Alexander Soros: The Hate That Is Consuming Us

Bombs sent to my father, George Soros, and to former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are a result of our politics of demonizing opponents.

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  1. Alexander, I, along with so many Americans, am grateful to your father for his support of decency and to you for speaking out.

  2. Yes Alexander we love your father. You forgot to mention more about his career! He was such a world stabilizer... while he gambled with smaller nations economies, betting on and against their currencies. I’m sure everyone in those nations came out unscathed. Neo-liberals are so blinded.

  3. @Lyle Rainwater “He was such a world stabilizer... while he gambled with smaller nations economies, betting on and against their currencies. I’m sure everyone in those nations came out unscathed.” The Bank of England artificially propped up the pound with a high interest rate to keep up with Germany. Mr. Soros placed a reversion to the mean trade that brought the pound back to normalcy. The result was a stronger pound with lower interest rates and lower inflation in the British economy.

  4. @Maureen We need for the Clintons and Obama to speak out. And in a Press Conference which will be seen by millions. This is a "teachable" moment.

  5. This is starting to look more and more like the late 60's and early 70's. The issue this time is not the Vietnam war, but a variety of divisive issues, starting with Trump. Radicals on both sides are coming out of their caves. I don't see things getting better over the next year or so.

  6. @Warren LauzonNope, this looks exactly the Grmany in the late 1930's - things will not get "better" for several generations, if the USA lasts that long.

  7. @Warren Lauzon No, this is very different than the 60s-70s. And this is NOT about "radicals on both sides;" nor was it then. Stop making a false equivalence between people working to destroy the principles of our democracy (voting rights, civil rights, a fair judiciary, impartial law enforcement) as well as the global world order (based on shared values and allegiances) and those who are PROTESTING this destruction. They are NOT the same. If you sit back and claim both sides are equal and denigrate protest you are part of the problem -- like Trump saying about Charlottesville that there are "good people on both sides."

  8. @Warren Lauzon Much worse than that. Despite what was going on, during the Vietnam War Era, there was some sense of unity in this country. Acts of violence, on both sides, were widely condemned. The acts include the assassinations of John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. The nation came together to pause and reflect. Even under the threat of the USSR, there were positive things going on like the space program, civil rights, women's rights, etc. %0 years later, Trump, and his allies, are undoing what was done, and flaming embers, of old hared, into full fires. I would say, what is going on, is akin to the led up to the Civil War.

  9. Mr. Soros, hate is not consuming the vast majority of us. The press/media is trying to make us believe it is with their constant "news" of everything extreme and horrid. Yes, we need to know about these terrorism attempts by Robber Baron operatives inside and outside OUR United States of America. But the worst thing we can do is to allow their attempts to make us fearful, hateful and angry. WE THE PEOPLE will keep our heads and get to the bottom of this fear-anger-hate-war mongering. WE will work together to put a stop to it with OUR votes and constant vigilance over OUR hired/elected lawmakers and justice system. No war. No fighting. Not now. Not ever again.

  10. @njglea There is unfortunately, very little in history to support your position as much as I would like to agree with you.

  11. As Harry Truman once said, LES, "the only thing new under the sun is HIStory that hasn't been written". HIStory is one of death and destruction. Women are stepping up to take one-half the power across America, in every segment of society, and soon it will be OUR story of Social Conscience and cooperation. Time for HIStory to hit the dustbin.

  12. I think there's not much to say here except to offer praise and thanks to Mr. Soros. What is unfortunate is the great likelihood that those who most should heed his words are unlikely to know of them.

  13. @akrupat-Maybe we can help them. There's much we can do. We can engage and speak out. If enough of us boycott Fox Entertainment News advertisers, we can reduce their profits and influence. If we write to the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh--we may be able to limit his mike. If we never set foot in a Trump or Sheldon Adelson property, we can reduce their profits. Time to boycott Koch Brothers' products and industries, and other Trump underwriters.

  14. You're father is the forefront of money that tries to change not just local politics, but also global politics in the direction that he feels is the only way. Well guess what, not everyone agrees with him. His negative views of anyone who disagrees with him are well known so seeds are sewn and unfortunately that's just the way it is.

  15. @Brian in FL I disagree with you. I hope we are not at the point that sending people bombs through the mail is "just the way it is". Many other billionaires spend their money so that we the voters are left out of the decision making process, so that laws and taxes favor only them yet to my knowledge they have not been the victims of your world view of "just the way it is". Your post seems to imply that assassination is a legitimate way to express grievances. I do not agree. Alexander Soros has spoken well in confronting the world view that you propose.

  16. Brian are you anti-globalist and anti-freedom of the press? Anti-environmental protection? Want to preserve a threatened way of life that depends on oil and suppression of votes? Then you have not learned the lessons that the Soros family learned about what happens when societies are ruled by dictators. If you think you will benefit from protectionism and authoritarianism, good luck. I wouldn’t bet on it. Say goodbye to the system of accountable government and free press that made America the envy of the world. The corporate overlords that are financing the movement to bamboozle vulnerable Americans into voting for Trump will definitely not take care of you, my friend.

  17. @Brian in FL Disagreeing with one's views does not legitimize explosives in mailboxes.

  18. Something did change: a white supremacist became president. Thanks to you and your dad for being champions of democracy. Be safe. -- 'Things Trump Did While You Weren’t Looking'

  19. I appreciate your opinion piece and am grateful you wrote it. In theory I agree with you and your father. And I am sorry that someone who went through what he did and who has been trying to save humanity has had to experience such a backlash and be the subject of so many conspiracy theories and undeserved smearing. I believe everything you say is true. I am not supportive of his giving Hillary 25 million dollars to throw Bernie under the bus, but I know your father thought he was doing the right thing and meant no harm.

  20. @cheerful dramatist Bernie belonged under the bus. But for Bernie, we would not have Trump.

  21. @cheerful dramatist That's really sporting of you! When will you learn that it is necessary for all democrats , including Social Democrats, to stick together to overcome the danger to our society represented by the Republicans?

  22. @cheerful dramatist Oh, come on. Bernie wasn’t “thrown under the bus”. He didn’t get enough votes to beat Clinton. Give it a rest.

  23. It is too late. When millions of people reject the truth, when millions reject logic, when millions replace understanding with hate, when millions embrace cockamaime conspiracy theories without question, then there is nothing left to discuss. There is nothing to discuss. There is nothing that can be discussed. When the President of the United States is the primary source of this societal pathology, who is there to override him? There is no one in our society who has a more powerful platform than the president. He is at the top and he is spewing the most vile poison of all. This horrible terrorist incident is a reflection of something much deeper, more profound and insidious. It reflects the massive loss of respect for others and proper civil behavior. This goes way beyond words of disagreement. It exposes rejection of other's existence. Those other people should not be here. They are not real Americans, real people. Consequently, they can be assaulted, abused, shot and now blown up with pipe bombs. Words have power in that words shape minds. Words plant thoughts in people's heads. This is what Trump is doing with abandon. He has attacked the truth with such ferocity that the truth has vanished to those whose minds have been filled with hate. Now that they have been brainwashed by Trump and Fox News, they cannot be reasoned with. Trump has infected our society and the abscess has now ruptured and is spreading. Do not underestimate the damage.

  24. @Bruce Rozenblit I agree with you 99.99999 %. Where I disagree is that it is too late. It may be too late for the likes of you, me, Soros, Clinton, Obama, CNN to have a say in the matter. But it isn't too late for those who are lubricating this to repudiate it. I still hold out hope that this can happen. We are already are witnessing cracks in the foundation of Fox with the demise of O'Reilly and the departure of Kelly and the (relative) outspokeness of some of their news staff. We are seeing the likes of Alex Jones be challenged in court. People of Trump's own staff are speaking out, albeit occasionally. I expect to see more of this even if it is painfully slow. Meanwhile go listen to some Mahler.

  25. @Bruce Rozenblit A devastating indictment! It is instructive to recall what Bill Clinton said in 2010, almost a decade ago: "The words we use really do matter, because there's this vast echo chamber, and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike. They fall on the connected and the unhinged alike..." Because not enough voters who could have prevented this catastrophe in 2016 bothered to vote, one of the unhinged now occupies the pinnacle of American power, and gleefully performs as Pied Piper to the rats among us. Those who shrink from confronting this threat robustly, still trying to coddle the delirious who can never be won over, only defeated, are kidding themselves and undermining the resistance that has now become a first-order priority.

