she had the right to remove the microphone from his hand as he was speaking. Nobody was hurt during that encounter and it's outrageous that anyone would try to depict that event in terms of a physical confrontation.

  140. @RAR In fact, there was "hurt". A young woman was simply doing her job. She was perfectly within her right to take the microphone. It is not CNN's microphone, it's the White House's microphone. Acosta then brushed her off as if she was meaningless. He showed his complete disregard for this young woman, on national television no less. Acosta, like all men must understand that they have no right to disrespect a woman like that. Such disrespect inflicts emotional pain, which is often deeper and longer lasting than physical pain.

  141. @John As an aide to the president, I am sure she is going to have much deeper emotional pain over the course of her internship than having someone refuse to hand over a microphone at a press conference...moreover, if you want to talk of disrespect, you would do much better if you acknowledged an utter lack of respect by Trump for everyone journalist in that room.

  142. Everybody could plainly see that the intern tried to forcibly yank the microphone out of Acosta's hand and he didn't lay a finger on her, yet Sanders tries to gaslight us that he "laid his hands on her" as if video hasn't been invented yet. Again, this is the quadzillionth time I've said this, but it was clear what was coming after Spicer came out and lied about the inauguration crowd size. This is chilling, and it's high time the press takes some kind of stand.

  143. @JayK Trump does not even understand what a free press is for and what his role in it as our president might be... Everything to Trump is theatre. He came in looking for theatre yesterday. It is always a sideshow with him. That's the way he wants it. Farce over substance.

  144. @JayK Your are correct that "he didn't lay a finger on her". It was the bottom of his hand or wrist, depending on the angle. And it was forceful enough to push her arm out of the way. Once again, let's all agree that it's inappropriate for a man to EVER deliberately touch a woman without her consent. Moreover, let's also agree that it's never right for a man to humiliate a young woman on national television.

  145. @John He instinctively brought his arm up in a defensive move because she rudely attempted to yank the mic right out of his hand and she basically bumped into it. The attempt to characterize what he did as somehow inappropriate or humiliating is preposterous. What she did at Trump's behest was outrageous and as far as I've seen in my 60 years on the planet unprecedented at a presidential briefing. Something like this ever happening at any presidential press event would have been completely inconceivable before Trump.

  146. Hey New York Times - why don't you join Acosta and boycott Trump pressers and White House Briefings?

  147. So walk out. Take away their oxygen. They need you. The craven way the NYT sold positive coverage for access to the Bush White House later caused Bill Keller to apologize for your poor professional standards. Hold up some high standards by putting support for journalism ahead of a couple of WH press briefings that are basically worthless to start with.

  148. Just watch the exchange. Acosta was totoally out of line. The first thing out of his rude little mouth after thanking Trump was, “ I’m going to challenge you.” That is a confrontational statement, not a searching question. It was: me against you, Mr. President. Disgusting and disgraceful on Acosta‘s part. I thought at the time the secret service should have thrown him on the ground, then thrown him out the front door.

  149. Saying you're going to challenge someone on a rhetorical point is completely civil and customary in an adversarial relationship, which that of the government and the press always is. It's their job to challenge!

  150. He was challenging Trump on his blatant lies regarding the caravan “ invading” this country. You call that being out of line. Trump should be able to handle his lies .

  151. @Pilot Hmm, someone makes a statement that is a blatant falsehood, and when you say "I am going to challenge you", you should be thrown out? The whole point of journalists at the press conference is to get to the truth, which is something that Trump has zero interest in. Trump was the one that was disgusting and disgraceful for the entire length of the question and answer session.

  152. No one is going to tell Trump to "temper his rhetoric." Fantasy that the Times Editorial Board operates under is a bit scary.

  153. Acosta was a clown. And the President fell into the trap. Where is the decency and respect? Shame on both.

  154. What did the NYT expect? When the Press is 'the Enemy of the People' body-slamming a reporter is okay. So is the dismemberment of a Washington Post journalist by flunkies of the president's princely pal in Riyadh. We are surprised Sarah Sanders has been so gentle with Jim Acosta. She could have accused Acosta of physically attacking a White House aide and then have him flogged in public, Saudi style. Jim, count yourself lucky.

  155. I watched that press conference live, the whole darn thing. Acosta was being a jerk. It's always about Acosta, he likes to place himself in the story, he cares not one iota for any other reporter in the room, he wants to hog it all for himself. It was very rude to push the young intern away, Corey Lewandowski did about the same and the press crucified him, and he even had charges brought upon him. I think Acosta losing his White House press credentials, shows they went easy on him. CNN Has plenty of others to send in his place

  156. @JoeYou You clearly didn't watch the press conference because he never touched her.

