Hillary Clinton on Possible 2020 Run: ‘I’d Like to Be President’

During an interview on Friday, Mrs. Clinton said she would be well-suited to the job, but that she wouldn’t consider another run until after the midterms next week.

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  1. Idea for a low budget Halloween movie: the ghost of Harold Stassen takes possession of the body of a once-respected presidential candidate, causing her to embarrass herself increasingly. Hilarity ensues.

  2. @Mark T Hillary ensues. "American Evita" comes to mind, and another very divisive election process. Is this what the US wants?

  3. @Mark T: Very funny. I was thinking of Stassen the other day when HRC dropped hints about running again. Common refrain is that she should step aside to allow youth to take over, but the younger members of the party appear to be bereft of ideas: Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer--tiptoeing actually on the thin edge of being of a certain age--not one has taken on the successful economic policies of the President, and presented viable alternatives.So why not? 70 plus, what has she got to lose by trying again. Nothing will calm her restless soul except 1 more run for the White House.What gnaws at her, keeps her up at night, my hunch, is that if only she had spent more time in Wisconsin and Michigan.That, plus the notion that the presidency was stolen from her since she won the popular vote. As the pieds noirs in French Algeria would say in less than grammatical French:"Tu peux vas y nous sommes ca y est!"

  4. *Hillarity ensues

  5. No,no,no.

  6. My response exactly. And i voted for her in 2016.

  7. @Talbot Yes, yes, yes to Colorado's governor John Hickenlooper in 2020. Go HICK!

  8. Nobody needs to be reminded that Hillary Clinton would like to be President. With all due respect for her prior service to our country, I sincere hope Ms. Clinton can find it in her heart to do what she told Kara Swisher she would do-----wait and watch to see and encourage the growth and maturation of a new generation of leadership in her party.

  9. @James Yeh right! She said that to Kara Swisher because she's a politician.

  10. I voted for Hillary in 2016. I'm deeply sorry that she is not president right now. But we/she cannot keep doing the same thing expecting different results. And the last thing we need for our sanity and unity is a rehash of the 2016 election. We need to move on. We need to give some new Democrat candidates a chance now to combat the idea that we have nothing to offer but attacks on Trump. It would be great if Hillary could put her considerable talent to work toward that endeavor.

  11. She would have been great, but don't do it. We need younger people to run. Maybe our youth would vote more if they realized that most people in Congress don't even know how to use Facebook and have their tweets sent by the young staff. And I say this as being near 70. Let's have a new day.

  12. Isn't there a saying that the definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? I would put this question to Hilary Clinton and the Democrat Party, if the latter countenanced this wild notion of hers. There is probably no major Democrat politician more unqualified to run against Donald Trump in 2020, as we know with certainty that Donald can beat Hilary. It's an historical fact. As to anyone else. it's just a supposition. Indeed, I could pull the most objectionable creature out of a swamp and yet can only presume that Donald can beat it; with Hilary, I KNOW that Donald can beat her. Even toying with the idea on her part is the height of self-centered (and, I would argue, delusional) arrogance.

  13. @Ed Fontleroy It is more than lunacy, because pure lunacy would only involve hurting yourself. Any attempt for her to run would inflict both additional damage to the Democratic party as well as incite Trump's most vile base. I just don't get it - at some point you must look beyond yourself and understand, whether justified or not, that your mere presence damages our cause.

  14. @Steve Weiss she’s just nuts!

  15. @Ed Fontleroy It's also the definition of practice

  16. The most noble thing she can do is bow out of public life, she will lose for the same reasons she lost before. Yes she is very experienced but voters have spoken and said that this isn’t the most important thing. Her inability to recognize her place in the climate is her biggest weakness, and things like this bring down the party. If she truly believes in the Democratic cause she will have to let go of her place in it. I know she won the popular vote in 2016 but the Democratic field was weak and the reluctance with which many of us casted our vote for her will persist. If she runs again I think she’d be humbled early in the primaries, and I don’t think she wants that.

  17. and she became the 2016 democratic candidate because she colluded with the dnc to undermine bernie's campaign and get him out of the race. in terms of honesty and integrity, she's right there with president trump.

  18. @P Humbled early in the primaries is the best possible outcome. If she buys her way to the nomination again, we're doomed.

  19. Please, no. Make this woman go away. It would be 2016 all over again, only Trump would win the popular vote. If Democrats want to commit suicide, this is how they would do it.

  20. Please do NOT run for president. If Biden would have run against Trump, he would have won easily. You had and have too much "baggage" including the millions you accumulated in your foundation for favors granted, and your email fiasco. YOU gave us Trump.

  21. Not if it results in Trump's re-election.

  22. ...And I would like to be the King of Siam....

  23. Time to gracefully disappear.

  24. @William Doyle

    The ship has already sailed for "gracefully," but there is still time for "disappear."