  26. @Bruce Rozenblit However much I empathize with your well-reasoned despair, I cannot agree to give into it. This abscess has needed to rupture for a long time and was bound to be at its ugliest when that happened. Despite the wealth and power egging them on, the minority of American minds brainwashed by Trump and Fox News are still that, a minority. We, the majority, need to figure out how to work together to cleanse the wound and bring our nation back to its feet. We can do it, beginning with voting for Democrats on November 6th.

  27. I am truly, truly sad about this. Thank God nobody was hurt, but this is a really scary sign. The middle is getting to be a very lonesome place.

  28. @MR I think we are at war. Once it's over THEN we can aim towards the middle as we recover. Right now there are two sides. A self-proclaimed Nationalist President who only represents his base base (redundant I know) and himself on one side, and the rest of our multicultural - yes white people too, democratic, melting pot America on the other who reject Trump and the craven Republican Congress who have unleashed him on the world. Pray our side wins.

  29. In each classroom at my child's high school there is a poster listing the key values that they want the school community to foster, and number 1 is assume good intentions. This value it seems to me is one we all need to reassert and hold onto. We can disagree about policy and methods and even what kind of world we would prefer, but when we start to see malign intent behind the actions of those on the other side of political issues then it's just too easy to get to violence. I will concede at the outset that Donald Trump presents a real challenge to that assumption because he seems to be motivated only by self-interest and aggrandizement and to assume that everyone else is oriented in the same way but let him be the exception that proves the rule and not the new normal.

  30. @Tracy Bombs are packed too tightly for Good Intentions to fit. There's no room. Bad Intent is much smaller, but explosive.

  31. let's not forget the vitriol and hatred, and even violence, from progressives on conservatives. easy to forget that. Obama attacked the character of his opponents, making us believe they had evil intentions - rather than attacking the policies with logic. Both sides are hard set in their views, not listening. Civility is out the window. May we all listen, and be open to others' views and positive intentions.

  32. @Joe yohka, but Obama was right. Have you missed today's headlines? The difference was he did not encourage the kind of vitriol -- he encouraged speaking out against hate and voting demagogues out.

  33. @Joe yohka You reap what you sow. It's rather interesting conservatives act with surprise and dismay when their bigoted words and actions are met with an equal show of force.

  34. @Joe yohka With regards to President Obama, when and where? Please provide a link to credible sources. Because if anything, Obama was a bit weak and restrained, like with the healthcare legislations, which they based on ideas from conservative foundations. Didn't see him flip out say, when people tried to smear him as a foreigner or of a different religion. ` Otherwise, seems there is an effort at propagating a false equivalence here.

  35. Scapegoating rolls in like a tsunami and can’t easily be rolled back. We have learned that identifying large groups of people as the enemy or the problem is far more politically expedient than we thought. If it has worked for Trump, it is hard to imagine that others will not follow and even expand upon what Trump has done. I know a lot of people who think of Trump as an anomaly and expect a hard reversal once he leaves office, but I am far more pessimistic. Recognizing bigotry as a predominant political motivation is an idea which bubbled up from the electorate and was capitalized upon by the Trump campaign. It did not start with Trump and seep down to the electorate. If something works, people will repeat it until it fails. I do not expect vilification and identity politics to fail as a political strategy anytime soon.

  36. After two years of Trump, and his party, stirring up a hornet's nest, the surprise here is that something like this has not happen sooner. The signs of deep hate have been bubbling since President Obama was elected, in 2008. Over the last ten years, this slime and stink of hate, has bubbled to the surface like a full cesspool. A couple days ago, Trump proudly called himself a "nationalist". That alone should show his agenda of being autocrat in chief. while members of his party, remaining mostly silent. Trump keeps flaming hatred and divisiveness across the country. The hate has always been there, but it was repressed by common decency of a civilized society. Despite best efforts, in US history, hared was a common companion. Now hatred has resorted to violence, by sending bombs to two former presidents, to Mr. Soros and to CNN. This, regrettably, may only be the beginning. This will probably continue until someone is actually killed. Revolutions can be bloody affairs, and Trump' s dark side supporters have been wanting one for 10 years. What better way to achieve their goals by the use of cowardly fear. What better way to cause fear by sending bombs? Acts to silence any form of opposition, by fear. It worked in 1930s Germany. Acts like this, by cowards, create a new resolve for the millions of people who do not support the use of NAZI style fear tactics and believe in this country's ideals. "All we have to fear; is fear itself" - FDR

  37. @Nick Metrowsky I agree with all of what you've said, with one correction: A single death with not end this nightmare. At least one person - Heather Heyer - has already been murdered by the hate that's been fanned and unleashed. And we now live in such a whirlwind of hate that it's hard to even tally the others whose deaths are due to this administration's racist policies. Just for starters, we must number among them the thousands of Puerto Ricans who died because of the inept federal response to Hurricane Maria. As our own leadership is pursuing an agenda of dividing us against each other, the numbers of deaths will inevitably grow.

  38. What have we come to? I worry for our country. What has happened to civil discourse and disagreement w/o rancor. Mr Soros, you are so right here. We need to get back to being the kind of Americans that can be role models for the world.

  39. Decent Americans have a golden opportunity on November 6 2018 to reject the world leader in fear and loathing demagoguery, the destructive champion of dividing and conquering America, the selfish Grand Old Phonies who pretend to help America by feeding them the Recommended Republican Daily Allowances of White Spite, ignorance, Guns R Us poison and political strychnine while robbing the country blind of its national treasury, its wages, its healthcare, its environment, its right to vote and its basic decency. Trump and the Republican Party have worked hard to produce all they can for America; the end result is a national Trump Toilet Bowl. Let's flush hard on November 6 2018. D to go forward; R for reverse....over the right-wing cliff.

  40. @Socrates: My local state representative is campaigning on a platform of decency and reasonableness. I wish the entire Democratic party would adopt this. If people associate these two guidelines with the party it would blunt much of the other side's tactics. For instance, open borders is not reasonable, so no to open borders, and the other's sides attempt to hang open borders on the Dems can't stick simply because it's unreasonable. On the other hand, tearing families apart and incarcerating them is not decent, so no to that. Other guidelines, fairness and common sense but I think that's covered by decency and reasonableness. Reasonable and Decent. What could be more attractive to the majority of Americans.

  41. It is not to late. Some look at Trump as the cause and not the symptom. But this has been the message of the GOP for as long as I remember. But also remember this. World War II was fought and won, but some never walked away from the cause that lost. So the same struggle plays out over and over. It may seem such, but it is not to late.

  42. The GOP has always been against the New Deal and labor unions, but not totally hateful. It’s current fascistic form came about via the Southern Strategy of Nixon, which welcomed to the Republican Party the racist bigots that were bitterly opposed to the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s.

  43. Well-written, sir, but unfortunately the hate and vitriol does not appear to be accidental, temporary, or unintended. A sizable minority of this country has seized control through voter suppression, intimidation, gerrymandering, and exploitation of certain undemocratic aspects of the US government, including the Electoral College and the allocation of Senators equally to the states, regardless of population. That minority is pursuing a racist, misogynist and fascist agenda, and violence is part and parcel of its methods (as Trump acknowledges and exemplifies). This is going to get worse, much worse, before it gets better.

  44. @Jonathan Not only do Republicans and their finally self-declared Nationalist-President exploit the undemocratic Electoral College and equally undemocratic allocation of 2 Senators per state, they also exploit the completely mis-interpreted 2nd Amendment. Henry IV of France promised his people a chicken in every pot. The US Supreme Court's decision penned by Scalia promised it's people guns in every house, while completely ignoring the first few words of "A well regulated Militia'.

  45. @Jonathan.....good point. It's a pattern--- The racism that we've seen increased. Plus the voter suppression, intimidation, gerrymandering. Plus the obvious unbalancing of our economy in favor of elites, against ordinary citizens. Plus the demonizing of the media from the president. It's all self reinforcing --- to legitimize disrespect for the citizen majority and our democratic rights. This enflames and motivates acting out of hostility. There are always unbalanced extremist who might be susceptible to going too far. They translate Trump's destructive talk into extreme destructive actions. In a less hostile political culture they might not act out their warped destructive fantasies.

  46. @Jonathan Wonderfully expressed.

