Andrew Gillum, a Florida Insider Running as a Progressive Outsider

Mr. Gillum, the Democratic nominee for governor, supports higher corporate taxes and Medicare for all. He also has a lobbyist as a top adviser and, as mayor of Tallahassee, was on the payroll of a consultant.

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  1. I am an Andrew Gillum fan At 98 do what I can, Florida is so key Gave Trump his victory Gillum can be Trump's nemesis man.

  2. This in no way compares to Governor Scott's corruption, look at the money he made and gives to his cronies. The moral of the story take lobbying out of politics.

  3. Andrew Gillum will be a breath of fresh air for Florida, blowing away the stench of Scott's corrupt governorship which touted deregulation and has exacerbated the stench of red tide ruining our environment, our beaches and our tourism. Let's hope a Blue Wave in Florida gives us all a better future.

  4. Don't understand the sneering criticism of this piece. Gillum currently says and does the right things and there is no currently available better alternative. What is the NYT offering as a better choice: an unashamedly racist candidate? Why smear this man during what looks like an impressive and inspiring campaign? Unsettling message to be sending right now.

  5. @A - reporting on their findings does not constitute smearing. It shows balanced reporting on the part of The Times. This isn't Fox news after-all...

  6. Gillum is another Trump-hating, tax increasing anti-white racist who is as corrupt as they come; he's another Corey Booker socialist who believes (when he spends $1400 a night to stay in a suite, whether it be his money or the state's??)--like all socialists--that my money is mine and yours is also mine. Let's hope the good people go out and vote for De Santis to get rid of this impostor.

  7. @Labete Google "socialist", it does not mean anyone you don't like.

  8. @Labete Trump Hating Tax Increasing Anti-White Racist Socialist ... Absurd fear-mongering buzzwords is all one has when one has no facts.

  9. @Labete, Thank you for your comments. Your "fair" analysis makes it clear that you are worried about this race and convinces me that Gillum is the right man for the job.

  10. This is why the Times is a first rate paper because it tell the whole story. When people use the bogus term "main stream media" it is because their argument is weak or nonexistent.

  11. You can serve lobbyists or you can serve the public interest. One or the other.

  12. @Xoxarle Silly stance. Lobbyists perform a necessary roll in advocacy, they have to be strongly controlled/regulated.

  13. @Xoxa True but despite the NYT's best efforts there is no actual evidence in this nearly 3000 word hit piece that Mr. Gillum serves lobbyists over the public interests.

  14. @Xoxarle Gillum will be the little man who listens to every Soros Steyer command after taking millions from them

  15. A “Career Politician” compared to what? The current governor, Rick Scott, has served two full terms and if elected to a Senate seat will become one of the richest in Congress. Scott pled the 5th Amendment dozens of times in a corruption probe of his health care company. The authors of this article sound like they are “shocked, shocked” that Andrew Gilliam sometimes worked with lobbyists. In a city like Tallahassee in a big state like Florida, this is going to happen. I would much rather have a career politician with a political agenda to help people and get things done in the public interest than a guy like his opponent who parrots everything Trump says.

  16. @JT FLORIDA Thanks, you saved me having to write this myself.

  17. @JT FLORIDA Indeed! Electing an amateur politician is like having surgery by an amateur doctor. I prefer the one who has spent his life studying.

  18. this article seems a bit editorial for pre-election coverage, no? the facts seem to be presented in a very negative light...

  19. I as well as my two brothers have already voted a straight dem ticket in Florida. Hopefully will be saved from Desantis and Scott.

  20. I’m a Floridian who’s voting as well as everyone else I know straight DEM!! Take our country back!!! And I flipped a few red votes blue!!! By having intelligent conversations and breaking it all down. I’m super excited to be voting for Gillum!!!!

  21. Gillum isn't perfect, but they should have run a profile of his opponent next to this one. Ron DeSantis, the guy who barely showed up for work in the state legislature and whose only stated policy is deference to Trump and the status quo. Florida is in big trouble environmentally and has huge populations of uninsured and massive income inequality, and Gillum is way better prepared to tackle these problems.

  22. "His office spent about $5,000 in taxpayer dollars in 2016 to buy software from a Democratic Party vendor to send political emails, an improper purchase that Mr. Gillum defended until being forced last year to pay the city back and apologize.” While $5,000 is not a large amount, it is worrisome that Mr. Gillum did not realize taxpayer money was not supposed to be spent on political e-mails. To make matters worse, rather than acknowledging his mistake once it had been pointed out to him, he denied that his political use of taxpayer money was a mistake. He seems to have a questionable sense of ethics. Is this normal in Floridian politics?

  23. @ann By Florida standards, he is a saint. The state legislature is an absolute cesspool of old white southern male ignorant privilege. When in session, lobbyists swarm legislators like green flies, except that they are apparently very welcome to many. None of this is a secret. Mr. Gillum is an intelligent man: he is not about to destroy his career for, say, a weekend in Costa Rica. But you have some very nasty people looking to ruin him any way they can.

  24. Yes. See Rick Scott. $1.7 billion.

  25. @ann He seems to have a questionable sense of ethics. Is this normal in Floridian politics? I think so. They are pretty much all Republicans, right?

  26. i hope you can get the Democrats united, the important thing is to get the country back again.

  27. So when Democrats let ideology get in the way of being savvy politicians-- that's a problem. And when Democrats are savvy politicians-- that's also a problem. Look, I understand the NYT wants to be "balanced" in its political coverage, but you can't equate the normal apparatus of running a political election (or an administration) with some kind of lie or corruption. This killed the left in 2016, and it will kill us in 2018 as well.

  28. Andrew Gillum is a breath of fresh air in Florida politics, the first candidate I have ever been excited to support, to donate to, to have a campaign sign up for. This piece by the Times is odd in that it is making conservative-style guilty by association claims and, more worryingly, criticizing Andrew precisely because he has worked so hard and devoted his entire life to public service. He has a vision for Florida, and he is also adept at picking up on what we want in a leader. The Times is wrong about one thing: Gillum does not posture as a progressive "outsider". He makes frequent mention of being Mayor of Tallahassee and his desire to springboard that experience to the state level. Everyone who supports him knows that he has been in government and community organizing his entire life, and we admire him for it. The only thing making him an "outsider", if you could call him that, is that he isn't one of the big business, deregulation, reject federal funding, stymie public transit, destroy the environment Republican AND Democratic leaders Florida has had my entire life. When Andrew says, "Bring it home," I hear him talking to me, specifically. I am elated by the possibility of having a Governor I am proud to tell my NY friends about.

  29. @Mel Yes, a typical headline from the NYTimes, that fake both sides do it, just like they did to Hillary. The Times is not a liberal publication, as great as they are in investigative journalism. They care more about getting readers based on headlines, and the glory in that. I always believe half of what I read in the Times, , and verify first

  30. And let's be clear here, Gov. Scott spent his own fortune essentially buying the governor's office x2, turned half of his fortune over to his wife and put the rest in a "fake" Blind trust, while the lobbyist packed his portfolio. Mr. Gilliam has long time friends, who are not politicians, advising and supporting him publically. No Dark Money here to be seen.