  25. no, a thousand times, no

  26. And just when things are looking good for the Dems Hilary cant help herself but be a distraction that will drive GOP voters to the polls. Selfish tone deafness.

  27. Yes, and the media making this a “news” story is not going to help.

  28. @Scott D
    so true, but then again, NYT puts this as front page headline??really?? talk about distraction.

  29. Respectfully, this 60 year old lifetime Democrat from Northeast Pennsylvania, wishes you a happy retirement. Please lend your expertise and resources, without personally running for President.

  30. Nope nope nope. Many people voted for Trump because he was perceived as an outsider (not saying he is, he clearly isn't. Just stating a fact.) Hillary is considered an insider. Bernie in that sense had a better chance of winning. But the dems pushed Hillary down everyone's throat instead. When will the Dems learn! It's time for the old fogies WHO LOST THE ELECTION to resign. Nancy, Hillary are you listening?? If you remain tone deaf this will be at the detriment of the election results, for the Dems.

  31. @anne Debbie Wasserman-Schultz needs to resign too! The Democratic Party was pretty much decimated under her tenure.

  32. Her candidacy would be the last nail in Democratic Party’s coffin and there’s barely room for another nail.

  33. For God's sake. It's not about DJT and it's not about HRC. I voted for her but would never do so again in a primary. We have to move on and get a Democrat POTUS, even if it turns out being (Gasp!!), a male.

  34. Speaking as a Republican, I think she should run for President as often as possible.

  35. She needs to hang up her hat - she has the qualifications etc., but losing in two straight presidential election cycles to newcomers should give you a mighty big lesson.

  36. I have one word for Ms. Clinton's ambition to be president: No. She had two bites at the apple. No one gets three.

  37. With all due respect, and I believe much is due, please don’t enter the race. If we are to have any chance of winning, the neverending tide of negativity that engulfs you is a burden we simply can’t afford.

  38. If the DNC promotes Clinton, then I would say that the DNC has learned nothing and has become irrelevant to American politics.

  39. Dear Hillary, please don't run again. For what it's worth, I'd love to have you as president now. You've checked every box on the presidential prep form at least once, and I believe you would be a fine president. However, you tried and it was a debacle. Leave that sleeping dog alone. Please.

  40. I'm a Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton. I didn't want to. She's toxic and needs to stay OUT of politics for the remainder of her life. All she does is energize Trump's Republican base.

  41. Only she really said, “No, no, no” when she was asked if she would run again.

  42. If Hillary decides to run, there will be ZERO chance of any GOP defectors. Mrs. Clinton: please don't hand Mr. Trump another 4 years on a gold platter.

  43. No, please no. I voted for her in 2016 but it’s not the right time to run again. Her ego needs to let it go.

  44. Oh, please. We need a new generation of Democratic leaders. All of these valiant warriors like Hillary, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren need to fight the good fight and lead, from behind. Be the constant bully pulpit for the defining issues: health care; defending public education and the environment, income inequality; sensible gun control; immigration reform, etc. Hillary has a role to play, but _not_ as THE candidate in 2020.

  45. "I would like to be President....." And I would like to be married to Rafael Nadal and have gobs of money....but it's not going to happen. Hillary needs a reality check and forget about it. We've seen this movie already and it ended badly.

  46. @susan I would like not to have to think about imaginative means of offing myself, which comes to mind whenever the Clintons go on a book tour, or say things like "I would like to be President". Someone buy this woman a lottery ticket; she has better odds of that than winning the presidency. It's a teachable moment if she'd have the grace to learn.

  47. "There were no articles telling Al Gore to go away or John Kerry to go away or John McCain or Mitt Romney to go away,” she said. “Mitt Romney is going to the Senate, that’s where he’s going.” That 's because Gore and Kerry and McCain and even Romney were likeable. Sorry Hillary!

  48. @Jake - Ick. Romney is not likeable. He keeps cropping up like a bad rash.

  49. @Jake: I would argue that she is entirely wrong, anyway. Gore, Kerry, and McCain didn't TRY to run again after winning their party's nomination and losing the general. Romney, on the other hand, seems intent on running for EVERYTHING. People aren't telling him to go away because he's moderate compared to many other Republicans, and they're in desperate need of some moderates.

  50. @Jake And all of the above were defeated and moved on. This two time loser needs to move on too.

  51. I think Mrs. Clinton should run again and will defeat the current president hands down.

  52. Ugh. She will win the popular vote and lose the electoral votes again.

  53. #Never Hillary—Vote Democrat YES, Vote Woman CERTAINLY, Vote Hillary NEVER. When I first read this article I thought it was some opposition placement or “fake news” trying to suppress votes in the upcoming elections. Plainly she has not gotten the message. The Trump vote was clearly an anti Hillary vote and any mention of her dipping her toe to test the water may very well drive any centrist/non-aligned voter right into the other camp once again. Hillary, please keep your head down at least until 2024—or forever.