  47. I find the antagonism directed specifically at your father, which is so often of a highly personal yet politically abstract nature (very much in line with your concerns about renewed antisemitism in Europe and North America), totally abhorrent. My concern is that the sorts of simplistic, divisive narratives and outright smear emerging from the extreme fringes of political discourse far too often become normalised in mainstream media, perhaps as a result of the pressures of the 24hr news cycle. Arguments about the differences between Republicans and Democrats can often lack precision and a name like George Soros becomes a stand-in for everything Democrats are that Republicans oppose, or even loathe. It is the responsibility of those people who have a public platform from which to speak hold themselves to a high professional standard and are held accountable when they falter. Free speech is a fundamental principle of democracy worth upholding, but lazy and hateful speech should be taken for what it is and called out.

  48. In America: The Farewell Tour, Chris Hedges explains that "the hate that is consuming us" is shared by both the extreme Left and the Extreme Right. Furthermore, he demonstrates that the decline of industrial America, from which this hate spews, is not of President Trump's making, but began in the 1970s only to be accelerated by NAFTA during the Clinton Administration. The post-industrial NAFTA world gave rise not only to Donald Trump but the rise of Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Socialists as each side offered opposing remedies to the national economic decline. Had the Democratic Party selected Senator Sanders as its candidate in 2016, things might be different, as many who voted for Trump would have voted for Sanders. The Democrats made sure that would not have happened. A Sanders presidency would not have been my choice, but another Clinton presidency would have been unthinkable! Sanders made the mistake of running as a Democrat, he is a better man than that; he should have stuck to his convictions and ran as an Independent. Having said this, I do not support bombs being placed at the homes of the leaders of the Radical Left, but I want people to understand "the hate that is consuming us" is not a product of President Trump, but is something symptomatic of a national economic decline that has been going once since the 1970s. Read Hedges. Cheers!

  49. @Southern Boy But China is not a member of NAFTA, so don't know why that trading block is cited so much? Nor are other states that could be described as leaning pretty neo-Mercantilist. Seems that is not a book worth reading. Otherwise, Trump is guilty of the kind of demagoguery that the Federalists who helped draft and promote the current constitution warned against. That has been well-recorded, up to this week.

  50. @Southern Boy Trump has done more to exacerbate hate and division and, yes, violence than any president in my 70 year lifetime. There have always been divisions, but we did not call each other "evil people," call a free press "the enemy of the people," and advocate beating up others and carrying guns to rallies. We did not brag about sexually assaulting women. We did not sabotage an impartial judiciary and fair law enforcement. We did not call immigrants rapists and murderers; we did not embrace foreign manipulation of our democracy. You can put your head in the sand, suck your thumb about Bernie Sanders, and pretend that nothing has changed or you can do something to try to save the country.

  51. @Southern Boy Big difference. Those you claim are the 'radical lef't do not espouse hatred and violence as Trump. Where's the parallel? Obama was a centrist. Where's the moral equivalence?

  52. Well said. The next step in this campaign will be to vilify people that are not registered as voters for the "correct" party or philosophy. That will make it easier to avoid elections by allowing the party to choose leaders and decide issues. We already see the beginnings of a centralized, planned economy when the Federal Reserve is isolated and attacked when it isn't in lockstep support of a politicized agenda. The way to avoid more violence, (I hope), is to vote. The choices are not pretty. This, in many ways is like cancer surgery. Some good has to be discarded to eliminate the bad. But the party of division and hate has to go. We may have to do it again in 2020, but right now, there is a big job to do Nov. 6. Show up and vote. Make sure your friends, neighbors, coworkers have a ride and opportunity.

  53. One reader describes the hatred on the right, as follows: "This goes way beyond words of disagreement. It exposes rejection of other's existence. Those other people should not be here. They are not real Americans, real people." This also fairly describes the hatred and scorn of educated, white liberals toward non-college whites, the so-called white, working class. If there is any to be any healing in this society, it has to come from both sides. Educated liberals have a special obligation to get the ball rolling. "To whom much is given, much is expected." (Luke 12:48).

  54. @Ron Cohen We tried that, it didn't work.

  55. @Ron Cohen....except for the white, educated liberals who DON'T hate or scorn working class whites. Who instead work for policies that support them, that push economic protection, fairness and equality. Millions of white educated liberals support labor unions, low cost education/training, keeping jobs here, natl wage laws, fair taxes to fund govt services for all of us, and restoration of pensions. And health care affordable for all, regardless of job, income, age or health status. Some may have gone to the side of the elites---and laid the ground for Trump---but millions of white, educated liberals have been working for rights and equality for average earners who see dwindling resources. And fighting to do this in a big money subsidized political culture that blocks all progress.

  56. "...our politics of demonizing opponents." It's not "our politics" -- it's right-wing tactics that have been escalating for decades. Demonizing opponents, fear-mongering, racist appeals sometimes disguised but increasingly less so, name-calling, appealing to anger and discontent, xenophobia, etc. False equivalence in the name of appearing non-confrontational does a disservice if your cause is to attempt to fix the problem.

  57. "Before it's too late." This is not hyperbole. Folks don't realize the existential threat we now face. Fragile and critical elections in a few days manipulated by outrageous lies, compounded by a false sense of temporary economic security and an imagined danger from poor, desperate, wretched folks approaching our southern border. This creeping global fascist "moment" can rapidly become a sweeping movement. This movement would worsen our already critical risk of nuclear annihilation. This movement would worsen our already critical risk of global climate disaster. The November election must be the turning point back to sanity, before it's too late.

  58. @Murray Bolesta Trump has already announced that he will not accept the results if Democrats win. He will try to declare a state of emergency and declare martial law in which he assumes full power. The Right Wing Supreme Court will support Trump 5 to 4. Democrats should be meeting with the military to discuss what they will do in this unpreceented circumstance. Chief Justice John Roberts looks like he has some regard for justice and social equity. Is anyone trying to reach him?

  59. Appalled but far from surprised. For years we have seen the unabashed hatred spewed at those who would disagree with Trump, Those who enable Trumpism are every bit as responsible for these atrocities as Mr. Trump himself. It's a play from the fascism manual where dissent = treason. It's only a small step from there to the violence we have seen over and over and just a matter of time before something horrific happens. Yes, voting will help but unless and until the Republicans stop licking Trump's jackboots this will continue to escalate.

  60. And once again, a deafening silence from the Republican leadership regarding DJT's inflammatory rhetoric.

  61. These bomb attacks are an exact replica of the people Trump has openly attacked. It was only a matter of time before one of Trump's supporters took action against the people Trump has vilified. If Trump is allowed to continue his hate speech this type of violence will continue and will most likely get more deadly.

  62. Anyone sending bombs to any person or organization deserves jail time at the minimum. However, Mr. Soros apparently missed the calls from some prominent Democrat's (Maxine Waters, Eric Holder) that harassment and physical intimidation is an acceptable tactic to use.

  63. @Donna Gray I recall the Donald offering to pay legal fees for supporters who attacked protesters at his rallies. He waxed nostalgic for days when people who didn't agree got "carried out". You equate that with Water's and Holder saying Democrats should reply in kind to the Republican attacks on them? Sad.

  64. By demonizing Hate in the abstract, we are once again ignoring the asymmetrical polarization of our politics. It is disingenuous at best to suggest "both sides" are equally to blame for their tone. Stop it, media.

  65. Dear Mr. Soros; History is written by the winners. We must make sure your father and his supporters tell the story. VOTE!

  66. George Soros contributed to political campaigns, in Trump's eyes that makes him treacherous, but Sidney Adelson is a "true patriot." The bomb attempt that was thwarted attempted to kill an American citizen, for Trump to have falsely accused him last week of sponsoring "terror" with the caravan of desperate people most likely sparked the demented bomber to action. Hate in America must stop, and it must start with the POTUS.

  67. Donald Trump has taught Americans to hate those who disagree with us, and to fear those who are different from us. He has taught despots and dictators that their abuses of human rights will not be challenged by the US. He has created a political environment in which lying has become tolerated. He has debased the office of the presidency with vile personal attacks on individuals. If these are not high crimes and misdemeanors, what are?