  31. @SCB Yet he did a great job as Governor, and I think nobody can buy an election, if they could Hillary would be president.

  32. @vulcanalex, you are referring to Red Tide Rick as doing a great job as governor? Wow. You are easily fooled.

  33. Scott has been a disaster for our state. He thwarted a long awaited agreement w sugar to restore the Everglades. He shredded environmental agencies that protect our waters and he eliminated growth management. Now that our once beautiful waterways are being taken over with algae and the manatees and dolphins are stinking up the place as they rot, well now he claims he’s going to help clean up the place!

  34. I do not see Medicare fraud anywhere here like on Gov. Scott's list of bona fides.

  35. Has Gillum been indicted yet?

  36. @Brewster Millions Of what?

  37. NYTimes, you didn't learn anything from the presidential election in 2016, did you? Mr. Gillum's opponent is going to be a destructive force for the state. Is Mr. Gillum perfect? NO! But he's certainly better than the alternative, and many of my fellow independent voters feel the same way. BUTT OUT!

  38. @Sharon Gillum is a Socialist who will give you a State Income tax .You are from Miami so you want a Sactuary State and NO ICE .You want the caravan of ILLEGALS come to Miami .Gillum would love it.Where is he getting his money.SOROS AND STEYER OWN HIM

  39. Extra! Extra! A black man dares to be ambitious. Well, it was either this dud of a hit piece or an article telling us that the Hitler sympathizing alt-right guy is actually an ‘average american’ like the rest of us! This piece reminds me so much of the Hilary email articles before the election—while Trump committed tax fraud and colluded with the Russians.

  40. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, is a duck. I mean corrupt politician.

  41. And your point, NYT? How about a bit of comparison with DeSantis and Scott? Fine, you're impartial. Bully for you. So he gets things done and does things that pols do. If he didn't, he'd be "incompetent" and "missing." Give us a break already.

  42. The NY Times is giving Andrew Gillum the Hillary Clinton treatment. Just in time to help a white supremacist win. He will now say, even the NYT says Gillum is corrupt. So much for the "liberal media".

  43. @Claude Wynne DeSantis is not a white supremacist.Gillums youth campaign coordinator was fired this week because he tweeted EXECUTE TRUMP

  44. While every politician should be scrutinized, this reads like a cheap hit piece with no mention of the mayor's track record. You can do better NYT.

  45. C'mon - the FLDC CAN'T be serious about this candidate. Gillum's cartoon, socialist agenda ZERO chance of getting him elected in Florida. It TRULY make me wonder if he's a controlled operative.

  46. @Eyes Wide Open Actually, Gillum is ahead in virtually all the polls. As far as your "controlled operative" speculation goes, you've merely exposed yourself as yet another adolescent conspiracy theorist. Sad.

  47. @Eyes Wide Open, you clearly don't know what a socialist agenda is. Luckily the Florida voters are not fearful of learning the details of Gillum's proposals instead of reacting to silly name-calling.

  48. @Philip S. Wenz Yes - like the "polls" that said that Hillary had 90 percent chance on election day and would win in a landslide? I'd say that you're clearly the one subscribing to hypnotized conspiracies...and since you decided to go the personal attack route, i'll add "infantile" into my assessment of your comment.

  49. From the delightfully noir-ish intro––"City Hall never did seem big enough for Andrew Gillum."––I expected a thrilling political whodunit replete with dollars, dames and blood on the floor. Nope. The story became a mild hit piece with a few hot bucks here and a few grand there. Chump change in the world of state pay-to-play politics. Albany makes Tallahassee look like Pop Warner. I shouldn't have to ask this, but what was the point of the article? That Gillum isn't pure as the driven snow? Big deal. Show me a politician who is. The relevant question is, who is the bigger hypocrite?

  50. I am flabbergasted that Democrats in this governor's race are not organizing the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican Hurricane Maria refugees who moved to Florida. These new Florida voters could swing either way, because Republicans have been courting them since the moment they landed, but there is a real opportunity to organize them against the Republican party that so utterly failed Puerto Rico. My partner is from Puerto Rico, and we tried to volunteer to phone-bank en espanol for Mr. Gillum's campaign. First of all there is not an easy way to join the campaign online, other than to donate money. Second, nobody from the campaign ever got back to us in any way, despite multiple emails and phone calls. This is an opportunity for Puerto Ricans in the Orlando area to become as politically influential as the Cubans in Miami by delivering a huge bloc of votes (in exchange for public policy commitments for their community). They could tilt Florida elections to Democrats for generations, but the Democrats are, as usual, squandering their best chances at success.

  51. @Chris Thomas Andrew Gillum has been very intune with the Puerto Rican community in central florida. He has held rallies and voter registration events with Darren Soto the representative for the 9th district and the governor of Puerto Rico. In addition his events are always attended by his campaign volunteers that always need help and are willing to give information on how to do your part. He has the endorsement of Boricua vota which is a voter engagement group in Central Florida.

  52. Check here on Facebook

  53. "Mr. Gillum has earned the label that most elected leaders strain to avoid: career politician." That is folklore, not fact. In politics, experience is pertinent. Witness the White House. In a campaign with two candidates, the Times always focuses on flaws in the better candidate to prove they are not biased against the racist one. A check on the editorial page shows yet another smear of Hillary. Florida would not be well-served if DeSantis won.

  54. He is running for Governor, so his stand on federal issues is not relevant. I wonder what he might to do improve building standards, address red tide, adapt to changing climate within the states authority, and many other issues that the state has. I also wonder how with his limited experience he would manage a large state and get things done with say Republicans. He looks like another Obama, limited experience but a block of voters who will vote for him no matter what.

  55. @vulcanalex - experience but a block of voters who will vote for him no matter what... Who does that sound like? Let's see. I can't think of the name. It's on the tip of my tongue. He's someone high up in the federal gov't.

  56. Interesting how the New York Times consistently writes positive bio pieces on Democratic rising stars like Beto O'Rourke and Andrew Gillum as well as en vogue sexual or racial minority candidates like Christine Hallquist and Stacy Abrams yet, as far as I can remember this election cycle, writes equivalent pieces about Republican candidates.

  57. @Luciano There are no equivalent republican candidates.

  58. @Mike If that's the attitude of our major newspapers this country is in a lot of trouble

  59. Yes, Tallahassee is home to a "striking number of mattress stores," as it has been home to a striking number of politicians, students, churches, football players, and lawyers. All come and go with regularity, and it is never a good idea to get too excited about the coming or going of any one of them.

  60. Mr. Gillum has already backtracked on his limp support of Medicare for all. He now talks of strengthening the ACA. And he has campaigned with corporatists Hillary Clinton and Cory Booker, who sops up Wall Street money like no other congressional representative: Some progressive.