  54. how about, vote for the best candidate? regardless of sex or race. to vote for a woman, just because she is a woman is just as sexist as voting for a man running against a woman, just because he's a man or she's a woman.

    claiming to vote for a woman to show just how committed you are to liberal beliefs is, by definition, sexist.

  55. The best thing Hillary can do right now, is go away until after 2020, and hope that the dems are back in the white house.

  56. Really? It is absolute madness to have the country gambling its future again with the same candidate who lost to Trump. Don't you think that part of the reason that Trump (the most unpopular candidate to win office) won is that his opponent was also unpopular? Hillary Clinton failed to convince 62M Americans to vote for her. They instead voted for a charlatan who never held office and can't form a coherent line of thought. You failed, Hillary, and it is the most abject failure.

  57. Hillary comes with decades of scandal and baggage, some legit, some smears. She is universally disliked among the white working class she failed to court in 2016. She's flip flopped on social issues and only swung hard left to keep up with her competition. She played dirty tricks in conjunction with the DNC to defeat Bernie. She received so many donations from Wall Street and Defense contractors it puzzled voters whether they were voting for another Bush. Wow, what could possibly go wrong with another HRC run?

  58. I voted for her in 2016... but no, no, no!

  59. Loved Clinton's comment about Mitt. She's exactly right.

  60. October 29, 2018 Yes born to win the presidency and for what the world more so and then some America's Democracy leadership that is worthy of Senator / Secretary Hillary Clinton coming to the stage that just born to accomplish and the antidote to the Trump fake presidency as leader at homeland and then his myopic one per-centers world order and for all the rest walls, walls and more.....

  61. Been there. Tried that. Very bad outcome. No. No. No.

  62. Please just go away and just enjoy retirement . The dems need candidates that reflect cultures and demographics, not a servant of Wall Street.

  63. Please Hilary, no. (I voted for her, and I admire her, but it doesn't take much brains to see that this would not work). Please don't do it. Time to retire.

  64. @Charley horse And time to stop making such statements that are complete bait to Hilary-hating Republicans!

  65. @Charley horse I agree. In retirement she should teach (maybe at Yale?), write books, advise politics, hike, host fabulous dinner parties with incredibly interesting people, spend time with family, build up her foundation, maybe become a non-profit executive. She's brilliant and capable and she should not let that brilliance go to waste, but she should not pursue office any more. A bitter pill to swallow, but the truth.

  66. The article assumes there are going to be free and open presidential elections in 2020. If the GOP retains control of the Senate in 2018, don't bank on it.

  67. Sad to say, I would take her in a heartbeat if Joe Biden doesn't run.

  68. I voted for you, but NO, a thousand times NO! It's not about you, it's about us. We don't need another four years of Trump (or whoever else replaces him after the Mueller report drops).

  69. Who wants to see a replay of 2016? Hillary, please think it over carefully. There are many activities that would have a greater probability of satisfaction for all concerned. Thank you for your service.

  70. Secretary Clinton, please see Lyndon Johnson's announcement on March 31, 1968 stating that he will not seek re-election. Please follow that example. As a nation there is too much division.

  71. Mrs. Clinton, what you're effectively saying is you'd like to see the GOP continue in the office of POTUS. The Democratic Party needs a candidate who doesn't carry excessive baggage, is not beholden to Wall Street and can beat Trump. Thank you for your years of service but unfortunately, Hillary, you are not that candidate.

  72. Hillary Clinton was the reason so many didn't vote in 2016, Which led to a Trump victory. Please let's not do it again!

  73. Are you kidding me?? She's tarnished. This country needs new political blood, new faces, and new ideas. Hillary needs to think more broadly about what is best for the country, not just herself.

  74. Instead of spending precious time promoting progressive ideals or the party she is using her platform to distract from common goals. During the days before midterms she needs to do one thing: Promoting Progressive Politics. Lamenting about 2016 is not helping.

  75. No, her time has gone...Support, encourage, raise $$ for a young progressive CHARISMATIC candidate...

  76. What’s wrong with her and her husband? Why would she do this to the Democratic Party and to up-and-comers? Is she waiting to be thoroughly defeated and humiliated by her own party before retiring for good?

  77. NO - though she'd make a great president she is not a candidate who can win!

  78. Hilary clearly has severely impaired judgment. Unfit for the office.

  79. The one way to guarantee that Trump will be re-elected is to have Hillary Clinton run against him. This time, think of the citizens of the US and not yourself. It is time for to step aside.

  80. The time for Secretary Clinton has come and gone. If that isn't evident from the results of 2016 then 2020 is already a lost cause. There is too much (undeserved) vitriol against her.

  81. I can't even read this article. The democratic party (and Rs but this is a Hilary story) needs new people. Younger people with new ideas and approaches who don't carry so much negative baggage. And I say this as a 55 year old. The era of the Clintons and other 70+ candidates should be over. We need to clean house in Washington and start over.