  157. No, it’s always about Trump. It’s he who hogs the stage, baits the press, encourages violence, and then shams outrage when his lies are challenged. That Sarah Sanders could claim that our groper-in-chief was defending a female intern’s honor only adds a grim note of farce to our nation’s ongoing tragedy. Only when the president loses his pass to the White House will we be safe.

  158. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is tell the truth. That Trump and his lackey Sanders consistently fail to do just that, and actually make up more lies to hide their existing lies, proves their abject cowardice. The most powerful man in the world was made to look a fool and a coward by being asked a couple of very simple questions. What a pitiful coward. And what a pitiful country this has become when nearly half of it will vote for such a raging, racist bigot. Proving that half of American's, too, are plain dumb and scared of things and people they do not know and will not spend time trying to understand. Hence, in many respects, the gun culture; for protection against other Americans with guns. This country is on its head.

  159. @James DevlinYou are right, but the real Problem is not Donald Trump, but the unprecedented amount of Americans who support him, in spite of his obvious incapacity for the Position. Trump is the mirror of the American Soul!

  160. Does CNN own that microphone or is it allocated to reporters by the White House staff?

  161. Um, in this country everything that the White House hath is paid for and belongeth to the People of the United States of America. How’t that work in yours?

  162. The whole White House presscor should walk out in solidarity!

  163. I’d note, first, that Trump’s treatment of a black reporter and a Japanese reporter who both asked fair questions was in some ways even worse—I kept waiting for Our Beloved Hizzoner to start channeling Mickey Rooney’s ugly little racist caricature from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”—but I really just have a simple, dumb question. Skip figuring out who was right and who was wrong. Even skip the flagrant lying about Acosta shoving a woman, and the obvious racist contempt. Why is it okay to show every bad guy on the planet that the President of the United States of America can’t keep his stuff together for maybe sixty minutes? Why’s it okay to show the planet that this country’s run by a guy who can’t figure out what questions he’s gonna get asked, sit with staff for a few minutes and figure out some basic answers, so he can get through a presser without turning bright purple? Assume that you’re right, and Acosta was to blame. Why is it okay by you to have a President who can’t cope, and who SHOWS THE ENTIRE WORLD that he can’t?

  164. @Robert: The President's ego is too big to not have a press conference. No matter what, in his mind it's always about him. The press, unfortunately, believe the same thing.

  165. I comment infrequently these days, because I read less frequently (and thoroughly). I'm exhausted by fear and anxiety. My former at-the-ready anger has worn me out and left me just plain old discouraged. My husband will say, "did you read this or watch that" and my reply is, "I no longer have the stomach to pay attention the way I should." Pep talks welcome.

  166. Don’t give in to the madness. That’s just what Trump wants.

  167. @Susan I feel you but did MLK Jr. give up? Did Rosa Parks give up? Did the Suffragettes give up? Did Woodward and Bernstein give up? NEVER!

  168. A reporters job is to report the news, not become the story. Acosta has time after time made himself the story. Not sure when they began teaching that in J-school, but older reporters are horrified and angered by his tactics. For his part, Trump should lose the anger and try to be more tactful in his responses. It would make Acosta look like a bigger jerk than he already is.

  169. Trump’s petulant lashing out at reporters Jim Acosta - and PBS's Yamiche Alcindor - at today’s press conference was vindictive and unwarranted. It’s time the White House press corps reacted to an attack on one as an attack on all, and left the room en masse. Imagine the effect that would have on our Narcissist-in-Chief.

  170. Trump is more like a petulant boy king than a president. He feels entitled to special treatment and special privileges. He breaks norms without a second thought, criticizes others for doing what he does, threatens to lock up political opponents who are much less corrupt than he is, and attacks anyone who poses a threat to his dominance or reveals his abject dishonesty. He is a moral degenerate and a pathological liar. The sooner we are rid of him, the better. Meanwhile, those around him who enable his tantrums, his lies, his norm breaking, his demagoguery and his boorish, bullying behavior are complicit. History will judge them harshly.

  171. The entire WH press corps should now begin any inquiry with, "Jim Acosta wants me to ask:...", as a statement of solidarity.

  172. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others in the Trump administration work for a man who bragged about assaulting women. What can you expect from such a crew?