  61. @Rev. E. M. Camarena, PhD What's wrong with strengthening the ACA? We could make it like the health care system in Holland where everyone has access to all the medical care they need but it's not single-payer. Medicare for all is currently quite poorly defined. Will everyone currently on employer provided insurance be forced into a new government program? That's 150 million people. That could be pretty darn unpopular. But some of the left have a fetish for it. Take a look at Holland. Then tell me why we can't replicate that here. The way to end the current entanglement of health insurance with employment is to slowly remove the tax incentive for it. Then folks will slowly migrate to an ACA on steroids and we'll end up like Holland. Look at it, please, don't do your thinking with slogans.

  62. @Jack Toner Medicare is almost certainly a far better policy than you currently have. Overhead is far lower than any private policy and It doesn't have to show a profit. My concern is what might happen to the excess private insurance support staff. They can't be just set adrift without considerable help in finding new jobs but once that is done we will have that large work force doing more productive things and increasing the GDP. With a healthier population then advancing through the pipeline we could reasonably expect future generations to be less expensive to care for as well as more productive.

  63. Hey NYT, why not run an article on DiSantis. He glorifies in trump, wants to get rid of pre-existing conditions, cares nothing about the pollution that is encompassing this entire state and pals around with people who want to get rid of health care among other things. Three cheers for Andrew Gillum, I sent him money and will be voting for him as soon as the polls open.

  64. Oh my god, are you trying to tell me that he’s a politician?

  65. There are no Democratic insiders in Florida.

  66. @Mike Then you can pay for all the things his lobbyists will want. Why should the people of Florida be subjected to having their property stolen by politicians who are controlled by Lobbyists? If you are so enamored with his progressive agenda, then be my guest fund it, volunteer to do good works. Just don't demand that others fund and service your particular causes. That would be tyranny and unconstitutional. The problem with Gillum and others like him (Democrat and Republican) is that they see politics as a means of personal enrichment. This was never what the founding fathers intended, and rightly so. People should establish careers and then enter politics for a short while, and then return to private life. If politicians do not earn a living outside of politics they generally do not appreciate those of us who do. Gillum never worked outside of politics, and it shows

  67. @James Spare us your stupid argument. Remember who the governor is now? I really wish you guys would have the decency not to insult everyone's intelligence. I do see what's going in Florida.

  68. @Mike If the people of Florida want to avoid having a shake-down artist, they need to get out and vote against Gillum. If Gillum gets elected, they will pay dearly.

  69. Isn't what Mr. Gillum claims at least possible, even if you don't believe him? "... the 2016 trip to Costa Rica that is now under state ethics investigation. ... Mr. Gillum — who earned $79,176 as mayor last year, in addition to his more than $71,000 in consulting income — has said he and his wife paid for their share of a $1,400-a-night villa in cash; as evidence to ethics investigators, he provided a bank statement showing a $400 withdrawal before their departure." One wonders, of course, whether the $400 cash withdrawal was to get cash for use on the Costa Rica vacation. But maybe Mr. Gillum did, as he insists, use the $400 cash to pay for his and his wife's share of the $1,400-a-night villa, and they just used whatever other cash they already had for other expenditures. I haven't heard what his and his wife's share of the $1,400-a-night villa amounted to, and so maybe $400 was enough to cover it. And maybe they already had plenty of other cash to spend during the Costa Rica trip. Whether that's what actually happened is unclear, of course, but what Mr. Gillum says is certainly possible. It shouldn't be difficult for the investigators to get to the bottom of this one.

  70. So here's another NY Times hit job on a Progressive. Enabling Desantis, are you? (Just as the Times enabled Trump.) What's the motive?

  71. @Philip S. Wenz Totally in agreement. Anoher extraordinary hit piece against a democrat progressive in lieu of genuine news. If only the neocons news site follow the NYT style with their candidates and elected officials we would not be burden by their electoral minority rule.

  72. For Florida's future, I pray that Gillum does not win. His policies of Medicare for all, dismantling ICE, higher corporate taxes (and ultimately a state income tax which he dare not say at this point), radical gun control, and more, if implemented, would knock out the attraction of Florida to retirees with money for one. It would kill the goose that lays the golden egg which enables Florida to have the best fiscal condition of any of the 50 states. Might as well go to Texas in that case.

  73. @new conservative He "dare not say" state income tax, because he does not support that. He does support the novel idea that the working and middle classes should carry corporate tax loads. "Radical gun control", you mean stand your ground 2.0 which says you may start a fight and end it with a bullet, legally.

  74. @nw conservative Radical gun control? Tell that to the parents of the dead students from the recent Florida mass shooting.

  75. @new conservative Just imagine all those rainbird septuagenarians, absolutely outraged at the government coming to take away the Glocks they have stashed away in their 10th floor apartments in St. Pete.

  76. Is this true? "I am flabbergasted that Democrats in this governor's race are not organizing the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican Hurricane Maria refugees who moved to Florida. These new Florida voters ... " Recently-arrived refugees from Puerto Rico's hurricane are allowed to vote in Florida elections already? Is that true?

  77. @MyThreeCents, they are US citizens and as long as they are registered, they can vote

  78. Why wouldn’t they be allowed to? They’re residents of Florida.

  79. They're US citizens, why wouldn't they be allowed to vote if they've changed their residence?

  80. I have always held this paper in high esteem because it is ruthless in its coverage of politicians regardless of party affiliation. But a couple of recent articles covering up-and-coming progressive Democratic candidates have made me question weather my assessment still is appropriate. But of course it is important to be able to examine a candidate, warts and all, but the way the pieces were written reminded me one could find on What this intended as a hit piece? A lot of innuendo passing as credible reporting is unbecoming of this venerated newspaper. Why complain about GOP voter suppression efforts when the Times is giving us a master class on the topic?

  81. @CEA Thank you. We're not all stupid and see exactly what is going on here.

  82. Fair point -- why not? "Hey NYT, why not run an article on DiSantis." To my knowledge, it hasn't been shown that Gillum has done anything wrong -- on his New York trip, on his Costa Rica trip, in his acceptance of consulting fees from his friend's firm, in his approval of his friend's restaurant on the site of an old local power plant, or in anything else. It's common to make multiple charges against a politician, in the hope that, if enough mud is thrown against a wall, some of it will stick. So far, though, lots of allegations against Gillum, but no proof. And even if Gillum IS guilty of one or more of the corruption charges, the question remains: "Compared to what?" I haven't heard anything about DeSantis, but he too is a politician and so it may well be that he's got some skeletons in his closet. I'd certainly like to hear more about DeSantis. We shouldn't forget that Florida voters are left with just two practical choices: Gillum and DeSantis. So far, neither has been shown to be corrupt. If neither is, we can and should eliminate "corruption" as a distinguishing factor. Conversely, if both of them are shown to be corrupt, we should sympathize with Florida voters but acknowledge that Gillum and DeSantis are their only two choices.

  83. I applaud the NYT to follow the news stories wherever they lead. I know await impatiently and expose' also on the much worse DeSantis.