  82. Let's not wait and see. No Clinton. No Biden. Either of them having support of the DNC would signal the purposeful, conscious intent to lose in 2020.

  83. She has way too much baggage and wouldn't want to see her elected. Would like to see a younger, more inspiring woman elected to office though.

  84. Mrs. Clinton, thank you for your decades of public service. You had your time and your time is now over. I urge you to leave 2020 and beyond to other candidates. This is what will be best for our country.

  85. Please, please, please retire. You have earned plenty of speaking fees by now to live comfortably. We need candidates who actually inspire new voters to come out, movement candidates. Clinton 2020 would be the disaster that Clinton 2016 was.

  86. If one learns from the past Hillary,it is time to bow out and let new blood take the helm if the Democratic Party is to succeed. There are plenty of dynamic and eligible candidates vying for the chance so please step aside and don't blow it and give us another 4 years of Trump.

  87. Who cares what anyone thinks. She’s free to run if she wants. Not going to support her, but Democrats need to stop trying to rig the primaries. Let the voters decide who they want. If they choose her, that’s the deal.

  88. Tragically, Ms. Clinton's culpability in enabling (or covering up) her husband's attacks on women have compromised beyond repair any possibility of future elected office for her. Nevertheless, when we drink from the well we remember and are greatful for those, like Ms. Clinton, who helped dig the well.

  89. Oh god no! Doesn't she realize that she is damaged goods? And that some of that damage was self inflicted? I would love to see a democratic woman run for president - and win! It's about time. But Hillary is not and never again will be a viable candidate for elected office.

  90. NO! NO! NO! If she runs again will have a repeat of trump. She is not the person to take back the country. She needs to move on & forget politics. Mentoring & consulting with younger Democrats seeking political office would be a better choice for her. She sometimes acts like she is playing the victim card. She has baggage that trump & his base will continue to exploit.

  91. I'd also like to be president and I think I'm competent, but I will not run under any circumstances, no matter how the midterms turn. I sincerely hope that HRC will follow my lead.

  92. Mrs. Clinton, For many of us, we're not asking you to not run again due to sexism. At least for myself, it's because of your silence (and potential approval) regarding the ways in which Bernie Sanders and his campaign were minimized and silenced during the 2016 convention, as well as throughout the election cycle. You were, and continue to be, an "establishment" candidate in a very non-establishment political atmosphere at the national level. Please don't run again. Rather, please throw your support behind new candidates, women or men, who impress you with their vision and courage. This would be a far better service to your country.

  93. Wait. Didn't polling say she was the least-liked major-party pres. candidate (or "most negatives") in the U.S. since modern polling began in the 1930's..., with Donald Trump coming in second on that list? Do we as Americans want that particular kind of one-two choice again?

  94. @Dana The polls I saw made Clinton the #3 most-disliked, and Trump the #1 most-disliked. Which says a lot about the state of our democracy.

  95. Please no, she is the best possible candidate for Trump to run against. There is nothing wrong with Hillary the person, but the image that the right has cultivated about her is enough to ensure that enough misinformed people vote against her. We need to get Trump out of office in 2020, and unfortunately for Clinton, she is not the right person to achieve that.

  96. I'm a big believer that the most qualified person should get the job. Hillary is brilliant, articulate, Community focused, experienced and would make an exceptional president. Why elect someone less qualified? Our current president isn't qualified to do anything except bully other countries, the Press and his staff.

  97. @laura jackson there is just the little question of getting elected

  98. @laura jacksonThat may be true Laura, but the Democrats need to put up a candidate that has a chance to win.

  99. @laura jackson Many of us do not want Clinton. An
    individual who doesn't know how to run a political
    campaign should not be President.

  100. The only way I would vote for her again is if she divorced Bill and denounced his past behavior. And even then, I'm not so sure. Step aside, admit defeat (though I will never stop pointing out that she won 2016 by 3 million). It's a different world now.

  101. she had 2% more popular votes. it represented less that 1% of the population. trump won the electoral college vote, the way elections have been conducted in this country since the adoption if the Constitution by a margin of 304-227. accept it. she lost. and she lost big.

  102. I cannot imagine a worse way for democrats to mount a campaign to retake the White House, especially if they’re successful in taking the House and minimizing damage in the Senate than trotting Secretary Clinton for another go around. She has had her chance. Twice. If we emerge from the midterms with some semblance of democratic success, it will be of no thanks to her. The energy this year from women, minorities and young people signal a shift in the Democratic Party requiring new blood and new leadership. We need that in the House, the Senate, and CERTAINLY at the top of the ticket in ‘20. I supported Bernie, and I still believe in his vision, but I don’t think he should necessarily be standard bearer for it in 2020. The party has moved leftward and there are many capable new leaders whom ought to get a chance at leadership. The energy this year is for a new direction and we must continue to channel that in the 2020 primaries.