  68. Mr. Soros, I wish I could apologize for the acts of hatred that you mention, especially the vile act of putting a bomb in your father's mailbox. But I can't apologize, because I can't speak for those who hate. They are the ones who need to see the evil of their hatred and then to feel shame and seek forgiveness. Living in Alabama for many decades, I have seen hate-mongers like Mr. Trump. George Wallace comes easily to mind. I began college at the University of Alabama the autumn after his stand-in-the-schoolhouse-door, a political move that became known around the world--so much so that three years later when I traveled to Sweden, my status as an Alabamian preceded me, to my regret. There was Judge Roy Moore, of whom I am glad to say I had a hand in helping to defeat by canvassing and phone-banking for Doug Jones. And my state has had lots of other penny-ante dog-whistlers. All people of good will deeply appreciate the humanitarian work of your father and feel great remorse for this latest act of senseless hatred.

  69. Before the sun sets, voices on the right will propagate the conspiratorial theory that the bombs are the work of the left, a ploy to develop sympathy for candidates and tilt the election.

  70. Not much can be done until President Trump, who often mentions your father's name in a negative way, is gone. Too many of his supporters are willing to act on his comments. These are sad times.

  71. While our financiers shorted American housing and the country itself - you folks were shorting the Pound... Glad to see it all worked out for you... The rest of us - somewhat a different matter... Every year, 2-3 of our formerly great American companies get run into liquidation and into the ground... While the rest of us cheer for these companies, they load themselves up with stealth debt and risk - and then they are gone, their change-agents floating away on parachutes of gold... If you ever hear the mantra "Low single-digit revenue growth, high single-digit (per-share) earnings growth"... Run as fast as you can, in the other direction...

  72. The President is definitely behind the ramping up of hatred that exists in this country against minorities, immigrants, journalists, and people who defy his tough talking rhetoric.

  73. If Trump does not immediately make a strong statement against violence and the attempted bombings of the Clintons, Obamas, and Mr Soros, then we will see clearly that our president is the same sort of monster as the Saudi prince MBS. The primary job of a president is to keep the country safe. If Trump does not condemn the bomber, then he must be held to account for the many times he has publicly encouraged violence against people who disagree with his political views.

  74. I will agree with you that the vitriol directed at Mr Soros is undeserved and evil, but some of the politicians in power these days deserve to be demonized in the political sense. There are people in and around our government that are actively working against the interests of the nation and it's people- all to enrich themselves and that is something with demonizing. These are people scheming this very day how to: 1- steal the Social Security money that they have paid into all their adult lives. 2- keep worker wages and benefits low to keep corporate profits and executive bonuses high. 3- undermine any attempt to protect consumers from predatory lending. 4- undermine quality public education. 5- gut environmental laws. 6- prevent us from mitigating the impacts of human caused climate change. None of that means they should be the targets of such insanity, but they should be political anathema to every person regardless of party.

  75. President Trump is leading us down the path of hatred in every speech and tweet he makes. I am 69 years old and have experienced many Presidents, yet there was never one who fostered hatred as he. Things must change quickly or we are heading for a country that has neighbor hating neighbor and doing terrible things to one another .

  76. I continue to watch in disbelief while Fox news and its ilk continue to get away with their fear mongering and hate speech, with no one being able to hold them accountable. Political opportunists come in all shapes and sizes, but to amplify hateful voices in the pursuit of ratings, is an incentive that must go away. Time to bring back the fairness doctrine.

  77. @Jernau Gurgeh I agree & I believe their (Fox) business--being propagating lies--should have their license revoked & their operations shut down. The only purpose of a news organization: to inform with FACTS, not alternative interpretations, just cold facts, removed from all emotion.

  78. @Jernau Gurgeh Or maybe a progressive billionaire could make Rupert Murdoch an outrageously attractive offer, then start in converting Fox to a real news operation that did not favor either side. Fire those would refuse to cooperate, or just keep paying them to do their shows but then refuse to air them. Take the fire off from under the conservative pressure cooker and maybe they would calm down.

  79. I am grateful for what Mr. Soros has done. To place bombs at someone's address due to political disagreements is the essence of low. Yes, these horrible acts are coming to the surface during the Trump administration and Trumpism is much to blame, but the GOP has allowed right wing pundits to spew lies for a long time. This is a long seething battle in America that has generally been fought on the fringes. We all know that Trump is not very popular. We all know that Dems will likely pick up seats. Further, the right wing ideology of my neighbors in Kansas would never lead anyone to blow up someone here. The reality is that we cannot let the fringe blow up our society through fear. Dems need to vote but Dems cannot react with the fearful message of the political right.

  80. Thank you Andrew and your father for all your efforts to help the oppressed. In the face of all this violence it would be very easy to give up. Thank you for your courage .

  81. People should be able to disagree without having to resort to violence. This bombing is as stated in the article, an escalation born by the pandering to extremists. There can no longer be acceptance of violent rhetoric that seeks to demonize opponents.

  82. In theory this all sounds right, certainly the ethical, moral stance. However, when one side denies science to the point of endangering the country, wishes to scale back the civil rights and endanger our vulnerable minorities and step on the welfare and safety of most of our citizens in order to enrich the super rich, one side is composed of demons in my estimation. So, it's not surprising that a political movement filled with the morally corrupt would commit these heinous, intendedly violent crimes. There is such a thing as a wrong side in an argument. See you in November.

  83. Excellent article, thank you. While I agree that the mailing of these bombs is on the individual, the hate filled rhetoric of the president is responsible for planting the seeds of division. Absolutely, voting is the answer to stop this madness.

  84. Indeed, I see absolutely no difference between the radical right-wing media/political demonization machine, here, and some extremist cleric radicalizing listeners for future violence in some dusty madrasa in the Afghan backcountry. Different modalities, same intent, same result. Perhaps we should start dealing with the extremist right-wing radio "Imams" on our own soil the same way we deal with them elsewhere. Inciting terrorism is inciting terrorism. Period.

  85. Thank you, for using your money to make a better world. It does seem that no good deed goes unpunished. I am so sorry for you and your family. I am ashamed that people in my country will stoop to this level. Many of us send you love for the work you do!

  86. The important message in all this is the reminder that the right-wing, in any society, is not interested in any form of democracy. The right-wing is characterized by people who have decided theat the Ends justify the Means. Violence is a tool of the right-wing. Ironically, the Right has no real philosophy for governance, thinking that ordered, structured Mafia type power principles is all you need. The Right's sense of freedom is control solely by power structures.

  87. Demonization seems to be the political order of the day for both parties. Nobody demonized Hillary Clinton more than her own party when she ran for the Presidential nomination in 2008. The DNC didn't want her running the show, which is precisely what she would have done. They did the same thing to Howard Dean and threw the 2004 nomination to Kerry because he would have made a great puppet for them. When they capitulated and gave her the nomination in 2016, those of us who had originally been in her camp wondered what deal had been struck or if she had finally consumed the DNC Kool Aid. It's bad enough that a candidate has to contend with dirt being shoveled on them by the opposing party, but when your own party does it, it's like being stabbed by your children.

  88. @carnap, Howard Dean and his 2004 platform was great but John Kerry was still a better alternative vs Bush-Cheney. Obama won the primaries versus Hillary, in large part because she had voted to authorize Iraq War, and Obama ran as if he were different (the matter of him continuing Iraq and Afghanistan his entire 8 years aside, ending his two terms as the longest wartime president in US history). The deal was after Obama beat her that she could be Sec of State & he would support her in the future. The whole "her turn" thing. . .

  89. Sadly the media, tech platforms, pundits and the entire American political industry (yes it is a gigantic industry), provides cover and the pipeline for our White Nationalist President to shovel his propaganda and hate. Just this morning watching VP Pence say ISIS and leftist elements are involved in funding the refugees from South America, then have Trump turn and say what about the Democrats. With only a tepid question from the press "where's the evidence" - this is where our nation is. We no longer have a President of the United States, we have wannabe dictator of Red States. If we continue on the path of hate speech, vote suppression, and a complicit Congress and Supreme Court, the only recourse is a free press who is willing to hold Justices, members of Congress and Trump accountable for their actions. This will not end well. Sooner or later this will cost lives, not only for targeted victims but innocents caught in the cross fire.

  90. I agree with those who have called out the MSM as being megaphones for trump's hate speech. There is nothing newsworthy in his endless partisan rallies, so stop the continual video loop. Providing him with free media coverage means that coverage of candidates discussing real issues is pushed aside. Moreover, the tight camera focus on the crowds behind trump purposely distort the reality that the crowds are not massive, they are small.