  84. Nothing unusual here. Democrats who profess ideals about fairness and democracy but who are corrupted by the system, vs. Republican ideologues who believe in corruption and bribery as ideals. One is corrupt, the other is insane. These are the choices we have these days.

  85. I live in Florida and see the ads by Gillum and his opponents. Gillum's ads tell us nothing about the man, his accomplishments, his aspirations for Florida or anything else. They're without meaning and impact. His opponents however have mastered the art of using potent advertising that condemn Gillum and his party. They are relentless. The vitriol directed against Gillum overwhelms his impotent attempts to gain traction. I'm a Democrat originally Pennsylvania and I'd like to support Mr. Gillum and the Democratic Party. Regrettably I can't tell you anything about the Democratic candidates except that Republicans and conservatives find them hateful. The Dems are portrayed as socialists, job destroying globalists, opponents of secure borders, enemies of our military, destroyers of jobs and opportunities as well as the party that will tax job creators out of business. The NYT seems to have joined the Republicans by labeling Gillum as a "Progressive Outsider." Exactly what was the point of that label? Labels are destructive. They have impact on people who have no understanding of the meaning of the label but vote according to the way it sounds. In Florida "progressive" is a dirty word. I'd like to see Gillum win but I'd like him to fight back and discard the labels. So far there is little hope he will be successful.

  86. The choice is between Gillum and the mini-Trump that POTUS endorsed during the primaries. Another choice we Floridians face is between carpetbagging Medicare fraudster Rick Scott and Florida native Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate. Heaven help us!

  87. To the New York Times, it would serve you well to read some of these comments from Floridians themselves. They are validating what we outsiders from other states have already perceived...that is that Rick Scott is as corrupt as they come and that he has accomplished nothing to help his people in their need for decent health care, the assuaging of global warming, and the elimination of gun violence in places like Stoneman Douglas. From what I can glean, Andrew Gillum cares for the citizens of his state, wants to help them, and that his heart is in the right place. Your time would be better spent if readers could learn how our Senate would be further tarnished, if that is possible, by the addition of Rick Scott.

  88. Sadly, this story is full of unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo. It is unfortunate to see the NYTimes stoop this low. Sneering at the idea that a young African American should want to become a politician is revolting.

  89. Hit pieces aimed at Democratic candidates, written close to Election Day for no apparent reason--a speciality of the NYT.

  90. So is Andrew Gillum going to be the next Hillary Clinton for the NY Times: endlessly repeated sneers about ambition and goals mixed with innuendo about character? Oh, he has compromises and complexities in his political life, that deserves fulsome condemnation for sure. He makes deals and talks to lobbyists; why he might be able to get legislation passed, oh, the horror! No need for a companion piece about Scott's corporation's wholesale defrauding of Medicare or his vote suppression efforts or racism, he's a Republican and as such it's expected and hardly worth the time the NY Times would have to put into it and maybe the Times would have to endure being called fake news or a liberal rag again. Better to stick to hit pieces on effective Democrats.

  91. @bcw The NYT did run a detailed piece on Scott and his run against Bill Nelson for senate about 48hrs. ago. It was quite fair and pulled no punches leaving Scott looking like a pretty sorry mess. I must admit that every time I read an article about a politician I find that I have unfairly put on a pair of dark colored glasses. It's all too easy to see every penny they make as corrupt and every move they make as conniving.

  92. This guys a faker and a hack, Florida better hope he doesn't get in.

  93. As opposed to the biggest Medicare fraud in the history of the US?

  94. "Whataboutitis" strikes again. Here is a classic pol doing favors for friends, going on boondoggles, and readers think it's a hit piece and try to deflect to other politicians? Message is Democrats drive to the lowest common denominator to excuse wrongdoing.

  95. As a native Floridian, I’d like to remind you that Scott was CEO of HCA/Columbia when it was fined for the largest Medicare fraud scheme in history. He didn’t see a day in jail is now posed to become the richest member in the US Congress if he gets elected. And you talk about corruption....

  96. Has anyone noticed that his brown hue is not do to lingering and lounging in the Florida sun? Has anyone noticed that Trayvon Martin could have been his son or him? When are we going to debate and discuss the issue that matters most in Trump's America? Color aka race..

  97. How about a table, side by side, of potential conflicts of interest for both candidates, instead of a sloppy hit piece? I don't know anything about Gillum, but if your primary complaint is that he hung out with a lobbyist on a trip that he paid for himself, or that he's a career politician... I honestly have no idea what the point might be.

  98. Typical liberal career politician that has never had a real job in his life.

  99. @obummer as opposed to typical "conservative" politicians like, oh, I dunno -- Marco (scrambling up the ladder since sophomore year) Rubio, maybe?

  100. It sounds like Gillum came from being mayor of Chicago with all his shady dealings. I don't know anything about Gillum's opponent but Gillum is exactly what is wrong with city politics - 3Cs - Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. His relationship with lobbyist is unethical. Florida and Tallahassee deserve better.

  101. @Pat Kinda like the US deserves better from the nightmare corruption going on in the WH.

  102. @Pat Key words in your post: "I don't know anything about Gillum's opponent". Perhaps you should educate yourself about DeSantis before commenting here.

  103. What a hit piece! Are you kidding me? What politician doesn't know lobbyist? I bet DeSantis has some lobbyist friends as well. Does Florida need a Trump clone ruuning the state?

  104. Any politician in the US has to deal with lobbyists. Obama was not some fire breathing radical. He was a pragmatist who tried to effectively lead a country that was impossible to evade the partisan nastiness of his opponents. Gillum is already been made the butt of bigoted innuendo. He has a track record of playing the game of politics where friends get rewarded. But he is dynamic and wants to help his constituents escape from the straightjacket the Republicans have placed over having the gov't be used to help improve peoples lives.

  105. "Another senior strategist ... paid the mayor a salary of $71,680 in 2017" Corrupt. Enough said.

  106. Being in small city elected positions for any amount of time does NOT make you a political insider when it comes to running for state-wide office. I never heard of Gillum until he won the primary (I voted for King).

  107. Where is the equivalent hit piece on DeSantis? He is too focused on national issues to be bothered with the issues in the state he wants to run. The man has no substance and uses racially-tinged and dog whistle language to appeal to the racists in Florida. Floridians will have to decide what they want - to return to 1950 and allow the Beast in Florida to flourish OR to remain in the 21st century with the rest of the country.

  108. Wow. Only down south. The mayor might be able to shimmy his way into office. I am a life long progressive and he would not get my vote. His motto, “ You’re either on the guest list or the menu.”, is something a cannibal might chuckle at.