  103. Bloomberg!

    A successful billionaire businessman who is smart, has an ethical center-of-gravity, has shown he can run a complex administration, is an articulate and thoughtful speaker and who has not declared bankruptcy a half-dozen times to rescued failed endeavors. The best chance for the dems.

  104. No, No, No. Or we will have four more years of Trump.

  105. The last election saw the most despicable person in America running against the most hated. The last thing we need is to repeat that. If she wins the nomination, I'll vote for her again, and she will lose again. Surely the Democrats can do better.

  106. This feels a bit like Charlie Brown and the football. Of course, Hillary would love another kick at the ball. But surely she knows that the ball will again be whisked away at the last moment, leaving her to once more fall unceremoniously on her backside. OK, maybe not at the last moment. If she were to declare, disappointment would likely arrive sooner than that. Democrats explicitly need to reclaim the loyalty of working class Americans, moving beyond Clintonism and discreet Wall Street coziness. Everybody knows that. Probably even Hillary knows that. She should graciously accept a respected senior status. It's not quite what she craves but far better than making a fool of herself.

  107. Her making a fool of herself, though inevitable, would be the least of it, I assure you.

  108. This is so upsetting. Hillary lost to one of the worst candidates on the planet. Please, please, please stop running for office. She is a fatally flawed candidate, polarizing in the extreme. I don’t think she should be, but she IS. It’s a fact. Hillary and Joe Biden are taking opportunities away from smart, young Democrats who will be the future of the party.

  109. @Marshall Marshall, why do you tar Biden with the same brush as Hillary? Everyone I know agrees that blue-collar Biden would have beaten Trump easily in 2016 because he is not a polarizing figure. Trump would have been unable to attack Biden so soon after Joe lost his son. He was and still is relatively non-polarizing, and still has an appeal to working people. His age would be mitigated by a pledge to spend only one term in office binding the nation's wounds, like Gerald Ford.

  110. @Marshall, she did not lose she won. She lost the electoral college vote. Trump is not the first nor will he be the last time a terrible candidate won. On what basis do you find her terribly flawed and polarizing. Trump was and is beyond flawed and the most divisive man in the country and yet he sits in the WH. I think that the "flaw" lies in a large swath of the American electorate, stupid, uninformed and bigoted. That said I also would welcome some new fresh faces if for no other reason than why old TV shows fade and new kids on the block emerge.

  111. Not Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, and not Joe Biden. We don't need someone to win the last election, we need someone who can lead us out the mess Trump has made of our world. Not Kamala Harris, not Cory Booker, not Elizabeth Warren, and not anybody else who's all about how terrible Trump is. Maybe Beto O'Rourke. Maybe Connor Lamb. Maybe Julian Castro. Maybe Mitch Landrieu. Even better, maybe someone who nobody's thought of yet, who's all about changing the future and not about changing the past. politicsbyeccehomo.wordpress.com

  112. The article points out that her statement is being given more weight than it should given the context of what she was saying, and yet takes her words out of context anyway in the title for clicks. Nice work NYT. I’m sure she would like to be president, but she will not run as she knows it would mean certain defeat. It will be hard enough for the Democrats to win without pushing another female candidate.

  113. I fully believe there is no one more qualified to be President of the United States than Hillary Clinton, but I could not bring myself to support her nomination for President again. Fairly or not, she is seen as an incarnation of a demon by the Right and the Left, and 2016 proved that the center too wasn't too thrilled by her either. Despite her obvious qualifications, her running again would be to the detriment of the Democratic Party. She should've been the 45th President of the United States, but now we should look elsewhere for the 46th.

  114. @Aidan So if she got the nomination you would sit home and let Trump be elected?

  115. @Barb That's not what I said at all. In fact, I went out of my way to say I would not support her nomination, not candidacy, for president. If the two choices were Hillary or the Orange One, I'd vote for Hillary.

  116. @Aidan If. If. Shoulda. If my grandmother had wings and wheels she'd be a 747. But she doesn't. HRC lost under the rules of the system in place and it was not stolen. We lost, mainly because she was a terrible speaker and a brittle prig. I'm a Democrat. She was and remains tone deaf, a 2016 version of Al Gore; only HRC would trot out days before this critical election to remind Republicans how much they hate her/Democrats. She is another John Kerry; Michael Dukakis; Walter Mondale; Jimmy Carter; Adlai Stevenson. Intelligence is but one qualification for the office. The clear trend with Democrat nominees is self sabotage.

  117. Good god, she’s tone deaf. She needs to understand that the reason she wasn’t elected wasn’t because Trump was such a great candidate, it was also because she’s disliked across lines. She can’t want to run as “least unliked candidate” again.

  118. @Alex Tone deaf! I think she has some kind of disease. Narcissism, senility, I don't know, but the zeitgeist could not be shouting louder for her to please go away.

