New York’s Worst Bedbug Neighborhoods

A decline in bedbug violations in recent years doesn’t mean that there are fewer bedbugs in the city.

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  1. Bed bugs are now being commonly found on airplanes. British Airways and others like AA have had to pull planes out of the fleet and have them entirely fumigated and decontaminated. They don't talk about it too much though. Your baggage in the cargo or overhead bins are highly susceptible to bed bugs. So you can easily bring home from your vacation or business trip unknown hitchhikers.

  2. Interesting that Flatbush, Brooklyn, is listed as number one in bedbug infestations. I always figured that one gets bedbugs from traveling, and it's rich people, not those of us who live in Flatbush, who do most of the traveling. I suppose it depends on where one travels?

  3. @B. bedbugs have become firmly entrenched here. You pick them up in your daily routine. They are as ubiquitous as roaches, but god knows so much worse.

  4. @JulieB Yes, I know -- you can pick them up in movie theaters and at your place of business. But between my parents' day and now, bedbugs had largely been eliminated. Now they're back. From where? Not pointing an accusing finger -- just curious.

  5. @JulieB But they disappeared sometime between the 1930s and now. That is, my grandparents had bedbugs and used all sorts of remedies against them, and we have now them. But I don't remember them when I was growing up or when I was grown and in my own apartment, and I've lived in Brooklyn for 65-ish years. For that matter, I never saw a roach until I was at New York University. Lucky me, I guess.

  6. I know of people who've nearly gone insane dealing with the bedbug problem. After resolving the issue they can almost exhibit PTSD like behaviors. It is not hyperbole to say that bedbugs are nearly impossible to get rid of.

  7. @Economy Biscuits Moth infestations, too. To this day, the sight of a moth in my house throws me into a frenzy. I broke a washing machine doing load after load, had to have rugs repaired, had to throw things away, had to wash and seal all the baseboards in the house and plug up any holes beneath window trim -- and vacuum constantly. It took years. But I know bedbugs are worse.

  8. Totally disgusting; and an indication of how and where those people live.

  9. @Jan I don't know what you meant by how and where those people live, but the numbers are of landlord violations. Of landlords not responding properly to bedbug sightings. Probably of landlords taking advantage of tenants who don't have enough savings for lawyers, or to move (and just so you know, even if the tenant did have money and wanted to exterminate by themselves, at least some, if not all, pest control companies won't do a single apartment, they have to be hired by the landlord (I assume because they cant guarantee a single apartment if those adjacent aren't also treated)).So if you are saying this is an indication of where poor people live, you may be right.

  10. @Jan-even rich people’s dogs get fleas...

  11. @Jan...shame on you...did you not read the article? These things can be picked up and carried from movie theaters, cabs, hotels (frequented by the rich I might add) bedding, sofas, carpets, etc. Where have YOU been and what might YOU have picked up and brought home? There are bed bugs in the most expensive hotels in Manhattan. You sound like a bug of another kind.