  109. This is a political hit story. I am simply not impressed with this story. Mr Gillum has done an awesome job as a politician and is connecting with the average citizen. I find him refreshing and indeed sorely needed in a time of rampant greed and corruption. When you get some information on him breaking a law, then this story would have been appropriate. Until then, do us all a favor and let some decency return to politics. I believe Mr Gillum is trying to do that. It never ceases to amaze how we are in a country awash with corruption and greed and you find the time to try and disparage a politician that speaks for the common man. If you really want a story, look no further than the GOP and it's attack and robbery of decency in politics. Start with the White House and the Senate and Supreme Court and the House. You will find plenty to write about.

  110. @Michael Hall I love Hillary coming down to campaign for him that is his death wish.Lets start with Feinstein, Ellison,Spartacus ,Bernie who sold out the DNC primary for a house,Pelosi richest Dem woman in Congress .Feinsteins husband who gets state contracts thrown at him .Have to laugh at Dems .Want more from me?

  111. @Michael Hall I agree---a set-up to bring down this candidate. Why in the world would the Times run such a blatant piece, which is essentially calling Gillum a liar and a fraud who should be defeated?

  112. Does he own a chain of hotels where people doing business with the government must stay? Does he take bribes from foreign dictators and then defend those dictators when they murder people in other countries? Because Trump has done those things, and everything mentioned here about an African-American candidate for governor sounds like they pale in comparison to the vast Republican corruption.

  113. @Michael Smith "Does he own a chain of hotels where people doing business with the government must stay? Does he take bribes from foreign dictators and then defend those dictators when they murder people in other countries?" He's only 39. Give him time!

  114. @Michael Smith I did not know they MUST stay at Trump hotels.

  115. I am always perplexed by the notion that someone who has worked their whole life to achieve success in politics is some how tainted. Someone who dedicates him/herself to sports, medicine, business, etc and succeeds is given accolades. Personally, I would rather have someone vested, experienced, and committed to the job than many of the inexperienced (usually wealthy businessmen) who get elected to Congress or as a Governor who have to learn on the job and try to run things like a business, inevitably hurting many Americans because they can't relate to people who struggle.

  116. @BMD You must be unfamiliar with the sentiment shared by a vast majority of Americans that "Politicians - you can't trust them as far as you can throw them" and the US congressional approval ratings hovering between 10 and 20 percent, with the percentage awarding them "excellent" job approval ratings at 7 percent or less. BTW: these number apply as well to the Congress's close allies and enablers, the MSM. This data strongly suggests a bi-partisan consensus.

  117. @BMD Thanks for this comment, why do we judge ambitious and hardworking young people who want to work in politics so harshly. An athlete, a musician, a doctor would be praised for such focused efforts.

  118. Maybe Gillum is guilty of one or more charges leveled against him, and maybe corruption in Tallahassee is rampant, but neither has been shown. Gillum is innocent until proven guilty (even if it IS established -- which it hasn't been -- that other Tallahassee politicians are corrupt).

  119. @MyThreeCents yeah innocent til proven guilty like Kavanaugh, right?

  120. @new conservative Uhm, yes. That’s how it played out.

  121. @MyThreeCents I absolutely agree that a person is innocent until proven guilty. But I thought we had established a different standard for high level officials, which should certainly apply to the governor of a state. That new standard is that a credible accusation should disqualify the person. So, doesn't that disqualify Gillum?

  122. This article is a complete disgrace, and is better characterized as a hit job. In the same vein as the whitewashing of Steve Bannon's hit jobs on Hillary Clinton that the Times published as "respectable news." A black man is ambitious. What a scandal! Ooh, he went to college where he had political friends who are now lobbyists! Lock him up!

  123. All I know Dems when the truth about Hillary or Gillum is printed it is a hit piece by the Times I consider the times to have a liberal agenda and tells the truth no matter how you Dems spin it.Once again I will say Gillums youth campaign coordinator tweeted EXECUTE TRUMP. That is horrible .Cant spin that .Yes he had to be fired.No matter how much you trash a Republican you are a mob of hate like ANTIFA.Collins and her husband threatened with death

  124. What an absurd perspective. Some guy tweeted "execute Trump"and immediately lost his job, so now all liberals are a seething mob? The utter lack of critical thinking here is gross and evident.

  125. Of course the Times - which is becoming more and more merely a closet Republican propaganda hit sheet masquerading as a liberal publication - must conform to it's false equivalency paradigm (see Paul Krugman) and strain it's journalistic faculties to the utmost to throw shade on the Democratic candidate. (Who is, of course, African American.) Meanwhile the Republican senatorial candidate is a Medicare fraudster (billions in embezzlement, 300 million in golden parachute) who denies climate change as it ravages the state he is supposed to be "governing" (rather than looting) and his Republican gubernatorial opponent is an outright racist and bigot supported by the Proud Boys (the GOP's brownshirts) and tons of dark Koch Brother money, and I would bet when Nov 6 rolls around, lots of Republican voter suppression and Russian hacking. Just like the Hillary emails we heard all about while Trump and the GOP were bu8sy committing treason. This is a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Vile.

  126. I live in Miami, and never heard of Andrew Gillum before the primary election. Gillum is the worst candidate I've ever seen in Florida. The FBI suspended a corruption investigation of him during the election because, a spokesman said, "they didn't want to politicize the election." Tallahassee crime is way up. Gillum has never had a job out of government. To pay for his agenda Gillum will have to start a state income tax. Florida hasn't had a democrat governor in 20 years. Gillum is not the right choice.

  127. I have an honest question of the supposedly liberal New York Times: Where was a similar article about Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom you endorsed before the Iowa caucuses? She has numerous ties to lobby shops, lobbyists, and many different Wall Street outfits. She did not get this kind of treatment and as a subscriber I would like to know why this man and not Hillary?

  128. I can tell a hit piece when I see one. I can tell just by reading the titles. Now I have changed my outlook bout politicians. Mine can do no wrong. Theis are all crooks. THat is what the present brings. Trump can take money from Saudies and Russians, so if I hear that Andrew Gillum is in bed with lobbyists as you imply, my thoughts are : he is a smart businessman. Don't waste any more time showing me wrongdoings by politicians. We do not select them for their sainthood (we have the Roman Catholic Church for that). I dont try anymore to determine who is the best candidate regardless of party, as I used to. I see the example of republicans holding their noses but still supporting wrongdoing. So I now vote for the full party line. The crookedest, the better. You need a thief to catch a thief, right?

  129. I wish the NYTimes would stop labeling candidates as progressives, liberals, centrists, socialists. They're Democrats and not Republicans. That is sufficient. To paraphrase Keats in a quite different context, that is all one needs to know in this election.

  130. This article lacks a lot of context. To what standard should we hold these actions to in comparison? The FBI investigation without charge is thrown around in a reckless manner that implies a lot and explains nothing. for instance: "But there is an F.B.I. inquiry, and a mayor eager to protect his own name. Mr. Gillum supported posting online the city records subpoenaed by investigators. He shares liberally on Facebook, with direct-to-the-people messages about his work. He is raising three children with his wife, R. Jai, another A&M alum, in the city he oversees." You place the FBI investigation here as the driving motivation for the mayors reaching out and connecting to voters. You go so far as to imply that his family is being used in the investigation. This should be in the opinion section at best. It lacks the kind of journalistic rigor that should be standard at the NYT.

