David Price Gets His Championship

Price beat the Dodgers in Game 2, collected two outs in relief in Game 3 and then beat them again with seven dazzling innings in Game 5.

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  1. He should have been the World Series MVP!

  2. Agree, should have been MVP. Every pitch had you holding your breath. Amazing performance, on and off the field. @Clear Mind

  3. Kepner, You must be in great pain watching "the dreaded" Red Sox winning another WS while your beloved Yankees are in the cold wilderness. It was fitting the Red Sox were singing "New York, New York" while soaking in champagne and jubilation. Soon you will be telling us about Cashman brilliant trades and how your Tiffany brand team will win it all next year.

  4. There is much for Boston to celebrate in winning the World Series. And I suppose some gloating is to be expected. But Tiffany Yankee team? Boston had the 2nd highest payroll in baseball this year at $206.2M. The Yankees were #10 at $161.3M. That canard is really out of date. Let it go, will ya?

  5. @MorGan Kepner is from Philly & they are his team.

  6. There's nothing more pathetic than sore winners. See Trump, Donald J. I'm an old time Yankee fan, but congratulations, you have a great team and deserved to win. Now act like a champion, not a crybaby.

  7. Found it strange he did not get the MVP. They would usually give to a pitcher considering what he did in three games. Sure, Pearce had a good series, but that last HR was pretty meaningless.

  8. They could have justifiably given the award to Price or Pearce. They could also have given it to Kelly BTW-he was amazing. I have been a Red Sox fan since the 50s and the four Series wins have mostly erased the bad memories of 67, 75 (the worst) and 86. It would be nice to see the Indians win one and end their long drought also.

  9. @Abbott Hall '86 was the worst....next to the Pat's loss to the Giants, ending a 'perfect season'.....

  10. It certainly seemed as if David Price and Boston were an ill-matched pair of socks, if you'll pardon the expression. Boston is a baseball town; people around the country don't get that. In Boston, the hierarchy is (1) Red Sox; (2) Bruins; (3) Patriots; (4) Celtics. That's how it is. As far as Price is concerned, I though the $217-million contract extravagant. He put a target on his back. I recall poor Danny Jackson, many years ago with the Cubs. He had starred for St. Louis, signed with their rivals in the off-season and then went on to baseball ignominy. Jackson later was traded or left as a free agent--I don't really remember all the particulars--but he became a poster for baseball greed. I didn't think Price could flourish in Boston; I hoped I would be wrong. But after the '16 three-and-out with Cleveland, my fears were confirmed. After his disastrous appearances against the Yankees this year, I couldn't see the Sox winning with him in the starting rotation. Game 2 of the ALDS cemented my confirmation. But he somehow found a way to reverse course. I'll not soon forget his performances at Houston nor, especially, the title-clincher last night. Price pitched with the heart of a lion after the ALDS mushroom cloud. Price won half the games the Series required for the winning team. Price has no past in Boston now. Only the present and the future.

  11. @Soxared, '04, '07, '13, '18 I've been a New Englander for over 60 years, and a Boston sports fan for almost that long. There is NO way that the Bruins are #2 in the hierarchy. Since the dawn of the TB/BB era at Foxboro, the Pat and the Sox trade places in the lead, depending on the season and the success of the teams (or lack of success). The Celtics usually hold a solid third place, unless they're in a play-off run. Alas, the Bruins just don't have the day in-day out heart of the Nation.

  12. Grew up in Boston and agree. You could make the Bruins argument in the days of Bobby Orr. They are a solid fourth place out of four now.

  13. @twin1958 S. Shore of Boston born n raised. Fan over 60+ yrs. You are probably right in your rankings, although the Bruins were #1 in the 70's, Celtics in the 60's....

  14. At the very least they could have had Price as co-MVP with Pearce. He deserves that.

  15. David Price is a wonderful human being, as Eovaldi said. Price waited for Eovaldi after he took the loss in game 3, after pitching in relief a truly great number of innings. Price also stayed with Eovaldi on the bus and later on that night, after the horrible loss..... Price also attended Vandy on an academic scholarship.....btw.