  91. @Alison Amen!

  92. @Alison Or how about covering the Dems equally? So 18,000 Texans showed up for a Trump rally - way more than that are volunteering and sending money to Beto. How about articles about all the pink hats running campaigns? How about an article about Resisters phone banking and walking and stuffing envelopes and feeding volunteers and writing checks? I am bone tired of hearing about Trumpers. There is movement afoot, it has eclipsed the party it advocates for, but there is precious little coverage...

  93. Alexander, we are so very grateful that you and your father have the guts to pursue a democratic vision for the common good when so many lack the basic understanding of your work. In an era when just a bumper sticker or a lawn sign attracts derision or worse, your courage is a beacon of hope for us who still have it.

  94. "Mr. Trump’s final TV ad famously featured my father; Janet Yellen, chairwoman of the Federal Reserve; and Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs — all of them Jewish — amid dog-whistle language about “special interests” and “global special interests.” A genie was let out of the bottle, which may take generations to put back in, and it wasn’t confined to the United States." Thank you for speaking up, Alexander Soros. The tremendous good your father has done by generously giving away so much of what he earned in finance to support pro-democracy organizations and individuals is inspiring. And yet, his very lifework attracts what can only be charitably called a hate bomb. I have no doubt that the perpetrator responsible for placing packages with explosive devices at the homes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, your father, and CNN, was inspired by the totally vicious, vile rhetoric routinely spoken and tweeted by the sitting president. The hate not only is political, it's antisemitic. I'm sure there will be more targets the closer our elections come. The only way to combat hate speech and acts is to speak out forcefully, which is what you've done. I find it sickening that an immigrant like your father, a force for such good in the world, is targeted by Mr. Anti-Immigration himself, despite the fact his own family didn't come to this country that long ago. The hate and hypocrisy take one's breath away.

  95. @ChristineMcM And Trump's current wife under questionable conditions!

  96. "The health of our democracy was more important than personal political gain." Everyone politicians AND citizens should act and vote on this basic principle. Your father knows what it is like to live in a country without democratic norms. As a country, we are destroying the democratic and basic rules of politeness that keep us a civil community. Shortly, if we are not careful, we will all discover what your father already knows and find out, too late, the value of what our founders built.

  97. There is plenty of vitriol directed toward Republicans, even from the most visible Democrat herself. I don't disagree with Mr. Soros that we need to find a new political discourse, but the demonization is not a one-way street.

  98. @Didi The difference is the Republican side floats innuendo, rumor and out right falsehoods onto the airwaves and internet. The other side simply tells the truth. You tell me how those two are equivalent? What the Republicans are doing now is marching in lockstep with a propaganda machine the likes of which we've never seen. It's not just discourse. It's who has been emboldened to speak openly about their racism led by none other that our President Donald Trump. Do you really think declaring "I'm a nationalist" was not a dog whistle to his loyal alt right white nationalist contingent. The Republican party's response... silence... The Republican party deserves to be demonized. They earned it.

  99. Your father is a case study in the American Dream. I am sorry for what your family has had to endure at the hands of "nationalists." Thank you for writing.

  100. When the president of the United States basks in chants of "lock her up", it is not far from becoming "blow her up". Public endangerment, incitement to commit violent acts, promoting hatred: Trump is never far from those activities, which are illegal in many democracies. Yes, the malevolent spirits of racial hatred, anti-semitism, religious intolerance misogyny are loosed upon us and riding hard. It is NOT a media creation, as some suppose. Count the acts of violence committed against any minority around the world today. That speaks volumes about it. They are all all trending upward, some spiking sharply.

  101. I'm a liberal voter. I wouldn't say, "That's just the way it is" to one of the Koch brothers or their family members if someone planted a pipe bomb in one their homes. That's some sick stuff. It's also the type of sick stuff that the left doesn't have any tendency to take part in.

  102. Anyone who does not see the common thread at play here is willfully blind or shockingly naive. The ever-present, ongoing message sent by the Trump regime, ever since he declared his candidacy, is that any form of repression will be tolerated, nay even encouraged and supported, if it serves to bolster his status, wealth, or power. Trump sends out a never-ending message of divisiveness and his dog whistles of approval (which seem to emanate daily from his mouth) tacitly encourage fascistic, anti-minority messages. Pipe bombs and such are the very predictable result of this anti-democratic administration. VOTE people. Our democracy is at risk!

  103. Hate media - Fox News, Limbaugh, Colter, Hannity, et al - need to be brought down, legally. I don't know how that can be done but they've spewed hate for over 30 years and are instrumental in spreading lies and divisiveness.

  104. @Sara G. Unfortunately, their free speech is taken as gospel by the Republican followers.

  105. @Sara G. I feel exactly the same. How is it that these inhuman people can get away with fostering hatred of people who are not like them, for decades. This has been happening since before Bill Clinton was elected with Limbaugh and just mushroomed with Fox News. Free speech should not be able to include malicious lying, or inciting violence against political enemies.

  106. @Sara G., you are right. They are poisonous. The Fairness Doctrine kept them in check until St. Reagan got rid of it; and decent peole and the Democrats never realized what would hit them until it was too late.

  107. I grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania where one of the only Jewish citizens was the tailor. I loved to go to his shop, sit on a stool at the counter and watch him at work. When his shop was closed, my father explained that for him it was a high holy day and that he had gone to the beautiful temple in the city. In that town everyone was loved and honored no matter his religion and the color of his skin. That's what I wanted for my children and my grandchildren. Alas! That privilege and that wondrous pleasure has been removed by politicians with negative self-images who seek to make themselves grander by insults and slurs. Please, please! Can't we have decency and concern back?

  108. My father fought for the 101st Airborne, Yankee Infantry Division during World War II. I am glad he's no longer alive to see that Trump and his "loyalists" have been getting away with doing to our country, and I've been saying that ever since Trump took pride in quoting Mussolini during his rallies. For the sake of our country, we should just call his rallies what they are are - propaganda events to reinforce a violent white nationalist ideology.

  109. @Jbugko I thought the same thing! I'm glad my father a WW2 vet isn't alive to see what is happening. As a career civil servant after the army, I don't think he could have imagined that thugs with money would destroy democracy.

  110. Trump's open embrace of violence towards half the citizens of this country has emboldened some of his supporters to violent actions. He continues to stoke the fires of violence and demonizes the press. I am terribly afraid for the future of my country.

  111. The Problem is that we have a leader who is a deeply poisoned human being, who has no sense of responsibility. There doesn’t appear to be anyone further down the line who has the guts to really challenge the bile that he spreads,as long as it benifits them.

  112. Democracy takes courage. We must encourage people to argue. Yes, there are risks involved in agreeing to disagree with others. Perhaps, these threats will help to encourage peaceful debate. I suggest "idea contests" to encourage democratic sanity... =============================================

  113. Thank you Mr. Soros, well said. I can only imagine what you must go through. I would like to strongly point out, however, that the victims of hate crimes are not confined to Democrats and liberals. The 2017 Congressional Baseball game shooting (targeting Republicans) stands out particularly. This is why I was horrified (because I am from Texas) when TX Rep. Roger Williams (R) who was at that attack, but uninjured, recently and blatantly used this tragic event in an op-ed to attack Democrats for inciting violence. In that piece, he made not a single mention of all the times Republicans have done the very same thing, but he did point out some language used by Democrats that could be seen as inciting violence. My point is we must stop equating hate crimes with political parties. Hate may well be disproportionately and maliciously targeted towards liberals and Democrats, but leaders must tread carefully and not meet hate with hate. As we have seen in countless wars and other hate-related tragedies, it only engenders more hate. True leaders--and you are obviously one of them--will engage in discourse on these issues without mentioning politics or parties. Say, rather, hate is not acceptable, violence is not acceptable, and acknowledge that it is a threat faced by all. The way to engage in a new political discourse is by keeping politics out of it.

  114. Alexander thank you for speaking out. What I find most frightening these days are the number of well educated people I come in contact with at work day in and day out who say nothing of the craziness going on in the country today. I have been called obsessed for following current events on CNN and the NYT. I am just a frightened 64 year old woman who has read enough of history to know that this will not be an easy road over the next 4 to 6 years but i feel it is my duty and necessary that all of us who see injustice speak up about it!