  131. If Gillum doesn't get elected, I do not want to read ONE finger-wagging article in the NYTimes about how Florida is the epi-center of climate change and how we all have our heads in the sand, literally and figuratively. We are trying to recover after 8 disastrous years with Governor Denial. Please get out of our way and let us vote for positive change!

  132. This story insinuates without really going anywhere. I am shocked, shocked that Andrew Gillum watched C-SPAN in middle school. Meanwhile, does the article even mention the alternative to Gillum, or the current governor? I am sure that the Times has done some critical coverage of DeSantis and Scott, but the very recent article on Scott had a very misleading and minimizing headline on the web page: "To Avoid Conflicts..." Rick Scott did not create a so-called blind trust to "avoid" conflicts, he did it--as the story, to be fair, explained--to pretend to avoid conflicts. Headlines matter, and the Times continues to fall far short of the "truth sandwich" standard Margaret Sullivan put forward months ago.

  133. Only Democrats should be held to the highest moral standards.

  134. I hope Andrew Gillum is not a corporatist for the Democratic Party machine masquerading as a Progressive. If Progressives really want to win, the Democratic Party, controlled and operated by the corporatists, must be defeated.

  135. Well that would require you or any other voter to know what a "corporatist" is. I think that word up was coined because of Clinton hate. Never did understand what it meant but useful for the Sanders crowd.

  136. Very little new info here from the Sept. 1 story. Maybe the lede should be we spent the last month digging into Gillum's background but haven't really come up with much, but we still need to justify the time and expense we put into it?

  137. After reading the article I really think this reporter is desperately trying to find dirt but not succeeding. Gillum is intelligent, articulate, and very authentic. He has chosen the path of a political public servant and it looks like he's been a pretty good one. Why fault him for that? We have a Governor who was fined 1.7 BILLION dollars for Medicare fraud who is now running for the Senate! Florida has not been the state for progressive values, so it's not surprising that someone who is in blue politics to be supportive of the Democratic Party, which in Florida often seemed to be Republican Light, but the fact that he would not trash Bernie Sanders speaks volumes, in a good way. His political choices are progressive too. Further, he's running against a man who wrote a book excusing slavery for Pete's sake! If you want to find dirt, then check out Ron Desantis, there's a bucketful of racism, sexism, and other nasty stuff. Regardless, after 16 long years of Republican rule and destruction of this state, even if he is not perfect, I'd vote for Gillum anytime, all of the time over the narrow-minded, big business buddies that Florida Republicans have proven themselves to be. Gillum is a breath of fresh air.

  138. @Mikki Royce As a Florida voter, I concur completely. This article is puzzling given the criminal/corrupt behavior of the current governor and the vapid Trumpism of DeSantis.

  139. I can only hope that Andrew Gillum is not another corporatist for the D Party machine masquerading as a Progressive....pretending he is on the side of working people, but will not challenge the corporate interests that control the party and the agenda once in office.

  140. Investigation is not the same as guilt. Then again, does the FBI devote such major resources to a city that is squeaky clean? Somebody in that city is likely dirty. Here we were burned by former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, in a Federal medium security prison for the last four years, whose father and mother were also major political figures, his mother in Congress. Detroit was famously corrupt, according to locals who should have known, long before his partying introduced questions about police cover up of the murder of a stripper who'd just performed for him. That makes me ask, so who is dirty in Tallahassee? If he's not part of the problem, is he part of the clean up? Has he stood aside from it? Or is he at the table, to use his phrase?

  141. The headline is snide, and from what I know seems untrue. Andrew Gillun is not running as an Outsider. His opponent DeSantis is running as a racist. Is the NYT once again trying to be "balanced" as it was in the 2016 presidential race? Please spare us and get a grip on the bigger picture!

  142. Why was this article published? It’s a rehash of an article published right after the primary to raise questions, once again, about Mayor Gillum’s trip to NY. It’s meant to sow FUD about the candidate. There’s no news. Poor journalism for such a great paper.

  143. Chainsaw is one word.

  144. To call Gillum an insider is delusional. The state is owned and operated by racist white right wingers.

  145. This is a pretty thin article. It has the veneer of a FOX News hit piece. Why not just call him a “low IQ individual” and have done with it? Compare Mr Gillum’s shocking! Shocking I tell you! actions to the endless self-enrichment of the Trump administration and then tell me why you’re wasting valuable time and space on Mr Gillum’s rather unsurprising and unremarkable attempt to rise in the Democratic ranks? This. Is. Nonsense. But I do remember the NYT was just as fixated on Hillary’s e-mails as the GOP House. Real equivalence is one thing. But this ain’t it.

  146. What a shock to see the New York Times, a newspaper of excellent reputation, publish an attack piece on Andrew Gillum! This is a man of integrity, courage, and vision, who offers voters a welcome contrast to Ron DeSantis, the Florida shill for Donald Trump, whom many citizens consider the epitome of corruption, vulgarity, and malice. Florida needs a governor like Andrew Gillum to lead our state in these challenging times. And as a loyal subscriber, I hope to see far better from the New York Times in the near future.

  147. Dear Lord, I think I am going to blow a gasket. Why NYT do you not look as closely at your dear to your heart old corporate Dems. I saw this guy in an interview and I believe him. He has not been proven guilty, except by your anti-progressive pointing finger Please stop the group think stuff will you? I cannot believe you have such a bias against progressives who will not take corporate money and only do what their big donors want. Anyone who actually wants to help the working class and get rid of corruption somehow ruffles your fine grey feathers. You are not even aware of how you favor the rich. The working class is hurting and now we are expected to give up our so called entitlements which we paid for. We are in danger of the old reverse Robin hood syndrome. Listen NYT sheriff of Nottingham give the little people a break. Stop denigrating the candidates who mystify you because they have a true calling to benefit their community. You bashed Bernie, punishing him for trying to do right. You are still hypnotized by corporate donors yourself. You are freer now than you have ever been because you depend on subscriptions rather than ads so much. Isn't that why you were finally free to publish the opinion piece about Harvey!

  148. I have not been following Florida politics, but like many other readers, this article reads like a hit piece. The prominence of the article in the online edition, and the relatively flimsy substantiations of potential corruption, leaves this NYT subscriber with a bad taste in her mouth. I am noticing a deterioration of much NYT reporting, with some notable exceptions, in both quality and quantity.

  149. Note to the NYT - Do your job: How about a deep investigation into how Mitch McConnell continues to corrupt the Senate - GOD NO, might not get access.

  150. Just like Hillary! A politician! Oh, the scandal! the dastardliness! It's the equivalent of: stealing elections, denying people of color the vote, stealing a Supreme Court seat, delegitimizing the opposition, assaulting women and bragging about it, using the your government position for personal gain, conspiring with foreign governments to undermine free elections so your party wins. Oh, the horror! A "Democrat" politician! Should be outlawed! They're all the same, right?