  16. Very satisfying when good things happen to good people.

  17. The Red Sox, with their league leading payroll are indeed the new Evil Empire.

  18. @Rob D And we love it, too!

  19. Vandy Boy!!! Yeah, it's a thing. Congratulations, the win, the wife, and the baby...awesome year! All hail Astro

  20. I admit that I lost any interest in Price when he criticized Eckersley, who in my book is Red Sox & MLB royalty. Especially given his own performance issues. I'm sure there was much negative talk about him too and it was obviously well deserved. But watching the whole of the WS had me rethink my position. He was a man on a mission and he was bearing his emotions for all of us to see. He had something to prove... and he proved it. That being done, prove something else and bury the hatchet with Eck.

  21. So, why was Price not the WS MVP? He wuz robbed...

  22. Sports Trivia Question: What MLB team has won more WS than any other team in the 21st Century?? see answer below

    answer: boston red sox 2004 07 13 2018

  23. This team is so good it makes Corra look like a genius whatever they do. Keeping Rodriguez in Game 4 in didn't matter after Moreland, Red Socks clobbered other team 9--6. Pitching Sale at the end of day (could have needed him another day) last game 5 didn't matter. If the Red Socks perform as well next year as Season before they will win the pennant and the series again. Unbelieveable work

  24. Bravo David Price, and bravo Red Sox. Thank you for a great season, and a great post-season.

  25. David Price achieved his potential with his heroic World Series performance. Kudos to Alec Cora for believing in his players. Turns out the price was right, after all!

  26. David Price is awesome. His performance in the Series was awesome. But what was even more awesome was the look in his eyes as the Sox neared the end of game. Well done Red Sox.

  27. Perseverance. When the media and fans went low,he went high. He battled through his losses, never giving up. In the end, his heart and character prevailed. You're a good man David Price.

  28. The story on Price was that he was a bad teammate and choker. David Price is a hero- he should be up there in the pantheon with Pedro and Ortiz. Forgive us, David, for doubting and cursing you.

  29. He gave the mound in last inning of the winning game of the World Series to Chris Sale and did it with great grace and generosity.

  30. David Price has earned the title World Champion Pitcher...and world class hero!

  31. Indeed, he was dominant or really adomineering presence in this Series. Who would have thought he could produce after the playing fiasco. I am a Dodgers fan - we were simply out played by a great team. It just shows that strong teams, and that too with highest number of wins - do go on to win the World Series. A couple of seasons back was the talk of wild spot teams sneaking in etc based on just one game and not the whole season of 162 (or 163 this season). Finally, Machado's last swing at bat and him collpasong on a knee - painted the picture of the Dodgers in this Series - a total submission and a surrender. That picture told the Series.

  32. Congrats to David Price. He went with a franchise that was serious about fielding a good team. Had he stayed with the Tigers, he'd never have that chance to be in the World Series and show his abilities.

  33. In my opinion, Price should have received the Most Valuable Player award for this series. Although Pearce did an outstanding job, Price contributed more to the victory.

  34. Price should have been named the World Series MVP. Go Sox.

  35. “He flat-out got it done,” said Sale, who struck out Manny Machado for the final out Sunday. “It seemed like he threw every bullet. He put it on the line for us. He gutted it out. He was unbelievable.” And yet he was not voted MVP, much less co-MVP. I'd love to know what the criteria is in determining this prestigious honor. Does it simply come down to a popularity contest? In the end, Mr. Price is a class act and conducts himself as such in everything he says and does. In my heart, I know he's a true winner and leader in every sense of the word. He seems like the kind of guy who will never, ever complain, moan or groan that he did not get the MVP Award. He's a real champ rather than a chump. I love this guy.

  36. @Marge Keller So nicely and aptly put. Without question he deserved to be MVP or Co-MVP at the very least. The writers were swept up in the moment - Steve Pearce's extraordinary Games 4 & 5 - and rewarded the Flash rather than the Solid.

  37. Price paused and wiped his eyes again on his shirt. “That’s what makes this game so special,” he said. Oh please.

  38. @Ian You must not like sports, when they win all teams from all sports say the same thing.