  115. Great article. Thank you for speaking up. I blame a lot of America’s current division squarely at the feet of the Republicans, Trump, and their supporters. Trump plays to his base: They love his chants of “Lock Her Up,” the belittling of a Gold Star family and Senator John McCain, the constant bullying and nastiness that comes out of his mouth, and the constant lies. He knows that a lot of what he says are lies, he just plays to a base that loves to hate. It is a ugly time here in America.

  116. The person occupying the White house is a dangerous man. We need no longer discuss if he does it on purpose, for which end or if he is unaware of the effects of his conduct. What he practices almost daily amounts to 'Volksverhetzung'. Translated to English as 'incitement of the masses', is a German term in criminal law defined as incitement to hatred against segments of the population. It refers to calls for violent or arbitrary measures against people and against the human dignity of others by insulting, maliciously maligning, or defaming segments of the population. 'Volksverhetzung' is outlawed in Germany and for good reason.

  117. Our un-hinged president must surely shoulder the blame for these attempted attacks.

  118. In the past week Trump has demonized many Democrats. He has specifically targeted George Soros with lies and misrepresentations of his work and intentions. Trump has also condoned and encouraged violence. The bombs are the result of the President's irresponsible behavior. It must stop.

  119. @Art Seaman If I went out in the street and shouted that a certain person was evil and should be silenced by 2nd Amendment means if necessary, wouldn't I get arrested?

  120. The people who did this were given license by our president to act upon their vile fantasies. Our democracy and our republic face the stiffest test: How are we to deal with a lying autocrat using our democratic principle of freedom of speech against us? If we silence him, we have violated our most basic tenet. If we allow him to continue to defile us, we risk losing it all. How we answer this question--whether we are able to answer at all-- determines the fate of our country. Never has more been at stake.

  121. No, this did not start with the election of Trump. This is the result of repeated attacks on our democracy by republicans for over 30 years. This is Fox News spreading lies for 40 years. This is the administration of George W. Bush muzzling climate scientists. This is a republican congressman shouting "you lie" during president Obama's first state of the union address. This is Willie Horton. This is the right's constant demonization of immigrants. This is republican attempts to disenfranchise voters. I oppose the republican party, not because I disagree with conservatism. I oppose the republican party because it is consistently undemocratic.

  122. @Interested This seems to be the resurrection of Civil War and World War II, combined. I've been thinking lately, the Confederate and Nazis didn't lose the war, just the battle.

  123. The reality here is that George Soros was never going to be in danger. Nor was President Obama or Hillary Clinton. The people who work in the homes and offices are not billionaires or political figures are the ones doing the dying or losing their limbs, faces, and eyes in bomb attacks. The purpose is terror. The target is us. The aim is to make our nation a place where sending bombs to people you don't agree with is an accepted way of conducting politics. Next: Watch Donald Trump make this a part of his rallies and the Republicans in Congress defend it. The Republic has fallen. Long live the Empire.

  124. I fear it is already too late.

  125. I am so sorry this persecuting is happening to your father, again. It must be a horrendous experience. I completely agree with everything you have written.

  126. Joe McCarthy and Father Coughlin before him both crashed and burned. Their names are standards of shame. I expect the same thing for trump.

  127. @sjs But you have to wonder how far McCarthy and Coughlin would've gotten in the world of Facebook and Twitter. Pretty far, I'm afraid.

  128. @sjs I pray this will be true.

  129. @sjs I hope you are right. I can't wait for the day it will happen.

  130. Trump has been beyond reckless in blaming George Soros for funding or otherwise encouraging everything that irks Donald. Accusations need not be correct for their consequences to be deadly real.

  131. Thank you for this column, Alexander. I am so grateful your father wasn't injured. I know you probably didn't write the headline, but in my opinion it should be The Hate That is Consuming Trump and His Followers.

  132. George Soros and William O. Douglas are two of my modern heroes and both were attacked by arch conservatives for believing in the sacredness of democracy for all. Supreme Court Chief Justice, Douglas was spied on by the federal government for his views. Mr. Soros, whose books I have read, is a self-made man whom has chosen to devote his life and apparently, his fortune to that which he considers the most precious, our freedoms. He also established a university in Hungary, his birthplace, but the right wing zealot there has shuttered that. When we see the voices of reason, promotion of education, and disintegration of a civil society it really may be the end of a great society. All of the Trump trash talk and his GOP minions really does resemble the demonization used by fascists. I would say God help us all, but it appears that is who the right wing minority are calling for all of their dirty work. Perhaps Athena might be a more apt visage.

  133. It is not "Our" politics of demonizing opponents. If you cannot be truthful what is the point of the appeal? The republicans have been demonizing and propagandizing since Nixon. It got really bad with reagan and has only gotten worse since. Your McCain reference is accurate but he was fully on board when it counted at every step of the way while trying to maintain his public image as being that man who said no to the woman when in his heart he was not. His heart can be seen in his votes and he was 100% all in with the republican effort to steal power using hatred this way from the start.

  134. Your fathers desire and drive to see a better future for human rights is commendable. I admire your courage to speak up and continue on the work that must be done.

  135. Thank you Mr. Soros for standing up to the biggest threat to your democracy this country has ever seen. If we don't put a stop in the midterms to the power grab by our fascist, liar in chief president, the closing lyrics of this Linkin Park song will never ring truer. 'Cause you don't know what you've got Oh you don't know what you've got No you don't know what you've got It's your battle to be fought No you don't know what you've got 'Til it's gone 'Til it's gone 'Til it's gone

  136. @Domenick Zero I liked your comments and the lyrics you quoted. However, it seems to me the lyrics while in the Linkin Park song may have been heavily influenced by Joni Mitchel's song Big Yellow Taxi: Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you've got til its gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot Enjoy

  137. @David Marks Thank you David for the education in music history, which I don't profess to be an expert it. Unfortunately, not being aware of the consequences of who we vote for or what we destroy along the way is a short-sighted aspect of our human natures.

  138. "We are far removed from the days when Senator John McCain rebuffed his own supporters during the 2008 election to patriotically defend his opponent, Mr. Obama — all because he believed that the health of our democracy was more important than his personal political gain." Indeed we are. Thank you for this column, it's desperately needed. In the meantime the biggest platform in our country belongs to President Trump. If he truly were a great man, he would call off the attack dogs he has encouraged, praised, actually released with his rhetoric. He would support the safety of journalists, the integrity of our voting system, and equality and justice for all. Being a decent human being is the most important first step for any endeavor. And vote...

  139. Mr. Soros, first of all, my thanks to you (and your father) for your work in giving voice to the voiceless and hope to so many. Civility is not in decline in all places. For example, if I drop money in my workplace, any of my coworkers will pick it up and hand it to me. What worries me is expanded violence in the political sphere. We'd managed to calm down from the violence of much of the nation's history, but we have too many elements stoking fear and divisiveness when we should be building a better community. With all due respect, it might be time to add restoring civility as another initiative to work on. And yes, I know it's difficult when your family and friends are specifically targeted. My best to you and your family, and my thanks to the many government employees--first responders and Secret Service, among others--who kept everybody safe.

  140. I know that the hatred we see bubbling up existed before, but it seemed like people kept it in their living rooms for the most part. Now they have been given permission to demand passports from people speaking Spanish in restaurants, or keep them from entering their own buildings. This is a terrible time. And I'm afraid it will just fester as long as our leadership fans these flames.

  141. @memsomerville I whole-heartedly agree. However, the complacency that allowed people to watch their neighbors get marched off into "ghettos" and ultimately death camps, is the same that allowed neighbors to watch lynchings as entertainment with their children, is the same that stands by as we all watch a pointless war in Yemen starve a generation of children to death. The world is a very diverse place and what has gone on in a typical American living room in recent years is a far cry from reality around the world, now and over the years.

  142. @memsomerville What about the shooting of Scalise? And who used the word "deplorable"?

  143. @memsomerville We also unfortunately don't have strong leadership in the Democratic Party to counter this hatred. Schumer and Pelosi are not strong, bold, articulate leaders.

  144. We have a President who routinely refers to the media as the enemy of the people; who makes up things about political opponents, no matter how outrageous the claim; and refers to Democrats as if they are enemies of the United States, rather than the loyal opposition. Is it any wonder that we see these kind of things happening? He directly shares the responsibility for these actions.