  173. Baloney. They guy had several questions answered and it was time to give someone else a chance. He asked for another question and didn;t get it. When the President fo the United States answers your questions - at length - and then says it is time to move on, you move on. Acosta is just a rude, pushy egotist trying to evoke sympathy for exhibiting the same behavior traits as Trump. Had anyone acted this way with Obama the Times would have had them hung in effigy. Acosta: But let me ask … if I may ask one other question … Trump: OK, that’s enough. Acosta: Mr. President, if I may … Trump: Peter, go ahead. Acosta: If I may ask one other question. Are you worried … Trump: That’s enough. That’s enough. Acosta: But, Mr. President, I — well … Trump: That’s enough. Acosta: I was going to ask one other … Trump: That’s enough. Acosta: The other folks have had … Trump: That’s enough. What part of: "That's enough" does the Board not understand ?

  174. Margaret Sullivan is right: CNN and the NYT and every other responsible news organization (Fox) should challenge the decision in court as a violation of the First Amendment.

  175. @Austin Kerr Margaret Sullivan labors under a delusion if that's what she said. The First Amendment prohibits Congress from instituting restrictions on speech, not the President. If there were no press conferences, no law would be violated.

  176. I'm as much disgusted by that White House aide. Has she drunk so much of the Trump kool-aid that she doesn't mind helping him walk all over the Constitution?

  177. The Times can help by shunning Sanders and her propoganda presentations. Ignore her. Starve her of the oxygen of media attention.

  178. I want to hear one thing from every news agency - including the New York Times - that they will not participate unless Acosta is reinstated. Simple as that. Anyone who would is supporting this deliberate censorship and muzzling of reporters. No accepting the lies about the intern, nor the demand that all questions be soft and gentle.

  179. If that guy treated Obama the same way, your opinion would be different. Think about that.

  180. He's a prima donna who loves center stage. Anybody defending his constant exhibitionism is so far into their Trump Derangement Syndrome that they've lost all capacity for rational thought.

  181. When are we going to call a spade a spade. This is not populism. This is fascism in the making.

  182. Spare me the lecture. That Trump is boorish and odious and needs to be kept is check is a given. But you guys spent eight years fawning over Obama while he made Constitutionally dubious uses of executive power. Not sure nettlesome or challenging power is how I would characterize your actions then. Physician, heal thyself.

  183. What’s unfortunate is that these capable journalists have to put up the moronic insult comic, Trump, instead of calling out his nonsense.

  184. As per Andrea Mitchell; Acosta was set up to deflect from the election results. In that context it's even more disgusting.

  185. Is Jim Acosta a journalist? The job of a journalist is to report the facts in an objective manner. But Jim Acosta was offering commentary and opinion and was doing so in a aggressive and rude manner. If Jim Acosta wants to be a political commentator or an advocate for illegal immigration then he should seek a career change.

  186. I would add that Tucker Carlson should also be allowed to do his job without a left-wing mob assaulting his house and family. Let's see if the NYT will write an outraged editorial about this mob action against a conservative journalist. If they are fair, then they will.

  187. This editorial is incomplete without the word "childish."

  188. If we are to "let Jim Acosta do his job" lets first define what his job actually is: Provocateur? Sympathy-generating-ratings-enhancer? Never-Trump morale enabler? Misleading conspiracy stoker? Please, tell us why we should put up with his not-quite-ready-for-journalism schtick?

  189. Acosta habitually used White House press conference as a forum to debate issues with the president rather than ask questions. He forfeited press pass when he refused to relinquish the microphone and struggled with a White House aide who attempted to pass the microphone to another reporter.

  190. This is another opportunity for the press to show their solidarity and gumption. ALL of them should stand outside the press briefing room as a strike against this administration's total disregard for truth. Of course they would oppose the press. How frustrating it is for the disgraceful occupant of the dishonored Oval Office to have to deal with truth when the press keeps pressing on his untruths. And I saw the actual altercation between the intern and the reporter. She is the one who tried to grab the mike out of his hands, and he is the one who moved away from HER hands. Lies and lies and lies for the past 2 years. ENOUGH!!

  191. I get that you hate, hate, hate Trump., but editorials like this make it too easy for Trump to vilify the NYT. Jim Acosta's continued self-beclowning on the national media stage should be an embarrassment for all journalists. It's not defensible and it allows Trump to claim "Look the NYT even took that clown Acosta's side." Choose your editorial positions more wisely. I think the NYT's series of articles on Trump's family inheritances and business and tax issues over the decades would have been far more impactful if the NYT hadn't spent so much time attacking Trump over absolutely everything.