  119. I would vote for Hillary. She was the best candidate in 2008 and the best in 2016. She's smart, experienced and tough as nails. No one was ever better prepared or more knowledgeable in any campaign she ran. There are lots of reasons she didn't win, none of them legitimate in my view. She may not have been "likable" but as then candidate Obama said, she was likable enough. And so much more.

  120. @Bernard Bonn

    I don't know what you mean by "lots of reasons she didn't win, none of them legitimate in my view." She didn't win because she wasn't elected in states commanding the majority of electoral votes. I think we should elect our presidents by popular vote but until (if /when) that is a reality, candidates will have to deal with that dynamic.

    She is not a uniting candidate and we need someone with the energy and desire to "leave it all on the field". That isn't who Hillary was in 2016 and I haven't seen any change since then. She is capable, intelligent and knowledgeable but not the leader the democrats need going into the future.

  121. @Bernard Bonn As you can see here, most of us wouldn't. Enough is enough.

  122. @Bernard Bonn Smart? Then how come she kept doing seriously dumb things? How come she couldn't be bothered to go to a top-secret location to read the full National Intelligence Estimate before casting her vote -- the wrong way -- on the Iraq War Resolution? She voted in favor of putting our kids in harm's way without doing her homework. And how come she set up an insecure email server through which classified information flowed? I held a secret clearance for year and am very familiar with the obligations of someone dealing with the nation's secrets. Comey's "extremely careless" characterization was generous. I voted for her in 2016 because I thought the alternative was so much worse. I'm heartsick that he proves me right almost every day. But Hillary Clinton is absolutely the last person I want to see the Democrats nominate to get us out of the incredibly horrible situation we are now in.

  123. All other things being equal, and they never are, Hillary Clinton deserves as much a chance to be President as anyone else. Yet some candidates are more equal than others. Even with the tempation of saying, "So there!" to President Donald J. Trump and his supporters, I am not actively seeking a candidate who won the popular vote while losing the Electoral College, decisively, Because, no matter how the mid-terms go, I expect the 2020 campaign to be longer, nastier, less honest on GOP side, more expensive and less edifying than 2016. The Party of Trump has tasted success, and is 2 judges up at the Supreme Court. Everything they did last time worked, so we can expect to see more of it. Party of Trump have a generation of lies, half-truths and misrepresentation ready, and some well-known vulnerabilities to pick the scabs off or drive more nails through. I will cheerfully vote for Secretary Clinton if she wins the Primaries, and she's still a better choice then Bernie Sanders. I also expect "Lock (them) up!" will be the Party of Trump's rallying cry, no matter whom they are running against. Healthcare, race relations, war and peace, #metoo and basic honesty and fairness are all on the table. We need a champion who can win on those issues, against The Party of Trump.

  124. She wasn't a natural candidate and she didn't have a coherent message. She was not inspiring and we need someone uplifting and inspiring like Obama could be. I could go on and on. She might be good in some role like ambassador to NATO if there is such a position or working on Mideast Peace. She has a lot of baggage from Bill. People have Clinton fatigue. I could go on and on. At the same time I feel that she did win by 3 million votes and would be better than Trump, and that we should get rid of the electoral college. It was really unfair that she lost by 77,000 votes when she actually won by 3 million. We need someone who can restore our respect and leadership role in the world and bring people together.

  125. @P.A. Get over the electoral college whining! If 2016 was majority wins, then the campaigns would have been COMPLETELY different, and so would have been the vote counts. And the majority DID win, just divided up state-by-state, not nationally, with the EC votes allotted by population. All that matters is who won by the rules in place at the time.

  126. @P.A. And she is not that person. Hillary reprising her likable enough schtick is a Republican dream.

  127. @Dave
    I totally disagree with you. And I am not whining. Do not say that about females. Although I do realize the campaigns would have been different, for the better. most likely My vote in Mass for a Democrat rarely counts for president under this system.

  128. Is Trump paying her to say this? She cannot possibly be serious. Move aside. Get over yourself. Allow someone from the left to do the business at hand of restoration of the constitution, the national and the planet.

  129. Please no. Please don't let's revisit that polarizing campaign contest.

  130. Memo to Democrats: Please nominate Hillary. Thanks, Every Republican Everywhere

  131. Are we Dems/Libs cursed? When these people will ever realize their time has long past? Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein HRC Sheila Jackson Lee Steny Hoyer Patrick Leahy Chuck-Tailor-Schumer Do they know they are a major part of the problem we have now? We have two women Nancy Pelosi and HRC who are demonized by GOP and deployed every election cycle to scare enough voters into keeping GOP in power. What will take to have both completely disappear from public life? PS: Tailor ref how Schumer custom-made laws to fit his Wall Street patrons.

  132. We need youth. I am almost 72 and I would like to see people in their 40s running for office. The above named geriatrics are hogging congress - please step back and make room for younger, more energetic people who don't need the help of their great grand kids to fix their iPhones.