  145. It certainly does not help to have a president who says a Congressman who assaulted a reporter is his kind of guy. Trump's extreme hatred may inspire sketchy people to commit violent acts.

  146. When I saw the headlines I could not help but think that one of the “good people” at Trump rallies may have been inspired by the behavior condoned by their smiling leader as his mobs chant “lock her up.”

  147. A president who freely calls the press the "enemy of the people" and who bullies anyone who disagrees with him has stirred the emotions of the "hoi polloi." There's no putting that genie back in the bottle. We are in for dark tragedies as opponents are labeled traitors. Those who have mental issues and who have access to guns are likely to act, leading to rivers of blood. The bully-in-chief is directly implicated.

  148. Thanks for your well timed comments. I hope voters on Nov 6 resist this president's behavior by voting for the opposite party.

  149. Hate and a free open society can not exist at the same time. Hate, bigotry and fear cancel out the possibilities of any democracy. In the past we have tolerated all sorts of speech for the sake of democracy. But when hate spills out into violence, the denial of rights for everyone our democracy is lost. Someone who spouts this hate as a leader and foments it in others can never call himself a patriot. Trump speech is aimed at only one thing, his own self protection and personal gain and he is perhaps the greatest threat to our democracy that has come along since the Civil War. These days it takes courage to stand for an open democracy and Mr. Soros I thank you for your efforts.

  150. The hate in this country has reached a fever pitch, aided and abetted by a president focused on sowing division through ethnic, religious, sexual identity and racial rants. It sends chills throughout my body and I picture each rant as the scapegoat in Shirley Jackson's story, The Lottery, in which someone is stoned to death once a year and then the people calmly return to their lives. Historians have said the present moment mirrors that of pre-Civil War America. Are those bombs that were planted to kill fellow Americans the first shot fired in the next Civil War? Have we so devolved into inhumanity and disdain for each other that we now want to literally extinguish the other side? Alexander Soros is correct. The genie is out of the bottle but it exposed hate that was simmering under the surface that has now boiled over and is destroying us like a fast-growing cancer. Do we no longer feel any sense of shame when we mistreat and violate another human being? Are we unrestrained animals who want to tear each other apart, limb from limb? It is like a science fiction movie, our own version of a literal Hunger Games. Then again, we have a president who admires a politician who body slams a journalist. A president who admires strongmen like Putin. I am hanging every ounce of hope on the midterm elections but I am trying to steel myself for defeat in a country consumed with rage with no end in sight. I do not see a President Lincoln in our future to remind us of our better angels.

  151. You are absolutely right Mr. Soros. Thank you for sharing your voice. If only those should hear it, read this, would understand and take heed. Demonizing and bullying others is weak and cowardly. All that your father has bravely achieved is appreciated. Maybe the upside of this is that those who do believe in upholding democracy will stand stronger in defending it, as it is apparent it is under attack, from within.

  152. Glad to see a member of the Soros family come out to speak in a highly personal and all so human way. George Soros lead the way, ahead of the Gates Foundation and so many others, in our time, by donating funds to alleviate the terrible suffering of those living under oppression out of civil societies. The giving has been to education and to medicine and to causes not considered fashionable at all, such as women's rights programs, labor rights and even to stateless Romany gypsies. Does anyone much know that the foundaton made a huge difference in containing and limiting the spread of the ghastly Ebola epidemics in Africa. THANK YOU. No good dead goes unpunished, I say. The Soros family has used their great wealth to give back to society at home and abroad for the welfare of humanity, in so many ways. They are genuine do gooders, while not lavishing in glitzy lifestyle scenarios: jets, garish mansions and all else. Their one personal lavishment is with throwing large parties, come friends one and all, when family members have important birthdays and weddings and such. These are real people taking care to give a great deal of money away to further human rights and Democracy around the world.

  153. Thank you Alexander for speaking out against this current dangerous atmosphere of hate, discrimination and lethal violence against those not in lock-step with the wannabe Trump and GOP dictatorship. Watching our great country unravel before our eyes is more-than-frightening. And our San Diego news is reporting the SD Union Tribune downtown building is now evacuated after suspicious packages were found. Kamala Harris' office is also in that building they say. VERY SCARY TIMES in our once-great country!

  154. If Trump himself does not come out and say he has gone too far with lauding the body-slamming congressman, calling the press the enemies of the people and leading "Lock her up" chants at rallies then he should be censured by congress. More importantly, he should be punished by the voters.

  155. Trump's inflammatory rhetoric about mobs and Enemies of the People is irresponsible, divisive and dangerous, now it bears bitter fruit. Trump inspires this violence. Voters must forcefully reject it, and him.

  156. The irony is palpable and amazing. Years of mob mentality, beatings, businesses looted and burned but yet only now we hear any major concern or pleas for civility. This playbook is not new or novel. The people that cannot see through this smoke screen are doomed to see history repeat itself.

  157. seriously? Who is beating who exactly? I have to wonder if you are a Russian bot account. Your comment is curiously generic and at the same time inflammatory.

  158. This entire episode can be laid firmly at the feet of Donald Trump. If things aren't changed on Nov 6, I see no end to this threat. What a scourge this episode in American history is. It must end. And soon, before it's too late.

  159. Thank you for this, Alexander. I admire your father and am so sorry this is happening. We are in such dangerous times with a dangerous maniac in charge.

  160. Please stop with the false equivalence. To call out "our politics of demonizing opponents" makes it sound like everyone is equally to blame. Democrats "demonize" modern Republicans because they are corrupt. Republicans "demonize" Democrats because they don't agree with them. Only one of these is demonization based on politics.

  161. @TM Let's also remember that Newt Gingrich and his cronies back in the 1990's started using the language of vilification to talk about their Democratic opponents. It wan't enough to say that you disagreed. You had to say your Democratic opponent was evil, unpatriotic, sick, etc. Newt Gingrich also said there was no such thing as "the loyal opposition". The Republicans in effect were free to behave however they wished in opposing any Democratic initiative. Twenty-five years later, we see the effects of this corrosive mentality on our political discourse.

  162. Alexander re-states the obvious: "We must find our way to a new political discourse that shuns the demonization of all political opponents. A first step would be to cast our ballots to reject those politicians cynically responsible for undermining the institutions of our democracy. And we must do it now, before it is too late." This falls upon the deaf ears of Trump-Pence and too many GOP candidates, AND the fringe within the Democratic party. Since the Reagan administration's mantra 'government isn't the solution, it is the problem', our nation discussion has steadily become based upon beliefs instead of facts (irrational to the point of psychotic) and vitriolic. Until we demand of our elected officials the vision of USA voiced by President Kennedy, ". . .ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." we will continue to descend into a neo-fascist model or populist model (fascism differs from populism only by the fact that fascism selects a boogey-man to blame all ills upon thereby distracting the public from the kleptocracy).

  163. This kind of behavior will likely get worse. If Mueller supplies a report that leads to Trump's impeachment, there are potentially thousands of people who will not respond rationally.

  164. @RP Smith And if he DOESN'T supply a report that leads to Trump's impeachment, there are potentially thousands of people who will not respond rationally...

  165. Thank you, Mr. Soros, for this thoughtful, measured column. It's a pity that the sub-headline referring to each side demonizing the other sends the wrong message. It's false equivalency to claim that both Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible for the vitriol and hatred expressed by sending mail bombs to prominent progressive figures. Sadly, the responsibility for most of the violent acts against "the other party" are committed by Republicans, many of whom are funded by Russians and the NRA, and other extremely conservative sources.

  166. @Elizabeth Bennett More to the point, go back and watch videos of the Kavanaugh hearings without the sound. Look at the faces of Grassley and Graham, and then tell me where the hate is coming from. The even-handedness of the media is a contributing factor to the both sides myth; akin to trump's blaming both sides at Charlottesville.

  167. It is way past times for both political parties to stop the hateful rhetoric that both sides spew. It is way past time to ban PAC's funded by corporations, the wealthy and unions. It is way past time for stations like MSNBC and FOX and many other media outlets to admit that they are biased. It is time for honest and non emotional debates between parties. It is time for schools to again give lessons in civics and debate. It is time for ethics to again be taught in high school. It is time to emphasize that "E Pluribus Unum" means we are all ONE nation and all Americans, not a collection of different interest groups. Why we do have reason to disagree, as Americans we should be civil and respectful of each other.