  192. Time for the media to step up and defend Acosta and itself from this, especially given that Baghdad Sarah justified tRump's pulling of the press credential using a doctored video. Ban all WH employees and surrogates from appearing on ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, BBC, etc. No Kellyanne, no Jack Kingston, no Baghdad Sarah, no Newt, no Rudy, no Gym Jordan, no McConnell, etc. until and unless Acosta is reinstated, Sanders resigns and tRump apologizes. Enough is enough.

  193. The White House went to war with the press And revoked a reporter’s access When it was unhappy With questions too snappy For the president’s level of stress

  194. Good commentary. Sarah Sanders is spewing out lies every bit as much as this POTUS and she knows better. She serves a bully who instigates violence but is offended when a reporter briefly and accidentally touches someone's arm? She should resign and save us having to listen to her twisted justifications.

  195. Trump’s petulant lashing out at reporters Jim Acosta and Yamiche Alcindor at yesterday’s press conference was vindictive and unwarranted. It’s time the White House press corps reacted to an attack on one as an attack on all, and left the room en masse. That collective action would send a message louder than a NYT Editorial.

  196. Why don't you show or describe the actual exchange? Trump was done with Acosta, as is his right, and was addressing/selecting a new questioner. The protocol was clearly to hand the microphone to the young woman so she can take it to the next questioner - this happened the other 34 times the microphone changed hands. But not with Acosta, not him. He forcefully held on to the microphone. The young woman was clearly alarmed by his behavior, which was rude and threatening ("I am keeping this mic"), and clearly put her in an uncomfortable position. Acosta is being banned not for asking questions (otherwise Trump would never address him) but for being a deliberate jerk going as far as offending the helpless hired staff. Shameful. They ought to ban him for life. Does CNN not have another reporter? What is so sacred about Acosta? --- 1:22 pm Thur

  197. Holding a microphone is “rude and threatening”? You know nothing about the law. What the young woman did by grabbing the microphone Acosta was holding easily qualifies as battery under tort law.

  198. @Kip It's her microphone, not his, and she operates under the direction of the President. Acosta held on to the microphone when he was told by Trump several times to give it up. "Rude and threatening" as I said did not connote a legal issue, just an obtusely obnoxious behavior issue, and your straw man doesn't hold up. Having said that, if I were you, I would not presume too much when claiming that I know nothing about the law.

  199. NYT - CNN - MSNBC - White House : please post your etiquette rules you agreed to abide by when attending a Presidential Press Conference in the White House? And why did NYT not show the photo from the Right side showing Acosta pushing the young woman's arm away the third time - AFTER the President repetitively said he was done, sit down and called on someone else? There must be a rule that clearly states NO TOUCHING WH STAFF. I like Acosta - when he isn't rude. He has the look and the voice - but he lacks in temperament, manners, and appropriate etiquette. Surely, you have legal papers you signed to authorize Professional Journalists into the White House and how they MUST BEHAVE DURING A WH Press Conference. Just taking a leap here lol - You do not scream down, constantly interrupt a Politician like you are paparazzi at a rock concert. WH provides an intern to expedite questions by moving the microphone around so more journalists can ask more questions. I don't think he realized he pushed the woman's arm away - but he did, the questioning moved on, the President called on other people and the intern was doing her job that calls for following the President's lead to move the microphone. Acosta refused to relinquish the microphone three times.

  200. @ME Agreed - Acosta was grandstanding and doing the press corp a great disservice. This was a press conference with the President, not a cross-examination and the President was quite right to move on to give other questioners a turn.

  201. Acosta is a self-promoting jerk who actually signs autographs at political events. By refusing to give up the microphone, he earned his banishment from the White House. Hopefully, a year from now it will be Jim who?

  202. People can spin the Truimp/Acosta confrontation anyway they please, but Truimp is our freely elected President. Acosta should have just set down after his original remarks when asked to, and not have been so defiant and disrespectful to a sitting President. With the majority of news reporters today it is almost mob rule in always accentuating the negative. What ever happened to non baised reporting? Opinions are great and are the foundation of a free society, but we have now gone way past that in so-called news reporting. My opinion only, but the majority of folks in this country feel news organization have let their biases dictate their reporting!

  203. @Hardbody Sorry... America doesn't work that way... we elected a person, we weren't given someone who rules by the divine right of kings....

  204. @Hardbody I appreciate what you say but it is hard to remain unbiased when one side lies constantly. This whole drama started with Trump and is continued by Trump. The media just reacts. He spews out inflammatory nonsense constantly and deliberately to get reactions and then people forget the source of all the brew haha and Trump then whines claiming to be the victim and some people, possibly your good self, fall for it again and again. Trump is the source of all of it. Surely you understand that? Until he shows a little respect and stops creating the endless drama I doubt he will be treated any differently from the good men and women of the free press.