  151. So basically, the guy is literally perfect compared to the person in the White House right now. Gillum comes off as a near saint. But I have to wonder about the NYT's editorial direction of late. What is with the slanted, anti-Gillum headline positioning? Every suggestion was, in the headlines, that this guy was some kind of crook. Yet he appears to be a pretty decent guy, all around.

  152. He projects an image of progressive values, and the image may even be accurate. His opponent projects Trump values, and that image is accurate. People looking for a public reason other than his values to oppose him will find this article useful. Many oppose his values in private but are reluctant to do so publicly, so this article outlines what they have.

  153. I read some of the allegations about Mr. Gillum's conduct, and the investigations by the Florida state ethics commission. Of course, the rule should be innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, Democrats have established a different standard, at least for high level officials. That standard would hold him accountable for a credible allegation, even if yet unproven. Certainly, this new standard should apply to the governor of a state. Democrats should be clamoring for him to step down as a candidate so they can instead have a candidate with an unblemished record, unstained by allegations. Just looking for consistency here. Or does rule apply only to the other team ?

  154. Wait, didn't Kavanaugh just get confirmed to the Supreme Court, despite numerous credible allegations against him?

  155. I thought this was an excellent article and the reporters were accurate with excellent researchers Exemplary on all their parts!

  156. I think the problem is no one really knows what is going on with this. Is he being investigated? We don’t know. We know another person on the council is. It’s hard to make a judgement because there is so little information out there.

  157. Wow, I live in Florida and was considering voting for Gillum only because Bernie Sanders was campaigning for him. Well now it looks like he is just another political hack. What terrible choices . I feel like a condemned man, what do you want lethal injection or the gas chamber? I don't want either.

  158. This article is precisely the excuse that the left is looking for to stay at home. “Gillum is no Bernie”, they’ll say. Good reporting nonetheless, the truth matters now more than ever.

  159. "Mr. Gillum has insisted that investigators told him he is not their target ... " Not sure I'd put much weight on that, if I were Mr. Gillum. After all, Trump says the very same thing. More important, Gillum has been charged with a lot, but nothing has been proven. Unless and until that occurs, he's innocent. That's how it works in the US of A.

  160. I just voted for Gillum in a mail in ballot and posted a few days ago.. But is it not a conflict of interest to be a public servant, mayor as his case, and have income as a paid consultant? Or as a state long controlled by the GOP, we see no ethical problems with same? Have 2 of his signs planted firmly in my front lawn, as well. Of course, after Trump's dalliance with filthy lucre this seems nothing in comparison.

  161. No politician on either side is perfect. Just look at the current POTUS for the only example needed currently. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Until we get Campaign Finance Reform our politics will remain the way they are.

  162. If Gillum has violated ethics rules or the law, report on that without fear or favor. Despite its tone, this piece asserts no such violation. Instead, the piece seems to imply strongly in both emphasis and tone that white readers should be uncomfortable with a black man who is both ambitious and unapologetic about being so. Just one more step in the wrong direction for a once great paper.

  163. As someone who is fervently hoping for a Gillum victory, I am bemused by all the fulminations about the evil NYT. No paper is perfect, and I would likely have written a different article. Nevertheless, the ground covered and the points made are perfectly legitimate when covering a relatively new political figure who is emerging on the national stage. If it were a Republican mayor who were running for Governor of Florida, and he (probably wouldn't be a she in the GOP) had been mentioned in an FBI investigation, this board would be raging for the mainstream media to do their job and expose the truth. Examining an obvious issue doesn't make the Times racist or complicit or anything else other than a national newspaper doing their job. Now, more than ever, we should all be glad they're still doing it -- even on a day when we wish they had written about something else.

  164. " — a town powered by ambition, horse-trading and alliances with well-placed power players." Name a big (or little) city that isn't. “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” True. And I'm tired of being on Scott's menu- along wih the rest of Florida's peons. For the past year my eyes have been as red as the tide that caused it. Scot is an environmental menace. And Gillum wants Medicare for everyone - along with most of the the country, never mind the state of Florida.

  165. A Tallahassee mayor whose administration is under investigation for corruption, a pawn of lobbyists, a man who loves higher taxes and free stuff - sounds like a Dream candidate for Democrats. If he promises to replace the national guard with an Antifa regiment and declares Florida a super sanctuary state, he might even be President some day!

  166. The comments predictable ... but still jarring. Making excuses and comparisons does not change the facts. We all know AG is skating at the edge .. at some point this is not going to work out well for him and he is going to slip and fall off. No one will be surprised .... Professional politicians don't do us any favors -- we have way to many

  167. Mr Gillum is guilty of not being a multi-millionaire like all the other candidates. Why the focus on Gillum, as if he exists in a vacuum? The Americans for Prosperity' scare tactics (see Times Pick "new conservative" [sic]) are on par [pun] with a strategy targeting innumerate voters who haven't yet done the math on Trump/GOP's $4-Trillion in tax cuts for the top 2% which will be paid for with social security, medicare and medicaid cuts (this intention already announced by the speaker). Hello, Florida retirees are you there! Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid CUTS. And more...

  168. GO ANDREW !!! You have my vote and many of us here that see your efforts as a bright light in a heavily corrupted (Rick Scott I'm looking at you ) state. Perpetual red tide and big ag runoff thet keeps it destroying our sea life and air .Desantis is part of that problem taking cash from those that make it and get huge tax breaks for doing it. GO ANDREW !!!!

  169. It seems like an empty story. We have a governor that probably should have gone to prison and has been terrible for this state in almost every way. With the massive amount of obvious corruption at the highest levels of government today and candidates that support it, are we really going to worry about a vacation? I thought the Times was better than that, but I guess their scared of something.

  170. I think it was the bromance with Cory Booker that started to make me suspicious of Gillum as the progressive he was touting himself to be. But when I saw him smiling with Hillary Clinton and being endorsed by her, I really started to worry. My hope would be that he would follow in Bernie Sander's footsteps, but he seems to be pivoting back towards the establishment/corporate Democrats. Too bad.

  171. Just a reminder re: Bernie. WE DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM. I still wouldn’t vote for him. I’ve voted for Gillum because he voices support for the policies that I support and DeSantis doesn’t. That has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary, except that she supports those policies too. Last point. Bernie is not a Democrat.

  172. I’m a registered Independent in Florida. I am not faithful to any political party. I will always vote for the politician who best captures the essence of what I want to see in somebody who is in office to serve many of my interests. I eagerly read this piece (although the negative tone was evident from the first sentence) because I want to learn things about any candidate that I may not get if I read only the articles that fit my worldview. This article confirms that I will be voting for Andrew Gillum as my next governor. It is a hit piece that gave me no evidence of crimes he committed. He watched C-SPAN as a kid? Big deal. Talk to me objectively about where candidates stand on the issues. I really don’t care about anyone’s political ambition. You think I want somebody in office who doesn’t want to be there?