  133. I voted for Hillary; I think she'd be a great president, but please no. That's the quickest, most surefire way to get this goon re-elected.

  134. With all due respect to Hillary -- I did vote for her -- I have to say: Please don't run for president again. Same to Joe Biden, John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, and anyone else of that generation who have already given it a try. And to Elizabeth Warren -- who I'm happy to vote for again as senator. It's time to pass the torch. Each and every one of you would serve us better by helping to identify and promote new blood, younger faces, fresh ideas. Find us the next great Democratic leader -- a worthy successor to Barack Obama -- and move heaven and earth to get that person elected. For that I would thank you all!

  135. @Stevem Is she secretly trying to get Trump reelected? Why do the Clintons feel that have a right to be in the WH?

  136. @Stevem - Why are you and others so concerned with appearances and/or symbolism? While I don't think HRC should run again, she'd be the most qualified for the position.

  137. @Stevem

    I agree completely.

  138. Aye yi yi. Please, please - don't play the wronged woman card again. Hillary seems unable to assess her own flaws as a politician. Let others - and they will include women - step forward.

  139. A deplorable idea.

  140. You'd like to be president? Yes, of course. We really wanted you too! All of us! But not now. PLEASE move on. Please do something else so we can continue to admire you and your service to the country.

  141. Here's a thought: No!

  142. While Clinton is well qualified, I believe she would be polarizing. In this poinsonous age of Trump, lets find someone who may be able to bring the country back together.

  143. I took the time to look past all the lies and my own irrational dislike of Hillary and I ended up voting for her last year. I think she would have made a pretty good President. She certainly would have been much better than the dimwitted, bigot we have now. Unfortunately because of a variety of factors it's just not to be and she needs to turn her attention and skills to something else. What happened to her isn't fair but unfortunately life for a great many of us isn't fair. It's time to move on.

  144. As a third generation die-hard Democrat from Chicago, I say this with all my heart and soul...you have done enough Hillary. Its past time for you to fade from public view.

  145. no thank you.... let's move on - not Biden, not Clinton, not the past.

  146. No. No. No. You still don’t get it, Secretary Clinton. You should be further along in the Stages of Grief. It’s 2 years now. We aren’t talking about the death of a loved one.... Please spare us this unnecessary angst, candidates from 2016. I mean all of you. Saints and sinners both...

  147. @Patrician: For some people Denial is the terminal stage.

  148. It is time for Mrs. Clinton to retire from politics. She is every bit as objectionable to those on the right as Mr. Trump is to those on the left. The reason we're now saddled with Trump is BECAUSE Clinton was so objectionable to many who would have otherwise considered a Democrat over Trump. If she chooses to run again, and her party picks her, we will be stuck with Trump for another 4 years.

  149. @Mike If she chooses to run again and the dems pick her, Canada will get a population surge.

  150. @Mike Lets not forget she and Wasserman - Schultz fixed the nomimation and made sure Sanders could not get it. Bernie would have beaten Trump and we wouldn't be in this mess.

  151. @maria Oh please, that has been said every time Republican runs for president and it hasn’t happened ever. How many said they’d leave the country when Trump won? Yet they’re all still here.

  152. When will Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton take a hint and slink off to collect and count her coins earned from her public service in invisible silence? Hillary loses to the young black guy and the old white guy because she is an awful politician and a phony human being who has no character nor conscience nor courage. Bill and Hillary were both honored invited guests at the nuptials of Donald and Melania Trump. Chelsea and Ivanka Trump are and were buddies.

  153. No Way. You had a golden chance in 2016, but you lost and put the American people in this mess. American's will NEVER give you another chance. STOP day dreaming

  154. Please no. We have been down this road. Why would anyone think it would end any differently than it did in 2016? No more Clinton’s, no more Bushes, and sure as heck no more of the current family of grifters that we have in office.

  155. Please gawd no! I’m a dem but she is everything the dems are necessarily evolving from. Her timing on this speculation is an indication on how out of touch and self-centered she is.

  156. I voted for you, twice. Please don't.

  157. Hillary gave us Trump. By putting herself forward, she shows she lacks any respect or concern for any of us. She is as much a narcissistic egotist as Trump - just with a different style. If other Dem leaders fail to make it loudly clear that she's out, then the Democrats deserve to lose everything everywhere.

  158. @znlgznlg
    Sadly, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  159. @TNDem If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd think the Koch brothers were paying her to get Trump reelected. Sheesh.

  160. Do not go away. If there were ever a time for a woman to not shut up and sit down, this is it.

  161. But 8 days before the midterms?

    It is not too much to ask to sit on your hands for the sake of your country.