  205. @Hardbody Hardboy, read please my comments to Dave, who like you doesn't address the real point which, actually, is not to hard to understand (unless you dream to live in a dictatorship): the President must answer all the question citizens want to ask, particularly, when we have a president who changes the "facts" as it fits him.

  206. We are heading clearly towards a dictatorship rule. Spineless republicans are enabling this man to become one now. They will be the most impacted group of people very soon as everything that this country stands for.

  207. Absolutely. Let Jim Acosta do his job. But his job description doesn't include pushing away a young, female intern and humiliating her on national television. His job in to report news, not make news.

  208. Nice try. This is first semester tort law. She had absolutely no right to grab the microphone he was holding. What she did was technically battery, regardless of attempts to deflect from that by asserting irrelevancies like Acosta supposedly “humiliating” her. Blaming Acosta for physically reacting to a battery would be funny if it weren’t so sad to see Trump followers literally defending anything his administration does, no matter how unlawful.

  209. @Kip To whom does the microphone belong?

  210. @John Mr. Acosta did not push away the young woman. Stop repeating that lie.

  211. Put your money wear your mouth is. Boycott Trumps press conference until he restores the credentials.

  212. The NYT, and all other legitimate press should now do two things: 1. Walk out of the WH press briefing room and stay out until the press is treated with respect. 2. Stop covering tweets as if they are news. Just refuse to reprint them or report them.

  213. Will we never wake up from this nightmare?

  214. @sjs 2028, after Nikki's second term. Maybe

  215. Can we please call a spade a spade? The claim that Mr. Acosta laid his hands on a young woman is not just "demonstrably false." It is a lie. Plain and simple.

  216. "Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing. Do you begin to see, then, what kind of world we are creating?" - George Orwell, 1984 The book is an instructional manual for this administration. Sarah Sanders is the Minister of Truth. Just see how she tossed the real video into a memory hole and behold, we have a new video showing what the Administration wants us to see.

  217. The Press is not an "Enemy of the People." The Press is a "Defender of the Constitution." It is the President who assails the Press when it seeks the Truth and ignores its sacred place in our constitutional form of government. You. sir, are not our King and we, including Jim Acosta, are not your subjects. You need to understand that it is you, Mr. President, who serves us, not vice-versa.

  218. What the young woman did, by physically grabbing the microphone Acosta was holding and trying to pull it away from him, under common law/tort easily and indisputably meets the definition of battery.

  219. "....and coinciding as it did with his [Trump's] forcing the resignation of an attorney general who dared put law and propriety above craven loyalty." Now go back and read the Times's opinion of Sessions when he was up for confirmation!

  220. "Mr. Trump would no doubt prefer that every member of the White House press corps be like Sean Hannity or Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News personalities who happily joined the president onstage at his last pre-election campaign rally in Missouri on Monday." If there was ever any doubt in your mind about whether "Fox" and "News" belong in the same sentence, this should settle it.

  221. Interesting. Same day, a CNN correspondent loses his pass, and a Fox News commentator has his house and his family targeted during an attack, but the NYT editorial broad consider only one of them has every right to do his job without being threatened.

  222. @Erwan Mr. Acosta is a reporter. Carlson is a pundit. There is a difference but that doesn’t condone targeting either for doing what they do. Conflating the two cases is false equivalence.

  223. Trump's ignorance of history, the importance of a free press to democracy, and the role of a president was on full display yesterday in his appalling, embarrassing press conference. He continues to treat his job as nothing more than a TV reality-show host whose singular goal is to gain media attention--good or bad. In the words of former president Harry Truman, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

  224. What if Trump gave a press conference and nobody showed up? It would deprive him of a pulpit and an audience against whom tounload his venom, hatred, and delussions of grandeur. To a demagogue and a narcicist this would be the ultimate slap on the face. While I relish thwe thought, I doubt the press would have the guts to, in a concerted effort, adopt this as a non-verbal and peaceful tactic to let this president know where they stand.

  225. Trump is a national disgrace. So is the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, who is inexplicably maintaining his invitation to Trump for the Armistice Day célébrations in Paris. May have something to do with Macron's revisionist view of French history with his desire to rehabilitate the French Second World War hero Pétain. I suppose birds of a feather really do flock together....

  226. You ae asking for the impossible to happen. Fox News will no more defend freedom of the press than they would say something negative about 45. Attacks by the White House on the news media are reprehensible and should not be tolerated.