  168. @Rob its past time to stop equated both sides like both sides are equally engaged in the hate mongering. Sure MSNBC and FOX have their bias and they both where it on their sleeves but I they are not equal in espouses hate.. that all comes from the FOX entertainment network

  169. This is dreaming-speak. I agree with the need for civility in pubic forums but there is zero impetus to make that happen. Politicians use hate-speak because they can -- and it gets them votes.

  170. @Rob Please. It is not both sides. It is the Party of Trump and Fox News. This kind of false equivalency is almost as bad as the civil-war baiting currently being done by our President.

  171. Thank you Mr. Soros for your measured, thoughtful and constructive commentary. Thank you as well to you, your father and the Open Societies Foundations for your work to enable democracies around the world and the civil societies that are needed to support. Your work is needed now more than ever to combate intolerance, racism, white nationalism, etc. (let's just call it the 'Trump Effect'). Your funding of those who can help guide our society back to civil discourse is essential. Let's all work to Make America Civil Again!

  172. Violence aimed at prominent political actors is not, in fact, anything new. I was born in 1956. I personally recall the assassination of JFK in 1963, whose presidency was somewhat controversial at the time; then Martin Luther King, Jr., in the Spring of 1968; Robert Kennedy in August 1968; the attempted assassination of George Wallace in 1972; two attempts on the life of the mild President Ford; the shooting of Ronald Reagan in 1981. That doesn’t count political violence against protesters and their counter-protesters of opposing causes. Terrorism such as that committed on 9/11 and at The Bataclan in Paris is politically motivated. I would argue that violence, including politically-motivated violence, is the rule and not the exception.

  173. When good people convince themselves that getting a tax break or getting their person on the Supreme Court is more important than human decency, especially when the alternatives --contributing a slightly larger percentage of one's wealth to their community and getting a different judge to sit on the court (was Merrick Garland really a challenge to our legal system?) were not so bad, it is hard to see where there is hope. But there is. Many of those who welcome this hatred and violence are sadly confused, lied to, manipulated, and deceived. They can be brought back to their senses. (Maybe some cannot, but they are a small number) It is certainly hard to get through to such people, to get them to separate the exaggeration from the reality, the lie from the truth, the demonized from the real demons. But by persevering, pointing out again and again the simple facts, supporting people running for office who will get this message out, whether they win or not,, by doing this we can make a difference, It won't be easy or quick, but we can get back on the right track of working to make life better for all. What is the alternative? The worst thing would be to say it is all hopeless. That only encourages people not to vote and implicitly to allow the bad to happen. Vote, and get your friends and relatives to vote, especially those you suspect will vote for decency.

  174. @JustThinkin Sometimes those people we think are good, simply are not. Never were. I believe that Mitch McConnell is one of them. A cheater, a liar, and a thief. Oh, and Master Enabler. Who is he to decide his view is the correct one? Nevermind the majority of the country feels differently... at virtually every turn. You are not going to convince a single one of them. But ok, you keep trying. Hope springs eternal.

  175. Hate is horrid. But our so-called president and his cowardly congress and senate are a clear and present danger. They must be voted out of office. It's what we can do as a nation. Start this process now. Vote on November 6th. It has never been more important.

  176. When it comes to a race to the bottom, Trump will win every time. Democrats need to find a race they can win.

  177. @Sheriff of Nottingham -- and that flips the question back onto the electorate -- if the majority of the electorate wants lying, racism, sexism, crudity, fraud, ignorance ... then there we are.

  178. The hate is not consuming me. I'm not poking any sticks, don't want to. What you say and do is your business, liberal or conservative. However, I know how I will vote, I know right from wrong, truth from lies. I know who I am.

  179. Thank you for the op-ed, it was illuminating. But, the hate that this president has made acceptable, is not going to go away anytime soon. The far right fringe groups see in this president and a congress that won’t stand up to him a kindred spirit. A signal to spew their hate speech as well as violent acts. We see men on planes groping woman and defending themselves by saying the president did it so it must be ok, they are only women after all. A country acts on the example set by its leader and our leader is morally bankrupt. His acts are only defended by his claim that he won. He should have been at the forefront of condemning the killing of Mr. Khashoggi a journalist and US resident but he just couldn’t do it, it would cost this country money. And, it’s not lost on people that CNN was also the site of a pipe bomb, the target of the presidents disrespect and continued condemnation of Fake News. No, it will take a new administration with an individual who has the moral courage to stand up to hate to bring us back to our moral center.

  180. Good for you- for defending your father and also, the norms and values of the society that we should stand up for. These threats are unacceptable- when citizen turns against citizen for differing beliefs, when a President incites violence and a cowardly party stands by him- something is foul in our nation. This is not greatness. This is terrorism and anyone found culpable should be punished and citizenship revoked.

  181. Every time Trump spins the wheel of discrimination, a signal is sent out that these people are fair game: black presidents, Jews, journalists, women, gays, immigrants. It's a signal that has been picked up by lone wolves, neo-nationalists, and malcontented and aggrieved individuals who have weapons ready to be discharged when the leader says in so many words, "Go for 'em." I never thought I would see so many fine people stay silent about how little POTUS cares about human beings.

  182. When you say "our" politics demonize opponents, you do a disservice to many Americans. Name and challenge the hateful acts. Throw out the party that uses hate as a political tool.

  183. Thank you for stating the plain truth. We are living under a tyranny of a minority. As you say there is but one civil solution: VOTE!

  184. True, Trump didn't start this hatred issue, but he has certainly accelerated it with his vitriol and attacks on anyone who doesn't toe the Trump Party Line. It is incumbent on the administration in power to denounce the violence and hatred, and to cooperate with the investigations into the bombings and attempted bombings. All Trump has done lately is to encourage the violence, and this has to stop. Otherwise, we will become a Third World dictatorship with the loss of both the 1st and 2nd amendments. That's what happens when martial law is declared.

  185. The hate that is consuming US? The all consuming hate is the only deliverable Trump has secured for his base. The inexplicable seduction of exercising hate is a promise made and a promise kept by this administration. Trying to make what is happening symmetrical on the right and left just adds to the chaos and confusion. It is fomented, normalized and reiterated by the GOP and until and unless we can critically identify this as fact more heartbreak and horror will come.

  186. Thank you for this reminder of who your father and who your family are. What a marked contrast with who Donald Trump is and who his family has been and continues to be. While you reach out to help strengthen democracies, he and his family have done a major job destroying ours. While your family has given of their wealth, Trump and his have, apparently, paid no federal taxes and have given nothing to others. With them it is all "take, take, and give us more." I fear that Trump's lies--thousands of them since he became president--have infused in his supporters just what we are seeing now with attempts to kill people such as your father, the Clintons and the Obamas. I think FDR would not say, today, "All we have to fear is fear itself." Instead, "All we have to fear is Trump and his band of thugs."

  187. With roughly half of the USA still contentedly voting for Trump, it might be too late to save the USA. The Supreme Court is now extreme Right for decades. The USA racist anti-Semitic fringe is no longer fringe. They are 50% of the voters.

  188. @K Henderson Actually, the far right supporters of Trump are 48%. Those supporting justice and truth (anti-Trump) represent 52% according to polls on 10/23/2018. There is still hope.

  189. I agree! Which is why i said "roughly half" and not 50% Finger crossed 51% of voters see Trump for horror that he is.

  190. @K Henderson Only 50% of the voters if those who think differently fail to show up!

  191. trump is the person to blame for the hostile environment we live in. He is out to destroy everything many of us love about our country. trump is happy to incite the sheep that support him. Any shock or dismay that may be issued from the White House rings very hollow today.

  192. Not only Trump, but everyone who has ridden on his coat-tails and willingly served under his regime, is responsible for this outrage. They picked him as their own. Now they must own what they got.

  193. Voting out the enablers of this campaign of hate is what this election is about.

  194. Thank goodness no one was hurt. It makes me very sad to think of the many people who think violence is an answer to their pain. I'm guessing that this individual is in need of psychiatric help and I believe that there are many people in this world who masquerade their mental illness behind a political, racist, homophobic or other agenda. I don't mean to diminish this event at all. But I do think we are often erring in taking a violent person at their word as to what their motives are.

  195. We can all thank Trump and his equally lunatic minions for this. Let's not kid ourselves. Rhetoric counts. Talk has consequences.