  162. The Clintons suffer from the same affliction that also afflicts the current POTUS: Narcissism. Just as her own husband effectively sabotaged her first, if not also her second, run for the office, because, in his twisted mind, he didn't want her to outshine him, she is inflicting her condition on the Democrats -- effectively mobilizing the right who, right or wrong, loathe her and sabotaging the Dems' opportunity to take the House if not also the Senate. Because she can't tolerate the Democratic Party moving on -- doing better -- without her. She and her husband remade the Democratic Party in their own Republican lite image, and the Dems' success and influence has suffered ever since.They need to go. And they need to go before they destroy any chances that real Democrats have to save our democracy. They were complicit in getting into the welfare reform, mass incarceration of people of color mud with the GOP, and they are complicit in imposing their sordid history on this election, for their own selfish reasons. If they truly want to help the Democratic Party -- rather than use it as a means to the end of their own personal ambitions -- then they MUST go. Please just GO. Now.

  163. Please, no. It’s time for new blood.

  164. Is this a Halloween joke? Please fade off into the sunset and give the Dems a fighting chance.

  165. Trump does not deserve such a gift

  166. Thanks, but no thanks.

  167. Please go away until at least November 7!

  168. I hope she's reading the comments.

  169. Want to guarantee Trump gets "Four more years?!?" This is a nightmare idea. Love you Hillary, but it's time to retire or work in the background helping support the new wave of Democratic leadership.

  170. @Michael

  171. Hillary can pull it off.

  172. @Rose P She sure can pull off giving Trump four more years

  173. Please go away with a bit of grace. You had your shot and were beaten by DONALD TRUMP! I think you were the only candidate who could lose to DT. Probably half your votes were anti- Trump votes,I know mine was. Bring on someone new without the Clinton baggage.

  174. OMG no. How badly do the Dems want to lose. I hope her thoughts about candidacy don't cost the Dems the House, if pundits are correct about their chances.

  175. Frankly, losing the election to Donald Trump means she will never win the Presidency. The American People on the left and right simply do not want her as President. Her career is dead, but because the Democratic Party leadership relies on beating a dead horse rather than changing with their increasingly progressive base, in their eyes and hers she’s still the only viable candidate.

  176. Mrs Clinton - please don’t run again in 2020 - I held my nose and voted for you in 2016, and while you would have been better than Trump many people share that qualification. I am tired of the relations of presidents who think they qualify for the job just because they have a president in the family and got to lead government agencies because of it. And I’m not alone in this. Nepotism and privilege/royalty are just more examples of the “connected” haves taking advantage of their position. You were given the resume for the job by Bill. Let’s have someone fresh run in 2020 who doesn’t have your history.

  177. @Hamilton McDermott So agree. No nepotism, no two time losers, no people who are as old as I am.

  178. With all due respect, keep quiet and retire from politics. You gave it your best, it didn't work out. You understandably wouldn't want to acknowledge that a great-many Democrats and independents don't care for your leadership (or you would have won the election - it wasn't just the Electoral College). Time for new blood.

  179. @Gerry E

    Errr, actually, it _was_ just the electoral college. That is the _very_ definition of what "it" was.

  180. I don’t want her to run again either. But let’s stay factual— it certainly was “just the Electoral College,” because Hillary won the popular vote by several million.

  181. Yup. She won by 3,000,000 votes, and lost because of a nonsensical remnant of a different era. But...please don't run again.

  182. No doubt she is quite capable and very experienced and would have done a way better job than Trump, on an exponential basis.

    But she lost to one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in history, so that in itself already spells how this would end, and how the electorate views her, and not only the right, but how she is a recipe for de motivation of the left.

    Candidates run to win and she has —quite literally— proven she can’t. Is she so self centered... so arrogant?

  183. Please, Mrs. Clinton, see a counselor to accept, process and grieve that you will never be president. The people who didn’t vote for you the last time will not vote for you in the next election. Some of the people who voted for you the last time will not vote for you in the next election. For the good of the country, please walk away.

  184. No! No! No! No! No! I'd like a woman as President, but not you anymore. I'd like the policies you would implement, but don't want you doing the implementing.anymore. I used to be a fan. But I'm not anymore. You and Bill did many good things for the country. Now the best thing the two of you can do would be to spend your time out of the public eye. Mentor young politicians quietly. Follow the example of Jimmy Carter. Write a novel. Take up knitting. But for all that is still good and righteous in this country, please don't run for President again. Please don't make me explain. Having to explain is precisely why you should not run again.

  185. @Mike Marks

    Or, like Jimmy Carter, eradicate Guinea worm from 99.9% of the world population without celebration or thanks? That would be nice.

  186. @Mike Marks Ew. It is not about being a woman, it is about electing the person who knows where all the bodies are buried. Hillary! dig 'em up, and burn rubber straight into the land of equal rights, anti-poverty and single payer!

  187. @Andy Yes! (As an aside: If only President Carter was officially monitoring the U.S. mid-term elections...)

  188. Please find more time to walk in the woods of Chappaqua Mrs. Clinton.