  173. Sounds like this commenter is presuming Gillum's guilty, but saying that's OK. So far, though, just allegations against Gillum, not any proof: "Florida has not been the state for progressive values, so it's not surprising that someone who is in blue politics to be supportive of the Democratic Party ... even if he is not perfect, I'd vote for Gillum anytime ..."

  174. Welcome to the club! We've had a state income tax in CA for many years: "To pay for his agenda Gillum will have to start a state income tax."

  175. Andrew Gillum appears to be a very dedicated and serious politician. This has become his profession and he has worked hard at mastering the nuances of such. Unlike The Dotard, who has NEVER engaged in anything that did not have a quid pro quo in his favor, and none of it in the interest of America, Gillum knows what's out there and how to run broken field IN THE BEST INTEREST OF HIS CONSTITUENTS. Lobbyists become an ethical issue when they yield undue influence for their employers, especially by "influencing" by gifts and bribes. None of this appears to be the case here. The Republican candidates, on the other hand, have already been bought and paid for and have amply demonstrated their thirst for greed and personal power. How nice it would be to see an actual person engaged in politics for the good of his/her constituents (a concept lost in the swamp of the Republican zen). I think we have one in Gillum. VOTE!

  176. Really? You are going to try to slam one of the best choices we have had for Florida Governor in a long time? We have been stuck with "Medicare Fraud Scott" and his right wing cronies for too long. I cannot wait for Mr. Gillum to represent the REAL PEOPLE of Florida instead of the builders, contractors, insurance companies and the friends of Agent Orange who spend half their time up north! Maybe we will actually have educated children, make citizens well again and clean up the environmental mess too. VOTE BLUE in November!

  177. What is the point of this piece? It seems to be that this successful politician is ambitious, has friends who are lobbyists, and that he's good at politics (horsetrading). Every successful politician has these traits. Why the article about him? Maybe the headline read: Andrew Gillum: Being a Successful Politician While Black.

  178. And pray, tell me, what has DeSantis done for Florida, other than rubber stamp Trump's will and tell Trump stories to his son on a campaign ad?

  179. Frankly, it wouldn't bother me if, for example, it WERE established (which it hasn't been) that someone other than Gillum paid for his room on the Costa Rica vacation trip. I'd want to know that, of course, but I'd not necessarily conclude that Gillum had done something wrong, especially if I learned that the payor got nothing from Gillum in return.

  180. It certainly raises eyebrows, but apparently it's not illegal: "But is it not a conflict of interest to be a public servant ... and have income as a paid consultant?" It's illegal, of course, to take bribes, but receiving consulting income doesn't mean one is taking a bribe. Maybe one is, but maybe not. The investigators should try to figure out what Gillum did in exchange for his consulting income, and whether the person that paid it got anything in return other than Gillum's services.

  181. A commenter wrongly accuses others of racism: "[T]he [article] seems to imply ... that white readers should be uncomfortable with a black man who is both ambitious and unapologetic..." Au contraire. Gillum is entitled to a presumption of innocence on all allegations -- just as he would be if he were white. One can call this (a la Kavanaugh) a "job interview" if one is so inclined, but accusations of financial wrongdoing -- just like allegations of sexual misconduct -- are very serious and, if established, would damage Gillum long past election day. Both sides should be heard and considered seriously, but that doesn't mean allegations don't require supporting evidence. They do, and the standard should be the same regardless of the accused person's race: innocent until proven guilty. At the moment, allegations of wrongdoing lodged against Gillum are just that -- allegations -- and it's quite possible that none of them will ever be supported. Certainly they should be investigated (as I gather they are), but Gillum should be considered innocent of all allegations unless and until actual evidence of wrongdoing is presented. Even if hard evidence is presented (and, again, that hasn't happened yet, and may never), if Gillum continues to deny the allegations, voters may still choose him. I'm not a fan of what has become standard practice: Make several serious allegations against one's opponent and expect that observers will assume that at least one must be true. We need evidence.

  182. Don't jump to conclusions: "Wow, I live in Florida and was considering voting for Gillum only because Bernie Sanders was campaigning for him. Well now it looks like he is just another political hack." Gillum has only allegations against him, not actual evidence. Let the investigation finish before deciding -- and keep in mind that you don't know whether DeSantis has any skeletons in his closet. Even if some or all allegations against Gillum are supported by evidence, DeSantis may be crooked too. If so, Florida voters indeed will be between a rock and a hard place, but that's been true in many elections. A candidate can be elected even if he's sitting in a prison cell on election day (and some have been).

  183. Just because Gillum (reportedly) said this doesn't mean that he's done anything wrong: "If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu." As others have pointed out, virtually every politician deals with lobbyists. Some politicians are crooks and give lobbyists things they shouldn't; others are honest and don't. We don't know yet which Gillum is. He should be presumed to be in the "honest" category unless and until actual evidence is presented that he gave some lobbyist something he shouldn't have. To my knowledge, no such evidence has been presented. Maybe some will be; maybe not. Either way, it hasn't yet (or, if it has, I'm utterly unaware of it).

  184. Fred Register has it right: "If it were a Republican mayor who were running for Governor of Florida ... had been mentioned in an FBI investigation, this board would be raging for the mainstream media to do their job and expose the truth." True. And if actual evidence of wrongdoing by a candidate is presented (which, to my knowledge, hasn't happened with Gillum), a voter will be entirely justified in not voting for the candidate REGARDLESS of his or her politics (I sure wouldn't vote for a crooked candidate). If not (and, frankly, even if the candidate IS a bad person), then a voter is more likely to be persuaded, or not, by the candidate's politics. That's as it should be.

  185. I think it was the bromance with Cory Booker that started to make me suspicious of Gillum ... But when I saw him smiling with Hillary Clinton ... I really started to worry. ... he seems to be pivoting back towards the establishment/corporate Democrats." Keep in mind that Gillum, Booker and Clinton are all Democrats. The "future" of the Democratic Party may be its progressive wing, but the so-called "centrists" shouldn't be ignored. If the Democratic Party isn't a big enough tent to shelter "centrists," it could go down in flames like the UK Liberal Party did. The same thing could happen to the Republican Party, of course, if, for example, the Tea Party wing excludes moderate Republicans (we used to call them "country club Republicans" -- politicians like Nelson Rockefeller, Charles Percy and John Lindsay (before he changed parties)). In either Party, there are many who think it would be just fine if moderates get excluded, but it's far from clear that the Party would survive if moderates are excluded.

  186. I know what it means! "I think ["corporatist"] was coined because of Clinton hate. Never did understand what it meant but useful for the Sanders crowd." "Corporatist" means you're only sort of a Democrat -- one who might vote for Hillary Clinton, for example, if she were the DP candidate. In contrast, if you're a "non-corporatist" Democrat, you'd vote only for Bernie Sanders (or maybe Elizabeth Warren, or Andrew Gillum), but not for Hillary Clinton. Voting for Hillary Clinton would be pretty much the same thing as voting Republican. I hope this helps!